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Freelancing on Fiverr: Super Seller Success Tips

teacher avatar Mary Ingrassia, Promote Yourself, Engage Your Audience

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Course Intro


    • 3.

      My Fiverr Journey to Super Seller


    • 4.

      Setting up your Fiverr Account & Profile Page


    • 5.

      Getting Familiar with Fiverr


    • 6.

      Buying on Fiverr


    • 7.

      Seller Levels: What do they mean & How do you level up?


    • 8.

      4 Tips for Brainstorming Gig Ideas


    • 9.

      Your First Gig: Title, Description, Tags


    • 10.

      Pricing & Gig Extras


    • 11.

      Gig Packages


    • 12.

      Gig Requirements for Buyers


    • 13.

      Gallery & Publishing


    • 14.

      "My Gigs" Section


    • 15.

      Managing Sales


    • 16.

      Your Inbox & Utilizing Quick Responses


    • 17.

      Custom Quotes


    • 18.

      Buyer & Seller Communication Etiquette


    • 19.

      Delivering Your Order


    • 20.

      How to Get Positive Reviews


    • 21.

      Dealing with a Negative Feedback / Contacting Customer Support


    • 22.

      Cancelling an Order


    • 23.

      Withdrawing Funds


    • 24.

      Vacation Mode & Pausing Gigs


    • 25.

      The Buyer Request Section


    • 26.

      NEW Gigs


    • 27.

      Fiverr Forum


    • 28.

      Promote Your Fiverr Business


    • 29.

      Upselling with your Gig Extras


    • 30.

      Selling to Repeat Buyers


    • 31.

      Additional Resources for Fiverr Advice


    • 32.

      Gig Management: Gig Page FAQ, Adding A Note & The Resolution Center


    • 33.

      The Level System


    • 34.

      Promoted Gigs


    • 35.



    • 36.

      4 Gig Success Tips


    • 37.

      Final Fiverr Thoughts


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About This Class

Looking to start or enhance your own freelance career with Fiverr?

I will take you Step-By-Step through the process of how to set up your Fiverr account, and also how to create your very first gig! I will share the story about my personal journey from just starting out to becoming a Super Seller, and how I found success on Fiverr. Whether you are a completely new seller, or even an intermediate level seller, I aim to offer valuable insight on the inner workings of Fiverr, advice on how to manage your own Fiverr business, and tips for getting more sales.

My course includes:

  • My Journey to Super Seller
  • Setting up YOUR Fiverr Account, Step-By-Step
  • Brainstorming & Creating Your First Gig
  • Advice on how to Manage your Sales & Communication
  • Tips for getting MORE Sales
  • Over 90 minutes of detailed video lectures

This course is:

  • For New, Level 1 or Level 2 Sellers
  • NOT for Top Rated or Experienced Sellers, Re-sellers or Outsourcers

I have 5+ years experience working on Fiverr. I am a Top Rated, Official Super Seller & Fiverr Ambassador with over 6,000 positive feedback from buyers. I hope my experience, knowledge and advice can help you reach your goal!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mary Ingrassia

Promote Yourself, Engage Your Audience


I have a B.F.A in Computer Graphics, and have been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer & Video Producer for over 9 years. I am a Top Rated Super Seller on Fiverr & a Certified Ambassador for both Fiverr & PowToon. I've have created thousands of Whiteboard & Explainer animations. I am passionate about being creative, and I hope to pass on my experience & knowledge to you!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Promo: Hi, My name is Mary and I have over five years of experience working on Fiverr. I'm a top rated official super seller and a fiver ambassador, and I love to share with you the knowledge I've gained from freelancing on Fiverr in this course, I'll tell you the story about my personal journey to super seller and how I found success on Fiverr. I will take you step by step through the process of setting up your account and creating your very first gig. Whether you are a completely new seller or even an intermediate level seller I am TOE offer valuable insight on the inner workings of fiber advice on how to manage your own fiber business and tips for getting more sales. If you are looking to start or enhance your freelance career on fibre, this course would be great for you. I hope that my experience and advice can help you reach your fiber goals. 2. Course Intro: Hello, My name is Mary and welcome to my five. Or course, if you're new to fiver, don't worry. I will show you how to set up your account and help you get familiar with fiber as a platform. If you already have your account set up, you will still find advice, tips and best five or practices to enhance your profile page and gigs. If you already have that set up. For those of you new to the idea of fiber, let me first answer the question. What is a gig? Ah, gig can be summarized as a micro job. It's an outsourced temporary job or project where an individual or business hire someone outside of their company to complete a task. Fiver is an online marketplace in which people all over the world can offer their services or product as a gig. When fiber was first created, all gigs were $5. Now, however, they have allowed sellers the freedom to price above and beyond $5 with features like gig extras and custom quotes, which I will explain in lectures later on. In the course on Fiverr, you will find many types of services ranging from graphic design, programming, writing, video production and more. There really is a large range of categories, from professional services to fun and bizarre. There are plenty of other freelance Web sites out there you can try your hand at in conjunction with working on Fiverr like up work people per hour and more. But your success on these sites hinges on what you offered to buyers and how you market yourself. Simply setting up an account on Fiverr or another freelance Web site will not instantly result in clients reaching out to you. Remember that you will need to put in the work to sell yourself. You need to present your portfolio, maintain good communication and prove that you were reliable in order to succeed and grow your freelance and career. In the next lecture, I'll take you through my personal journey from creating my 1st 5 or gig to becoming a five or super cellar 3. My Fiverr Journey to Super Seller: my discovery of fiber happened in 2011 when I was looking for freelance graphic design work online. I stumbled upon a news article that was all about different freelancing websites, and I decided to do some research into one day listed, called Fiverr. I recognize right away that it was free to sign up and I had nothing to lose. But my time investment, the first thing I did was spend some time looking at what other sellers were offering on Fiverr and seeing what was popular. I decided to start with a banner creation gig, since I wanted to do something graphic design related. I received only one or two orders on that very first gig, but it was enough for me to be excited about and start thinking about what other gigs I could offer. I was thinking on a small scale at the time, since gigs were only limited to a $5 price tag. Five or takes 20% of what you sell is commission, So technically I knew I would be making $4 every sale. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that the money I would be making was fair to the amount of time I would be putting in, so one gig would be equal to about 5 to 15 minutes off my time. After browsing around on Fiverr and looking at what other sellers were offering, I noticed people were offering photos and videos with their pet advertising in business. So I created a gig with my pet bird Pickle called I Will Fill My Bird playing around your ad or Message for $5. It was a surprise hit, and over about a year I made about 100 sales on that gig, and all it took was filming video off my bird, playing around a print out of a buyer's logo or advertisement and using my video editing skills to add some background music and, of course, edit out any mistakes. Doing these gigs with Pickle was fun, and it actually helped me refine my video editing skills a bit more. I started to move away from offering graphic design type gigs and dabbled more into video production as a result. Eventually I came up with my speed color gig, where I filmed video of myself coloring a logo or writing text and speeding it up using the video editing techniques I learned while creating videos with Pickle. After that, I did even more research and found out that I could create digital whiteboard, animations and, eventually, explainer videos. These are now my most popular and top selling gigs on Fiverr, although I always like to look into what else I could be offering. Because of that curiosity, I also ended up beginning to offer voiceover services in conjunction with my video production, which was definitely something out of my comfort zone. However, it helped me gain new customers as I realized that buyers sometimes like to work with one person for all of their professional needs. As every top rated seller on Fiverr, we all come from humble beginnings. Everyone starts somewhere, and you cannot expect overnight success. My experience on Fiverr is one of growth but not immediate growth. I don't suggest anyone to quit their day job to try and make it big on Fiverr. This is something you want to try to grow on the side in conjunction with something you're already doing, like going to school, working or being a stay at home parents. There are, of course, sellers who have grown to make their five or career a full time job, but it has taken them time and good organizational skills in order to become their own boss and manage their own freelancing career. It's not for everyone, and it's not easy, but it is achievable. It all depends on your abilities and your patients. One of the pieces of advice I like you to take from my journey is that research is very important. Research on fiber is so important because you can see what's out there and what's popular. But also look outside of fiver at trends that are going on right now. For example, because social media sites are so popular, I created speed, color and gigs for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I also think about what holiday is coming up because you also can create a holiday themed gig that might be relevant to whatever time of the year it is. For example, I have a Christmas theme digital whiteboard gig that I offer in the winter. The next piece of advice is try different things to learn new things for anyone who is freelancing or getting started in a new business, fiber isn't just about the money you make. It's also about the experience you get and the portfolio that you can create. I went on from graphic design to video production to offering voiceovers, and I'm always on the look out to see what else I can learn and offer. Getting out of your comfort zone may lead to success, and it can be a great learning experience. 4. Setting up your Fiverr Account & Profile Page: first things first, you need a fiver account to sell a gig or even by a gig on Fiverr. When you are on 54 dot com and a browser, preferably chrome or Firefox, click, join or start selling at the top of the page. You will get a pop up that asks for your email. Or, alternatively, you can log in with your Facebook Google plus or linked in account. It's your choice. Which log and you want to use. Once you've chosen an email or social network account to be, our log in you will be prompted to select a user name and password. You'll want to put some thought into this, since your user name is what your cellar name is going to be. It's also good to note that your user name cannot be changed once you've chosen it. Think about your branding either personal brand or business brand. You might want to consider a name that is up front and to the point about what you are thinking about selling, which would help people recognize right away what kind of service you're offering before they even reach your gigs. Or, alternatively, you may want to go with something more. General, if you are thinking about offering different kinds of services on Fiverr this way you don't limit yourself into selling just one type of service. And I have to be honest here. I do sort of regret my user name, which is unique. Five x At the time, I was just trying to get started quick, and it is just a spin off of a typical user name that I use on other sites. I didnt really take the time to think about my own personal brand and what I would be selling on. Five are, however, because I've worked on Fiverr for so long. Unique five X has now become my own branding, and I wouldn't change it now, since a lot of repeat buyers are already familiar with my five or user name. Therefore, you want to keep your user name recognizable, and if you already have a catching name that sticks out in people's minds, is easy to remember, and maybe people off of five or recognize then it could be a good idea to use that as your user name on Fiverr. You could even use a variant of your own name as that could help people connect with you a bit more. I do encounter a lot of buyers who asked me my real name because they want to address me as a person and not just a user name. Avoid using lots of numbers or creating a long user name. Less is more, and the goal to shoot for is something that is short enough for people to remember and relate to in some way. Once you've selected your user name and password next, you need to activate your account by confirming it via the email or social network account you signed up to fibre with Back on the fiver site. Hover over your user name on the top right and click. Start selling, then click become a cellar. Next, you'll see a page where you can fill out availability, linked accounts, languages, skills, education, certification and portfolio. As I am currently recording this and going through account creation, some of these sections are actually bugged out and will not let you add certain information . Feel free to test it out on your end to add as much information as you can and for whatever you can't add, just select no. For now, I will select no for all of these categories and move on at the very bottom. The description section is mandatory. You must write at least 150. Character is worth of information to proceed. You can write about your knowledge, experience and expertise. Or you can explain what you will be offering on Fiverr, especially if some of the information sections from earlier are bugged. When you are creating your account, you might want to manually write about your education skills and any certification in this section instead. Once you are ready here, you can click, continue and create your first gig, and it will take you directly to the page to create your very first gig. But before we delve into creating your first gig, I recommend fully setting up your profile page first. So we're going to leave this page for now. Hover over your user name again and click my profile. This will take you to your five or profile page, where all of your gigs will appear, and you can further edit your profile on this page. If you click this circle, you can select a custom image for your profile. If you are a freelancing individual, you might want to choose a photo of yourself to keep things personalized. Be sure to pick a professional image of yourself. Nothing too casual. If you are camera shy or can't find a great picture of yourself, I would recommend looking for an artist on fiber to dry picture of you for your profile image. Or, if you are a business or company, A logo or icon can work well for the profile image. Avoid using stock or generic images and, of course, do not use any images that you don't have permission to use. Make sure the image you use is high quality and presents yourself the way you want your buyers to see you just below your user name. You have a tag line here. You can write a quick sentence to grab attention or summarize yourself. Click the pencil icon to type in what you want to say here at any time. You can click view as a buyer to see your profile from a buyer's perspective. Then click US seller to switch back to editing mode. The accounts I just made is a new one just to walk you through how to set up a new account . Here is what my actual fiber profile page looks like under my user name and tagline. You will see my overall star rating across all of the gigs I've done that I've received feedback for. You can also see my title as top rated seller and the star icon. Overlay also indicates that I will explain seller levels later on in more detail. But if you are a level one or level two seller, that title, an icon overlay, would appear here. There's also a contact button, or it will save you conversation. If you have previously contacted the seller who's paid you are on. If clicked, it will open up a direct message to that five or user. You can also see next to that a green dot and the word online. This means the buyer who's page you're on is currently on the fiver site. You can also see that green dot by your own user name at the top indicated that you are listed as online as well. If you ever want to turn this feature off on your account so no one would be able to see you are online. You can do so in your public profile settings. However, I don't recommend doing this since being seen as online might draw in a buyer to contact you if they know you are around to answer a question. But back to the topic of the profile page. You can also see that I've been a seller since January 2011 when my most recent delivery WAAS, and my average response time to messages under that is my description and other details and scrolling down, you will see a list of all of the gigs I currently have active for buyers to purchase, and just below that you will see recent feedback from buyers. This page is layout can look slightly different from browser to browser, but the main information is still the same. That's it for setting up your fiver profile. Next, I'll take you on a tour of the fiber site itself. 5. Getting Familiar with Fiverr: before diving into gig creation, you should get familiar with fiber itself, its layout and its capabilities. Of course, fiver is always improving functionality over the site and sometimes changing its layout. So what I show you here is, of course, subject to change in the future if five or decides to change things up, and it may very slightly as well from browser to browser. At the top of the page, you will find a search bar that will search the entire site for gigs containing the key words that you right here like a Google search. A drop down will appear with popular search terms similar to what you start writing. This can be helpful for you to get insight into what buyers air searching for. You can also see a short list of user names containing the words you search for. At the top of this bar, you will see a dashboard, which is like your to do list. Personally, I don't use this very much. Instead, I like to track my orders in the manage sales section, which I'll talk about later on. You'll also see a notification section which, if clicked, will turn into a drop down with the latest notifications you've received being at the top types of notifications that will appear in this drop down, our new orders placed and order updates like a buyer sending you a message on an order page or requesting a revision on an order. A pink dot over the notifications icon means you have a new notification to read in the drop down itself. A white message is a message that has already been read. If it's highlighted in blue, that means it is on red. Next is the inbox, similar to notifications and dashboard. If you see a pink dot over this icon, it means you have a new message in your inbox. This pink dot will disappear once you have read all of the messages in your inbox that were marked as new. The in box is also its own section, where you can see old messages on read messages and more. You can even label certain conversations in your inbox. You can also search your inbox and order history with this search box. Here, you can type in a keyword if you are looking for a specific message or even user name moving on you also have a shopping cart icon at the top here, which is helpful for if you are buying multiple gigs. Next to that icon is your user name. If you hover over your user name, you will see a few controls here like my profile, which I showed earlier for editing your profile, and you also have setting controls for your accounts. There is also the help section, which would bring you to customer support if you run into any issues or have specific questions. There is also a categories bar, which shows all of the main categories that gigs can fall into on Fiverr. If you hover over any of them, you will see a list of sub categories. This is important to keep in mind for later during gig creation, as you will be selecting which category and subcategory your own gig will appear in. If any of these air clicked, it will take you to that subcategory section where all of the gigs listed under this subcategory will appear. Most popular ones usually appear at the top of the page, and you can see by looking at various gigs that some are from top rated sellers. Some are featured specifically by fiver, and you can also see a quick overview of their feedback and how much feedback a seller has received on that particular gig. And, of course, you can also see their starting base price. You can further tweak your search parameters at the top and sides, and you can filter by high rated, recommended and new. There is also a three lines icon, which, if clicked, can save that gig to a new collection. Or you can click the heart icon, which would add it to your personal list of favorite gigs. These are both good for if you want to keep a gig in mind for later without having to research for it. Gigs added to a collection or favorite will appear in your my favorite section under your user name. I recommend taking some time to browse around the site at your leisure to get a better understanding of what fiber is and how it works, and to see what kind of gigs people are offering 6. Buying on Fiverr: even if your goal is to primarily be a seller on Fiverr, buying on Fiverr is recommended as a good experience to see how the ordering process flows step by step. It can help you understand things from a buyer's perspective, and in turn, it may help you optimize your own gigs. As a result, it's definitely not mandatory, but it can be a helpful experience to deal with another seller on Fiverr. Maybe you need a caricature drawing for your profile picture or a card for someone's birthday coming up. In addition, there are other reasons. While you may need to buy on Fiverr, aside from just the learning experience it brings, you may need to purchase something you need to complete a gig you already provide. For example, I am primarily a video producer on Fiverr, yet sometimes I need to outsource help on Fiverr as well. Sometimes I need to purchase a voiceover or even script writing in order to complete a video that someone has purchased with may. Just make sure that you are charging enough to your buyer to cover the cost of the work you are doing, plus the external content you need to purchase while on a gig page. You can see the title at the top Order Button Favorite or Save to List Section and Live Portfolio, which shows riel samples of orders completed by the seller below. That is the gig description and pricing info. The seller's profile picture and profile description, with details appear in a column to the right. Remember that your profile picture and profile description will appear on all of your gig pages. When you are on the gig page for the gig you want to purchase, read the description and pricing to make sure you are ordering the correct amount. Some gigs will have a triple package view or single package view. I'll explain more about the difference between those later, but for now, you get the idea that Triple Packages has three different pricing structures across three columns, while single Package View just has one and can include Gig extras below it. That's it for a quick overview of buying on fiver and the anatomy of the gig page. Even if you don't buy anything, make sure to check out other sellers gigs to get a feel for how people are wording, things like their titles and descriptions, and also how they are pricing their gigs 7. Seller Levels: What do they mean & How do you level up?: cellar levels. What do they mean? And how do you level up five or seller levels are. Account status is based on a seller's activity, performance and reputation. Everyone starts out as a new non level seller, and hopefully, as you continue to sell on Fiverr, you would move up to level one, then level two and maybe even top rated. Having this badge on your profile shows that you are a reliable and consistent cellar, which can draw in more buyers to look at your gigs. As a result, new sellers can have seven active gigs, offer to gig extras on a gig can sell five gig multiples at a time, can offer extra fest delivery and access five or anywhere, which is a way to generate a custom offer for your fiver gigs off of fiver. You also have the ability to create custom quotes up to $325 which are offers that you can send directly to a buyer via an inbox message at a specific cost that you select. I will cover custom quotes more in depth later on five, or recommends new sellers to start out by focusing on their $5 gig offering in order to test the waters and see what works for you. I agree with this idea. You shouldn't start out working on Fiverr by taking on big projects. You want to start small and move onward and upward from there. Having gig extras allows you to up sell and offer an extra service in addition to your main service. For example, if your gig is to record a voiceover one of your gig extras might be to add music in the background. I will explain gig extras in more detail later on, but it doesn't hurt to start brainstorming what you can offer as gig extras on your gig early on. Extra fast delivery time is also something to consider. How long will your base turnaround time be? And how fast would your extra fest delivery be? And for how much extra? Let's get back to talking about levels, though the specific benefits each level offers may change in the future, but I will give you the rundown of what it currently is in 2016. The first level you can gain is level one. The requirements to achieve level one status is 30 days active on Fiverr, completed at least 10 individual orders, maintain a four star rating and above and have a low cancellation rate. As a level one seller, you can now have 15 active gigs, four gig extras per gig cell in 10 gig multiples and have access to extra fest delivery and five or anywhere level one. Sellers can send custom offers up to $1500 for Level one sellers. Their gigs will also start to show up higher in search results and are included in fivers promotional emails. To move up to Level two, you must complete at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months, maintain a 4.5 star rating or above, and have a low cancellation rate. Level two sellers have 20 active gigs. Five gig extras per gig can sell in 15 gig multiples and have access to extra fest delivery five or anywhere, and now have access to priority customer support. They can send custom offers up to $10,000. Level two sellers will experience almost two times more traffic than a level one seller, since fiver will give even mawr exposure to their gigs via their home page. search results and promotional landing pages. The last level and hardest to obtain is top rated cellar. Top rated sellers are actually chosen manually by five or moderators. It is not an automated process like reaching level one or Level two. It is based on maintaining a high star rating, exceptional customer care, having a low cancellation rate, community leadership and a volume of sales. Top rated sellers will gain the most traffic and visibility out of all of the levels, since fiver will promote their gigs on their home page, promotional emails, search results and social media content. When choosing top rated sellers, seniority is also taken into account. So the longer you are a seller on Fiverr and fulfilling all of the requirements, the better your chances are at reaching this level. Top rated sellers gain access to 30 active gigs. Six gig extras per gig can sell in 20 gig multiples, offer extra fast delivery five or anywhere, and send custom offers of up to $10,000. They also get exclusive access to beta features and V I P customer support, however, five or will evaluate top rated sellers on an ongoing basis to make sure they continue to meet fivers high standard, top rated seller requirements. So there is even a chance you could slip down a level if you aren't maintaining the exceptional service that got you there in the first place. 8. 4 Tips for Brainstorming Gig Ideas: whether you are a new or seasoned seller on Fiverr, starting a new gig can be an adventure. You are free to create multiple gigs in different categories or put all of your effort and focus into making a single great one. The types of gigs I have offered have changed over the five years I have been working on fiber, and it has been an educational journey for me in terms of trying new things as mentioned in my five year journey to super seller lecture. My very first gig was in the graphic design category. However, today I now offer whiteboard, animation, explainer videos and even voiceovers, which is very different from what I first started out. Intending to dio. Here are four tips for brainstorming gig ideas Tip number one is think outside the box. Keep an open mind and you might discover something interesting to offer on Fiverr. Let me give you an example of this from my own start on Fiverr. One day I was thinking about something different that I could offer that I did not see much of on Fiverr Ah, gig that could incorporate something I could do that not a lot of people could dio. At the time, I had just gotten an uncommon type of bird as a pet, a parrot Let I named Pickle. I decided to involve Pickle in my work, and my second ever gig on Fiverr became. I will fill my bird playing around your ad or message for $5. It was a lot of fun for Pickle and even me, and it was pretty unique to fiber, so it garnered some attention that brought in over 100 sales in about a year. My advice is to look around your own environment for inspiration. Maybe you live in an interesting area with a cool landmark, own an exotic pet or have a fun talent. Tip number two is. Consider your strengths and knowledge. I came to fiver with a degree in computer graphics and knowledge of photo shop illustrator , premier and other types of design software. And after doing so many pickle videos, I have learned even more video editing techniques. I came up with my I will speed color your logo gig after testing out different filming and editing methods, using the skills I had in photo shop and premier, think about your own skills, achievements and accomplishments. You may be able to turn what you already know into a fiver gig, whether it is advice writing, making music or even programming. Tip number three Research. What Is Popular I saw how popular White board and explainer videos were becoming on YouTube TV, and five or itself, and I ended up becoming heavily involved in that type of video production. I had also taken into account that social media networks are also popular, and I created a spin on my typical speed coloring videos, creating speed color styles for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Holidays can also be a popular time for certain gigs. I also actually have a Christmas style whiteboard animation gig that I activate in the winter and even a Valentine's Day themed speed coloring gig. Doing research on what is popular right now can give you great ideas on what kind of gig to offer next. And finally, tip Number four is try something different while doing whiteboard videos. For two years, I was often asked if I could do the voice over as well. For a long time, I shied away from it, since that is not my specialty Eventually I decided to give it a shot, and I ended up making my own separate gig for it, as well as adding it as a gig extra to my white board gig. I had to teach myself a bit about recording voice, but I'm very glad that I did. Trying something completely different can be an excellent learning experience and lead to new and interesting gig ideas. Once you find an idea, it's important to put your own creative spin on it. Really think about what your personal strengths are. Don't forget that you also need to put yourself in the customer's shoes. Look at your gig idea and ask yourself, Would I buy this gig? Gig creation can be fun and challenging. It will always include some trial and error, so don't be discouraged if something doesn't work out. Even if it isn't successful. At least you can learn something new in the process and take that knowledge with you to the next gig. All it takes is your time and creativity 9. Your First Gig: Title, Description, Tags: once you are ready to jump in and create your new gig. If you are a new seller, you can hover over your user name on the top. Right and click. Start selling. If you are already a seller and looking to create another gig, there would be a selling section in this drop down menu, and when you click that you would see a few options and the one you would click from that list is create a gig as a first time seller. It will bring you back to the become a seller page. Click on Become a Seller, and it will bring you to that editing screen for setting up your cellar profile. You'll want to scroll down to the bottom and click, continue and create your first gig to proceed. The next screen that pops up will have fields for you to enter information about your gig. First, let's talk about the gig title. Currently, there is a 15 character minimum and an 80 character maximum and a foreword minimum. You don't want your title to be too short or too long. You want the title to be short enough that it's to the point. Yet also stands out. Take some time to consider your title because it's one of the first things that will draw Buyer in the first title you create is also going to determine the Earl of the gig. You can, of course, change the title name later on, but the U. R L will always remain the wording off the first title you created for the Gig five or allows you to capitalize on Lee one word in your gig title so you can use that to your advantage and capitalize a word that emphasizes what you do in order to stand out. For example, I will write you a powerful business tagline. I will record an American female voice over. I will sing you a catchy jingle for your business and so on. You don't have to use a capitalize word in your title that is entirely up to you. When thinking about what to write for your title, read up on your competition, look at similar gigs to what you want, offer and see how they are working their titles and even their descriptions and gig. Extras. Try and use wording that is not overly used while still keeping it relevant to what you are offering. For example, instead of just, I will create a professional logo you might want to try and keep it more relevant to your style. Take this gig, for example. I will create a hand drawn feminine logo. This is a perfect example of wording Your gig from the gig. Earl. I can tell that this seller originally named this gig I will draw a business logo over time . They probably figured out that having a niche and being more specific is what sets you apart from other sellers and can draw I buyer in. So they renamed it. I will create a hand drawn feminine logo, which perfectly reflects this cellar style and ends up helping them stand out more than a generic title would next. You want to consider what category and subcategory your gig will fall into based on your gig. Title fiver will actually suggest some categories to you, but of course, you can manually select what you want to go with from the drop down menu. If you are trying your gig out in one category and you end up feeling that it might sell better in a different relatable category. You can always change the category and subcategory on your gig later. Next up is the description. Here you will have the chance to elaborate on what you are offering for your gig. As I mentioned before, you'll want to look at other sellers to see how they are wording and even how they are visually laying out their gig description. Do not copy another sellers description. Make sure to write it yourself in your own words and Onley reference another sellers Wording, style and layout. Don't write any long run on paragraphs. Try and be as direct and to the point as possible while also elaborating on what you can offer for your gig. You can also go into further detail about pricing and what you offer in terms of gig extras . Don't be afraid to use a few bullet points here, as they can be a great tool for breaking up information in order to make your description easy to read and follow. For a potential buyer, you can also bold and highlight text if you like. Just don't go crazy with it on Lee. Use it on a few lines or words that you really want to emphasize otherwise. If you use it too much, it will look too busy and hard for a buyer to read. Also, if you find yourself being messaged by buyers with a lot of similar questions, take that into account. Maybe something in your description isn't too clear or isn't even being addressed at all. Learn from your conversations with buyers. Last On this page we have the Tags section, which serves as the keywords for your gig. They will help to further classify your gig within five or search engine on Lee. Five keywords max are allowed. Be sure to use the same keywords people would be typing in. When searching for services like yours. Do a little bit of keyword research in order to target your relevant market. Once you are finished here, you can click, save and continue. Next up. I will be covering the pricing section 10. Pricing & Gig Extras: the next page is all about your pricing. Currently, as a new seller, you are limited to the starting base price of $5. As you level up, you will be able to increase your starting base price. Delivery time is your deadline to deliver an order, make sure you select a reasonable delivery date that you can work with. Of course, a shorter turnaround time is desirable for buyers, and as a new seller that might give you a competitive edge. However, you really want to make it something you can deliver on time. Late deliveries can result in cancellations and negative feedback included. Revisions is another thing to consider. How many revisions on that logo design will you offer a buyer? You can always charge for additional revisions and specify what is included in a revision within your gig description. The next section on this page is your gig. Extras. Click the check mark to offer that specific gig extra on your gig. For now, I'll check extra fast delivery and select one day for an extra $5. You also have to take into account how fast you can deliver if you choose to offer this on your gig and also how much you want to price it. If you are offering custom in depth work tailored to a buyer, you may want to increase the price on your extra fast delivery to be fair to your time or if you are offering already made work like stock photography or stock music you've created , you might want to keep this price a little bit lower, since it has not as time consuming of a task to deliver that non customized type of gig. You also have the option to offer additional revisions. And depending on what category your gig is in, there may be different default gig extras already filled in here. Of course, there is the option to create your own custom gig extra as well. Once clicked, you can title your gig extra and add a description. You can also select how much this gig extra costs from the drop down menu and how many additional days it will take you to deliver the gig. If someone chooses to add this particular gig extra, you can add more gig extras if you like, and the number of gig extras you can offer is based on what level account you have. You also have a shipping section here. If you are delivering actual physical goods for your gig, you can select how much to charge the buyer to cover your shipping costs. It's good to note that you can always change your pricing and alter or even add new gig extras later on. If something isn't working out, you can try new turnaround times or new pricing to attract buyers. Once you are done here, you can click, save and continue. 11. Gig Packages: gig packages are available on Lee in some categories. If gig packages are available in the category you are creating a gig in, you will have the option to use single package or triple packages. Single package set up is very similar to a non package set up. You can title your package, give a brief explanation of it set delivery time and revisions. Because I'm looking at my whiteboard animation gig. I'm also seeing words included and running time in seconds below. All of this will be a section for popular gig. Extras and upgrades based on the subcategory your gig Azzan. In this case, since I am looking at my whiteboard animation gig, I am seeing extras like script writing, voiceover recording, background music, add logo, background imagery and full HD. You want to check all of the things you are offering in your base gig, and for my base gig, I offer background music and logo. Just because you don't have the other options checked doesn't mean you don't offer them, of course, because you can actually offer these options as gig extras in the next section. In my gig extras you can set extra fast delivery and configure any other gig extras you want to add from the default list or add your own. As you can see, it's very similar to non package pricing. If Triple packages is activated, you can title three separate packages and customize what is included in each. This example is for one of my video intro gigs. In this section, you can check and uncheck the features you are including in each tier and set the pricing for each tier. So from this you can see I offer full HD with my second and third packages, but not in the basic first package I offer. In the next section, you will be able to customize gig extras. However, these gig extras are not visible on the order page as they would be in single package view . Instead, these gig extras are available for a buyer to purchase after they placed the order for the initial package. My opinion on what package to use depends on what type of gig you are offering. I went with single package for my whiteboard animation because it's a familiar layout, and I wanted to keep my gig extras visible so buyers could pick out the specific options they want and be able to see exactly how much each extra is. Most of the time, I sell with a custom quote for whiteboard animations. So having each extra priced out for a buyer to see makes it easier for them to understand everything that's going into the total cost that I am quoting them. In the end, the triple package option suits sellers offering logo design, character illustration or graphic design type gigs. It's a simple one click solution. Whereas Single package View is a bit more work on the buyers end, in which they have to pick and choose each Pacific extra they want one by one. The three column view with bullet point style list of what each tier offers gives a buyer a quick overview of what they can expect and what exactly is included in each package. I went with triple packages for my video intro gig, since I felt it was less complicated production and pricing wise, and I was able to show the extras included in each package. My video intro type of gig does not include much customization to it. Therefore, triple packages suited it a bit better remember, you do not have to fully commit your gig to one package option. You are free to change a gigs pricing structure to single or triple packages to fit How you want to sell your product. 12. Gig Requirements for Buyers: the next page after filling out your gig, pricing will be the gig requirements for buyers. Page here. You can tell your buyer what information you need from them to get that order started. For example, if you are going to create a video, you would ask for the buyers script. The answer type can be free text, multiple answer or attached file. In the case of needing the buyer to attach a file, you would select the attached file option. Multiple answer will allow you to type in a question and possible answers from the buyer to choose from. You can also check off. Answer is mandatory to force this question to be answered by the buyer before the order can begin. Once you have your requirement done, click add. You then have the option to add another requirement if needed. Or you can click, save and continue to move onto the next step. You can always edit the gig requirements or add new ones later on. 13. Gallery & Publishing: the Gig Gallery is where you can upload your thumbnail image for your gig. This is the very first thing a buyer will see along with your gig title, so make sure it is relevant and eye catching. The very first photo you upload to the portfolio photo section would be your gig thumbnail unless you choose to upload a gig video, in which case your gig thumbnail would end up coming from your video instead. The photo guidelines are You must own the image copyrights allowed Formats. R J Peg and PNG dimensions are 550 pixels and with and 370 pixels in height. File size is five megabytes max. You can upload other images to your gig gallery specifically if you want to show off other work you've done pertaining to your gig. If you're doing logo design, maybe show a few logos in each photo. For example, try and put your best foot forward. When selecting images for your gig gallery, make sure the images are high quality with good lighting. The Gig video is optional but highly recommended by fiver. Even if you aren't offering a video based gig, they released a statistic that says Gigs with a video description cell 220% more than those without videos. You can use the video to introduce yourself briefly and talk about what you are offering for the gig, maybe even showing a slide show of riel samples of your product within the video. It should be no more than one minute long, and the specifications are that it has to be MP four or a V I format and no more than 50 megabytes in size. Make sure it's a decent quality video with clean audio and good lighting. You want to establish yourself as a professional right off the bat and leave a good first impression. You are also allowed to add to P D efs, which is optional. You can use this to add additional images in, or even a more detailed explanation of your gig. If you couldn't fit everything in the Description section, you can even create a frequently asked questions type of pdf To help buyers further understand what you offer. You can always come back to add new images to the gallery. If you aren't ready for video now, you may want to add it later, and you can always do that in this section. Once you are done, click save and continue and you will be brought to a page where you will be given the option to publish your gig. Once you're ready, click Publish Gig and Fiber will confirm that your gig is now live. They also give the advice that promoted gigs are three times more likely to sell. You will have the option to share your gig, link or share directly on social media networks. You can do that right away, of course, or at your leisure when you are ready. If you have a specific marketing plan in mind or you just aren't ready to spread the word yet. Congratulations on creating your first gig. Once you click done, you will be brought to the My Gig section, where you can view all of your gigs in one spot. In the next lecture, I will explain this section and how to manage your sales and communication 14. "My Gigs" Section: the My Gig section gives you control over all of the gigs you have created in one spot. You can get there by hovering over your user name, clicking, selling, then clicking my gigs by default. You are on the active gig section, but there are also sections for pending approval. If fiber needs to review, a gig you've created requires modification. If five are found an issue with one of your gigs, there is also draft for incomplete gigs denied and paused. If you click the arrow on the right side of a gigs row, you will have options to preview at it. Pause, share, delete, edit, video and topple the live portfolio. On or off the live portfolio are really life samples that your buyer can choose to share on your gig. So, for example, if a buyer chooses to share a logo they purchased from you, it will appear on your life portfolio. You can see a brief overview of impressions, clicks, views, orders and cancellations, and you can choose to view the last 30 days up to the last six months. You can also further view a specific gig statistics by clicking on the gig title itself in here, there is actually an option to limit orders in Q. This gives you control over how many orders that you can receive. For example, if you set this number to 10 you would be able to Onley have 10 active orders at a time on this particular gig. Next is active watermark, which you can toggle on or off. If active watermark is on five or automatically places a watermark over images you deliver on an order for preview purposes. This watermark will also appear over images that buyer share to your life portfolio. It will not appear on images you specifically upload to your portfolio. Active watermark is a handy tool to protect your artwork. Once a buyer accepts the order after you deliver, they receive the final file with the watermark removed. The watermark feature only works for image type files like JPEG, Tiff, BMP and PNG. It will not appear on images within Zip files or on video files. Scrolling further down, you can see a graph showing gig performance over time. You can use the data here to monitor how your gigs air doing 15. Managing Sales: the manage sales section serves as your five or orders que you can get to it at any time. If you hover over your user name, click selling, then click Manage sales. Here you will default to the priority area first. This is a great place to check on the status of your orders and what is due next. There are other sections here, like new, active, late, delivered, completed and canceled. Back in the priority section, you will see that orders are sorted from the ones do the soonest at the top, and the ones do later will appear further down in the queue. You can also sort through specific gigs by hovering over the filter icon next to the Gig column and selecting which gig you want to look at in the top row. Under the sordid orders you will see, each column is sorted by the buyer's user name. Big name delivery time, which is the deadline for order delivery, total order, amount and order status. There are a few different order status is that you should be aware off incomplete means. The buyer has placed the order with you. However, they have not filled out the requested information you indicated in the Gig Requirements section when you created your gig. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to your instructions. This can prove to be a little annoying when you've already discussed in order in messages back and forth. The buyer places the order and you know what to do. But the order isn't processed yet because they need to write something on that order page. There is a nudge button that you can click that will notify the buyer to reply to the instructions in progress is what you'll see. When the orders information is filled out and your order is open, the clock will start ticking down to the day you have to deliver on that open order. Here's an example of an open order page. You can see the total cost of the order, the clock ticking, and if you scroll down, you will see the buyers message to you about what they want for the order according to your instructions. Every time I get a new order, I always check it right away and make sure everything the buyer filled out looks good and that there are no mistakes or issues with the order. I recommend you do this as well. Otherwise, if you wait too long to check on your in progress order, you might run out of time to answer any questions your buyer may have had for you or resolve any issues like missing files or incorrect order amounts. Delivered means you have delivered the order and the buyer can either accept the delivery or request a revision. A delivered order will auto complete in three days after your buyer accepts the delivery or the order auto completes, a buyer can leave you. Feedback rejected means a buyer is requesting a revision to your order. Or it may even mean they were not satisfied with the final delivery. Do your best to respond to these as soon as possible and communicate on the order page to sort out any issues. With the delivery, you will have the option to deliver an updated file on the rejected order page dispute means a mutual cancellation was initiated by either the buyer or the seller. Mutual cancellations will auto cancel after two days. If there is no reply on the buyers end, a mutually canceled order will result in a refund given to the buyer and no feedback will be left canceled is the status and order gets after a mutual cancellation is accepted on both ends or force canceled by five or support a buyer is refunded. Their money in this case completed means a buyer either left feedback on the order or let the order auto complete. After three days, you will receive revenue from this completed order. After a clearance period of 14 days, top rated sellers have a clearance period of seven days late means you missed the delivery date for the order. At this point, buyers are allowed to cancel their order for good if there is no response from the cellar. If a seller does deliver soon after an order is marked late, the buyer can complete the order or request a revision, as they would be able to with the normal order. And finally, orders marked as very late mean that 24 hours have passed after an order was marked. As late, the buyer is now able to force canceled their order, and when an order is cancelled from the very late status, a seller is automatically given a negative rating so it goes without saying. But you should definitely try and avoid this happening. Next up, I will be talking about your inbox and how to use quick responses. 16. Your Inbox & Utilizing Quick Responses: when it comes to sending and receiving messages within five er, you should absolutely have inbox and order messages and order statuses active for email. If you hover over your user name, click settings than account settings in the notification section. Make sure inbox messages, order messages and order statuses are all checked for email. This way you will get these notifications email directly to the email you signed up to five or with you won't always have a five or tab open or be looking at five or all of the time, and you don't want to miss out on any orders or questions. Having these notifications active for email allows you to receive and respond to messages a lot faster. You can choose to have mobile and desktop notifications as well, if you prefer as a top seller. I do have quite a bit of messages coming in through fibre, so I actually have a separate filter for five or messages on my Gmail accounts for organization purposes. When you get a new inbox message or notification, a pink dot will appear over the notification or inbox icons at the top of the fiber site, and of course, If you have email set up, you will receive the email as well. If you click the inbox icon, then click the message. It will bring you to that specific five or users conversation page. You'll want to respond to messages on time as this affects your response rate and response . Time response rate is the percentage of first responses to new messages that a seller sends within 24 hours. Response rate is tracked over the last 30 days of activity and is only visible to the cellar. Response time is the average amount of time and hours that it takes for a seller to send a first response. This is public and shows up on your fiver profile. When you have an open conversation, you'll notice that there is a quick response section just above where you can type a message in. This is probably one of my most favorite newer additions to fiver. Basically, what this is is a pre written template response as a seller on Fiverr, the more you sell, the more you get asked the same questions by new buyers. This tool will save you a lot of time with some pre written responses If you click the drop down, then click. Add new quick response. You'll be able to ready title for the quick response and the actual quick response itself. Once you are done, click save when you want to use it in a message. All you have to do is click the use. A quick response dropped down and click the title of the response you want to use and fiver will populate your message area with the quick response you created. You can, of course, edit or add any additional text to this quick response message if needed. Another thing I'd like to cover is attaching files and messages. If you click the paperclip icon above the send button, you will be prompted to attach a file, select the file you want, upload and click open. You will see the file name attached to the right of your message. You can remove the file by clicking the X button if needed, and when you are ready to send a message, click the send button while on a message page. You can also Starrett archive it Mark is read, delete label or add to two DUIs. All of these tools are at your disposal, and you can use them as you see fit. Personally, I don't use many of these tools. The only tools I use here are starring a message for a reminder to myself and labeling some messages. Since you can create custom labels, which is great for organization by default five or even has a follow up label, which is handy for dealing with buyers that might take a while to respond to you. Keep in mind when communicating with buyers that requesting or providing email addresses, Skype user names, instant message, user names, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of fiber is against fivers terms of service. They see this as you trying to circumvent or abuse the five or messaging system, and can result in an account warning or even a ban for repeat offenders. 17. Custom Quotes: custom quotes are orders you can create specifically for a buyer within an inbox message for a specific dollar amount. As long as you have an active gig, you can click. Create an offer next to the send button. To start the process, a window will pop up where you can select the gig you want to offer. Then you can write about what you are offering. Specify the delivery turnaround time and type in the total amount for the custom quote. You can also select an expiration time for the custom quote, which is optional. This sets a time for the custom quote to expire. For example, if you only want to offer this quote for a few days, you can also select gig extras to let the buyer know a bit more about what is included in the quote. But of course, this is optional, too. Once you are done, click submit, offer and the offer will appear in the chat message between you and the buyer on the buyers end. They will now have the option to order that custom Quote. Custom quotes are great for buyers who have already messaged you directly and are looking to order. You can answer their questions and send a custom quotas well, making it very easy for them to order with you if they decide they want what you are selling. 18. Buyer & Seller Communication Etiquette: When communicating on Fiverr, it's best to be clear, concise and courteous. Whether you are buying or selling being clear. Buyer and seller need to be on the same page as each other up front. As a buyer, make sure to read a seller's gig description to get all of the information you need. If you have any specific questions that may not have been covered in the description or are confused about something, you can send a personal message to the seller to ask. Sellers should make sure they outlined all of the things offered for their gig within their gig. Description and extras. Give details on what you offer as clearly as possible. Make sure to proof, read it and show it to some friends or colleagues. For a second opinion, if necessary, be concise, restrained from writing lengthy paragraphs or over explaining details within a conversation . Stick with short and to the point sentences or questions When buying. Remember to take time and read a gigs description. Most of the answers to your question will be right on a seller's gig page. If you still need to ask questions directly to the cellar after reading, remember to keep it quick and direct as a seller. Try and keep your gig description as short and as clear as you can. This way, it makes it easier for buyers to read and understand everything you offer when responding to buyers. Don't go overboard on little details when answering their questions. Be courteous. Both parties should be polite and patient when communicating with each other. Try and respond to messages within a reasonable amount of time. Being open minded, honest and friendly can go a long way. It can even help to establish an ongoing work relationship. Finally, it's important to be nice to people. Customers may come to you with a very different level of five or experience. Some may even ask for help to order your gig. Don't get frustrated. Remember one day you were new on five or two 19. Delivering Your Order: When you've completed an order for a buyer and are ready to deliver, click the deliver now button on the order page, then write a delivery message to the buyer. You can describe what you've done or at a personal message. I suggest setting up a quick response delivery message to save yourself a lot of time. I have one set up already. That includes a thank you, a quick mention of other gigs that I offer that they may be interested in with a link to my five or profile page and a message mentioning that five star feedback from them would be much appreciated. Giving your five or profile page link can lead to more sales. If the buyer enjoyed working with you, they might like to see what else you can offer. If you do have other services, they might not know about it until you tell them and always remember to be very polite. If you are asking for them to leave feedback, never be pushy or chase someone down for feedback. Just because you don't receive feedback does not mean that the buyer was dissatisfied with your work. I have plenty of repeat buyers who do not leave feedback yet still continue to order with May. It's really a case of some people just not having the time to leave. Feedback. Finally, you will, of course, want to upload your work. The max upload file size is 150 megabytes. If you are uploading multiple files, you might want to consider uploading them in one zip file that includes all of your files. Remember that if you have a live portfolio active, what you upload can be shared on your gig page by the seller if they choose to share it. Zip files, however, cannot be shared to the life portfolio for files over 150 megabytes. A solution that I do is upload the file to Dropbox, get the DROPBOX download link and share that link with the buyer. If you already have a cloud storage account, you can use that to store larger files on and share the download link with the buyer upon delivery. Once you've uploaded the file and have your delivery message, click deliver work to deliver the order 20. How to Get Positive Reviews: how to get positive reviews. There are three individual categories that you will be rated by once a buyer marks and order as complete. The categories are communication with cellar. How responsive was the seller during the process Service, as described Did the end result matched the gigs description and by again or recommend, would you work with the cellar again and or recommend others to buy this gig? Here are some tips that can help lead to positive reviews. Communication is very important. One thing I do, the minute I see an order placed with me is I check it out to see if everything looks good on it. And I have everything I need to do the order, and I'll even respond to the buyer, thanking them for the order. If I am missing a file or a piece of information necessary to do the order, I will ask them for it. Doing this right away is key. It shows the buyer you are responsive, and it also helps you as a seller be organized and stay on top of your orders. Also, make sure to respond to any order updates. A buyer makes in a timely manner buyers also appreciate updates on orders, so consider sending your buyers a mid project update to let them know the progress on their order. Attention to detail and good customer service on your end is appreciated by buyers. Deliver on time. I always suggest leaving enough time to complete orders ahead of when your delivery time is , for example, if it will take you two days to deliver something, maybe make sure your delivery date is three days. It can be a good idea to leave a safety net for yourself to complete gigs on time. Late orders run the risk of cancellation and negative feedback. If you deliver ahead of your delivery date, it will look a lot better to the buyer. And most likely they will be excited to have their order done faster than expected. Over deliver. You may also want to include a little bonus with your delivery so your buyer really feels that they got great value from their purchase. With you, this could be content you've already created and don't mind offering it for free. Or it could be something a little more personal to the buyer, like a quick, extra version of whatever gig they had purchased with you, for example, another voice over reading of their script or an extra logo design. It's not necessary, but it may help. If you are just starting out and really needing feedback on your new gig, ask for feedback. Like I mentioned in the previous lecture, you can also politely ask if the buyer could leave you five stars in your delivery message To them. This serves as a reminder to the buyer, which can hopefully lead to them, leaving you the feedback. Be responsive and over deliver, and you're on the road to a positive feedback. Once they leave feedback, make sure to review your buyer back. This will look great on your gig page as well, adding to your responsiveness. If you write something personal back to them within the feedback, the fact that you are giving each buyer individual attention will stand out to future potential buyers. It is proof of your responsiveness and engagement. It may also lead to getting a tip. If a buyer leaves you, five star feedback fiver will prompt them to see if they would like to leave a tip for you as well. This is optional for the buyer, of course. And if they choose to leave you a tip, it will appear on the order page as if it were a gig extra added onto the gig. Don't get discouraged if you don't see feedback after you delivered an order. Positive feedback is great, but don't be pushy with it. I don't recommend chasing anyone down for it. Some buyers just don't have the time to leave and right feedback for you, even if they like your work. 21. Dealing with a Negative Feedback / Contacting Customer Support: dealing with a negative feedback. Buyers have a right to share their experience and feedback. It can be discouraging to get a negative feedback, but the best thing you could do is weigh your options on what to do next. The first thing you can do is communicate with your buyer. Try and see if you can resolve the issues they had with the order in hopes that they might increase your feedback rating. See if you can offer a revision to the work that might result in a more positive feedback. Always be courteous. Be patient and don't get angry. Do not spam a buyer into removing or changing the feedback. Legitimate negative feedback cannot be removed currently, so talking to the buyer at the point you received the negative feedback is important after discussing the issue with the buyer, and if they agree to change or increase the feedback rating, you can go to the Resolution Center on the order page. Click Resolve now and then click. I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer. This will give the buyer the option to change their feedback. Keep in mind, though, that requesting feedback revisions are limited repeatedly. Using this option may cause your account to be blocked. If the buyer does not respond to your request to change feedback, the next thing you can do is respond to their negative feedback. This way, their feedback and your response to it will be visible on your gig page. Here you have a chance to explain your side of the story and why you disagree with the feedback in a polite and respectful manner. This is important for your future buyers so they can see your response and how you handle the situation in a respectful way. The last thing you can do is contact customer support if you believe the feedback you received is abusive or against fivers terms of service keep in mind that the way that five or support deals with your request for feedback removal is subject to fibres own policies that may change in the future. You can contact customer support at the very bottom of fiver. If you click the help button, then click contact customer support at the top. This will open an area for you to directly submit a request to fibrous customer support. Team five are largely expects you to try and troubleshoot issues on your end and communicate with the buyer before contacting five or customer support. But, of course, they have a customer support team if issues arise that are beyond your control. If you are contacting them about feedback removal, the support team will review your case thoroughly before taking any action against a review you have up to 45 days from when the order is marked as complete. To do this kind of request, I believe they will be looking to remove feedback that might be abusive, wrongful or anything that is against their terms of service. They will not remove something that falls within the buyers right to leave us feedback. If a feedback review is not eligible to be removed, you should be notified why Repeated requests for feedback removal on a specific feedback after five or support determined it was not eligible to be removed can result in an account warning or even suspension from fiver. The five or customer support team does not do favors or take sides in order to be fair to both buyers and sellers. And, of course, if you are going to take this route to try and get feedback removed. You need to clearly state why the feedback is being requested to be removed. Try not to let a negative feedback get you down. Not everyone will love everything you dio and sometimes the best thing you can do is move on. 22. Cancelling an Order: there are a few reasons why an order cancellation is needed. Maybe your buyer ordered your gig by mistake or incorrectly ordered over the total amount that they needed to order. Or maybe they even ordered twice by mistake. Whatever the case is, as a seller, you will not receive any funds from a cancelled order. Cancellations can be initiated by the buyer or the seller or, in some cases, be force canceled directly by five or support. Typically, the order has up to 13 days to be cancelled after being marked as complete. This is due to the funds for the order clearing on the 14th day. Four top rated sellers this time would be shorter due to funds being cleared faster. Contacting support weeks or months after an order is marked as complete will not usually result in an order cancellation. Since those funds are most likely withdrawn already by the seller, Fiver expects buyers to raise concerns about an order in a timely manner. To request a mutual cancellation, go to the order page, then click the Resolution Center tab towards the top, choose a cancellation reason from the drop down and write something in the custom message area. Once you are done here, click request cancellation. A buyer will receive the cancellation request on their end and can either choose to accept the cancellation or reject the cancellation. If they do nothing on the order. That order will auto cancel in two days. Buyers also have access to this same resolution center, where they can request a mutual cancellation in a similar way, five or customer support can be contacted. If you are having trouble with the buyer, they can step in and force cancel on order if needed. 23. Withdrawing Funds: you can withdraw funds from your fiver account when you have a balance. The total amount of money currently cleared appears next to your user name. At the top of fiber, you can withdraw to either pay, PAL. You're five or revenue card if you've signed up for one, or you can transfer money to your bank account. If you are in the U. S. You can withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked as complete for top rated sellers , they can withdraw after seven days. You can withdraw once per 24 hours. There is a withdrawal fee, depending on the service you withdraw to for PayPal, its $1 for the five or revenue card. It is $3 for a two hour withdrawal or $1 for a two day withdrawal. Direct deposit is a $1 charge per withdrawal. To withdraw funds from your account, hover over your user name on the top right then click selling than revenues. If you have money in the available funds area, you will have three options of Papal five or revenue card and direct deposit to withdraw the funds. Once any of those options, air clicked fiver will initiate the withdraw process. You will receive an email, and you will need to click the link within the email to confirm and continue the process. If you are withdrawing to PayPal for the first time, the email will indicate that you need to define a PayPal account. Follow that link and continue the process of setting up your PayPal account. You will be redirected to fiver, where you will continue to fill out information to associate your fiver account with your PayPal account. After connecting with PayPal for the first time on Fiverr, you will need to wait 24 hours to withdraw. For security reasons, the process is similar for setting up a five or revenue card as well. Instead of clicking PayPal, you would click the five or revenue card. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to apply for and continue setting up that card, and the same goes for direct deposit. Once clicked, you will get an email, prompting you to continue the process of setting that up. However, fiver does not allow you to use direct deposit and the Fiverr revenue card simultaneously. 24. Vacation Mode & Pausing Gigs: fiver has an integrated vacation mode that will pause all of your gigs all at once and put up a message on your page alerting buyers that you are on vacation. This is perfect for when you are actually going on a vacation. Needs some time off are sick or even overbooked. It will let your buyers know that you are away and when you will return, you can activate vacation mode by hovering over your user name. Click selling than my gigs, then click the toggle for vacation mode towards the top. Ah, box will appear where you can specify the reason you are away and the duration. Once you are ready to accept what you selected, click Done and vacation mode will now be activated. Fiver automatically pauses all of your gigs, and they will not appear within searches for as long as you have vacation mode. Active vacation mode does not auto deactivate. After the duration time you set, you will need to manually go back into the my Gig section and toggle vacation mode off while you have vacation mode. Active buyers have the option to be notified when your gig is reactivated. You will also receive a daily update giving you a head count of the number of people who have opted to be on your waiting list. Once you have turned vacation mode off, the people in your waiting list will receive an email alerting them that you have returned . There has been a little bit of debate as to whether going on vacation mode or keeping your gigs active and extending the delivery time on your gigs is the best option. When you are planning to take a break from fiver, it comes down to your personal preference as vacation mode will stop you from taking all orders until you turn vacation mode off. Keeping your gigs active and extending the delivery time will allow you to still accept orders while on vacation and with an extended delivery time, you can actually do the work on them when you return from vacation. 1/3 option would be to pause your gigs individually and manually, rather than putting vacation mode on. The benefit to this is that you can keep one or two gigs active to take orders on while you are on vacation. When I am planning to go on vacation, I try to be as proactive as I can. I always planned to put my gigs on vacation mode about a week before I actually go on vacation. This way I can finish up the orders I have right before I go away and make sure that I don't get any orders that would need to be done around my actual vacation time. If you are getting a large volume of orders, you might want to consider doing something similar when planning to take a break two weeks before I go away, I personally message repeat buyers of mine, telling them that I will be away for vacation and letting them know that dates I will be gone from. I also put up a message in the text of my profile page that I am going on vacation and what the dates are. Your profile text shows up on all of your gig page on the right hand side of the page. So this way I know that the message will be viewable on all of my gig pages. I find it's good to do this just in case. A new buyer is looking at your gigs but is not yet ready to order this way they can plan to order before you go away, or maybe after you return. Keeping that line of communication open with your buyers is very important. If you are looking to pause your gigs individually rather than activate vacation mode, hover over your user name, click selling and then click my gigs. Once the list of all of your gigs appears, you can click the box next to the gig. You want to pause, then click Pause. That gig will now disappear from the active gig section and will now be visible in the paused Gig section. If you want to reactivate that gig, click the box next to that gig and then click Activate It will now disappear from the paused Gig section and reappear in the active gig section. Pause. Gigs do not appear in five or search engine, and buyers are not able to place a new order on a paused gig. Whether you want vacation mode on or keep all of your gigs active with an extended delivery time, or decide to pause some of your gigs, it all comes down to your personal preference. Take into consideration the reason for you being away from fiver and how long you will be away for 25. The Buyer Request Section: I'd like to share a few tips for getting more sales on Fiverr. This advice will apply to you as a new seller once you've set your gigs up, or even if you are an already active seller and are going through a slow period of not getting many orders as a new seller, it's understandable that getting orders at first will be challenging. Since you are not yet established on Fiverr, give it some time, be patient. And of course, you can follow the tips that I will be sharing. If you are an already active seller, you must keep in mind that there will be periods of low amounts of orders in my my experience. This is mostly due to the holidays. For me, December is a very slow month because of Christmas. The summer can also be fairly slow, since many people are taking vacation and not working as much. It's important to remember that when you are freelancing on Fiverr and even off of fiver, there will be times when work is slow. However, if you follow some of my tips, it may help to stir up some sales on Fiverr. The buyer request section is great for buyers who don't feel like browsing through gigs but would rather have sellers come to them. They can write a sentence or two about what they are looking for to have done and even attach a file for you to look at as a seller. If you are struggling to get some sales, this is a great section for you to visit. In order for you to directly reach out to people who are looking for work to be done every day, you are allowed to send 10 offers to buyers looking for work to be done within the buyer Request section. To get to the buyer request section, hover over your user name, click selling, then click buyer requests. Here, you can see active requests created by buyers, which you can send direct custom quote offers to. You can search by our requests in the search box or you can sort by sub categories. This list will be populated with all of the sub categories. You currently have gigs created in. So in my case, on my account, I do video production and voiceovers, so I will be seeing people mostly looking toe have a video created or a voiceover recorded by default. This section is on the active unsent offers, and you can even view sent offers a swell on each request. You can view how many other offers were sent for that request. The duration, which is when they would need the order delivered, and sometimes a budget cost will be listed. If the buyer chooses to write that in. When you want to send an offer to a buyer request, you can hover over the request. Then click. Send offer a window will pop up that will allow you to select the gig you want to offer them. Once you select the one you want to offer, the window will look exactly the same as when you create it. Custom quote. You can describe your offer. Choose delivery time and total offer amount. Number of revisions is optional, and checking off gig extras is also optional. Once you have an offer you're comfortable with, you can click submit offer to send it to the buyer 26. NEW Gigs: new gigs. If one type of gig isn't working well for you, I suggest branching off into varying your style or even trying a different category altogether and create a completely new gig. Try and utilize different talents you have, and don't be afraid to branch out and try different things. More variety in the gigs you offer means more keywords in five or search engine, meaning more opportunity for you to appear when a buyer is looking for something relating to what you dio. As I mentioned in the beginning of this course, I started out doing graphics, then creating videos and even dabbling into voiceover. I must honestly say I never wanted to record voiceovers. I didn't even want to try it. The only reason I eventually had the desire to even try it was that my intake of orders on Fiverr was a bit slow for about two months, and I was really looking for something else to offer on Fiverr to draw more customers in. Since it was slow, I had the time to research learn about the software and the equipment I could use. In the end, it did help me draw in more attention since it was something new I could offer in conjunction with the video production I already did. Voiceovers were something buyers would ask me about when they were looking to buy videos from me. And I know for sure that I lost a few buyers prior to offering voiceovers because of the fact that I didn't offer voiceovers as an extra on my white board and explainer gigs. So another quick tip would be to listen to and learn from your buyers, listen to what they're looking for and their ideas just like in my case, Sometimes listening to your buyers can inspire you to come up with a completely new gig idea. 27. Fiverr Forum: the fiber forum can be a great place that offers advice to sellers and where you can even directly advertise your gig. You can get there by clicking community at the top of fiber, then click five or Forum, or you can go to forum dot fiver dot com. There are tips for both sellers and buyers and a section called My Fiver Gigs, where you can create a post advertising your gig. Another way to advertise is helping or talking to other people on the forum or being active in other forums where you can set your signature to include your fiver profile. U R l No matter what forum you are posting in to advertise, always remember not to spam. 28. Promote Your Fiverr Business: promoting your fiver business outside of fiber is another great idea for generating interest and potentially more sales. Fiver actually has a tool for it, which can be found if you hover over your user name. Click selling, then click Promote your business. The first section here is five or anywhere, which allows you to create a custom offer that you can actually share outside a fiver. If you click, generate custom offer. You will be able to type in a description of your offer related to a gig so that any feedback left would be left on that gig, said the price. Turn around time and offer expiration time. Once finished, you can click, submit custom offer, and you will then have access to a U. R L and an embed code. You can share the URL, however you like on social media in an email directly to a client. Or you can use the embed code to put it on your own website or blogged. The second section is create your badge. I have actually added this to my own website since I thought it looked nice and official, and when the check out my gigs button is clicked, it will open up a new tab directly to your fiver profile. This can look great on a website or even a vlog. Next, you've got the share your profile section. This is the exact Earl of your five or profile page, so you can copy and paste it wherever you need. Teoh. You also have social media icons. If you want to directly share it onto Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Lincoln, you can send your profile or even a gig page to already existing clients. Link it within an email list you may have or even send it to friends and family. Don't forget to share your profile and gigs on social media pages you frequently use as well, like a Facebook business page or your personal Facebook page. Any time I create a new gig, I make sure to share it to my five or Facebook page. The last section is business cards. As a fiver seller, you are entitled to a free pack of 50 customizable business cards. If you click read more, it will bring you to a new page for more information. So the pack of cards is free and you only have to pay for shipping and handling. You also get 50% off your next pack of five or business cards. If you need more, you can click. Redeem your free pack now, and it will take you to mood dot com, which is a printing company that fiver has partnered with. For this, you can edit the front and back, choose the paper and review and proceed to purchase when you are ready. I have a pack of these, and I like to give them out at any business related events, and I've even given some out at social events if my work happens to come up in a conversation. 29. Upselling with your Gig Extras: I explained earlier in the course that a gig extra allows you to offer an extra service. In addition to your main service gig, extras allow you to up sell from your base gig offering When creating a gig. You should always keep gig extras in mind as a way to increase what you can offer on a service. For example, on my speed coloring video gig, I have extras like extra fast delivery speed writing, text pages, writing taglines, using a song of the buyer's choice, and so on. When someone messages me directly asking about this gig, I make sure to mention the extras I offer when relevant to the conversation. Sometimes this can get the wheels turning in the buyers head and spark their imagination. They may consider adding a service you offer that they didn't consider previously that would work well with what they're looking to. By using the example of my speed coloring gig again, I ask things like, Would you like a tagline written below the logo? And do you need text pages written before the logo is colored? I even remind them of the delivery time. I say Basic delivery is nine days However, I also offer three day express delivery for an additional charge. If you are interested, I sometimes even remind them that the basic order is 7 20 p quality rendering and that 10 80 p quality rendering is available for an additional charge. Gather as much information about what your buyer wants and needs, and as a result, you are naturally up selling within a conversation. From there, you can even create a custom quote after you've priced out everything they are looking for . This way, it makes it easy for the buyer to just place the one order instead of choosing the gig Extras themselves on the gig order page. When someone has already placed an order with me most of the time, they already know what they are looking for. However, sometimes they may have forgotten to add a gig extra or didn't even realize they needed to add a gig extra. You are now able to add a gig extra directly on an open order page, which is clear and convenient. If you click, offer more extras on an order page your gig extras will appear and you can check the ones you want to offer and change the price accordingly. You can even write a custom extra if needed. Once you write a message and select gig extras to offer, you can click. Send for the buyer to receive this message. Doing this does not automatically add the gig extra to the order total. The buyer then has the choice to accept or reject the gig extra. If you are having trouble thinking of gig extras to offer on your gig, make sure to look at what other sellers are offering on their gigs. If they have a similar service to yours, Extra fast delivery is always a nice option to offer on almost any gig, and fiver will also populate your gig Extra list with common ones offered in your category . It's your choice to offer them or not or come up with ones on your own. 30. Selling to Repeat Buyers: selling to repeat buyers once in a while. If I have a new service I am offering, for example, in my case, maybe a new video style, I will send a message to repeat buyers to alert them of this new service in your in box. You can actually label conversations with individuals over my time working on Fiverr. If I've had good interactions and a few sales from a person, I will label their inbox conversation with me as a repeat buyer. If you ever see this Golden Crown icon, it means a buyer is a top buyer, meaning they frequently purchase gigs on Fiverr. If sales are slow and I have a new gig or service I am offering, I will send a message out to the people in my repeat buyers label toe. Let them know about it. It may be a new service or style that they could be interested in. Keeping up communication over time with a buyer is great. As in my experience, repeat buyers tend to be one of the best sources of income on Fiverr. They also happen to be the most likely people to refer you to others, which can lead to even more sales 31. Additional Resources for Fiverr Advice: for additional resource is and help with fiber. I mentioned the five or forum earlier, which contains real people posting their experiences, working on fiber and sometimes some valuable advice. You can also strike up a conversation on there or ask for advice on your own gigs. You can also find guides to becoming a successful Fiverr seller at the Fiber Academy on fiber dot com. If you hover over community and click academy, you will see that you can search for specific articles and browse through different articles ranging from getting started to gig tips and tricks. Next, there's my personal favorite resource for all things five or related five or cast. This is fibers official podcast made by sellers. Four sellers You can get to it from fiber dot com than hovering over community and clicking podcasts. I listen to it whenever there is a new episode out, and even as a top rated seller, I learned something new almost every episode. Be sure to check out the older episodes as well, or you can pick out which topic you might be interested in hearing about. I'm actually a guest on two episodes of it as well, even just talking to other sellers and freelancers and bouncing ideas back and forth can inspire you and lead you to learning new tips on how to manage your own business. Leslie. When all else fails, there is fibers Customer support page. It can be found on the very bottom of fiver. If you click help, you can search for specific topics using search terms and key words at the top. Or you can browse specific support articles on the left side. If worse comes to worse, you can contact customer support directly by clicking contacts, customer support at the top. Then you can submit a request by selecting the relevant subject and filling out the information required. A customer service representative from FIVER will contact you via email to follow up on your submitted request. 32. Gig Management: Gig Page FAQ, Adding A Note & The Resolution Center: You can add a frequently asked questions section to your gig page. You can add questions and answers while editing your gig in the description and FAQ section, the FAQ section is underneath the gig description section. Make sure to add questions you commonly get asked by buyers or additional information you think a buyers should know about your gig. For example, your revision policy, any limitations on the work you can do, or additional features you include in your work. Keep in mind that buyers don't necessarily always read your FAQ. So you may still get repeat questions, but always remember to be kind and patient with potential clients. You can add a note to an order by clicking on Add note on a gigs order page. Here you can write a private reminder to yourself pertaining to the order. And then click Save. This note is only visible to you. This can be a handy tool to remind you of special requirements a buyer has requested on an order that you don't want to forget about or scroll through previous messages to find. Of course, also have the option to edit or delete the node. For example, if requirements change or you just don't need that reminder anymore. I use the note feature frequently to remind myself to write a script for an order or do a voiceover. Since my gigs sometimes involve multiple stages of completion and I need to remind myself which step of the gig I'm on. The Resolution Center is where you can mutually cancel an order or modify an order. If you click, Visit the resolution center, you will be able to make your selection and click Continue. Continue answering the questions in the Resolution Center to best suit your needs. You will have various options to select from to resolve the orders issues. You can offer more revisions to the buyer, extend the delivery time, mutually cancel and more. In the following example, I selected extend the delivery time. And you can see I have an option to select the number of days to add to my delivery time if I needed more time to complete a revision. For example. Once you get to the end of answering questions in the resolution center, you will also get a textbox to further explain what you are requesting and why. Once you fill out all the information, you can click Send to send the resolution message to the buyer where they have the chance to accept or reject your resolution. Keep in mind that cancelling and order will result in loss of revenue and possibly lowering your rank and fivers search algorithm. 33. The Level System: Fiber evaluates your performance every month and determines your level accordingly. You can view your progress by going to your analytics page when you are logged in by clicking analytics at the top. Each rank has certain requirements to meet, which can be viewed at slash levels. To move up in the ranks or retain your current rank. Keep selling and maintaining the standards fiber has outlined. And of course, avoid Terms of Service violations. These standards are tracked over the course of 60 days. Response rate, respond to 90% of the messages that you receive. This statistic is based on new messages you received from buyers. It currently doesn't count messages from buyers you previously had contact with in your inbox. Respond to a new message from a buyer within 24 hours to avoid having response rate drop. Order completion rate complete 90% of your orders. Avoid canceling orders. Communicate with your buyer to see what can be revised on an order. Consider extending gig turnaround time through the resolution center. If a buyer needs more time to provide certain details or files, you need to complete the order rather than cancelling on-time delivery. Deliver 90% of your orders on time. Late deliveries are heavily factored into fibers search algorithm. This means that if you let an order run late by either your fault or the buyer's fault and you deliver the order after it's been marked as late. This will have an effect on where your gig shows up in searches in the future, potentially pushing your gig more towards the bottom of search results. So avoid delivering late orders. If you need to add more time for your original turnaround time on your gigs to avoid delivering late orders, Go for it. And if you run into difficulties with an open order, like you are missing information or files from the buyer, consider extending the turnaround time through the resolution center if your buyer agrees to it, to allow more time to get what you need to complete the order. Rating maintained a 4.7 star rating, aimed to provide excellent communication and a product or service suited to your buyer. See my lecture about how to get positive reviews for more help on that topic. If you get demoted, try not to be discouraged. I know it's easier said than done. But try and improve your stats for the next month's evaluation. Good luck. 34. Promoted Gigs: Fiverr offers the ability for you to pay four gig promotion to gain more visibility and stand out in the marketplace by placing ads for your gigs towards the top of Fiverr, they only charged per click and you can choose which gives you want to promote and set a daily limit for your spending. To promote a gig. Click the three dots on that specific gig and click promote. You will automatically get a recommended bid amount, that is the suggested amount to get the best visibility on your gig for each click. If you click on that bid amount, you can manually change the amount you are willing to pay per click for that gig. To stop promoting a specific gig, click the three dots and click. Stop promoting. I haven't used this service too much yet, but I plan on trying it more whenever sales are slow for me. I noticed that when someone finds your gig through fibers, promotion, service, and messages you about it, there is a promoted note next to their username. So you can see firsthand if you are getting some traffic through the service. The promoted gigs page will also show you data like how much you've spent on which gigs and how much revenue you made through using the promoted gig service. 35. Studios: Fiber studios allows multiple sellers that offer different kinds of gigs to join together to offer their services under one gig. Within a studio, there was a main seller or lead, and the other sellers are known as members. Studio leads are handpicked fiber sellers who are eligible to create a studio, leads can invite other fiber sellers to become a member within their studio to offer their services within that studio gig. Currently, a total of five Studio gigs can be created within one studio. Studio gigs can only be created by a studio lead. And the studio lead also has the responsibility of being the single point of contact for the buyer, which is y five or actually recommends leads charge extra for their role in management of the studio gig and Communication. Studio members are also hand-picked sellers who are eligible to join a studio. Each person can join up to three different Studio gigs, either all from the same studio or from different studios. Eligibility of leads and members for fiber Studios is determined periodically by fiber. There is no application process. You can choose to receive studio invites or create your own studio from your fiber profile section, creation of a studio gig is the same as creating a regular gig, with the addition of being able to add services and assign members. As a studio lead, make sure to communicate to potential sellers that you want to add as members and see if they are interested in joining your studio. When a buyer buys a studio gig, the payment is distributed between the members according to each sellers pricing for their service determined beforehand. When a buyer reviews the studio gig after completion, it will appear on the studio gig page as well as every studio members Fiverr profile. So reviews are shared and counted for each member. Cancellations will cancel the entire order for all sellers with no payment distribution. If one of the studio members goes on vacation, the gig will be placed on pause. And you will either have to wait for them to return to reactivate the gig, or you can replace them with another eligible seller. If you have access to studios on your profile, it can be a helpful way to offer bigger and more complex services and gain more business alongside other trusted sellers. 36. 4 Gig Success Tips: For quick gig success tips, one, get help from a friend. Sometimes the best way to make that first sale and even first feedback is with someone, you know, updating your friends on what you are up to one fiber via your social media outlets and letting them know about new gigs you create can be a stepping stone to getting that first sale. Feedback on your profile is super important since it generates trust with new buyers and helps you boost up and fivers searches because of their algorithm to at least when you are just starting out, try to make enjoyable gigs that interest you and are fun to do. Yet also appeal to buyers. I browse around five or sometimes to keep updated on the latest trends. And doing that will sometimes inspire me. One mistake I made when I first started out on fiber was doing what everyone else was doing. I think the most successful gigs are the ones that no one else is offering or something with your own style. So that brings me to three. Be specific. I find that I will draw a picture of you for $5 is not as effective as something like, I will draw a picture of you as a zombie for $5. Having your own style and a different spin on a common idea can get you noticed. Being original can help you stand out. For. There are so many categories on fiber and they are always expanding. Consider making additional gigs in other categories. It could even be similar to your first gig. For example, if you have a gig in the Photoshop editing category, consider making some other gigs in web and mobile design, social media design, flyer design, graphics for streamers, et cetera. Some categories are more competitive than others, and you might just find a category or gig that works better for you than others. If you experiment with more gigs in different categories, take a look at the industry section and see what specific types of businesses are looking for services on fiber. And see if you can fill a need with your skills for one or more of these types of industries. 37. Final Fiverr Thoughts: fiver is a website that allows you to work as creatively as you want to. I've learned so much during my time working on Fiverr, like how to deal with customers, how to be my own boss and how to manage my own business. It allows me the freedom to work and learn things on my own schedule. It has helped my freelancing career immensely. Fiver isn't just about the money you make. It's also about the experience you gain and the portfolio that you can create. The potential to grow and succeed exists on Fiverr and even on other freelancing websites. But it is up to you as a seller to put in the work to get where you want to be. I hope that my step by step walk through and tips were working on fiver will help you with your career business or side job. Thank you for taking the course and congratulations for getting started on 54