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Fashionista -Design an Urban Grunge art piece with a glamorous fashion illustration

teacher avatar Janelle Nichol, Self taught artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Janelle and Fashionista


    • 2.

      Materials Video for Fashionista


    • 3.

      Layer 1 of Background for Fashionista


    • 4.

      Layer 2 of background for Fashionista


    • 5.

      Layer 3 of Background for Fashionista


    • 6.

      Layer 4


    • 7.

      Sketching Fashionista


    • 8.

      Designing the Dress


    • 9.

      Putting the figure together and placing on the canvas


    • 10.

      Painting the hair Fashionista


    • 11.

      Shading the figure fashionista


    • 12.

      Adding dimension to the dress


    • 13.

      Final Accents


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About This Class

You will learn how to create a mixed media piece of this figure that I have titled "Fashionista". I will discuss how to convey a confident, strong woman using posture, movement, her dress and hairstyle. We will be working with various acrylics, inks, watercolors and texture tools to create a unique and dramatic background that compliments our figure perfectly.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janelle Nichol

Self taught artist


Hi, my name is Janelle Nichol and I am an artist from Canada.

Some of my favorite things to create on my pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. I particularly enjoy creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. My art has been described as abstract folk-art and I enjoy working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire me are Claude Monet and Renoir and more recently, Pino Daeni. I am particularly drawn to the colors and scenes expressed in Monet's works and the figures in Pino's art.

In the past two years I have moved from creating Mixed Media canvases and have expanded my portfolio to include the WC (Watercolor)... See full profile

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1. Intro to Janelle and Fashionista: I would say my art comes from a need to express my emotions in a visual form. I always tried to portray a certain mood aesthetic feeling in my work. The relationships between people mother and daughter on older sister, a younger sister can be really interesting and challenging to convey, and it might be an attitude confidence. It could be a feeling of peace, tenderness, a sweetness. And if I'm able to do that, then I feel like I've done my job as an artist. As an artist, it's always most fulfilling. When a collector tells me that while viewing a peace of mind, they're feeling a certain mood, a certain feeling. And it was the exact feeling that I had while I was speaking. In this course, you will learn how to create an urban grunge style canvas with some glamour thrown in. I also like to think of this piece as mixed media meets fashion illustration. You will learn how to draw the figure in such a way so that she exudes confidence, strength and elegance. You will start with a blank canvas, then begin to layer textures, thanks watercolors and acrylics, together with a figure and finish with your own mixed media fashionista canvas. I have provided downloads of a figure for you to trace. But remember, we will also go through the steps of sketching her. So please join me in this online course. Don't forget that you will be able to log in and watch the video modules at any time you want. 6. Layer 4: Okay, so I'm gonna take this stencil here, and I'm going to spray some black ink just on a plastic surface. Or you can use a dish. I'm using a swatter. Ah, heat resistant spot match. So this is what I'm using. And I'm just spring it on there like that. But you can use anything that won't absorb. I think my mind paper palette plate is going to absorb. I was using one of my regular palette plates, pallets it would probably find. And then I'm gonna take my bristle brush, and I'm going to just dip it into the black paint over here a little bit. And rather than spray because I want a kind of control, I wanted to fade out. So I want to be centered around here. And then I wanted to fade out so we could end of spring it. But I really just I want to make sure that I don't to get a few spots where I want TEM. Okay, So let's just spray that a little like that, and then well, it's still wet. I'm gonna make some pomegranate in there. Take that off. So I didn't get any dumb. There That's okay. That I'm gonna flip this over like this, and I'm just gonna put some right up here, and it just adds some texture. And maybe let's do some great Jones in the corner here. This isn't going to really look like any shape. It's just going to help to add some a little flex in there. There we go. OK, it's gonna soften this because I don't have some weight. I don't want not showing too much. Okay? I want a little bit more there, so I'm going to take my sensible again match up. Just go. I just kind of wanted to fill in and catch and then come back out. I just wanted to be noticeable in some areas and not others. So let's do it. Don't hear a little bit. It's just kind of coming down here. That should work. Yes. It's really good like that. Okay, so I want to let this dry, Okay? So her dress, remember, is going to come over here, so we just kind of want this to be behind her dress, just coming out behind her dress. So here she is on here, and I'm just hoping that this will still show It's gonna show right here. It might. It's gonna This is gonna be covered up. But I'm wondering if I need to do a little bit more up there. Yeah, let's do a little bit more. So we're just gonna take this? Another thing you can do is use your sponge angle around. It's really not too noticeable because of the the the in Boston that we did there. So I'm just gonna leave it and I'm going to do something else. Figure it out later. But while we're at it, let's just put that there. It's a more up here. I'm just kind of stamps and little specks in there. The next thing I want to dio I've got some. Really, I just love this thing, texture stuff. So what I want to do is I don't wanna use I want you some paint on this some acrylic paint because it's gonna be more opaque. I'm gonna get my black. So I didn't know if we were going to use straight black from the two. But we are, and you can use you could get a lot. This is Mars black. You can use any any kind of black paint you want long. That's acrylic. And then I'm gonna take this brush. Now we have to do is just and find a spot you like on here and just rub it in just going straight. It's a little bit. So the reason why I'm spraying with the water is to just make the paint a little bit more runny just to help it, To go on there a little better, and I'm just gonna put it wherever I kind of wanted to go if you need some more handsome, more playing consumers and this is like my favorite stamp, pretty much so, we'll leave that for now. We're gonna use some up a rock and some drywall tape, and I am just going to leave my brush black. I'm just gonna I'm not gonna put in the water. I'm just gonna take a bunch out of my on my paper towel. I'm gonna grab some of this paint I have right here, and that's one bubble wrap. Black helps it Teoh not be too Fred ish, and it's gonna take stamp a little bit. Uh, just down here in the corner, stop here. So I I like to actually like. I'll do some parts of this gray and then skip and do some someone's other color, and that way you don't get it's not too flat. It's kind of the generals mixed media way of adding highlights and shading without, you know, any kind of plants but still in there, and it's still add some dimension. So we have, like two different colors, and sometimes I'll put light and dark and put it on there. It works. If we were doing a fine art painting, we would definitely not be doing it that way. Let's do some drywall. I'm just gonna take some weight. And I am one of these people that just puts on the power it the little list, but that I think I'm gonna need, because I'd rather take the time and add more paint than have way too much and waste it and waste money. I don't like wasting money because A Z, you may have figured out I have a lot of supplies and I do spend a lot of money on my art supplies. And so however I can save money, I like to save money. Okay, so we added some with the dry wall in there. Now, I would like to add some some stamps in there at the top and just bring out some little flourishes. So we're gonna do Is that now this is a good stamp to use first. Before we do that, though, I'm just looking at my campus here, and I want it quite dark up here. So I am going to put well on black on my bubbler up. Basically, just gonna be painting with bubble wrap here. I want to fill in just the very edge of that. Make it pretty much solid black. And this is kind of a cool way to do that. Bring it up here too. Well, don't here have it paid out as it comes down? We don't want to do exactly the same thing over here that we're doing over here, so I'm just gonna leave that we have enough, maybe just come down there a little bit and then times together, let's see, what can we do down here? Just got a little bit of black just to thrown here, and I have this stuff and we could do this with a paintbrush, but I think we're just gonna do with the stump. So just gonna person on that I have to push quite hard because it is in Boston and right here so that as a little bit of, um, I think there will be able to see it a little bit more. Let's do some over here. Just put some right here. You could also use on ink pad. Can I just turn them off? Sorts of ways. This one that really doesn't matter. Another good texture when I have is this one and what I'm gonna do with it I'm gonna put some burnt umber. I'm going to sprint with this pomegranate here, and I'm gonna make that up a little bit more here. I just love that rich time in there. Okay, Now, what was my plan? I don't remember what my son was. Finally, it was okay, So I'm just going Teoh, I like some of these designs here, so I'm just going to think that with a watery mixture I just made it's watery because the Glimmer mist is quite watery. I think I'm gonna spray it one more time, so I gotta go over here and spray it So now that is kind of on there. I'm gonna tap some black acrylic paint just in different places, and then I'm going to just do one stamp on a test peace so that it's not too much and I get a lot of it off, and then I'm gonna come up here and I'm just gonna go right in here. So you see how that look and it kind of skips around and we have some black with some red. It's kind of runny, but it's also opaque in some places. I just think that that is such a cool effect. So we're gonna do some up here, too, that we're gonna have to wait for that. Now, One thing you don't want is you don't want to straight oven edge. It curves a little bit, but I just want to make sure that I don't. So I'm just gonna bring that out there. So you see how I did that and let's bring it down a little bit and you don't want to keep reloading because the whole the good thing about this is, you know, you get one stamp and you get it. You know, you get a good image, and then you do another stamp somewhere else and just kind of fades. And you just used it as whatever it happens to turn out, like, really some down here. I wanted also going off the face, just going to do a quick spray. Just a little quick spring and just have it go right off the page here. And I just pushed down where I wanted to be. Like, I kind of try to remember where I'm out there because I pushed down everywhere. It might not be the way I wanted to turn out. I just love the mixture of the of the red and the black in there. So again, that's just to review this. I makes raw number and this, um, pomegranate. But you could use watercolor and there you could use this and make it really, really runny. So something that will be really running. And then I painted it on here, and then I just smushed some black on there, and it did a couple test one so that I could see you know how much was on the stump, because because what you don't want to end up with is a big blob and there's no pattern at all, right, so that's why we do the test one. So this is really starting to come together. I just loves background. It's looking a little empty here, but I think I'm kind of OK with it. Actually, I don't hate it because we've got so much going on. It's nice to have a little bit of a You're spot here. We're still going to do something there. But now the next thing I want to do is this is this. I mean, I've got basically a straight line. The paper was actually straight black across there, So let's let's take some white. I'm gonna take this script. Ah, roller. You can use this. I can use whatever you have, and you can even just use white paint and a small brush. This is I would suggest using a line of rush. So liner brush. There's different sizes. This you would do for branches or for flourishes or for, you know, any kind of nice thin lines. But I would take a very thin brush. Dip it in your paint. This is if you don't have ah script stamp or whatever Stand So there's also stencils that you can get for really cheap dollar store has stencils, and you could just take your white paint and just make little squeeze and, you know, just make them around and that adds a lot. And I mean, not just fine. Could you get up there you wanted? So that's an idea. If you don't have a script pattern and you don't want to go get one, I do have one, so I'm gonna use it. This thing is beyond 30. I don't even know what to tell you about this. It's just a disaster. Another thing that would be cool is using silver metallic paint up there. That would be really cool. Every brand makes it like all the craft Brown's Make it the art Bruns The Cortex, Golden Americana. These ones here, you can get metallic paint at the at the General Cross area of Michael's. I know. So here's an example of where I didn't do a test and it came out in one big glob. So there you go, See, showed you. That's why I did that so that I could show you an example of what not to dio so we could just take our sponge. Maybe sponge that a little bit. You could probably dip this in some water and get most of it off. Actually, there we go. Kind of like that one there, so I'm just really that that still does not make everything OK. Go. And well, I was talking about metallic paint that made me really want to do some intimate paint, so I'm gonna get my metallic paint next. Now, look at that texture. I could just You don't even know what it is, but it's just texture in there, right? And this is how we do this by just put in the hold on. Just stuff on here. I'm gonna get some metallic paint, and I will be right back. So here's my metallic paint that I have. It's folk art. Um, growth paint, metallic. The name is Silver Startling. So I'm just gonna shake it up. I don't think I used to get I think this is a new bottle. So you could also use this golden iridescence. Davis Steel and I have this liquid text soft body. What do we want to dio? I know. I want to put some metallic paint somewhere, but I don't know where I think I'm gonna put it on here. You could do some silver metallic with your drywall tape or your bubble wrap. So I'm not expecting this to be really super obvious. I'm just hoping to be able to use it and we'll see how it turns out. I'm not even sure I'm hoping to be able to use it in just to add a little bit of kind of glam to the peace Does he have? It turns out I do add a lot of metallic paint on my pieces because I like them to be shiny like shine and glitter from clean this up here for you. So there you can see a little bit of it. I don't know if the camera picks up the shine very much. I don't think it does. So I'm gonna spray a little bit of the when you spray a little bit here with the perfect and then I'm gonna spray the start grave, and then I'm just gonna let that run a little bit, and then I'm just gonna wipe off the top of it. I want I want it to go inside the groups there. And if you want, you could. So you see how we added White and that really brought up that corner there? I'm just gonna leave this here because I like that. But I think I'm gonna add some weight here. So we didn't make this is dark, but I want to add some white in there. So let's do that now. It's gonna paint it here is going on here. I think that Oh, yeah, it's good. So I don't just a little weird thing about me. I don't love having. I don't I don't want a clean. I'd like I kind of want to fade away over here. So I'm just gonna add a little bit more because I don't want things to just obviously stop and start and that kind of Yes, I'm just gonna add a little bit too. It right there. Just bring it down. Lubitsch there. So that goes good there. When will I manage? Let's add this up here. Bring it down a bit. I like the little white specks that just kind of come out. They're really kind of cool. I think this is probably good for for the background and we will add more things once she's on there. We're going to add some more as we see how it's gonna work with her. So we've got enough going on around her. I still I feel I still feel like we need more than just that in the corner. We're definitely gonna have to drop him some purple there, not totally. As I get up my paintbrush and start working on it, he says that we were gonna stop for now. But you can change my mind. Another thing that might be kind of fun to do is just dropped this in for shine around. You know, that's kind of cool. Kind of looks like it's speaking out there, so I guess I'm not quite done. This is just a little too light. They get mixed with the white on my sponge and I want thes. I want these groups to kind of catch some of this. Just gonna drop some water in there to get the grooves Teoh feet and get it going throughout the grooves there. Drop some more great down here and just get it going in there. Here we go. I just want him. I just wanted to move through the grooves a little bit. Since we're having so much fun doing that, let's drop in some some back. Okay? So that kind of, um, you know, made that corner a little more interesting. You can just from this Donald, what more that. And one of the thing that I'm gonna do down here is I'm going to spray this with the bus and spray it with the her phone and just try to emphasize these of groups a little bit. There we go. See how it just It just goes down on the growth names in her book there. So that just kind of goes inside some of the grooves and stuff there. Let's go and put her together, tracer and put it together. And then we will put her on here, and hopefully all of this will be dry. But if it's not, I'll take my heat gun to it. The background on here is very instrumental in creating the mood of the peace. I wanted a kind of urban grunge look with a little bit of glamour at it. The texture and contrast of the black and white give us the grunge while the deep red violet give it a glam feel. These three colors, with the subtle textures and design, really helped to bring this piece from a regular image of a woman to something that is a dramatic statement piece. 7. Sketching Fashionista: Okay, so we are going to be sketching her now. I've tried to eliminate the shadows as much as possible. I've got about 34 lights around me, so we'll do the best we can. So she's quite tall and she's quite this piece. She's right in the middle. She's very confident. She's very much front and center. I'm gonna start. I'm gonna start with her head quite quite a ways up. So again, Ah, if you've watched any of my videos, you know that I just kind of keep making marks until I figure out where I'm out until I start seeing seeing something and I'm just making really light marks. Hopefully they'll be dark enough to see. I'm trying to make them a little bit darker than normal so that you can, uh, see them on camera. We're just trying to find her face. And like I said, she has a long face. But I just wanna make sure it doesn't get too long. And then we're just going to start with her neck here. I'm assuming that she's a model. I guess I created her, but kind of makes me think of a model. Okay, So as I've mentioned. Whenever I sketch, I always put the hair on early because it helps me to figure out their personalities. And ah, this helps me get to know them a little bit. So her hair is gonna be swinging out like that. This is gonna be coming around. I get so that we're starting to see her a little bit. So her net comes down like this. And then she's got this color. Her dress comes way up here and around. Let's just indicate that for and yet Okay. Um no wonder Shoulders to sloping. She's, uh, she's got she's She's not slouching at all. We don't want her soaking it up. Um, we want her very confident, very much. Kind of almost in your face, Kind of. But in a good way. No way. She's just a very strong, confident woman. Okay, this arm is going out. Well, just indicate that for no, um, right now we're not. You can if you want. Think about what size of canvas. You're putting her on like an 11 by 14 8 10 This is just an eight by 10 paper. That really doesn't matter. Like because I do some five by sevens of her with, like, a little bit different background. And sometimes I just sketch whatever. And I don't know what I'm gonna be doing with that sketch. And then I figure out the canvas size after. So I need to open her up in a in my computer, scan her in, open her up and then resize her according to the cameras, I'm gonna be putting around. Okay, so let's just get her progress in here. Um, trying to figure out what I wanted you here. I don't want her coming in too much. I want her waist. I want this hip to be higher in this hip. So in order to show that I'm just gonna make because she's walking, she's moving. She's watching Very ah, very purposefully. Whatever she's doing, if she's on a runway or she's just working on the street shopping, she's She's very purposeful. So I want to know, um, sure, that she's walking and she's moving. And to do that we race one, and then her dress just goes out quite a bit. Her dresses very billowing up in the wind. Oh, King. Mom, I just You hear the shot here? Okay, um, few adjustments need to be made. I think I want this dress to come up even more has come across here like that. And then her skirt comes down like this. Maybe her waist is a little too skinny. Let's have it come on a little bit. And this is coming in right in here and you can see it. A little bit of space there. Do a little shape there. E think that might work. I'm gonna bring her arm in a little bit more. So you don't want to draw just a completely straight line forearm. You want to come in a little bit, just very subtly. And then here there's a little bit of on. Here's her shoulder. Just gonna square that off a little bit more. So her shoulder comes in just a little bit and then comes back out. And then if we were doing towards the wrist, it would be coming back in towards the risk. And it's just a very subtle Well, it has come in here a little bit. I don't want her to look early, muscular. Something's off right here. But no, that doesn't work. Either can only that for now put it back to where? Waas, cause I didn't mind that. But then this has to match, too. Came once we get this in there, we might go to see a little bit better what's going on there. And this just comes around. Um, we just wanna be And then this is a split. Tom, we have a split here. What comes around those around meets down here, and then it's gonna come back out here so her legs will be shown here, and we'll we'll get to that. But let's just do a little bit here. So she's got a V neck comes quite low, just trying to see her. No. And then I kind of wanted to be just kind of sitting around her neck a little bit relaxed, Kate. And now we're going to have these ruffles that come around. So we're just gonna go like this, and we're gonna kind of make them smaller, far more narrows that come towards so they come up really good right here. And then I get a little bit smaller, you know? Okay. Um, so the way to put these together now is to erase that neckline. We don't need it there anymore. It was just kind of a guide. This is connected in here. We can see that inside there were gonna be able to see that right there. And, um, we're gonna see Don't see her. What? I want to dio Okay, we're going to see that, and we're going to see that. And I don't unless I put another one in. No, I don't like that. I'm there. Just gonna express line here, make it really kind of lose. I want to give it a lose feeling that might work. Yeah. Where do we feel about that? And then her neck just comes in here. And then this shows on the inside there did not show us here that shows here. I will not shows that. So you see how we connected them way. We have to make sure her neck is there, and then come right up to here. That shows how that works there if we want to, we can raise this up just a little bit to keep it the feeling that it's, you know, on her and not part of her skin, but that we would worry about more. So when we actually collage her and put her on the campus. Okay, so this this here is gonna come around lightly like this, and we're just gonna put some more ruffles in, just just like we put them in. Um, we could end it. We could just end it there. We wanted clearly. Well, I can't like that. Actually, sometimes I have to see the bad ideas before I can picture the good ideas. What will leave like that for now. So her legs have to be We have to be able to see her legs and have them makes sense right with this dress. So let's let's just move this right now. But we can see what her legs are gonna be. So her legs are gonna be We gotta figure this out. Her legs are hidden for the most part, first of all, but they have to come down straight. So let's and obviously there gonna be disproportionately long. You'll find that a lot in art, especially in fashion type pieces. And this is definitely a fashion tech piece. So she has super long lakes, as most of my girls do, but we still want to line them up kind of now her hip is up here, so it's really coming around here. And then I just want to put a faint. She's skinny, like just ignore that. And then that's how she would be okay if we didn't. If we weren't drawing this as a large dress, she wouldn't be as tall as she is. You know, like, if we were drawing this as, ah skirt, then her legs would probably, you know, and around there currently there. But because we really want to emphasize this piece is really a vote. The dress. Do we really want to emphasize that? And anybody in fashion illustration fashion design will tell you that you elongate the figures to emphasize the design size of quoting. We've got to, um I want her knees to be about here, right? I think, No, maybe a little bit higher. This is kind of hard, because you kind of have to guess anyway, if we were to draw the legs and it would look super weird, so I'm not even gonna bother drawing the legs and it'll it'll just confuse us, which maybe some people would not agree with. Some people would say that it would help them for me on my brain. It would not help me. It would confuse me. So I'm gonna put her news a boat there. I just keep drawing Marx till I see. See? See it? So I'm just gonna keep fiddling around here till I see her legs, you know, suddenly kind of pop out at me. Um, this one goes, we're having this one in front plan, so I hope you can see that. Good. If it goes out of focus, just yell at me. As I said before, I won't be able to hear you much. It will make you feel better. Okay, um, we want to make sure they're not too skinny because they're super long. So if there if there super skinny and super long, they're not gonna look like legs. I'm gonna look like some kind of weird who and then her feet come out so we will barely have enough room for her feet here. I'm starting to see our leg in there. Looks kind of weird right now, So this hip is coming there. This one is coming here, and we'll adjust this as needed once we see a little bit more this leg is behind, and then this is gonna be just coming up against it. Six match even more so, actually, and then once we put the dress in, there will be able to It will make a little bit more sense. We hope that's the plan. Anyway, this one is behind so with the legs, you want to come in a little bit of the knee and then you just slightly go out and start coming again. And towards the ankle Say was here. We're looking at the leg. Straight on. Um, now, this blank here is coming behind. And so the ankle is going to be in its possibly up in the air. She's She's standing on this one. This is her main support, like right now. So her ankle is here, and her other ankle is probably gonna be about there, not just helps us figure out where we need to come into, and it's just hiding behind her legs, just coming in a little behind there, and then we come. Jones and me, you know, there it's just indicated a little bit of shoes. Um, I think I was quite right. I definitely want to give the feeling that it's behind and she's gonna have pretty long fit . Okay? And we really want to make sure that we show this space here because otherwise it could get confusing with the dress. Stress just comes right over here, and it's gonna kind of come around in front of her leg and around. Okay, so we're starting to see something here, and this is gonna come just around, and that's just gonna do something, Don't know yet. And then we have some pieces that are gonna come back here, so let's we don't want to match it up right there. This is, like, really billowing up. So let's figure out the, um, bottom over, Dressed in what we want to do. Their kind of comes around here as a little whatever. I don't doesn't really matter what what you do with that great to the way we want to add some ah, more movement. And to make it feel like the skirts, like folding in on itself. Let's emphasize this coming in more. And then we start right from here, right from the edge here, and we come in. Okay, so that makes it look like her dresses folding in on itself. Okay? And we can do the same thing here, So let's make these come in even more. It's like this come around really nice and even. And, uh so this is going to come in right here trying to draw this so that you can see it. Some kind of drawing in a weird angles. I was just have this going like this and coming straight. And then, uh, let's just see how this will work. We're going to draw a corner coming up and pending early so we can do that. You can make this bigger. You've got something there, and we're gonna add some shading in here to show Cem billowy shadows. So I think that's good. I fixed the straight lines here, and then I just added a little bit here. Just it's starting to slip up a little bit there. Um, and then we're gonna be indicating lots with, um, some shadows and wrinkles. You don't need to do a whole lot when you have those slits in there. Indicate that one a little bit. Okay, so that's the dress on. And let's just finish up with the hair a little bit there's not. Hair is pretty simple with this girl. She just has super long, straight flowing hair it straight. But it's flowing and it's going after the one side here and it's coming through here. And, uh, when we paint that, I'll show you how to just clean that out there. It's just, however, a little bit of movement so that it's not perfect ground saying there, this is gonna come around. Let's not have it lineup right now. It's lined up exactly with her color, so we don't really want that. You want to have edges Online's staggered. You don't wanna have them all there. Now she does have bangs. I'm that kind of come from here and I just come down and we're just gonna indicates some Fuld's in her hair. I don't see how about right away. Just adding a few of those at some moment, and then I'm going to come around here, none of this and then I'm just gonna another one there, okay? Have this street coming right from here, and then it whips up behind her, and then it kind of flips out again, and then we have this line area right here get and we want to do with similar thing over here. Just come right here and it's kind of coming in. Um, actually, let's have a little bit more. So what's coming in right here? And then Clay had such. We'll put a few streaks in there, and that's really well we have to do for her hair. Let's just make sure her face shape is the way we want it. I'm gonna have it come in a little bit. I think that'll work, consulting it a little bit, but bring the hair and front you want, but she doesn't first with their hair too much because it's just her hair is just always wonderful, so she doesn't have to fuss with it very much, and so we don't have to trust with it too much, other than to make sure it looks like we don't have to put up with it. I am liking her. I think she's good and just I think I might want to square off her jaw just a little bit more. I don't want it looking to round until a little better. Honestly, we'll do more with her. When we painted with Kate now It's a good time to look back and see where her neck is. Her neck is kind of looking a little bit weird, so I'm just gonna It comes out there a little bit. Yeah. And that Come up there. I think that looks a little better. Bringing her shoulder line up a little bit and make sure shoulders lineup, We're supposed to go. Okay, so now I'm just gonna go over her and, um, shave her in. You've shaded her all in. Let me just give you a little bit closer look of her. And you can see where I shaded in where she would be in shadows a little bit. And behind her you're there and her hair behind her head. But here, in here. 8. Designing the Dress: After you have scanned and printed the sketch, you need toe outline your printed sketch with a black marker. A sharp. You will be fine. This will help us to see this sketch through the pattern paper and script paper were using . If you do not have a light box for the step, you can do it against a window. Okay, so I trace this out, and now we just have to get some papers. I have a selection here. There's just some colored paper. Now we're looking at a red violet. This color right here, we want that will go best with what? The colors we're doing here. And we really want to keep in these same colors here. So we're going to do the dress in this deep red violet. This just basically has, you know, two colors, three colors black, white and the red violet. I have a Costco, uh, light that I use as my light box. It's actually not technically light boats, but we're gonna use it for that. I'm gonna trace dress my blind you a little bit, so we want to just trace the stress. So I'm gonna go ahead and do this and then we'll be right back. Right. And now you're gonna take your script paper. We're just gonna put this over top what you want to do when you trace for head? Because we're going to paint most of her hair on the actual campus, not on the script paper. So on this one, we're not going to trace out her hair. So are you gonna do you wanna make sure you have room for her arms to, cause we're gonna connect those together, take trace over her head her face. You didn't want to make this the chin line because we're gonna need that. There is a reference. Make sure you get her neck there, okay? And then you just go up into her hair and just like that, and then I'm gonna make just a few lines so that I know where I want her hair kind of be these marks right here. I'm tracing those just to use his reference, but I've I'm making her actual. I'm gonna cut out her head a vote here, okay? And then we go down with the neck and we're just gonna go right over the stress because the dress will go over top of her shoulders there. Just come around like this, and I was gonna come up, make sure we cover her neck. We don't need to make any marks for that. And to the other arm. Make sure interest. This this is just gonna go down. We can just kind of end it. We don't have to draw the hand at all. Just joined that up there. So you can kind of see what's the what it looks like there. And then we'll put the dress on top of that. It looks pretty bad, right? Therapist. And then we're going to be doing same thing with her legs. So let's cut this out the dress, and then we're going to do some texture on and some paint on it. No, I have the dress here, and this is the piece that will go behind her legs here using the same, um, texture techniques that we did to make the background. We're going to do some stuff on this background. So right now it's a little bit red, so I want Teoh. I'm gonna put a little, make it a little bit more. Uh, that's, um, violet color to this. You can use your water color palettes that will make a good glaze. You can use your glimmer Mist. I'm just gonna kind of do a little bit both here. And why would I come up with something? I'm gonna put this on here, so we're gonna texture the same way that we did on the background. And don't forget about this little piece behind that we need in there. And I don't really have too much of, Ah, plan for this. Just kind of doing whatever I cannot and get some water colors here and with water color. We still have this. It's a little bit dried up from yesterday, so we can just go back on that same spot. I'm gonna need more water in there and just really slightly here. It's glaze over this. You don't have to do it in any kind of pattern. You don't want to. You could leave sections or put them in there. It really doesn't matter. You do want to make sure it's quite quite transparent. Quite fluid. Okay, I'm gonna take my ThinkPad, and I'm going to just step in here. See, All this makes a difference. If not If this isn't enough to do it, I will use some acrylic paint and doesn't look like it's doing a whole lot. So I'm gonna add some paint. My palette here. Dioxins in purple. I'm just gonna put a little bit in there. This Eliza in crimson might be kind of interesting. You can kind of do that. That's a very similar color to what we made up with the with the raw number and the red paint that we had. So I'm gonna add some black from here. That might be a little spread out a little bit, get everywhere. And I'm actually gonna take some of this dioxins in purple. He's going to do that, and then I'm going to stop it test there. And so I want to kind of have this going off a little bit and in different areas. And I wanted to just cut off. So either I have to add something. Either have to add something right there to kind of continue that over were at another stamp over. I'm just gonna put some really water john paint on here. Oh, are, Actually, maybe I'll just do The government creates already good and water down. I just felt there they're now We're starting to get some good. You got designs in there? You can get from stumps at the dollar store that can be relatively cheap in the craft section. I was gonna do it. Test one of that one. I don't want the black to be too dark. Just like that's That's outsmart purple in there. They're now we're starting to see a design, and we've got some texture and it's looking good. And I'm gonna on a little bit over here, so or not alone case there anything else I want to dio? Maybe something right here would be nice. Yeah. There we go. So you see how that really just gives such a cool pattern and texture. And now we have a completely different pattern than what we started with. I did forget you doing this so you can see the difference. And this one compared to this one, it doesn't even look like the same paper anymore. So expect that to the site. I'm just gonna brush my brush it with the purple, A virus in the red violet. And then, um, let's stumps. No, it's really going. Rachel No, no, That'll work this on there. So I would say whatever pattern you do pick if you find like, a stamp. But these film stumps were great because they just kind of skip in and out, and they just pick up some and whatever and it's really good instead of using acrylic paint because it'll just be more of a defined shape, whereas thes anc's or the water down the really water down acrylic paint or the really for the water colors. We'll get the effect where it just kind of skits around, and there's darker and lighter shades of it. I'm gonna drive these, make sure they're all drive and then we'll come back. Now we are going to put her together. So you're going Teoh, line her up here. You have to do a few tricks to get her to get the next to go around here. So what, we're gonna dio we're going to cut where we have that lying here. Her net goes right there. So But we want this piece above. We want this piece right here. So in order to get her her dress to go behind her neck like we have right here. We're going to cut on the dress. We're going to cut around here because we need this piece to be to say there, So it is gonna cut around here and then we'll be able to put it inside there. Let's do that now. Okay, So when you cut out your dress, it should look like this. With the these two pieces going behind. I want to really make sure you understand this. I cut down here on the on the pattern paper and you want to cut around here, and you want to make sure you get these little lines because we're gonna add in thes Quigley's with our shade shadings. So you cut down here, go in here. Don't go over here. Go here. And then right down there, OK? And then this is what she will look like. The neck is just going to meet up with the dress. So I think those are gonna just sit right on her shoulders there, and it should line up if you cut it properly so that it looks like it's going around behind her. Okay, so let's put that on now. So we just put her back this is the sketch that we traced. This isn't our actual scribe sketch. This is the one that we scanned and then printed off and then traced on with black. 10. Painting the hair Fashionista: we're going to be painting the hair now. You can use black credited tube very. I hardly ever use black run of the tube. If I dio, it'll just be on my mixed media pieces, which this is. But I also want to show you how to mix up your own black that if this just gives it a little bit more life and doesn't make it so flat. So I'm gonna take some ultra marine blue, which is this color right here. And, uh, take some dioxin purple, which is right here and that you can kind of see, we get a a little bit there, and I'm just being set up were purple. I usually don't mix colors. I usually do it on pallets on. Then I'm gonna take some, uh, burnt umber and then we have a black. It's just it's just a lot more rich than this Black. I don't know if you can tell that on the camera. Here's here's my other black and then here is this one. And we just changed this to see if it'll help at all. No. Okay, so here's a little bit, so you can kind of see this is just a lot more rich. It has some more depth in it than just a plain flat black like this kind of looks a little dull, whereas this has a lot more life in it. So that is ultra marine blue mixed with some dioxins in purple. And when you get this nice so here's here is kind of what the purple looks like. Here's the ultra marine blue. Here's that black that we just did very hard to see on camera. Oh, and then, like I make some bird time, brother, it's so we're gonna use that and we're gonna see how it works. So let's wait for back to our sketch here just so we can kind of get an idea of what we're doing. We're just coming up over her head and just going Teoh, come a little bit like that were coming down coming down quite far, so couldn't get it up there. So if you want, it might help you to have your sketch besides you just so that you can refer to it. And another thing you can do actually all to show you he's gonna use this Brown. This is something that you could do. If you're not totally confident in, just put in the paint on there right away. Do this and just kind of outline it. Obviously, her is gonna be a lot darker than this, but for now, this this will get covered up anyway, so and then you just want to do some, like waves coming over here. No one coming all the way down and across and make sure you get in time there, I think, and we want to have a little bit of we don't want to completely round on her head. And remember, we want this to be swinging over and then around. Um, and because we put the mod podge on there, it's just very easy to work that away with their fingers. If you wait, you know, a really long time, then you can't wipe it off very easily. But you have quite a bit of turning to work with this, which is nice. Okay, so I'm just going to see about that. And if your fingers don't work the way just if you're looking in the brush and there you go . Done. Okay. Um not sure I like. I can't really see what I've done there. So I'm gonna have to put paint there. Just a get my dear. I'm gonna dip it in the paint here. I'm gonna just start filling in. I want a nice, smooth judge here, so, yes, there are better brushes you could use for this. But I want to make it so that those of you who maybe don't have crazy amount of art supplies can can do this. And you don't have to feel like you have to spend a fortune. This is something that you can do. And as you get more used to it and a friend of what you like to use and started brushes, then you couldn't start getting your own supplies. And you can start spending a little bit of money once you get used to it. Once the movement and for the bottom here, we don't want just like a hard edge. That right? Because her hair is nice and straight, and it's just gonna kind of whisper out. Okay, So as the paint dries because there is mod podge underneath there it's streaking a little bit. But as that dries will be able to fill it in better. And we just want to dio have a nice make Sure you get in behind her her neck here. I'm trying to do this so that I don't get in the way of the camera, which is kind of hard, um, not totally loving the shape that I've got here. I gotta figure what I want to do instead. It's not It's not doing it for me. I'm just gonna wait that off with my brush. It's gonna kind of carved that out there. Yeah, I think her hair well, actually, you know what? I'll be able to tell a lot more when I feel in her bank. So I'm gonna do that before I any more over here, Her bangs, we just start her. She had bangs that start like from the middle of her head. I would say like, half a, and we want them to be really wispy. They're straight across, but they're gonna be kind of miss B. So now we can kind of feed her shake a little bit better, and I see that I just think I want to come out a little bit or come in a little bit right there, so what we did with the sketch. This is where the sketch comes in handy because it really gives us a guideline for how we want to paint it. I mean, you can just do this without so let's trends again. See if I can figure out what I want here, not just comes out a lot of it. Yeah, it's better right now. It's Yeah, I got a global paint that I didn't makes up for a brother. So if this isn't dry, it'll start picking up the paint underneath isn't dry yet. It's going to start picking up paint instead of putting it down. So I'm just gonna leave it a little bit. I'm just gonna fill this party because we haven't done that yet to show you that close up a little bit so you could see I just did some little twists there. This part here was part of the background, So it's kind of looking a little weird. I might make her hair a little bit longer just so that we don't have that were going on there. I think I will, with mixed media background. Sometimes there's things that get in the way cause it's not planned out like a like other paintings would be. And so you kind of have to adjust as you go and be prepared to do that. Or you could just not care, I guess. But it kind of em picky. Even with mixed media now, she doesn't have as much movement as I would like towards the bottom. So how I'm going to fix that. So right here She doesn't have as much movement as I want her to, so I'm gonna Dio is with my brush, Get some water, and I'm gonna come in. And I'm just gonna go in here like this and carved that out there. I like that. It's going to take some of the some two. So these little subtle little differences even just taking, you know, a little bit off her hair makes a big difference. She is not. She's not a fruit tree girl. I don't know. How else does it? She's very well put together. So her hair is long and it's very much composed even though it's long and we don't want little things whisking off. And ah, we don't want overly curly like she doesn't She doesn't need to really do a lot with her hair because her hair is just already very awesome. So she doesn't need to fuss too much with it. She basically just needs to brush it, and it's got a little wave in it. It's perfect. And she doesn't She's not overly curling it. That's what I'm getting at. So we don't want her to have huge, massive waves in her hair. I mean, maybe you dio I don't so much. That's how I'm painting her. All right, so now I've got to make sure this is Dr before I try to put another layer on. Otherwise, it's just not gonna work. So I'm coming back in here. No, I'm able to fill us in. Ah, better. Her hair is relatively easy compared to some other here that we could dio I do spend quite a bit of time on here as I I have mentioned in other videos because I think it really hopes the girls to have a personality that I want him to. It just It just helps me to give them a personality there. Yeah, that was looking really good. Cats come around this right here. You really want to get the feeling that her hair is behind her. Here. Come still not quite sure about that shape that I got on the top that we can we can fix out here. And you just want to give her who bangs it coming out. And also, when we add the highlights that will help a lot with the shape of her hair that she's having. So it's just a little too rounded right here. We've got some nice movement right there, but I need to fix It's a little bit of the shape Can I'm looking that. But I'm not loving this. And I'm just trying to figure out what we should dio Okay, so just something a little bit that we can do is just give her a little bit of I should right there. That helps maybe bring it out right here a little bit here. So just so subtle differences. I'm just gonna take a tiny little rush here because I've painted over her her color here. So I'm just gonna take a brush with water and just it's that a way best I can. Can I take some paper cowbell? Just a little sheet of paper told here and with this off can do it very well. There that worked Just got a little bit right here. Still, it's hard to tell what's what's what. They're now what's her neck and what is her? My Hollinger's. Some of that if we can. Another thing you can dio is just take some. I'll just take some Elizabeth crimson or just some deep red in whatever color you have. And if you want, you can just just gonna go in here and emphasize that a little bit more there might have to do with the layers. All right, so now take your little round. We're gonna try White. I'm just gonna do it right out of the tube, actually, because such a little bit that we need. And so I'm just going in here, getting that out a little bit off there, and I'm gonna go in and just help to define some of these highlights here. And I want to come around and then go back out to meet up here. So I just watered down my brush a little bit and wiped it off. And then I soften some of that weight and it helps her to not be so quite okay. And then we'll just go in here and make another one. Like we need some coming out here. Well, let's do well, coming from here. I don't want to frame her head and white. So And like, every time I do hair, we're gonna go back and forth between lights and darks, lights and darks until we get the effect we want. Um, I was just There's gonna be a street coming, kind of from behind her head coming out front there, I think. Just put that right out there. Then we're gonna go over it with some water. I just saw from that end. Afraid a little bit of that oak. It's gonna don't. That was me, Alberto, because we're getting a little too much water in there. Okay, that's good. Just want to put in a few streaks. Sheer And her bangs brush? Yeah, I'm not sure. Her bangs air completely done yet. I kind of want to do some more with them some, And from our perspective, her bangs are starting quite near the top of her head, even though no, in reality, they're starting. You know, that's probably halfway kind and where we're elongating her head a little bit too. I was thinking I want to bring this out a little bit more here. What if we did something like that? Yeah, I like that. That shows that the hairs curling in and then out for that's nice. And then we're gonna just smooth a soap with some water, and that helps to make it a little bit silver gray, which is more realistic to help would be. So I mean, yeah, I would say she has very black hair, and then the highlights are going to be quite quite right. I want to break this one up, so I'm just gonna add some dark there. Yeah, I like that. Maybe just almost disappearing there don't want, like, a whole streak the same street going all the way down. So we just have to kind of I haven't come in and out. Maybe So we're gonna thinking them up a little bit. It's good to have for the a little bit more of a break in there. There we go. See, Just having a few wisps like that all of a sudden brings it together. You know, I've got to fix something here. So see how even though that's dry, I'm still able to go in and, uh, kind of carpet out. That's what's nice about having the mark watch back there. It makes it so it's workable, even though it's dry. Okay, I actually think I'm happy with that. It's a little bit more rounded than what I was wanting, but I like it better than what I just have. So Okay, I'm just gonna come in and just carve these a little bit more of these highlights go back in with my black. Um, Dr went up there. What about? I'm gonna curve, listen, kind of doing not really negative painting, but I guess kind of just carving the highlight a little bit better. And one thing that could help to, um it really gives a hair movement and to make it seem like it's coming in on itself is to have this kind of coming around here and that one coming around coming and going back to our dark and feeling that end so that it looks like it's flipping flipping over there. What do you think about that? I'm just gonna to start a few. Little West me is in here. Really? Like I'm hardly even touching the Congress. There 11. Shading the figure fashionista: Okay, now we're going to start to shave her. So there's a few things I want to show you. A boat shading. I give you fuel options and materials list. So here is the Reeves. That is quite affordable. And I have They got them in a whole set. So I'm gonna make a line off that this is without any mod podge down on the canvas. We will be doing it with Martha Jobs because it's down there after you. The difference here. This is a favor, Casto. You can get these Michael's Here's thes jello does that. You can also get I have these here. These neo color wax pastels. They would be similar to these. This is what you're looking for? Something that will blend out. Okay, this won't blend because it'll only blend friends a little bit. It will with the mod podge, and I'll show you how to do that. So thistle is all without my punch, and it works really well. These other ones here, those three Okay, so all of them, But this one doesn't really work toe blend on something that isn't my punch. So you want to find something that will blend well like that, I'm gonna shade a little bit of her skin. And we're not doing a whole lot of shading on this piece because I do want to keep it really stark looking, but I'm gonna show you what I mean here. So I just put a little mark, and then I blend that down. So see how nice that shades on there. And without the mod podge, it just does this, and it kind of gets all wrecked. So that's this one. And you can just make one tiny little mark and then you just lend the rest with your fingers. So we just want light color here, and we are going to do more on her dress. We're going to about some things to her dress yet some lines. But right now, we're just going to shave her skin and just gonna put a little light Shane underneath that , you need you just on that out. It has to get a little bit of Ah, no, the other thing you could do which we're going to We're going to outline her neck a little bit too. With the ball point pen. What? And my brush You just make them work. And then you she out. Now, technically, her back legs should be shaded a little bit more back there. Must make sure we get that because this is her, that her right leg, which looks like which is on our left, is going to be behind. So it's going to have more of a shadow coming over here. Where is this one's gonna be more exposed to the light. It's gonna catch more light. So let's just make sure that the shadings really minimal on that leg and then more so on this leg to the side. Now she does, huh? Skin on her feet. We'll just show that I'm gonna want to keep her skin quite white. So I'm just going to But some of this white I don't think it has. I don't know what the actual name of it is and I'm going to, and this kind of helps push the printing back, make it more more subtle, which is nice. I like it. Here's Reeves has this so we can try using that. It probably doesn't work quite as good. It gets similar effect. Okay, so that's let's back up here and your similar with her arms and her face there. What? Just gonna get rid of this little little mark we have here. What kind of hard for me to get into here? So I'm just gonna use my fresh, actually get someone with brush here, it's and go in here and just get a little bit because we wanted to be more right in there. I think that's normally I would go over. I kind of mix the to use this weight and this, uh, like, it's like a flesh tone, But with her, I don't want to. Like I said, I want her to remain quite stark. She's quite white, so I think it goes with the background better. No, we need to do some more with the dress. That's what I'm gonna do now is I'm just gonna outline her dress and especially these folds that come in here. Especially to do these. I just really wanna make sure that they are noticeable and they get stuff on them, so the I kind of have to clean them off on the paper here. Did you then this food comes down here now, this is one of those pieces where I don't mind if she's outlined a little bit thicker and a little bit more. Obviously it's a little bit more obvious than other pieces I've done. 12. Adding dimension to the dress: So now we're going to add the wrinkles in her dress, the folds. They're just very, very loose. Light folds or not, it's not a heavy material, so it's not going. Teoh create a lot of creases. So all I'm gonna do is just indicate them. We're just going to use this one here. This kind of comes down and up, so just kind of put on here. And this much that out will build these up a little bit, too. And we don't need to be too picky with them. So it's It's really just going to give an impression, not a huge Oh, I forgot for about this little one here and then we'll just do some here. This one is kind of going like that, that there. So we're starting to build it up. It's still very faint. We have a little crease coming down there and just put something just right. Maybe like that. Oh, you really want to smear that out? Let's go. That's right here in town. This comes like that to indicate this is kind of flowing up, so we're just gonna color that in a little bit, coming that up a little bit just so that this is brighter here. So it gives the impression that it's coming up. Same is down here. You have a Medicaid that as well. And then we have this here, right here. Now, this is gonna be quite dark right in here. It was just color that in a little bit. And then that's gonna catch the light a little bit. This is gonna catch the light, and then it's gonna be darker right in here. Now, another thing that you could do just a kind of directed a little bit and help from I learned it. 13. Final Accents: I'm just gonna color in her shoes, I think paint on them. Just color them in here. I might have to paint on them clean. You were there. Okay? And then I want to do right across here. This is not the best breast. Three isn't credits Connecticut sexually, and then I need to do one. Just, um Well, here it would be. I don't know. I lost my Merrick. Small there works. No. If you happen to get it, go get any of the silver metallic paint you can use that I have a couple of have this pewter liquid pearls. This is a little bit dimensional, and this is also dimensional. It's his night star, Robert paint, actually, but it works just swelling here. This is Onyx Pearl. I think it's gonna be too dark, but this will work just fine. And you would just put assure you here so lutely ideas to put three across. So I was gonna put one in the center first, and then I'm gonna go more to this side and over to this side, and then there this will be hidden a little bit, but we'll just indicate it. And the curving around anyway, so that's fine. And then one right in the middle here from there, right in the middle, Not not in the middle. So remember, you want to put this in the middle of what is actually her shoe? Not in the middle of this. Not middle from here to here, but in the middle of where her foot would actually be right Right here. And then just this one. Kind of getting cut off just a little bit, okay? And then we're gonna do the same for her belt. So we're gonna put five. I don't want an even number. So we're gonna put one right in the middle. Pain doesn't quite dry it. So, Harry, go put. One is kind of going around. Put this one going around. Sorry. Hope. And then right here and right here. And you can draw like any kind of belt you want. Like you don't have to put these on here. You could just drawn actual bucko. This is what I'm doing. I might add some three dimensional paint onto this. These ones here just because I think it would look kind of clothes. Yeah, that back helps to make it a little bit more edgy. Squeeze a little bit. All right. So be careful of that, because that does take a little bit of time to dry. Next, we're going to do the final accents and any anything we might want to fix a little bit. So as I'm looking at this piece, I'm just seeing a few things. Ah, this is the time when you just really step back and look at it, you know, maybe even come back the next day. I don't know. So as I'm looking at this, e noticed that you have this design that we had put on the background right above her head . And it's just kind of bugging me because it kind of looks like it's joined to her head in some way. And I want her her hair. I want her to come forward a little bit, and so I'm gonna make this lighter for this to come forward a little bit, so I'm actually gonna put her upside down so that I can just kind of work here a little bit easier. So I'm gonna take this sponge that we used for the gray. Got just a little bit of great. I'm just going to start slowly here to see if I don't want it. I kind of want to see where I match like this. Okay, I'm not gonna be able to see Come back later. Someone's gonna have to start slowly. Gets to make sure that I no one, uh, I want I want to put more white that this will help to just knock it back a little bit. Okay? And then I'm gonna just pick up a little bit of white and then start going in here. No, this sponge was completely dry. I had cleaned it out. So you don't You want to make sure that there's not a dark color that still went on there because that will mess it up for you. Okay, so we're gonna have to fund that. I would, obviously. But so just, you know, on that out. Okay. It's that's starting to look a little better. Don't worry. We're still gonna be drinks more stuff there, but it's really definitely putting her head back a little bit. And then I'm gonna go in there with another layer of weight. So we've done that. We still got a Dismore there and we've got a really, um Between the two paper lines here, I kind of want to blend that a little bit more and just make that a little bit less noticeable. So I'm gonna take my white again. I just try not to annoy you with the tapping sound. We can still see it, which is fine. That's I mean, you're going to see that. And actually, that's part of the effect. That's what people like about this style. But, um, visually, overall, it helps bring it over over that line. Whereas before I felt like it was just here was one shade and here was another shade. And now we've got it blended more. And while I'm at it, I'm just gonna add some weight just around here. Line it up around there. What else do we need to dio now? I just want to put a little bit of texture, their toe, blend it into the hole canvas. Overall, I'm gonna put a little bit of black right here, and I'm just gonna right on that and right there. You want to be careful and make sure you mentally know where she is because you don't want to stop over her face. It's not gonna be fun. So see how that helps to get rid of that part there. It's kind of going around here. I don't like that. I want to kind of be more random. You sure know exactly where that is. Unjust. Stumped there. So that helps a little bit. And that brought it right up there. But we're still not done up here. I'm gonna take this, but some weight back in along there because it never did finish doing that. I was gonna roll this alone here, and we look this way too. It's good. We want to get it right close up to her. So I'm just gonna put it this way. I can see better what I'm doing. There you go. I like that, Chris. I don't like the when one speck in her hair. So I'm just gonna fix that. Come back in here a little bit better straighten out her the budget from here. Just make it more to find. Faded out a little bit when we were going around there. That's okay. Not a big deal. Just come back in there. Yeah, I like not. And I think we need to ask some right Here. Meet at some some kind of something. And this doesn't even as you can tell, it doesn't even look like writing. It just looks like whatever just looks like from cool spotters. Almost. Let's just go right up here. I don't I think I'm gonna do it this way. That kind of picks up some of the the comme bossing their riches really cool. I want to frame this and just a little bit more. So, honestly, the a really good way to do that is to take this stuff that I was just using for weight and put them back on it. I want this to be school crossing weakness did the same thing right here. And as you could be just a really nice thing on. Then I'm gonna go down to the bottom and do that here. We're just gonna go like this and you want to dio anything more, just going to do a little something here and put this out like this and it's gonna like, look like that's the design that's coming out of the corner there. See how that works. So we rolled along there and then I just So it looks like it's coming out of that mess in the corner that if you want to your interests down here, I don't want a whole lot of black up there. But I do what? Some. Just a dark right there. So I'm gonna take my black ink, and I'm just gonna go over it like this on the ThinkPad. It's pretty right off. So? So I got a little line of black there, which is nice, but I want still not totally satisfied with it. Just gonna try a little bit of this and see what that will look like. Just coming down. Maybe. Maybe just off of here. Just trap some of that in that kind of looks cool. Um, I don't want totally match about. Let's just a little bit over here. I just wanted very faint almost to look like it's all right there. There we go. Yeah, well, what we needed right there, I kind of decided I'm completely happy with it. I think think I am. We've got some good tones coming there. Yeah, I think we're good. When you are done your finished fashion east that you can tweet or instagram, You're finished artwork. I'd love to see it. Just use hashtag Jenelle n online posted on there and let me see it. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Go to my gallery Jenelle nickel dot com and check out my pieces and see what classes you would like for me to offer online because I would love your input. And I want to offer more class classes so you know what those are?