Food Sketching #3: How to draw and watercolor a steak | Francesca Guasconi | Skillshare

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Food Sketching #3: How to draw and watercolor a steak

teacher avatar Francesca Guasconi, textile & surface pattern designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. How to draw and watercolor a steak

    • 4. Outro

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About This Class

Welcome to the third class of my Food Sketching series! In this class you will learn how to sketch and watercolor a steak with potatoes, garlic and rosmery.

I have broke down the observation's process in 4 key features, that will allow you to understand my method for sketching not only this food, but all sorts of things and I will guide you through the drawing, inking and watercoloring process step-by-step.

I will provide all the info you need but if you haven't taken my previous class about Food Sketching I suggest you to do it because they are full of useful information to approach the food sketching process.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Francesca Guasconi

textile & surface pattern designer


Hi! I'm Francesca, an Italian textile and surface designer who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've worked for several years as product manager for a worldwide known fabric company and now I want to build my own brand creating stationary and scrapbooking products based on my drawings.

I have recently opened a small shop on BigCartel if you want to check it out.

I also have a passion for scrapbooking & papercraft and i share it through my Youtube channel and my Instagram account.

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1. Intro: Hi there. My name is Francesca, and I'm an Italian surface and textile designer with a great passion for sketching and watercolors. Ruling in L. A. Spirit have been a lot into sketching food and food related subjects, so I thought it would be nice to share what I've learned about it. BU Everyone has at least once took a picture of a nice meal cooked by yourself or of offensive plate in restaurants. Put on social media or just remember it, allow food. And I think that he has a huge role in our lives and drawing. It is a nice way to celebrate it, but also to include ourselves in that memory. Our experiences and emotions related to that food and sketching can be a very funny way to do it. This is the third class of a six classes series, all about food sketching that is releasing over six weeks. If you haven't followed the previous one, I definitely recommend you to check them out because they are jam packed with useful information and they will make this class so much easier to follow. In this class, I will show you how to create a nice sketch of a sec with roasted potatoes, garlic and rosemary. We will analyze the features that can make your sketch really stick, but expressive representation of them. And I'll tell you all my tips and tricks to apply them to your drawing in the glasses to follow. We will move to other complex subjects, so sketch and you will see my process to create them, using the knowledge we're building in this serious step by step. As I said, I choose watercolors to paint my drawing so we'll give you some tips and advice is on how to use them to get the moralistic result from your drawings. As last part of these series of classes, I will teach you how to digitalize your drawings and turn them into a nice cover for your triceps notebooks or with the same skills you can print your layout and framing to again in your kitchen. So grab your brushes and ready to get most watered from watercolors 2. Materials: supplies for this class. Watercolor I'm gonna use think Purple Lake Oliver in crimson. Sub green hookers are green pains, great yellow ocher birds, amber, sepia, lemon, yellow, burnt sienna, light red and infrared. The most of them are from Winsor and Newton Cotman line. They're suited, great line, and the pink is from near colors to that, it's a watercolor pasta, so basically a pastel that can be activated with water. The brand. It's just my personal preference. I like to use them in tubes and the one from Windsor Newton, but you can use them in pun or in any other form under to prefer. And it's not important at all. The brand. I mean, the only thing that you can consider is the fact that even if they have the same name, some green could be different, for example, from Winsor and Newton and video or other brands. So if you see some different between your coloring on, mine probably is just for because it's a different brand. I'm gonna also use in a race ban in H pencil and in a razor find liner I'm gonna use in 0.5 black fine liner is 0.2 Black fine liner and a dark CPR Sites s from former Castle Pete's artist Spin rushes. I'm gonna use a median sites and is more sites. What? Brush and inside three synthetic brush. Other supplies I'm gonna use, of course, some watercolor paper. Let a K a dish, a water container, a k a medicine jar and a paper towel. 3. How to draw and watercolor a steak: Let's roll am mistake. But first, let's break down the features of the same shape, almost rectangular, but we rounded corners. It will look much more realistic and easy to recognize if you draw with God. Knothole color outside. The typical color of the sec is made by different shades of brown or grey. I prefer to use brown tones, since it looks more yummy degree. Remember to use color contrast by adding more intense shades off color to mimic the grilled effect. Also, try to use several cars instead of just one or two to convey moralism inside. Ideally, when we think about a sec them, it is the color range between red and think off course. If your ideal sec is well done, probably will prefer to your shades between pink and great. Also, make sure to add some brownish color along the outer edge of the slices, since you have to consider the thickness of the external layer that it's more cooked texture. The ideal sick. It's cooked on a grill, so texture wise has this distinctive grid pattern that is really nice and easy to apply on our sketches. This feature is in between color and texture. The meat is not dry, so living some white areas will convey the perception off. Monster details. Rosemary in Italy is common to use rosemary as aromatic. Plant with SEC. So, for me is an extra detail that makes people recognize my steak. My sketch has Is Hillary, maybe for you. Could be some butter or a small jar of peppercorn sauce is up to you. Roasted potatoes. The typical Italian side dishes for stack is roasted potatoes, so adding them is another realistic detail. Garrick. Usually we cooked russet potato, we rosemary and garlic. So just another commodity to convey moralism do really need all these details. The honest answer is no, you don't. You can just catch the mean subject and ignore the extra days as long as the other features are well represented on the other side. The adding the taste will help you to create a context for your administration and tell a story. As I mentioned in the previous classes, one of the best things of sketching is that what and how you will pain well, express a lot about your memories connected with that subject by adding details to our stick. The drawing itself will tell, for example, our your family Sunday roast story toe anybody who will look at it because it will be your sec different from anyone else. So from for myself to have roasted potatoes, garlic and rosemary, it's something that makes me think immediately about how we cooked the SEC and a lot off. Other Italian people can relate to that feeling. So when they saw my sec, they can just think, Oh, yeah, it's a speck, even if it's not perfectly and super really stick as any moralistic pain, for example, So in my opinion, is just something that you might consider what some details and see how they can create some beautiful and interesting context for telling your own story. Let's start by drawing the sex outline with offensive. The shape is, as I mentioned in the key features, basically a rectangle with rounded corners, the sexes lies is also rectangle, and I place it's the right angled. I like to draw it quite seeker. As you can see, I'm insisting a rounding the corners because it's important that it looks natural. I'm not too dramatic. All I'm adding a couple of roasted potatoes on the left side. I draw them. A beats overlapped to each other and to the sec. The shape should be roundish but with irregular outlines, so it will look more really sick. Between the potatoes. I'm placing a branch of rosemary. The leaves are narrow in pointing. In fact, they're called needles, so a simple sketch will be more than enough to make them look almost realistic. Another detained I want to out is a garlic clove. I drove it as a narrow with the pointy and drop Olivet Athene short line on one hand and some lines to make some roots on the opposite ones. To give dimension, I I drove an Alfa moon shape on the bottom. After correcting a few lines, I start to trace with a fine liner for the second IPO Taters. I'm using the Dark Sapio Sites s from Fiber Castle for the garden and for the garlic and the rosemary. I use this 0.5 black fine liner I use. The docks appear on elements that I think will look more natural with this color rather than with the black outline. One sketching. You can skip the drawing pencil part if you want to end if you feel confident enough. Honestly, I prefer to use pensive first to define the shape and the majority off the details. So the thinking part that will be permanent and much more difficult to correct in case of mistakes could be made without too much of a stress and reducing the risk of mistakes. Before proceeding with watercolor, I raise all the pencil tries to pay the first layer of the sex outside. I'm going to use the wet on wet technique, so I first supply your generals wash of water with a clean brush. Then I starts from the edges with burnt umber to give to our sketch more light and sketch. Look, I'm leaving some white areas. Not all of them will be left white at the end of our process. But since in watercolor is really difficult to mask or hide mistakes and the excessive color could be an issue, it's better to proceed by adding the color semper step and not to overdo. As I mentioned in the key features, I want to keep the texture effect off the grill, so I start by drawing these lines with CPM as you can see here. I didn't wait for the first layer of color to be dried before applying this, A p A. It's not something that bothers me, because I will add some layers on top anyway, so the blending would be an issue. Uh, keep using the same color. I start to apply in the grid spaces. Not that I don't feel the entire space, but just one corner and the sides next week. The idea is to layer difference colors on leaving early so we can obtain a natural look. Even if it's a sketch. Try to move the brush, not street, but random and irregularly. I'm moving around the edges now and on the side, working in the same way, placing the color on lee some areas, leaving others untouched. I'm also starting to paint the external sites of the sex wise. I'm using a heat gun to speed up the drying process. It's a very useful and pretty cheap tool, so it's something that you can consider to buy, especially if you work in your spare time and want to speed up the drying process. Otherwise, you can use in your dryer. Just be intention to the temperature and the distance from the paper. It's time for our third layer. See how at every layer I work on smaller areas, reducing the overall coverage. Tow. Avoid to flat on the surface, trying to keep your brushes, your brush strokes uneven and not precise for an organic look. Again, I'm speaking up the dime. It's important to work on a dry basis when you want to lay Europe difference colors without blending them together. Game here. It's so really stratify them to make the most off the main watercolor property being transparent. Not that we have made three layers with the same color, but it looks already various inorganic. Now it's time to add some different use. I use some light red over different areas to warm up the collar and recall their room. It's color. I'm using a very light wash of burnt number to cover the white paper areas but still living them light and airy. After drying, I use a P A to trace over the grid lines. These lines should be irregular and uneven, but also some kind of squarish since they are supposed to be the mark off the grill that it's a perfect square greed. The sketch is already nice looking, but I want to intensify the color to create a night contracts effect. As you can see, I'm still using random brushstrokes, and I'm adding color in different areas where I feel I need them for my sketching side. I don't always mind to keep the light direction consistent, but I try to have some enlighten and shadow with areas well recognizable. I keep applying light red birds number and a mix of them in several years. The last layer apply is with sepia, and I'm placing the color in the areas. I want to be the darkest and blend them with a clean with brush moving upwards. Sorry, cameras stopped recording seconds after I started to work on this six inside on the sexy side. But don't worry, I redraw the inside and paintings afterwards or coloring the other elements. So sorry, guys you received in a couple of minutes. Let's see first how toe watercolor the potatoes. I apply a very light wash of lemon yellow on one and a wash off yellow ocher on the other. I apply the yellow ocher or also on the outside, but here I overly Ailey earlier, off Burns number. I'm using some lemon yellows also for the garlic clove. I apply some lights, washes off pastry and blend them together with a clean brush. Now I put a couple of dots off Purple Lake that blends on the wet paper, mixing with the other colors. What dimension? It seems to be the pains great on the bottom of the club bending, blending it too soft. In the overlook, I use a paper towel to live the color access. After drying the first layer, I apply some bird amber over the potatoes peal and some random lease applied brush strokes off CPM. For there was Mary. I alternate submarine and hookers dark green to have a more organic look and some say, peer for the bridge as promised. Let's go back to the sex Met. I apply the first layer off pink. See how I use uneven, an irregular brushstrokes. It's important to blend some color from the external layer in the inner part of the SEC. As we mentioned in the colors feature analyses. We have to have a moralistic look. To do that, I use the burns number. The next caller I apply is in the red sing method. Uneven. An irregular brush strokes on top of this layer. I'm putting some littering crimson. See how reductive are the areas where apply it with a worth clean brush. I blend the color too soft in the edge and spread the color so they look will be more organic and natural without shot in short marks. I work again over the edges with the burns number and blend them together towards the inside so we can have ingredients and soft effect sciences over the bottom green with a little bit off, say, PM Inside. I used some light brush strokes off religion. Crimson and Purple Lake. Blending them were needed. The last step is to add some diagonal lines. It's something that reminds me off the night in the knife marks after cutting, but it's not necessarily Tate. After drying, I check where want to out a few more brush strokes. Always reminded the watercolor tend to be lighter after dry, so it's better to don't overdo at the beginning, but rather to our details and color. After the drying process, the entire process just for let you know from PNC sketch to finish toe took me less than 40 minutes, so it wasn't so professed. But not as much time consuming as it may seems. So our second down is mouth watering, right? 4. Outro: our third food sketching class is over. I hope that you enjoyed it. And I'd love to see your sketches in the project section of this class next week. A raise The fourth class of these serious out of sketching water, cholera, taco, the difficulty level and the time required are a little bit more than the ones you needed for this class. But our promise are broke down every single step, so sketching your taco will be fun and not stressful at all. If you have any comments, feedback or questions, please feel free to ask me in the discussion section of the class and our answers as soon as possible. Thank you so much for watching and see you next week by