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Fashion Coolhunting

teacher avatar AGUS CATTANEO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Class Overview


    • 3.

      Sources of Information Overview


    • 4.

      Fashion Forecasting


    • 5.

      Newspapers and Magazines


    • 6.

      Blogs and Vlogs


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    • 9.



    • 10.

      Seminars and Conferences


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    • 12.

      The Runway


    • 13.

      The Street


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    • 15.

      Your Skills


    • 16.

      Processing Data


    • 17.

      Inspirational Trip


    • 18.

      Inspirational Trip #2


    • 19.

      Fashion Timelines


    • 20.

      Trend Report


    • 21.

      Evidence Wall


    • 22.

      Final Project


    • 23.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class


Spot Trends and Tell your Visual Story!

This course is a lot of fun!

We will explore together:

1- Sources of Information

1- Magazines and Newspapers

2- Blogs

3- Movies and Museum . Remember the Past 

4- Events

5- Seminars and Conferences

6- Tradeshows

7- Runway

8- Street

9- Fashion Forecasting Companies

2- Must have toolkit with you and in your studio/home

3- Your Skills

4- Processing Data 

1- A look into an actual trend report

2- The inspirational Trip

3- The evidence Wall

5- The Fashion Timeline 

Meet Your Teacher

Agus Cattaneo is the founder of Learn While Exploring.


A fashion academic and an executive with more than 15 years of experience,  Agus holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), studied fashion design at Parsons the New School for Design and earned a master’s degree in global fashion management from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Institut Français de la Mode (IFM).


Agus’s career in fashion had an unusual start. Having earned her degree in accounting, she became a CPA and worked as an auditor for Deloitte & To... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi. How are you? Welcome to my studio. Here we are in my fashion studio in Buenos itis. Argentine, the course, the trends. It's a lot of fun about cool hunting. Let me tell you a little bit about me before my name is I'm 34 years old. I'm from one aside, is Argentina. I am an accountant. Believe it or not, I'm a c p A. Yes. Accountant workers An accountant for a very short time. Yes, as an auditor until I had a car accident that left me bedridden. Stayed stating back for 2.5 months without knowing if I was going to walk again. Happily, I was able to move my arms on my hands. So I start sewing and I discovered fashion girl inside me 22 years old. I was so in the knowledge in bed with the nurses that helped me was what kept me alive. Really? I will idea lot of backs. And I did like hair accessories and earrings for a lot of accessories. And a friend of mine had a brilliant idea toe offer my items in a department store and she sold, sold all my items in the in a department store, one of the most luxurious department stores in Argentina. So when I stood up with my walker trying to learning to walk again, I went to the department store and I saw my face in the window and I was like, Well, that's it. I have to do this thesis I am. I am a fashion designer. So I turned my career and I opened my fashion company, and I had my fashion company for two years on at 24 I decided I wanted to study fashion, So I moved to New York. I rolling first. I did that certificate fashion, designing Parsons and then continue staying in New York and fell in love with the city. I work in many companies like this, like young funds, and I did a master's in global fashion management at fighting, and they finished, and I moved back to Argentina because it was higher Is the fashion coordinator for one of the biggest department stores in South America, called Falabella, which have hobbies in Chile. But I was based in Argentina. Basically, one dog was to travel around, look what fashion shows and determine trends, and chicken all down into a trend report on Brink. With that turn, reports to the design team on to the buying team so they can design on by in a smart way. I left for Havana in March of 2014 last year, and since then I am on my own. I'm a fashion consultant. I teaching at F I T New York, Baltimore in Florence at Stadium in Mexico, Australian Argentina's on I'm also influencer of curing society's brun ambassador for few Bruns Andi, I do cabaret show fashion weeks. I go to New York to Paris to middle in London every like two times a year for the fashion weeks. And what I do is I take ST style pictures. I stay outside of the shows on looking at trends outside the show. We will go through that also here in my in the cores. I determined those trends, and I really like turned alert reports with us on. But I'm looking forward in this course is to encourage you to be out there as I am looking for new things, looking for nutrients, looking for new behaviors. So we're gonna talk a lot about trends about the tool kit that you need to have on some sources of information. Like movies like Special Things like Forecasting companies make newspapers make website on , then the final project. It's just to launch your very own glogg or your very own hands like on life for formula. I encourage you to do that and to tell people what your visual story is about. So it's about training your eye thes course about training your eye. I'm going to share my experience, but then it's up to you, and you have to be out there training your eye on being writing and sketching. Even if you don't know how to sketch. Just catch something. It's a note for yourself. I'm taking pictures on exploring the city, so I'm very happy to be here for you on a really looking forward to starting teaching this class on being here with you. 2. Class Overview: So let's start with a cool hunting course. What are we going to talk about? We're going to talk about some sources of information, then a math have toolkit that we always have to have with you 24 7 and then some suggestions for your design studio or for your home, Because maybe you're not even a designer. And you just want to take a full hunting course on that. Fantastic is for everyone your skills, some suggestions that I can give you about things to develop for things that you should have. Then we're gonna go through some ideas on how to process data. Look, okay, we have a lot of information. What are we gonna do with all this information? And I'm gonna show you some parts of a report. When it was I told you, it was a fashion coordinator for a main department store here in South America. So I'm going to show you some parts of a trend report, and I'm gonna show you a timeline. So you see, how do we use the trend report in real life in a really corporation, then the final project is really, really a lot of fun. and I really encourage you to do it, because is your visual story and is your visual story a line? So it could be the kickoff to have your blood? You could be either an online California or a blood. But you can start telling your stories is a great opportunity. Some of the projects you will go outside, choose the neighborhood and take pictures of people like so create a trend like a visual report off street styles in your city. Then another project is to go out and pick a store in your city, take a picture of the window and create the mood board. So a goulash off the inspiration behind that window another is go to the movies and just write a report of the movie that you like another one go to an event and tell me what that event was about. Then another project is to analyze some complains like look at some magazines and look for campaigns and see what the trend in campaigns now. Okay, so there. I don't know if things do that you're gonna do what they were going. You're gonna take it out, and I hope you really do it 3. Sources of Information Overview: So now let's start with the first point. Sources of information. Some tools that we can have that we can use to observe the world and detect trends. We're going to talk about some medicines and newspapers, some Bloods, movies and museum. I really encourage you to go to movies, go to museums, go to seminars and conference, go to events. We're going to talk about trade shows. You might have never heard the term trade shows, so we are going to talk about it. What are they? And some examples Fashion Week are a great source of information. Maybe you live in a city where you have special week or if there is not a fashion wait. Well, you can what? Some things online. Fashion Week. What are for special for custom? Cos we're gonna go a little bit through that the right away, of course. A great source of information. So let's start 4. Fashion Forecasting: So these fashion forecasting companies, as they said they analyze trends on what is unique about them in terms of the other side of we saw is that they predict trends there stepped forward. Yes, they're already in 18 4019. They're looking further, and they in general, the teams that work in these forecasting companies, our multi disciplinary. So it's not people that just come from fashion, but people that come from the politic environment, economies, fashion sociology is so all of these ideas put together are able they are able to predict, like macro trends and a mix, and are further in the future. Andi, they're very interesting. We have some, like transfer side of better, more oriented Onley into fashion. And some have a broader topics that I talk about. But they're a great source of information again. If you're in school, your school might be a role and check him out. Train stop is one is based. I think train Stop is in London. Declare is in Paris for Claris. More about the book like you receive a book Trend Council. I promised you fashions Nubes, the Doniger Grove done in the group is based in New York. I take my students from if I usually to offend trip there and then the one that I like the most is devil jeison. But that's my personal opinion, just the one that I used the most. Some of the resources are more about like you receive, like books. Like, for example, university Back Lamp is a huge book. Never bodied, but I think it was a premier show that I saw taboo or in the Dawning group, also a lot about printing self. You can see maybe the colors in actual swatches, like Maybe when you have a consultation here with Claire, they give you the actual Swatch is an amazing book. I don't have it here in the book. 50. Just a draft off. The ideas that you can have, like fashion trends or fashion, is about kava rab puffy drop drape active. So it so this is a great way for you to think about when you have to create a mood board or when you have. For example, one of the projects you have to do is go to store, take a picture of the window and create the mood board mood buries the kalash behind what you're saying. So I'm seeing the seventies. So do a collage of the seventies. A great way to do a Palash is by doing these the seventies. Our thoughts and ideas are like short skirts are like high boots are like freedom like words, words, words. And then you look for images that represent that. So here is what they showing you fresh and easy on a lot of words. The stories we took about sweltering vertical Sloan is the key firebreaks or giving the fiber direction the key corners. So the key shape full skirt, floating layer drapes, get you see some ideas off courses Chast addressed when you buy the package and when you go there, we're gonna I'm gonna take you to WG said the report here we have American beauty so you can see some inspiration and you can see what is it about the American beauty thing on here . You see the Pantone's to call her story and some runways that inspired and again here you have the mantle. So Pantone here you have 1917 63. So you go to your Pantone book and you look for that color so you can put it in your mood board. I start designing the collection. These. I'm not talking here. I'm just showing you different ways. 2% theories, the direction of the season and sound like image that inspires some runway shows And again , some colors. You would then look. Everything has its own. TPX Anton number. Another way to presented is he's caught on incorporated company, Carter and surface. So Disruption population. One less behavior notch. So these are just names. A little image to represent. Worries trend about on water, the colors about so a different way to present it is with friends. So whenever you do your mood board for something, when you have to present a Carter pilot, I always tell my students it's nice to present. It is very nice. I was to do mood boards in a three D way, so just do papers and then you can put some threats and you can put some fabrics. So these another way of presenting the colors with, like threats. But the ones that I used is Devon. Huge ism doesn't want to use the most, and let me take you into the website wg a sense or you get a sense of what day what they have This for me is the most important. I'm a need every single day. So these are the sections we have report. We have images, designed resources, news, block travel, calendar medium videos. And then we have future trends. Think tank and card work analysis. And then it's organized by designing inspiration. So you need street style. You have print information, materials, colors, retail intelligence that I use this a lot. As I told you before, I think I teach in many universities fashion trends, school hand in fashion design but also teach business. So these There is a lot of information interesting here fashion category, so you can research the information by category. So by beauty, by food wear by knitwear by women. My men's with you, you see. So let's seem where should we start? There is a lot of information, for example, card walk analysis. So when we get into card work analyses, we can go by women or men and then we can pick. This season, Autumn winter performed spring summer, and for each season you have trend alerts. You have a parral accessory footwear, beauty on collection videos. So, for example, all trend alerts. So for disease in autumn winter 78 16 17. So you have some videos and then you have reports of oversight. Trucker, for example. Gurley got exaggerated slips. This was a huge trend. So this is a report of exaggerated slaves, and it's very long sleeves or a lot of volume on this lives. But the most important thing is on the length, and here you consume, you can print, you can crop it, you can download. Yes. So here you have a little description. Our focus on culture deconstructed proportion. Safe designers create dynamic contemporary silhouettes. So lives lives are Elon gated to new lens. So a little description and you have the pictures and you have off course the name of the designer like Nina Treaty. Selene, etcetera. So these are trend alert reports fresh white food wear, for example. So there, by footwear. By printing Potter here you have all the trend alert reports. But then you can choose here, for example. I just want the apparent all the information of the season about a pirate. So we just show me everything about apparel So the proof. A jacket, for example. So you click. And so you have a description of the puffer jacket again, and you have pictures on you. Stayed in different corners like Balenciaga. It's shorter and bread, and you have. Still, McCartney is longer on blue, you see, and again you can download. You consume. And it's amazing how you consume. You can see really the detail. You see how we can go more and more any destined loose quality. It's amazing. You see how I'm zooming? You can see the fabric. You can see every single detail. Look at these embroidery is really, really good. Assume tool up tablet es them. Okay, so these is by season. So here you have different categories. As I said, we went into apparel. But we can go, for example, into print and patterns for this season. So here we can see, for example, the lettering lettering was very important. So what is this Lettering about a little description. And here we see the lettering. So a lot of phrases in tights in T shirts, non tops in scarves. You see a lot of signs, and we also seen these on the streets So this is in terms of freedom patterns. But let's go back here. So we were in catwalk analysis. We can also go, for example, to calendar. I think calendar is very useful. What you can see in calendars are all the events first CD, for example. Let's see. I can choose. OK, I'm gonna be in Paris in April so I can choose April. I can choose all categories. I have a lot of categories active of Parral arts a words beauty branding a lot of categories. But I choose. I just use April 2016 and I can choose all countries Or I can choose, for example, France. So what's going on in April? Inference. There is an in cosmetics. There is a trade show about cosmetics in France from April 12 to April 14. I can choose then, Okay, in July, I am gonna be in New York. So I 2 July all categories on a Tuesday. United States U. S. So I have sneaker con about active and street wear. From July 9 to the 10th. I have New York Fashion Week for Men Miami Swim show Spin X for New York premiere guest You in New York you since I have all these things going on in the U. S. And I have to see which city you see off course. So these is calendar. Then we have a travel section that I give up, you guys into Okay, I'm going to bury lean. And so I arrive in Berlin and it shows me the map with all the neighborhoods mutations were , Will all the neighborhoods in Berlin on it tells me where to shop, where to eat, where to stay and what to see. So it's a very, very interesting tool. And then I go, for example, here, when I was telling you about retail intelligence, I go into, for example, visual merchandising. So here I can see future trends for visual merchandise and inspiration. Our cattle press previews, Windows in stores, marketing, reporting, You saying, for example, forecasting force before this next spring. What am I saying? What what the windows are gonna look like next spring off Paris now global windows, for example. So I get a chance to see the windows, even though, for example, again, I didn't get a chance to go to Paris. So here is telling me, store windows March 2016 During Paris Fashion Week, retailers showcased playful, bright displays. So this is the window off our mess. This is level, Marcia, this is Miss Tony. This is most Kino, you see. So these air some windows under the theme off playful, bright displays that parrot was showing. So this is called Global Windows. You see, our guy can get art architect on the science inspiration to do my window displays. So if I work in the visual merchandising team, I can get inspiration into how to do my windows. So London Art Fair, for example. And they put me a report of the London Art Fair that I can take this inspiration in to do in my visual merchandising display at the store. So visual merchandising inspiration. London Art Fair 2015 so on overview off the Frieze Art Fair and Frieze Masters returned to Regent's Park for the most prestigious weeks in London art calendar. So these were some of the topics that we've seen so I can take this Inspiration is a visual merchandiser and take this digital mash up, for example, to my store this riel props primitive faces, totemic expressions on and on this was old visual merchandising was here. Now we have marketing news or business strategy news. The future of return. What's going on in some conferences, you see or new stores? This is great. The new stores by city wanna see new stores in London, for example, So new boutiques, new luxury stores retail highlights in New York during Fashion Week you see conference, as I said, retail marketing market segments. I want to know about the business in the luxury market. The premium market, the mid market, the mass market or by region so again is an extremely complete resource. Then you can go by category. You can have a lot of graphics is extremely complete. This is a resource that I use the most. Wg sn On its only online, you can go to their office. I take my students also is a field trip. But the service is only on Linus. We talking Doneger Group. There is a lot off line and you come by. The actual books here is on line. I hope you enjoy the little Tour Doneger Creative Service account in my account. So these are the areas of the cover inspiration. So you have different systems, and for each season you have the trends, and for each trend you will see that they have the mood board and the colors. We will go into that then development. A closer look at the season's most important style call outs. So you have for women for men, for junior, for girl. On each season you have different reports ST for in reports you have for a simple street trade shows publications called a Forecast, for example, design concept on different resources. Like shopping guys. You're going to any city shopping guys, presentations, cattle favorite resources. So, for example, we go to inspiration if we go to full winter 2016 weekly Kingmaker, for example. For each trend, the theme we confined social cultural background, the Mood Board, the color on five of the women Inspiration Women's Runway men, Beauty on and on. Let's say, for example, we click on mood. So what is this maker about? So mood is very important. They show us a video, a move or is a very important to US designers or people who are working in trends in fashion. We need to know how to speak in a visual way. That's why your final project is a block on. Most of the content should be Bischel. I mean, as I said as a So you know, if you like writing, you can also ride in your block, but I want you to develop your visual language. So this is what makers is about. So we can all look at these images and understand what they're talking about. Like textures is very important. The materials, the craftsmanship, the corner palate is very clear here, you know, it goes in the earthy colors and also some neutrals in grey gravestones. So these is a collapse. This is a mood board and then for makers. We also have, for example, the caller unfired brick direction. So these are the colors. So we can. The whole palette is this one and zoom here and then we can go into these more deep analysis, and these both pages make for the color palette, and here we have some fabric direction. It's very everything is in a very visual and conceptual way. Explain women's inspiration for these maker Move maker mood again. You see the show us what it is about, so it's very masculine is talking about here, So then we can go into that was inspiration. You see that? We're looking at things in a more conceptual way. But then we can go into development. And we go, for example, Spring, summer, 2016 women. And here we are analyzing more in depth the season. So we go into tops, and this is more from the product development side. So within all the tops that you need to have the season, these are any divided in trapeze, in the car insurance in peace and in halter you can see some runway. You can see some catalogues. You can just see some products. So days it's all about the trapeze top. You see how deep the analyses is in the piece on shirt, the top use for December, for example, you can see some runways and look books, So this is a lot off inspiration for your tops. So this is in development, for example, publications. Resource is So what is resources, for example, shopping guides. Okay, I'm going to Paris. So here you can find a great shopping guide. If you're going to Paris, you can download it. So different neighborhoods. This is a map. Okay. And here, for example, in reports, we also have street here Spring 2016 London and Amsterdam. So they're showing us street again. We're going to see a lot about street because the great serves of information, it's what I do. One of the things that I do for a living. So here you can hear It's a video and you can see all the trend from Amsterdam in London like a slight show. What's to look that we saw? Animal Instinct Denim city, Classic Navy shades of red. You see how they create reports with all the street style pictures, so again is huge the source of information. So I am very happy that I have accents and I can share a little bit with you. Don't agrees. Based in New York, on the main thing that they do is no the on line service. But the offline is great. When you go to their office, I teach at if I d and I take my students from if I d to the Doneger Group and we have an actual presentation there and we see the action book on the actual fabrics. So the Doneger group is more about the offline services, but they also have these websites. So I wanted to share it with you. These when the landing page, we can find all these cartel Aries passion snoops talks about culture, about women, about men, youth, denim girls, boys, accessories Homan Beauty. So you haven't analysis off each off these now. It clicked already in women, and this is what we find in women. We have four cars. We have runway analyses with of retail. We have trade shows on Lee about women. We have street, we have sketches we have by categories of, for example, I'm interested in looking on Leah colors or only at night wears swim wears, but let's see we click in runway analysis. So once you clicking runway analysis, you can pick the system for winter. 16 17 the last season. You can pick this city or you can go by the sign element. So, for example, I want to see the themes off New York. What were the key themes? The key trends during New York Fashion week? So here we are, so it gives us a little description of what happened. Women's New York designed themes here we have the different themes. Like both starred in default Minimal Nomad verse. I. So, for each of these, we have a little description and we have all the pictures we can select all, for example, and print them or download them. So, for example, both start and we have all the images and off course we have the designer, we have the city and we have the season. So this is what both start is for them. Then I can go into, for example, in default. So again I will have it. I'm having a description off in default on. I'm having the pictures that talks about what in default is for them I know was a designer and season, you see. So this is when I am analyzed in the runway by theme. But for example, let's go back to runway analyses. I can pick, for example, mass caps. So it's a different way of analyzing the season. I'm analyzing the full winter 16 17 but instead of going to seems that is where we just went, I want to see the must have. What are the Millon London New York must have, you see, So I want to see their for example, Paris must have. So here you arrived in Paris must have and they give you a little description like in Paris . Designers were on board with that. More is more mentality, which brought in a number of aluminum walls oversized in wet, blah, blah, blah. So they give it a description, and then they tell you all the must have items like the bomber jacket or the boxy jacket, the cape on Pancho the overcoat. Coat the sip front, top the winter short on and on a note so you can click in each of them and you get to see the pictures. For example. For bomber jacket, we have a total of 35 images. So we have these and we have the designer again and you can download a printed. So we have a balloon. Girls a kind respond. Note them So that was just runway analyses. And then we have retail and we have trade show. Also, we have sketches, so it's again another source of information Fashion snoops into my trend council account, and I want to show you what this is about. We have women's and shown your if I click here. This is all the information we have. Women's long trend, long term trends. Women Seasonal forecast team, women's look book runway print studio color flat sketches, accessories for junior decisional forecast in the long term forecasting and junior look books. Then we have the same information for men. So we even have this catch. You see what I mean? It's very interesting on streets time. So this is what the website look night with the fashion forecasting company looks like. So, for example, let's go to runway trends. These resources are very expensive in general. The fashion for cutting cos I think it's good to give you like a little overview, so you get to understand what they cover. Why are we paying for these so runway trends, for example, and they give you all the trends in terms of materials in terms off patterns. Water the prince this off this past schism. Danny. What kind of Washington we have to do? What kind of Denning Best in show Best in show in Paris, Best in show in Milan, in Paris, in New York. So, for example, let's go to pattern we clicking pattern. We're talking about this isn't that chest finish. And they show us all that prince that we saw this season. So we saw some, like animation Asian, some cats, Cleopatra at some conversationally inspiration. You see something once you click, for example, you clicking conversational and you have all the prince to relate to this conversational idea. So we have on you have the designers Alexander McQueen on This is Ashley Williams, you see, and these is Jamba. So these is very interesting. And then you can get you can print is and you can put it in your mood board and create like your own prints inspired in these runway shows. And then, for example, if you go to flat sketches, it just shows you the actual catch. So outerwear jackets tailoring. So you click in tailoring, for example, you see how useful these are so flat sketches. And it's telling you, for this season this is a tailoring sketches that you should have, so it gives us sketches off like pants and jackets and vests. You see, all this catches on from here is not sorry I said before, for the season is not for season. This is just some sketches then from here, you can update one of the pants or did one of the jackets and sketch your own thing for the season. But these is chest a good basis, so you can design on top. You can have for your design team. You see Prince Studio women, Seasonal forecasting. So what are we predicting for next summer? 2017. What are we gonna see for activewear, for intimate, for beachwear. What are the trends that we're gonna see some Victorian garden, they call it, or some cruise control, and then we have also straight Stein. So this is something that we're going to see. Like when we create a term report, we put a name to the trend report we create the mood board on. Then we show the silhouette. So strict time, for example, they log you in like they connect to to some blokes that cover street style, as we saw already Jack and Jill, for example, for dessert, Torrey Elise or Benaissa Jackman. So this is interesting. It just links you to some people that cover street style who would wear on some of them. We saw them already in our block section. So that's it's just a quick overview. So you get to know what the trend Council fashion forecasting is about 5. Newspapers and Magazines: some newspapers and magazines. What I read on a daily basis is women were dating. I think it's a great newspaper. If you're in the city of your in New York, you can get. If you're a student, you can't even get a cheaper online subscription. I'm just totally, totally affordable. Now that I live in Argentina, I don't get it anymore at my door. But I do read it every day online, so it's a very important resource. It's a very important source of information because look at all the sections that they cover is no chance, what is in trend and what is not interim. They do have that there that they have trends. They have what they're wearing. They have the analyze, their ready to wear and sportswear market text times. Danny This is all about fashion. If you go into fashion, then you go into runway and they have each system. Men, women ready to wear, go to bridle and analyses. Then you have accessories. If you're just interested in the jewellery market, in footwear in eyewear, then you go into the market section so you can analyze the market, and this is what I'm talking about is not just what's cool and what's not cool is by ice understanding that the fashion industry is a very, very powerful one. So we need to be aware of what's going on. We need to know the market news. The Business stock tracker. This is very important legal aspect. Human resources, technology, riel estate. You go into retain returns in terms of specialty stores, department stores, direct and Internet catalogs. We're so hearing retail, we can have a lot. I teach in some universities. Um, business court right? And I talk a lot about business, business and retail trends. We need to be aware off what's going on in the market. So what's to have a nominee challenge strategy? What's important of becomes technology, The important off off having your customers. You have having a customer centric strategy, for example. So there are many topics that I cover, and I think it's very important. You have to be aware of what's going on in the industry where you're working beauty, jazz, about skin care, about beauty, about hair, about health and beauty, AIDS media for him to be advertising print men's I the world. Yes, he wanted Justin news about Europe or chats. Asia Pacific videos Sam, It's the women were daily has a lot of summits under very important, like CEO Summit or technology technology. Sand meets. So it's good that you should know that they exist. Careers. Are you looking for a job that could be a source of information you can find your job through? Women were daily, so let's go to some like fashion, for example. Let's get into fashion. And so we find all these sections I would talk about and let's go into trends, for example. So here we have the last season and we can see trends about like silhouettes like boxes in wet about colors like neutral territory, about details slipping away. What is this trend? So here they have, like a little overview of what the trend is about. Sometimes it's so designers in Paris played with off the shoulder looks for the fortress instances, um, sometimes exposing skin, sometimes layers. Either way, it wasn't engagingly relaxed effect, so it's a very short of review on then we can print it, of course, and then we can go to see this light show. The trend is called slipping away that is what I call off the shoulder. You can either show it layer in some different garment, like here at me or for somebody in Syria showing some skin. Christian Dior is layering, you see, so all the designers and it's very important that you show the designer here. So when you do a turn report, you always have to put your source of information. So if your customer wants to have more information, wants to know more about the Ken Circular about these collection. They know what that is. Cancel. They know that it's fall 2016 and they know that it's ready to wear on its Paris. Of course, let's go back. The article. This is inside trends Inside fashion. Slip these on. Let's go to another section. Let's go to runway, for example. Water. What do we see in runway? Here? We see we have the cities we have to schedule so we can know. For example, we go to New York and we can peek Schedule on. We have where each show ease and the map day by days. It's starting February tens and you know Okay, Derek Lamb is where in its shore, where is the showroom. Here is the address and you have the map. So this is if you're going to attend the shows. But if not, you can see the analysis here or, for example, prince a shooter backstage so you can see some backstage picture So you couldn't attend the show on You can see here. What's going on? So here they explain to as things about the backstage some details about beauty. I'm sure some details about Herr Stein on we can see the slideshow backstage at prints of schooler. So hair how their makeup look, the total look. You can see some clothing that we're gonna see the runway, and after they are after the hair style is done, you get to see some pictures of what we're going to see in the wrong way. So these air there looks, we're going to see the runway, but they get tee shot before in the back stage. This is very common. So the people that do all the coverage of backstage they cover how white people are getting their makeup done to her done, and also the first looks go back to the article. So this is very interesting we have all the seasons, you can pick whatever season. Then, if we go back to the main thing, we can go, for example, to market. Let's go to the market. So here is more business oriented on Let's Go, for example, to the market futures. So here we have some more like business use. For example, think ton, consume your face and shows our history repeating itself. So this is when I'm telling you that you need to be aware of what's going on in the industry. A huge debate right now in the fashion industry is about then I think that the Sea FDA conducted by with the Boston Consulting Group about changing the fashion calendar basically so they're saying, We need to do it more consumer oriented in February. Right now we show winter. But in the stores we have summer, you know that even though it's knowing itself, we have the first items off the summer, but we're showing the few the next winter. So what the sea FDA is analyzing with the Boston Consulting Group is saying, Why don't we do it more closer to the retake environment? So let's show summer when we when the consumer can buy summer. Let's show winter when the consumer can buy winter. So this is an article about that. I'm basically what they're saying in this article is maybe they're repeating themselves. Maybe we're going to a calendar in the mid 20th century. Perfect. Let's go back to the sections and we can go to another one. That business on here in business section. I think it's very interesting. The Stock Tracker. So what? The stock tracker Jazz. They're tracking the ISS talks. The women were daily. Global stock Tracker follows 100 off the most important fashion, retail, luxury and beauty stocks around the world. The tracker is updated each day at 4:45 p.m. Eastern time and instead arrived. So here you can select the currency, local currency, you. Here. It says it can be filtered by region or category and viewed in local currencies or converted toe one currency at current exchange. So then the time performance timeframe, like one day one month, whatever regions you see. So, for example, we put one month local currency and we put Europe on. We put all categories that we have Salvatore Ferragamo stock going up by X percent, you see, or some stocks going down by X percent in the period off performance timeframe. One month. So this is what I'm talking about. They take in consideration the whole industry. We saw some trends. We saw some runway analyses. We saw news about the business we see Stock Tracker. So then, if we go back to another section, for example, we go to retail what we have retail news we can go to, for example, marketing and consumer behavior. So here they talk about different consumer behaviors. The past and future can define retail's future. So these air news and these are these, for example, it's about in least brought Bill the president off Hudson's Bay and Lord and Taylor division. She's saying, like she's explaining here how looking at the past, the history of Lord Container us like it's a company that it's celebrating 190th birthday next year. They can. Learning from the past. They can work on the future so you can learn from others for managers. Look of presidents of different companies experience. So this is why they're analyzing written what's going on in the retail In this article, they talked. And Lord and Taylor is gonna have, like a whole floor about dresses like showing dresses because they're accompanied the first department store on Fifth Avenue. And they're well known for your dresses so you can learn and you can take this experience and say, Well, that's a great idea. I might want to have a whole floor for dresses, for example. Last I think it's important, for example, the career section here. You you're looking for a job. What profession are you looking for? Locations, electric category, and they can do the job. Future jobs, Brows just by Catella re. I'm looking for jobs in the fashion industry, but on the buying side or in the customer service side, you see students enter career news. You can also post your resume. You can also look who is hiring salary research. So diese, great Miss Sores. And then one thing that I forgot to show you when we wear in fashion. Yes, the picture similar to what we're gonna see that I do. I don't do them for women were daily, but I do them for a lot of other outlets, like Harper's Bazaar in Chile, on parity in Argentina. Lana soon in Argentina, De Mac, like a lot of medicines, reacher my pictures. So this is a section they are wearing. So this is street style, and we're going to see that street style is a great, great great source of information. So they also have their own section about they're wearing. So they're wearing talking Fashion Week. They're wearing in Paris fashion weeks that we go into Paris Fashion Week and we can see a slight show off street style so you can see pictures of what they're wearing in Paris Fashion Week. I was in Paris special. We're doing the same coverage. So Toomey's It's great to see these pictures, and I can't even recognize where these walls and I know this was outside me immune, for example, there was the last show off Paris Fashion Week. I was there so you can look a pick on all the pictures off Paris Fashion Week. On these, for example, you might like to glasses someone like the cold picture. Someone like this car, the code, the boots that shows all these is out timing because I remember the Harris child. So this is all straight style so they have women. Were daily, has its own section about straight style because really, really important. So to conclude, I just wanted to show you a little bit. Be aware that everybody I pay for days that's why I can show you a lot. Dean and I thought it was good to show you the whole women were daily website. But if you don't wanna pay, remember that everybody has their own social media. So you can go to the Facebook Twitter instagram Pinterest on and on a known. But I do believe it's a great resource. I hope you enjoy the Little tour about women were day. So another great source of information is the New York Times off course, and you're times is one of the most important newspapers in New York. So it covers worldwide news, right? Well, the U. S politics, business opinion on and on and on What I'm interested about is in the style section and within this time section, we're going to see that team magazine information. So if we go into the style section, the fashion and style section we can see men's times are focused on the men's business team magazines. They say weddings and Fashion Week is within. The fashion is trying section that we find the Bill Canning Gums report. We're gonna watch some of these videos later on in the class, but I just wanted to show you where they are. So these becoming on reports where we find, like, a little description off the trend. The color is a fashion statement during days, first week of spring, most noticeably on coats, for example. And we can see some of the images on video off all these trends. Yes, so it's talking about color and the color in codes. So it explained here a little bit about the trend, and then we can watch a video. As you know, Bill Can. Ingham is the pioneer in what is street style pictures and with all of his pictures, The New York Times Fashion and Style section percent these reports. So this is important for you to know. And then if we go to the Fashion Week section, we can see all the coverage from Fashion Week. So, for example, a top 10 moments from Paris Fashion Week or the seven biggest Beauty trends the seven best shoes for example, we can see the fashion slideshow. I want to see the Mu Mu show or fashion reviews reviews about the show's ah, focus on shoes, for example. So let's go, for example, here to seven. Biggest beauty Tranz. So how do they present these trends? And this is important. Can gives us ideas on how to present our trends. So you see, we have trends about a pirate trends about men's about women, about beauty, about accessory shoes on and on and on. So the seven biggest beauty trends would present the pictures on it. Tell us from left to right Who's designers are days. So then, if we like this picture, we can go and find more information on these show. So dark and dramatic lips, for example. So it tell us about the trends and we can watch the pictures, then all school hair, it tell us about the trend, and then we can watch the pictures. Old school hair, individual beauty. So it has a title, a description and the pictures leader and sparkle so again we can know that this is Barbara releases Antonio Antonio Vaccarella on this is canceled to go back. We can see, for example, this, as they say, the seven best shoes off Paris Fashion Week. So the Vuitton shoe missy here, or the Chanel boots, the sockeye, the Balenciaga. So in a little description of the show, a picture of tissue on the designer on these are the top seven peaks, according to The New York Times. Then we can go back and back again. So we saw the Fashion Week. We can go into the team magazine, and I show you just what they cover is a very broad coverage in this Child magazine is the New York Times Time Magazine. So designs an interior food travel, fashion, beauty, entertainment. Artem Veto. I was there was a picture of myself in your Times. Time magazine. It was really nice. Um, it was a sketch off me, taking pictures outside Grandpa Li Obsessional show off, Linda told an influencer. So you see a lot of videos and images. So all these sections, so this is a great source off information The New York Times Fashion and Style section. And then there are a lot of magazines also out there, and I encourage you to go to your magazine shops. Your local shop and look at magazines and see which one is your style. Which one you like? Which one You wanna have a subscription off, like purple fashion, Elle magazine, Bazaar numeral. What I'm trying to say with all these lists off magazines is that each magazine has its own point of view. Some magazines takes fashion from a more commercial way, maybe bog and bizarre. And then you have some more like W magazine that take it more from a conceptual point of view. A purple fashion. So go. I encourage you to go out there and see what matters. And do you like and why the other medicines that I have here that I'm showing you in the slides like lutefisk, for example, or collect Cioni that are more about analyzing the shows? This is a very great resource. Like, for example, Memphis TN 1000 models YouTube. You can see the analyses like Valentino and you see all the images. Is Valentino on these magazines? I kept them all. I just you're gonna see like look at these. I like Karen and then putting everything on my evidence wall that I would show you what that evidence wall is about when you travel. Look also for blue books like the Burger, for example, this is a bird of Goodman. Look, book the Berghof Goodman catalogue. This is very useful, I put it like a magazines, but these are look books. Right on bone. You see monkey. So desert, just different blue books on is very useful when you're doing your collage when you're carrying, when you're looking for inspiration, what I do is just cat, cat, cat and I print from the print from the runway. And then I put everything in my wall. And there's some other magazines that are more oriented. Just two fabrics, so very specific, like, for example, view. It's a texture murga thing that I really recommend. This is really into going into texture just for text, size and color Inspiration. As you can see, let me show you. This is another great magazine to analyze runways catwalk. So the same. It goes through the catwalks. Sometimes it's very useful to have all the pictures together off the same designer, because it's very easy to catch on the color palette, so you can be like, Oh my God, I love pink with orange and you just take all these page and you put it then in your wall in your evidence wall and you start looking for this mountain and you start creating your color palette across like along around these Because you like these, for example, or you can just like the silhouette. It depends what you're looking for. It just It's just a matter of, like, what? Catch your eye. Maybe like in one show you love them. You love the silhouette in one show, you love the colors in one show, you love the details. Someone should. Maybe you're just like the makeup, so it really depends. And then one other magazine that I really like is in snap. You know, I have notes all over my medicines all the time, so instead of it's just about So what are people wearing on the streets you see so well. We see a lot of Delhi, for example, in these pictures. So it's along different fashion weeks and straight style in fashion weeks maybe catch my attention on the bag or the whole look, or the hat or the color so I'm more look books here and full of look book This is Salvatore Ferragamo, like, full of blue books movies. Dawn. Hmm. On this is very important to me. You want to look at everything you just don't wanna have, only we don't. Or fair Obama. Look, books you wanna have. We don't for a gamma a 10 a.m. Gap, everything. You never know where information is going to come from. You never know what's gonna trigger an idea to you. So you need to be always with your camera and always picking up. I'm always every time I travel or even here in buenos ideas in my city, I'm looking for look books and picking up look books. I'm taking pictures and writing notes. 6. Blogs and Vlogs: another source of information are blocks off course, right? We live in the blood decade. This is the 1st 1 I want to start way. It started in 2004. It's called The Cool Hunter on. The reason why I like it is because it covers a whole lot off ideas. It talks about news, architectural design, travel, fashion, likes time, our kids stores. So there is a lot of information, and I love it. I think blocks are great in the sense that you follow the blocks that you like off course. And then it's a great way to get news off the industry that you like by really just Tickle Hunter, for example, you can get news on art, lifestyle, fashion of musical, on different topics, just really one side. So I think that's fantastic. So the mind behind the cool hunter is built Tikus. I usually like to know who is behind. Of course, there is a huge team behind big blocks, but who started who started the blob on the history of the person. What I like about blog's also is that you can they can feature you in these block, for example, and if a future. Your art. All of a sudden you're in Artie's were raising Hong Kong on hundreds of millions of people watch are reading the cool hunter and they start to get to know you. So, for example, these guy almost immediately after Tickle 100 Future my paper sculptures he does paper countries is you can see My email inbox became flooded with enquires off every time for magazine interviews, books and bloods to a live radio interview in South Africa and a TV show on Fuji Television in Chapin, showing my sculptures inquire symbols, including invitation to have exhibitions in Taiwan, China, Moscow. So this is just one example of the magic off the world where we live today, so I encourage you both to read blocks. But also, as you're finding project is to start your own log another block that I really like. Sweets meets the person behind. It's called Tina Roth, Eisenberg said. Turn on cheese from Switzerland, which is based in New York, for example. These video was they are ensues. Meza's well, say something nice. So this is in the middle off one of the biggest of Moore's important parks in New York. It's Union Square is like a very center area. They're setting out this speaker on there saying that putting this speaker and putting on a sign that says Say something nice I like it because I think again maybe one day is like, What is this video? I don't care. Maybe another date. It can happen to you. What happened to me that I'm like That's so New York Everybody was playing around with microphone. People were like being part of the process that were saying like, Happy birthday to you. These mini video, like this experience talks a lot about the city like E. I think if you put these microphone in the main city in a main park in Argentina Buenos eyes, people were gonna be more just mental. They would be like, What are they doing? That's ridiculous. Where you know you're everybody's enjoining because that's about it. That's about the city's. There's so New Yorkers, so I can just great. Now we says with means we saw a the cool hunter, but now we're gonna get into more fashion blocks. So off course we cannot not talk about the Sartorialist. The guy behind is Scott Human on He started it in 2005. And here's a little movie where he talks about a little bit about himself on how he started doing these on What is it that he left about his job on? I think that this video really encourage you to be out there. What what he's saying is exactly that I feel very lucky to get to have part of my day leading a visual life. It takes X amount of time every day just to make the blood work, just to get everything going and get all the business of it done. But then the real joy of it is having those four or five hours a day to go out and just be in the world that you're in. See it, keep your eyes open and really relate to what you're seeing. React to what you're seeing, being with your notebook with a pencil on with your camera, always with you, because you never know when something inspiring is going to come. Maybe I'm like sitting in a coffee shop on it, just like an old lady's current inspired me. I designed for a curtain. Yeah, it could be like that or the foam off the coffee inspires me as leave for a shirt. Definitely can be like that. So let's watch Scotch Human's Life Way. Fact in there is you know, I didn't grow up dreaming to be a photographer. I didn't assist for anybody. I just started doing it. So for me, it's so instinctual. The way I shoot the way I do it is just the way I do it. Excuse me. Sorry. Do you mind if I just do a fast photographing? You just standing just like that? What's it for? I do a site called the Sartorialist. Good, good, good, good. I don't see 100 images a day that I want to take. You know, I see two or three. And so for me, it's very easy to be patient and wait for those images because that's just the way I thought it was supposed to be. I love your writing, man. It's easier to recognize my lack of knowledge in the beginning, really helped and really just made me refine what little I knew to make it work. And I think if you ask me another person, that doesn't creative thing. Yeah, they probably go to school are all these different things, and then as they get better, it just narrows and narrows. You could ask most chefs they would need five ingredients, one pan and a stick of butter, and they can make the best meal you've ever had. And I think that's really where most photographers would like to get to is not to have all that other stuff would be able to create the most beautiful image they can in the most simple way that they can. I have a really straight like this when I look at something, I don't really think you is that fashionable without fear. With these that's of the moment enough. I'm just reacting. Turn of the century There was a photographer named Marty who went out and shot on the street and kind of we're documenting people of their time and today to us, a lot of those photographs seemed so romantic, you know, way. Look at the old Lartigue photographs and we think everyone was so beautifully dressed. But if you went and asked somebody in 1910 and showed them that photograph, someone that had a real fashion point of view and said you know, how is this woman dressed? She might say Great where she might say horrible. She might say that So 1905 But we've really lost that thread. We can't really differentiate between what looks right for that moment. Where now with the Blawg, I can take a photograph and have it up on the Internet and share it with people across the world. People of this moment can comment on how they feel that looks, how that fits in. If it's of the moment. I think we'll look very interesting 100 years from now, the ability to be able to capture that and how that attitude is gonna change over hopefully the next 30 to 40 years that I'll be doing this capture something that we've really not been able to capture before. Great, thank you very much. I appreciate it. Thank you. Because the Internet is the world shrinking, are really coming to homogenized. Milan hasn't changed. Paris hasn't changed. New York hasn't changed, so I don't think it's really homogenized anything. But I do think it's given us what I like to call a digital park bench. So many people you meet that I love to just go. People watch. Just go sit in a park and watch people. And before you really limited Teoh the people you could see right there for you at your park. Now you can go on the Internet and look a lot like mine or other blog's that are based somewhere else. Really. The whole world's open to, you know. Now we have to share your official story with your blood. Okay, so for example, he's blogging about street style, right? So on the streets of New York, Paris, on what I like about bloggers also is that the kind of half the kind of know they do have a voice and they can ask you questions and start having a voice in fashion there, like his opening Mark Jacob studio? Or do you think he goes? He should go to Dior. This was like an old It's an old news now, but like at the moment these people were talking about on, he was asking question to his audience. On some fort, some bloggers have a very like loyal irons on. They really, really follow, and they really answered these questions. So you start a conversation brands on consumer having a dialogue within each other. It's not like Bruns talking, and consumers listen is about the dialogue. So the bloggers also comes with this dialogue because the blogger is kind off is a blurry line because he is part of the audience. But he also work hands on with the bronze. So it's a very genuine voice, and I think it's very important for brokers to keep their voice genuine. When you can see that they're getting a lot of money to say something. I just don't like that because you are following someone because you trust him because you like him because you empathize with that person. But when all of a sudden there promoting products are here like that's not you and you can see and you say like of course, you're getting like a whole lot of money because to say that that's terrible. So as a blogger, you need to keep loyal to who you are as a program is the person, right? Of course. Another block that started in 2005 is a shaded view on fashion talks about accessories architectures, art on the founder is Diane Pernet. You always seeker in every fashion city with that black like scarf around her head. She talks, and she has a lot of influencing ways. Fashion films. Now we have a lot of fashion film festivals around the world, but she was one of the pew nears in these subject style bubble. The woman behind Sasana lawsuit Cibolo. She started the blood in 2000 States Street People 2006. Also started is Feel All. You Always See him also, but this is different. For example, you see Susie Bubble, but she goes to the shows as an influencer. When you see feel all you see, you see him as a street style photographer. He's shooting. He's not like wearing. I mean, I don't think people are looking at him in terms Off like Designer look like is not carrying designer brands on. Showing his outfit is more about being like handing for looks. He will be taking pictures of Soc Bubble just to save in a in a way. Another blogger is Goran's Aram. Also, she has a studio on. She has a book, laugh, style and life. She talks about lifestyle beauty style. Another block based hunter started in 2006. Even Roddick, also about traveling and looking for interesting faces. He also has a book, and he also has his own website, like even Roddick, Bischel, diarrhea, Cities and Instagram. So, apart from Face Hunter, he has these. Another blood did you should know is a little dot com. The woman behind you might know her. She's Gallatin Sallis. Some people are more up in the front, and people are more Behind us. Was talk about street paper like Feel all his more behind the camera. It's no, he's like, really running around on the streets and I was working hands on with him like I mean, I am also taking streets and pictures, so I have him there. So Galileo Solace is like Susie Bubble. She's an influencer and she goes, tries my designer brands and you see her and I should parallel, which is a very nice person to shoot. Then we have the business of fashion that I think like, well, this guy is in Ahmed. He did his MBA harbored on. He started this bloke website that is absolutely fantastic. It really covers a lot of topics on a gravity, even have careers like if you're looking for a job in published different jobs in the industry education. So you want to take a course and really tells you about like Rankin's off University, for examples about fashion weeks. I love it because it really goes far beyond trends, then very complete analysis off the industry. So I really recommend you to read these on us, I said. Blocks are free so we can access unlimited access to them. Another block is some off Stein. She started in 2000. The woman behind his I mean song again as Taliban Sally's and a sissy Bubble disregards that you can see my blogger note. I should be Monod. They're wearing designer Bryants and they're outside the shows. And inside the show's on. Another block is Jack and Jill started in 2008. The guy behind his tell me Thanh on again like Feel All He's more on the behind the camera , saying it's not that people are shooting him because he's wearing designed runs, but more. He's like running around to get night straight shots off Gala Gonzalez or off Susie Bible or whatever, Then advanced time that started in 2008 on its A reset Colin the founder. As I said, this is just a guide off blocks, There are many, many, many others. I just I'm not saying I'm just thrown out there, a bunch of them. So to motivate you to start reading blood the recent book here, maybe you can get it. Style feed the world's top fashion Blood is edited and selected by Susie Bubble that we just saw for blood. So maybe there some blocks here that you like and I didn't include it here on some other blocks is about researching and in general bloggers for no other bloggers. So maybe you like the style of one blogger, so it can leave you to another blogger. So research Be curious. You have to be curious. So I reset. Coin started this block call advanced time. He was getting along very well with his grandmother. Always like they were best friends. And he started this bloke about like, people like over 60 I think, in New York. And it became then he did even a movie that we can see here the trailer I am dressed up for the theater of my life. Every day. I get such a kick out of it. I take it to the end degree. Most people zones. At one time, I had no self confidence, and I didn't think I could do anything. I came into my own about 10 years ago. Way R. I feel same as I did when I was 18 but I have fewer cares. I never wanted to look young. I wanted to look great. I think good style of cruising environment for everybody. I don't find it very challenging to go to a fancy stores. And just by latest trend, when I was 18 I want to go to prayer so you could turn it around and put the froth. There is no time living to anything. When you look good, you really put It's amazing, right? Like they're all above 60 and these on their feature. In this movie, the movie is about them, and they have a great sense of style, and I think we take it for granted. Now, of course, they can have break sends off. Yeah, but that's no. That common in general industry is focusing more on like younger audience and like in young people and in thing people and whatever, like anything. This is fantastic to just take. You have your audience being people, women over 60 and it's about the way they dress and the way they leave. So I think it's a very interesting movie. Another home blogged that she feels like an empire around. It is the blonde Saleh started in 2009 the mind becoming his character, Ronnie, and she has, like a whole team behind H, even calling him to be as blond Saleh crew. It's really nice on these again, Like Gala like Susie Bible. These are the girls that you like to shoot as a street style photographer. Like when I am in the fashion wig. I'd like to see these cars because the same we're going toe do your show on their wearing Dior on. The good thing is that you don't see the items as in the runaway, because each of these girls add to those items their own personality. There are storms off Stein, so you see that the same out like, for example, as I told you, like these fashion wait, all everybody was like with off the shoulder tops or with big sleeves shirts or everybody was wearing like the shirt backwards like so the bottoms opened in the back. But every influencer or every transit center wears it in its in its own way, so it could be the same exact sure, like whatever we don't shirt or any any bronze shirt. But each blogger each influencer ATS. It's themselves time we were. What is another one started in 2011 on the mind behind Daniel, besting Burns stay. Also, she's a New Yorker, and with all of the Oscars that I'm talking about, like millions of followers and thousands of millions of followers in Instagram, so they really live off. Doing this on one source that I want to share with you is blood loving. This is a website that you can combine all the blocks that you like and you can find for other blog's if you're looking for so this is a great way to keep your blood's together, blood loving dot com another block that I really like And this is we're gonna talk about fashion forecasting companies and we're going to see W. G s and is one that that's the one that I used the most the arsons are you? You might be able to get into the website through your university, but in general, if you are just on your own there, very, it's a very expensive resource. So, as I said, with all these expensive resources, they always have social media. So the tumbler W JSantana is a really good one is very, very visual, and it tells great stories, like for mood board to get to create a collapsed grade a mood board. These could be a great source off information. Apart from the bloggers, we should know that the bloggers exceeds with Victor. So these are like the King and Queen's off YouTube on. We're just gonna see one like it's Michelle fun on. She is really great. How everyone? So the holidays here and I know everyone is shopping. They're trying to find the perfect gift for the perfect person. So I decided to make your job a little easier by compiling a list of what I think we're the best products. 2015. I just want to say it's not important about this king care products, of course, but I just wanted to share with you that she talks in a very confidence way. She's definitely have the longer and is very percents information in a fun way. She's speaking another. Things are popping up, so I love it that we have some websites like wrong we or nasty girl that are interesting like Of course, you can buy clothes in this website. But I also interesting resources if you are designing in your designing a collection to look into trendy items just to look at the items these air just websites. Fashionista is another great resource. Another website that I really like it covers business time, beauty, shopping and really covers a lot of areas. And I think it's an interesting resource and refinery 29 as well. Who would wear is another interesting resource that started by two. I think they were former a fashion 80 tourism. I'm pretty sure so Also it covers fashion trends, outfit ideas, celebrity Stein. So as you can see, you have a lot of resources like there they they're ready to be used by you. So all you have to start. It's the habit off reading them. Habito preparing your coffee in the morning You brought your cheese, you prepare your coughing your seat in your couch on your read women were dating on Sundays or Thursdays. You read the New York Times style section, and then in your lunch break you read like two blocks or in your way home from your smart born you written blocks. So they only be the only way is by reading on by being out there and going to events and all that we talk about. Great. So that's for the source of information. We went through the blocks. We went to the newspaper with the magazines who went through the Bloods on websites. Now we will talk about fashion forecasting companies. 7. Movies: another source of informations are movies on. I really encourage you to watch movies. I really liked 8.5 off Fellini on midnight in Paris. To me, there were two movie that they took me. Somewhere is the wardrobe. They have music. The story triggers me some inspiration, but there are many, many movies out there. Go to old movies like Very Like own old movies on very new movies and Watch Watch, which when we talk about now about movies, I cannot not mention fashion teams. We have a lot of fashion festive. Honest. I told you, was a speaker in the festival in Argentina and the festival in Chile. Andi. So there many fashion dreams. I encourage you to go and look into into what fashion teams are on the different ways on four months taken take here. I just want a share to with you that I think they talk about what people are talking. For example, people are in tinder right. Everybody's in tendering Nanny City, so carving claim leverage of that. Indeed, a movie based on tinder I've been staring at your profile all night can't get you out of my head. I could be ready in an hour. Hey, hello, Seriously, Shine for you. You there, Come over. He's fun. Yeah, I can do that. When will you be home? Late ish. Just having she's hot. Not as hot as you. That's one thing that I wanna see. When you do a fashion FIM, you can you can textually a lot of roots. I in my seminary say there are 10 routes you can do when you design your fashion flame, and I think it goes from the ones that are more product driven like there is. It's like a catalogue online, like a look book online to the go to the ones that goes far beyond the product. You know, like a therapy off Prada or this one. You're not looking at carving claim clothing. You're just relating to a story. And the good thing is that they're telling the story that you can relate to, because if you are in tender, you can relate definitely from your own experience. But if you're not intending, you're aware of what tinder is on. You can relates to these, so when you create as a brand, an emotional connection with your consumer people talk about your brunch. So these creates bugs. Another fashion female when a share is one off a brand called Ren that talks about people looking for meaningful experience and content. So again, you don't see the brand. You don't realize it's a clothing company until you know, you know, did you know? OK, brand. And you go right. And you realized that fashion company. But if no, you don't realize on, I think when you connect again when you create this emotional connection as a company, people talk about your brand. Hi. Yeah. Um, do you just do this any time Ready? Yeah. Thank you. Time. Oh, the third of the lights. Come on, Justin. Chili make out absolutely things. Here is the right moment. Since you're an actress, you've done this before? A little bit, a little bit, Okay? Oh, maybe that isn't the best way. So whenever you feel me pretty scary, what was your name? Get rid Greg. Good. And so we can hiding scars to my heart because all I hear is I'm ready to go Whenever you nice eyes. Let's look at each other for a sec, okay? Okay. Until June Did and face your mother without saying saying she didn't have time. Hi wants to church what's senior heart. But if you're not ready, can you be ready? That was a good one. So they're 20 strangers that they need to kiss each other and they don't know each other. So the whole feeling about like, where is like it gets were you have to kiss in two seconds. You don't get to know that the person you just have to kiss them. So I think it's a very interesting fashion. Food on again emotionally go next with you because maybe you remember of your first keys. Or maybe you remember off keys that you just you just keep the boy you're just gives a girl , and you just you remember the feeling or it really touches you. So I think that's important 8. Museums: cover magazines. We cover blocks with having forecasting companies websites. We cover movies within movies. We cover fashion flames. What other source of information new seals go to? Museums are not only fashion museums, of course, any museum, because again you never know what's gonna trigger inspiration. What inspired you so with no refuge in, of course, with Fashion Art Museum? Yes, like Ferragamo sponsoring an exhibition at the Loop. So movie Don showing on the most serious after cognitive. So off course. This is fantastic to go to fashion resumes and also what I like today, the world that we live today, that we have access to so many things to us from our home and Valentina loaned very term museum. You were in a beautiful room, permeated by brilliant Roman sunlight with gossamer clouds just visible through a white lattice ceiling thing. It's amazing how it shouts Luxury, right? It's like I did really feel and you really feel you're inside the museum. We owe looking at this museum, inspiring a knowing who is Valentino? What's the story with the story of the brand with the story of the designer was the story of the founder, So these things are important for you to know when working in the fashion industry. Another museum that I used to go out on ice to go. But I used to live in New York, as you know, is the Met. I think it's a very interesting museum. Andi. It has an exhibition, you know, the Costume Institute exhibit that has a really big impact on fashion. Like whenever Iwas exhibition bank chaos to couture, you have the photo insists on like punk look in the windows. The same when it waas the charge shames you have more like culturally on romantic looks. So they had. The press conference is in January. February went to last year, but you have met galleries in May, and there you can see already some looks. Andi exhibit is amazing, and, as I said, he has a big influence in fashion. So for you that our training, your eye and your training, your reading to be ah, forecaster, pay attention to this exhibition even if you don't go to New York, read the review, watch some videos. Look at what people are saying about that exhibit because that it's gonna impact a lot in fashion. So I always like to buy the books whenever a gold train exhibitions, frocks, Simple The's Waas punk Chaos to couture exhibit at the Met. So this is what I'm talking about you've seen. Well, here is the Children pictures of exhibitions and pictures that inspired in spirit. So a lot of bank and you really? So after these, a lot of punk and bank branch looks in the windows to really inspires, charged James. So a lot off. Like after the exclusion, we've seen a lot of more like romantic Andi codes on coterie. Like More Coat, You looks inspired in Charles Jays in order to move forward in order to be able to identify trends and to predict trends, we need to know the past. So we really need to go into fashion history. I have a lot of fashion history books. There's different ways that I suggest you to catch on these past. It could be by personalities like, for example, knowing who wash in l. So who was Koko? What's the story? Became hair behind her. How did she started her brand? So on what her designs Where about what's what's her name, motive, just looking and I think looking at this is not the same that browsing online, I just love it, have the book, and then maybe you can trace some things. Then another way off. Looking at history could be by looking at silhouette. What is an A line silhouette? What is an hourglass silhouette? Another way could be by going by key items with the story of denim was a history of the miniskirt. So another way of starting going back to the histories by looking in two decades. So the 20th century of fashion, Another book that I recommend, is the pickup book. It's here, John. Pick up a book, All about illustrations So evening where from the 44th 1945 to 1949 Bride aware of 1945 to 1949 so accessories from that same time, So decades. What's Charness Turnabout on Watch movies and listen to music off the decade. So gettinto What the Charlie's don't wear or space age? What is space age? What is pop are? It was the different with up art. So look at paintings off those off those times and help people were wearing I know. So you you do your own homework, Get your books or get or go online and read. Read about decades. Read about personalities. Read about key items about classic items about fashion designers. So read about painters. So it's not only about fashion. I have many like painting books about about that. Sorry art books. Bauhaus, for example. I bought this book in Berlin, so explore. 9. Events: another source of information are events. Go to events. Always have your business card. You never know we're going to run into on go to events on by events. I mean, like fashion events, music events. Any event is about net working. Be out there. Okay, So thes are just images off an event that what is more like street style looks When I was doing some counting and then I went to a dealer presentation. So low tier, meteor, high tier In every event, I find something interesting. So I tried to give my schedule pretty pretty busy. And it was a nickel pandas presentation. Also last fall, Lollapalooza Solar, Coachella music festivals and I go. Last season I went to the levels and soner to do cool hunting there to get to see looks there what people are dressed like in those festivals. 10. Seminars and Conferences: some conference and seminars, and we can also see a source of your information With capita Kuta. We kept Seipel how North Side Tech talks. You might have heard about many of these do research on Try to, for example, protect, which is a great one. I usually go here in Argentina. There, in many, many, many cities on is about entrepreneurs, not just fashion any entrepreneur talking about their own story, and they have, like, a very short time. I don't remember exactly, but I think it's like 10 minutes or even less to tell your story who you are and created mornings. Maybe heard off is the same founder off the block, Swiss Miss Tina Rosenberg, that we heard off. And it's amazing also is about getting creative people together. So is the morning where you get your coffee and you get something to eat and you listen to someone on you get inspire 11. Tradeshows: another source of information. Our trade shows and treasure. We have some that are dedicated to fabrics and some to clothing, and then in clothing we have for women's for men, for kids. Then we have some off accessories. So there a big amount of trade shows. Basically, what it is is a gigantic place for it. Simply New York, usually there in Javits Center, so gigantic place with different booth. So every both represent Africa in for me. Obviously on that is one of the biggest trade shows for fabrics. Every both you find a, um, a man Avenger, a favorite winter, so every in every booth you have a different fabric company. So what you doing from everything, for example, is twice a year? I used to go to the ones in Paris, but they're also in New York and also in instable. You used to go to the one I said. That in part, is is much, much bigger than the New York one in February and September. You go twice a year, and what you're looking there is for inspiration in terms off fabric direction, print direction and color direction. Another exhibition that goes at the same time. For example, in Paris, I used to go to both premier reason on text board. Difference is premier reason is more European vendors. Where's in Tex worries more Asians. So to me, I was recording trend coordinator on fashion coordinator big department stores, so I was handling a lot off Brunt's. And they were. They did. Each run has his own price points off their bar brands that could afford higher prices of fabric. So those fabrics are used to buying Premiere Vision and then the brands that were in the lower tier of the department store that couldn't afford such a big impact of fabric and used to buy them at text work. Then you have other trade shows off far, but you can't Danny in premier museums focusing Dannon In Barcelona, you got teased to Premier Monsieur in Lille, France. You got Lena Bell that is just for leather. In Milan, you can kingpins show just a name in Amsterdam. Then we have a lot of treasure to look for clothing. Who is next one year class in Paris? Rooms in Tokyo coterie in New York, Panorama in Berlin capsule in New York, Paris in Vegas, agenda in Long Beach, Miami, New York pure London in London. These are great source of information. They're just movies and you get to see the collections on. It's amazing. Trade should just for kids you have bobbling London Playing time in Paris. Children's Club in New York, Female in Madrid. Clean the fabric in Amsterdam. Pity beanball Florence Cookies in Berlin Trade just just for accessories. Accessories in Quit in New York. Frankel in Sao Pablo. So as you can see for each product category, you have a trade show. And, for example, me I used to go to as a separate near the Syrian tanks were for fabric on when I was looking for inspiration. Terms of clothing? Exactly. I was looking at the product I was looking at. The Daniel was looking at the shirt. I was looking at the T shirt, but I also was looking for visual merchandising. X inspiration. Why? Because each booth has its own style. You as a brand, have to represent your brandy in a in a square like days. So you want to bring all things together. And most a lot of both. For example, at least in bread and butter. That's the one I used to go. I really created the way they be sure the merchandise there are storming the way they show the colors. So I think it's also good to go when you're looking for visual merchandising inspiration. 12. The Runway: another source of information are the runways off course. You can always go to the fashion wings. I go to New York, Paris, London, but I also encourage you to go to other fashion weeks and go to your own fashion wigs. And if you have Fashion Week in your city, But if you don't go used to because Tiger calm down is vote come. They have a great analysis off the runway so you can see this light job all the images of the runway, so that's a great source of information. Vault com. Another one is walking the calm that also analyze the runway. Both economies freak and walking is by subscription and then want. If I want to give you whenever you go to a fashion show to stress me and these, don't be afraid of sitting in the front row off course. A lot of places are booked, but a little places are not booked on. These is what happens. The PR company needs the front row to be field needs to be with full of people. You don't want to have a record of a fashion show with a love of space in the front row. So they're gonna move the people from the second row to the front row. So just what I'm saying is be aware that these happens and be with your eyes open. So if you see us bother is pretty much empty, just I don't see because it doesn't belong to you. The people that are coming to to enjoy the show and they have their invitation. But just wait because most like, if it doesn't get feel, they're gonna put someone there and it could be you. So just be with your eyes open another tip. If you're not invited to fashion where you don't get your invitation, they're usually in most of the city. You have a standby least. So go a NASCAR. This done by row and they would make you stand. Of course, sometimes is is annoying because it's snowing and it's very cold and you're outside. But if you want to see the show there many ways, these are just online. Believe you happen to live in New York and Paris and London, planning any other city. The House Special week ask for the standby role because there's usually the race on again. The beer company that organized in the show. If they don't have enough people or some people don't show up because it's cold, because when Fashion weeks you have a lot of shows at the same time you're running or big shows are not at the same time. But you have, like a very short term within each other, and there are all across the cities is know that they're in one venue. It's a crazy schedule, so some people don't get to the show in time. So as for that, trust me on that one. I always have your business card because maybe you have an invitation and you end up ceding next to the most famous designer. You never know. Trust me on that. 13. The Street: on another source of information that I think the most important I can say is the street I used to go to match more fashion shows. Now I kind of like and I enjoy a lot of the street. Even sometimes I'm like freezing, but I love the street. I love to the energy off, having to run behind someone to get someone's look. And you have, like, a very short time because that person is living the taxi and getting into the venue to watch the show. So you just have, like, three minutes to get a great shot. And it's not just you on that person. You got like 152 100 photographer shooting with you, and you don't want to be in anybody's way. So it's crazy, and I'm a big fan of accessories. I'm usually on the floor. That's why the Time magazine picture that you saw me, I'm on the floor mutually shooting shows or shooting days accessories. So it's not about running. What you see in the street is fantastic because you see how people would have told you about lovers a mix and match the look so you see that Shannon called the lab with them, like top shop, sheens and some idea sneakers. So the way people put it together, it's fantastic. So when talking about street off course, we're gonna talk about being caning them on this. An exhibition that he had in the New York Historical Society has that all the pictures of Bill coming like all pictures, and I love it because he's been doing these for a while. So here you can see all the pictures in New York City, and it really tells you about what was going on at that time. In your look at this one in the train is fantastic. And then this is These are just some off my shots from these past fall. Just shoot people shoot people's attitude in sample in some images, and I like the printed images. Um, I like the look. They had the Carter combination. Some people, you make them walk and chest and a very nice they make you make them like. Okay, I love your out. Do you mind walking along Fifth Avenue and remind stopping there? And there is a lot of working together with people. Some people are really good at that, as I say, for example, Russo is fantastic. Adachi dance, and she plays around. Usually I should the repair the person from different angles front back, her shoe, her back, her attitude when she's talking to a friend, which is on her own when she's on the phone. As I said, I go to New York to London, Milan and Paris every year, but I encourage you to go to other fashion weeks. If you have in your sitting, go to that fashion Week, a great resource to know what's going on is modern. Online is a great website where you can see fashion shows where you can see the trade shows that we would talk about what you can see design exhibitions. So everything modern online dot com It's fantastic. You have to cut their resource. But some fashion weeks also have designers showrooms, and that's also great. London has it, and it's fantastic. So while you're there, you can go and speak with the designer, the founder of the brand, and see their collection in a quiet I'm not that quiet because usually in London is in the main veiny off London Fashion Week, and you have like a section for designers showroom. But I think it's good that you know that sometimes you might live in London and you're not aware of this. So you say, like, I'm not invited to show. Why would I bother to go? And I'm telling you bother because you might get into into a show on also asked how to get to the designers floor and go and see the designers and media designers. I look for inspiration there all these weeks ago to say, said to New York, to London to Milan and Paris with a lot of photographers were really, really a lot of people there on the streets all day, city after city. It's a great experience because it's all of us in New York than all of us in London than all of us in Milan and then all of us in pirates. As you can see there, we see Anna Della Russo on all the photographers there like madness. We're running, we're in the middle of the street. It's really, really crazy. We don't even realize that we're in the middle of the street when we're shooting. This is a typical noise in Fashion Week look at all the people shooting at the same person . Okay, Thank you. So, some of these photographers one is Adam Katz sending to me, he is the best. To be honest, I have to say that I have great admiration for people who have Ah, great work ethic on Adam is one of them. He works really a lot. He death, of course, in your London and parties. But he does also many, many, many more fashion weeks. It's always working their first shooting. Let me show you he's from live into union. That's his website. And his instagram is at Blue Bent Union. So you think this instagram here always He shows where he is. Well, currently he's in the air, so I'm sure he's flying to another fashion week. It's very characteristic of scheme to put his pictures his forehead like in a in where he is. If he's in carbon hag, an increase in Stockholm. So this is just his instagram. I recommend you to go. He takes pictures, of course in the street and also some portray it's off models. So this is a great great source off inspiration And to me he is the best in terms of work ethic and his job is really he really runs a lot and he knows what he wants to shoot. He knows he wants to take at this hell. He knows the picture he's really looking at here is they were to photographers at a few photographer that they got a bike from BMW. So they were during Paris Fashion week riding their bikes like the BMW bikes. Okay, then we have another one that is calling a bill also very interesting. His website It shepherd do Macbeth dot com on his Instagram is shepherd do my best So we see NEBE let me show you. So the seasons Instagram as well He shows where he is now, his in Paris. So here we see his pictures so each photographer has off course its own style. Another one is Daniel Bruner Grandal from the Organs Porter and his Instagram is the urban spotter. So this is him as well. He shows where he is. He is based in London. So Daniel, it's based in London and nobody is based in France and other My guest is in between Amsterdam in New York, I think, but all of them. They travel a lot. I think Adam is the one that travels the most. But so here you see the urban spotter, these ease. Well, this is Daniel. That's a picture of him. So you can tell that each of these photographers has its own style. So these is to urban spotter. And then we have vehicle who is from Argentina, like me. But he lives in New York. His website is the outsider. Dodgy s on his instagram is the outsider Blawg. So we see Diego here. As I said, he's based in New York today he's in New York and here you can see his pictures and see all his work through an old fashion week. And then last but not amused with Jonathan from French is time that calm. The French is time and donut. Any space in Paris where he doesn't say, Hear what he's based in Paris. And here we see, some of these photographers only do women. Some of them do. Women and men fashion Wingstop also do co two. It really depends on who we're talking about. So they seize Jonatan Weaken. See, he's work from Fashion week And he did a collaboration with Airport in France on D. So he took pictures, streets, time pictures in the airport. On all his pictures were future during passion. Fashion Week A on the streets. So this is his job, like, as I said in the airport that has been shown in in America. So this is very interesting. So that's it in terms, off street track photographers off course. As I said, there are a lot off street style photographer. These are just some that I recommend you to check, but look at some other photographers that you might like. As I said, we are a lot working in Fashion Week. Look for more and that's it. 14. Toolkit: So now let's talk about the toolkit that you must have. You must have 24 7 with you. No, with notebook without lines like plain paper notebooks, These are the ones that I like the most to sketch. Maybe these one is a little fake. You can have small notebooks, Mourners, The idea that you always have a notebook with you to take notes because you never know where inspiration is gonna come from. So always have these with you, of course, a pencil and your phone or a camera because you should always be ready to take pictures again. You never know what inspiration is gonna come from, so be ready. I'm then also in your home or in your studio. I recommend you to have what I call an evidence wall on That's my evidence wall. And let's play around with things in the evidence will. And then once in that every community has its again chart. These is again chart a gun charge. Use it in any organization. Basically, what you put is here you take Here is where you put all the wen. So January, February, march, April, May blah blah blah on. These is where you put all the events they put in my slide. So here is when and here is what? So I recommend you to put all the fashion weeks like pre fall shows in New York. London Resort, Miami was swimming where Sao Paulo look open. And all the shows here, all the trade shows that you're interested in, like Indigo. Who is next? Coterie? A premier, monsieur. All the Gallus musica words that you wouldn't wanna watch Golden glove Oscars, Emmys on then the Gant charts. How? The way it works is you put what you put when on then you mark with color. When are you supposed to do that? So, first 23 weeks of January, I'm supposed to be looking at the free fall shows on writing the reports on the pre fall shows, then second week of February and supposed to be watching their shows in London. Officials are actually there. So maybe the third week of analyzed in the shows on the fourth week, I'm in a nice into shows. So that's the way it works. You see, you call her. When are you gonna take care of that? I'm gonna take care of them Milan Fashion Week the third week of February, You see, So these you should always haven't not any arguments because your evidence will is a place where you play around with pictures. But these you should have any. Another board at home, always, always with you. So you know. Okay, we are in the last week of December. What am I supposed to be doing? Watching pre for shells or watching at these gala or dis event? Yes, this is very, very important. 15. Your Skills: So the third idea I wanna share with you, I call it your skills. I want you to train your eye. So look at things, develop a way of looking at things. Think globally, half a point of view and stay curious. The best way to develop a way of looking things is by training. Your eye is by looking is by being out there so example of a way of looking the world. There is a person that I love either is Coco Chanel. So I told you I did my Masters income at effort at F. I. T in New York, but in combination with Ian found in Paris. So when I wasin Parry's, we went to Coco's apartment in Rue Cambone on top off Cambone store in Barry's at the actual story. Still there. This is about the store on the first floor on the second floor, and we went to her apartment. We see, and it's actually exactly decorated as a way that when she used to live there, she has to stay apparently, you know, hotel nearby. But she always got that apartment I want. I want to show you with these is this Could be just a regular couch. But when you look at the couch, this is where these the inspiration for these back come from. That's what I mean, when when I tell you about inspiration can come from anywhere you can receding another facade and you say, I love these last this type of fabric. I want to develop something with this That would mean all These is a paper wallpaper that inspires the typical flower off Chanel for the rings for accessories or these shape off the mirror if you look it from the top. If you look the Chanel number five, he has the shape off these mirrors. These mirror inspired the shape off the cover of the perfumes. That's also amazing, so inspiration can come from anywhere. The second point is that you need to think globally. There is nothing more terrible than ignorance in action, so if you say a free second like these is a way, you write it in America. So you put the month first. But if I am from Argentina's, I am in a Reedys, DC's February 4th because we put here today and here the months you see what I mean, so you have to think global. You got to have an open mind and understand that we don't think all the same the same with these in the UK thes piece. And then this is fuck off. So it's a matter of how you put your fingers and you might get rock Cross wrong. And this is an example of Nike that they designed these sneakers with these, like, draw a sketch in the back and they have to pull back all the snickers from a rabbit countries because these sign is very similar to there are the word of Allah and allow word is forbidden to be reading in things. And it's even worse if you're riding on top of things that touch the floor. So this is what I mean. Think global. If you're gonna do business or if you're gonna be a forecaster, we're gonna be predicting trends from someone in a different country. Be aware of the cultural difference. The third point is to have a point of view, so understanding is not absolutely final. What's no right could be wrong later. So I put it in a funny way. Like fashion is sequins. Fashion is Federer's fashion is fun. Fashion is ironic. Fashion is illustrated. Fashion is sculpted. Fashion is safe. Fashion is risk. Fashion is black forms. Fashion is stilettos. Fashion is black and white fashion. It's cooler. There is no right or wrong. What I'm just saying it's like is very subjective is up to you. So to conclude about the point of having a point off Butte, remember, Liberty plans little brains. So these could be either a snake that at an Elefant or it could be a hot on there is no right or wrong is just a point of view. So I encourage you to have a point of view and stand for the decisions, your decisions. You're gonna be giving advice to many of your clients in terms of trying direction or building a collection. So you need to stand for what you're saying. And then the last point is that we need to stay curious. I wanted to go out there and ask Why? If you don't like something to say, and if you like it to say, express yourself and if you don't understand something, say, like, I don't get it. I thought the park loop was supposed this way. Why, this way? Just ask. Ask question yourself. Question others in a great of course with good manners. But please keep on asking. Keep on it. That's the best way to learn. You're not smart, if you say Oh, yeah, I understood on you did understand that doesn't make any sense. There no fully questions on Norman becomes a full and if it has stopped asking questions. 16. Processing Data: So now let's go into processing data. We open ourselves. We have our notebooks with your camera. We are staying curious for asking questions where developing our way of looking at things we're looking at magazines. We're going to events were doing everything. So how do we process the data? Let me tell you what I do. Uh, - I start in New York always in February, on in September. I didn't take pictures, pictures of people on the streets. Sometimes I like the bats they're wearing. I go, I do soon to the backs I like. The shoes I do is zoom to the shoes. It's a very fun job. You're outside. I told you on the street running around because you don't have a lot of time to shoot. So I should. The front issued the back. Maybe I like the color combination or like the hats. Or like the glasses. I like the texture of the skirt, for example, or like the color combination. For example, how would match the color combination that is in the background? She's wearing yellow and pink and is a trunk passing by with a pink elephants on a yellow capsule. The whole images makes sense to me here. Or maybe in this picture, I can also look at this socks on the shoes. She's wearing a short skirt and showing the sorts like maybe next, 40 way. So anyways, I'm shooting, and I'm sure in Amsterdam shooting I go to all for Fashion Week. So I start except February 10th on a finish off March 10th on I go on September 10th on the finish on October 10. So on those two Fasher man in H. Fasher man, I take around 15 like 40 to 50,000 pictures, and that's allowed to. What I do is I'm taking pictures. But while I'm taking pictures, I'm always with my notebook, as I said on with my pencil Brighton trends. So when I get home, I create this flies on a put skirt with a split Danny fair accessory, for example. This could be the four things that I saw most important in my first day at work. So I start dragging all my pictures into these four fines and then a career. The second day I create more files. On the third day, I create more fights, more funders, where start dragging my pictures. And then I go from New York to London on dwelling Go to London the same start shooting, I do assume to the car shirt or to her shoes. Or I just take a picture off the hand off this band or distillate owners or the whole look , her fur coat or her short boots on that she's wearing like Bordeaux with orange. So maybe I like the color combination. Or maybe, like the basically off the print on here. I could like the sports Brad that she's wearing outdoor. So she's were like intimates where? But on an outdoors, a landscape on her suit on this leaves that is a jacket, but said CO. Is a cape at the same time. The extra long sleeve. This was a big, big trend. Extra lungs lived a lot off. Focus on this leaves this season in spring summer, 2016 on the streets. The color combination here are for dress, combining with the policeman over there. So I hear, maybe just like the picture, there is nothing in particular about the trend about trendy. Maybe in her outfit. I'm just saying, but I just like the picture, so I go back home and I create more folders. So I'm saying, Okay, I saw book backs like bags that looked like a book by their bags. The cowboy hat is very strong. The Chanel show, the two tone Chanel show the beige and black so that I create more folders and keep on dragging my pictures and identify if they're on overlap. Is this trend? Is Denny ardent very important on Lee on the streets in New York? Or this is a thing that I'm also saying in London. So I put a question mark. As I said, Stay curious. I try to identify because then I have to create turned reports with that. So I want to say this is something that I saw across the board in New York, London, Milan and Paris, or this is something Onley particular about New York, or only particular about London. So from London, I go to Milan, and this is fantastic because we are all the same people going from one show to the other to the other to the other. So the same streets try photographer, the same journalists, the same, the same blunders influencer. So it's great that great energy What you need is very, very competitive. Very. But I love it. So I go to Milan on again. For example, here I was working for a client that asked me about looks in hair. Another client looks in makeup on identified that the models off duty meaning the months when they leave the runway, they leave the venue when they're close. That usually are fantastic, and they're still with the makeup on the hairstyle from the runway show. So there is a huge opportunity there to catch on runway makeup on runway hair starts again here, streets dying. I like that she's wearing a bra and identified that this is in Milan and I already saw that London Remember the sport wear brass that she was wearing outdoor here the same. So I'm like, OK, there is a link between London and Milan. Here on I make a zoom to her shoe. It's like hardware with utility things in her shoe. So we are all. There were many photographers, I said, like 200 photographers looking at the same person. But maybe one is looking at the sneakers. One is looking at. The glass is one of the whole composition me. Maybe I'm looking at the color combination or the bracelet that she's wearing here on. So I go back on, I create more five backsides, a symmetry, and I dragged my fault, my pictures into the on this I do it as I said on a daily basis. You don't want to leave these for the end of the week. You don't want to just leave these for the end of the month. You want to do it on a daily basis. I said I take 50 K pictures for months, so you want to be organized with ease, and you want to drag the pictures every day, even though they're very long days. We start shooting at nine in the morning, and we finished shooting when the light goes out like maybe like six or 70 depends winter or summer. So you're shooting all there. You're standing on your feet all day. You're running around all day, but trust me, even if you're tired, do these on a daily basis because you wanna have all your information organized. Moreover, I try to write trend reports when I am during Fashion Week. On what I'm what I do know. I used to do it on my own. Now for next Fashion week. I'm working with an assistant Onda, and she's going. I'm going to send her to picture with a folder. She's gonna create the time report so we can put it out there right away. Because in fashion, the sooner you get the better in return. Also, we live in a fast fashion movement, right? So we need to be there. We need to tell people on a lot of people Tell me Thank you for your pictures. I leave fashion way through you and I Labid through your instagram and I love it. And then from Milan, I go to Paris in Paris is the last fashion week again, I'm shooting. I left for shoes. I love the like the Bible Shape off for coat. I love her old fool Look wide, even though it looks a little winter by this full white off the shoulder dress that we've been talking about socks with shoe that we've been talking about makeup outside the Chanel show in vampire, all the color combination. And this is the last show. It's Mu Mu. When Paris Fashion Week finished full white and a gang Go back. Calm Full patchwork glasses, Long dresses type. Oh, so I dragged all my pictures. So when they finish and this is the last flash a week is in Paris The last city that you go , you have old your folders organized on you can start you open one for example. I go to skirts with a split and I have all these pictures in skirts with split on a writer turned report on I said Okay, trend alert. Split skirts are very important. And I put the picture I go to cowboy hats on identify Okay, not about cowboy hat. I put Big hearts are important. So I create my trend alert report with all the pictures with big hats. I go to typo on I call it promoted yourself. Why? Because from all the type of that I identify. I told these Jew where they are putting their instagram name in her bad to say that and she's putting her name goes on yourself. It's a murder. It's so she's putting her name out there. So I call it Promote yourself on now. Let's look at Bill Can Ingham. Reports were counting on us we share about when we talk about The New York Times. So this is what he does. He Of course he takes a lot of pictures and then he funny, like a funnel he create with all that information, he create these reports. So this Bill Cunningham from Fashion Week in New York and fun was to see how the fashion people survived the cold weather. Big trend. And it was a trend. Were the women in Fox s symmetrical scarves? There's no question no one is going to outfox these women. So, as you can see, behind these are the photos that I told you about with all information that he had. He created this folder about this coat about the color of the coat, the type of the coat, and you have the report. That's the way it works. 17. Inspirational Trip: I also going inspirational trips when it was infallible. And I think Tony is a fashion trend coordinator. I have set trips where I have to look for information for a summer, said Tricks to look for information for winter. Apart from going to Premier visa for five, break on bread and butter for product that was sent out of information at the stores. The retail point of view. So when I look into the information, the return point of view is kind of the same. Information on taking pictures of clothing off details off them. Broad Aries. I look into the shapes of the tops off the lining off the details off the pockets. I'm looking into trends identified. Okay, sport, it looks. It's a big trend. So I take a whole picture off items that can make that mood identify new lines. Okay, a lot of companies are working on maternity line, so I see OK, maybe that's a great business opportunity for me to work in a maternity line or to work in a sport line. A lot of brands are going into my journey because, they said and also luncheon sport lines. So Mary, there is a huge opportunity to do that. I just put a question, mark it, take pictures. I create my folder and then I see I also during my trips, I create my color. So I look for style and I also look for Carter's on the way Create my color pilot during my inspiration on trips is by buying things. I buy a T shirt because I like it. I buy a stock because I like that color I buy a car on. I cut him on, just put swatches of items and then I go back to my phantom. Both I looked to the color that much that fabric. So, for example, you get this car on your like I love it. I just love it because I like this color combination. So what I do is I cut exactly that I can't the color that I like, And I say these is gonna be part off my color product, you see? So then what I do is I look for dependents off the color defense for past ills and nails. So you have pastels and now corners neon colors. And this is a regular. So I start looking for What's the color that can much that some time in the things I'm like . OK, Is there anything similar to these? Maybe is more pinky? It's I start booting here until I get to the point that I'm confident I'm like, Okay, these is the corner vanities. You see what I mean? So I do that with every, like, maybe this one. I will find it in my pastel book. So I go here, I say, which could resist. I think he's one. So I put the cheap on Bond. I say these is the guy, like, cannot days I say, Okay, these is the way. Do it fast just to show, you know, it takes more time and then I put it there so it starts to build on my color palette off the season, and then you will see that I do the same from the wrong way. So in terms of corners, as I said, I go to the evidence wall with these are defy bricks that I can't from this car from from some T shirts or whatever I bought on. I put these punters when I arrived from my trip in my studio and I already have in my evidence will some pictures from street style. But I took some pictures from street style that I got from some magazines, so I start. I didn't see I don't have yet. The runway shows pictures here, but I start to see Okay, these being could be here, could kind of be these big. Or maybe I have to find a happy middle between these pink on this pink. But for now on, it could work on this could be these. So I might need to find a greener Pantone. Because these look screen, I'm just I start to play around with all my sources of information. This could be the orange. So I could be like these War on. Then maybe I need a black. Maybe you need a blue. So for now, when I have these on then and we have more streets type pictures and then we have my runway pictures Idea is that to create a trend report your information come from different sources . Come from the street streets. Time come from your free inspiration and trip. So you get some fabric on you bring some details and you put them here so another sources the runway so we would see how it works with the runway. But evidence will ease Dease. He's weak. These is a place where I put all my pictures on all my far breaks and on my Pantone's. So then I finally down and create a turn report. 18. Inspirational Trip #2: here. My inspiration trip I just did out a way back to my evidence was just to show you come started overlapping all my information. But let's take you back to my trip. I'm on my trip. I am taking pictures. I took pictures off the dates of fashion. I took pictures off a new lines like the sport line, and I cut some firebreak to see the Carters. Other things that I can see my trip, our new business opportunities, for example. Top shop. Having a whole section for prom dresses for dresses so I can go back to the general manager of the department store and say, Hey, what? We're not having dresses. Why? We don't have a section for dresses for the holiday season, for example. So it's no that I'm only looking for style on color but also business opportunities on. I'm also looking a display. I'm looking about the manikins. What are they saying that are they telling a story? What story of detaining? I'm looking at the racks. How are they organized? For example, Zara is a great company in terms of visual merchandising. You have American and then next to Dominican in the back or somewhere very close by. You have that merchandise on. That's perfect because you want us. You want to talk to the customer by me. But when they want to buy you, you have to make it easy for them to find that those garments. So me as a consultant, I'm also looking for those things. I'm looking for, how to tell my customer to put his merchandise in a smart way. So I'm looking here at the color story inside the store on. Then these picture. I can print it and I can put it back to my evidence wall on just from looking at this picture and the evidence wall, I can say I'm missing off wide. I'm black in my videos wall. And then here the thinking behind the tables are audacity Very well. For example, you see the table of plants. They're all the same style, but you have to classic corners like black and white to fashion colors like cobalt and green on a print. So that's a great way of looking at a story or not only looking at the mannequins, but you're looking at the thinking behind the merchandise. The official merchandise So what they're saying here, you most likely go for the print. You get close to the table for the fashion color for the print, but most letting you buy the black. You see what I mean? But you need to have all those five options in order to get the clients to go to try that and then here pictures off props that I can get to create that ambience in my store. So I'm gonna create I want to create a seventies movie, my store. I'm taking pictures off the props that I need. So when I get back home, I can tell my visual merchandising team we need to get this. We need to put stones and we need to put like fabric Cantina. We need the manicure like these, and we need flowers. And we need that smell because remember, the customer gets into the door of your store and he relates to your brand with with all the senses. So he's want to smell good. He want to disintegrate music. He wants to be to feed, treated like in a nice way. Okay, So, again, during my inspiration and trip, I do the same folders dresses and broad Aries pine sweater tops windows on. I drive all my folders, so when I get home I can bring them and I can put them in my evidence wall. But on a daily basis, I create also these folders, so then it's easy to track the information. 19. Fashion Timelines: And then what I wanted to show you is a trend report in real life. I want to show you very quickly a timeline in the way how we work in fashion. So you can see how fit in into the making of collections. I think the best experience that a professor can transfer to the students is a real life experience. So that's exactly what I'm doing. So, in order to have the collection ready in the store the Winter collection in January I started going to Premiere Vision and Text World in September. These are General 2014 the September 2012. So you and 1/2 before. So I go to the premier busy on a visit. All the vendors and I put orders for fabrics. If you buy a big amount of fabric, you have the power to tell the vendor. OK, I love these flower that you're offering, but I want a bigger or I want it in red, or you can negotiate some patterns because you're buying volume on. Then you put the order there, they send you a swatch to your country. You accept that and then once you say okay, they she view the rest of the fabric, So I used to go to Premier. Recent antics were in Paris. I used to go to bread and butter, as I said, to look for items so off course in all my trips. And when I was enquiries in primary semantics, war when it was in Berlin and bread and butter. I was taking pictures inside the stores and it was taking pictures of people what they were wearing, how they were dressed. So all those pictures and you bring them and you start creating as we talk about the evidence wall. Then I have to analyze the international runway shows. And then, with all the information, I present the trend report to the design team to the buying team, to the visual merchandising demon to the marketing team. They all need to have these information visual merchandising. It's You know, that plant. It's gonna be very important. So Visual Merchandising team is preparing black tables for the store, for example, and then marketing needs to have this information in order to know that she needs to book that the team needs to book a model that looks kind of prank, you know, you know what I mean? So it's not only briefing the designing and the buying team, but also other teams. So I presented term report. We went through that we went through fibre director, print direction looks, some runway shows, some key items, some Carter pilot and then we begin to build the mood board on to design the first items off the collection. This is the mood bore. So it's just a kalash that represent the story behind your collection. So you say OK, this collection is gonna bees 40 looks or this collection is punk brunch. So you create a goulash and I said, I love, like, really collapsed for your homework For the blocks that you have to learn. I reader and I really encourage you to do actual kalash campaign pensees pain cat things do you really collapse? And then you can take a picture or scan it and put it into your block. But it's all about goulash. So you create and I like three d usually ask my students to do ca lashing form words and put firebreaks and put sequins and put threat on whatever on remember, he has to be very much the trend that you pick very much the topic that you pick very much align with your Brian's DNA on. Then on the bottom, you create your call your planet. What are the colors? Colors that are gonna be that your connection is gonna be made off? Yes, on this is very important. You don't want to be one of those stores that you get in and you see like one piece is read the other pieces black, the other pieces through. The other piece is white, like you see so many quarters there. You don't see a collection. Yes, you need to work with. Like if you're gonna I think it's normally we were with seven colors. Yes, something. I mean, there is not an exact science, but 78 Caller six. So you have a cohesive collection, and then you start to build the collection on when you beat the collection. These is very important. It's about where you have your basics on then. Here you have fashion. And then here you have high flush. This basics is where you have the most. You have more quantity, a lot of quantity and its chip. Yes, basic. You have a plane T shirt with with a flower fashion, you have a little less in quantity, and it's a little bit more expensive, and it's a little bit more fashion. So it's sure with two flowers is what I mean on a high fashion, it less quantity and even more expensive. And it's assured that is all flowers you see, so you need to have a good balance off piece. You need to grab this island that is fully in broad agree that a fooling broader that is full of flowers you need to have. But you cannot have all of these because it's too expensive. So you need to have a balance, and then the same. You need to have basics. Yes, and it's good to basics. Gonna set. Amazing is cheap, But you know what? I have all the basics. It's boring, so you need to have a good battle between basics, fashion and high function. One thing that I always said to my students is very important to know Your DNA has said it many times. Why? Because if I am the gap, my basic is no gonna be the same that if I am ber Sochi you see, what I mean for such is pretty much a lot of everything together. So maybe what is the basic four Per Suchy? He's a high function for the gob. You see, Maybe a basic for the four for Sochi is a T shirt full of flowers. On the high fashion for bursitis is flowers, stats, spread squares, everything on the same shirt. You understand what I mean? You need to know this and you need to respect your DNA who you are. I have a good amount of these. So by having a good violence of easy will have a collection that is interesting yet affordable. So you have more basic items more affordable. More fashion items? Yes. Usually these high fashion items are the ones that you're gonna have your billboard you're gonna have. She said Boonchu Oh, if she's your model showing your collection, you're gonna have for with this I am never gonna happen with a white T shirt you're gonna have for with with the T shirt full, full, full of flowers. But you're not gonna have a lot in the stores. Well, you have or you're gonna have this item at your best selling doors. So this is the way I used to work. You create a mood board with a color palette, and next to it, you put your phone with your items. Put all your tops together, then put all your jackets together. Put all your dresses together and then put your bottoms on when you are designing these four when you're designing your collection is very important that do you think about your look book? Let's say I'm your fish alerted Isar. I'm like your marketing agencies on I got here, and I have to do your look book. You have to present with the collection, so I understand. What is it about? Make sure you have enough products that they mix and match and go together in order for me to dress. The model noted for me to drive Americans in order to me to dress the most to go run that the down the runway. You see what I mean? Strike playing around. That's why I always recommend you to work with form words on with beans so you can move them around. We designed it for its items of the collection, as I said, and then we go with the first items designer used to go on fashion dreams on what I call an inspiration on trip. Yes, to get inspirations on when they come back from that inspiration trip, I finish up the collection. So I I designed two pair of pants and then I'm like watching the wrong wishes and everything. And then I go on my trip and I say, OK, we're keeping those puns, but we're doing these other £3. You see what I mean, or those £2 that I designed before going on a trip? I love them, but I want to add a dream in the detail. I went at a stripe in the detail, or I want to change the color or whatever. So what is this fashion trip about? When you go on a inspiration and trip, you have to go. I encourage you. When you're doing your inspiration trip for your collection, you have to do at both things. You have to go to burned of Goodman that is a high end department store, and you also need to go to a flea market on everything that is in between Goto flea markets on high end stores. And then the interesting thing when you do an inspirational truth is you're going city after city. I used to do city after city. Maybe you do one CD, or maybe you do whatever. What I'm saying is that is very interesting when you identify a trend to fall a week. So this was in 2011 long time ago identified these colors as a necklace. So then the quarter off a shirt was used as a necklace, so I found it. I remember in New York. Then I go to London and I found some more than to go to Milan, and I found some more. So it's nice to track. That's why it's always nice to have a picture to have a camera with you. The same with these Baisley print so identified a trend and you follow it along. So basically that's the timeline. When designing a collection, you start with criminal reason or text word. You go to some other trade chills like Britain butter. You look at the runway shows you start creating your mood board on your counter pilot, you go on a fashion trip, your inspiration and trip you come back and you wrap up your collection. That's what that was my process. Just sharing my person. You can do it your way. I'm just telling you that way. I used to do it for the department store, and that's the way this timeline can be represented in a visual way. So these fabrics that I've seen afternoon missy on. Then I see the silhouettes at bread a batter. Then I analyzed the runaway. Then I went to Paris, Milan, London and Berlin, and I see people on the street and I see window displays. And then I finalized in when a scientist with my collection, you see, So this is entire process that I go through and everything is recorded with pictures on I have a notebook where I keep all my notes on. So then I much my notes from London with the runway show that I'm looking at style. Com vote com on with the office CSO. All this information makes sense on as a fashion designer do you usually have a lot of collections in your head. You have the collection that is at the store. Now you have the collection that you are designing on you cut the collection that you're producing. So, for example, now I'm in summer here in Argentina. So at the store, it's the summer collection, Yes, but in the factories, in my factors, I have the winter collection that I'm going to launch in two months into the stores on I am designing the following summer connection. So a great designer have three seasons in its head in her head. 20. Trend Report: Okay, so now let's take a look into on actual term report. So what include in a turned reports is a fiber direction. The prince, the colors, the key items and clothing, the key items and accessories on the queen, the G looks so going into fabrics. My main source for these, as I said, is it's about the common angina is a runway. And then I also checked apologised. But all these kinds from the evidence world we're testing. So I show some transparencies. I always put the source. So where it is coming from, which season is an old report, Of course. So I put all the pictures and assume to the fabric. So metallics and I put which designer always include your source in your reports. Because if the audience laughs these on once, you know more about these runway show chick she can't look into, like, 700 show. So she wants to know that is Barbara Boy. Spring summer 2014 And then I go into Prince. Okay. What prince? An important tropical print framed brush, animal print, black and white flowers. These imagine this is just like in general. My reports are 700 slides. So this is just to give you, like a quick information off all the topic. But I go into a lot of details and brains. A lot of details in firebreaks colors, same present them like these. And then I associate to each off these colors. The Panton. So I say these red that I show you is the plant on 17 14 86 TPX These yellow is key items and clothing, so short sleeved shirts, the jogger sporty look short and sleepless jacket and then key items and accessories. And so I talk about the chain necklace, the cat eye glasses, the Pepto short boots and then the looks. OK, It's very important that sported looks look on. Then I show a mood board that is a clash that represents that trend away percent, the color palette for that specific trend. Before I talk about the trends, the colors off the season, the key items off the season off all the season. Now what I'm saying is like, Okay, all this information can be grouped in 3 to 4 key looks, and so I create the mood board. That is the collapsing inspiration, as I said began that what makes a look be sporty looks. So it has to be some shyness some like night staff on Some looked luxury, my fabrics, but very sporty silhouettes. And these are the corner pocket, and I show some of the runway shows that represented these. Look you always like to show the after show that your runway shows on the show. Other Broadway shows the percent of the sport it looks. So then I go into explaining the accessories that go with the trends for the looks, and so shoes bags with these were ending with what the trend report. I just want to clarify who my audience waas. He was designing the binding the visual merchandising team on the market in and you might say, why so many people, if only are designing and buying the designers and buyers. Yes, that's true. But we at the beginning, it was only for the designers and buyers. And then we realized that it's much more useful to at the same time, brief all the departments so the designers know that they have to buy far. We were gonna go bank, for example. We're going to do a collection that is punk crunch they need. They need to know that they're gonna need to buy far breaks a lot of fabrics in black colors, a little fire raising red colors on that they need a lot of leather, for example. The buyers need to get that information in order to buy. In a smart way, they need to say, OK, the designers are gonna be working with these. I need to because this is how it works. Infallible part of the collection is we buy them. The buyers buy it to other vendors and part of the collection. There are private brands in this department store. All private brands on part of the collection is they bite to external Bendel's on part of the collective design in house. So the whole collection needs to live in the same corner of the store, so you need to make sure you're working with only one color palette. So the designers were with that color palette to design and create the collection, and the buyers have the same direction in color, pilots and profits to buy for external vendors. So that's why I was briefing both teams of, for example, it's an example of a mood board. I am presenting to them that the biggest trend is gonna be punk brunch. So I present a mood board of Ponte Grande and present the color palette. So then the designers go on meet ways, the factory medals and everybody with a factories with these colors under looking for these patterns in Prince, and they're looking for leather on their dine items in these folders on the buyers go on by from external vendors. These type of fabrics, these type off print any under these colors to see what I mean. So everything lives together, what the designers are designing and what the buyers are buying because it's all it's all to build the collection off the same brand. It is a private brunt of this department store, you see, you understand, and then the marketing team needs to know that we're gonna working with punk branch. So they kept a cap in the radar. Some models that they need to book for the look book that kind of have a pan crunch look and then the visual merchandising team needs to have the information so that even though these information is way, we kind for the market way before the marketing and the visual merchandising team needed. They still need to have it on. They have it in their mind. Be sure, Merchandising team, for example. I need to know that they have to put instead of white tables in the store. They're gonna put black tables because of that plan. Collection on the light needs to be a little dark on that. They need to put some columns that they're gonna be painted in red. You see what I mean? And that marketing needs to know about these. So the launching event for the season is gonna be in a cave or it's gonna be with a band with a rock and roll about with a plant van. Story is gonna be with a bank bond plane. So all these information, even though the teams that needed right now our only divine and the design team because they need to work way before they arrive in the rival of the collection in the store, the other teams needs to have this information. So this is important. I was given a lot of information toe all of these teams, and I was happy to travel the teams together, so they were all align. So we were all on the same page about what was this brand gonna look forward was gonna look like in the future. So we were all a line about the colors, about the print direction, about the silly webs about the look. So then the customer gets a cohesive message. When he sees the corner, he's like, all this is perfect. 21. Evidence Wall: Now let's take a look at how a process my information from the runway show. So basically what the source that I use is a website that we already talked about. It used to be called Steiner Kaminer used box com. So I look at all the shows. I went to some shows, so I already come back from my fashion trip with some notes in my note. But I see I look at Newcastle. Are you got boy in your looks? I come with some notes, so I get back home. I analyzed the runways through bog dot com. I start reading the reviews. I watch all the shows on. I started printing images images, and I also work with fizzy and magazines, so I tapped turns off images that I kept on that I framed on. Then at the beginning, as everything street style means nothing taking. I'm taking without having without knowing what I'm taking runway show this thing. I'm looking at shows and I don't identify anything after a while is when you can create your folders on when you can be like OK, there is a black and white Sharon base is very important. Tropical is very important. So after you collect a lot of information But these shows on my notes when I'm watching at the shows, I'm taking notes. Details at who? What's the inspiration of the designers at keep rings? And then I organized my information. So I printed all these pictures from dot com on from and I cut them from Lafis yell, and then I start just putting them here without knowing anything. I just put them from now on, it just put them here because I need to see. I don't know if they make senses are all the images that I cut because for some reason, I like, so start putting them here. Dicus tape bug. I look at the wall and I start grouping thing, so I start saying, Okay, I see a lot of green here. Okay, so I like these green. I think this could be kind of the same. This is a little bit lighter, and this is a little bit lighter than these and these. So I start Teoh be like, Okay, let's put all the think here, and I say, Okay, I kind of like this one better, So I'm gonna look for a Panton that goes here, Morgan. So I go. And so I take it here on I am is pretty similar threes. Not much difference, but to metes. So I say, Okay, this is a think I'm gonna use. Okay, that's it with a pink. So I take the banks. I turned him down because I already decide. What's the pink I'm gonna use then? I am with brains on. I am okay. I need a green face greens. I'm gonna go with that pink and these green, and I think I need a car. But he has to be these flu. And then these guy will come kind of music, pasta tones, and it will go. I like this one better. So this is out. I have to look them this one and then in need. Of course. A black honor. And then I need some kind of access here. I definitely need a yellow that works with these planets. Use these. I'm creating my Carter history on Dhere. We have information from the runway. We have information runway, runway. We have some Pantone chips that will be much in colors. We have street. We have some farmers that we bought our INS In my inspiration and trip we have pictures that I took from a blood pictures that I took that it brings that I do from a window display. So all the information from all the sources of information we talk about magazines, ran ways blog's museums because I can definitely help here and I don't have today. But I could definitely have something from Pan kills two couture from China through the looking glass If I if it wants the inspiration for for me. So all the source of inspiration. We have fabrics. Everything isn't the evidence will from here. As I said, stepping back a little bit is where I say, Okay, this is perfectly clear. These are the collars Dieser deceive you. It's on. Then from here is when a turning down into a power point There is no way to me. I mean, some people were different. There is no way I can be creative in a computer. I need to have these have beens. I need to cut any my sisters and my tapes my contact book from here. Once everything is clear, I go on and create a powerful with these on these stays for days like these on weeks at the beginning is a mess, as I said. And then it starts to make sense. After weeks of being here, Maybe one day I arrive in a student. I'm like, No, I know these has to go here on these Color is going down on a changed So it takes a little bit of time t like have turned report ready to put in the over Ready to deliver to my client at the beginning is a mess, but I suggest you to have an evidence wall beans on start painting you need to print. I know it's not really sustainable what I'm saying, but it's better to were with paper on to feel the things to feel the firing to play with chips around. So let me show you a trend report 22. Final Project: So we're here at the end of the chorus. Congratulations. It was a great pleasure to share all this time with you. I hope you're happy to go now out in the street on do Your final project is you know what it is. It's to launch your block. This is your opportunity to launch your block or your own line for formula. I want you to do at least five or six off the assignments that I suggest. And this is just on a DEA. Do some more. If you want to start, go out there, go out there and take pictures of the word that is around you in your hometown when you travel all the time is very visual. What? I'm suggestion. But if you are more of writing for something working your writing at work, I'm a very rich person. So in general for something, law is very visual. But that's your Stein one. I want these assignment he's finding brought it to be a useful to for you. You're about writing. Please be my guest. I right into all the images off course. So let's start with the 1st 1 that I wanted to do is a personal introduction about yourself with images. If you're not good with Kalash, please try to do your best. Why? Because as we saw in all these class, it is a very special industry. So I wanted to work on that train that massive you need to train. Look, and you need to train your habit of reading. I need you to train these Muslim being doing Kalash. So in just few pictures, remember less is more Joan over Putin, like thousands of pictures. Just some pictures on to tell me you're still lost your story. Tell me who you are. If you want. You can add words because we're not gonna share in an actual class. If you want to share some words with me and tell me about your I would be happy to read that lucrative fashion campaign in magazines at the moment and identifying one campaign trend. Show those magazines at once based bleacher report off the move Port off the trend. What do I mean? Magazines and you identify that few brands are having the campaign like discolored. So you say Okay, disco is in trend now, So you show me those ads and then create a mood. Board off what disco is about the mood or because we sent official report of a block that you like. Talk to me, Talk to me. What of love that you like. Maybe is one of the ones we saw in class. It's not introduced me to another one. It could be a fashion block and into design long process, block whatever and create a visual report. A collage of back block doctor present a movie that you like on this is about writing to tell me why do you like the movie? It could be a fashion free. I encourage you to look into fashion films and tell me why you, like, go to a fashion seminar and event a doctor show whatever I write about it, tell me. Tell me what happened. What was a show about what was It was a festival was a concert. Talk to me. Report on that look at the runway shows involved up Com, for example, from the Plasticine from the Main Fashion Week in New York, London, Paris, on Mylan on identified two main ideas. It could be a detailed color. It could be a trend, so it could be that you look at the shows and identified it. Sleepers are very important. That's why I mean by D J or you're identified the display its third. He's that discouraged with this pleat is very common. Or you identified that red is very powerful. This is so Whatever idea, you 100% 2 of the transit identify key item address would like it to be sporting looks or a color and created. Be sure reports from that Show me the runways. Please show me the wrong way on. Then create a mood board that talks about that. So what? I mean, you show me the wrong way. For example, red is a very important color. Show me the run with it are showing bread and then create a mood port And in the mood parts don't put those runways create a mood gravel bread. So it could be a house that is red and it could be some color presents red. So create a mood board about that. Present a three pages official report of streets dining your city. I want you to get your phone, get your camera and go out there. I'm present a reporter streets died in your city. You can pick a neighbor. Who are you gonna go around different neighborhoods and show me your city through the way people dress in your city. Just a story in your city and take a picture of its window, identify the same and create a mood board that triggers that thing. So you go again, you go. You pass by a store on you see a window, and it's very romantic. So create a mood board off. What was the inspiration to have that window? And you can even put a name to the window. You gonna say, like the romantic fifties, for example, on create a mood for about the fifties on the romantic under scooping, implemented because of the colors Because textures show me the window and shoulder the inspiration on to the labor in your city and present a three page special report what that neighborhood looks like. Show me stores, coffee shops Show me The people that were there wasn't wearing Show me antique shop. Show me the parts you everything. I don't know anything about that neighborhood that you picked your city. I want to know it all through officials through your officials. Show me the parts. Show me the playground. Show me the museum. Show me the architecture. Everything. So explore completely that neighbor OK, and so those are some suggestions. I think with these you have a lot to work on Is a lot about doing Kalash A lot of drink. Goulash is a lot about you being out on the streets taking pictures. I think it's a very fun project. Is being going to movies? Go to the event so I encourage you to do it on. As I said, this would be your first opportunity, your own opportunity to have your old look, so I think you should take it. 23. Final Thoughts: way are at the end of the course. Thank you very much for being here with me. And it was my great pleasure to share my job to share my passion with you. I hope I got to transfer some of these fashion and now you're out in the street. How did it for trends? Let me recap about what we've seen in these courts. We talk about a lot of sources of information like newspapers, dogs, websites, etcetera. Then we went into a mask up to kid 24 7 with you on some suggestions for tours in your studio, they went into some skills that you should develop to be a cool hunter. And then we went into I wanted to share in my process, the way I process data that I take on the street that I take from Windows on my trips from the wrong way and how it creates a trend report. Now one of a kind of conclude with the north face mantra on I encourage you to never, ever stop exploring. Always explore, Always ask why Day curious register Would you see on register what you feel and be 100% alive on last. Follow your dreams on. Most important, count your dream. So you need to leave with passions. You can't connect the dots. Looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something your gut destiny, life, karma, whatever, because believing that the dots will connect down the road give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path. And that will make all the difference. What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending? Well, it's so amazing. As a result of our kind of educational system, crowds of students say, Well, we'd like to be painters. We'd like to be poets. We'd like to be writers because everybody knows you can't earn any money that way. Another persons is what I'd like living out of doors life right, horses. If you say that getting the money is the most important, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You'll be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living. That is to go on doing things you don't like doing, which is stupid. Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing in a long life spent in a miserable way. And after all, if you do really like what you're doing, it doesn't matter what it is. You can eventually turn it your way to becoming really with, and then you'll be able to get a good people. But it's absolutely stupid. Spend your time doing things you don't like in order to go on spending life doing had to teach your Children to follow in the same track. So therefore, it's so important to consider this question. What do I desire? Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drowned out your own inner voice and, most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want. Everything else is secondary. You've got to find what you love, and that is his true for work, as it is for your lovers. Your work is gonna fill a large part of your life. And the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking and don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years long. So keep looking. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Thank you very much. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any suggestions. If you have any questions, you can goto Instagram, you can go to my vlog. Please, Please, please Let's stay in touch. I love I'm always when I lecture in universities I'm always asking my students place So let me talk all the time. This is very hard because I have to talk of the channel. You're not there to ask me questions so please, if you have any Western What? You're watching my videos? E mail. Please send me a message. Tell me if you have any thoughts If you want to share any information. If you want to share in the Vedic. Whatever you want to share, please. I'm all about Diana, so I'm here for you. It's been a great pleasure. It's been a great adventure. Thank you.