Fast and Easy Surface Pattern Design: Quickly Create a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator | Jenny Lee | Skillshare

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Fast and Easy Surface Pattern Design: Quickly Create a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

teacher avatar Jenny Lee, Hello Brio Studio

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Create Your Motifs


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      Create Your Scatter Brushes


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      Add a Background


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About This Class

Follow along with designer and illustrator Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio as she quickly creates seamless repeating patterns with help from the scatter brush tool in Illustrator. Knowing how to use the scatter brush to create patterns will save you a lot of time from rotating and scaling individual motifs in your patterns.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jenny Lee

Hello Brio Studio


I'm Jenny, a Philadelphia-based artist and writer. Wife, mom of 2. Energetic INTJ.

I'm a hand lettering artist who loves iPad stuff. When I'm not working, you can find me reading or journaling. I'm indoorsy.

Let's connect! Get lettering inspiration on Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube videos, follow along with posts about minimalism, or take my Skillshare classes.

Fun facts: I have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design; I never used it. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts, but I eat peanut butter all the time. Fueled by burritos. Things that rock my socks: brunch, running, embroidery, biohacking, and atmospheric indie music.

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1. Introduction: hi, everyone, instead coil and this quick tutorial long to show you how to create a repeating pattern and illustrator using the scatter brush tool. This is a lot easier than doing that by hand because it allows you to create a random and beautiful effect without overthinking where you're placing all your motifs were gonna choose a couple motifs from photo top, and then we're going to bring them into illustrator. So we convict, arise them and get them in the scatter brush. Next, we're going to create a scout of Russia and then create your beautiful repeating pattern. Using this got a Russian illustrator. I hope you guys enjoy this class. Let's jump right into it. 2. Create Your Motifs: So here I've scan in a piece of my sketchbook that I used to create these motifs. I have thes thought it motifs that I want to use in this pattern. So I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in here and I wanna Before I bring these in The illustrator I want to change the background. So it's pure white. So hit command l on my keyboard for the levels panel on a click and drag. It's right. Most arrow over to the left slowly until we see that the background started to disappear and hit. OK, these are pretty good. I think I want to grab two of these, so I'm gonna hit em like keyboard for the marquee tool. Click and drag and hit command. See to copy, Go into Illustrator. Hey, Command, Ensuring your document. I want to have this be 2000 by 2000 pixels RGB and screen 72 pp. Eyes fine. Look OK then off of my our board I wanted assume in here and hit command made a paste. Now, when I go back into photo shop and choose another one of my most chiefs hit on my keyboard again grab this guy Hickam Antsy on command V to paste you zoom in here. I need to make sure these are I need to make sure these are image trace so that I can create a scatter brush with them. So in order to do that goto window and mysteries and I'm gonna choose the preset 16 colors if you can play around with the different presets. But I know that 16 colors is gonna work best for this. So once you're happy with that hit expand, you can see that there are a bunch of different pieces here. A swells, background, pieces. So hit man shifty, twice down a group everything. Then you can start to grab everything. Do you want deleted and had just delete on the keyboard. Highlight everything. Make sure you grabbed everything. Grab the stray objects and delete those as well. That looks pretty good on hit command. You to group it together. So you need everything to be grouped together in order to create the brush. So it's not so messy. Do the same down here. Good industries, preset 16 colors that looks really good, had expand and then hit committed G twice in the keyboard China group. Still a little bit of straight here, So I'm gonna quick that and then go to a select same feel color. Delete those as well. I'm gonna do with center of this too. So if we have was also like that, that's good command. Geo group together. Now we just have to objects and we can use his armor chiefs. You need to You need to edit your Marty's further. Just double quick and slickly need Teoh fix. And who hadn't fix it there Don't work off to exit. 3. Create Your Scatter Brushes: You know, what we need to do is create brushes. In order to do that, you need your brushes panel open where you can goto window brushes. I already have mine open. So I'm gonna cook one object. So I have that selected already. And click new brush. Don't you scatter brush. Okay. We need for all of these to be random sylvan or choose random for all of them. And I'm gonna come back to this later. So quick. Okay. Can do the same thing for this one. Quick on the object there. The motif. So you want to use Then click on new brush, scatter brush and change these older random. Go ahead. Click OK. Night hit command zero to view your entire our board and then with a brush tool. You want to select your new scatter, brush it, be in your keyboard for brush, and then draw a line. A nice squiggle on your our board. Now, this is very uniform. This is not what we want. This is We want it to be more casual and haphazard. So in order to fix that with your brush still selected, double put on the scatter brush. You're working with. If you remember, we change this all a random. So now we just need to adjust these sliders. So for the size, we want it to be small, the large e not so large. But if you previewed the checked, you can see what's happening in the background space. And we also need to be a little bit different here. So it just kind of drag the sliders to the left and right where appropriate. So you can see that certainly would be spaced out upon the line differently. That scatters also random. So this is how far away it is from the center line. You can see that looks like looking really good and then the rotation. We also want to be completely over to a night of 1 82 positive 1 80 degrees. When you're happy with that, go ahead and click. OK, whenever you're prompted. Quick reply. Two strokes. That looks really, really cool. So now what I want to do is make these individual objects. So with the brush still selected, when a object expand appearance and now they're all individual objects and I need 2/100 by hitting shift me and do you want something keyword? And now you see, we have individual objects. I want to go ahead and do the same thing for the second brush their created. So I'm gonna hit this select this fresh. Hit me on my keyboard for the brush tool. I do another nice wiggle over our board to adjust the brush. Double click on the scatter brush, bring up the settings. You can start to play with the settings here. When you're happy with how it looks, Go ahead and click. OK, quite strokes. You can see how really haphazard and pretty cool this is looking so again. Object, expand Appearance, then one group by hitting shift Manji once when you create a pattern and l street or you want to make sure you have objects that are overlapping on the left and top most of your art word. So go ahead and move some objects around, so you have overlapping You can also use. This is an opportunity to space out your objects better so that they aren't cluster towards the center or something like that. You have no overlapping if you want. If it works for your pattern and your motifs So this is looking pretty good. Maybe you want one of these guys up here? Yes. This is looking really good. Move things around a little bit more. Okay. Now, when you're happy with the place and of your objects, you want to make sure to overlap them on the other side to looks. And this guy's overlapping on the right. And you did level over there we go. So choose everything that's overlapping on the left, then hit shift. Command em on your keyboard and you want to move it horizontally. 2000 pixels and vertically, zero pixels. And I know this because my our board is 2000 by 2000 pixels high and hit. Copy. Did you see that? It's all over here. Nicely copied and 2000 pixels away from each other. So it will repeat seamlessly do the same thing up here. Oops. I can relate this guy. Same thing up here. That shift command of my keyword. And I need to move it. Zero pixels horizontally and 2000 pixels. Wrigley, I could hit Copy. You can see that they were repeated down here. Now, that's really good 4. Add a Background: So next up is create the background. So I'm gonna hit and on my keyboard or use a rectangle tool and click anywhere on my art board. And I want the rectangle to be 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels. Okay? And in order to make it be centered perfectly on your our board, go up here and click aligned our board and then center it horizontally and vertically. And I'm gonna change the color to be sort of in the middle. No gray here. Kind of like these guys, but just a little darker click, OK? Sent to the back using shift command left bracket. That's really, really cool that I make this a little bit later. Now, that's perfect. So now what I'm gonna do is with the background selected, I need to create a bounding box. So hit command C command beed pasting back and it make sure the bounty boxes no filled a stroke. So now, using my selection tool, I'm gonna click and drag a boxer on everything that we created to see about a little bit easier and then dump this into my swatches panel looking dry. Now you see that we have our squash over here. If we go ahead and create a new box appear and I click arse watch that we created. You have a repeating pattern. An illustrator using the scatter brush tool. If you see these fate lines, they're just there by accident. If you could zoom in or out will disappear. But it's just fluke in the program. And there we go. We have our seamless repeating pattern and illustrator using this gotta brush tool. I hope you guys enjoyed this class. Make sure to upload your project and leave a positive review and I'll talk to you in the next class Bye.