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Exciting Track Matte Reveals for any Text or Logo Animation!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Prepare the project


    • 3.

      Create and animate the first cover


    • 4.

      Make the track matte reveal happen


    • 5.

      Multiplying the animations


    • 6.

      How to make 4 of those transitions


    • 7.

      Add a custom texture and cinematic bars


    • 8.

      Add a quick vignette around the design


    • 9.

      Where to download free sfx


    • 10.

      9. Add impactful sound effects


    • 11.

      Leave a Review, Please


    • 12.

      Polish this beauty


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About This Class

In this class we are going to prepare this animation. We start with an empty project and work our way up towards a finished animation with shape layers, track mattes, text, animations and many more. The final result will look like this:

Hope you will enjoy this class and there are plenty more to choose from on my profile. For example these ones:

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Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this beautiful after effects class which we are going to learn together in this class. I'm going to Did you this very animation, this text animation, logo, animation, intra animation, especially using those forward cuts and transitions from all sides. Cutting through the design, changing its color by using trackman, its shape players and other interesting things in after effects. It will be a lot of fun. I really can't wait to start working. Everything is displayed step by step. I work slowly, patiently and go together with you through the project. Let's go to the next lesson and started right away. See you in the moment and let's go. 2. Prepare the project: hello and welcome in this very nice project we are going to make today. This will be a quick logo animation, intra animation, text animation, depending on how you want to call it and where you want to use it. This is a really useful product to know about, so I'll go very slowly, So even beginners in after effects will have no troubles following. All right, we'll need a few things for that. Perhaps we will search for them later because we perhaps will use a texture. We perhaps need a big bulky phoned to use for our actual title, and we also might need some sound effect. But those sound effect are no mandatory, and I can show you later where you eventually can get totally free sounds with Creative Commons zero license to use for this product. Now, once you arrive in aftereffect, let's start by simply creating a new composition where we will work. So this is our project window. Here you have old elements. Older layers just create composition, new composition, and you'll have that composition options. You'll have the size of the composition, its frame rate and what's most important, its duration. I won't of course, a normal full HD composition, which is 1920 by 10 80 30 frame rate. This is a perfect frame rate for YouTube or overall for videos. Sometimes people are going now for those 60 frames, but the videos are heavier. They look off course more smooth. This simply means that in one second there are 60 frames, but 30 is completely enough for a fluent animation. Everything will run just a smooth and look just as good. And it won't be as heavy for your proceed when it comes down to the duration. Since this is only a short animation, I think eight seconds off playback initially will be completely enough for us. Okay? And I have my new composition. Prefers to work. Before we go any further. We might eventually wants to select a background color. Maybe we abandoned this color later or we change it. But just to have something in place, let's create it here in the layers panel. We can right click, select new and select a new Solich layer. I'll call it DG, and I'll think of a color. Well, perhaps, since I will most likely anyway, change it. Let's just go for something gray Something. Really? Oh, it really covers up this entire screen now. But this isn't as that I can always click on it. Or you know what? Control shift. Why? I want to change it. I may be overdone it with the color. I want to be able to see the background. Okay, this is the first step. And the second step would be to create the actual text you want. Are you following along? I hope you do. And I've selected a really big, bulky phone. It's called Say it, Fat Rhea. Nice fun. But you can, of course, use any fund that you are using or your logo. It would be best if you're selecting your logo, but in this animation it's preferable if we have some one color thing, So a normal fund would be really suitable. Okay, I'll create the fund. And what do I want to say? Actually, and it seems not as impactful as I wanted it to be. So maybe the wording is too many t's and I's maybe let's go for serious channel. Okay, definitely not bowled out because this fund is really heavy and I want to place it in the middle and in the character panel. I'll adjust it to be a bit smaller. If you don't see this panel, don't worry. Just go to window and make sure that control six expressed and you can still search for it , for example Here. Okay, I do have it. I want to make this text tiny bit smaller. The letters a bit closer together, okay. And I just try to position it in the middle. If you have any troubles with that, you have also the align panel. Just align it in the middle in the middle, just for safety reasons. I'll place the anchor point in the middle. I press y and I shift the anchor point exactly to be here. The anchor point is the position towards which this thing animates. If the anchor point would be here and I would press the scale with s you see what happens. The scale scales towards and outwards from this point. That's why you won't disappoint to be always in the middle. Because if you do some animations later, it's always easier. Okay, in my opinion, this is what we should have done in the first lesson. We have a background. We have the text. We have still no animations. You can see we have only two layers here and those two layers our our base for this beautiful animation in the next lesson will begin to get serious, so proper and let's fight with this animation. 3. Create and animate the first cover: in this lesson, I will show you how to prepare the first cover, how toe animate it and how to make sure that the animation is really soft and smooth and will play into the screen. Hey, welcome back. Now, this will be a very important lesson, because here we will actually set up our animation. Okay, I'll do this with a rectangle, because maybe I just double click on it, okay? And we have this shape layer, and this will be with the enter key. Cover one. I'll just call it cover one. And now I need to select a nice color for it. The simplest way of doing this. If you have adobe after effects CC 2015 or 2017 the newer versions you can extensions adobe call of deep. I can use adobe color teams. I have it here. I just go to explore some of the 1st 1 here is very interesting. So let's maybe go for it. And I accidentally selected a color like that for the text. Okay, this is my cover one. And please go to the film. We can change the field because this is a factor. Object. So I will select one off those colors. Do I like them? Maybe those darker roles here. Well, let's stick with them. I'll select the first, the greenish one, and I'll select. Okay, now I'll oppressed are like rotation and I do negative 45 degrees. This only depends if I want the animation to go from left from top from from this left upper corner, It all depends. How do you want this animation to look? And now I need to make sure that this one is bigger. You simply grab it. And with the shift do you make it bigger or you press s and you make it about 240% Is can be a bit bigger. It's no problem. OK, this will be necessary for my initial animation and we need to finish the animation first. So you want to press p by having discover selected and you want to click on a key frame? This is like the end position, but let me grab it and place it on the left upper site. I can go back with the scroll wheel and I want this toe animate in the screen. So I go one second forward. I was here at 15 frames. Maybe. Let's start at 15 frames and it's two seconds right about here. I want this to come back. I wanted to cover the screen. Okay. With my arrow keys, I make sure that the animation is carrying the right. Okay. And with my space bar, I'll preview this animation. Okay? We have a slow and boring animation that why you need to adjust the key frames. Please select both off them. You can go right click key from assistant and easy them in. Easing in makes the animation a bit smoother. Now, preview that well, but you still know that animation isn't perfect like that. You want to find unit and to find tuning animations, you can use the graph editor. The graph editor allows you to edit the speed in which the key frame influences the position. I know this my sound complicated, but you surely already know what a graph editor is. And it's just the graphical interpretation off those two little points. Those points make the change in position from this value. Do this value. How quick the change is being made is influenced by this graph editor. OK, select the left point and drag it forward. Now it starts slower, and then it comes in quicker. You can see by this graph, and you can adjust it by both sides. Or you can leave it like that. It all depends how you want the animation to be looking. Okay, well, my innovation is kind of quick. Let me change it and check out. Okay? No, this is too slow. I'll go back like that. Okay, this one a bit less so that will be even stronger. Okay, it started slow. Then it pumps to the scream. Okay. I want you to do the same. Exactly the same in this lesson. You need to establish a layer. You can call it cover. You need to make it animate into the screen. No matter if you animated from left from top from this corner like I did here. And you need to adjust it with a graph editor. If you have any other graphs here, just remember this second button allows you to change between death value graph, which shows you the actual position values we have. Look at those position values. Negative 1000. You can see a negative 1000 and the position values change. But the more useful graph here will be the speed graph where we can influence and I mean literally influence this beat of the key frames. Okay, this is your job for the second lesson. Now, we will go forward and make something really amazing with this animation. So stay tuned for the next lesson if you finish up this part off the product. 4. Make the track matte reveal happen: Hey, this lesson is very crucial. So go slow and patient about it. Because in this lesson, we will make this reveal using track mats and the nice coloristic we have selected. I've selected the first coloristic, but it turned out it's really good. So I've just stick to it. And this is what you will make in this lesson. Okay, welcome back. And we are at this point now. I want to change the colors of it because I want to be consistent with this first color scheme. I'll click on the B gene control shift. Why? And I want to select this purple color. Okay, The same goes for the text, this text, serious channel. I can even presenter and call it a text basic or the main text. And I want attacks to have one of those colors from this color scheme. So I'm sure that everything will look really nice. I want you arrive at this point. Now comes a very important step because we will reveal this text with this animation. How is this, mate? Get your mouse over here so you can see health of this and health of this. And now let me show you the trick. You need to click on the text basic. You need to press control and also on the cover. So we need to have both things selected. Press control D to duplicate them, select the text and place it on the top. So you have the cover and the text. Now, this looks a bit weird now. So to make this easier for us, I was selected top three layers with my shift key. I pressed the 1st 1 shift. Get uttered. One. I make this orange, so I low. This is one consistent thing. Okay. Are you following? If you are in the same place, please select this text. And now you learned about track matting and moats. You can see I have the track meant here. If you don't see it, you need to enable this second button here on the bottom side. Or if not, right click columns. And just make sure that modes are a clocked. Okay, we have moats and attract mint. Select this text. Make the track Met Tau Alpha matte cover to what this does. It will reveal this text with this animation. I'll know. Explain. Why do we have two of them. The next thing we need to do we need to select this text, select a color and make the color exactly the same as the background we have previously. Which is this purple one. Okay. And this is it for this lesson. Now, let me explain. Why do we have so many items now? This first cover is the green color. But we did me to copy it over because we need to off those green covers. One is here to make the color and the second is here to reveal the text. I'll make the text and you can see I have also met. And this is how the animation will look. You can see it starts revealing. If you would not have discover I'll delete it. It would look totally wrong. If you do something else with the text, it would also be invisible. But that way you have an animation like that and this is the beginning off our beautiful animation. And you can use this in so many nice ways. And I also like the color scheme. It's really cool this purple, especially maybe not the screen, but this purple. It looks very good. Ok? Do you have it colored like that? Basically, this lesson is crucial for the success of this animation. So until you have it done like that, don't move forward. Please go slowly over it. It's only copying those two objects, placing them in the exact order as I have here and making sure you have all format selected . And the color of this text is the same color as the previous background. So this was the first background. This is the second background, but we use this color. 5. Multiplying the animations: in this lesson, I will show you how toe properly duplicate those objects. Now we can have this animation going on several times in our animation. Prepare for this lesson and let's go. Now we'll get in the really fun part because it's so amazing that we can copy over objects and look, what do we have here now? I want to use also those colors because this would be a bit too quick and too simple. This will teach you that technique in more advanced ways, so you know that you have cover one cover to end this text. What you need to do if you want to multiply this animation is to duplicate the top three layers. It's super simple. Just press on the first layer. Press control. Second, the Turks impressed, controlled deep. You can see they are shifting around, so I will make sure that discover tree. It's exactly here. I will make sure that I use another color, so I perfectly see that this is something different and I press you on my keyboard because I want to see the key frames. I a place this of it forward and what's my problem here? Problem number one, We have the same colors. Problem number two. It comes from the same side. You need to move your play head exactly over those first key frames. If you can grab them, come closer like this. And I want the first key frame. I mean, the cover. I want to create my control key. And the second cover, and I would them to be on the right side. Now you can notice my little problem, which I have here. That's not really a problem. You just press are and you make the rotation 45 instead of negative 45. Okay? Diapers You again. And now the animation would look like that. We have the first animation and we have the second animation. Now the last thing we need to do do you remember? We need to change the colors, obviously. But how do we do this? Okay, if you have those two animations like that Boom, boom, select, discover and select the next color in line. I will maybe go for this second green. Okay? And do you remember? What did I do with the first text? I selected the color from the old background. You have to do the same here or you don't have you can I'll select the old backgrounds color. So I just snap it here while having the text selected. Boom. And look what happens. You can see this new background. It's revealing this new color. So basically, depending on how I shift them around, I have an animation like that in general boom, who? Okay, this looks really beautiful. Now you can see how important it is to have a nice color scheme. Okay, I'll still duplicated objects a few times. Maybe. Let's save it at that. In this lesson, you can multiply it more times. Obviously, if you want, you can stop right there. But I think we can make four off them. Let me save the lesson. Let me show you in the next lesson how to do two additional ones. If you don't want to do this, if you want to stick with those only those 1st 2 that's perfectly fine. You can, for example, just watch the lesson and learn. But if you want to do it on your own, I'm very for it. So go ahead and we'll meet in the next lesson. 6. How to make 4 of those transitions: this lesson is only an addition to show you how to make two more off them in the end. Currently, we will have four boom boom boom four animations going from each side of the screen. Boom, boom, boom, boom. If you want to see how to make those bottom two, please proceed and watch this lesson. The principle is very simple and easy here. You take the top three layers, you duplicate them. You make sure their first you make sure you use another color and you place him a bit forward. Well, a bit. 1234 Let's maybe go for five frames or maybe a bit more. All right, I'll press you. And do you remember what I did? I did change only the first key frames. So I need to select this cover once again and I want it to be under right bottom site. Now it looks totally weird. I press are, and I want deputation to be 1 35 degrees. Okay. And I see my position is horrible, so I'll make it like this. Okay. This animation should know. Come again and cover this screen. Okay, I can see it comes a little bid quick. So I select the text, select all three of them, and I placed him for DEROY. Okay. Do you remember? How did we change the colors? Usually do. You are a pro. I will select the next fill in line, which will be this dark blue color and the text. What about the text? The text needs to have the previous color. Okay, we have face green previously. Okay, let me preview if everything works perfectly. Boom, Boom, boom. OK, this color doesn't work. This color doesn't work together, so I'll just select another. I guess I'll have to go with it. Yeah, definitely. This bright one looks best. And now I can, for example, again go for this purple. I really like it, but I wanted to finish with this white color How to do this now? Well, you know what? This isn't as important. So I'll go for it is green. And once again, I duplicate the top three layers. It's now a bit heavy for the screen. Place it on the top. Place it for dinner way change its color maybe blue. Okay, press you goto this exact position. If I would be here and my key frames are activated. It would just create new key frames. That's why you need to be perfectly in this place. Okay? Cover seven and eight. Art. It will be about 2 25 degrees. Not about. It's perfectly, but let's make it like that. Okay? And the text, What do we want? Oh, I remember we went for the covers to have the purple color and for the text for the last very last tax. We want that initial what I wanted the animation to and like that. So, what do I receive? Boom, boom, boom. Oh, yeah. So we have some mistakes here. All right? That's no problem. Something went wrong. I see. What? When? Wrong. I changed the text color instead of the physical. That's really no problem. We can really quickly adjust it. Or do we want another color? Well, let's stick to the color scheme we selected airier. Okay. Now you want to select control eight. You want to close everything down, and this is how our animation looks. Initially, I can first control a and a compass. You I can make this bigger, and I can make sure that the extension between those animations would be similar and frames . But I just made it by hand. And let's preview if this naturally looks OK, I think it does. Those two colors are a bit too similar in my opinion. The screen one and this blue one. Do I want to adjust it? Perhaps I do. Perhaps I do, because I can freely select any color I want. I confirmed something. Maybe a great one. Okay, let's go for a great one just to make some more off it. And I have two times the same color of the text. Yeah, This also isn't professional enough. So I'm really struggling here. Or let's select a weird color like this. Boom, boom, boom and boom. Okay, I do really like it. It doesn't have to be different. We have a lot of transitions, but we have the initial nice color and outgoing Nice color. This is it for this lesson. You can totally skip this lesson. This is only to show you the other variants. Let's proceed to the next one. Where will not only finalized, but we will adjust and add some more fine tuning into this because now it's a bit door, a bit simple 7. Add a custom texture and cinematic bars: in this lecture, I'll show you a quick trick. How to make those black cinematic bars and how to add a texture. Do you see the texture? You don't? How about now, for example, I can operate the opacity and it brings it out. I have also another picture. I just made this for fund. This is just another element you can use in this product. Hey, welcome back. Now, in this lesson, I would like to add a texture into this entire animation. Now, I won't show you how to download the texture. You can search it. You can use any website you would like. I, for example, use graphic stuck because I did a project for them and they rewarded me with a premium membership so I can use it and I'll download a few textures. This is obviously completely optional, but I have three. Dexter's like that. Okay, I folded paper or some rusty ones, and I would just go to my product window. Let me make it a bit bigger. And this one is to make your I first control. A. I closed them down, and I want to import those three textures. Maybe just used one. Maybe we won't use them at all. And how do you want to use them? Basically, it will be very simple because you want toe import this onto the screen. You want to make sure it's big enough for the screen. But the files I don't know that seem to be really big, and you want to select a different blending mode. Now you can use, for example, multiply and look what happens. What school here I can press T and I can lower the opacity, so it's not as impactful. I can, for example, make the opacity like 20% and it just adds me a little bit off grunt into this design. And I really like this. Okay, it's a bit better. You can, of course, skip that. Perhaps it doesn't work for you, but you can also select different blending modes. Basically, you can check all of them. You can select overlay. You can select like difference. It really turns out great, depending on how you use it, and this one looks recall. If you will go for a look like that, the wall textures also nice, the colorful texture. I mean, the paper would not be so intense, so I could, for example, select again multiply. I could Presti lower the opacity and you can see this is a simpler one. Actually, the folded paper looks better than the previous one. That's the problem with using several files. One after another looks better to you and you have trouble selecting. Now this is one way off adding a texture. Of course, you could add more elements here, but at first you want to use a texture. No, maybe some film bars toe make this more cinematic because we have too much space here and the simplest way of doing this. You can also find this in nearly an editorial how to do a film bars in a screen. In the graphic project, you need to have everything be selected. You have to rectangle toe. If you don't have a Duke and selected for here by selecting it, double click on it. Boom! You have directing. I need to train to fill to a black one. Now I want to select once again the rectangle. I want to change it to a mask and I want to double click again. Now I have a mask inside here and you can always press here m and click on this mask by having dismissed, selected and having the selection tool with you. Vicky selected, you can double click on the mask and you can make it shorter. I always make that with control key. I'll make it like that, okay? And this will be enough. Now the mask can be simply inverted or subtracted, depending on how he wanted to be. And boom, You have the straight player and I'll even call it the rank bars. Okay, sounds really Prison E Okay, And this is our initial animation. It's gets more serious. Since it's a serious channel, this will be it for this lesson. Let's go forward with the animation and do additional fine tuning to make it look more appealing and to bring out more off those textures and off everything. 8. Add a quick vignette around the design: Yeah, well, in this road lesson, I think we really need a vineyard around here, so I'll show you the quickest way I know to create a nice vineyard for your video screen. Okay, we are here at the fine tuning section, so we definitely want a vignette. Evan yet is very easily created again by having nothing selected press control. Why? To create a new solid. And you want a black solid, a total black solid. Then you want to create a mask, you click here, you hold it and you select that ellipse too. You double click the ellipse, and you can kind of see where is this going? I'll put it under the black bars. Then I'll open the mask. And I have several options here. At first, I want to invert the mask because I want the corners, not the middle off it. Okay, now we simply can work with the father. Work with the father until you have nice blended colors. You can see how crazy it gets. And what about the opacity? Yeah. You can lower and adjust the opacity. No, this is how you create a vineyard. If you want this to be bigger. You breast s like scale and you make this entire layer bigger than the president three times m like masks and I all the opacity to be stronger. I really like those vineyards. I think a vineyard. It's really much impact to any of you, any animation and I really do enjoy it. So about the feather it makes it makes it too dark. Capacity is stronger. Okay, now, this is what we do have in this animation. Right now, it's got a little cinematic feel and I'll close those first few layers and I will make sure to select all four of them and change them to, for example, lavender or something, something that will be showing me that those are adjustment layers, additional layers which only pump up this design. You see, this was very, very flat, very ineffective. Now it gets stronger and it gets this little field the next thing we want to do, maybe we add some sound effects. Let's make this cool. Let's go forward and I'll show you how we're when and what to do with it. 9. Where to download free sfx: in this lesson, we will go crazy and download a few sounds effects. I'll show you a website where you can download free sound and I will show you how to use and download it with the proper license. Hey, welcome back. Now let's work on the sounding. You can of course, have and buy and use premium sounds, which is totally recommended. But if you are just starting out, you want this to sound good and you want some free, ready to use sounds? You can use a website called Free Sound that Orc. Please create an account here and what school. Here, You make a search for a swoosh or impact or something like that and you have those sounds. Let me show you the search again. I'll select sushi. This is one example search and what is the absolute best thing here? You can sample by Creative Commons zero license. This license allows you to use those sounds commercially to sell your projects together with those sounds. And if you would create an animation like that, you plan on using it on YouTube or and eventually you'll monetize your videos on YouTube. It will be safer if you use Creative Commons Zero because you will absolutely not restrict yourself in any way. Those sounds here are not perfect. The quality is really average. But let's take a listen. I've selected a few with sound really cool and will be completely enough for our animation . A simple Swiss like that for those, for example, For those this will be no problem. This one, not the best. This one sounds perfect. It's really clear it doesn't have those knows background noises. This one is longer, more impactful, more deep. And now listen to this one. This one is really cool. I found it by selecting impact. Now is simply all of those are free, totally free and we can use them freely in our animation. And this sounds we have will determine what kind of animation we are actually doing. So for example, dis text in the beginning. But we also animated Why not? So depending on the sounds I selected and I definitely want to use this and what's cool here, it takes about five seconds to play. It would be like our entire animation. Now I will download a few of them, for example, the best wishes and we will simply use them 10. 9. Add impactful sound effects: in this lesson, we will have a hard time using sounds. But in the end, we'll do something like that, a really impactful entrance off this animation. And let's head to this lesson and let us learn how to do this. Hey, welcome back. Sorry, I'm making this animation a bit longer, but it's now the most fun part. So let's select the sounds and we have a F way. Files, MP three files. Luckily, adobe and after effects is so professional, it will, without any doubt, render all of them, no matter what four months we used. Okay? We, for example, had those impact ones. Oh, this one is the most intensive. I'll use it. And you need to press l and L again to see the way. If you press double L you will see the way. Form decompress. Once health, you can lower the levels or do anything. Okay. The 1st 1 is very impactful. I want to actually have the whiffs. Okay. This with perfect small with and the fast simple chop. It's totally perfect. I have nothing to say. Okay, let's place it here. And where comes the first mission? Okay. Chop will come in here Next information about here and now we need to take a listen. This one is pretty Okay? This one is It's not impactful. I'll Purcell and I'll up the volume double l Okay, it gets higher and let me preview it with the space bar. Well, those sounds are too quick. It isn't perfect. But you know what? It doesn't have to be control de who lays it here. Okay. And haIf made something like that. Well, it isn't perfect, but it's only a small sound effect and those effects are for free. So what the hell are we talking about? Okay, Still, if we place this here and I know this is intensive, it's like a background sound for everything. I pressed once l more and I think I want to go negative 20 decibels. My things should be enough. You hear this? First impact, Let me go forward. This should be like word attacked. Fly still. Okay, How to do this? Close everything down. Please select the first text on the very bottom. We have text basic al process like scale. Now you can could take the scale Help! You can also Presti like the opacity 20 Bring it forward and 100. Okay, so let's start to appear. I prissy you. I press you to see the scale. Okay? You have the scale. And the scale here shared me 100%. So we haven't animation like dead. And now you see how this entire innovation works with the sound we don't looked without? No, that that sounds like that. So we need to just the animation. So it works together. Okay. I don't like those who she is, but I don't want to waste time on selecting new ones. But the first, the impact one I would even consider the leading those sushi's again because this 1st 1 is so amazing. It was called impact something. Or you know what controls E l like levels. Negative. 10. So those wishes will be only a small background sound. Now, I'm finally pleased. It really sounds better. Who? I thought we won't be able to do this because I selected so well average sounding sounds. But in the end, we had five effects. We used like tree, and we did something really cool out of it. Let's continue in the next lesson. I think we are we are basically done. Perhaps we still want a few adjustments with I believe we are basically ready with this animation. 11. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 12. Polish this beauty: You know what? We need to quickly finalize this animation. And this guy has another cool sound. It's simply in victory. This will be the perfect exit for this animation I have in victory. And I imported. Now I select control ai close everything down because they are. This is too much here. Okay, Impact number Tree. Show me here at the end. Okay. I need to make something here. I press l I press all your levels and going forward, it should decay. So it's not here anymore. Okay, You can see we have a small dick. A here pressing space. Whoa, This super intense again. We don't want this to be as intense. Ok, negative. 33 is maybe too much negative. Coming forward. Negative. 24. Okay, here also negative. 24 l l Okay. All right. I can work with that and going out here. We animated the very last text text basic. I pursue, and I perhaps copy those key frames, but don't say it to anyone. I have this now and I have the last text. The last text should be somewhere here at the top. It should be just one, and I'll just press here. Control V. Let's press you OK? Do you see it? We have it, but we need to reverse this. Right. Click on the key frames. Give him assistant time. Rivers, Key frames. Okay. The opacity needs to be shifted later like that. And the innovation will end a similar way, like it entered. Okay, let's preview it really cool. We can work this animation. Oh, it's admitted. Now, I think this negative 24 is too intense. Negative. 18. Negative. 18. Okay. And let's preview this with my space bar. All right? Basically, this is how I adjusted this animation. And how would this looks in total? Now, I could still think her, but with the opacity here and there. But basically, this is the animation we preferred. And let's preview it. Finally, once you are done with everything, press control A close. This down. Right click. Free, composed, ready animation. This is only to make this animation here in one piece. Okay, this is about word, and I pressed e I make a key frame. I go forward. Zero. Now it disappears off course. We need to press control. Why? And select a background. And this is worried should and rendering so press end on your keyboard in its entire beauty . This will be the animation. I'm so grateful that you wanted to do this with me. And in the end, basically, you should have an animation like that. Let it quickly render I really like the sound effects we added. And and this is thanks to this guy who made sounds. It makes our animation more impactful and simply better. I do really hope that you've enjoyed that. If you did, please leave me a positive review. A thumbs up. Sorry, I'm asking it. It's stupid, like on you today. Oh, you need to smash that like button and subscribe. I don't like to say that because people obviously know what they want to do. I don't have to say them, but I'll just genuinely appreciate if you leave me a positive review about that. I had really fun creating this animation, and I do hope we see each other in plenty more off that this lesson will be the real final step. In the end, we'll have an animation like that with more cool sound effects