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Floral Painting on Glass Bottles

teacher avatar Tanya Maheshwari, Artist and Crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Needed

    • 3. Base Coat on First Bottle

    • 4. White & Red Bottle

    • 5. Green Bottle

    • 6. Floral Design on Blue Bottle

    • 7. Red & White Floral Design

    • 8. Vine Painting

    • 9. Varnish Time

    • 10. Project Work

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About This Class

Hello Everyone, Warm welcome to you. I am sharing a Floral Painting on Glass Bottles class with you.

This class is for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner.

All you need is:

  • Glass Bottles
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Paint Brushes
  • Colour Pallete
  • Sponge Dabber or Piece of sponge
  • Masking Tape
  • Varnish

By the end of this class, you'll be able to paint glass bottles on your own.

Happy Learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an Artist, Crafter and an Educator.

I love to try new things and believe in 3 R's - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. A warm welcome to my Skillshare class. I'm dynamically SRI and artists and our graph them. And this class, you will learn to paint all glass borders using acrylic colors and give them new life. Was to boil, will be base coat on these glass boaters. And then we will paint different floral designs on the glass pointers. I will also share some ads during the class and go to work. This class is for everyone out there, whether you are a vegan. Now, our advanced learner, whether you are an artist, are known artist, and that's what I really went on Theta. So now let's move on to the next video to know what material you are going to need for this class. So CEA. 2. Material Needed: For this class, all you need is three glass bottles of any shape, any size. At Greylock kiddos, spines, demo, RPCs of a sponge, rashes, varnish, masking tape. And that's after collecting all these materials, you are ready to go onto the next video. So see you there. 3. Base Coat on First Bottle: So now we are going to apply these coat or enough first-class voted so far died, or do you have to do, first of all, remove the lid off the border and put the word LSI. Then take your color violet are any flat surface like here. I'm using this glass plate and take out Ultramarine blue color. And, and it's totally okay if you don't have ultramarine color and just choose any darker shade of blue. Also, if you have poor diet cola upside down like me, before opening it SCAP type two to three times on the cat. So that color goes back into the voter and then opened the water and take out small amount of color in the Plato by later, any flight surface that you have selected. If the consistency of your Kyla is perfectly fine, then do not use water or medium. But yes, if your color is getting dry, take consistency, then you can only use medium. Do not use water oil as it will affect the Paine's life on your Barton. Okay, now take US bonds table or you can also take a piece of sponge like me and folded like this, dip it into the canon and Assad applying it onto the board by dabbing like this. Apply this color on Lindy small portion of button up to four to five centimeter of water. As in the above five, we are going to apply a lighter shade of blue. See, you can apply paint with the help of your flight brochure on silk. But I suggest you to use a sponge debit or a piece of sponge over brush as they are. Reasons for this. First freshman leverage monk by sponge will be smooth. And secondly, it is more easy to blend different colors with disappoints then branch. So after painting five to six centimeter length of the body, put your farming bottle onsite. As now, we are going to prepare lighter shade of blue. So far that what do you have to do? Take out small amount of fight canal with the help of deep brush here like this. And then mix both blue and white color. Mix the colors properly and mid shot that you have taken more amount of blue-collar and less amount of white collar in order to get slightly lighter shade of blue. So mixing is almost done. And you can observe in this way, we have got Jack desired color that is slightly lighter shade of blue. Now, put your brush aside and hold the phone the way you hold earlier. I'll start applying the color on the board as you did earlier. So you can see how well the colors of first layer and second layer are getting blend with each other. Okay, after this, again produce points and Battelle aside and take out some more ultra marine blue color. I do sites in the plate and then add white color and mix them. Hail, dopey, less white columns. So we have got the same color as the second one, which we have prepared. But since we need a slightly light blue color than this. So what you can do is either you prepare that color from the scratch directly by mixing blue and white girl are you can mix this lighter shade with white color. It's totally up to you how you want to do it. So their desired color is really now, again, take these points, they fit into the color and apply the color onto the boat gently as we did so far. Oil. So it is not necessary that you have to paint your whatever day differentiates of blue and neat. You can paint you about alway differentiates of yellow, green on pink and so on. Might make sure you go light to dark shade from top to bottom. So this part is done. Now for the above five, Let's prepare more lighter shade of blue. And it does take more of white-collar and less of blue-collar and mix them properly. You can clearly notice the difference between the shapes of BYU. So mixing is done. Now, take these points and start applying this color onto the, all the left part of burden. This time, handle the bottle very carefully. And what do you do as the water from its mouth like the way uncoiling, as the bottom color as a still wait. And we are painting on the upper part. So the only way to who is debited and strum it snowed. And yes, of course, do not forget apply paint on the neck of the bottle as it is equally important. Also, you can go 3D shapes as your choice. So our button is completely covered with different shades of blue. Now, wait for 15 to 20 minutes to get all the colors dry completely on according to your weather condition. Okay, by now, I've bought and has dried up very well. So let's start applying Second good, to give it more finishing, first, apply the DAG blue-collar as we have started the first school. After that, repeat the same we did indeed first good. And that's it. Now put debarred LSI to get their dry completely. And after that with the entire design on it, then let's repair another button. So stay tuned. 4. White & Red Bottle: Okay, so now let's paint our second button. And this time I'm going to be integrated two colors only, that is white and red. So for this, we need a masking tape to properly distinguished the white and red part. As this time we are not going to blend the colors as we did earlier. Piece the tape on to the voters like IMP sting, and it's totally up to you. You can divide the bottle into two equal halves. All you can also read the size of two files. First, what is a slightly smaller than the second one, and vice versa. Now, in the upper part, I paint white column, and in the lower part will paint red color. So let's start with the upper. But this VT0 color palette and add white color in a takeout the coils as per your bottles size 0 and you can pause, take small amount of color, and then if needed, take out known color. Now DKA PSO spines. And here you can also use your own sponge piece, but make sure it is clean and dry otherwise, water in these points will affect the longevity of the color on the voting. So that's why I'm using a new sponge piece. Now. Simply DPOs punch into the color and start applying the color onto the bottle by dabbing this point. Will you bought and nicely and do it gently? And yes, of course do not. We'll get to place an era of glute newspaper or they went back in order to avoid stains on your workplace. We are almost done with the first score, dogfight color. Here. You can also go with one coat, but you can notice that you are not getting that finishing. So that's why I suggest you to apply at least two quotes, but it's up to you. Also vile painting. If you find any dry color in form of small granules, then try to remove it as soon as possible as one CPM get dry. This will be the point from where the color can be pinned out easily. So we are done with the first coat off white color. Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to get dipping tried completely. Okay, So after 10 to 15 minutes, light Cortes dried up very well. Now let's apply second good. But this, again take color and this point and start applying it onto the boats to get out more finishing FIT look. I do not dab with our drives points. And by dry, I mean, without color, I always take sufficient amount of color in your swatch and then Deb. So the first part of the board and has covered up very nicely. Now, again, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to get the second coat of divide cologne dry completely. Okay, so I'll bottle has dried up very well. Now let's remove the masking tape, but be very cautious while removing the tape. As we do not want to mess with our white colored line. Remove it slowly and very gently. Okay, so now it's time to pink, red color on the second part of debited, as I have already told you in the starting of the videos, that we've been good with, two colors are really that has white Android. So far this take out red color and Nikola appellate and after that, Akos punch, Deborah, RP sub swooned, hail, you can use a new piece of sponge or an oil gland. It's up to you, but make sure it does not wait. So for a rate like this, holding a bottle from the neck by putting your fingers in the neck. And then start painting from the top like this to make perfect starting line at the point where the white coat and what else you can do. And apply red color in the bottom part and make the boundary with the help of paint brush. So first quote is done. Now let's wait to get it dry completely. Okay, so after they'd get dry completely, it will look like this. Now, again, Baker response, they paid into the color and start applying the color or to the bottom. And once you are done with the second good, you will get this loop. You can notice how beautiful it is looking. In the similar way, you can paint any other color combinations to, for example, you can go at writing black light in yellow and so on. Now, put it aside to get it dry. L Then let's ping time, third quarter. So see you in the next video. 5. Green Bottle: So guys, it has time to paint our tidewater. I'm foot does, I'm going to prepare a color by mixing sap green and white. So file super ego color palate, and then take some sap green color. And you can clearly noticed that consistency of my color is very take. And that's the only reason why I'm taking our decoder with the help of the British. After this, I add a small amount of white color and edit. I'm makes it nicely. Here. I'm adding two to three drops off medium as consistency of my sap green colorist state. But is if the alkaloids are fresh and arrow fine consistency, then there is no need to add medium. After that. Mix it properly, I nicely in such a way that there will be no lumps in the Carlo. So as the mixing is done, I'll color is ready. Now, take a piece of sponge or sponging devil. They fit into the color and just start painting the bottle by dabbing this point. The button nicely and carefully. This time, I'm going to pin this whole goal with this single color or only. So just paying the complete rotary with the same kind of I and you are totally free to change the color of the goiter. For example, you can painted with baby paying orange, golden, silver, or any other color of your choice. It's totally up to you what color you are not paying. Tony aborted and it does not fix that you have two painted with mics off sap green and white only. Okay. So first coders done non-lipid for 10 to 15 minutes to get it dry completely. And after that, you will get this look by now, our first Cortes right up very well. So let's apply second codon it. And for the second quote, repeat the same we did earlier. Debias launch into the color and apply it onto the board, cover the whole board as we did in the school. So at the end of the second chord you get this look. I'm Todd bottle base paint is also done. Now, keep it aside to get it dry. And I meet you in the next video to paint floral design on our first quarter. So see you in the next video. 6. Floral Design on Blue Bottle: So our button is right up very nicely. Now when I add some floral design on it to make it look beautiful and more aesthetic. So take you, by law, valid glass plate are any flight played around you and then take out small amount of white Gallo in it. And if you want, you can add one drop of medium also. Now taken oil to thresh, like this is the oil brush that I use for painting purpose. And then pull your water from its neck like this. We'll devote very, very carefully in such a way that you want sketch Niccolo. And then what do you have to do is dip your oil toothbrush into the color like this and spread the color from the brush onto the board by rubbing them, doing pro, on the bristles of the brush. These white colored dots on the bottom, I act as the stars as I'm going to be done night scene on this button. But make sure before this step you place I need rough clothing or newspaper article met in order to avoid a stains on your working area. So it is done. Now put DeWalt LSI to get these white dots dry. Until then you take out some more white color and the color palette. Now, again, who will the bottle from its neck and take out very 10 round brush of about 0 to two number and decide on which side you want to paint more. Learn it. Once you decide on which side you want to draw noon color in your brush. And then Julio, very carefully like this. Then draw us see shaped like this. And then give it a proper shape. And I D both ends give up oriented shape. Hail, you can also draw off with a moon shape. So it's totally up to you. What do you want to draw? You can either draw a crescent moon shape or you can also draw a full moon shaped. So it is done and you can notice it is looking very nice. Now we will paint flowers on it. So this take out some yellow color independently and there is white color already. But if you want, you can take out more as I'm going to have pain to identity a local low flows. Now for painting flowers and only want to use my index finger. So FID that take some yellow color in your finger and then some white-collar also. After that, Mata print out your finger on the button like this. Repeat and same to make up five petaled flower. You can observe how you dig really widen, yellow color has got blended and the fly's looking so beautifully. Okay, So we have painted art does fly here. Now, let's paint to a no fly him. So again, take some yellow and white color and your finger and not defectors. By the size of the petals, you can easily get that this time I'm making a slightly bigger than the previous one. Do it according to your cells and it is totally okay if all the petals are not of equal size or shape as it really doesn't make them, as it does not face that each button should be of equal size and shape. So the second Clarisse done, now, let's move on to the tide and the biggest flower than the previous two plus. Here, you can also use your paint brush to paint these floods. But since I find this thing up ending very therapeutic, that slime using thing up painting. But then you can go ahead threshold, so it's totally your choice. Just enjoy the process and keep rotating the bottle as per the need. So I treat plows are ready. Now what do you have to do is repeat the same till you reach the first slide. So now we have reached this point. Here is these meu flyer and hail also. So now at this point, I've been on Elbert big fly. So far that yes, draw some big battles with the mics off by 10 yellow color like this. And it is done. Now, let's add some more flowers and died. Use your 10 round brush to paint small flies. So far does take both yellow and white color in your brush, NMAC, five brush strokes like this. And our flyer is ready. So in this way, paint some more floods and you'll get this Luke. So our Florida ready now put d bar della side to get these laws dry. I'll wait till then. Take out sap green color in your color palate, dark green and light green S1. Now take a 10 and find Drudge of 0, 22 number, and take color in it. After that start painting stems from each fly and draw a slightly curvy line for stem. Or you can also draw some straight line. Draw stands from all the flies. And what you can do is you then draw some smart angles from each stem also. And once you are done with these 1005, start drawing leaves around all these tense. So pink leaves like this side lay down that deep bottom. I'm slightly pointed. I did talk. You can draw other kind of leaves, like myelinated ones. Also. Paint some leaves near in between the flowers. I'm painting some leaves of dark green colors, some light green color. Or you can also paint some leaves of combination of yellow and green color. Draw some smile and some babies also. And once you're done with the least by, you can draw a small lines I deep bottom end up debited to make them look like grass. And in the end you get this look. Now, put aside, I'm takeout small amount of black color and the pilot. Now it is time to give some detail look to our flowers. So take black color in your brush and maximal dots in the center of each flat like this. Repeat the same in each ply, and that's it. You can see how beautiful it is now looking. Okay, now for the final touch up and to Gale Star's more twinkling effect, I'm marking some small white colored dots here and there like this. Some near the flowers and some near d leaves also. And that's it. So our Bartle is ready. You can notice how beautiful it is looking and these white dots are making it more aesthetic. So now let's take a second bottle in the next video. Till then, stay tuned. 7. Red & White Floral Design: Okay, so our paint is dried out very well. Now let's decorate this button. And this will again paint plus with the help of the finger or LEA as we did in the previous button. But yes, if you want, you can also be influenced with the help of brush too. But I'm going to paint with fingers only. So just keep your water law side for now and take your color palette. And since I bought their color is white and red. So I'm going to use red and white clover plants. So take out small amount of red column and then white color, any color palette. Now, hold the bottle nicely and very carefully as now, we'll paint around this boundary line up by dendrite corner. So for this, take small amount of red color and your fingertip. And then in the 5.58 white-collar as we did in the last video. And you can see here both the colors are present. Now, molecule fingerprint, tail like this. Similarly, malloc four more frames to make it look like flour. And make sure you take more light color in your fingertip venue paint patters ungraded, but to make it look more receiver it and keep rotating the bottle as per your need. And that's it. You can see how beautiful is this flower looking. Now, let's move on to the next slide. And, but this repeat the same as we did in the first 28. More red color and less white color. And bingo, when you are painting on white part, and then vice versa, that is eight more white color and less red color when you move to red pipe reason. So second, VR is also ready. Now what do you have to do is repeat the same process till you reach back differ slide. And while doing so, you observe the magnolia flower color has become a little bit pinkish color. And that's really adding in the beauty of life. So by now, are all the players of this row are ready. Now, let's be mudflats Hale, just below this row, such a way that each block is in the same parallel between the above two flies. It I do paint small flyers than the previous ones. And if you want, you can use your round brush to part b ending small size flights. Repeat the scene serves as earlier till you reach deeper strata of this new ideas, be very careful by painting new floods as our adult lives, our previous labs are still wait. So this rule is also ready. Now, let's paint one more row of plan, but above the first one, Hale and divide by. So I'll use more red and less white color. So let's start painting plus here too, as we did so far, not phi small brains of finger to pain, smile flies, and repeat the same till you reach back to the first slide of the same rule. So flares of this row are also ready and you can see how beautiful these three rules are looking. Now we're divided LSI to get these flies dry. I laid awake. Then you take out some light green, dark green sap green I. And if you want, you can also take out some yellow color in the pallet. And yes, of course, do not forget to clean your hands before you start painting leaves. So now take a 10 and find round rash of about 0 to two number. They color in it and start painting leaves. First, I'm painting down gene colored leaf here near the plan. And yes, being the least very carefully, as right now, our flowers have not dried up very well. What else you can do? You can wait to get d plus j and then start painting leaves. Or you get also start painting leaves at the bottom part first and then move on to the top by, like I am doing here. Paint least near d plus I'm between deplores also paint leaves of different color, like some of light green, dark green. And yes, some can be a combination of yellow and light green or yellow or green. So it's totally up to you what kind of combination on what can a lease you want to paint? You can draw any shape of live coding example. You can pin ground slightly pointed are unmyelinated leaves. Moreover, you can paint small midrib and each LEA with different color also. So just use your imagination and creativity. Once you are done with the leaf by, you'll get this type of loop. You can observe how beautiful this is now looking. Okay? Now, what do you have to do a small amount of color in your brush and try to draw very thin lines near the pliers like this to make it look like some vid are, some tin plates are popping out of the carbons. You can also mix the two colors to make it look more beautiful and draw such TIN lines near all the floors of first entitled to do it with very light hang on. Yes. These lines need not to be very straight. Line, just make them slightly curvy and not so straight lines. Similarly draws such 10 lines near the upper row of flowers as when. I'm, that's it. Thus part is done. Now we will paint batteries, these things to x. I'm fathers did the backside of your paint brush and direct Gullah, I'm psyched knocking small dots around these lines are 28. Maximum smile and some big dots, I know. So MC, some very small dots near the flowers, leaves and in empty white space. Repeat the same and the red part reason to buy ds, of course, width by color. And once that is done, you will get such look. You can see how beautiful it is looking. So now let's add final details to our floss and what this achy I look in your brush and start marking small dots in saying tariff, each plan, as we did in our previous video. Do this in all the flies. And if you want, you can also switch to the color. For example, you can do this with the black color also. So do it as per your choice. And that's where does our bottle is also ready. You can see how beautiful as this now I'm looking, there's white and red combination as looking very, very beautiful. Now, put this what LSI to get it dry. And I meet you in the next video in which we'll paint our tide button. So see you. 8. Vine Painting: Okay, So by now, our third and the last button has also dried up really well. Now it is time to paint design on this button, and this time I'm going to paint vine design on it. So, but devout LSI, take your Colab by late and take out small amount of yellow and red color. And we are going to use these three colors to paint vines. So this time I'm going to use the 0 size paintbrush only. You can take any rash between 0 to two number. After that, hold the bottle very nicely and take small amount of yellow and white color in your brush. And let's start painting vines. So by divines, first of all, mark and upside down, teardrop like this. Then again, take some color in your brush. Marks such dot at D right side out D first one like this. After this, not such a stroke at the left side out deepest 22. And repeat this till you get the desired length. If you are a beginner, I suggest you do first practice this on some rough sheet of paper in order to avoid messed-up situation and do it very carefully and patiently. Also, I have a spread of this pie, but you do it at your pace and do it very carefully. I'm patiently. If you want, you just pause the video or slow down the video. And once you reach the ang, stroke of divine, our God, the desired length of divine, take small amount of color in your brush and draw a very thin line joining all the strokes like this. And that's it. You can see how beautiful is this looking now. Similarly, paint a vine using white, red, and yellow colors as endlessly, you'll get different strokes when you paint wine. And you can notice it has really looking very, very beautiful. Once you get the desired length of divine join all these strokes, drawing a vertical line between strokes. And that's it. Now, what do you have to do? And thus way draw lines all around the bottle end bottom part only. You can paint some small and some vague lines according to your choice. And once you paint vines all around the bottom part of the button, you'll get such look. You can see how amazing it is looking, right? Okay, now we will draw two eggs from these vines. So what this take another paintbrush or clean the previous one. Who will divert and like this, I'm take black color in your brush, then start painting the two extra lines like this. Try to draw ten to x. I'm painting some slightly curvy slide and not so straight lines to make them look like some real to it. Repeat the same and paying such quakes from all the vines. I'm in the end. You'll get this look. Now we paint some leaves around these tricks. I'm, but I'm going to use this dark green kinda. So now let's start painting leaves. Draw a small and slightly pointed leaves from the top like this. Draw such leaves around all the tweets on if you want. You can also paint some light green leaves too, but that point be much visible. So try to use dark colors are very bright color to make them look receiver on such background, kind of. Okay, when it is done, it will look like this. Now, you can consider it complete, or you can also paint some more small flyers in the upper part like me, as it is looking very plain from the town. So to paint fly, hail, I'm going to use this matchstick. As now we will use dot painting firefly. So take some yellow by law and the macrostate and Marcus Moore dot hail like this. Then not phi such small dots around this center dot. And that's a flat is ready. Pain such more floors and the upper part, some of the yellow color and some off-white color. And once you are done with diet, you will get something like this. You can see how beautiful is this button now looking. Now, put debug LSI to get it dry. And in the next video, we will apply our coat of varnish on these voters. 9. Varnish Time: Okay, So by now, our floral designs on all the buttons has dried up very well. And you can see how beautiful are all these three voters looking. Now it is time to secure the pain so that it won't get scratched away easily are dust, don't mistake on it. So far this what we can do is apply up or down find niche. And each Morton, I have this one niche edge selected by D-Day code. Why niche? Next two types are available in the market. Gloss when unmasked, when haha, I have the gloss, even by the US, you can use any other kind of varnish to that is easily available around you son now or do you have to do is first of all, take our dry plate, our color pallete, and pour a small amount of varnish in it. Then a flat brush of around two I do 15 number are any big flat brush that you have around you. Now, Codio button like this, dip your brush into the right niche and apply it on the bottom in horizontal direction. I do it the end one direction. Doing drying your brush bus from left to right and then right to left. Just do it in one direction. Also, do not run very dry brush on the bottom as a go and leave Reshma iconic. Cover the complete Bowden with the varnish and spread it evenly. Ideas do not forget to apply varnish on the neck part of the voters as it is equally important. So you can see how glossy it is looking. Now for this word LSI, to get the wine is dry. I'm similarly apply varnish on other two buttons. And if you want, you can also apply two coats of varnish. Now, I'll show you the final pictures of all these three buttons in the next video. And also there will be a project work for you. So see you there. 10. Project Work: So guy's hair is the final picture of those three voters. And now it is time for your project work. Tried to paying such three borders on your own. Click it's in process and find and pictures and upload those vectors in this class predict and resource section. I'm super excited to see pictures of yogurt and I hope you liked this class and do not forget to review it as I'm really waiting for your feedback. Also, if you don't want to miss any notification regarding my newest classes on Skillshare, then do not forget to press the Follow button. Thank you so much guys for joining me. Bye bye.