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Exploring Skies and Clouds with Watercolor

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. All about colors and important tips

    • 4. Techniques Skies and Clouds

    • 5. Supportive Elements

    • 6. Warm Up - The Clear Blue Sky

    • 7. Warm Up - Gradient Sky

    • 8. Warm Up - The Sunset Sky

    • 9. Project 1 Deep Blue Sky

    • 10. Project 2 Sea Blue Sky

    • 11. Project 3 Light & Glow Part 1

    • 12. Project 3 Light & Glow Part 2

    • 13. The Conclusion

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About This Class


The most important component of watercolors is water, the nature of its flow, random movements, the power and energy which can be radiated when vibrant and bold pigments are applied on a wet, moist or dry paper is all we are going to learn in our current class about Watercolor skies and Clouds. We will start by having a look at all the materials required, discussing all the techniques, Supportive elements, exercises and finally doing three class projects.


  • Wet on wet
  • Wet on damp or moist
  • Wet on dry

Supportive Elements:

  • Mountains or hills
  • Birds (shapes and sizes)
  • Fields (concept and perspective)


  • The Clear Blue sky (touch upon concept of painting angular clouds with light in it and green grassland to balance the composition)
  • The gradient sky (where we will be playing with various colors to paint a beautiful sky and even use knowledge of different background washes)
  • The Sunset sky ( it is a simple loose painting of a sunset evening where we will be defining less whereas working quickly to get a desired result is the major aim)

There are three class projects in total, two of them are fairly simple and we will learn how to work in layers. Adding the birds and more. The third one is bit complicated because it is all about adding lights, painting with multiple colors, making it more dramatic and finally curating a landscape with mountains, fields etc. Further details are given in the Project section.

Materials Required:

  • Arches 300 GSM Cold Pressed – (Landscape size – 15*30 CM, 19*14 CM, 19*28 CM)
  • Any brand of Watercolor available with you
  • Silver black Velvet Size (4,6 & 8)
  • Wash Brush or Flat Brush ( Princeton 1.5 Inch, 1 Inch & .5 Inch)
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Masking Tape (1 Inch & .5 Inch)

**highly recommend you to use Arches 300 gsm CP paper to get the similar effects.

**Resources - Easy and Simple way to paint clouds of 7 different types

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Here goes the link for 28 Winter Illustrations to celebrate the season - Winter Inspired Holiday Cards for 28 days

Winter is a season of love, celebration, enjoyment as well as experiencing snow. Let's make it better. How about painting along with me these beautiful 28 days of winter illustration which can help you not only to improve your watercolor skills but can even be the winter cards which you can send to  your near and dear ones. Every project is exclusive of each other which makes it very interesting for anyone to work through and just go with their creative flow whenever there is a desire. On that note I will leave you guys to let your creative juices flowing and a warm welcome to my Winter series. 

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1. Introduction: the most important confident off watercolors is water. They need it off its field. The random movements, the bar and no T, which can be dated heat when bold and vibrant pigments are applied on with most or down paper is all we are going to loan in our garden. Plus about exploring what color clouds and skies. Hey, guys, I am Pretty Khanna, an artist, instructor and skin shape teacher from Delhi, India. Many off you might already know me onto the people who are joining me for the first time. You can find my artworks on instagram as what color dot illustration little. I mostly work with what color squash and other mediums like software. Still school picks, etcetera but truly occupied by the whimsical nature off watercolors, the countless apartment ease that I get. And every time when I apply my paints on the people, there is some or the other new discovery keeping in mind, it will not allow us much with the second shots. This guy has always mean one off the media competence in a landscape painting because off the various moods that you can explore, like the sunrise, sunset thunderstorm, billowy clouds, then clear blue skies on much more. What? Akala is just a perfect medium to explore it all because even randomly dropping some things on people can help you get some beautiful and expressive skies. This last is suitable for anyone. Ask it has the robustness tok goto every level off artists. We start by exploring all the materials required, then moving on to understanding the three basic techniques off painting. The skies were don't wet, wet on down on wet on dry, so I would recommend you take my olio class easy and simple way toe paint clouds off seven different types, which would help you to work on this one really easy. The next is walking on very supportive elements like boats or flight of boots, the mountains hills or the overlapping mountains. Time finally, the feeds the views on the mountains will always help us to denote the horizon in a better way. Once we are equipped with our three basic techniques on support of elements, we will move on to our warm up exercises. The three warm up exercises is based on your cue blue skies with light in it, the radiant sky on the sunset sky we have three varieties off warm up exercises because I do believe the more you practice, the better you get in that form of what the next is three final projects kind. None of these projects is going to take you more than 10 to 15 minutes, and you can practice that king time during the day. These are Toto basics guys that we would be doing on the final one would be light and law in the clouds, as well as creating these beautiful feels. The whole class is divided into nine different types off clouds and skies. You can use all of these in any off your future landscape paintings, so come and join me. And let's loan everything about magical and logistics clouds on Scott's. 2. Materials Required: Okay, so let's discuss the materials that we need for today on. Do I have to jars off water? Jostle Photo is really important because one jar of water will give you the fresh supply and another jar can be used for taking out. Although extra paints from your Russians etcetera. So these two jars are really important. I have a masking tape Now this mosque in Davis one inch that I am having with me. You can use any masking tape that is available with you. So do not worry. Go ahead and use whatever is available with you now justice, the winsome you can product that I would be using It has got a lot of colors in it. So the total number of colors I think I'm more than what I've got. So I have included a few off them for myself. Like this turquoise platter, turquoise. Then I have this composed. Do these two pains are from different companies. Want us from similiar and oneness from Majel Omission Gold. So these are the two different percent of pains which I have Then then the other colors, of course, is already existing in the set. I would give a belief about all the colors which you need in the upcoming exercises, as well as the final projects, which we would be doing. Officials. Let's talk about the tissue to shoes of really, really important competent when it comes to watercolors because we have to dab off extra pains on artificial this, you can also keep a handle any kind of trouble or in kind of what does this available with you? Because it would be really helpful to take off any extra pains from your brushes or roads. It is all too helpful why we make up people. Okay, so we would be going with arches. 300 years, Um, 1 40 will be paper, and it is this that we would be going ahead with. It has impressed, affectionate, not this court press texture is the most effort, but you can go ahead with any rough texture off your choice. I would ask you to go 400% cotton paper because 100% quarter people is truly important corals. You might not get the FX that we would be discussing today brushes I have over ideal precious that we can use. But it's not that you need to own all of these brushes. Okay? So you can have this Princeton one inch bash. Either you can have this, or you can have this one. That is Princeton 1.5 inch. It's up to you. What you want toe no half in your or else what is available with you. OK, the next is the civil black velvet size eight brush. You can have either a size eight or size six brush. I'm showing you all the possibilities that you might keep with yourself for making this painting. This is a size six brush sober Blackwell, but that we have ah, half an inch gash by Princeton. This again a flat brush. I would ask you to keep one flat brush because it is very have full value blank. The next is your civil black velvet size four brush. These are from the Russia standpoint. No, I will have a scale. Now. The scale is very important because scale really helps us to make the horizon line and other few things very easy. Eso I always keep a scale, honey. For myself. We have one. Benson. This is a normal pencil. You can use any pencil that is available with you, and we need even an idiot. So now he's, er, are usually off two kinds. One attorney, the bullet razor and one is, um, armillary, so that you can keep so whatever you work with, you can use that. That's all from the supplies perspective. So let's move on to our next lesson. 3. All about colors and important tips: I have written down all the colors you need for completing the techniques. X ices on the project section had the hand. We will discuss a few tips and there are a few clips which I want to run you through before we start baked. Use any watercolor primary bill, but you if you are ignore or student rate, What color is good to go In case you don't have an exact match off watercolors, go ahead and use the ordinate color suggested in the lessons Ordell's. Use the colors, which you think are close to the shades I'm using. In my lessons, I highly recommend you tow. Watch the class on bigger screen like an iPod or a computer screen. More made watercolor people. 300 years, Someone 40 Every cold press paper is highly recommended. House. We will be doing heavy washes. Please download all the photos off the paintings for your reference from the Resources section. Before you start the painting, you do not need to watch the class to ghetto. Break that last into smaller parts on attempt it when you have time. If you happen to paint along, don't forget to upload the projects in the project calorie. Lastly, enjoy the process and have fun 4. Techniques Skies and Clouds: After a few years off practice and more, I have discovered that there are usually three different breeze off paintings, kinds or clouds. They will act as a base for all the skies and clouds. We will be painting in our warm up exercises and final projects. The fosters wet on wet, apply or clean good off wash on the paper on the sky will be completely random in this case , we need. So just keep in mind to start with the light of value off any blue that your truffle, a taco bar or are true marine or plateau. Load your brush with blue, but before that prepared a small too, so that you do not need to keep mixing the colors again and again. While I keep parting the random strokes off my paper with a round brush, make sure we need to know ingredient Wash. It is basically making your colors lighter as we keep going down towards the bottom of the painting, but don't know more about the radiant wash. You can have a look at the background. More section off the watercolor. What escapes where we have discussed the greedy int camp arrogated Bush more indie, too new keeper. Some white spaces while you apply to blue color to show the white clouds. This is the simplest re off painting the clouds, and it's very effective for anyone who's a big nor and wants to paint some expressive skies . I didn't even make a lighter value pigment food, because when I'm attempting clouds, it's important to work quickly, so it really comes handy in that case. Now go ahead with another layer and keep adding until you're happy. As I go toe towards the horizon on the bottom of the painting, the clouds will become swallow, so go with the smaller strokes. - The second kind of clouds are most common, and many authorities use it on their regular bases in their artworks, including myself. This is basically below your cumulus close, which are water laden. Unusually. Each of the clouds has the potential off, causing green. Here we will be working a bit differently compared to the 1st 1 there are two different colors that we need. One is a mix off pains, great and brown, which we will prepare many off. You might not have pain scream. Go ahead with cobalt blue plus brown it would again give you a mix like the one I am preparing now. Cumulus plots are usually fluffy in nature hand. It's like different court involves suspended in here, but the arrow very sizes can shape. Usually the observation is on the top of the clouds on larger and size, and as we progress towards the horizon, the clouds become smaller. Another reason for them appearing grain color is they usually obstruct like because of the water droplets suspended in the air. And hence your appearance, we will add some random stroll. Sunday depends on how many clouds you want to show in the painting. I usually go for three or four as this office area small for the practice. So these many in spine. If you go back to my only a class easy and simple way to pain clouds of seven different types about painting the below your cumulus lots. You will find that I have used other techniques to paying the similar clowns. You can try all of them on. Decide which metal you prayerful for making these clubs after hardly the grain makes you need to wait for a while. Still, the softest becomes my store damping off so that the colors don't move a lot. The color that I would be using would be a blue. You can use any kind of blue Tartus having Bouvet you. I usually wait for two minutes in the temperature and climate which is prevailing at my place. But if you belong to human place, the people might take more time to become time. Whereas if you're located in areas which are hot, it might take lesser time. You need to experiment and know what exactly works for you. Yeah, why? I got towards the bottom of the painting. I would be evenly applying the Blue Cano on. I believe it at the stage because I do not want to overdo my painting. Any photo on again? No. You will see it's more off ingredient wash that I have done the blue color over the top off . The painting has more Dhakal values compared to the colors that we have at the bottom. This is the last way and somewhat a bit had wants compared to the one we did till now. Don't worry, I have you covered over here as we continue to explore wet on dry In this method, we will be working in two years compared to just one layer for both the clock sweeping to tell now the first year is seen as the previous one where we will have the dark makes for the cumulus quarter Cotton candy clouds on, then allow it to dry. The second layer will be on the dry surface, though you might find these clouds way above. But usually they're found at 1000 meters above the ground level, by the way, has for the fax cumulus cloud direct ending from Latin called cumulus, meaning he poor fire. Okay, Once you're so office is completely dry, Just go ahead and make a mix off blue again. Any blew off? Your choice? Preferably are trimming, plus Prussian blue corals, cobalt blue. Otherwise, any other organ in color that is available with you for the spot you need to brush is one for landing the blue and another brush will help us to blend off you heart issues in tow The clouds This blending gosh should be thine Every time we plant a blue with the white off the people. Yeah, when it comes to our using two brushes where we had pains with one and the next we used to plan the colors. It's like working more with water in what colors compared Toa paints. Ah, very small amount of pigment need to be applied on dress. Part will be done by the blending brush. So that brings me to the point about what a control. Yes. Blending brush should not have a lot of water in it. Quarrels. It would be difficult to control it. Always dab off the extra water on the tissue and then start lending it on. The same process should be used. Once your dream brush hiss out of the water and you can dab off the extra pings on the issue. - Keep repeating the process and just follow the brush strokes on the movements that I'm applying out down and how I am cleaning up on blending off you edges that are usually hard. Once I apply any pains, one Paul drive People, people just keep doing this hand will discuss the take aways on Rekha on all the treatment towards we have discussed still now yeah , 5. Supportive Elements: OK, now it's time to understand the support of elements like fields, mountains, on boats. People first discussed the fields. I have, um, softer feels in person. I have seen many photographs off so many artist painting them. And from all of this I could gather the knowledge that there are only two basic types of feeds, the one that appears on its own, which are basically grasslands. They're completely random in nature. No one actually goes on. They saw them. The second type of feel is the one which is man made, that us. You find them to be sold in rows like you see 11 of fields, great field stool fields and many other fields. They will all have a particular pattern. They are usually sown intros on those rules will converse toe one single point called us the invisible point or the Vanishing Point business asked for the rules of the perspective off sketching. The second point is where we want to please this invisible point or the vanishing point. Now, according to my experience, you can place this vanishing point or the invisible point anywhere in the painting. He can be outside the painting. It can be owned up off the horizon line. It can be into the sky. It can be anybody now. The point is how we can face it. It absolutely depends on the artist who is doing a planers catching or he's observing a photo or he is doing any other means to pink this one single point. Let's mark a point, which is my invisible point or the vanishing point as we see on the left side of the people . And then let's try to draw all the fields from their own. This is the kind of the painting that we would be doing in our last project, which is light and blue, but it's not. It's a bit different. We've moved outside, though, painting on, then let all my points converge to one single point. Here are my invisible point. What the vanishing point is in the sky. Why? Because you will see that there are many kinds off hills kind that hill will not be equal at all. The places on those hills will also have some amount of farming or the places are absolutely not equal or they're not going flat playing on there. You will see these kind off, invisible points of purity. Now my invisible point iss just outside the painting. How I would be connecting the lines. You can have a look at it. I did briefly touched upon the subject earlier when it wa sunset in the lavender fields are hot summer off known and pull off my other classes. But in the current project, off this class, like low, we will have an invincible point or punishing point, please on the left on the horizon line. And then we will connect the pains people be painting a week. Think you can go ahead with any other field off your choice? It can be something like a wine yard, or it can be a tool, a field or it down me. Some other things, too. This is just a concept that you need to learn. It can be applied in any other landscape, painting off your choice. What's body is off? Different shapes and sizes like the sparrow. Then you have the kingfisher. They are killing small in size compared to the other boats, which are really big, like the flamingo. Or you can say ostrich. Whereas some of the boats are beautiful feathers like the battered on peacock. No different kind of birds. When they fly in the sky, they will have different shapes and size, but when you'll solve it from a distance, they will not vary to a large extent. Let's paint a few of them and understand it, but I have discussed about the boats can. It's different parts, but while painting you will have solved, I will not follow the exact rules. Sometimes when I have solved the board from the back, it would be the tail on the ways. When I see from the side, it would be all about the whole body and wins. If I see the bird from a distance, it would be about only the two wings. The whole demo is done with the help off a watercolor pencil. You can use your brush and watercolors to practice the same way will understand a bit more about mountains. Does this class is not focused on absolutely mountains? On If you have an urge to paint mountains, I would highly recommend you take one off my other classes that IHS majestic mountains, where you can easily understand the shapes size on being from really reference photos, Five different types off mountain skips Over here, I would like Toa understand only the concept of mountains, no mountains and hills. Whatever it is, it would be absolutely random in nature, since it is nature and there will be no specifications, apes and size like it has to be in the form of a triangle. Or it has to be in the form off corn passport, the understanding on the knowledge which I have gathered. I see that there are older mountains which are lying the overly range in India. Now that's one of the mountains which is now latitude on which is depleting and therefore there are no sharp peaks in it. Where is the Himalayas? Which part? Particularly really new? And they are growing right now. They have sharp beaks. This is all about the concept part. Let's gettinto understanding how we painted it would be really simple. I mean, see, there would be only too. Perhaps one would be the overlapping mountains that we would be painting on. The second would be a simple him, as I do understand that with a single temple we can finish off, put the types off mountains or hills which we will paint later. I didn't include a small sketch off the hill on we hoping with any ground color off your choice, completely random with no particular shape in mind. Second will be overlapping mountain just the way you absolve in the photo can. We will be painting it with Darko makes off the seat column. 6. Warm Up - The Clear Blue Sky: the force Rama Pick size is all about the clear blue skies. I have taken lots office, and you can also do it on a sketchbook off any landscape size. It is easier for me to show it on a paper back, because then I can have a stretched people. Still, I love toe have clean edges, so taping it down at all the ends is a great option, since there are only three bomb up exercises, so keeping it simple and easy so that we can practice before we want to. The final projects make a small horizon line about 1/4 daughter people and market with the scale. Then just apply. Oh, clear coat off water on the sky area. Use any flat brush off your choice to apply this even coat off water. I have taken a 1.5 inch Princeton flag brush, and I am doing a cross match so that there are no white spaces that can be seen. I usually have to set up off this kind, which are prepped for for now. When my pains are on the top, I can easily mix my colors on the palette on my people is placed horizontally, or I can don't even a sketchbook excites in this case, Since I am a right handed person, I would like to place the jar off water on the top corner on my tissues towards my right. Now comes how we can makes a pool of colors I usually love toe have a warm sky, but then skies cannot be popping out either. So make some ultramarine with some Prussian blue and start applying the mix in an Anglo Be the light is in the middle of the painting on the clouds are appearing from all the edges off the people above the horizon on they are coming toe a single point at the middle. Off the victim, I would recommend you call a small trick. If you are not finding it, easy toe. Let your colors move towards the bottom. Just put a tape under your people so that it is inclined. Deep covering the area along the horizon line. And always remember, the first court is like, Oh, and value hasn't watercolors. There are very less second chances, so start with like a values, and you can always apply one more layer where you can makes some pains great into the mixture and make it a bit more taco on Let it come over the blue layer, which we did already apply on the paper. Yeah, the amount off darker values which we apply in the sky is only at few places or else the warmer color off the sky will not be seen, So make it a point that we don't overdo it at any off. Their ideas always know that this guy will remain wet for about 5 to 7 minutes on maximum off 10 minutes after applying water. So whatever we need toe add in terms off colors or pigments on the paper has to be within that given time. There is another dark mix, which I don't prepare toe. Show the clouds, which has some amount of water in it. I usually take some amount of bon sienna and pain screen. You can even use indigo in the ratio off to us toe one so that the color is not too dark and hard. It for the water laden clouds always go for a lighter color initially, and then you can always are there deeper tones. - There is another dark mix which I do. Prepare to show the clouds, which has some amount of water in it. I usually take some bone sienna and Payne's gray. You can even use indigo in case pain screen is not available with you mixed Oban Sienna proportions on one portion off pain straight or indigo so that the color is not too dark and added for the water laden clouds while you apply. This makes to keep in mind that this is darker in color and we need toe aren't shorter and smaller lines only. Even dots is okay. Okay. As I keep painting these clouds, you pull off. Solve that as I goto words the top off the painting. Now the clouds don't mortuary, so you get an indication that your paper is drying. Therefore, you exactly know that now we need to stop adding those pains. Let's come down and see how moist should be your paper toe. Add those paints the time you can see that there is a clear sheen off water on the paper. Till then, you can keep on adding some amount off colors onto your paper once that 80 year dries up, or that she is no more seeing on your paper, you have to stop adding any further clouds onto your skies. I will note my brush with some bright yellow green and start painting the grounds. As I always say, the name of the green differs in each and every plan. Some companies have yellow, green, some will have plateau green light, and you can use any other option that's available. But you. If you don't have any off the screens, you do not need to worry. Just go ahead with some lemon yellow on, then had some sub green as long strokes. New cover the entire area off the ground with this bright yellow green first and 10 on the submarine. Why We usually see the colors that are new to us, more darker and shape than the colors, which are lighter when they go off from us. Now the main reason is that the light disappearing just over the horizon and over the horizon. The color would be either lemon yellow or this bright yellow that I'm showing that as warmer in danger compared to the colors which would be cooler and nature when they are near Waas and I am adding some submarines as long lines from the right, and I'm moving towards the left and from the left, I'm moving towards the right, just below the horizon. I'm keeping it as the bright yellow cream. You can add some viridian green now, or who could screen or in Deco or pains. Great to add on to the grounds which are close to us. The process off the ground system wet on wet for now. But I would like toa are more details on the horizon for the trees and for the crosses which are near to us. Make some shopper and smaller lines to denote the trees on the horizon. On on a small hill on the right with pains. Great to meet the horizon. A bit more prominent. Yeah, okay, Once your grounds are not toe wet on, there's a bit of money. Sure in the crown, I would ask you to start making these short, small lines on the ground on. You can take indigo or pains. Great, that's available, but you make thes shorter and smaller lines. They would appear as small grasses on the textures to create a beautiful. - Once the people dries, you can add one more layer off small dots and lines to denote the grasslands at the bottom of the painting. This is the force painting from the warm up exercise on. I have generally trying to keep it simple and easy. Let's just discuss the takeaways as we keep adding the finishing chokes on. Then peel off the tape. - Yeah , yeah. 7. Warm Up - Gradient Sky: variegated sky name only suggest that people have more than one single color to paint the sky, and there will be a gradual transition between colors people not need any pencil Aries, so it iss mostly free hand looms painting. We will fade away. This is only one of the skies which is bright and really it's a lot of energy and positivity in particular. This one, I did focus on only wet on dry, where we start by applying and even goat off lighter value on the paper and then applying all the colors gradually blending it. I would ask you to use a flat brush for the skies of possible. Then usually the struggle is less so compared. Toa if you use a round brush, but good to go with anyone that is available with you. The whole focuses on learning how to create a variegated wash for skies with multiple colors only one point. Start with the light of value and then keep adding the darker values. I will start with my bombing yellow deep, then go ahead and have the Opara on on top. I would be adding the bright violet Now if you don't have these colors. You do not need to, buddy. For Opara, you can use crimson and for Violet you couldn't go for any value that is available with you . I didn't keep this one of the second next size so that you can all relax a bit after the techniques on the force, more mop exercise off the blue skies. Though creating this guy does not involve a lot of difficulty. It's only the quick hand movements because we can't let our people riot all or else the whole fun off experimenting work with the colors will be lost while observing the brush movement. There will be fueled areas where I will apply more of concentrated colors or you can say Dr values compared to the lighter areas on the other. But you have to go with one round brush. You can take a size eight strong brush or size six round brush size four round rash, depending on the size of the paper that you are using for this painting. If you have solved my hand movements, that is from the left to the right Guntram right toe the left. This is my normal painting speed. In case you feel this this fast. Go ahead and in just the speed from the bottom left corner in case you are on a Brussel or else the top right corner. If you are on the map, I have genuinely pleased to like on the extreme right money pot so that you can see the shine on my people and understand how much more I showed your paper should have. Yeah, Whenever you are adding agreed in tow the sky just keep in mind toe. Move your brush from the right toe. The left on the value should be darker than the one which is present on the background to get the exact effect on the paper. But I always mentioned please go ahead and use 100%. Corton people, preferably more, made it past the sell. Those people, all the handmade people can't give the exact expression that we expect when our brushes touches the people. Once you have added the ways are the colors you do Keep in mind that this is not the clouds which we are looking at. It is just a sky, so just keep the colors minimal. My style of painting is more fine print, but in case you like to use, like a values. Most welcome. Usage of values off colors is based on individual choice on mostly in water colors. You will solve every artist happier, one form and choice or shades. Now we are at a stage where we need to add the class. Do keep in mind your people should not have flowing water or ALS. The pains will spread a lot on. You will not get the exact effects of the clubs. You can go with indigo or pain. Scream whatever is available with you. So many off. You always asked me what steaks and difference between the not as great paint on a student raping so usually are paints are made up off three competence pigments binder on Phyllis, usually a student. Great pains have lot off fillers due to which you might not get the exact effects in one go and might need to apply more layers, whereas in an artistry pink hardly, there are any fillers due to which, when the pure pigment strikes the paper, it just radiates the energy and vibrancy off the colors On what some mountains or hills to the Noto horizon, which is at the bottom of this painting. Load your brush with any off these colors in the co pains crew your plaque and start making a small hill or a mountain peak on. Just cover the bottom area. We're kind of done on the cloud spot. Let it dry and then we will act the flight off boats. As I did all the mention in the support of elements, votes are off different shapes and sizes. We will be painting quite a number of them, some which appears far away from us and will be smaller in size, where some which appears closer to us on a larger in size, even the length of the wings will before accordingly. As we already know, birds have a body and usually I will show a small body in the centre. I'm being the wings. Just keep absolving how we painted one more point. I hope you didn't download this painting from the resources section or else it would be difficult for you to locate the exact place where I'm painting as I have no close up shot. Keep painting these boats and I will meet you at the end where we will discuss the takeaways and then peel off the tape once the painting is completely dry. - Yeah , yeah, 8. Warm Up - The Sunset Sky: This is one of the basic loose style skies on it. It's quick to remember that we don't want much of brush control to paint this one. We're often driven by a brush control and making the strokes in a way we always have solved . But that doesn't have to open the doors off creativity. Always many off. You might love to create paintings, which are quick, simple but yet expressive. On this warm up exercises exactly curated on those lines, we start by applying yellow walker on top off it in yellow. Can you need to use your flat brush? You apply these colors, but before you start, just make a pool of colors as you also on the top. It's always a good practice at the bottom, at some burnt sienna and on the top of the sky, it is more off indigo, always full with lighter values, so that we are left with a second chance to come back and change the colors or the values a bit more. I have beans refering about Don's or values throughout our painting, as I have interacted with a lot of students online and offline. The main problem is how do We mix various colors and get the exact tonal range, which are usually off self in the photo. As an exercise, I can tell you choose a dark color like indigo or pain screen or window K brown and make of their I t off taunts for your reference. And that would really help you to build on the white variety off tonal values. I'm getting your colors right. The complete range off these values can be simply created by hiding water. As you keep moving from darker to light or values. All the paintings are done real time. It would help you to also exactly how much time I usually take to create each off. My face is kind as an artist, I can tell you painting has opened up so many other aspects. For me, like the most important aspect is to have fun with my colors on the palette. The second it helps me to release all the stress because every time I put my paints on the paper, I just enter into a world off unknown possibilities. I never think about the outcome, which I will have from my daily exercises. I just think about enjoying the process as I do believe all off our our journey is different. But some guidance can definitely help us stop flop of communication between our brushes pain. Some people, lastly, painting on a regular basis and windy small exercises have done a lot to increase my concentration and patience. My background is already we can go ahead and start painting on crowns you can use to colors , Mancina and phone number. But if you don't have bond number, no need to worry. Just go ahead and use any other down, around like then die cape around or any other problem that is available to I always say this. Whenever you are doing watercolors, it just goes beyond painting. Watercolors always encourages us to off self how we should also what with an intention to understand. What's the color spread, how we can work upon the subject the way it looks more appealing to the spectator like we will go ahead on at the clouds. Next, you need to use a deeper value which can be seen on the blue in the course car, so either you can go with all India co pains, great or you can also go ahead with any other Diaco shade that is available with you and apply a random stroke. Now these random strokes are a bit longer compared toa the strokes that we didn't apply polio. Why we come from the right towards the left. They will become slowly. Dinner can't smaller as we approach towards the bottom of the painting. There is nothing much to explain the cloud spot anymore as we are on the cortex size, and by now you are so much well aware off what you should be doing. Toe paint us on set clouds. We will get back when we need to paint the grounds next here about the grounds Community is still wet, and I will go ahead with deeper values off Payne's gray plus born Sienna Makes or Indigo plus Ponzi economics randomly had some small strokes or lines to show the trees at a distance. As for last, some more darker lines at the bottom of the painting since they are more darker in values compared to the horizon, keep dropping. The pain started me to show the trees as this is loose and easy. I haven't thought much violated, applying my pains just need to keep in mind that we need an impression off the trees at a distance while you're wrong, the still where to stake some clean water on your brush and top your brush with your pencil or another brush. You will also over nine stakes show which appears on the ground. Just keep in mind that it should be limited to the grounds. But there are always some happy accidents. Like you will see a small rope that is just about the horizon. And I will cover it with some trees now. So don't be water. If you do come across some accidents like this, they can always be managed. Okay, wear kind of done. And you can keep absolving my brush movements and how I proceed at the end. Once the people rise, we will do with takeaways. Can peel off the tape. - Yeah , 9. Project 1 Deep Blue Sky : the first project is very simple. Only two things you need to keep in mind while working on this project. We are not going to make the sky to dark has there will be two layers in which we're going to work. The second there will only be applied when the first year is completely dry. So if we can keep these two points and mind rest, all things will work for us. Now let's start piling and even got off wash on the paper. I'm using my Princeton one. It's rush to do the same. Before this. You can even make a small pool of Prussian blue corals, prepared it once, or papers wet. I don't have a lot of water on your people like a party or else your colors will spread a lot on. It would be really difficult to control the effects we need for the clouds. Middle bottle. The cloud should be white, as there is like in the middle of the painting, and we will have two birds who would be flying back to their respective homes during this cloudy times when it is about to ring. So it's kind of fun, easy yet a bit challenging again, but the project is designed in a way that you can complete this on the go any time during the day. Secondly, I want to bring to your notice a few things which I hope someone would have told me about a few years back when I started my watercolor journey. I have about eight points in my mind, which I want toe let you know that can be a great help while you start. So the first just buying a good people rather than buying or great what color scent the first, most important part as a big. Nor I would highly recommend you do some research about page pores, which does fit into your budget, and it's even think enoughto hold multiple washers preparing your colors before you start. I have been stressing on this point to prepare your colors before we start painting. That's one of the reason the sex size is focused on a limited palate. The third is applying your colors, applying your colors whenever you start, you need toe. See that we are starting with the lightest value or more transparent and watery mix. Always work your way to the darker values as suggested throughout all our excites section. Still not while you mix your colors, you will either see me mixing Bonzi, you know, within the go or branzino with pains. Great. Orban's you know with cobalt blue never go beyond three colors in one single mixture that might give you the muddy effect, which we always want to avoid. Secondly, keeper off piece off people handy next to yourself so that you can test your colors anytime you need. 50 s working in layers as a big Norby always stressed on getting a particular effect as quickly as possible. But that's where we make the biggest mistake. What colors do. Take time. You need to work and layers to get the effect. Rather than beating yourself up, six would be keeping a tissue by a site. Keeping a tissue by your side always helps you to dab off the extra pages when you clean your brushes because we always want to take off all the extra pigments from the rushes before we move on to our next color. Seven would be keeping to jar so quarto, even after keeping Tojo's off water by my side. When I started I could not keep one off the water jars completely clean. It did come over a few years off practice, So during the time I started practicing, I used to replace my water really frequent so that I could completely avoid the money effect anywhere in my painting, Lastly, is invest in quality over quantity. I have been talking about it for a while now, but seriously, if you have good paper, paints, brushes ah, whole new world off. What color painting can be discovered usually invest slowly. You can buy a few tubes and then allocate a monthly small budget towards buying on supplies . Don't go for bigger sets off cheaper quality rather than go for smaller sets but good quality. This way you can keep investing on quality rather than quantity. Mix up Europe Russian low with plateau blow to get a beautiful, brighter mix but more watery nature and apply the color on top right corner. Once done, go ahead with a darker mix up the same colors and apply it on a few more areas. We would be using the same makes for applying even for the smaller clouds that we would be showing a bit later. Yeah, when you check the humidity off the paper now it is less wet compared toa audio. And now it's the time to act smaller plots as they will not spread much. And we can see those smaller strokes acting as the clubs do. Keep in mind again, repeating the same point that we have to keep apart off the sky completely white because the light will be there and we need to paint our boats. On top of that, I think I'm quite happy and satisfied now on. I will not overdo Oh, any off my parts any further. My pull off colors are also over, so let it dry now and we will come back again to paint to boots. You have observed that my people is completely dry, and that's what we want when we apply our colors for the boots, I start by loading my brush with any dark make, see the Paynes grey or black, whichever is a real barbecue, and then paint a small triangle, a body off the board with a small straight line beak. I am using myself a black velvet size for brush, but if you're not comfortable with this size. Go ahead and use a smaller one for more control and confidence after this extent, to small lines on both the sides for the wings and making broader even at us, mortal in the middle In the similar way being the second boat toe on, Let it dry. We will be discussing the takeaways later, - Yeah . 10. Project 2 Sea Blue Sky: you guys, we are at the second last project. First of all, I'm so happy to see you. Kai sailed through the spot, and this one is a bit more complicated than the last one, which we did attempt. But it is less complicated than the last one that we are going to attempt for the dead know people have more complicated skies and people be doing a full composition, including the skies on the grounds and the mountains, so that would be a bit more complicated. But first, let's just go ahead and understand this one. Lien even court off, wash on the paper and do not leave any gaps. Always too across parts has a practice. I would take composed blue from Majella Mission Goal as one off my dominant colors in the painting. But if you don't have it, no need to worry. Just go ahead and make some toe course with opaque white water color to get a color close to the SWAT. What color is a bit tricky, always regarding the humidity, and that's why I always love to wait for a while. 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the weather and humanity condition off your place. This might not be seemed so. Always experiment on a small people and check for yourself so that there is no way you can go wrong while you are at the final painting. The light is from the right of the painting, and we will apply the Campos blue color randomly keeping some areas and White House. It appears on the pain. Take next asked us cost through this last are many off my previous crosses. I always say that use a watery mix for applying forced on the people. It helps you to build the confidence and then take one more darker value off the same color . You will have often also that I will keep moving between different brushes when I go to the darker value. I love to switch to size four because it helps me to get more control. Similarly, you can also tell so 10 a brush for the clouds by no means you should have. Although supplies that I usually show in a class whatever is available with you is always good to start your painting as you keep extending the doubts, let's talk a bit about the color harmony and why I don't stress upon limited palette in case you limit the colors Likely. That's usually enough to produce a range because you can easily then play with the values. I always choose one color to dominate my painting, and usually that's the one with sets the mood of the painting that collar would be used. Inviting values on is dominant and make sure we prepared. This is usually an effect that you will slowly feel Asprilla's off. So once you start painting so usually choosing colors, which are more off neighbors on the color wheel produces more harmony but not forget. Even if you use a mix of contrasting colors, which is balanced, it's usually results in tow. Riel. Expressive painting Yeah, Now it's time to pick up some things from a few years. Use your tissue, tear off a small part and then roll it and use it to picks in colors from some parts of the people. I always love to pick up the colors, but again it's optional. If your paper doesn't support it, no issues because there are many colors which are again stating in nature due to which it might not come off easily or ALS. In case you are using cellulose paper, I have also, it is a bit difficult to pick up the columns. You will also be using brushes from Rance, A. Several Blackwell bird or Princeton. Russia's the Why always believe this fact that except the people, you can use anything off your choice. But these pressures come with some specific qualities off its own. The Fosters. They have a great affinity toe hold a lot of water or pigments on. They do release it evenly and slowly. They have a beautiful pointed tip due to which even sharp and small objects can be painted with size four or six brush. This is not it. They also have great strength, flexibility and smallness. - Keep adding small brush strokes off means greater. You're satisfied like your people dry pool start and we will talk through how to paint the flight off puts. Before that, you can keep off solving my brush movements and paint according Yeah, yeah, yeah, - let's paint the boats now. Make the body off the birds first and then extent for the sites of the bird's wings. I would like to add one topic ticker under other one orbit 10 because it's nature, and when the birds flap their wings, they will not be equal. Since this is a flight of birds, so keep adding one after another close to each other, they move diagonally across the page. The second point is how much distance we should leave between them so you can leave any space. But keeping in mind, they have random, some flapping the wings up and some flapping the wings down with different shapes and sizes . They are almost close to finishing this painting as I will just have a few more parts. And then let's to work with takeaways for the session. - Yeah , and 11. Project 3 Light & Glow Part 1: this'll project is all about light and glow in the clouds, but that we're going to attempt a full composition off landscape, which involves mountains, fields and skies. Hopefully, you were excited and yeah, you might be feeling This is a bit more complicated than all exercises and projects. We did a 10 till now, but that's the beauty, I guess. Just prepare yourself a hot beverage and then let's start. People start by attempting the cloud Supposed. It is the most tricky part in our painting, but don't worry. I'm here to guide you through the entire process. Make a pull off yellow Ochoa and Bonzi and apply the yellow ocher and keep a blending brush repute to blend the colors. The processes were downright but a bit different on the clouds we learned in the Techniques section. We will apply the yellow ocher in few places and then plant it again and do the same process, keeping in mind to leave some white spaces, we will walk on or repeat basis, so hold on and council and then only start painting. Load your brush, but some remember and then apply a few loose strokes. Use your jar of water kept by our side to the fuller, so that no way your people dries up before you keep Harding or blending the colors timeto out some poncy, you know, make a small pool and start Harding Small, small drops in few places so that the clouds do get different colors. And when you apply the colors above the cloud area, which is below, leave some white space in between again. Use your water jar toe the fullest. Keep adding a lot off what remix so that we do not end up drawing wolf any pot here. We need to work quickly and the best race to use your flat brush. Whatever flat brushes available with you, you can just apply the water and take until the horizon. Once understand, we need to move to the area above and paint the second layer of the plots. Leaving some white space is the big flat. Brush is a great rescue, so keep it by your side. - I feel the places at the buoyancy enough for denoting the clouds on. They will spread on its own because it is still wet kind. You can actually paint the beautiful brown clouds right now, taking the Gore pain scree and at somebody Sienna in it it would give you are dirty. Makes a problem the similar way I have on my pallet. Load yourself back well, that size for pressure and then add some new strokes on the Web surface. Suppose your paper is trying up. Don't beat yourself up and keep poking toe. Paint the clouds right of it. Just hold on. Let the paper dry completely and then apply one more layer of clean water. This will help you to add the clouds once you have applied the clean water. So the most important part off a watercolor exercise or painting is only having patients. It's the Cato beautiful landscape support treats or any subject you want to attempt. Yeah, again all the paintings that onto your time so that you can exactly know how I have been managing my time and working on each and every element. Secondly, it's timeto add some lighter value clouds near the horizon. Just tired, a bit more bond sienna in the mix and then keep applying at randomly on the paper with help off your size. Forcible black velvet brush. - Yeah , you might not hear my voice too often because when I do my watercolors, it's like a meditation for me. I cannot solve and keep painting rather than listening to any kind of song. That was more of a distraction toe me, But But that I do understand without the guidance. It's always difficult to paint a subject for anyone who is a bigger or intermediate level artist. It's just helps us to understand all the parts better. So I have tried to explain whatever they can wherever it is necessary, but not to want. The complete session had a flat wash off our trauma. Lean on, then make some article movements from top towards the bottom, just the way I am doing now. Yeah, as the name of the project is light and low, we need to keep in mind that there will be larger step off the middle of the clubs. Usually, that means we can't have the blue color anywhere above it. Now ordinating between pain spring and are vomiting were going toe and around the movements off the light of one who switches are remaining on darko values, which is pain scream. That's it. Once you're satisfied, go ahead and leave it there. No need to overwork, Unleaded. Try. We will do a quick recap off all the learnings we hunt during the entire session. Off. Painting the clouds, Yeah. 12. Project 3 Light & Glow Part 2: we were under fields. I love to act the wheat fields, but up to you what you exactly want to do. Many people, like the lavender fields or great fields, are two fields or any other kind of things for me. I wanted to brighten up my painting, and this leaves me with an opportunity to do that. If you really want to make love in the fields, you can refer back to easy and simple way to paint clouds of seven different types. It has one project, which is sunset and Levin dolphins. You can paint accordingly, but you can even make other grasslands core random, kind off trees or bushes or anything off your choice. But let's just go with the flu and understand from the concept perspective, what does all vanishing point? As I have already told you, the vanishing point or the invisible point is just outside the painting, or you can even place it inside the painting. You can place it anywhere that you want, but for this article, clouds or the particular composition, he would be placing it on the horizon line. But extended horizon languages outside the painting before I moved so that I would like you to just hard, some yellow. It can be the yellow off your choice that has lemon yellow or in India, whatever is available with you on. Did you goto? What's the bottom? Just go ahead and and someone's been storage. Now, if you don't have, it's Raj. No need to body. You can go ahead and add any born sienna, etcetera. Once we have applied these colors, you have toe make some small small lines. Now, when these lines are near to us, they will be brought up because they are close to us. Whereas when they move far away from us, the lines will be 10. Keeping this in mind, stop painting it. Apply some bond, sienna, straight brushstrokes and then hard lines of bond number or anti K brown. Whatever is a boat with you. I love too hard. Some more textures to my ground has. Right now. I feel it looks a bit, but you do not need to do it immediately. Let the paper drive. Once you have added the doctor sheets and then only people on the other textures. - Yeah , - now timeto Axum moments are the hills on top off my horizon life. It helps me to denote the horizon and a better way. You will see that I will do our rough sketching because that helps me get a better control off the mountains off the hills that I'm going toe paint on. Then I will start applying my bone seeing first hand wants that dries off. There would be on documents that I would go ahead with for the second year off hills. - Just keep applying the flag, partial buoyancy and out to walk the first layer of the hills that we are painting right now. Try to have a better brush control. Now you can have a good brush control with thinner brush also are with the ticker brush. Also, that is up to you. But I think I'm using size four civil black velvet brush so you can use even size for any brush off your choice Hand. Keep painting these hills. You can make any dark makes now. Either it can be off pain straight and don't number or ALS. It can be only off pain free, and you can start applying this layer once my background layer off the hill strives off. Always know that this would be orbit shorter or smaller compared to the one that I did or deepened, and hence there would be too small, small houses which I would be the noting. But everything would be in the pain street dark color. Therefore, nothing much complicated I would be doing over here. - I'm adding short short lines now. Those will help me to denote the trees which are in the background now, since the background is pretty far off. Therefore, if I even try to show them really huge, it would be out of proportion completely. Therefore, once you are painting the backgrounds who have to be very short, the shapes and sizes should be really small. - It's time to check our feeds. If they have completely dried off engaged, they have completely tried all use the same pain screen which you did use for painting the hills and stop making small small dots. Now these phones more dots will show the beet fields. That is the weakness already grown on those we can be shown by these smart more dots. It is majorly adding some pictures to your grounds. Yeah, - I think this is absolutely the last part of the painting, and I am pretty happy and satisfied with what we have done with this beautiful, difficult, complicated clouds. And I tried to keep a background pretty simple because I do not want toe overcomplicate or composition had you can go ahead. And once the people is dry after adding these textures, removed the tape and have a final look at the painting, then let's do a quick recap of whatever we have known till now. Through this project, yeah. 13. The Conclusion: I hope you did enjoy painting the wide variety off clouds and scars along with me. My love for clouds and skies is ever growing as I feel that you can have so many abortion. He's on a different kind. Off clouds. It's guys that can be explored. The ex ices, as well as the projects will not take you more than 10 to 15 minutes. So anytime during the day, whenever you can snap out 10 to 15 minutes, just go ahead and give this a try. No, even after including so many different kinds of exercises can projects. I cannot say we have covered it because it is nature on. There's so many endless possibilities. Whenever I look upto the sky, I myself get surprised that nature has so much to offer us. In case you do feel that I have bean off some help toe discover these beautiful skies and clouds. I would ask you to leave me off his band because it is a great source of motivation as well as it gives me pointers where I can improve upon in future. I hope you did enjoy painting the nature exactly the way I do. That's all for today, kind. Thanks a lot for joining the class. See you soon, guys.