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Everyday Mexican Salsas

teacher avatar Renata Lira, Food writer and cook

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. Project: verde o roja?

    • 3. Intention.

    • 4. Choice of ingredients.

    • 5. Cooking method.

    • 6. Raw salsa verde.

    • 7. Cooked salsa roja.

    • 8. Molcajete salsa.

    • 9. Three chiles salsa.

    • 10. Pico de gallo.

    • 11. Conclusion.

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About This Class

Learn the secrets to everyday Mexican salsas and become better cocineras and cocineros. From simple uncooked salsas for tacos, quesadillas, and other antojitos, to multipurpose cooked salsas for hot dishes and soups, all the way to more sophisticated mole-like sauces, in this class, you will learn the basic skills that constitute the essence of Mexican taste. 

*This class is for cooks of all levels.

*We will only use basic cooking equipment.


Meet Your Teacher

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Renata Lira

Food writer and cook


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1. Introduction.: Knowing how to make proper cell cells get to halfway and doing her with Mexican Coke because they represent the most essential form of other tastes. So from simple unclick South says that you can put over almost anything to more complex cook sauces are closer to more or less. In this class, we will go through the basic ingredients, preparations, and techniques that boasted that the basis of Mexican seasoning. Hi, my name is, I'm a writer and I cook from Mexico City. I've spent most of my professional career working for magazines or handling communications for food-related that businesses. And even though I do have some restaurant experience, I consider myself more of a professional home cook than a ship. Not because I think one is more important than the other, but because I do think there are two completely different approaches that require different expertise. I've had the opportunity to go to very good schools. But most of what I know about cooking, I've learned through daily practice, doing it myself, on watching other people doing it. My first inferences where my Avoid last, they were both very accomplished Holmes books. I used to spend a lot of time with them in the kitchen and going to the metacarpals. Sorrows, your recipe says You'll sets of instructions with exact measurements and steps, learning processes where you can understand the rules and off to be able to bend them and adapt them to your need samples. You need this, these, these glass is not about adding a few more Mexican recipes to your repertoire, is about really understanding the logic of Mexican based. So you can be able to work with, but you have no matter where you live or your level of expertise and become more accomplish cosine theta sine cosine. 2. Project: verde o roja?: Verbose orifice. This is the default question you will get. When are their intellect, illness, and other antoher vetoes at any restaurant or Fonda in Mexico. Red and green. This two colors at solo represent Mexican culture from our cooking to our black are the findings. Sales up by two staple ingredients. She let anatomic. There are bread she lives on windshields and red tomatoes and green tomatoes, better known estimate themes. But there are also orange gene does in general chitosan purpose, she was a gymnast, fern black when birds, right? And there are also yellow and purple tomatoes and multi-colored tomatoes, as essential as they are, these two different colors. Sauces are more than a couple of well-defined recipes that goes into two sides of a wider spectrum of subsets with plenty of variations. And there are red cells, those fights with screeching miss on substance abuse, both red and green tomatoes were also some books tells us some dot Archer bug, others others have quote, spicy cells. So some mild Celsus herbicide, so sweet cells as not the census. I see the accesses, burns houses, and even sounds as we've insects in them. There are hundreds of Mexicans houses, but the differences within them are determined by three basic variables, invention, choice of ingredients, and cooking method. In the following episodes, we'll go through each of these elements so that at the end of this class you will be able to come up with your own Perfect cells or recipe and shared with the class. 3. Intention.: The question you have to make yourself here is very simple. What are you going to use it for? Do you wanna sound so that you could have a hand for Castlevania stacked clothes and all sorts of things to put over, or is it intended for a cook? Fish like Chinlechelys genera Jana's lower uncheck arrows. Are you going to pair it with trapezius? Vegetables feed for fish, grains. There's more than one perfect cell-cell for everything. You just have to think in terms of what you want to cook. I have a few go-to recipes that I used for libraries purposes. I have r rows of silver that I always keep on hand for the limits. Alpha cells, arrowhead that are used for many different kinds of validation. I have a Mancha salsa that I mostly used for thick pieces and barbecues. I have ammonia electricity missiles that are used for more upscale dishes like roasted chicken or prompts. And I have a pKa there that you'll, that I used from yet another enthalpy. Plus I will share with you all of these recipes in the following episodes. And so that through this examples, you get a wider picture of how to use a different ingredients and applied the different techniques. 4. Choice of ingredients.: In this episode, we will go over a vast list of ingredients that can go into sells us. Of course, we won't be able to use them all in just one class. But I think it's important that you have them as a reference to keep experimenting and even including some ingredients that most likely are used for more or less. I hope we can make a class on that soon. She lesser endemic to Mexico, just like tomatoes, According to historical evidence, it is where they were first domesticated, but their popularity and production Caspar to many other places. So we'd have a lot of options to choose from. Use what you like and what you can find easily. The only major division in genotypes is between fresh and ripe. Many types of TMS can be found either way, but there's a big difference in flavor. You can think of the difference between fresh Android sheila says the wonder is between fresh and ripe fruits. They are both acidic and sweet, fought in a marriage kind of way. And there are also smoke, cheetahs, lecture boldness which have an extra keep. Some of the chillers that are most commonly using Mexican salsas are fresh Serrano, chili black, and they are all above narrow Monsanto where I'm picking drive, why he yoga, Sega and choke Morita, Chipotle, Chili VOIP led the arable picking who yeah, casket. And Mario or cos Daniel mulatto until the pink. We have plenty of options. Here seems a variety of these vegetable has multiplied over the years and we can sure benefit from that. The choice depends on the resulting color you want for yourself. If you're looking for a specific one, as well as the characteristics of texture and flavor like intensities witness a CVP or usefulness. Feel free to use whatever attracts you from what you can find at your local stores and markets. You can also use canned tomatoes when it comes to read books Alsace. But if you're going to be, my recommendation is that you buy the ones that are pole. Also, if you need a bit moral, mommy, you can use tomato paste. Some varieties of tomatoes are beefsteak, roadmap, LAM, cherry, eq ne, her loan to on Madison room, somebody on silver for tomatoes, green, purple, and yellow. Most herbs can also be used either fresh or dried. But do you have to consider that there is a difference in paste? So Marmara romantic, when grain and queries like aha Santana fossil thick and others are more intense when Dr. like oregano. It also depends on what July and what you have available. Some of the following ingredients, specially the Arabs, which are these horrible but nothing dispensable are not easy to find out all of Mexico. But I'll put them as a reference so that if you see them, you know that you could use them for Celsus. Verbs. Will ha, Santa, the bustle, be Tiana, avocado leaf, cilantro, oregano paid spices, human for most buys, nutmeg cloves, ginger, and cinemas. In addition to herbs and spices, there are other Frisch Android fundamentals that are used to give character and complexity to Celsius. Fresh, anya, red, white or jello and garden, dry, dry the shrimp, dried fish, and various kinds of insects like Chicka Pena and grasshoppers and my gave lumps. Not some grains are sometimes either to Celsius to add richness and texture. Some of the most common art or not, seats, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, or sesame, brains. Flower condo altarpiece, stale bread, salt that cookies like Ritz crackers and sweet cookies like barrios and animalcules. In Mexican salsa, sweeteners are used to balance ACDP or to give us earthen character, like in the case of millennia eager. Some of the most common are sugar below CEO or molasses, chocolate and many different kinds of fresh and ripe fruits. 5. Cooking method.: The way you decide to cook your sounds, I will have a big impact on the result. There are four basic metadata values in distinctively to make different kinds of Celsus, Raul boil, fried and automata, which resonates to those, that, but it's actually a bit more than that. We will see an example when we make them when Krakatoa, Southside, each method will lead to different characteristics. Ross houses are more fresh and bright. Rights houses have more greasy or mommy's boil self-assessing contrast tend to be more clean and light. Well burn cells was have that extra roasted favor and smoking's. You do not need a lot of equipment, did make SaaS AS though there are some utensils that have historically been used to make them since pre-Hispanic fence. Of course, you can substitute them easily, but I want you to have an idea of puzzles and were made thousands of years ago and our field may today by traditional casinos. So I suggest that if you're really into Mexican cooking and have the chance that you can see their vitamins. Those are also very the corrective and beautiful. To me. This is one of the greatest inventions of old. Thanks. I have more than one and I use them a lot. But you can actually do it for any kind of more tart, a food processor, or even a blender. It depends on what you wanna do if you are using it to grind spices, for example, not all processors have blenders work that we'll also, when it goes up Dexter, vendors can make some cells have become two liquids. That consistency that you get by granting food for rocks is difficult too much. That's why these beautiful instrument called metadata, I have won back 30 of you say it. It's still being used today by cosine, I'd ask even though it's very heavy and it takes a lot of strength and practice to use it properly. I would say that the first best alternative curriculum at that, Neil, There are some kitchen appliances that have those kinds of attachments. And the second one is a food processor. Every Mexican column has one of these. We mostly use it to heat or via which we learn to do with our birthing persons were very young. But it has a lot more uses on one of those uses, these to both the ingredients for the fancies. Traditional commandlets are made of clay, but there are other popular materials like aluminum, GST, Ira, and malware. You could also use a non-stick. But what I like about glyco manners is that because of the presence of the material, they absorb and distributes heat really well. They're also great for making, let us loudmouths. So if you ever get the chance to buy one, it's really worth it. I love Consuela For the same reason. I loved families, their capacity to absorb heat. When you'd take, I guess, well out of the fire, you can see how it Gibbs boiling for our wild. But apart from that, you can solve the Kodak Azuela for any kind of plot. So now that we have covered all of the theory, let's start cooking. 6. Raw salsa verde.: This is a thousand, at most reminds me of my childhood. It was always presented my grandparents table along with some chicken soup rise and a vocabulary. It wasn't very spicy, but we're not brightness to make something as simple as an avocado tackled based like Kevin. The quantity of Chileans you use depends on how spicy you like yourselves. Also the decision of sitting them or not. These same rule applies for all of the sauces. I, for example, like my cells AS mild cough, but I do like the taste of fresh ci list. So what I do is that I use more or less what I take all of this, it's out. 7. Cooked salsa roja.: These kind of salsa can be used in so many recipes that I think it's very important to have a go-to recipe and always keep some in hand. You can keep it in the fridge for around three days or you can put it in the freezer for a longer time. You can make it as thick as you like. And also if you have enough stock, you can use it as a base for soups. My favorite method to do this LSA is fried, and I like to use a combination of fresh and dried chilies. Right. 8. Molcajete salsa.: This alpha has a combination of textures and flavors that I loved. It has both tomatoes on tomatoes and you can also add gelato materials if you find that the ingredients are those that, and then grind it. But the onion and the cylinder are chopped and other fresh at the end for XOR crankiness. Okay. 9. Three chiles salsa.: This alpha has a lot more complexity than the previous ones. It's closer to a more early, so I like to use it for more sophisticated dishes. I use a boiling method, and in this case, I do like to strain the mix before I cook it so I can get a more cleaner and smoother consistency. 10. Pico de gallo.: These last salsa, which is not exactly a Salsa, it's more of a ASALA is most commonly used form. We get this, which is very popular cafeteria breakfast that consists of Bolivia bread, refreshed beans, and melted cheese. But it actually goes well with many other recipes. The original recipe doesn't have any cucumber in it, but I like to add that for some extra current him freshness. It's me. 11. Conclusion.: So to summarize, there are three main elements that you have to take into consideration before you make yourselves. One intention. What are you going to use it for? To Joseph ingredients? We have five basic groups to 2t from an endless combinations. She lists tomatoes, ever spices and other condiments. Thickeners and sweeteners heals what you like. I want to have available and don't be afraid to experiment. There is have downloadable least with all of the ingredients we went over in the resources section of the glass. And third, cooking method. Remember you have four options that can be combined. Raul fried, boiled and dilemmas. And don't forget to upload a picture of your social divergent gallery and talk to us a little about the ingredients and method do chose and why about the process, and what do you think of the results? I want to thank you for taking this class. I really hope you liked it. And I did serve as youth to make you feel a lot more confident in your Mexican cookie. Please let me know if you have any questions. And now I can't wait to see your esophagus.