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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials you need


    • 3.

      Making the collage paper


    • 4.

      Cut, tear and glue


    • 5.

      Making the birds


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      Good bye and bird catwalk


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About This Class

In this class you learn to make your own unique collage paper. It is super fun and easy.

It is perfect class for beginners but I'm sure advanced mixed media artists can also be inspired by this lesson.

With the home made collage paper you are going to make fantasy birds on postcards. So you can either send them to loved ones or put them into a frame to decorate your home.

It is all about playing and having fun (and making a little bit of mess...). You are going to play with paint and drawing materials. To feel free and loose. We cut the paper into little pieces and glue them on postcards.

I show you how you can turn these pieces into fantasy birds.

You need:
Paper: plain print paper, magazines, old books or newspaper paper.

Waterproof  markers for example: posca pens 

Acrylic paint

A large flat brush and a smaller brush

A palet

Acrylic ink or waterproof ink and a calligraphy pen

A simple stamp

A cloth

Glue: gel medium matt and a glue stick

Blanc postcards, I use 10 x 15 cm. (4 x 5 3/4 inch)


A watersoluble pencil in a dark color

A water brush or commen brush with a small tip


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Herma Starreveld

Artist, illustrator and teacher
















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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: No, I'm here. Mom makes media artist and the illustrator. And in this lesson, we are going to make our own goulash paper and turned that into these fantasy birds on postcards. It's a perfect lesson for beginners. More advanced our discount. Do it for fun to get lose to get inspired. You are all welcome. And I love to see what you make us. So do the other students. So please post voters off your work. Our scans in your project, Bates. It's under this video so we can all get inspired by your work. Thank you. In the next video, I show you what you need for this. Listen. 2. Materials you need: way. Need paper just common. Bring paper is perfect for the job, but I also like paper that there's already some interesting marks on hits like newspaper or old magazine page. Avoid closely paper. I always have some sheets at hands, just in case that we need acrylic paint. A close, a large brush, a smaller brush. A simple stamping material. Acrylic ink, um, markets that right over paint I used Scott. What are the sisters to guts? The paper, But you can also dear. It's apart, but medium jail. I love that's glue, but a glue stick will do. Ready made guards a small marker to draw the birch and a water soluble Bensel in a darker color toe at shadows. And I used in the water brush. But you can also use this brush. You also need some space to let the paper dry. I used my floor. I always protect my table, the floor and myself because I'm a missing painter. The next video I show you how to make the Kalash paper. It is the most missy and playful part of this. Listen 3. Making the collage paper: ready to make a flash paper. This is not about technique, although I show you some techniques that isn't also about making something beautiful, because later we tear this paper into pieces. This is about color mark making and having fun. I work fast into it, if a messy, but you can work on your A. I work on three sheets in the same time. Just start with putting your brush marker on the paper and start moving. You can't go wrong. Try to feel like a child's play with your materials. Curious what will happen if an event? Try not to think of Birch yet. Later, you will see how Marx Karl ish can inspire you to finish the birds. You start sinking now about birds. You probably will be disappointed at the end because this is a process that is hard to plan . I love to be surprised when I make the birds. It's a part of the fun, and sometimes it feels like magic. Out things turn out. He was contrasting. Collars toe make it look more interesting. I use reds and green and black and whites try different ways of applying the paint in the ink but a dry brush with wet brush with two colors on a brush or more. There's different brushes used him in a different way. It was a simple stamper. Usual fingers. He was thinking water or dry in game baby with paints. You couldn't applied in quick brush. It's a back off your brush. Make marks with the back of your brushing. Wet Baines. Make marks with the markets over the drive Paint. Try dot stripes or triangles. Make splitters. Blake. This is how you discover what you like, but your style is used to Marcus only on dry pain, because the wet, painful room the tip of your marker. And I know by experience clean your brushes and other materials after using when acrylic paint dries, it's very hard. You can't solve it. Three seats are drying out, and I look if they need something more, I think based on this scoot as it is, this one is a little bit dark and a little bit dull. Now, the last one, I think this will need more color and more mark making, and now we have three sheets. Interesting goulash paper. In the next video, I show you how you can dear our guts. This sheets in little pieces 4. Cut, tear and glue : I choose this goulash paper. I look got some pieces and I will dare Some pieces you can show she see what did. Francis? I don't think about birds. Jets just got some interesting shapes before directing was sore squares. I don't over think this. The only thing that you have tow keep in mind is that it has to fit on a card. I already see your birth. It's OK. Okay, Now I can Jewish one I like the most. And I think I like this one very much because it's already like a bird. What? I choose more. It's on this intriguing because I'm not sure what to do it. It's I chose this one and I used another color garden. This doesn't fit very well, so I chose this fun. Um, on this one, there's a very straight etch accruing. We needs an extra sheet, the medium jail or the clue stick. Uh, I put that one on the extra sheets have to watch that you would clue on the sides on the edges. Then I I'm not sure what I'm going to do it, but I would ride in the middle more messy glue, but I prefer this one. I use my finger. You can use a brush, but you will have to clean it fairly well. Because the glue glues there. Uh, this together again. I put it on that. A sheet of paper. Nice meeting with my finger. Thanks the edges. Then find it in the middle. I really don't know how this will turn out on your last one. You can't see the clue when it's dry. So it doesn't matter if there is some clue on the front sides. That's why I really love this group can be messy, but you don't see it. Well, that's it's ready for the next part. 5. Making the birds: clue is completely cry. We can turn this pieces off paper into birds. You can use your imagination. You could use a book, transpire you with birds, and it's or you can use the Internet. I made a page Pinterest page you confined to link in your project. I was really surprised how many crazy birds actually exist. I gave you to exercise sheets and Expedia also in your projects so you can practice before your job on the march. Now we're take a card and look at its and see if we can see a bird in its turn it around and I see toe ice. I also see a big and the I and a wing. So look for the Burj do. There are always more possibilities. And to show you that I copied them and I made a simple birds out of the shapes. You can see they don't need march to look them like a birds. Most important things are a beak and I or maybe two ice feet or lex you can add, sits a a wing or tail, but just a beak and I and Lex cantor in the species into birds. So now I'm going to look for different verged on these. I use my marker when I start with this one, but I, like, ist a long neck. So I'm going to use debts and I give it also very long beak. You can be creative, single fantasy except exc Segre rates when I and to Lex, That's the first bomb. I go for this one. I like this. It's a beak. You're You can use the marks on the paper to be inspired. Apply some filters. Um, I think this one, Mr We I'm not going here. I need to lex their way are so there are always more possibilities. And now we are ready toe at interesting details. More color remarks on play with him. So now they look like birds. You can add more details. I used to paint and Marcus sh their fantasy birds so you can add what you want. Use your imagination sink weird, funny, strange and executor dates. You can add human ice or a big stale our heads or boots as long as you like. It's. And as long as it makes you smile, it's perfect. And where you need inspiration, you can look at my Pinterest page. I show you how I finished his birds. - So when the bird is ready and you like it, Oh, cities you can at shadow way to watch a show about pencil I used the diamonds intense. This color is Indian ink and the shadow is always under the pervert. And I feel in the card so I can be precise Make it a little bit dark with eventual just a small nine. That's how you take your look. A brush the glutes I really like to shut off that it gives look like as a wing here. So I make shadow under that way also, actually 50 eyes from a shadow. - So no, I Look, does it need something? Sits? Okay, Now I think this is a little dough and the azure I was important. So I like to give some twinkle in the eye. I have to wait till this baby is dry because I can't use the marker on it. Now I will really grown dip off the marker in the pain. So I wait. They used a heat gun to dry pains. So I choose for wide look really good. Do you see something it needs. I think defeats need some shadows. Okay, that's what No. So I look at them the last time I think this honest, perfect ready on the other. Well, I don't like this one, and I think just one needs something. And that's myself, Page. So I think the eyes are not good. So I work on the eyes again. - You decide they're ready. You can skin or photographed. I'm imposing on your projects. I'm really looking forward to see them. Now you can post your cards are male to someone you like or puts him in a frame. And in the last video, I show more birds are made from the pieces of paper to inspire you. 6. Good bye and bird catwalk: thank you for your attention. If you like to lessen, please leave a like or if you, when you are asked for it, it helps other students to find real essence. They are all looking forward to see your work. You can post it in your project page, where you can also find a link to my other two lessons. If you have questions, you can use the community page. Thank you for watching and be creative.