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Floral Art in Procreate - Loose Watercolor and Ink Flowers with Cute Animals

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating canvas

    • 3. Creating sketch

    • 4. Painting floral art with rabbit

    • 5. Painting bouquet

    • 6. Loose watercolor painting

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About This Class


Welcome back to my class and let’s paint all together cool illustrations with florals in Procreate. We will create different 3 compositions.

At the end of my class you will learn more about Procreate and composition, especially how to use layers, clipping mask, alpha lock, selection tool and how to add texture, volume and color variation to your picture. And most importantly - you will learn new painting technique.

You can use the illustrations you create for posting in Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy, Gumroad and so on. Or just share it with someone whom you really like. I am sure they will be so happy to get an illustration that is created by you.

Today I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it’s a real fun!

And in the end of my class you can see it.

Today I will teach you:

  • How to create texture paper,
  • How to use stamp brushes,
  • What is composition;
  • How to paint picture without reference picture,
  • How to use my and default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting,
  • How to apply my new watercolor technique,
  • What are the nuances you need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration,
  • How to use alpha lock and clipping mask,
  • How to add texture to our artwork,
  • I will also show you how to add shades and highlights.


I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my textured paper, lots of custom brushes for creating portrait, 2 color palettes, that I created. I will also add file of my pictures that i drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects.

This class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners (if you watched my previous classes) and experienced artist - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create floral illustration.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.


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1. Introduction: Hi guys. Hello everyone. Welcome back to my class during my today's tutorial, either teach you how to plant lovely floral illustrations in the water color in Procreate. I prepared for you a loss. A few custom brushes along vz, my watercolor brushes and texture paper, and two color palettes. I hope you are ready. You might grab your iPad for today's paint in all, just simply use watercolors, paper and paints. And guys, I would be very thankful if you could follow me and share your own art boards in projects and resources section. So if you're ready, let's get started. Hi guys. I'm Inga freelance illustrator. Welcome back to my class and let's paint altogether cool illustrations with florals in Procreate. We will create three different compositions. As the end of my class, you will learn more about Procreate and composition, especially how to use layers, clipping mask, Alpha Lock, Selection tool, and how to add texture, volume, and color variations. Your picture. And most importantly, you will learn you painting technique. You can use the illustrations you create for Poston and Instagram editor portfolio or sell it on Etsy camera and so on. Or just share it with someone whom urea like. I am sure they will be so happy to get an illustration set is created by you. Today, I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it's a real fun. And in Android my class, you can see it. Today. I will teach you how to create texture paper. How to use stem brushes. What is composition? How to paint a picture without reference picture? How to use my default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting. How to apply my new watercolor technique? What as in urine says, you need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration, how to use Alpha Lock and clipping mask. How to add texture to your artwork. I will also show you how to add shades and highlights. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. As a bonus, I will share with you my texture paper, lots of custom brushes, watercolor brushes, to color palettes that I created. I will also add file of my picture sit I drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. For this class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners. If you've watched my previous classes and experienced artists, probably here, you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create floral illustration. Your class project we'll do next. Create a composition with flowers using the tips and brushes is that I gave you today. I will use Procreate for this class, these iPad and Apple Pencil. So if you have it or some Mars and drawing pets, or just regular watercolor paper and pains. Please join our class and good luck. 2. Creating canvas: Well, let's start. First of all, I will teach you how to create texture paper for a how today's class. So we are in procreate after say, 20% plus and tear class again. Now we have the options that will help us draw, adjust. They mentioned of our canvas. So vignette the speech from pixels into inches and after say TAB 11. And as you might see, Legal have 300 DPI resolution and maximum layers that we might have is 56 desk taught enough for us. So now we have, once again, where can you get all my freebies? You need to go to my class, opens it in browser. It can be Chrome or Safari. Cannot decide froms a right corner in the projects in sources section, from the right corner you have a headline resources and under this headline you have all my freebies. Once again, note, tried to open my class in browser because you've had those at E in the Skillshare. My freedom is my Naughty we support. So not all its toes it, when you download all my freebies, say in downloads folder, I've decision you to tap Add. And if you're saves that picture in camera roll, you need to tap, Insert a photo. But if you save a picture into Z, downloads folder, fleas tab, insert file. And as you might see, the size of the ISA, little bit smaller comparing those size of our canvas. Ward Should we are doing this way when you depress uniform? So now we have our extra paper and it's pretty good one you might see this as a texture. After said, we need to go to layers that replicates a layer a few times half to switch blending mode into the Linear Burn and colorbar. After replicate, Linear Burn and merge together two layers. Replicate color burn and the marriage together TO layers. After is it linear burn making a lower little bit? My suggestion we can duplicate Color Burn one. What time had a lower SAT passage of color burn a little bit like this. And opposite, I will group all low, all layers and I will rename. So I have here now you have papers and ageist notes if you need to pay and on Denise, our paper layer. So as you see, I create different layers and say on Denise is five WK, two cell layers. Now guys, as you see our paper layer user ID, then I'm going to show you out color palettes and a brush set that I created, especially for this class. So speaking about color palettes for actually have two color palettes because water was not enough for me. So as you see a flower, swans, this is the first color palette and flower store. This is a second one. And you might play around and decides which color you like most. And so on. After that, speaking about as a brush, sad brushes, boar, oriental, Dr. Roger says broader set of was created by me. And you might find this brush fees you, my process. Brush is very cool for a loose watercolor painting. Next one is Booker for colors smallest. This brush can help your tool blends the colors Nature Valley. It's very convenient because we're going to mix, differentiates together. And as you see you and you mix colors, it's very organic. So for watercolor paintings is so very important. And what local rash is eyebrows it, many of you, you know, free to Val is this brush was created also by me recently and it was added in watercolor brush set. And it's actually very authentic. So we're going to use this brush as well. Apple regular watercolor, very soft and semitransparent brush, and watercolor backgrounds. This brush can help you to add some splashes. If you want to add texture, make it more dimensional. So you see it's pretty impossible. So and either brushes is 6-bit pencil, terrible airbrush and dry ink brush size brushes and native Procreate brushes. I have both simple stamp, Juan, was this stamp will help us later to add some texture to our paintings. And now let's talk about stamp brushes set up floral said I created for this class. So first of all, I created pretty lovely creatures like this one. And we're going to play around and create composition with them. And also I created some florals. Here. Hi guys. Now we're ready to move to the next part where we're going to create sketches. And David, when a band, three paintings. Zainab, slightly different of course. And if you're going to create different composition, and I will explain you simply in a simple way, is a rules how to create beautiful composition and where to place different objects in order to make your painting more beautiful. I hope you already knew so. Well, Let's move close and x-bar. 3. Creating sketch: Okay, now we're ready to create the first catch and sit with the breccia lovely one. I'm going to paint, grab a brush with rabbits. 10 brush is a rabbit and our rabid to be in a center. After that around the rabbit, I'm going to go and place different florals. I think it would help me to create very beautiful composition. And keep in mind your Rabbit should be in the center. So they say as you see, we placed our rabid in the center. It means that he is the center of our attention and a van people, when some people will look at our painting, they will focus firstly on our rabid. And if you play surrounds a rabbit floor loss, it will help us to as his beautiful touch and feel. This you see is this blank space behinds it, rip it with some options. Because now when you look at the rabbit is not enough. But when we feel it to be some particular objects behind the rabbit, it would be more and more beautiful. Our rabbit is in the center. And behind the rabbit. I'm gonna go and place different elements, like in different ways. You might play around and think which object you like most. What is more suitable, what is less suitable? Heat, so fine. You might control the size as well. Me and I will leave it here. Next, I'll create one more layer. Looks good. Yeah, Now I likes a proportional extra composition and I'm going to merge together all our florals here. And we need to grab erase that are n as in arrays or IMUs and mercury brush or you might grab try and brash, both ways are fine. And I want to erase everything that is overlapping with our rabbit. Because keep in mind, our rabid is in the center. And if you cover heme, raise all sorts florals. You might draw people's attention froms a rabbit, like the florals. And it might be a little bit messy because our revenues in the center, and you need to focus all our attention, all the tension off as if people, bonds is Creature. Case arrest is great. Well, we've almost created our composition. That is, the other option which tells you might or you might add frame. And it might add as beautiful Catch to our paint in as well. So how to add frame? My suggestion you might grow to in consent and prep mercury brush or drying brush. I told you both ways are fine and we might add a tiny bit of lines. So as you see if you want to draw beautiful line, because sometimes it's difficult to those it, my suggestion just draws a line and after whole tab is one finger and opposite. As you might see, your line turns in a previous trade one and you might edit shape. Hello, Ron will last line here. And here, as you see around line is crossing your object. You need to remove slide. And as you might see, I even erase a part around the flowers. So this is how pain in me, my leaves this line we might leaves this rectangular room, we'll get later. We will check it. You like most. We wanna keep us this way. All you want to get 3, said, Vic finished our first cage and I'm going to just tap group. Yes. That can now be on a new layer of return of our previous sketch. I can now we are ready for our next composition. And in this way, I'm going to rotate the paper because our object is pretty big. And I want to have enough space for all our florals. And I will create one more layer. Lets me replicates at a couple of times. And now we can arrange and add laws of beautiful flowers. Flipkart, I am trying to add pre-cut big flowers. A little bit crazy composition, but definitely beautiful ones. And as you might see, if you overlap with another floral, my suggestion tried to erase it immediately. If your shorts, if you want, it moves objects. If you're not sure, of course don't do it. So now I'm going to merge together these two layers. So I want to move some, separate them from each other. This one is definitely what we need. So as you might see, this flower will be behind the flowers. And I'm going to merge it together with XOS, three flowers. I'll create one more layer. And now I'm going to find my belief or some other plans had to up very, very big. Let me think. I think I want to grab this plant. Okay, great. I'm going to keep it like set. And this plant, this leaf, we'll get on a top. So you're gonna go to Paul previous florals and crap ureter can erase this part. Because this plant will be on the first place and nasa flowers several be behinds and leave. So it means that we need to remove now merged together. My next step is I'm going to go and grab the eraser. And I want to remove and say so for lipids, I grab my selection tool and I select the carrier is our florals. As to afters as I move three fingers down and I tap Cut deaf and this is plenty here. Saying what I did before. I will select Mono the plants and I will move it closer to each other, like six. And I'm going to go and grabs the same floral. And I will add them to this side, the opposite side. And this time I want like Han separates them so they will be here. Great. Almost done. This part is very empty. So I'm going to merge it together. Phyton ones that seem I'll create one more layer. And the last I think it will go leaf. We're going to add one more leaf to this part. And pilots returned to the leaf crap selection tool and select the areas that we need to cut three fingers down and cut again. So non was our second sketch. And I will merge together, raise hands, and even create one more group layer for Zed. I will make it in a reasonable sketch for these panes here, layer on aid. And, well, let's start. Okay, in this composition will be very, very Chantel. I need to create, to grab a very gentle swirls. I think this one looks very suitable. Create one more layer. They should be in the center. So once again, when you're buying something and you want people to be focused on zed, tried to place it in the center, create one more layer. Now, I want to add some kind of plants flipper article. And actually a by-the-way essays faint in vivo paint in with pencil and what color? Because I want to make this painting very chatty. Make it slide cylinder like this. And next step is, I'm going to go and add tape to our painting. So as you see when I did it, I created some kind of composition obesity. And I forgot. I want to and I need to erase this part that is overlapping. Remember about yeah. So underneath I want to add some hair tab, pet text and I will write something you are in my heart. There is some kind of postcard. And after that, you might play around and decides which forms that you have might be more suitable for this paint. My hat. This is our solid. 4. Painting floral art with rabbit: Okay, Let's start this loud Erebus. I'm a layer underneath our rabid. So the next step, and you're going to color all those florals behind our EBIT spiral, create one more layer on the top. Speech problems at first color palette for the second one, I set it as a default. Let's start. Now. Let's go and grab slightly darker shade. Now your colleague. Now, I'm going to go and grab here. Now let's move to this clan and I think I'm trying to avoid to him. But if your visa brash, it's fine. Go ahead. Grab our parallel brush. As blender. Can just blend some parts. So as you might see speaking about colors, I chose pink color. Set is very good in combination ways. These green color and green color is great for is kinda combination where he's blue color. This Vi, is a whole picture looks very organic and speaking about actual composition. So once again, our rabbit is in the center, so it draws our attention and behind the RAM and we have many, many plants that's used as a rabbit and a field as this empty ground. And it also has a frame is that help us 20 frames that picture and creates this solid geometric composition. So edges are frames can help you to like, it's more pleasant to look at that picture if you add some kind of geometric lines around our paintings, Let's find many people. Wednesday fingers F and you didn't say Foods, a picture, frame, and goods and hands-on on a wall. So now let's keep, add in some shades. And speaking about XOS paying tens, some of them will be blue, about, some of them will be pretty purple. So I'm going to add bluish color here. And then I will add sound colorations. And how you add shades and volume. Same here. Make it more brighter. So I'm gonna go and grab flower. Swann said some as a default brush and grab purple color. Okay, Cool. Almost done. So let me go and grab this reddish color. Maybe not that bright. Yeah. Okay, great. Next step is guys, I want to add some shades and in order to do that, I need to remove the transparency of our layer. What does it mean? For example, we can turn off our background and we can turn off our paper layer. And as you see, throws a paint in the still sees it greets. You see that agreed that we have like on our Canvas and we need to remove that. How to do that? So I will duplicate our rabbit and he's so cute. Maybe the Lower South positive slide they annihilate, merge together as a Layer 2, same as our florals, and go to a 30 percent or 40 percent and merge together two layers, opposite diagonal duplicates the layer one more time and go to a lower layer, tap adjustments, hue saturation and brightness and tap layer. And in a brightness, I will move positive till maximum. So and after said, I will duplicate the layer three times. Merge together layer and merge because a layer raise our rabbit. And those same buoys out plans to replicate go to lower layer adjustments, hue saturation and brightness, brightness till 100%. Tap three times, merge together and merged together. And I want to add some background lines. How, what I want to do, I'll tell you. So I grab this purple color. Make a slightly lighter gray goo simple stem. First, I create the delayers that is underneath of everything he has is blue. Colors are nice and I will love, I will increase the size of our brush is you see those same replicate. As you might see, we still have some overlap in sorted call grep rectangle, selects it, every asset is overlapping and press caught. I can no overlap in Sandy, more concrete arch together, duplicate it one more time. And now the logarithm. And it feels this area as it is not our strokes. So now we fill this layer once again eats in case if you want to have this frame, you have an option, you might turn it off and in this way, say aligns with Feynman, really good, like sad. But I want that keeps a frame. I like it. So I went to keep it like set. Now it's time to add shades. How are we going to dose it? I will create layers at this on a top and I will press clipping mask. It means that now we can pay in jazz and our selected area, I'll show you. You simply can just paint them our rabid and become go beyond the lives. And I'm going to go and grab bullet, a color background brush, Swedish soft palate to flowers, fun. He's lovely. I'm going to go and grab vocal brush, buys away. If you want to enhance the shape, you might go to the blending mode and tap multiply. And now you shade is more saturated, more widespread. I'll create one more layer in between of our clipping mask layer and our regional layer. And now this layer results in clipping mask won't multiply layer. And now I'll layer is a little bit darker comparing to what we had before. I think it's even too dark, so later I will just, loggers are positive. Same here underneath our head, whereas a neck line we'll have shaped. So now either loggers out, pass it to now, as you might see, the shade is not that Orpheus, it's pretty bearable. At more shades here. My x is saying go dove is our plans. I'll create one more layer on top press clipping mask. Move to multiply layer. Purple color, border color background had more bluish color. And because we have multiply layer, meta, add, create one more layer. And also it's an a clipping mask. And we'll add more shade, lighter. Now let's call it the green color, CH2, nasa color palette. Let's return those. Multiply blend mode, same brush. Now let's call it pre to light color. And I want to add some highlights. Great. So now I want to merge together as a player and merge together our rabbit. And next themes that I'm going to do is I'm on my layer leases plans. I will go and grab selection tool press free hand. And I'm going to add some color variations, feather, 18 percent saturation and brightness. It creates a situation that a little bit make it brighter. Then create a situation. If you wanted to complain as fuel. Actually going to make it purplish. As other things that we might do is we can add more shapes how to dose that. We'll create another layer, press clipping mask, speech to bow on cold brush. Grab this blue color. Add some shades here. Our next famed and unlikely swan. Maybe we'll add less shades and it will be more colorful. Purplish color. You have this coloring up in second color palette. If you don't like say a Gaps Alliance, you might just simply CREB, blending tool and grabs this alliance, like say, make it non said. Yes. And now it might look more organic. Once again, I feel like something just blend. So in this area, setColor several relied. So I just make our color like in a color palette slide. The lighter. Saying you can do here if you want, of course, is our plans. Now, let's go to green color steels. This is okay. It's not a multiply layer. Provides this time I'm going to create one more layer in between. It's in Clipping Mask Mode, and it's a multiply layer mold. And as you see, shades now, very saturated. It might take some time to finish all ED and all those shapes. So I'm going to speedups of ego. Can guys, why it's cool to use multiplayer layer as a blending tool. Because since this way and the need to choose a color for each planned as his brash, this mode makes it odd all automatically. It just grabs as a color slightly darker than your original one. And you don't need to think about the shades and so on. It's very, very convenient. And also have the shade from say, sleeved on this leaf and leave and shade from sadly from zed leaf. I'm going to blend some thumb, some parts here. So we've done with our first paint and let's merge that together, guys, if you want to make the color slightly lighter, or you need to go to hue saturation brightness and increase the brightness a little bit. And now we can merge together our rabbit and out plans. This is here. And this end is, you might see as a system without hours kitchen layer, it's also very lovely, but you also can't keep it like SAT. Okay, now let's move to the next bar 2. I am going to create beautiful bouquet. 5. Painting bouquet: This is our second theme, tin. And I'm going to create one more layer. Remember, for painting the one to use your own and add any shades. So I'm gonna go and think about the color palette. And I think this part will be. So let's fill this area with the color. Again down. Okay, Great. Now let's go to hue saturation and brightness. Brightness and increase saturation. I wanted to make to create one more layer on the top. Now I need to find the color and eye color. So everything in this painting, but they're very, very colorful. The next thing I'll create one more layer for all. So let's go with the color you want to add to each floor else. I have some overlap in, so I'm going to blend them. And I decided to just mix different colors together, makes a composition very colorful. And outs I am doing right now. Orange color. Here we'll have, I think it's pos. When I want to make it Kim. Sprinting, you're forming because usually I tend to use some pastel colors. We have our more plan tanks here. And as you remember, is heavier and not flourish. And friends his side. And I will switch to another color palette. Thanks. Let me think. Same color wheel before the stem of this purple flower. I like this color, so colorful, so saturated. If you go beyond the lines, you might just erase it. Very, very pride. So next step is, I'm going to call, Let me think through 12 replicates a layer because that will make our paint more colorful. And those same as this part. So little maid, hands out like sad. Now I want to add some color variations, not in collaboration, some texture to our papers as one. And I'm going to go and grab white color. Simple stamp one. I do like six brush. And I'm going to keep it like this. And now everything that is beyond this lions, I'll just erase CREB, selection tool, freehand, three fingers down, cut. And here we have some parts to erase in our hands as well. Okay, now it's grayed, going to merge it together. And next step what I'm going to do is I want to add some background curation, some kind of backgrounds. Then for this, I will go and grab more oriental dry brush. Grabs this orange color, increase the size of the brush. Afterwards you can increase the size. Make it like sad. And as you might see, steal, our painting is not transparent to IV happy see our overlap pins this via BC as a background. So now my aim is to avoid overlap instances way I felt replicates a layer coil to lower layer that the adjustments, hue saturation and brightness and torrid toes a white color, replicated a free times. And as you might now, this part is not transparent anymore. I'm just saying this out florals go to lower layer. They have to saturation, brightness increase uprightness. Replicated three times, merge together and merge together. Now it looks just perfect. Next step is I'm going to merge all of it together and go to Adjustments, Curves. And now I can play around and make our paint more colorful, less colorful. It's up to your island to make it more saturated. Flexes. Hello pained, and it's very colorful, so saturated, I hope you'll legs. And let's move to next part buys away. If you want to make some, I don't know, like adjustments, you might just go and erase some parts and insists way it would look here anymore beautiful. Now our painting is ready and it looks more Waymo better. So let's move to the third paint. And actually my favorite one. 6. Loose watercolor painting: So that's a third faint and I do legs go away how it looks. And I'm going to go analog or SAP positive hours kitchen layer because actually they want, need sad. And I will create one more layer here. Here's looks amazing. So I'm going to grab pulpal brush as usual is the first brush. And I will use second color palette like flower store this one. And I'm going to start paint this flower extra, this hierarchy is one of my favorite. I don't remember how it looks. How, what's the name of this plant bought when I was kid. I saw it many, many times in my hometown. So if you want, you might tell me the name of this plan. How to be an English families is painting. Now let's move to another one. And I'm going to add some colors here. Let's go and fill light through shaped. Here is a style of painting a slightly different way how it looks. I hope you all surreal will enjoy this type of painting. Thank you. And now I'm going to go and you might think what color will be prayed or reuse this purple color. And for this we will call remembered as a harmony wheel. And you might see is that yellowish color is pretty suitable one. So this is more pinkish. And so let's think, let's grab a yellow color. This slide, the lighter. And now you know how though actually creates a color. How to choose the colors that might be suitable for your paint. Is this part. And now let's start painting some lines, some color stores a plant. And here I'm going to combine different brushes together. This brush is very soft and gentle is cool, but it's not enough. But don't forget the proud to tape. Tape will be, let me think so kind of this color. Now I'm going to turn to this green color. Yeah, axis. I can now let's switch to another brush. And I'm going to go and grab the oriental. Same colored, same. Controls. The size. Is precious, pretend dry. It seems like your maintenance not enough liquid, that's not enough water. So as a next step, we have some plans behind and I want to make some gray, grayish color, if you can say so. I've a crowd, pope oriental try brush and I will create one more layer. And in Nice Yep, here. And now I just need to simply follows the lines. Toefl color. It shouldn't distract our attention. And I want to repeat the same actions. And as you might see, is barely seen. If you want to have sickle color picker, you might just increase the size of the brush and draw the second line. But it just in case if you want to. So actually at first it seemed like most watercolor paintings, so simple, you just need to know like pain vein paint has water, but it's not that easy and interesting career to add water. What color you want to make space and nasa color, and how it might look on the paper. You shouldn't make your paint and muddy. Like it's flying in, Procreate your bond. You're like destroys a color. But still, you need to think, what are you going to paint first? Okay, it looks good. Now you don't need 1000 kitchen layer, so I'm going to turn it off here. And why this is not set M dispel, it's very gentle. You see it here. And I liked the paintings and I'm going to change the color all of you on my hot paint into a nice color. You actually can do it right now. I think it might be purple or greenish. Something like that. Yeah. Makes this. And first I want to create to add some sharp edges. So before we start going into Ezri, remember we need to remove the transparency. So I have a lower SAP paucity of our layered replicate to merge it together because it's very, very bright. I'll duplicate the layer, go to lower layer adjustments, hue saturation, brightness, DAR level of brightness to a maximum. So now I'll layer is not transparent and we can add some shades. So as a next scene of what I'm going to do is I will actually, you see from the H's, our lines are not sharp. I wanted to make some darker because when we paint, actually we have the same feeling. I'll show you how to do that. You go to Selection Tool, press Automatic. And now you see all areas, all how cleanses selected. Then I press Pfizer 20 percent. After say it, I go to hue saturation brightness and turn our brightness TO maximum, not to maximum tool might be threatened to four degrees. But as you see the edges, say a slide that, that can increase saturation, color. It's dries, and now we have some sharp lines and it looks wonderful. So it's right what we need it. Now we need to keep adding some shades, keep it and saw stroke. So I grab oriental try brush. I'll create one more layer on the top and I will press clipping mask. Switch to flowers. And I will grab this purple color. If you want, you might switch to a multiply layer. Now it's a little bit too sharp. Add some shades here, some colors. Now, I'll create one more layer in between, but I wouldn't change the color. Blend mode. I will just change the color of slides. And you might pull in some colors, one and each other, axes. Like what I did here. Okay, great. Now my next step, I want to add tiny bead of colors to the edges. Grab purple color. And I want to add, we should just go slide. Whose age of your patient and that heat can help you to add sauce, color variations and after blending tool. Now, if you think it's too sharp, It's not. Just blend some part, like actual watercolor paint. And you might grab same brush and go to regional layer and erase. Just increase the size of surprise. And erase some parts. Cave, you're done. Missy's plants now the smoke through yellowish color. Go to Multiply layer, say my crab, some orange color and I flow it was a green colors while this painting is very Chen tool, but it's great if you would learn how to edit, how to turn your digital, painted him to watercolor, or you might add a little bit yellowish color CREB blend tool and blended slide. She likes this bright yellow color and add colors to your flower. Multiply. So remember, in an area where we have floral parts feel good. Because here we have shade froms a forum. My suggestion grab the darker color, yellow versus size of the brush. And the ones he can try. And you see it. I'm going to teach. You might go and grab brush, is just brushes cool. And it can add some texture and shade. I'll create one more layer on the top. Yes guys, and now you can call this piece finished. And as for me, I think one of the best because it's very gently. So this is end of our class. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and you play in that lovely pictures of florals and probably cute animals in watercolor style. Guys, Let's see each other in a new EDA. And if you have some questions, suggestions, you might leave some in discussion section. And I wish you luck with your own art projects. My way.