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Free Online Marketing: Incredible Digital Marketing Sources For Your Website/Blog/Online Business

teacher avatar Uday Byri, Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Are you looking for some incredible digital marketing sources for your website or blog, but don't have any SEO skills? Well, you're in luck! In this course, I'll show you some of the best free online marketing resources that you can use to get more traffic and exposure for your business without having to worry about SEO.

It's no secret that online marketing is critical for businesses of all sizes. There are a ton of different digital marketing strategies out there, and it can be tough to know which ones to focus on. But what are the best sources of online marketing? In this course, we'll take a look at some of the top free digital marketing sources that can help you take your website or blog to the next level.

In this course you will learn some incredible digital marketing sources for your website/blog/online business. You will learn about various digital marketing sources and how to use them to drive traffic to your website or online business. You will also learn about various online marketing tools and how to use them to your advantage. This course is packed with information and is a must watch for anyone looking to improve their online marketing skills.

If you're looking for more traffic, leads, and sales for your website or online business, then you need to watch this online marketing course. I'll show you some incredible digital marketing sources that you can use to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

The best thing is that you don't need to have SEO skills or any prior marketing experience. You can start implementing these techniques right away.

Enroll in this "free online marketing" course today and start getting results from your digital marketing efforts!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Uday Byri

Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur


Uday Byri is a successful Serial Entrepreneur and a Small Business Coach. He's also a co-founder of an IT company that offers ERP solutions to educational institutions, hospitals etc. As a business coach, over the past 5 years he helped number of individuals, start-up's and small businesses to make seamless progress and increase their revenue. His goal is to help people promote their work, expertise and thus seize profitable business opportunities.

In summary, he's all about empowering small businesses and start-ups to take their skills to the next level to create and promote a successful business. Ultimately, achieve financial freedom as soon as possible...

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1. Introduction: are you spending a lot of time on issue and still not able to get desired amount of traffic ? Are you tired off using technique after lousy technique that does not produce results? Do you want to drive free traffic to your website? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. Hi, my name is Validation Car body and I've been into the game off Internet marketing since the year 2000 and seven and I have tested just about every traffic generating method in existence, and all I found is that most of them just don't work. There are only a handful of strategies that do work. Actually, you work extremely well. You just need to know how to implement them the right way. In this course, you will learn the most effective traffic generation methods. These strategies are easy to implement and they won't cost you a single penny. Now, that being said, you must be willing to dedicate at least a couple of ours a day towards these methods. And in no time you will find yourself generating hundreds off new leads to your website every day you could be an absolute newbie with zero Internet marketing experience. Don't worry. All the techniques are easy to understand with simple, actionable steps. So did not wait any further. Just click on the enroll button now and start generating high quality traffic to your website. 2. Strategy #1: Hello and welcome back. This is one of the easiest race off generating, high quality traffic. Question and answer sites can generate instant traffic to your website. You will be surprised to know that Yahoo Answers generates about one billion monthly visitors and Cora gets about 35 million monthly visitors. Search engines trust, question and answer sites. They love the idea off fresh content by genuine people. Yahoo Answers currently receives about 900,000 questions and answers per day. That works out to 37,500 per hour. Our 625 per minute, which is 10 questions and answers posted every second. So much activity is treasured by search engines as the prefer active sites over stagnant sites. But how exactly can you use these sites for traffic? Simple answer Question and include a reference or sores at the bottom off. Your answer. Basically a link pointing to your website. All you have to do is write the exit off the answer and offer more in debt solutions to be found on your website. I recommend you to spend some time on this every day. If you're looking for higher returns, there are tons of question and answer sites, but it is highly impossible to participate on all of them. Choose only a couple of sites and get started. This practice will bring your better results than hundreds off lean answers on more number of sites. Add your photograph your bio and mentioned your expertise to gain people's crust. Do not forget to put a link to your website here. Find your niche and start answering questions. Consider this as an opportunity to solve a potential customers problem. Every time you give a quality answer, you will get more upwards. Ultimately, you will be able to drive high quality traffic to your website. Forget about shameless promotion. You're here to add value, so linked your website only if you have a helpful resource on it. Do not just keep answering questions. Rather, engage with the audience upward. Great answers. Follow people who are interested in your topics. Try to improve your credibility. Remember that question and answer sites show high on search engine results Page. Google tries to find the best answer to a searchers Question. If your answers are off great quality with more upwards, your answers will be shown on top. More visibility means more exposure and more potential traffic, though there are plenty of question and answer sides. According to me, these are the top ones. Always follow the guidelines laid out by those websites and be careful. If you only spam the website for in bond, lings and traffic, you will get banned. Do not include a link pointing towards irrelevant material or information. Spend some time on question and answer sites every day and you will be able to drive high quality traffic to your website. 3. Strategy #2: Hello and welcome back. Leverage the power off tutorial websites to get your content out to those people who are most desperate. Paret and these people are more likely to purchase your promotions. Tutorial sites are pretty similar to article directories, but their content is more focused on definite answers. You will absolutely love this relative unknown source of traffic as it drives hungry buyers your way. Traffic from this source is proven to convert 200% better than what the typical cropping does. Wiki, How alone has about 17 million monthly visitors. It means that these websites can provide a lot of exposure to your articles and generate massive traffic. Your web site. And very importantly, the traffic you get from these websites is highly targeted. All you need to do is customize the articles according to their standards and then post them that our tools strategies. For this take four or five articles that you have already posted on your website and combine them into a single large tutorial on that topic. Let's say your name is underway gloss now come by in five different articles on that topic from your site and create a single, larger tutorial with the title. How to Lose £10 in Two Weeks or something similar. Now split your articles into points and make it look like a step by step solution. At the end of the tutorial, use a resource box that links back to your website or your screens page. If you are an affiliate, you can link it to the product page that you promote. Do some research on the forums, related your niche and question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers or core This cover the questions that are being us repeatedly and by the most number of people now come up with a convincing solution to their problems. Right. A quality article with relevant keywords. Split your article into points and make it look like a step by step solution. Finally, do not forget to leave a link to your website. You can start with Wiki. How are E how currently these sites share majority off the traffic when it comes to the real site 4. Strategy #3: commenting on popular blood is a great strategy to drive continues traffic to your website if you know how to do it. This strategy does two amazing things for your website. Number one. It brings new visitors to your website number two. If those blog's allow do follow links, your website will get free. High quality back Ling's. This means that your website will rank better on search engines and you get even more visitors. Okay, most people hear about this strategy and then they'll go. Comments on Random block pose the mighty no results and believe it just does not work. Actually, it does. You just need to know the dues and the don't off this method. The first thing you got to do is choose high page rank blog's that allow you to leave comments with your link in it or let you link your name to your website. You don't have to look at Google Pleasuring directory. Just make sure that the blog's you choose are popular enough. Every Internet marketer tells you that you can drive massive traffic by commenting on blog's, but nobody tells you that you have to be the 1st 1 to comment on a block post to drive a lot of traffic. You know the first comment with a link will receive a lot more clicks than the 30th or later comment with a link in it. Imagine the amount of traffic that you can generate if you were the 1st 1 to submit a comment with a link pointing to your website. But how do you get there? There are two simple ways to do that. Number one. After you find Top blog's in Your Niche that you want to comment on, subscribe to their email list every time they posed a new article, they will send you an email. Now, be quick to visit the article and leave a comment simple. Number two. You can use Google Alert to achieve this. Just use Keyw. It's such as the name of the product, the niche. It isn't the name off any competing products. Name off the website. You want to comment on our anything else that you think is relevant? Add as many as you can Think off in no time. You should start finding all kinds of articles, videos, news, Facebook posts, etcetera related your keyword phrase. Now start clicking through them as they come in. We are looking for pages that allow us to leave. Comments. The key is to leave the first comment so that it will stay near the top off the common thread and will be easily seen by others. When you are leaving a comment, make sure to create a related and thoughtful message that applies to the content. Do not just say great side. Dude, check out my website www dot my website dot com. Remember that leaving your link sent up and notification to the moderators or the admin off the website only if the thing that your link points to a helpful resource or something related to their article, they will be more likely to live it up. So when you leave a comment, make sure it's related and sensible. The golden rule off this strategy is plain and simple. Did not just do it one day and expect a lot of traffic. You must keep up with your block commenting every single day, and you will see your visitors build consistently 5. Strategy #4: Hello and welcome back. Social book Marking sites can Work wonders Most viral campaigns tend to start on the top social book marking sites when it comes to a driving massive targeted traffic. Social book. Marking sites are extremely powerful. Experience tells us if you are able to get your post to show up on the first page off social book marking sites, huge amount of traffic is driven to your website, which can literally crash your website server. This table shows the statistics off top six social book marking sites. Looking at this, you must have understood that social book marking is a significant tool for traffic generation. Eat Social book marking side has its own culture. There are, however, some common practices that you need to understand. Your intent in using social book marking sites is to share your links and drive tons of traffic your bedside. But do not just immediately start posting links to your articles. You will be ignored. Instead, spend some time understanding the website. Check out the popular and printing content. Very soon, you will notice that people love highly informative content, humor, controversies, things like that. So if you can combine fun and unstained mint. With your content, you will see tremendous results. When you're ready, begin the process of building your network, as you would do on any other social side, search for and follow your industry leaders, your friends and their followers. Very importantly, your competitors followers. I recommend you to connect only with people that really fit your business. Do not post only your own content or links. Always have the 80 20 rule at the back of your mind while posting on social sides, meaning 80% off. The length you bookmark or submit should not be from your site but off high value and related to your niche. The remaining 20% off the articles you posed must be from your website or log. You can build trust by sharing high quality content. People will then be more likely to share like or upload your book month content. Do not just expect others to like and share your content. Even you should like and share others bookmarks. Try to engage with people, ask questions and right commons. Just follow these simple guidelines, and you will do just great on social book marking sites 6. Strategy #5: hello and welcome back. Four month thing is one of the best free method to drive high quality traffic. In my opinion, very few marketers are using four month thing effectively. Everyone seems so caught up with content marketing, social media and other ways to drive traffic to their websites. Trust me, this is one of the easiest ways to get floods of traffic to your website. Forum's, also known as message boats, are the living and breathing communities. Every forum is based on a specific topic or a niche. People go to a forum to talk about different topics related to the nature of the forums built upon. For example, Warrior Forum is a very popular Internet marketing forum. People go there to discuss about different marketing strategies, marketing tools, things like that. Similarly, a dog training forum is going to be full of people interested in training their dogs. Forums have been in the game off Internet marketing for a long, long time. So no matter what nature in there is most likely a forum based around it, there are two reasons why for marketing is very effective. People on forums are generally net savvy and they are open to making online purchases for a marketing is a high return on investment strategy because making a good impression in front of this savvy and influential audience can help your marketing message spread far and wide . All of us already know that search engines love fresh content, and forums fit that criterion pretty well. Even a small forum with a few 100 members receives updates every day in the form of a new post. Our comments. So whenever someone types in long phrases looking for an answer on search engines, usually they find forms on top of the list. There are many benefits off for marketing. Here are a few. By being active on forums, you can build credibility and become an authority in your niche in no time. Few forums still allow Do follow back lings. That means you can get high quality back, clings to your website you don't get junk traffic from forums is pretty much targeted traffic. I hope you understood the importance off for a marketing. Now let me tell you how you can find profitable forums related your niche. Now there are different ways to find forums related to your niche, a simple way is to Google Search by typing in your Nash plus the word forums. Google will then pull up a random list of forums related your niche. You just need to click through each one of them and see if they suit your marketing needs. That is the traditional way off finding relevant forums. Now I'm going to show you the smart way to find forums in your niche. You know? V Bulletin, BB press, Blawg engine. All of these are famous platforms used to build forums. You can use these common footprints toe find forums related your name. Now here's an example. Go to Google and type in your name. Plus this footprint, Google will then pull up a list of forums built upon this platform. Related You're next. Here is a list off footprints you can use to find profitable forums. There are also a couple of websites that can help you find forums in your nation. The 1st 1 is called own gilly dot com. Visit this website and just type in your niche and select discussion posts as the search in auction. You will find the interesting and active decisions from all over the Web, including social media sites. Click through the results, and you will be able to find active forums in your niche. The second website is called biggest boats dot com. This website does not allow you to search by your niche. Rather, you will be able to search by category number off users post count and the platform it is built upon. Now, by using these methods, you should be able to find a good number of forums related your name. Now let me tell you the best practices for four months. I call them Golden Rules Off for Marketing. Find at least three established forums that are active. Why active? Because there's no point in posting if only a few people frequently visit the sites. So look for forums that have at least 1000 members, 10,000 total posts and 100 new post coming in every day. Choose forums that allow signatures because this is where the majority off your traffic will come from. So if they do not allow signatures, just look for another forum. Spend some time to create an interesting signature. Like I said, this is where the bulk of your clicks will come from. In your signature. You just want to create some call to action, A benefit to driven call to action. Always read the forums guidelines. Before you start with them, they will tell you the acceptable ways to post your length and the format it should be in. If you fail to comply with their guidelines, you can get banned As you're promoting your website. I recommend you to use a shortened version off your name or your brand name or the name of your website. Pick a subtle member name on your own photograph to show as an outer. Do not hide out behind your company's logo, picture of your cat or any other nonsense. People would like to know who you are. There will be more likely to connect with you when they can see your face. Do not just pose to get your signature noticed. You could get bands instead during discussions and answer other people's questions. Give valuable suggestions. If you have a resource is list or a block post on your website that adds great value to the discussion. Then leave a link to that article in the main body off your comments. People will then visit your website. Also, if you think your products or services could solve their problem, give a short description about what you have to offer in place a link to your website after you have made 25 to 30 post plays a banner at in your signature. This is an amazing way to grab other members. Attention. Crack the links in your signature to see if they are creating traffic to your website or not. If they're not, maybe you need to improve the quality off your posts. Our increase your post frequency are maybe change your signature. If none of these work that means that you are on the wrong forum in an actual four month thing is all about helping other people being appreciated. Being polite, it's all about building credibility. Once you gain authority, you can then diet the market, your website or your products or services on the forums that you're in for a month. Thing is more of a fun process, and because of that, you will be more likely to focus on it. Think off for a marketing as a long term strategy, not a get in and get out technique 7. Strategy #6: Hello and welcome back. Guest blogging means writing and publishing an article on someone else's website, or blawg. Apart from diving high quality traffic to your website, guest blogging helps you build a community generated inbound links to your website and grow visibility for your brand. You just need to find blog's that allow guest posting. You can simply Google search for guest blogging opportunities are set up. Google alerts like these create an interesting topic and on the best keywords that can be discovered easily by the targeted people, right Original meaningful content include in tech slings pointing to your website. Always include your signature pointing to your website our social media profile bloggers are always in need of high quality content, so guest post opportunities keep coming. Add value by posting quality post on their websites. Besides driving handsome traffic to your website, you are going to build healthy relationships in the blogosphere. You know, bloggers involved in a large percentage off conversations on the Internet, mostly on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can be extremely influential, which makes them good friends to have by building relationships in the bloggers. Pierre, you are going to improve your influence on social media platforms which will eventually lead to more traffic and loyal followers 8. Strategy #7: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to talk about Reddit. A killer traffic resource. Maybe you're thinking What is so special about Reddit? Let me explain. Firstly, when it comes to driving insane amount of traffic read it is on top of my list. Read it. Front page feature makes it stand out. Among the other book marking sites. The best thing about read it is it does not look at your authority like the other book marking sites do. This means you can read the front page today with the right submission. The trick is to know what to share with the community. Once you know how to play around with Reddit, driving thousands off unique visitors will just be a piece of cake. Actually, you don't even have to make it to the front page. I have seen results for my clients where they have got 87 votes on a celebrated with about 60,000 readers and the amount of traffic they got nearly crashed. Their website server rankings on reddit are deter, mined by a combination off upwards and downwards. Every registered user can comment or give upward or a downward on any content more upwards means better ranking. I have been active on Reddit for almost two years now. I must say it is a great community. It really is. Besides generating loads of traffic to your website, read. It gives massive exposure to your brand and generates a lot of followers. The Reddit community likes humor, sarcasm and cool stuff. Remember that you are dealing with a young, skeptical, geeky and Internet literate audience. You can drive insane amount of traffic only if you choose a broad subreddit and that'll subreddit like copyrighting or CEO, will not have a lot of action. So if you're looking for maximum exposure, stay away from narrow sub tips. After you sign up with Reddit, find fight to 10 subreddit related your niche. Present your post with an attention grabbing title and photograph, and make sure you posted in the relevant SUBREDDIT. Respond to the comments made on your article. Both positive and negative be an active member. Infographics videos and drawings are an awesome way to go viral on Reddit. If they are insanely information funny are in staining. Also, asking the right questions can drive a lot of comments. This is a great way to gather points, also known as karma. Gather as many friends as possible on Reddit. Even they can't build in generating traffic to your website. Don't be crazy to submit all the time. One link is enough for a day. Follow other Reddit users. Well, this won't give you any upwards or traffic, but it helps you understand why they get so many upwards or what type of pose. Get more upwards. Find out what the difference between your titles and their titles. See how they comment on different posts. This will give you more knowledge and help you understand the dues and the Don's. You can use these powerful tools to your benefit. With this tool, you can check the daily rankings and the statistics off popular suburb. It's This simple tool helps you find subreddit based upon their activity eleven's. This is a free service that lets you schedule a link to be posted at a later time. Do not be frustrated if you fail in the first attempt. You might just be having bad luck to give you a real life example. In my only days with Reddit, I submitted a guide on WordPress Seo in the WordPress section. It got three downloads right away, and it went nowhere. I waited for a couple of days and resubmitted it with an interesting title. Yes, what in no time to people upward it. And I got a total off 22 upwards. And that post made it to the front page off the workers submitted. It brought me over 500 visitors. 10 off them subscribed to my email list. Well, it's not a lot, but hey, it was a nice traffic boost, especially when I was starting up succes on read. It really depends on your nish, the way you present your post and a bit off Good timing. Your post might get a few nasty Commons. It may even utterly failed the first time. But if you really start to understand what red eaters are looking for, you will be able to read the front page off a broader celebrated every time you post on it . 9. Strategy #8: Hello and welcome back. With 16 million visitors and or 100 and 30 million page views per month, slide share is one of the world's most powerful BTV sites. If you visit the homepage off slide share, you will notice that people are able to generate thousands off views. In no time. I have seen complete big nurse to Internet marketing, create and upload slides, and without any promotion, they were able to generate thousands off use to their slight drive traffic to their websites and move their business to another level. Slight shares. Audience is bigger than you might think. It is terrific for lead generation slide shares. Audience is hungry for information, and if you can't provide that information in an interesting way, you can drive crazy traffic to your website. Power Point presentation is the accepted format. Once your file is uploaded, a slide deck is created. You condone. Share it with your colleagues and global audience. If you already have Microsoft PowerPoint on PC or keynote on Mac, you are good to go. If you do not, no problem. You can download the free alternative open office, or you can use Google slides to get started. Create a complete profile. Do not forget to include your website or your blog's. You are ill. Choose an appropriate category based on the content off each presentation. Once you choose your topic, think about an amazing title for your presentation. Do not try to include all your content into a single presentation. Add only the most important points and remove the rest. Do not play for your flights with two months. Text. It is better to have a lot of slides that have less text than having a few slides packed with a lot of text. Use effective visual elements. Focus on images that convey information like graphs, diagrams or timelines. Place is wrong, called the action in the closing slide. Optimize your slide deck by adding relevant keywords in tags, slug and description. Allow people to print share in bed and download your presentations. This increases your exposure and the potential traffic that your slides can drive to your website or your blood after you have uploaded your presentation shared on social media sites, forums, book marking sites and everywhere. Possible shameless self promotion does not perform well on slide share. So think about discussing a strategy and method are an approach that could solve a potential problem. No doubt slide share is the best. When it comes to creating slide decks, however, there are a few other alternatives that are worth giving a shot. Please feel free to Google for more, so this is another great way to repurpose your content and get more time to traffic to your website. 10. Strategy #9: hello and welcome back. Google gives utmost importance to its much own products than anything else, and we already know that YouTube is owned by Google. Now let me share a few amazing facts about YouTube with you. YouTube is 1/3 most visited website in the world. It is the number two search engine just after Google. You know, people love video answers. YouTube has over one billion users. That's nearly 1/3 off the entire Internet population. They received over seven billion views every day, and it is rapidly increasing. Reports say that YouTube reaches more adults is between 18 and 34 than any cable network in the U. S. Looking at these tats, if you're not with YouTube yet, you better get started immediately. Now let me tell you about the major benefits you get by being on YouTube. Like I said, Google loves it's much own products, so marketing on YouTube helps your website rank better on Google. YouTube is the best medium for anyone who is looking to reach a global audience. Ultimately, you get laser targeted traffic to your website, and that, too, in huge numbers. Now, let me brief you about the elements that you need to focus on. To get the best results from YouTube, you need to write attention grabbing titles to seduce people to watch them add keywords. Related. Your topic in the title did not leave the description area blank. It is a big mistake. YouTube cannot read or scan your video content. Instead, it uses the description you provide to do to remind whether your video should rank high in the search results or not. So you need to write optimal description about the video here. Also, make sure you include a link to your website at the very beginning off the description. Because most people will not click on show more. Don't create a description, template and copy and pasted for all your videos. Every video is unique. So right, Exclusive keyword rich content in the description area. For each video, you should add links pointing your social media profiles and fan pages. If people like your videos, chances are they will check out your social media presence, too. And the result more likes more shares and more followers tags are just the relevant keywords for your videos. They make it easy for the people to find your videos. Also, they help YouTube to categorize your videos without difficulty. I suggest you to use of the entire 500 character limit allowed by YouTube for tags. YouTube is currently unable to fetch keywords from what you speak. So for now, Rickon keywords are still a major factor for that media to rank high. So I recommend you to transcribe every presentation, explainer or tutorial video you produce. You must verify your channel if you want to add custom thumbnails. Monetize. Your videos are create videos, which are longer than 15 minutes. Basically, YouTube picks an image from your uploaded video to show as a some name, and this might not be eye catching at all the times. So I applaud enemies that you think will best fit the video. Emotive images get great results on YouTube. Always tell your viewers what to do right. After watching a video, tell them to take action, watch the next video, subscribe to my channel, visit my website or whatever. They will not do it unless you ask them for it. So you must include a stronghold action. At the end of your videos, you must consider the length off your videos only if you are into creating tutorial videos . Keep them long or else they should not be more than three minutes if you wish to have high retention. Playlist is a fantastic YouTube tool that not many people are taking advantage off. Organize your videos into easy to find catalogues off playlists and sections. This is a great way to get more views and more engagements. Always check analytics. To attract your video performance. You must morninto things like where the traffic is coming from the amount of use your video is getting. You are audiences demographics. When are the viewers leaving your video? You know, by paying attention to such feedback, you can plan out here future videos based upon the preferences off your audience. Connect your YouTube channel to your social media platforms. Also, whenever you upload a new video shared on each one off those websites, YouTube ranks videos based on a lot of factors. Now here is the list keyword rich title description, tags, some subs, views, person days, washed, embeds, subscriptions, back lings shares and comments. You need to focus on all of these elements. I recommend you to create videos as frequently as possible and try to apply all of these best practices. YouTube will definitely be for the traffic to your website. Any time you're out of ideas on creating videos, just select a high quality article from your website and turn it into a video. 11. Strategy #10: Hello and welcome back. Document sharing is about creating Elektronik fires with useful information and sharing them on different document sharing websites. Document sharing helps improve brand awareness and increased the visibility off your website in search engines, ultimately generating huge amounts of traffic to your website, there are a lot of document sharing sites. The top five document sharing sites alone gets over five million visitors every day, and it is growing at a rate off 20% every year. They are quickly becoming many people's number. One choice when it comes to researching a topic, are finding out more information regarding a problem. With just a little effort, you can take advantage off this system and generate massive traffic for a long, long time. Find a quality article on your website with at least 600 words. Copy just the first half of the article into a word processor like Microsoft Word at the end. Off it, insert a link pointing to your website. Add a final sentence that reads to continue reading the rest of the art will please click here and plays a link to your article. Finally saved the document and converted to pdf format to make it acceptable by the document sharing sites. That's it. Everyone who visits that document will visit your website. For sure. There are many documents sharing site that you can submit your document to. Now here is a list off top five document sharing sites that I constantly use. Please feel free to Google for an extensive list off document sharing sites. The method I talked about sharing just half off your article works pretty well as a bait to pull targeted traffic to your website. It is totally up to you if you want to share the complete article on these websites. If you decide to do so, I recommend you to have a strong call to action in the middle and at the bottom off. Your article also include pictures in your articles linking back to your website. 12. Strategy #11: Hello and welcome back. The demand for infographics has increased by 700% over the last couple of years because infographics make the content easily understandable and visually interesting. In other words, infographics let you share complex information with your audience in the simplest way possible. Just pick your best blocos and turn it into something visual for your audience. There are two rays off getting this done paid way, and for you, a paid way you can hire a graphic designer on fiber at low cost are you can go for dribble , which is off great standards but definitely expensive. Just give them your requirements and they will create stunning infographics for you. You do not need to be a qualified graphing designer to create infographics. There are many free tools and websites available online. To get the job done, grab a pen and paper and sketch it basically out before you get started. Do not create an infographic based on your personal opinion. Instead, use trusted statistical data. Do you want to share information? Do you want to give an actionable advice? Are you just want to entertain your audience only after you decide what you want to achieve you will be able to structure your infographic. You need to perform a B testing. You may have to change the layout if you have to. You need to choose nice forms. And very importantly, you need to understand the color psychology. Once the infographic is ready uploaded to your website now, your goal is to get traffic. So do not level it private. Let others embed your infographic on their website by giving them the embed code. This tool can help you with that. Use right social sharing techniques. Distribute your infographic like a madman. Upload your infographic to document sharing sites like dogs. Talk and script for more traffic and high quality back lings Infographics are no more optional. They are a must if you're tight on your but yet use the free tools. Now your goal must be to drive traffic and build high quality back Ling's with your infographic. So submit your masterpiece to blog's and directories dedicated to infographics 13. Strategy #12: Hello and welcome back. Do you know that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% off what they see and 70% off what they see and hear? Yes, I'm talking about video marketing, but how to get started Simple. Pick an existing high quality article from your website and turn it into a video. Now there are three ways to create videos. Number one. Get in front of the camera and explain the key points from the article. Prepare a script and practice a few times before recording. Then start recording number two. You can save your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation as a video. This is possible with 2010 worsen and above. This article from Microsoft will explain how to do it. Number three. This is probably the best of the three. You can use screen recording software to create amazing videos, record a power point presentation or record your actions over the screen to make it look like it step by step solution. Now add a nice voice over or background music you can use camped a CIA for this purpose. It is a little expensive, but if you're looking for free alternatives, you might want to check out screen cast Romantic Our camp studio. Most people who watch videos online will not want to sit for a long time, so the key is to keep it down to core essentials. Did not ignore song quality While creating videos. Viewers will turn up very quickly if the audio is bad, so use a quality microphone to get good clear sound. If you can't do it, then simply add some nice free background music. Include a clear, strong call to action. Let the user snow. What to do right After watching your video, you may want them to like your video. Subscribe to your channel, or maybe you want them to visit your website. Remember, it's not going to happen if you don't ask once you're done creating a video submitted to YouTube venue, Daily motion and all possible video sharing sites also share your video on different social media sites. Be sure to add a catchy title, appropriate tags and video description with relevant keywords. As my head off marketing likes to say, inspiration wins over the cost of production. Get that bit right and videos will just be the future off your content 14. Strategy #13: not everyone finds time to read articles. They might want to listen to them. Reason. Studies say that nearly 20% off the Internet users listen toe all your podcast. You can take full advantage off this massive audience just by reformatting your existing articles into audio versions and then uploading them to all major podcast distribution sites. Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Web. It is a new content revolution that is allowing everyone to globally distribute their ideas and create like minded fans and followers. I strongly recommend you to use the power off all you toe attract visitors that prefer to listen to articles. By doing this, you will watch your traffic and conversion ratio take off rapidly. The basic requirements to create a podcast are a computer ahead, formed with a mic and the software. You can use audacity for this purpose. It is an open source, audio editing and recording software. It is pretty straightforward and very easy to use. Choose the topic or a theme from your niche and prepare the content. Talk in a consistent pace and thank people for being a part of the show. Now save the audio file in MP three format. If you have a WORDPRESS website, then install this plug in to get started. If you're not no problem. You just have to follow a few simple steps to get started, upload the file to your website and create an R S s podcast speed. Now go to www dot feed burner dot com. Type your roadside address check mark. I'm a podcaster and click on next in a few minutes. Feed burner adds it to your feed. That's it. You're good to go now. I also want you to submit your podcast to iTunes and other well known podcast directories to reach more audience. People think that they have to do it on a Reekie or monthly basis forever. You can put the people through a 5 to 10 podcast series at once are you may give them instant access to all the podcast. That way you don't have to make them wait for a week in between. It is very important that you leave a strong called action at the end. I'm available to help with this. Just go to www dot my side dot com and sign up for my services. Something like that. I recommend you to place subscription buttons on your website so that people can subscribe to your artists Podcast feed. This might take some time in the foot, but remember, the hottest it is to do, the quicker your website will rank. Once you get the hang of it, you'll actually feel that it's somewhat of a fun process to go through, I promise. So take your time, the first attempt or to get every step right. The podcast directories rang really really well. Most people do not realize that. Get your podcast on the podcast directories and your website will rank insanely well. 15. Wrap Up: congratulations. You have learned the best traffic techniques to drive massive traffic. Your Web site. I just have one more thing to say. Do not quit. This is the most important marketing tip, because quitting too soon is the number one reason people fail at marketing. You have to stay in the race for enough time to gain trust, become true, expert and build a tribe that is ready to buy and buy from you again and again. It is not impossible, but it can only take some time. The hacks listed in this course will help you get there faster, but expect the road to success to be a little bumpy one. Once again, I thank you for purchasing my course, and I truly hope that you will be able to drive high quality traffic to your websites using the techniques you learned here. And if you like this course, please leave an honest review to help others understand the benefits off this course. Thank you and all the best for your marketing efforts