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Film Photography: Use Coffee and Dish Soap to Develop Film

teacher avatar Denis Mamontov, I was born on Saturday

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Seriously, Coffee?!


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      Mixing the Chemistry


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      Loading the Film


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About This Class

About This Class

Take a look at an alternative way to develop a film as a source of inspiration or ideas to create a new photography project.

In this class you will learn to develop a film using a survival technique. You will be using common household materials: coffee and washing soda.


Students of all levels are welcome to experiment and submit projects. A working knowledge in photography may be helpful, but is not required.

Meet Your Teacher

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Denis Mamontov

I was born on Saturday


I'm eager to learn new stuff and make things happen.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to the class. My name is Dennis by my photographer. Today, we're going to develop a black and white field in coffee. Imagine yourself as a newspaper reporter trapped in the poll. You have a crucial photo that could help you down a sensational story. If only you had some way to develop the film. What do you do? You grab some instant coffee and vitamin C, you develop the field, and you used to photos in your home or reading articles. What, you don't think we're serious? First of all is still used by newspaper reporters before, and secondly, you really can develop using vitamin C and coffee on road, and I will show you everything you need to know we before the new Vibe Grocery store disclosed 2. Seriously, Coffee?!: using coffee to develop film is not something a so Adams would do, but it works and gives your film and distinctive look, and it has a certain gone British fire. Think of it like using the plastic camera. It's more about having fun than getting technically flawless results. With most field types, the results will be more contrast E and Grady than regular develop. If you do this with Call the field, you end up with black and white negatives. Here's the thing, though. Different films will have different results. Some will develop perfectly in 12 minutes. Other will take up to 20 minutes. Shoot a test, drove off your favorite field, developed it for 12 minutes and see how it turns out if it's too thin, it needs more time. If the negatives come out back and needs last time. So here's what you need 3. Mixing the Chemistry: We're going to make enough developer to develop one field. Your tank should have instructions about how much liquid it takes to feel the tank. As a general rule 12 ounces should be enough for a roll of field. Five teaspoons in some coffee. The instant coffee dissolves. Okay, the room temperature. What's that? So you don't have anything solid left? Take the vitamin C. You will need just health teaspoon off the emergency. Father, I have it in a tablet. So three, I will crush them. Do you want? You can boil the water and mix it all in hot water on then just down to 20 degrees. Take another cop and, uh, and six sons. Water as well. You will need 3.5 teaspoons washing soda. Okay, take another cup and makes these two in one cup. This developer smells really bad and you will know it when you mix the two liquids together . So here you go. This is your take. Got some water? Onda had some dishwashing. So not too many. This will work. So we've made the developer and the liquid that will use to wash the people. Now it's time to make some fixer. You should make just enough. Teoh, Feel a fill your tank. Just follow the package instructions for your fixer. I'm mixing 12 ounces. Fixer. If you're willing to develop film again, you can make some more fixer on. Uh, you can just reuse it. 4. Loading the Film: Okay, guys. So the next step is to love your film into the tank. The few must be loaded onto reels in total darkness. Set up your dark room. It can be darkest room in your apartment the best. But it would be a room that has no windows on. If the door will leak some light, you think? Just use a coat to wrap around your hands when you load the field. But if you have loaded the film before I recommend practice, I will connect the beginning of the film while I'm still can see everything. And this is, uh, the most crucial part of the whole process. Because if the film six right on this place, then the guiding lines inside of the rail world just do the job for you. So this is all set up. I just can't go into the darkness and unwind you 5. Developing!: Okay, so I loaded the film into the bank, and you can turn the lights on. Now we're going to develop the film, and for this step, you will need a sink. Here's my timer. We're going to develop the film for with 12 minutes or in the developer from the first minute. Just spend this, uh, and though constantly, if you have this another tank with remember late on, which is agitated after the first minute. Just do three turns for three agitations per minute. After 12 minutes, you can pour out. They're developer. I feel the tank. When your water turn it six times and for all the water, repeat this two more times. You can now feel the 10 quick your fixer and set the timer for five minutes. You should spin the film each minute for three times We're out the fixer. And then deal was a thing with water. For the first time. You feel it. You should vegetate or rotate the film for three times next time six times and then 12 times. No, we should feel up the tank with the soapy water, rotate the film 24 times and then for out the water and open the tank. Finally, I can now use my close things or vendors. Hey, my film to dry. Okay, squeeze the film with two fingers and remove unnecessary water and hang on What's being our bender to prevent film from kervin and curling. 6. Conclusion: Hey, guys, I hope you enjoyed the class when the film is drives kind of to your computer and both the pictures in the project. Plus, I'll be excited to see your results. I posted the older class resources in the class description, and I posted my own projects, So feel free to check it out. And I'm excited to see your results, Thanks.