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Explainer Videos in PowerPoint - Create a Character Explainer Video

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Promo Video


    • 2.

      Introduction to Character Explainer Video


    • 3.

      Start a project!


    • 4.

      Design the first slide


    • 5.

      Animate the first slide


    • 6.

      Custom Motion Paths


    • 7.

      Leave a Review, Please


    • 8.

      Handling transitions like a boss


    • 9.

      Animating entire scene


    • 10.

      Follow up slides


    • 11.

      Consecituve slides made fast


    • 12.

      Add motion elements to spice it up


    • 13.

      Final slide!


    • 14.

      Adjust timing and add music. Done


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About This Class

Part 1:

Part 2:

With help of this class I will go with you step-by-step and teach you how you can create outstanding animated explainer videos using only PowerPoint!

You surely heard that more than 70% of the current web traffic is consumed via Video so it's obviously one of the most preferred and well recieved ways of promoting any product, material or content. This is why you should be able to make good quality content that people will want to watch.

You can also use the skills to create videos for oyur clients.


This course focuses on creating Explainer Videos with PowerPoint. I want to teach you advanced animation techniques and make sure that I explain you everything you need to know during that process. We will learn:

  • How to gather resources for our work

  • How to prepare templates

  • How to properly build scenes

  • Usage of typography and kinetic typography in your work

  • Export high quality and ready, animated videos

So do not hesitate and enroll this class and create this fun animation with me :)


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Promo Video: welcome into this class where I want to teach you how to make this kind of explain or video . I'll show you the animation in a second, but what's best, I'm providing your boat with ready template and with a completely empty one so we can work on the same fires that I do, and by downloading them, you can start the work right away. So it's not important what I say here. It's important that you learn Imation, and I want to show you the exact information you with. 2. Introduction to Character Explainer Video: hello and welcome. In the next explainer video, we will create together. This is a pretty simple one. I just used this vector character and I would like to show you a little preview off what we will be doing here. And also I have all the vectors on the additional slides available here, so everything will be available. I also set up a template so you can work on the template if you would like to use the same characters, the same elements in the same office, like vector objects, which we have here. But you can, of course, go and download your own character just to make your own video. But without any further I do. Let me quickly show you what we prefer. This is a very simple and normal explainer video, but with the techniques taught here, you will be able to do anything. And this is with text, which means we even wouldn't need to have any voice over. But voiceover would be preferred. But that's, like more advanced. You need a good microphone. You need to be able to edit your your voice recordings. So here we'll do this without okay , as you can see a pretty simple one. But a lot of cool elements are implemented here and knowing this, knowing how to do such videos, you will surely be able to do the different videos on different topics, depending on what your needs are, so let's head right into it. 3. Start a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 4. Design the first slide: Okay, welcome in the first lecture. So I went over to the characters and I wanted to somehow introduced the character which we will use in afford this explainer video like Meet Tim or this is someone he will explain this and this. So I watched this and I kind of like in this post for a introduction. So I just made control. C and I control V this dude into the screen. Let me move this color scheme to the right side. So I made this dude bigger because it's important that you you one time you make a close up . The next time you make a small person look at the original Que his smaller. Here. Here's against Muller here. Here's bigger what on the left side? And this creates, like different camera angles in which should be used. And why did I put the text in a box like that? I put the text in the box like this because the original character also had this box on the back side of him. So you basically can control see in control view this box by clicking on this object and then clicking on him behind. I just didn't like the green color. And if this box isn't suitable for you, you can always right click headed points and try to work with the points. It was It is difficult because it's power point. Mm. As you can see, Power Point doesn't make this super right. You will have many off those, like, little problems with once you get a hang of it and you often click away. I just wanted to make this, like, smaller. I'll just have to do this a few times because I wanted around it corner here. So I take this closer, I put this further away, and Okay, I believe we have this first books ready. Maybe turning it a little bit. And you can see we have a small belly here. I didn't want that at that point. Click on the point. Try to make them like study line. Okay, now, this is a bit better. The second thing I wanted to add here will be insert textbooks and meet. I was calling him dude, and I used a really a really big fund. Which is something off with the letter and Oh, nor'wester. Okay, let me go back. Let me select the same phone because I really nor Wes. Okay? And I'm making this bigger. So this would be the design part off the first slide. And what problems may we face? Who? I didn't like the colorist. ICS. So I made this guy smaller and I wanted to use the scholars what I did. First I took the box shape. Phil Eyedropper and I selected a dark color for it because I wanted the text to be white. This makes the text stand out and be very easily readable. So as I did that the green religion work. So if you have a vector, you can click. You can click again, former and use the same shape ful. This is the bonus views vectors. Because if this would be a J pic, then we would have more problems. If this would be a J pic, I would just use one of those guys like this, and I was copied is over. I would turn this mike smaller. I would send this to back and I would have a similar effect with and Che pick image and this copied object, correct. As we see the round this year is also too small, but these are just small details. Let me edit the point. It's really problematic. Okay, now the roundness is a little better. So this would be the design off the first slide on the next light. I would like to show you how to animate this, and then we can move quicker forward because we already will have this box. The last thing I wanted to adjust here is right clicking former background. And I was searching like I was trying different colors. And in the end, I believe a red one works. Worry. Well, okay. And this will be the initial design for slight number one. 5. Animate the first slide: Let's go over to the animation and under left side. We have a great preview off the end result off the slide. And this is great because I know this person is so big it stands out of the slide with here in the preview window, we see exactly how this looks. Okay, I will take this box and the text and press control G orders, right Click group Group it because I would like this to be one animation I goto animations . I opened my animation pain instead of the form and shape and I take both pictures with my shift Click this shift Click this because both will be flying in so we can do both animations at once Both in the mission's fly in both animations with previous both intimations of course, a longer And I want to get inside of them goatee effects and let us give a small bounce and maybe a smooth start. When you use a bounce, you off course cannot use a smooth end because the end it's already the bounce. But you can use this mood start so splitting the start bouncing the end Really beautiful. This looks really okay. So I'll take that text frying from left and I'll take this dude effect options from bottom as default. I want to delay them because I do not want them toe like enter the screen. Exactly. Very beautiful. Maybe in the spacing between those boxes us a bit too small. So I either make him of it smaller like or I take this inside box and make the box a tiny bit smaller. These are just small adjustments. You can make them any time, all right. I think now the spacing here is a bit bigger. And visually, this looks a bit better, but it depends on your taste. Okay, let's create the exit animations once again, select both select at animation, and let's simply make a fly out. This is cool because we will have objects with already to animations on them. I'll right click, of course, select with previous, and I will delay this because the slight should take no more than three seconds. This will be completely fine. Maybe I will extended duration. And, of course, as the last adjustment, let's make a maybe smooth start. A fly out doesn't have the bounds, of course, because the idea is that it flies out of the screen. So why would it bounce at the end if you do not see it? Smooth start. Yeah. I want a pretty smooth start and a small delay, and I'll preview this entire slide. So I have four animations like in Fly out, Fly in, fly out. These on the second animation has to fly out to left. And this on the second animation has to fly to bottom. Okay, Perfect. Really beautiful. I even believe this takes a bit too long. 2.5 seconds to 75. And this is completely enough for the first initial slightly. And let me put this here play from meet Dude, and you do not need more time for that, okay? And why I used to fly out. I use it because I will duplicate this light, her press control K, and I'll use the same background on the next light. So I'll have a one color elements lying in flying out and then again flying in and this would look like one continues animation. Let's proceed to this in the next lecture and that this will be really interesting. So I cannot wait until we meet there 6. Custom Motion Paths: okay. It's amazing that we already have this animation here already. Those elements are animated. So the second slight was supposed to be Hey, works like a hero. He works like a hero. Let's say that I am working with the script and I have a script and to create a story like this. So initially, the box from I could make it like this bigger. But the roundness is a bit weird. No. So I can right click Added the point just a little bit to make it or curvy. Okay. I made it too much. You see, PowerPoint is giving me some troubles with that, but I will try to hold on. Yeah. Three. Horrible. I will even remove this point on the lead point because I only need two points here. Boom. Yeah. This should be like, Why are you giving me such troubles? Power point re likely, don't you? Okay, I adjusted the points and I see here on the right side again. It goes reset. That's a little problem. Okay, I think this is completely fine. Now we have to box a little bit customized, so that doesn't look so static. Okay, When it comes to the animations. We have this books flying in, but I wanted to showcased him as a hero. And luckily enough, I have some kind of here oppose here, so I'll just use it. Let's maybe put this year somewhere else. And I used this hero player. I want to make a nice motion. So I'm turning him around. I'm putting him outside of the off the entire slide. I'll make this a bit bigger. And let me give him a simple motion because I would like him, like, bring this object into the screen. Okay, I want to click on this Superman. I want to open the animation pain and from the motion paths. You would like a custom pat, I'll do. I will start here, and basically I could draw a line like this, but let's maybe make it just a tiny bit, so he will really fly. Okay, I'll double click here. Perfect. He looks like a superhero. So the animation is not long. Let's make it the first animation. And my idea is that he brings this box into the screen. So I will right click with previous. I will take this group, which is this green animation, and I'll just delayed by a tiny bit. Okay, maybe this group in the delay even more. Yeah, this looks fine. I will extend the duration of the blue on. This should be like, correct? No, maybe a bit higher. Okay. Really nice. Maybe a bit lower. This looks now. Nice. And then once he finds out off the screen, I would like him to take a turn and come inside off the screen. How to do this? Since we already have this animation here are preferred. I'll just take it control. See Control V like the end post off him. The and post would be about that. And without any further ado, I click on the previous information animation painter and I paint the animation over. Now I just have to delete this old guy, and we have basically are animations ready? Just let's preview if he doesn't enter too quick. Yes, I can see the green should be after those initial to animations. I mean, after the flying. So you need to take the second animation. You need to delay it much more and also direct animations. Let's place them together. The red animations need to be delayed a little more so they do not like fate out off the screen right away. All right, this would be it. Let's preview the animation to slow this guy. Let's DeLay. Perfect. He flies, he comes. They always run out of the screen. Everything looks perfect. Maybe those red ones, I'll lower the duration lowered. Ah, duration to delay. Okay. Play from beautiful. And they go to out off the screen and we can now put a transition on it. This is how you can make a custom slide with motion, Pat. 7. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 8. Handling transitions like a boss: the next light is changing the topic. And here I used a classic to the scene and I also used transitions. You already know how to make this traditions, but let's replay this. I'll create a new slide. I'll delete everything, and I want this to be my background. So I right click former background and I with my eyedropper select this background since I wanted to establish a scene. I also need a floor and like a floor divider, So I can, for example, use a Graeme gray insert shapes a great shape here. Both my scene before the colors. Former shape Phil. Let's use a gray. I wanted a lighter gray a little bit. A sandy great would be the best, So I was like the same color shape, old line, no old line shape filled. I'll go to more fun. Colors will slowly shift towards gray, but still having like this yellow we've selected. So this will be a yellowish grey, which will go well along with this scene. Control C Control V. Let's maybe make a small panel here to, like distinguish between the wall and the floor and also your shape. Phil. More fool colors just make it slightly darker. This is how I would build this seat. Let me show you a cool trick. I wanted to do the transition in this in this section Control. See Control V and and make it to the entire slight. As we already learned, this would be number transition number one. Former shaped Phil. I dropped her. I also like the same color shape, Phil. Powerful colors. I'll make it maybe darker, maybe light. Maybe a bit lighter. So it's a different color animations. And as previously we had to this lines information. But here we will do something different. Okay, We have the line animation perfectly overlaying this now. Rectangle with previous duration. Not so long, delay. Just right after those red ones. Maybe less. Okay. Control C control V to make it the primary core. And as I told you, as I taught you, this has to be the same color as the previous as the next scene. So for mitt shape Phil, I drop her click and click on the next scene. And look at that. We have a scene with seen as a floor. What do we do here? I'll show you an amazing trick. Ah, quick animation and just delay it a bit. Let's preview what happens. We have all those animations and then we have the transition. But transition makes me this yellow screen. But here we have this floor. So if I play it right now, I get this and then I immediately see the floor. You see the problem. So in order to like to dress this, I'll go to transitions on this yellow slide and I'll select push. Now the yellow color comes in and it pushes out this floor. Let let me give you a preview. We have this animation. It comes, the transition comes and then the push makes a nice animation going up, showing us the floor. This is how I would transition into a new scene. So to recap, we will make a normal transition. With two objects falling down, this object would have the same background. And then on the next light, we use a push animation upwards. I hope this is understandable. Now it's your turn. Let's try and make something like this 9. Animating entire scene: okay for the next scene. I wanted to highlight that he is working hard. So I built a scene and I placed many elements. And each off those elements is animating into the screen, which creates a really, really nice effect. Then use the transition because we do not want to push everything out of the screen. You could see all comes from site and we have the text like this. How would you go about doing this? At first, you would need to build the scene. This is the most important for building the scene. Having such great and like elements prepared. This is why I prepared everything. Because I knew I will, like, need elements like this. So I'm making a very, very quick scene. I also downloaded scenes with a desk because I wanted to put this guy behind the desk and imagine that he is not sitting how to put him behind the desk. Well, I would just put him here, and I would extend this so you don't see his legs and well, so I took some elements like this. This may be this thes control. See, I lamp a clock. It doesn't matter. I placed everything here and I just moved him around toe appropriate places. I made something bigger or something smaller. Um, this may be on the wall. It also looks OK on those documents. Bigger. Those documents may be on the left side because he's so busy. And you see, he he is happy here. You can work with emotions Very simple. You could even make him blink by creating circles with the color. He has the skin. I just took him. I right click edit points and you do not have to be a vector master here. Look at that. I take the point. Boom. I take the point. Boom. And if there's any problem, right click at point and maybe extend his face when I was doing something like this. So he clearly isn't satisfied, but he's not quite unhappy. He's just like seeming unsatisfied. You see so quickly we change the emotion Now. We also had a place for text, so I took the maybe the first textbooks. I believe I placed it here, and I knew that on some slight I'll need plenty of text. So I extended this box. I made it smaller. I also did right click edit points because I wanted to make the corners a tiny bit better. But this isn't mandatory. The coroner's basically could stay as they are. I'm just a tiny bit his department, Really. He also takes and resets this point, so this is inconvenient, but Okay, I changed this object just a little bit, so it's a bit more unique, a bit more custom. And you see the problems. Now, if you change one element, you need to change the rest. Okay, let's assume that I'm already done. And the dark color wasn't working for me here, so I took it. I went to former shape Phil, and I used, for example, the call us we already have here this great. Like the background it is. Sandy Grey looks very nice, and I use a text copy. I don't remember what script I wrote, but no one recognized that. Okay, I put this here as well. Maybe smaller, Beautiful. So we have all elements in our seen. Our scene is built, the text is also visible. So now we also have this over the animated. But I wanted this animation to co from top and basically all elements we'll have the same animation, allergist Animation Paint this over but without the exit animation. So I painted the animation over I would delete to the exit animation I place this year. I just double click effect. Yeah, smooth start pounds and And everything will be from left from left And that those from right. So I'll just copy those innovations over Click on this intimation painter boom intimation painter, boo information painter, even him. Animation painter, move, animation, painter, boot. What we need to do now is just a click on the animation. This from right, this dude from bottom and maybe those books. If I manage to click on them from right, you see my problem? My problem is yet all those admissions happened at once. In some cases, this is a really cool animation. Let me preview this. Mm. No, This, uh, this has to be delayed or even deleted This exit information. Okay, Pretty nice. So I eventually want those books to be, like, delayed by 0.2. Maybe this by 0.3. And the rest looks pretty fine to me, right? I don't stick with it. Okay? This is how I would create this animation, I would also delete the exit animation. I would take the transitions from before controls because I want my the rest off my explainer video to be on this sandy background. And I just control V everything so it would look like this. The initial animation and then there Nice transition. All right. It's so useful toe. Have this transition already prepared. See on the next light when we will build a new type of scenes. 10. Follow up slides: okay. And for the next light, Since we have this transition, I thought to myself that we we can also make great animations with one type of background. This is why I just control C control V this slide. I'll control K to keep this horse for meeting, but I delete everything I have here, including the floor and transitions. So I just wanted to copy this background over and now I want to work with the text primarily. So I want to, like, use my script, and I will need a bit more space. And depending on what I right here, I'll use appropriate Aikens to supplement that. So we already have the animation and maybe the texts this time from top and the additional icons from left from right. And this is why I used icons and like that, this is actually a vector. But later on, I went toe flat. I can and I just downloaded icons straight. Which work, like for the text that I wrote here. Okay. At first I want to adjust the color. Mm shaped Phil eyedropper. We used this. Sandy, I do not entirely like it, So I'll go a different approach I'll take the background again, shaped feel more for the colors. And maybe I just used the background just a little darker, so it stands a bit out. Okay. My text here was he needs some time off off course, putting it on like separate places, extending the box a little bit. So I had an animation like that. And how to make this into an explainer video. Well, you need a few Aikens. You need anything. So I just went toe flat icon. I downloaded those toe Aikens. Control C Control V. I'll copy them this time. I placed one here one here and the screen waas filled out. I want to be thorough. So I'll, of course, delete all animations to show you how I did them. So we have this flying animation from top and I see a problem. There is the delay animations. This has to happen without any delay. I want a slight to start and immediately the animation going off so you can take this box animation painter painted over animation painter painted over. You see, it's somehow repetitive, but also it's so nice that we are able to do this. This dude from left this one on this green animation from bottom. Okay, Really nice. Fade in, fade off. And those could be a bit delayed. So they stay on the screen for half a second later than the text play from OK, this takes too long. Text read. You need to go up, because else this looks very boring. Delay A little delay, less delay. I just want this for a brief second on my screen, and I want to proceed to the next information needs some time off. I wouldn't basically just to read it. And this this red to bottom. Okay, so everything pops into the screen and goes off, and this is how you will make our consecutive slides. 11. Consecituve slides made fast: as you can notice, this light would be the story telling part. So I will go very similar over the next few slights. I would just control C control V this light with control k two to bring also the screen. And I would just change the icons pertain to the element. I wrote something like to be lazy to be lazy than an android life. Okay, great. So this control C control V and enjoy life. So this is the story telling part off this explainer video. Sometimes you have a longer script, but explain their videos usually take one minute to two minutes. Of course, they can take as long as you want, but if this needs to be like everything animated, it's a lot of work. So I would suggest you work in a fashion that speeds up your work. So here to be lazy and this could be eventually bigger, and I would just have just the box just to make it more suitable. Well, the books doesn't look perfect now, but this doesn't matter and how to animate this and those scenes. Let's just imagine that we have only the text heat some time off to be lazy and enjoy life . So I would just use different different elements here and fly them in from different and different angles. This is why I don't know that this lot, maybe 12 tree. I used the three bottom ones because they kind of fit the design of my slight. You can see I do not even have to do anything. And basically I used the same animations on them. I'll make one, but you will get the idea how to make the next ones take again. This I just want to make sure that we have no delay and delay to two seconds. Okay, click on this animation painter boom. Since the branches from left site, you take the green animation and your changes from left and you take the red animation and select two left. So this is how I would animate one off those dudes. Let me play this from okay. The bounce makes year like the branch isn't connected, so I'll put him outside of the screen. Absolutely beautiful. And I just duplicate the animations onto those others too. And, boom, we have this type of slight. It ends very clearly very, very quickly since this like it's a bit too quick. I'll just delays by quarter a second, not more. Absolutely beautiful. And since I also have have those animations like Ready, I come here the next one like avoid more joyful person. This one is joyful and here he smiles so he looks like you would and enjoy life. This time you can use either Aikens or the elements that you prepared for yourself This time. I want him to go from bottom and they like going to the opposite direction as the text. So the text animation painter and mission painter. But instead of going from the top side, I will make him from bottom from bottom and let me preview what happens and enjoy life. Okay, It also looks very fine. If they all like, run out of the screen towards the top in the next light, we will slowly finalize this information because this was supposed only to be a small character explainer video one example of how to utilize text and utilize a few scenes to explain a simple concept. Let me show you in the next, like slight what I would do to, like, change the pace a little bit and then we can move forward with our course 12. Add motion elements to spice it up: Okay, Please tell me if something is going to quick here. Or but I believe at this point you are able to open power point and create such a such slight without any help. This is just to show you another approach. Now, let me show you how toe like at least a little bit change the pace off because you don't not want to be like the same for the entire presentation. So I had control C Control V. And maybe I will use the same background. But this time ID lead the box. Problem is, I'm losing the animations. So one trick to do this would be to go to form it, shape Phil, and just use the same color as the background. Then maybe the text Morville colors custom. Let's make a brown text. Not yellow, like more brownish reddish, this brown text like and instead of text field, I selected shape. Phil. Yeah, I am Great text. Feel nice. I quit. I quit. And this is what I wanted to write here. I quit. Okay. And this changes the pace off this light, so I'll delete this Dude. I put the text on the right side I select a more appropriate post since I have so many iterations off this dude. Maybe the one with the phone and like this immediately comes to my mind. I'll place this one with the phone, put him aside and make him huge, like, literally huge to the entire screen. Okay, Like this. Now watch on the left side. What do we have? You see, three similar slight. And then this little pace changer. So this could be a really cool animation. And I'll copy over off course animation. Animation painter. I will copy the animations over to him. Maybe not from bottom. He's so huge. He's problematic. Maybe from left. Sorry. Did you are too big? Okay, A tiny bit bigger. Ah, Smaller. Of course. Okay. You will know, like, fit more, more appropriately, this screen. Get the I quit Texas. Okay. And how to make, like, at least a little animation on him before he goes up to the sky. Maybe not to the sky. I'll take the red two left. This one should be deleted. One little trick. Curious. You could go to insert shapes, insert a shape to make him blink. I would just insert the shape. I like this to cover his eye shape. Old line, no outline. And for the shape Phil Eyedropper and his skin color control C control V to cover up the left, the right eye just to make a tiny, like a tiny little effect element here. Okay, because this is also important to, like, do this additional element. And I'll show you in a moment. Another one. Okay, we have the ice animations appear at animation disappear. OK, so this would be the first element. Right? Click Start with previous and I want to put him between the animations with less delay. And look at that. The green ones have one second off delay with the red ones. I need to have 1.1 2nd because you need him, them to appear and disappear. So let me preview if the blinking works. Okay? The blinking is pretty OK. If he would be like, super precise, you could control C Control V and put another blinking. But it's a bit difficult now and just change the delay from one second to 1 25 and here to one 35. And this this time around, you would have to blinks. Okay. Perfect. A very simple innovation which changed the pace off this entire me item. If then you feel that the text is too boring and he's too interesting. You can also insert shapes, insert a normal shape, for example, Like this shape, old line. No old line shape, Phil. Eyedropper days. Okay. And this line could get an information. For example. Animations wipe effect options from left. Okay, let me select with previous and at animation. Also wipe. And from from left, this would create with previous You just need to delay them. For example, this has 1 35 and takes half a second, maybe quarter a second. Um, this also quarter a second. 45 1 60 Okay, so this line would animate after the blinking. So this is how I would finalize this slide? Nothing more. You see a few like those blanking additional elements give it a fine tuning fine touch, which is also very well received when it comes to animated videos. Think about that. What you can do You can, for example, at this line Just look at that. If this light would be too boring, you could make animated lines along those legs off this off this desk, just no matter where you put them, this will always look cool, because this is a little motion element that makes something come a bit more alive. 13. Final slide!: all right. Since we have that let us make the last light control C control V Control K and I used by because he is quitting his job. Since we have the line animated, I will just leave the line here. A I think it's really cool but let me make the text on the left side. Sorry. And this person with his eyes on the right side I'm not sure that the eyes will work now just by And I want to select a more appropriate guy. For example, this one is holding his hand in the high eso he like tells us by so I could use him. Maybe not the ice this time I'll just animation paint is over Held lead the previous guy Although he looks really cool And I wanted him like, go to the sky to top the text to maybe to bottom and let me preview what happens on the screen. Okay. He should enter the screen. Maybe from bottom it will be a bit more like normalized. Okay, absolutely beautiful. How to around everything up how to wrap this? How to make this an automated video which you can export and like this will be a ready videophile to use. I'll show you in the next collector 14. Adjust timing and add music. Done: Okay, let me finalized this presentation. I will go to the very first slide and again I downloaded some background music. I'll just dropped it into Power point. I will select play in the background So it becomes the first intimation of the presentation . And I dont like a couple of seconds. Maybe three seconds. Fate in and a couple of seconds fade out. Once I previewed the presentation, you do not hear the fade out. But once you export it to video, it all works. How to work with the timings of the video and make this an automated video. This time we'll work very closely with the animation, pain and transitions. Animations always play until the end. No matter how much seconds do you pick here. But I want everything to happen automatically so on. Most likely all off the slides you will select after instead off on mouse. Click after zero seconds because once this flies out yes, I want that. And the presentation to proceed right after two. The next next light. Here here. We also have animations, transitions after zero seconds. Just go slight after slight after zero seconds. Now what if you would like this and this slight to stay for the longer you would need to check how long this light is. It ends at second number five and you would need to put a greater amount than the animations are right now. This light would stay here for 10 seconds. But what does this bring me? You do not want to watch this yellow screen for five seconds. So I want after a zero seconds here again. And this will continue, I believe, for the entire presentation. Sometimes there are differences. But here we've put entrance animation and exit animations. So everything happens automatically after a zero after a zero. So basically, I did after zero on all of the slight, but I'll do a small adjustment at the end, which I want to show you. Normally, when you play the presentation like this, it ends here under on the yellow empty screen. So what I often do when working with videos in Power Point, I add an additional slide. I make this an empty slide. I just right click former background and I give it a black background. Why do I do this? Because I want to give it a fade or a wipe transition most like your fate. So this is a faith off because if you export a video, the video would end exactly here. And so it would be a bit abruptly. It would be like cut out at the end. But if you put another slide, you make it black, and you give it a faith transition than this. Light fates to the last light and then the video ends. It's just a more convenient and them. You could also do this for the first light. It's no problem. I'll just show you an example. Mm Fate from black. And on the next flight, I would select fate and here none. And look at that. So this would be that opening slight at the beginning. It's not so important. I will delete it. But now I believe we already all those slight are hidden right click Hi, Slight, because these are Onley template files and we are ready with our video. I'm so happy we can go to file export, create a video and just click here to export with our timing's generations, which are our animations. By clicking on export video, ready video file would export congratulations. You are able to finish another explainer video in Power Point and just look on the left side. I'm really proud of what we did. I hope you were able to follow and we will work together on more off such animations because it's such a pleasure and it looks so good.