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Fashion and Style: How to Discover Your Personal Style

teacher avatar Tracy Gold, Personal Stylist, QVC Fashion Presenter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. How to Discover Your Personal Style

    • 2. What To Expect

    • 3. Introduction: Assessing Your Existing Look

    • 4. Introduction: What is Your Existing Look?

    • 5. Introduction: What Does Your Existing Look Say About You?

    • 6. Introduction: Let The Journey Begin!

    • 7. Section 1: Does Your Look Speak of Who You Are?

    • 8. Section 1: What Look Do You Want to Create?

    • 9. Section 1: What Do You Want Your Look to Say About You?

    • 10. Section 1: Your Existing Look vs Dream Look

    • 11. Section 1: What Stops You?

    • 12. Section 1: Wear It Anyway

    • 13. Section 2: What Do You Love to Wear?

    • 14. Section 2: Analysis of Clothing You Love

    • 15. Section 3: Who and What Inspires You?

    • 16. Section 3: Key Elements of Your Mood Board

    • 17. Section 4: Defining Your Personal Style

    • 18. Section 4: How to Put Your Style Into Action

    • 19. Section 4: What You Need to Create Your Personal Style

    • 20. Section 5: How to Shop Your Personal Style

    • 21. Section 5: Online Shopping Tips

    • 22. Section 6: Budget Shopping Tips

    • 23. Well Done! Going Forward

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About This Class

Do you spend a fortune on clothing and have nothing to wear?  Do you find shopping very frustrating because you don’t know what to buy or have you gone through a big life or body change recently and the things that used to work…don’t work anymore?

In this course, Tracy Gold will take you through a process that will help you to discover, define and refine your personal style.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Understand what your style says about you
  • Learn to curate your closet to reflect your personal style
  • Make it easier to clear out your closet so you only have clothing that you love and wear
  • Make it easier to shop for clothing that you will love and wear
  • Make it easier to get dressed in the morning
  • Learn to create a look that reflects who you are
  • Learn to create a look that fits your budget

This is a comprehensive course including a combination of video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and slides.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tracy Gold

Personal Stylist, QVC Fashion Presenter


Hello, I'm Tracy Gold. I am a personal stylist, fashion designer, QVC fashion presenter and show host.  I have been styling women of all different sizes, body shapes and ages for over 18 years.  I share fun and practical fashion tips that you can implement right away and see the difference.

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1. How to Discover Your Personal Style: Hi ladies. Do you tend to spend a fortune of clothing and still have nothing to wear? Or do you tend to reheat this whole shopping idea because you go into store with and have no idea what to buy. Or have you been through a big life or body changed recently and suddenly the things that used to work just don't work anymore. I'm Tracy gold and I'm a personal stylist and YouTube fashion influencer for women over 40, and I've run my own fashion business for the last 15 years. I have styled a variety of different women, different ages, buddy shapes, buddy types, personalities, personal styles, you name it. I've done it. In this course. I'm going to share with you the methods that I have tried and tested with my clients and they'd have really, really worked. I'm going to teach you how to discover, define, and refine your personal style, and you know what? Once you do that, it is going to help you save time because it's going to be easier to get dressed in the morning. It's going to save you money because you know what you buy, you no longer going to buy a whole bunch of things you'll no longer wear. And it's going to make sure that you always have clothes in your closet that you love. And you actually where. Thanks ladies for trusting me with us. I'm so excited to share my tips with you. I'm excited to have you on board this course. I look forward to engaging. 2. What To Expect: Thanks ladies for joining me on this course on personal style. Now, you may be asking yourself the question, why do I need to define a personal style? But probably if you're on this course, you already know that it's a struggle for you. The thing about personal style, it is the biggest growing trained. And I think one of the reasons is that the trains just keep coming and going over and over and over again. I also think is women over 40, we become less concerned with trained and high fashion and more about creating a look that represents who we are. In this course, I'm really going to deal with some of the myths and some of the fears that we have around creating our own personal style. For many women, when I ask them what is their personal style and how would they describe it, they can't even describe it. In this course, I'm going to take you through a process that will help you to determine what your personal style is. We're going to look at things like, what is your existing look and what does that say about you? What look do you want to create? Who and what inspires you? What coding do you really love to wear? What clothing do you not like to wear? What do you want to be wearing on a daily basis? We're also going to look at the fears and the things that stop us from creating our own personal style and dressing in a way that's really authentic and real for us. And we're going to then look at some very practical ways on how to rate your closet specifically for your personal style, to wear clothing that suits your personal style. And very importantly, how to shop for your personal style. Ladies, this is going to save you tons of time and money. So I'm super excited to go on this journey with you. 3. Introduction: Assessing Your Existing Look: To get you started again, to take you through a process that will help you to determine what your look is now and what it says about you. Now if you haven't already downloaded the worksheets for this exercise and then pause this video now and go and download it. If you've got it gravid, gated, ready, and we'll start on the journey. 4. Introduction: What is Your Existing Look?: Question number one, how would you describe your existing look? Now for some women, this may be a really, really simple question, but for you it may not be. I've put some words on the worksheet that will give you some form of a guideline. But ladies, there is no right or wrong about this. Does your book say things like, You tend to be quite classic. Like very simple items that do not vary fashion forward or that you like things with neutral colors. Maybe you like very colorful things and you like lots of print and pattern. And you like to mix them all up and have some fun with your look. Or maybe you're feeling like you look just really is quite duality and could use a little bit of a change. Maybe you wearing baggy items, baggy clothing. You're not wearing much color and you're not feeling that inspired by you look. So take some time now, pause this video and write down the answers to that question. 5. Introduction: What Does Your Existing Look Say About You?: Question number two, what do you think your book says about you? This can be quite a tough question to answer, but I'd like you to use some of the words as the guides below, but come up with your own ones. You think outside the box on this, what do you think your book says about you to the world? You know, ladies in reality, the way we dress, the way we show up in the world, and the way we present ourselves does say quite a lot about us. We need to give some thought to what it is that it says, it could say a multitude of things and these once again, no right or wrong, that pause the video and take some time to answer the question. 6. Introduction: Let The Journey Begin!: Now ladies, if you find these questions really hard and maybe you can't even answer these questions, then don't worry, you've come to the right place because it's in this course that I'm going to take you through this really fun and exciting process to help you to define where you are now, way you want to go and what you want your doctor to say about you. I look forward to the journey with you. 7. Section 1: Does Your Look Speak of Who You Are?: In this section, we're going to take a deeper look at what your existing Locke says about you. What you'll look is, and we're going to start exploring the look that you want to achieve. Now in the introduction section, we did a worksheet on what does your luck say about you and assessing your existing Look? I'm just wondering, what did that feel like for you? What was that process like? Are you happy with the look that you have or not really? Are you happy with what your book says about you? And more importantly, is what it's saying about you accurately reflecting who you are. Because ladies, the reality is, as I said in the introduction, we do say a lot about ourselves in the way that we dress and what we portray to the world. So for me, if we are saying something about ourselves, then my passion is to help you to create and say something that is accurate, that accurately reflects who you are, because that's what makes it your personal style. The wonderful thing is, is that when we are dressing to reflect our own personal style and it's accurately reflecting who we are, then it's just so much easier for us to wear whatever it is that we love, regardless of other people around us. 8. Section 1: What Look Do You Want to Create?: Now before we go further, I'd like you to download the next worksheet that we're going to work off of because that will have the questions listed. If you haven't already downloaded that, pause the video and download that now, if you have that ready, Let's get started. Ladies, now I want you to spend some time thinking about the look that you want to create. What does that look like now, before you get stuck in and your critical voice starts saying, oh, but I could never look that way or I don't have the money for that. Or if only I was like her what had this coloring or this kind of available balance on my credit card. What did the cases before all of that happens? Just give yourself permission to dream a little bit. I want you to imagine that anything is possible that you can create what ever look you desire. Now, pause the video and take some time to answer this question fully. 9. Section 1: What Do You Want Your Look to Say About You?: Next question. Now that you have an idea of the look that you want to create, what would this look say about you? What would the say about you as a person? And how would it truly reflect who you are? Take some time to work on your worksheet with this question. 10. Section 1: Your Existing Look vs Dream Look: Great. Now you've answered, what Lucky want to create. You hopefully have an idea of what that's going to say about you. Now, I want you to look at the first part of your worksheet. Let's look now at the existing. What is your existing look and what does that say about you? How does it compare with the look that you desire, the look that you want to create? And what that would say about you. I'd like you to write a few of your thoughts down on the worksheet. 11. Section 1: What Stops You?: Okay, Now I'd like you to look at what are the things that stop you. So we've looked at your existing look and we've looked at your lock that you want to create. What are the things, ladies, that stop you from going from where you are to what you want. Now in some cases, these are very real things and in some cases they aren't. In many cases I find that the fears are usually fears that we make up in our heads. Another fears I've heard and I hear on an ongoing basis. So just to say that you are very normal if you feel these things, some of them that I've heard are things like, I worry what people will think. I don't have the money for the clothes I want. I'm afraid of looking like I'm trying too hard. I'm afraid of standing out. I'm afraid of dressing like Mac and dressed as Lam. I'm afraid of looking old. I don't want to be uncomfortable. I'm afraid for people to see who I really am. I'm afraid people won't take me seriously. And I'm afraid of being judged by those close to me. Listen lady, some of these things are very real and I think it's important to acknowledge them and to actually almost give them a voice in a way. I'd like you to stop the video now and spend some time and reflection on these things. And you may have completely different fears and are listed, but which ones resonate with you? Which ones may be don't, and which ones are the things that aren't on the list that are very real for you. Take some time to answer these questions now. 12. Section 1: Wear It Anyway: How are you feeling now? Listen, sometimes dealing with our fears and looking at them straight. Like really eyeballing them is not an easy thing, but well done for doing it anyway. This may be an ongoing process for you. It may not be a once off. Give it some time and give it some thought. What I'd like to talk about now though, is what are the lies that we're believing or what are the myths, truths that were believing? What are the things that stop us that aren't real? And I mean, this could be a course all on its own. I'm just going to talk about this briefly. It's an example of one of the lies that we tell ourselves. All the myths, truths that we believe is that I don't have the money to create the look that I want. Now listen, I hear you if you are saying, I want to create a high-end designer look with all the latest from Gucci Dolce Gabbana, you name it. Well then reality check might be necessary. But in a lot of cases, we think that the look that we want to create is going to cost us a fortune. When they really are ways that you can create an amazing look without having to spend a huge amount of money. I'm going to be dealing with that at the end of the course when I teach you how to shop for your personal style and how to shop on a budget. They also can be things that we believe about ourselves, that parents are previous, significant others or people have told us that just aren't true. I'll give you an example. One of my clients one time had a very domineering mother and she came to me and she had actually dyed her hair some other color to mine. And when we were exploring colors that she could wear, she said, Oh no, I can't wear green. And I was like, wow, that's quite a statement. And as sort of explored a little bit further with her where this came from and why her belief that she cannot wear green while her mother had told her when she was a little girl that she couldn't wear green. Now in her current reality, she had somebody hair color to me and there were lots of shades of green that she could wear and looked really good in. And in fact, everyone can wear green. It's just finding the right shade of green, but it stopped to inner attracts. And even though she wanted to wait Green, she just couldn't get beyond the point of believing that she could wear green because her mother stayed. So sometimes I think it's important too. The things that we believe that, uh, really not true. Often as women, we tend to be concerned with what people think of us. And if I weigh that, what are people going to say? What am I sick? Significant others going to say, do I have support in the space? I hear you ladies. I think there's no quick fix for that. But at the same time, at this stage of your life, if you want to wear something that makes you happy and that is a reflection of your personal style, then I think it's worthwhile working with these fears and working with these lies that we believe about ourselves in order to where the things that we really want to. Because it's not just about the clothing. It never is. It's more about how we feel about ourselves and how we dress to reflect who we are, and that we feel grounded enough in ourselves to wear the things that speak of who we are and say who we are to the world. And ladies, you are beautiful, you are beautiful as you are, and you deserve to reflect the beautiful person that you are. 13. Section 2: What Do You Love to Wear?: In this section, we're going to explore the kind of clothing that you have in your closet that you love to wear, and how to use that as an indicator of what your true personal style. Now I want you to spend some time in your closet. This is super exciting. I want you to go and take a deep dive. And I really mean a deep dive. So if you have a cluttered closet, give yourself some space and some time, this is maybe an exercise that you want to stop and do now or stop the course now for a little bit, do this exercise and then come back. If you do need some time, schedule some time for yourself to do this, get the husband at the Haas, get the kids a babysitter to get yourself a good cup of tea or coffee or glass of why put on your favorite music and hit that closet. I want you to go in there and I want you to look at all the things that you had and even go to the back of the closet. They may be some things that made that you've forgotten that you have. I want you to go through everything you have and find the pieces that you really loved to wear. Now for some of you, that may be super easy because that's all you're wearing. Or maybe you haven't checked in with yourself for awhile as to what it is that you love to where maybe you've just been going in your closet and grabbing the first thing that you see that fits, that's clean, that aren't. And you can put on, spend some time, have some fun with this lady's. It's really quite fun. And don't worry too much about the clothing that you don't love, really. I want you to focus your attention on the things that you do. 14. Section 2: Analysis of Clothing You Love: Well done. Was spending some time in your closet. Was that quite an exercise? Now hopefully you have some things that you love to weigh. But you also may have found that these very little that you love to weigh. And if that's the case, I just want to encourage you. That's also okay. Because the ADH, many women who come to me who say Tracy, I went to completely start from scratch because I'm a completely different person than I have been in the last few years. You know, sometimes we go through massive changes in our lives and it may be lifestyle changes, it may be stage change, and it also can be body change. So just be kind to yourself in the space if you really haven't found things that you love. If you have found things that you love, then I would like you to do a bit of an analysis. All the things that you do, wear and love. What are the similarities between them and what are the differences? You publicly, it will find some form of theme going through the things that you love. So it may be that its texture, its color, its comfort. It's maybe fabrics that you really enjoy. Maybe it's just the kind of style that it is. Take a look and do some form of an assessment and maybe write down some words. You could do it on post-it notes or on a piece of paper. It doesn't matter how ever you choose to do it. Just write down a few things to describe the things that you love and what the similarities are and the differences between them. Now why I say differences? Because sometimes we're a little bit all over the place. As women, we tend to fulfill many different roles and do many different things. And sometimes that reflects on our personal style too. So as an example, I tend to really like feminine things, but I also like really HE things. Well, we can't actually where those together and I really do, but that's okay. So there is the, there is a feminine pieces, but then there's the AG pieces that may seem like a difference. And so just take note of that. Or you may find, well, you've got a bit of spore T and O. You've got a little bit of trendy, and you've got a little bird. And you've got right on all those things. Pull it altogether and just write, ladies, there's no right or wrong with this at all. 15. Section 3: Who and What Inspires You?: In this section, we're going to explore who are the people and what other locks that inspire you and how to use this as an indicator of your personal style. This is going to be a fun process, ladies. We're going to just have some fun and look at the things and the people that really inspires. So it may be that you have specific women that you follow on Instagram. It may be that you look to the stars. It may be your best friend or your mother or your grandmother. It may be anybody. There's no right or wrong to this, gives some sort to the women that inspire you. And hey, it could even be a man who inspires you. I mean, I actually interviewed amazing woman the one day and I said, Well what inspires you? And she said, I would love to dig into Mick Jagger as closet. And I was fascinated by that because she really loved his book and felt that she could bring some of those elements into her everyday. Look, there's no right or wrong about this. I just want you to give some thought of who inspires you and then what are the locks at Inspire you? I'd like you to create a mood board. So either you can do this in real paper. So you can go and get some magazines or print some things or from the Internet. It's completely your project has been with us do this exactly as you wish. Or you could create a Pinterest board. Pinterest is sometimes a really, really great way of doing that. You could even create your own moodboard, say in PowerPoint or in some form of program, anything doesn't matter. You can do it exactly as you wish. I want you to go and find what inspires you, who inspires you and pull it together on a mood board. 16. Section 3: Key Elements of Your Mood Board: Now we're going to look at what are the key elements in this mood board. What are the things they drew you to it? For example, you may like something that someone's wearing. You may like an aspect of it but not the whole book. It may be a tough, it may be something as an example or I really love that jacket, but I wouldn't weird with that pair of pens. That's okay. What are the elements of your mood board that could be indicators of your personal style. I'll share mine as an example. I really like to mix up styles and pull things together. One of my favorite combinations is to combine feminine pieces, more rock pieces. So for instance, this image at the top here, which is wearing this really soft fancy black and white dress. But then she's got these ruptured elements of the leather jacket and the leather bag that really appeals to me. I also really love boots, like really quite fun, funky kind of boots. And you can see this woman on the couch. I mean, all these boots, what I wouldn't do for those. And then also mixed together with the fishnet stockings, but then the really sort of soft flowing skirt. I love to mix things up. I also am absolutely obsessed with the color rate, as you might have noticed. Here, this is the perfect combination of this whole old rate offered. It actually would wear this outfit and I love the mixture of fabric. So the soft Shaphan within the leather and the leather boots. I also love that vintage look. So she's got these vintage glasses on, which just brings active vintage look. I also quite like a sense of opulence. So anything with embroidery detail, a little bit of shimmer, but more from his point of view of not overtly shiny, but more of just a sense of detail railing. And then as I mentioned, my life advantages, black and white picture reminds me quite a bit of a 1970s look. And then I love bold color and bold print. This one here with the bold floral and the mixtures of flora. This is something I would really enjoy wearing. Now it may not necessarily with its exact outfit, but it does appeal to me. The kind of thing that you want to look at is, what are the elements in your mood board that speak of your personal style? For me, it's definitely the combination of bringing styles together. So the combination of the feminine with a masculine liking those AGE details, my, she's become quite important in this type of thing. So I would wear really fun fluency feminine dress like the one I'm wearing. But then I would put it together with a pair of rubber boots and leather jacket. Also, this reflects my love of style, my love of texture, my love of color and pattern. In fact, I'm surprised that there isn't more pattern in this, but you can see the picture of opulence. It gives that sense of opulence and fun. It's not necessarily that I would win all of these outfits because I wouldn't necessarily where all of them. But it's just looking for the themes that run through. What are the things that really draw you to these pictures in your moodboard? And how did those thin indicate your personal style? 17. Section 4: Defining Your Personal Style: In this section, we're going to look at the various different activities we've done in the different things we've looked at and see how we can use the elements of each of these things to define your personal style. First, I sent you into your closet to look at what clothing you love to, where if you did find things that you love, then hopefully you've made a list, a couple of different words to describe those things and why you love them so much. If you haven't found anything, then that's okay. This process will help you to determine going forward. Second, we looked at who and what inspires you. What are the parts of somebody else's look that you really love? The women that you look up to mainly she looked up to which of those elements. And then you created your mood board to really reflect that. Reflect looks at you enjoy, reflected looks at you would like to create. And then remember way back in the beginning of the course, we spoke about what look, you want to create. Now, I want you to look at those three elements and how ever you want to do this as absolutely fine if you want to stop the camera now and go and get your worksheet and look at that. Get the things that you have in your closet and look at that and get your moodboard. It's absolutely fine. I'm very much a visual person. I generally do tend to do that. I want you to look at those three exercises that we did. And I want you to look for the similarities. I want you to look at what are the key elements that are running through all three of those things. It could be something like, well, they all have an essence of playfulness, or they all have an essence of very sleek, slim lines, really tailored, really classic, not much color. Or it may be that they quite sporty, or it may be that it's very eclectic and it's kind of all over the place. And that's a K12. But I just want you to take some notes as to what are the similarities between them. And then we'll hit into the next section. 18. Section 4: How to Put Your Style Into Action: In this section, we're gonna look at how to put your personal style into action. Right now, I'm going to ask you to go back into their closet of yours. Now, hopefully, you have looked at the key elements of all three things. The things that you love to wear, the things that inspire you, and the look that you want to create. So hopefully you've gained some form of clarity around what your personal style is. Now, I would like you to go back into your closet and really take a deep dive, not just at the things that you love to wear, but at the things that you have that you can possibly use to create your own personal style example. You may want something really creative and Burr her shake with freely blazers and lovey flowing dresses. But you're freely blouses and flowing browsers will need to go with something. So do you have a good pair of jeans? You can wait. Do you have a good tailor pair of trousers that you can weigh, that you can weigh with your Friday blogs, or just trousers or pants that fits you well. Those kind of things that you need. What about your shoes and your accessories? Do you have the right shoes to reflect your lock? For me as an example, I really like soft feminine things, but I like to give them an AG look. And so my shoes become really important. As an example, even the dress that I'm wearing, it's soft and it's feminine. But I put it with a pair of rupture kind of boots and a biker jacket. Now if I don't have that, then I would need those elements. I'm looking for those kinds of elements. What are the elements that you have annual closet that can work for your personal style. Ladies, this is really important because you always want to shop your own closet first. Sometimes when we buy just a whole bunch of things and don't think about it. Sometimes we could actually have bought some of the right things that would work for us. So go and take a look first in your closet before going further. Then we'll talk about the shopping. 19. Section 4: What You Need to Create Your Personal Style: Now we are going to look at what you need to create your book. Now if you have gone through this process and you still haven't found anything that you love. And you really, really don't know if there's anything in your closet that you can actually use for the look that you create, then it is a little bit of a bigger process and a bit of a time process because you're going to need to start from scratch. But in a lot of cases, the awesome things that you can use, try and push yourself a little bit. They may even be some things that will work for now but not ideal, but use them in the interim because you do have to put on some clothes. And I'm assuming you may not necessarily have the time to write now, rush out to stores and buy a whole new wardrobe. Now you know what you have in your closet that works for your lock. Now you're going to need to make a list of the things that you need. As an example that I gave you in the last video, I spoke about the fact that this stress I'd wear with a pair of pink boots and or something a little bit more rock she kind of boots. And then with my leather jacket, lay the back and check it because my personal style is the feminine stash AGL, like to always have something a little different, a little bit AG, BOC malloc, something that people wouldn't ordinarily expect to be worn together. If I didn't have those things in my closet, then I would need to go and get those things. However, if I have the rock chick boots and the biker jacket and the good pair of jeans and the later parents and that kind of thing. But I don't have the soft feminine things then that would go on my list. But ladies, just as you do everything else, you go to a grocery store and generally, you make a list, right? You make a shopping list. You going to go and buy some things, do some errands. What do you do? You hopefully make a list so that you know where you going and it gives you some focus. I want you to make a shopping list for your closet. What are the things that you need to create the look that you desire? Stop the video now and make that list. 20. Section 5: How to Shop Your Personal Style: In this section we're going to be talking about how to shop for your personal style and how to do it on a budget. Becoming a curator of your closet is the most important thing that you can do. First for your personal style and second for your bank balance because it makes a huge difference. I recently moved to New York and I've got a lot less clothing that I've ever had because I had to move from South Africa and take very little with me. And I have small closet space. But ladies, I have to tell you I have more to wear than I ever have had. And I'm not going to quickly just accumulate more again, because I see the power of a really well-curated closet. And I think as we get a little bit older and a little bit more sophisticated in certain ways. We want to list. We want to have less and be able to wear mole. So this is really what I'm going to encourage you to do. Listen, ladies, if you have big closet space and you like having an abundance of things, absolutely fine. As long as you know what to wear and you know how to wear it. Because often what I find is that lots of choice sometimes makes it more confusing. Okay, So how are you going to become a curator of your closet? So now remember in the last section, we spoke about making a list and hopefully you made a shopping list of the things that you need. Now you're going to start looking for those things. But before you do that, the first thing you need to do is to make another list. I know I'm a list go, I can't help it. But sometimes writing these things down really makes a difference even if you don't carry the list with you, just writing them down, records, the manual brain. I want you to think of what is what I call your pre-requisite list. What are the things that an item needs to have before you buy it? For me? Number one is fit. It has to fit me properly. If it doesn't fit me properly, I simply will not buy it. Number two and they're going to be able to wear it with other things. Does it full function in my closet? That's important to fit function. And in the third is what I call fabulous city. Well, I got it from another style is fabulous. Fabulous. Does it suit my personal style? Does it work for me? But you may have other prerequisites as well. So for example, I love beautiful shoes, but I live in New York City and I cannot wear high your shoes in New York City. And I need to be able to walk around wherever I go. That's a pre-requisite list. No matter how beautiful a pair of shoes are, I am not going to buy them if I cannot walk New York, flattening, end of story period, the end, you need to know what is your pre-requisite list. And that is going to cut down on how often you buy and what you buy. You're going to become more particular about the items that you add to your closet. And in so doing, you're going to find that you're gonna get a lot more. Where out of your things, you're going to buy less, but you're way the mall and it's going to save you so much, Mami, that's it. So exciting. What I also find is, as I said in the beginning of this video, is that there's less choice and sometimes a lot more to where you want to be able to really curate your closet and make it work for you. 21. Section 5: Online Shopping Tips: Now that you have a list of the things that you need for your closet and you know, your pre-requisite list. One of the tools that I use that I find very useful is to go onto some online stores to research the things that I'm looking for. Now, I know lots of women are nervous about shopping online and you don't necessarily have to shop online. But doing the research beforehand can save you a lot of time. So as an example, last summer I was looking for a pair of white wide leg high-rise jeans and they had just coming to style and they weren't as easy as you would think to find them. I went to an abundance of stores and didn't find what I was looking forward and they were all wrong. In fact, I did a video on that, on my YouTube channel. On that whole process I tried on a lot of genes. Let me tell you. So finally, after my first day of just not finding a single thing I wanted, I decided to go online and do some research and Dana was able to narrow down the stores that we're most likely going to have what I was looking for. Now, I do encourage you to look at online stores because sometimes you can get a better deal online. You can also get your size online. You're sometimes if you're going to a chain store and the branch that is closest to you doesn't have what you're looking for, then they've got to interbranch it or bring it through. Sometimes that's easy, sometimes not, but online shopping is super easy. And most stores have got free delivery, free return. So it's easy, you could do it, It's not difficult to do. However, if you're not an online shopping, you can really use those tools as research to find just the things that you're looking for and that way you save yourself a lot of time and money. 22. Section 6: Budget Shopping Tips: Now I'm gonna give you some tips on how to shop on a budget. Listen ladies, is no shame in a budget. It doesn't matter how small your budget is and how big your budget is. Generally, we, as women always have a budget. I'm gonna give you my top tips on how to shop for your budget so that it saves you a lot of money and you actually the close my first tip is to learn what to spend on and what to splurge on. You may think, Oh, well, what? We're all talking budget and everything's going to be cheap. But actually ladies, when you become really clear on your personal style and you start to buy less and way more. You can often splurge a bit more on some pieces that are real signature pieces. Signature pieces ladies, can really make a difference for your lock. They can bring you look alive and often they are a little bit more expensive. Determine which pieces are worthwhile to save on and which to stained on. As an example, I've got some really great signature pieces like this jacket here. I bought this in Barcelona. It's a one-off. It's FCT beautiful minutes hand painted in words in Italian. And it's a real, real signature piece for me. In fact, some people even recognize me because I was wearing that the last time they saw me. Sometimes it's worthwhile standing a bit more. That was a bit more, but I've wanted and Warner, warner absolutely loved it, so it's worth spending a bit more on that. However, maybe a pair of basic genes are the thing for you to splurge on because you really struggled to find a good pair of jeans. Maybe you find cheaper jeans, foot fine. There's no problem with that. There's also these always ways to make your budget work for you, but it's just knowing what are the items that you struggled to find and a worth spending a bit more on. And what are the things that you can just kind of pick up along the way and you don't need to spend so much money on buy less and way more. Now I've been saying this a lot in the course, and it really is the key to becoming a curator of your closet. Because when you buy list, as I said, if you've got a bit more to spend on a higher price tag, I mean, sometimes we wouldn't go, Oh, I can't spend that money on a pair of jeans because it's just too expensive. Well, maybe they bought a whole bunch of five P's of cheaper genes and none of them fit as well as they experience a pair of jeans. You may as well by the one-period that you really love and that you can weigh over and over and over again and they fit you really well. Use online stores to research your purchases. I did say this in the previous video, and I really do believe it's true. You can sometimes find really great deals and sometimes the same product at a different store because they're having a sale or you get 20% off your first online purchase or something like that. So do your research and find those bargains, buy from discount stores, thrift stores, consignment stores, vintage stores. And I mean, it's just an abundance available to you. I've even seen discount stores that have big designer brands from high into medium level brands. And they are far cheaper and far more affordable. And if you don't have to have the latest fashion in the latest trend, then who cares if it's a season before? If you're dressing for your personal style, that's not gonna go out of style. You'll wear it anyway before you buy a single item, ask yourself these four questions. First of all, does it suit my personal in style? Can I address it up and dress it down? So Cana where this top with a pair of jeans and trace it down, or with a pair of formal trousers or pants and dress it up with a pair of heels. Can I wear this jacket over a dress or where it with a pair of pants and it's going to look more formal. Do you see what I mean? Can I dress it up and dress it down? Where am I going to wear a two if you're only going to where it wants to one occasion, is it worth the Spain if it's a really special occasion and you happy to spend that kind of money. Absolutely fine. But first-price would be defined something that you can wear again, that you can wear again and again and again. And it doesn't matter if people see you in it because it is your personal style. What will I wear at width? Have you got things in your closet that it goes with so many times we have our loves her skirt, I love the print, but then you have no tops to go with it and they end up going to have to buy a top with it. And then you finally get this outfit together and the dog jumps on the skirt and TAs it and the whole app, it's got to be trashed well, no good in that. So can you wear it with different items in your closet? Is the versatility in that. If you do not answer yes to these questions, the ladies do not buy it. 23. Well Done! Going Forward: Wow, well done. You have come so far and hopefully you've learned a huge amount. So let's take a look at what we've covered. So first of all, in the beginning of the course, we looked at what is your existing look and what does it say about you? And I'm assuming that because you did this course, you weren't happy with what it said. And hopefully you're, the results at the end is you are happier. Then we looked at what look do you want to create and what do you want that to say about you? You spend some time in your closet and you took a look at what clothing are you wearing and how is it used as an indicator to watch your personal style is, then we had fun creating mood boards and we took a look at our mood boards to see what, who inspires us, what inspires us, and what are the key elements of that? Then we pulled all of those elements together and took a look at what are the key elements in all of those things. From what Lucky you want to create to the clothing that you love, that you're wearing. And then what inspires you, and that's how you came up with what your personal style is. Then we looked at how to shop your personal style. We looked again at what you have existing in your closet, what you have already that you can utilize, always shopping your closet first, then what it is that you need. And then we explored some ways to shop on a budget that'll work well for you, ladies. I hope this has been helpful for you. I hope that you have a clearer vision of what your personal style is and how you can shop for your personal style. And where would C2 and your personal style as a true reflection of who you are? I also want to say ladies, that as you start to wear things that reflects your personal style, also be aware of the internal dialogue that happens. Sometimes we have people around us who really can support us and encouraged us to reflect who we truly are and sometimes not. If we don't have that thing really, you need to be kind to yourself because you may have some kickback every once in awhile, but you also may have people cheering you on saying you looking fabulous, you're looking gorgeous. What have you done with your hair recently? What is different about you? I mean, it's really depending on the people in our lives will depend on the responses I'd really love for you to give yourself permission to go through this process as fast or as slow as you need to actually own pace. You can always go back to the videos. You can always go back to the steps and redo them and do them again. Also, ladies, if you find that you still are really getting stuck at the end of this course, I do offer one-on-one sessions and you can check out my website, Tracy gold fashion And you can look into that because then we can further refine and work on the areas that you are really struggling with. Also, as I mentioned the beginning of the video on the YouTube influencer. And I have a YouTube channel with tons of free tips on how to look and feel fabulous in your clothes. So feel free to check out the details in the cheat below that I give you the download a cheat with all of my contact details, if you feel that you need to reach out. Thank you, ladies for your time. Thank you for doing this course with me. I really appreciate that you've trusted me, that you trust that you've enjoyed this course and I love to hear what you thought. In conclusion, ladies, give yourself permission to only buy and wear. What really speaks of your personal style? Creator look that reflects who you truly are and whatever you do, make sure to have fun with your luck. Thanks.