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English Vocabulary: Memorize and Learn 500 of the most common English Words

teacher avatar Mister Rabiey, Oxford Tutor & Voice Actor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (3h 23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 Joe's pond

    • 3. 2 The prince

    • 4. 3 sun and moon

    • 5. 4 the starfish

    • 6. 5 Peacock

    • 7. 6 Rose and the creature

    • 8. 7 friendly ghost

    • 9. 8 farmer and cat

    • 10. 9 magical book

    • 11. 10 the big race

    • 12. 11 Adam country's gold

    • 13. 12 the race for water

    • 14. 13 red chicken

    • 15. 14 shipwreck

    • 16. 15 seven cities

    • 17. 16 Katy

    • 18. 17 reward

    • 19. 18 camp

    • 20. 19 friendship

    • 21. 20 pond

    • 22. 21 Archie

    • 23. 22 the spider

    • 24. 23 party

    • 25. 24 the world got light

    • 26. 25 the secrets

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About This Class

At the end of this course .. 

  1. You will get the confidence to speak and use many Useful and common words in English 

  2. You will learn how to use these words through interesting stores and context 

  3. You will Also understand the correct form of each word as adjective , verb , noun and adverb

  They also cover at least 70% of the words in conversation.

The activities in this class  are specially designed to make use of important learning conditions.

 While reading and listening to the story, the learners have to recall the meanings of the words and suit them to the context of the story. Such activities help learners develop a better understanding of a common meaning for a given word which fits the different uses.

Illustrations for each target word are provided to help learners visualize the word as it is being used in the example sentence. These word/image associations aim to help students grasp the meaning of the word as well as recall the word later. It should be noted that words have more than one grammatical category. However, this course focuses on the word’s most common form.

This is mentioned to remind learners that just because a word is labeled and utilized as a noun in this course does not mean that it can never be used in another form such as an adjective.This course  has simply focused on the word in the form that it is most likely to be expressed.A well-balanced language course provides four major opportunities for learning:

learning through input, learning through output, deliberate learning, and fluency development. The highly structured activities in this course support all four types of learning opportunities.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mister Rabiey

Oxford Tutor & Voice Actor



-Master's Degree in English Linguistics US
-TV host / Dubber / Narrator
-Lived and studied in Canada,England 
-10+ Years of experience / A1 to C2 Levels
-TESOL and CELTA coach , IELTS 9 Holder
-Cambridge Certified Tutor/ IELTS Examiner

I believe that teaching is an art, like an artist, you need to be creative to be a good teacher. I always look for different things to do to help students get the information in the easiest way possible including animation programs,  Videos and personalized learning activities. I have always tried to focus on the skills of speaking and helping learners change their brain to speak automatically, without needing to think.

My courses and classes will help you:
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1. Introduction: By expanding your English vocabulary, it is more likely that you will be able to understand and contribute to the conversations going on around you. Improving and expanding your English vocabulary will make you a more confident English speaker. And in this class you will learn 500 common English vocabulary through different fonts, stories. Actually, there is a test at the end of every lesson that will help you to check yourself. So guys in every lesson first, who will be introduced to a very fun story including 20 common words. Then we will explain the vocabulary to you. And at the end, you will have the task to check yourself, ask yourself, why should I learn vocabularies? Actually, we must learn and understand vocabularies for some important reasons. Number one, vocabulary is the key to communication. Mastering vocabulary is not just important, but crucial in a foreign language environment. Number two, strong vocabulary allows you to develop other skills. Are rich vocabulary makes this keels of listening, speaking, reading, and writing easier to perform. A Number Three, The more words you know, the more you will learn, you must have a significant vocabulary to be able to learn new words from the context in which they appear. These wars have the following characteristics. Number one, they are useful in both spoken and written English, no matter what English course you are studying, the words in this course will be of value to you. Number to each word in these lessons is a high frequency word. This means that the effort in learning these words, these Whale wrap it by the number of times learner have a chance to encounter or use them. Number three, this course as a whole, cover a large proportion of the words in any spoken or written text. They also cover at least 90% of the words in conversation. Illustrations and the pictures for each target word are provided to help learners visualized the words as it is being used. And they example symptoms. These were the major associations aim to help students grasp the meaning of the word as well as a recall the word later, or it should be noted that the words have more than one grammatical category. However, the course focuses on the world's most common form. This course has simply focused on the word in the form that is most likely to be expressed. Such activities help learners develop a better understanding of a common meaning of a given word which fits the different uses. 2. 1 Joe's pond : Joe's pond, a very interesting story about a dirty pond. Remember, the words are on their lined and try to understand them in real contexts. Are you ready? Let's start. Joe's pond. Joe made the world a better place. He got the idea to do that at school. He watched a video there. It was about a factory. This factor produced a lot of trash and put it in a river that's rash on water where a bad mix. People populated the area by the river and drank ITS water. This made them sick. Many of them needed medicine and made regular visits to doctors. But the video wasn't all bad news. It showed ways to pick up trash and why it's important to do this. It said people can make a difference to that environment. The video's important features made Joe associate rash with hurting people. One day, Joe walked through a park, he recognized some of the problems from the video. One instance of these problems was the trash in that pond. It was full of plastic cops. There was too much trash. Joe didn't want it to hurt anyone. He told his grandfather about the par keys. Grandfather said, you know, it's a tradition in our family to help people. That's why we give food to poor people. Maybe you can help people by cleaning the park. Cleaning the park would involve hard work and Joe decided to organize a group to help him. He chose a wide area of the park. Eight had the most trash. He asked his family and friends to come on Saturday. He gave everyone a sharp stick. They wondered why. He said, use this ticks to, to pick up trash. This makes it easier. They worked for six weeks. Different people helped each other. But Joe was always there. In that period of time, Josiah range of results. There was no trash in the water. People could swim in it. Joe knew that was a good sign. He was happy because he helped his environment. Unit number one, word list associated to associate mains to connect something with a person or thing. Most people associate birthday parties with having fun. Environment. The environment is the place where people walk her Live. Keeping our environment clean is important to our health. Factory. A factory is a building where things are made or put together. We have only one factor in our town. Feature. A feature is an important part of something. The cell phone has many features. Instance, an instance is an example of something I have never experienced an instance of hate. Have you involve to involve means to be actively taking part in something. The whole family was involved in playing the game. Medicine. Medicine is something you'd take to feel better or treat an illness. The doctor gave me medicine for my cold. Mex, uh, mixes, different things put together. The grand mix we made in science class spilled onto the table. Organize, to organize is to plan or get ready for an event. Make a list of help you organize the things you need. Period. A period is an amount of time when something happens. In one period in Europe, there were many nights populate. If people Paypal led to an area, they leave their billions of people, populate the Earth. Produce, to produce something is to make it or grow it. That's reproduces apple every error. Range arrange is a number of our setup similar things. I saw a range of cars to choose from. I recognize to recognize something is to know it because you have seen it before. I recognize an old friend from many years ago. Irregular. If something is irregular, it happens often at an equal amounts of time. Our regular launch time is around noon. Sine, sine is. And notice giving information direction's a warning. It says raw. This sign indicated that today would be a bad day. Tip. Tip is a pointed end of something that tip off his pen was very sharp. Tradition. A tradition is something people have been doing for a long time. Marriage is a tradition all over the world. Trash. Trash is waste material or unwanted or worthless things. Please take out that's Raj, it smells bad. White. If something is wide, it is launched from side to side. The door was as wide as my arms. Okay. Guys lists on our stand that vocabularies and let's check your understanding. Let's see if you can't remember all of these words, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. So you must tell me the vocabulary you've learned in this lesson. Number one, I don't like that person who lives near me. What do you call a person who lives near you? That's yes. That's neighbor. Neighbor is a person who lives near you. Number two, I read a regular publication about sports. What is Award for a regular publication? Kenny, remember? That's magazine. Mac as in number three, the doctor gave he's experts and qualified advice. Expert and qualified whatsoever for that. That's professional. Professional. Number four, he looked at the differences between two books to look at the differences between two things. What is Award for that? Yes, that's compare to Kemper things. And number five, She has a good way of thinking about things. A way of thinking about things. Can you remember that word? That's attitudes. Attitudes that their way of thinking about things. 3. 2 The prince : Story number two, the best Prim's. Okay, let's start the story less understand about these three brothers. The best prams. King Minos was very sick. His condition was getting worse. He had three psalms, He loved them all. He had to announce who would become king to have the parenthesis 2D waiting outside the king's Rome. Thesis was the oldest and strongest. He thought his father would make him king palace the second some thought differently. He was an expert with weapons. A thought that king would choose him. When I'm king thesis told pillars, I will let you contribute to the defense of our country. You can lead the army. Ellis became angry. Father knows, I'm famous for my source skills. It'll make me king. You. Physis yelled, he won't choose you. That kingdom is mine. Alice claimed father will give it to me, or I'll use wars to take it. Faces made a sudden move to take out his sword. Then palace D to the same. Beating me will be a challenge. These asset finds me now. The winner gets the kingdom. Palace agreed. King Minos could hear he's sands fighting. The youngest Psalm Jason's two beside him. He sends his father or sadness. That King laid his hand flat on Jason's arm. Your brothers fight too much. The king told him, I must protect my kingdom from all harm. They will divide it between them. The people won't know what to do. There will be war. I can't allow either of them to be king. Therefore, I am making new King. Your kindness has always made use ratio is the difference between you and your brothers. You can bring peace. They count. Then the king died faces and Peleus heard that their youngest brother was king. They were surprised. They realize that they're fighting was wrong. It had kept them from saying goodbye to their father. They agreed to have JSON as their king. He was the best choice. Unit number two worklist. Allow to allow something to happen, means to let it happen. Having a ticket will allow you to enter the show. And nouns to announce something, to make it known. He announced everyone, he's new idea for the company. Beside when someone or something is beside you, they are next to you. The two brothers 2D beside each other. Challenge. A challenge is something difficult to complete. It was a challenge to climb to the top of the mountain. Claim to claim means to say that something is true. He claimed to know why the country's laws were weak. Condition. The condition of someone or something is this state that they are in. The patient's condition was very good. Contribute to contribute to something means to do something to make it successful. We decided to contribute money to the new hospital. Difference. A difference is a way that something is not like other things. The biggest difference between the birds is the color of their feathers. Divide to Dubai it something nice to make it into smaller parts. We divided the pisa experts. And expert is someone who is very good at doing something. The wizard was an expert at magic. Famous. If someone or something is famous, they are known to many people. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, is very famous. Force. Force is a person's strength or power. He was always forced to try and open the door. Harm armies Herat or problems, costs to someone or something. A hot Iran can cause great harm if you are not careful. Lay, to lay means to put our place in a horizontal or flat position. Don't lay your socks on the floor. Peace. Peace is a time without wore. A white dove is a symbol for Ps. Prints. A brings is the son of a king or the prince and the princess were married. Protect, to protect some monies to stop them from getting hurt. Firemen, protect us from fires. Sense to send something is to know about it without being told. I could sense that he was watching me. Sudden. When something is sudden, it happens very quickly. He felt a sudden pain in his chest. Therefore. Therefore means for this reason, he's fad, therefore, he will go on a diet. Hello everybody. In this Bart's, we must exercise. Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined parts. For every underline word. That is another word that we learned in vocabularies. And you must remember that. Are you ready? Let's start with number one. Sorrow. Let him go to the game. What does a wharf or LET we learned to him vocabularies. Can you remember that? Allow exactly. Allow. Allow means to let somebody do something. Number two, that child promise not to hurt our cat. What is Award for hertz? That's harm. To harm somebody means to hurt somebody. Number three, she was a well-known, right? Or in our town. What's the meaning of well-known? What's the word for that? Can you remember? Bats? Famous. Famous means well-known. Number four, you should say it's true that you never lie. To say that something's true means claim. Claim. And number five, the food was cut into smaller parts so we could all eat. To cut something into smaller parts means divide. To divide something. 4. 3 sun and moon : Story number three. Let's understand all of these words in one story in context. How the Sun and the Moon were made a very interesting story. Let's focus how the Sun and the Moon were made. Do you ever wonder where the moon and the sun came from? The EU to people of Alaska have a theory. They tell a story about a beautiful girl. She was very nice. In contrast, her brother was a mean little boy. One day he propose something, we should go to a party. He said, the girl accepted. First. It was necessary for her to preparer. She arranged her hair and put on nice clothes. Required a lot of time. But to the girl, worked hard. And soon she had success. She looked perfect. They attended the party together or the girl was having fun. Later, she walked into the bathroom. Suddenly the lights were turned off. Someone grabbed her hair and tore her clothes. She ran out of the bathroom. She wanted to know who did this to her. Then she had an idea. She have fixed our hair again. This time it was even more beautiful. She even balanced beautiful jewels in it. She wanted to encourage the person to grab it again. She put black dirt in her hair for the purpose of this was to catch the person. She went to the bathroom again and it was the same pattern. The lights went off and someone grabbed her hair. When he released it is hand was black. The girl returned to the party. She knew there was only a single person with a black hand. When she saw the person. He was very familiar. It was her brother, Iran into the wounds, that girl around after him. They both carried fire so they could see in the dark, the smoke went into the air. As the Iran they grew, they became huge. Then they went into the space. When the girls buyer went out, she hung in the sky. She became the moon and her brother became the sun. They chase each other forever. Unit three word list, except to accept something that is offered is to take ups. I accepted the girls very nice gift. Arrange to arrange things is to put them in the right place. Please arrange the bowling pins in order so we can play. Attempt to attend something used to go to it. My sister and I attended the same school. Balance to balance something is to keep it from falling. We sign our fund balance itself on a ball. Contrast. And contrast is the sharp difference between two things. The contrast between my parents is very noticeable. Encouraged to encourage some monies to make them want to do something. My football coach will encourage us when we are losing. Familiar. If someone or something is familiar to you, you know them well. The two friends were very familiar with each other. Grab to grab is to take a hold of someone or something. Suddenly I grabbed a pair from the tree. Hang to hang something is to keep it above the ground. I drew a picture of my family and my mother hung it on the wall. Huge. If something is huge, it is a very big at work. My father drives a huge truck. Necessary. If something is necessary, you must do it. It is necessary to have a passport when you travel to a foreign country. Pattern. A pattern is a way in which something is done or organized. My pattern of brushing my teeth is the same as most people's propose. The proposed something is to say that it should be done. Santa Claus proposed that I try to be good boy, all your purpose, a purpose is the reason that you do something. The purpose of exercising is to get into shape. Release, to release something is to stop holding it. She released the bird from her hands. Require to require something is to say that it is necessary. We require teachers to have a university degree. Single. If something is single, then there is only one. I have a single key my hand. Success, success is doing something well that you choose to do. My daughter was a big success at school. Tier two, tier something means to pull it apart. It is easy to, to your paper or theory. A theory is an idea about how something works. We talked about instant theory of relativity in class. Hello everybody. Let's exercise and let me check your understanding, right, a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined parts. Remember for every andar line word, there is another word that we learn, team vocabularies. So are you ready? Let's start. Number one. She looks like someone that I know well, someone that I know well, what is Award can remember that's familiar. Familiar is a person that we know very well. Number to drinking water is something that she must do. Something that she must do. What is that? That's necessary? Something necessary. Number three, he has an idea of how the machine works. Idea, idea. What's the word for that? Theory? Theory. Number four, there isn't that I'm doing this is to help children. The reason that I'm doing this. Can you remember the word? Yes, that's purpose. Purpose. Number five, my teacher will make me want to get good grades. Make me want to get good grades means encouraged me. My teacher encourages me. Make me to do something. 5. 4 the starfish: Story number four. This tar fish, a very interesting story about a little girl. Let's listen. Let's understand it. Let's see how all of these words are used in the story. Last summer I took a trip to an island. I had a lot of fun. I sat down to watch the waves on listen to the ocean. I learned to identify birds. I discovered pretty things and enjoyed the taste of new foods. It was a very nice time. One evening I took a pleasant white by the ocean. When the waves came in, many starfish fell on the beach. Some starfish went back into the water and they were saved. But other starfish where still on the sound. They would die if they didn't get into the water. There were many starfish on the beach and that night, it made me sad, but I knew I could not fix the problem. I see. I stepped very carefully so I didn't damage them. Then I saw a little girl. She was also sad about starfish. She wanted to prevent all of them from dying. She asked me if I could perhaps help her to be frank. I don't think we can do anything. I said, The little girl started to cry. He sat back against a rock and thought for a while. Finally, their motion was gone. She stopped crying. I'm stood up. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it into the water. What are you doing? I asked her but she didn't answer me. She just through as many starfish SG could, you cannot save all of them. I said she stopped to look at me. Now I cannot save them all. She replied. Then she picked up a very big starfish and said, but I can save this one. And then she smiled on through the starfish as far as she could into the ocean. You have number for worklist against. To be against something is to be touching it or opposing to it. They both linked against the wall. Beach. The BCCI is a sandy or rocky place by the ocean. The little girl built a sound castle on the beach. Damage to damage something is to break it. The car was damaged in the accident. This cover to discover something is to find it for the first time. I discovered some new information in this book. Emotion. And emotion is how you feel. Anger is a common emotion that we all feel. Fix to fix something is to make it work. My dad has many tools to help him fix broken things. Frank. If you are a frank, You are being very honest. The teacher had a frank discussion with her. Students. Identify do identify something is to be able to name it. I use the file to identify his name. Ireland. And Ireland is a land in the middle up water. Japan is a group of IMs. Ocean. The ocean is all of the salt water that surrounds land. There was shen can make powerful waves. Perhaps. Perhaps is used when you are saying that something could happen. Perhaps I will eat an apple for lunch. Pleasant. If something is pleasant, you enjoy it. The character had a pleasant look on its phase. Prevent to prevent something is to stop it from happening. The handcuffs prevented me from moving my hands. Rock. Iraq is a hard thing and the dirt, I stacked rocks on top of one another. Save to save something is to keep it from being hurt. I want to help save the world. Step. Step is to walk. Be careful where you stab. Still. Still is used. When do you say that situation keeps going on? They are still waiting in line to get tickets. Taste. A taste is that favors something makes in your mouth that tasted the fruit was suite. Throw. To throw something is to use your hands to make it go through the error, the pizza or count throw the baseball very fast. Wave. A wave is a line of water that moves higher than the rest of the water. The water was filled with large blue waves. Okay guys, in this exercise, I want you to choose the right word for the given definition. Okay? Given definition, number one, to be touching something, a beach, BE against C discover and d wave, which one is correct? Correct. Awardees against number two, to break something, to break something to identify B, maybe see damage the ocean. To break something means to exactly to damage something. Number three, away that you feel a prevent be motion. See Iraq and D pleasant. The way you feel is yes, that's your emotion. Number four, to be very honest. Still. Step, throw and Frank. Which one is correct? To be very honest means to be very frank. D. And number five will land in the middle of water. A. Save, be taste. See Island, MD, fix. What is it, correct words. The correct word is Ireland. 6. 5 Peacock: Story number five years about the peacock. A very great story. Okay guys, don't forget to understand all of these words that we learned in this story. Let's start there first, peacock. Argos lived in ancient Greece. He was a husband and a proud father. You worked hard and did well at his job. But one thing about him was a normal He was born with 100 eyes. Having many eyes was usually a benefit to him. He had a chance to see many things. Also. Since he had so many eyes, he was very good at guarding Things, Wireless, sleeping. He only are assertive you eyes at a time. The others stayed awake. He worked for Hara, a great goddess is primary function, wants to guard a spatial cow. The cow was very important to Hara. It was her favorite pet. The most essential part of his job was to keep the cow alone. It had to be kept separate from all the other cows and far away from people. This was an easy job for Argos. The cow just ate grass all day. But they got zs, wanted the cow, he wanted to take it away from hero. He had a plan. He found a great music player. He asked the man to play a beautiful song for Argos. Zs was certain Argos would go to sleep. The Song had an immediate effect. R goes, couldn't focus on his job. He fell asleep. Zia saw this and he took the cow. Heroin, was very angry with Argos. She turned him into a peacock. She put his Many Eyes on his tail. Argos was very sad. Zs saw how much trouble he had caused Argos. He made another plan. He termed R, goes into a group of stars. He wanted Argos to remain in the sky forever. Even today. Are Go's image remains there above the side where all these problems began. We can steal z him in the night sky. Unit five, worklist. Benefit. The benefit is a good thing. Being able to fly is a good benefit to birds. Certain, if you are certain about something in No, it's true. I am certain that the zebras have stripes. Chance, a chance as an opportunity to do something. I had a chance to see the Roman Colosseum last summer. Affect. And effect is a change made by something else. The medicine had a good effect on the ball away. Essential. If something is essential, it is very important and necessary. It is essential to have oxygen when you're scuba dive. Far. If something's far, it is not close. It is far going from East Coast to the West Coast of America. Focus to focus on something is to think about it and pay attention to it. My mom always helps me focus on my school work. Function, the function of something gaze, what it does, the function of a flashlight is to help you see in the dark grass. Grass is the grain leaves that covers the ground. That grass looked so soft and green. Guard to God, something is to take care of it. The police officer will guard us from any harm. Image. The image of something is a picture of it. The image of the eye was very clearer. Immediate. If something is immediate, it happens quickly. And immediate response came from the pizza place. Primary. If something's primary, it is the most important thing is primary thoughts are about money. Proud. If someone feels Brown to they are happy about what they have done. She is proud of the picture she drew of her house. Remain to remain summaries to stay there, my sister had to remain home since she was sick. Rest to rest is to stop being active while the body gets back its strength. Iris it on the cows after work. Separate. If two things are separate, they are not together. New York and Los Angeles are two, are in two separate parts of America. Site. A site is a place where we found the perfect site for our picnic. Tail. Tail is a part of an animal's body sticking out from its rear or back. Our doc wags its tail when it's happy. Trouble. Trouble as a problem or difficulty. I have trouble working with my boss. Okay, guys, let's take vocabularies, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. What is Award for the underlined words? Try to remember it. Number one, it's very important that you call your mother soon. Something that is very important. What is its essential? Essential? Number two, that the good thing about being old is that she, you know, many things, that good thing, what is Award for that, the good thing, benefit. That's benefit. Number three, I have problems with my science homework. Problems. What is a word that we learned in vocabularies for problems? That's trouble. Trouble. Number four, I am sure that she will come to his party to be sure. Mains, certain certain. Number five, The job of this toll east to coke. The job. What's the word for that job? That's function. Very good. 7. 6 Rose and the creature : That parenthesis and that creator. A very nice story about The Princess and the creator or the stories about the girl Homais that creates her. And after that they get married. Let's understand all of these words you use in the story. There was once a beautiful princess named arose, her mother. The queen, however, was not as beautiful as the Prim's. The queen felt bad that she was not the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom anymore. She was tired of competing with her daughter. She made a decision. She prepared a drink for the parenthesis. After the braces drank it, she failed to sleep. Then the queen took the brain, says to the forest, she lived. Their brain says they're each was very serious thing to do. Either she will be killed by animals or she will get lost in the forest. That queen thoughts that Prince has had a dream. She dreamed about a man with brown hair and brown eyes. Eight was the man she would wet. Their brain says woke up. She saw strange creature on the ground. It looked like demand, but he was Harry and green. He had corns on his head, pig's nose. They create are said. Deny us Courier. I hope not. Let me introduce myself. I am Henry. I'm not scared to tell you the truth. I think you are cute, cetera, rose. Rose and Henry spent the day together. They collected berries, caught fish, and had lunch. They had did a very good day filled with nice conversations. Rows, I have to go home, said Henry, my ship will sail home soon. I can't leave you here in the forest alone. Will you come with me? Arose was very happy. She gave Henry a kiss or writes on his Pig knows, as soon as she kissed Henry, she began to change. Is pig nose turn into a man's knows, he's horns and a green hair went away. Standing in front of hair was, the man arose, had dreamt about Rose on Henry where married down. They live happily. Unit six, word list. Anymore, NMR mains any longer. Hair all pans don't fit her anymore. Asleep. When a person is asleep, they are not awake. Their baby has been asleep for hours. Barry. Barry the small around fruit that grows on certain plants and trees that Barry looked delicious. Collect, to collect things is to group them together all in one place. I collected shells when I was younger. Compete to compete is it's right to be better than someone. He will compete with. Very good athletes. Conversation, a conversation, he's a talk between people. There were two conversations going on at once. Creator. A creator is any living thing. That creator we saw today was either a dolphin or propose decision. The decision is a choice. He made the wrong decision. Either either is used with R to say there are two or more possibilities. You can choose to be either white or black. When you play chess. Forest, a forest is a place with lots of trees and animals. I love to go walking in the forest. Ground. That ground is the top part of the Earth that we walk on. The ground under our feet was dry and brown. Introduce to introduce someone or something used to say who they are. I introduce myself to our newest coworker today. Mary to marries to legally become husband and wife arose on Henry where married and they live happily. Prepare to prepares to get ready for something. I prepared my speech to the class, sale to say at least to move a boat on the water. I love to sail my boat on the lake. Serious. Something is serious, it is bad, are unsafe. The accident was very serious. Spend to spend is to use time doing something or being somewhere. I like to spend my free time Fish Shang. Strange. When something is strange, it is not normal. Joe had a strange look on his face after Esau what happened? Truth throws is a fact or something. That is right. He was telling the truth about seeing a large green snake. Wake to wake is to not be asleep anymore. He's always will have energy when he wakes up in the morning. Okay, now it's time to check here vocabularies, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. Try to remember the word from the vocabularies we learned. Number one, the dog broke when it number one, the dulled. Number one, the doll Brock. Okay guys, now it's time to exercise and check your vocabularies, right. Award that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. Number one, the dulled broke when it fail onto the floor. What is Award for a flow or we learned in vocabularies, floor, that's ground. Ground. Number two, I like to use my time taking long walks in the forest. I like to use my time. Use my time here means spend time. Spend to use your time to do something. Number three, he loved to travel in his boat to many countries, sorry, islands, throttle in his boat whatsoever for that to travel in his boat means to yes. Sale. Now R four, I stop sleeping when the dog barks. To stop sleeping means to yes, to wake, to wake up. And number five, the area was full of trees and plants. What's Award for the area? Area? Yes, it means side. Side. 8. 7 friendly ghost: The Friendly Ghost. Okay, gangs, all of these words are used in one story. Try to understand the story and try to focus. Let's start. Nice woman lived by a larger river. She loved children. She wanted to help them in anyway. She loved her community and everyone in the community loved her. She'll lived a very long time and became very wise. When she died, she became a ghost. She was dead, but every night she returned to her community. She wanted to help children and not to cause them fried. But she had a scary voice. Children were afraid of her. But that goes to was a good one. She only scared them to help them. One night, some children and a dog where playing by the river. They were having fun with their pants, but they were far from home. Then the weather became bad. It's rained and rained. There ever was rising. It was very dark. The children knew they were lost. They needed to go north, but they didn't know which direction it was. When the moon came out, they saw a ghost by their river. That go, said go away. The children felt great fried. They knew it was a ghost. Then the goals moved closer, shield again, go away. The children became very upset. Some of them began to cry. The children knew that they had a choice. They could escape or they could stay and phase this scary individual in the dark. The children ran a long distance away. The Goes fold them all the way. Finally, the children reached home. The ghost was very happy. Soon the river rose higher and higher. It was very dangerous. The ghost had held to the children survive. She had saved them from the rising water. She also use her power to lead them home. Sometime is meeting a ghost has advantages. It ghost can save your life. Advantage. And advantage is something that helps you. Being tall is an advantage to a basketball player. Cause two causes to make something happen. That cold weather caused her to get sick. Choice. A choice is the act or a possibility of picking something. I had my choice, I'd five doors to open community. A community is a group of people who live together that kids from my community usually play together. Dead to the dead is to not be alive. A dead person is usually buried in the ground. This terms the distance between two things is how far it is between them. The distance between the Earth and the moon is 384,400 kilometers. Escape to escape is to run away from something bad. The butterfly could not escape from the cage. Face. If you face a problem, you deal with it. My sister and I have to find a better way to face our differences. Follow. To follow means to go behind someone and go where they go. The little boy follow these mother home. Fried varieties, that feeling of being scared. She was failed with ferrite ghost. A Ghost Is this spirit of a dead person. Many people are afraid of ghosts. Individual, individual is one person. Only one individual could win the bicycle arrays. Pat. A pet is an animal that lives with people. Out of all of my paths that Doug is my favorites. Reach to reach means to arrive at a place. I was happy to finally reach my destination. Return to returnees, to go back to a place. I was happy to return home to my mom after school. Survive. To survive is to stay alive. My dark survived her fall into the water. Upset. To be upset is to be unhappy about something. She was upset because she broke her TO voice a voice he's a Csound a person makes when they talk or saying. He used a microphone so everyone could hear his voice. Okay, perfect. We understood 20 words. Now in the next lesson, we will use all of these words in one story so you could understand how to use them. Ok guys, I'm back. This is the part that you should check your vocabularies and see how many words you can remember or write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. One, Sam was happy to go back to these house. Go back. What was the ward port that we learned in vocabularies? Go back. Can you remember that's return number to her grandfather? A's as smart, old man. Smart. Smart. What is Award for that? That's why he's number three. William wanted an animal to live with an animal that leave with you at home. What is that? K remember, it's an easy word. Yes, it's pet. Number four, he studies what they condition of the air is like the condition of the error. The condition of the air is called Whether yes, whether a number five, I have to deal with my arising credit card bill to deal with something. What is Award for that we learned to deal with something means to face something. 9. 8 farmer and cat : The farmer, the cats. A very interesting story about the farmer who has great cats. Let's start understanding the story and the vocabularies we learned in this lesson. The farmer and the calves. Arthur was a responsible farmer and Mary was a nice lady, but they were poor. They owned the town Lord money for their land. One summer. There farm burned, one structure, caught fire and most of the animals and ran away. Only the cat state. So author I'm Mary had to bringing their crops without an animal's help. On a fall day, the lower demanded his money. Author asked if the lower could wait until he broad teen, he's crops. The Lord was angry. He raised his hands high and yell to pay me by the end of the week. If you don't, I will increase the money you have to pay. I might put you in jail sale. So Arthur and Mary worked until there was blood on their hands. They finished four lines of corn and went to bed. But the next morning, eight lines were finished. Married d1 and we stop in this spot here. Author asked. Yes, that's correct. And the tools we're in a different position to Mary said they were surprised and happy. That day they worked harder than finished five lines. But in the morning, ten lies where done each day they did a lot of work. Age night, someone else, D1, equal amount of work. A weak, the whole field was finished. Tomorrow I will sell the crops and pay their Lord Arthur set. But that morning that crops were gone, bag was in the middle of that field. It can take money. Mary Lindsey who has helped us work through a hole in the wall. They saw a funny side that cats were dancing in the field and eating corn. Now, Arthur knew what had happened. That cats had worked at night. After that, Arthur was very nice to these cats and fit them. Lots of core. Unit eight, worklist. Blood. Blood is the red liquid in your buddy. I cut my finger run Gup Blonde on my shirt. Burn to burn something is to set it on fire. I burned some mood in the camp fire. Cell. A cell is a smaller ONE where a person is locked in. The jail sale was very small. Contain to contain something is to have it inside. The mailbox contained a letter. Correct? To be correct is to be right. I'll love my answers on the test where correct? Crop, crop is a food that a farmer grows. Wheat is a crop that is made into brand. Demand. To demand something is to say strongly that you wanted the workers demanded to be paid. More money. Equal to B equal is to be the same. Both students are equal in age. Feed to feed these, to give vote. Mother feeds my baby. Brothers everyday. Hole. A hole is an opening in something. The man was going to jump into the hole in the eyes. Increase. To increase something is to make it larger or more. They have increased the price of gas by $0.15, lowered. Long ago Lord was a man in charge of a town. The lower end of the town was not kind oh, to always to have to pay or give back something or see from another I owe him $20, so I paid him back. Position. The position is the way something is placed. How can you sits in that position? Arrays to raise something is to lift it up. We had to work together to raise their last peas. Responsible? If a person is responsible, they do the right things. Try to be responsible and save money. Side aside to something interesting to see. I saw the pyramids of Egypt. What asides? Spot as BOD is a place where something is happening. The kitchen is a good spot to eat meals. Structure. The structure is a building. They just built a beautiful new structure downtown. Whole, whole mains, all of something. I ate, the whole pie. We don't have anymore. Okay, guys, let's take vocabularies. Let's see how many wars carrying member, choose the right word for the given definition. Number one, the liquid in your body, spot, blot cell o. Which word is correct? Absolutely. The word belied is correct. Number two, to set on fire, burn, increase, feed, contain, which were does correct. To sit up buyer means to burn something. Number three, doing what he should do. Demand, arrays, position or responsible. Which word is correct? Yes, responsible. Now for this same as something gills, whole structure. Lord, equal. Which one is correct? Equal. Another five. Something interesting to see. Sight, correct. Whole crop. Something interesting to see, and the correct answer ease, side. 10. 9 magical book : This story is about a magical book. There is a magical book, a very nice book with lots of mysteries. We will understand all of the vocabularies in this lesson, but you must focus. Let's start. A magical book. Sarah aloft to read. She read novels and poems. She loved the beautiful descriptions and phrases. She loved reading work from poets and novelists. She didn't like video games or technology. She was on the basketball team. She didn't like sports. Parents made her play basketball. In fact, sorrows, parents made her do many things, but she didn't want to do those things. So you just wanted to sit and read all day. One day as small book came in the mail. It was for sorrow. The book looked very spatial. It was printed on sheets of gold. Sarah began to read. The outline of the story was simple. It was about a magical place. Strange things happened there. One example from the book was about a boy who could control people. In one scene, he made his friends tell funny jokes, sorrow, love the BOC. She read it all the time. Then sometimes strange happened. Something strange happened. The book gave sorrows, spatial power. She could control the other people. She was like the boy in the book. During one exam, she made, she made her friend tail silly jokes. Her friend got in trouble. After school. Sorrow didn't make direct trip home. The way she went to the local store. She wanted to pay more tricks on play more tricks on people. She caused problems. She may people fall down, she laughed and have fun. Finally, she left and started to walk home. Then she saw something. Her basketball coach was about to walk in front of the bus. He was looking the other way. She had to stop him. She used her power, she controlled him, she made him stop walking. Summer learned something that day. It was better to help people then make them suffer. So she put a limit on how she used her power. She didn't want to do bad things with it anymore. She only wanted to do good. Unit nine, word list, coach. Coach is a person who teaches a sports. My coach gets very excited during games. Control, to control something is to make it do what you want to control the TV, just push the button. Item's description, a description of someone or something says What did they are like. I gave a description of the man with the gun and had to the police direct. If something is directed goes trade between two places. The green path is a direct route to my house exam and examines a test. I did some practice questions for the math exam on the board. Example. An example of something is a thing that is a typical of it. Coolies and example of a soft drink limit. A limit is the largest or smallest amount of something that you allow? My mother put a limit on how much I could use the foam. Local. If something is local, it is nearby. The local market is in my neighborhood. Sales, all the food we need. Magical. Magical describes a quality that makes someone or something spatial. The fireworks made to the night sky look so magical. Male, male is letters and other things send to people. I get a lot of mail because I have friends all over the world. Novel and novel is a book that sales is story. He wrote a great novel about ancient China. Outline and outlining is the plan for a story or essay. Before I roll, it's my essay, I made an outline. Poet. A poet is a person who writes poems. William Shakespeare was one of the greatest poets brained to bring something is to put it onto the paper. Make sure that you print your name clearly. Seen. A Sienese one part of a book or movie, and movies made up of many short pieces of scenes. Sheet. As she does a thin flat piece of paper, I only needed a single sheet of paper to do my homework. Silly. If someone or something is silly, they show a lack of thought. I made a silly mistake up dropping moms vase. Store. Store is a place where you can buy things. I picked up a feel thing at this grocery store. Sulphur to sulphur is to feel pain. Her headache made her suffer a lot all day. Technology, technologies and new things made by using science. He loves technologies such as laptop computers. Okay, let's take vocabularies. Let's see how many words you can understand, right? Award that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. Number one, he got a low score on this science tests. I think you can guess the ward four tests. It's very common. That's exam number two. The evening was failed with spatial things that made it different. Failed with spatial things that made it different. That's magic, magical things. Number three, he loves to have the best things that are new to the world. The best things that are new to the world. What is the worst war that that's technology. Technology. Number four, I only read the plan for the story. What's award for a plan? That outline, outline. A number five, the writer is good at making sentences about what someone looks like. Sentences about what some are looks like, and that's description. Description. 11. 10 the big race : Here there is a very nice story. This is my favorite story. It's about that big race, a race between the rabbit and the turtle. We learned many vocabularies and we are going to use these vocabularies into story. Let's start. The big raise. A dog, saw a group of animals across the road. He walked over to meet them. What are you doing? He asked them, I just sold them tickets to a race between the rabbit and the turtle. The dark responded. This news excited the doc. He felt fortunate that he happened to be there. I don't have anything to do today that doc said, I want to buy a ticket to the dark, sat down to observe the raise. The rays would be extreme. It would be many kilometers in length. The rabbit and the turtle stood next to each other. They waited for the race to start. The dog wander, do why the turtle agreed to run against or rabbit. Being fast was not a characteristic of turtles. The rabbit was going to win easily. Suddenly the race began, the rabbit ran extremely quickly, that's hurdle, walked slowly. After a minute, the rabbit looked back, he saw that the turtle was far behind him and was breathing quickly because he was so tired. They're rabbits smiled, slowed to a y. A minute later the rabbit said, I'm winning, so I'll take arrest. He sat and began to consume some grass. Then he led his eyes close. He wasn't the winner OR yet, but there was no risk of him losing the race. He went to sleep hours later, allowed sound woke him. All of the animals were yelling and looking at their failed here, hey, felt fear for the first time. That's our little was almost at the finish line. Now the rabbit realized his mistake, but the race was over. He gave the turtle and opportunity to win. And that turtle took it, the dark, handed the turtle. He surprise. It was the happiest day of the turtles live. The dog was happy for the tarsal. He isn't fast, the dock thought, but he tried his best and did something grade unit turn word lists. Let's start guys across to go across something used to go to the other side of it. You walked across the board to the other side? Breather. To breathe means to let her go in and out of your buddy. We need strong, healthy lungs to help us breathe well. Characteristic. The characteristic is something that shows what a person or a thing like one characteristic of tigers that blacks tribes consume, to consume something means to eat or drink it. Jack consumed the whole plate of spaghetti. Excite, to excite some on mains to make them happy and interested. I heard about this cool down some variety. This excited me. X scream. If something is extreme, it is a large amount or degree. He's workout was so extreme that He was sweating heavily. Fear. Fear is the feeling of being afraid. I have a great fear of skateboarding. Fortunate, if you are fortunate to your lucky, I was fortunate to get a seat. Happen. If something happens to do something, they do it by chance. I happened to meet some new friends at school today. Length the length of something is how long it is from one end to the other, or the length of the floor is three meters. Mistake, that mistake is something you do wrong. My boss always yields at me when I make a mistake. Observe to observe something is to watch it. Brine, actually observe the Sun rising over the mountains. Opportunity, and opportunity is a chance to do something. I had an opportunity to take pictures in the jungle. Prize. Rise is something of value that is given to the winner. I won a prize for getting the best grade on my science test. Race. Arrays is a contest to see who is the fastest. Power l Is it just is a fast runner so he easily won the race. Realize, to realise is to subtly understand, after I left my house, I realized that I left the light on. Respond to respond is to give an answer to what someone else said. When the teacher asks the question, we all respond it all risk arrays because the chance of something bad happening, I took a risk and climb this knowing mountain. Wander to wander is to ask yourself questions or have a need to know the young mother wanderers if she would have a boy or a girl. Yet, yet he's used to say Something has not happened up to now. We can go out yet. We are still eating. Okay, everybody, this is a time to exercise and check how many words you can remember, right? Award that is similar in meaning to the underlined parts. Number one, I had to walk to the other side of the school to get to my next class, to the other side of school. Across, to the other side of a school means that two across our two brat chose not to give an answer when I asked about he's weekend. Given an answer. What is Award for that? Kenny, remember? That's respond. Number three. Set run around the park to get ready for the contests where people are on against each other. So the contest where people are on against each other. What is the order for that's that's race number for Michael saw the accidents that occur today. Saw to see something means to observe. Renamed knew there was a chance of something bad happening when she went swimming in the ocean. A chance of something bad happening. What is the word for that? Realize, she realized. 12. 11 Adam country's gold: Adams counties gold. Now guys, it's time to use all of these vocabularies we learned in one interesting story. Let's listen. Atlas, understand the words. Adams counties gold Adams academy. It was a good school. Boys lived there and took classes. Tom worked hard all week. On a spring Saturday. He wanted to do something fun. He asked his friends, Jeff to go to the movie theater. Sorry. I'm going to a concert. So Tom as Jo to go to the movies. But Joe's soccer team had a game. Next town went down the hall to grads Raum. Brad was rating a very large old book. Hi Brad. Tom said, are your rating a dictionary? It looks ancient. No, this is called the wealth of Adams County. It's about hidden gold and Adam County, it's more than a century old. It was published in 18 seventies. Look, it even has the original cover on it. Tom asked, Where did you get it? It's from my dad's friend. He's a nice, gentle man. An officer in the Army answered Brad. The goal doesn't really exist, does it? Tom asks, I don't know, but maybe there are clues to its in this BOC. Let's find it. Looking for gold. Sounded like fun. The first clue was to find a flat tree underground. It must be in the forest. Tom said Brad said. The flap rate could be a Board under the dirt, it could cover the gold. Tom and Brad dug in the dirt all morning. The process of looking for gold made them hungry. They were ready to stop or a launch. But then Brad hit something hard, heat was a board. Brad pounded on the board until it broke. There was a small hole under it. Look, he held up a gold coin. Tom side piece of paper in the whole Brad, There is more. Let's ACM map to the rest of the gold. Brad smiled. Lets go and they hurry to find a wealth of Adams County. Worklist. Academy. And Academy is a spatial type of school. There are many courses taught attic at the Academy that I go to. Ancient, if something is mentioned, it is very old. I want to see the ancient building in Rome. Board. A board is a flat piece of mood. The sign was made of a few wooden boards. Century, essentially in 100 years, our company is celebrating essentially of a business in London. Clue it Louisa, facts or object that helps solve mystery or a crime. The detective found some clues on this sidewalk. Concerts. A concert is an event where you're listened to people play music. I enjoy the concert last night. That band was very good. County account is a largest political division of a state in the US. He wanted to represent this. It isn't obvious. County dictionary. A dictionary is a book that tells you what words mean. I use a dictionary to learn new words. Exit to exit means to be real Dirichlet thing that's unicorns ever existed. Flat, flat describe something that is level and smooth with no curved parts. My parents bought a new flat-screen TV over the weekend. Gentlemen, a gentleman is a nice man. My grandfather is a kind and helpful gentlemen. Hidden Hayden mains to be not easily noticed or too hard to find. The hidden camera recorded everything in that parking lot. Maybe maybe is used to show that something is possible or may be true. If my focus hard enough, maybe I can come up with the right answer. Officer. An officer is a leader in the army. The soldier followed the orders of the office. Our original. If something is original, it is the first one of that thing. This is the original painting, gov them Mona Lisa, pound to bounce something is to hit it many times with a lot of force. He pounded the nail with a hammer. Process or processes or steps to take to do something. Making a cake is a long process. Publish to publish a book is to get it printed and are ready to sell. That's company publishes daily newspapers. Theatre. Theatre is a building where you wash, actually where you watch plays, shows, and movies. We went to the theatre to see a play. Wealth, well, there's a large amount of money. One of the most important thing to some people as well. Let's take vocabularies, choose the right definition for the given worked. Number one exist. The first one to be a real, to printable something to help you. Which one is correct? Exist means to be a real number to clue. Hand, steps, heavy or rude. Which one is correct? The correct word is He1. And maybe where do you see shows possible or likely to be true? Where classes are held and where you hear music. What's the meaning of maybe means possible or likely to be true? Number four is hidden 100-years level with no curves. And nice man or not able to be seen? Which one is correct? Not able to be seen. Number five, wealth, old leader, mani or season. Which one is well? Well if means Mani, Yes. 13. 12 the race for water : The race for water. There's stories about a little boy who brought water to the village. They're nice story. Don't forget to understand. Remember all of these words. We learned. The race for water. There was a town next to the river or the people there had a lot of water, but they wasted it. That made this guy angry, a sad. If you wastewater, I will take it away from you. But that people didn't listen. When the season changed from spring to summer, the clouds disappeared. The bright sun was hot and made the river dry. There was no water available. People asked, when will the rain fall? This guy's a response was, you don't appreciate water. You wasted a Now I will never make rain again. Boy determined that this wasn't fairer. He thought of a solution. He asked the sky to raise him. He said, if I get to the top of that hell before your rain can form puddles, you must feel our labor. This guy laughed a little boy, I am this guy. I'm above everything goes, you cannot beat me. But the bully knew he would win. When their race began to bow around forwards, this guy started raining on the hill, but adults didn't form there. When it rained on the hell the water went down. This guy kept raining the water flow down into the river. When the boy reached the top of the hill, the river was full. They, people began to celebrate. Each was the highest level the river had ever been at before. This guy was angry at boys, can't beat me, I won't feel it or remember it said. Now the boy laughed a doesn't matter whether you want to fill it or not. He said, You already did. This guy looked at the full river. You tricked me. It set it asked that people, do you appreciate water now? Yes. They said, we won't wasted. That is how a loan Bo we saved East Town and won the race for water. Unit 12 word list. Let's focus. Appreciate to appreciate something is to understand its good qualities. I can appreciate the lovely scenery available. If something is available, that means you can get it. There were many seats available in the ROM. Beat to beat someone means to do better than they do. I managed to beat everyone in the race. Bright. If something is a bryant, It shows a lot of light. That bright light from the explosion hurt my eyes. Celebrate to celebrate is to do something to show that an event is a spatial. We also write it do when we heard that great news. Determine, to determine means to choose or make a decision. It's right to determine which one to eat first. Disappear. To disappear means to go away or not to be seen. The top of the building is disappearing in the clouds. Else, if you talk about something else, you talk about something different. I want it to bike for my birthday, but I got something else. Fair? Fair. Describes trading someone in a way that is a reasonable overwrite. He sold me he's car for a fair prize. Flow to flow east to move easily and continuously in one direction, the water flowed over the rocks and into the lake. Forward. If you move forward, you move in that direction in front of you. When he saw actually he's mother, The baby crawled for war to her. Hell, hell is around the area of land. It is higher than the land around it. The sun was rising above that green hills level. A level is a point on a scale that measures something. Please check the level of the temperature. Loan. If someone or something is loaned, they are actually the only one of that kind. Alone man walked along the street. Puddle. A bottle is a pool of liquid on the ground. When the ice melted, it formed a puddle. Response or response is the answer to a question. He asked. If I was sad, my response was no. Season. Season is a time of a year, spring, summer, fall or winter. Fall is a warm season while winter it's very cold. Solution, solution is a way to solve a problem. There are many problems we need solutions. Waste to waste means two, carelessly use something all up, turn off the water so you don't wasted. Whether you use, whether when you must choose between two things, I could not decide whether to go left or right. Okay, everybody, let's check here, understanding vocabularies, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlying part. Number one, he's final offer was very reasonable. Very reasonable. What's Award for bouts? Fair? Fair. Number two, Don't throw it in the trash without using all of it. What's Award for the under life sentence to throw it in the trash without using all of it. That's yes, waste, don't waste it. Number three, that the rabbit will go away if you get too close, go away. What's the word for that's that's It's appear disappear. Number four, he asked if I liked new movies or old movies. F, What's all Award for f? That's whether whether number five, you must decide what to do next. You must decide what to do next. Decide what's award for that. That's determined determined. 14. 13 red chicken : The little red chicken. A very nice and interesting story about a red chicken and a mean cat. So guys, we are going to use all of those vocabularies you learned at this Tory focus. The little red cheeks. A little red chicken, had a store in a small town. She sold many different items to people in the town, that people loved her products. One day a cat came to her property. He saw the sign that indicated where the chicken store was located. He wanted to purchase bread, but the chicken store was almost empty. She had only a bag of wheat. You can use the wheat to make bread. She can set. Now I don't want to work. That cat said, I just want to buy bread. That cat became angry and left the store. Later, the little red chicken saw that cats in a crowd. I will help you make their bread. She said, by the CAD treated her badly. He didn't even communicate with her. He didn't want to do any work so that you can decide it to make the bread. She selected the exact amount of wheat to make fresh bread. She used a stone to pound the wheat to get it ready. Soon. Her bread was already there. God came and saw the bread on a dish. Gave me some of your bread. He said, No, said the little red chicken, you didn't help me make the bread, so you shall not have any to eat. The cat argued with the chicken, it's right to offer a price for it. But little or add chicken didn't want to sell her bread. Don't depend on others to do work for you said the little red chicken. Then how will I get bread? That cat asked Ira command, doing some work. Set the little rat chicken. Use a tool to plan to your own wheat. Weight grows big. You can gather it and make your own bread. You need to learn to do work for what you want. Unit 13, worklist. Argue to argue these two angrily speak to someone because you don't agree. We argued about where to go for dinner. Communicate to communicate is to give information by talking, writing, etc. I communicated with powerful about his new ideas. Crowd. A crowd is a large group of people. A large crowd had gathered on the street to see the accidents. Depend, to depend on someone or something is to actually need them. Children depend on their parents for many things. Dish. Dish is a plate. She put a clean white dish on the table. Empty. If something is empty, doesn't have anything in it. My gas tank was almost empty so I could then drive my car very long. Exact. Something is exact. It is just the right amount. Please use the exact amount of sugar for the cake. Fresh. If something is fresh, it is new. I just bought these oranges. They are very fresh. Gather together is to collect several things, usually from different places. Sam gathered some flowers for his mother. Indicate to indicate means to show point or make something clear. He pointed to his eye to indicate whether where he had hurt himself. Item an item is a thing that you buy or sell. I have many items for school in my bag. Offer to offer is to present someone with something. He offered me the key to his car. Prize. The price of something is how much these costs, what is the price of this item? Product? A product is something that is made. My sister has many beauty products. Inherit Rome property property, something that someone owns. The house is now my property. Purchase to purchase something is to buy it. I recently purchased a new car. Or a command to recommend something is to say that someone should do it. My doctor recommended that I get some exercise. Select to select something used to choose it. I hope that I selected the right answers on the test tool. A tool is something that helps you do a task. We used a tool to fix the window, treat. It's reduced to act in certain way towards someone that cast created the mouse very nicely. Okay, let me check your vocabularies are, let's see how many words you can remember, right? Award that is similar in meaning to the underlined parts. Number one, I suggest the oranges, they are delicious. Suggest what sort for, suggest. That's recommend. To suggest something to our commend something. Number two, do not disagree with your sister. Disagree. What's the word for? Disagree means? Argue. Number three, the company's things that it makes are very useful in that kitchen. Things that it makes Means produce that company produce. Number four, we can talk by phone. Talk. What's the woodwork talk communicates. Communicates. And number five, why don't chew present her at fair price for her house? Present offer. Offer. 15. 14 shipwreck: This story is about ship wrecked. A very nice story. Try to understand it and try to understand Remember the words and the vocabularies we learned in this. Listen. This is a very important activity. Ok, let's start. Ship wrecked. Simone, he adds, was a lawyer. He helped many people. However, he was not a nice man. He's policy was to help only rich people. He didn't bother about social injustice. He made a lot of money, but many people didn't like him. Even people on his staff didn't like him. They want it bad things to happen to him. In fact, they were glad then he got into trouble. Cmon had a very bad day. He did many things wrong, lost his job soon. He didn't have any money. He's wife, Mrs. yet, began to have doubts about him. Cmon wanted to start a new life. He planned to leave that country. A mentioned is gland to the captain of ship. The captain was exploring the world. The captain felt bad for cmon and said, I will take you to foreign countries. They lift the next day. And the year the conclusion of their international trip, the weather turned bad. A wave pushed some Yo and off the boat, but he was alive. He swam toward an island. After a long time. He got there. At first he was upset, he was lost and alone. I'll never go home again. He thought he had a lot of troubles, but he survived. He built a house in a tree. He lived on a diets of fish. He made tools from lewd and bones. He made a cup to drink rainwater. Slowly. He learned to be happy on the island. He swam every day. He had troubles sometimes, but he always found a way to fix the problem. Life was simple, he liked it. Finally, people on a ship saw Samuel and on the island, they wanted to take him home, But cmon was happy. It gave them a long speech about live. He said he wanted to stay. He liked his new simple life more than he's old life. Unit 14, worklist. Alive. Someone or something is alive, they are not dead. My grandparents are still alive even though they are over 90. Bone bone is the hard part of the buddy. I brought home a nice bone for my dog. Bother to bothers to make the effort to do something. No one bothered to wash the dishes today. Captain Captain is a person who leads a ship or an airplane. They kept ten sailed his shipped to Australia. Conclusion, that conclusion of something is the final part of it. The collusion of the rays, the spectators cheered for the Wiener. Doubt. Doubt is a feeling of not being sure. I have doubt that this story's true. Explore, to explore is to look for a new place. He wants to explore the world and see new things. Foreign. If something is foreign, it is from different country. Mexican food is popular foreign food. Glad. If you are glad you're happy. I am glad you came to my party. However, however, remains despite or not being influenced by something. She's a great cook. However, she never had professional lessons. Injustice in just as a lack of fairness or justice, putting an innocent person in jail is an act of injustice. International, if something is international, it involves more than one country. The United Nations is a powerful international organization. Lawyer. A lawyer works with law and represents people in court. Lawyer left the courthouse after the judge made her decision. Mentioned dimension. Something is to talk about it. The doctor has mentioned the problem that the patient was having policy. A policy is a rule. He told us that his policy was to put customers first. Social. If something is social, it is about many people in a community. People should come together and fix the world social problems. Speech, a speech you some things said to a group of people. She gave a speech to the class. Staff. Staff is a group of people working together in a company. My dad has a staff of four people to help him at the office. Toward if you go towards something, you go close to it. Santo walk towards my house with a spatial tree. Wooed Wood is a thing that trees are made of. I put the pieces of old in a pile. Okay, let's check vocabularies, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. Are you're ready? Let's start. He gave a talk to a group of people at the meeting. A talk to a group of people. What is Award for that? That's speech. Speech. Number two. Did anyone make the effort to do their homework? Make an effort to do something? So what for that? Kenya, remember? That's bother. Bother. Number three. That chair is made of the material trees are made of. That terror is made of the material. Threes are made of. That's wounds. The material trees. Number for the group of workers helped him with his work. Group off workers. That's a very easy word. I think you can't remember. What is that? That staff staff is a group of workers. And number five is he's not dead. I sign. So a person who is not dead, ease? Yes. Alive. Alive. 16. 15 seven cities : This story is about the seven cities of gold. A very nice story. We are going to understand the words in the story. At the same time. This is very enjoyable. Let's focus. Seven cities of gold. Many years ago is Spanish officer named cuando. Heard the story of seven gray cities. The walls of these cities are made of gold. His friends told him. People eat meat from Golden Plates and dress in a nice clothes. They said they called the city's the seven cities of gold, where the city is real. Rondo never considered asking is friends. Cuando thought to himself, the things in these cities must be worth a lot of money. So he went to find the seven cities of gold. He took a long 300 men, many horses and extra food. They headed west. Cuando wanted to achieve his goal very badly. Qur'an DNAs man rode for many days. Then they saw some cities. We found the seven cities of gold. He's men yelled, but cuando wasn't happy. He had a different opinion. These can't be the seven cities of gold. He said, look, they are made of dirt. Coanda was right. The cities were N'T bright and gold and there were dirty and brown. They people didn't eat meat from Golden Plates. They ate vegetables from regular bolts. They award the most basic clothes. Cuando regarded these cities as ugly places. What happened to the cities of gold? He thought, did some onDestroy them. Was there a war? Did someone already comment, take the gold? That night? The people of the cities entertained cuando and his men and served them food. They advise Khurana to go home. There is no gold here. They told him, Rhonda was sad. Did is friends lie to him? The next morning he looked back at one more time. The sun reflected or ride dirt, houses. Khurana thoughts, he saw a bit of gold where his friends, right after all, no, he told himself it's just the sun. Then he turned away and went home. Unit 15, worklist achieved to achieve something is to successfully do it after trying hard, I was happy that I could achieve my goal. Advise to advise someone is to tell them what to do. My mother often advises people about their money. Already. If something happens already, it happens before a certain time. It is already time for the movie to start. Let's go in basic. If something is basic, it is a very simple, too easy. I learned some basic English skills in school today. But a bit is a small amount of something. I had a bit of chocolate before I went to bed. Consider to consider something means to think about it. Petty didn't like his job. He considered getting a new one. Destroy to destroy means to damage something so badly that it cannot be used. The glass was destroyed. Entertain, to entertain someone is to do something that they enjoy. That clown entertained the caves at the party. Extra, if something is x right, is more than what it needed. The squirrel had extra nuts for the winter goal. A goal is something you work toward. Her goal was to become a doctor or lie to lies to say or write something untrue or deceived to deceive someone. Whenever Pinocchio allied his father to his father, he's nose grew. Meat. Meat is food made of animals. This piece of meat on eating tastes very good. Opinion. And opinion is a thought about a person or a thing. Make told me her opinion of my story. She said, it was not funny. Real, if something is real, it actually exists. The hand bag has a stamp on it. It is real. Reflect to reflect these when a surface sends back light, heat, sound, or any message, her face was reflected on this MOOC class. Regard to regard someone or something is to think of them in a certain way. The boy regarded to the girl as a good friend. Serve to serve some monies to give them food or drinks. He's served us our drinks quickly. Vegetable, vegetable is a plan to use as food. Carrots are my favorite vegetable. War. A war is a big fight between two groups of people. Many young men died in the war. Worth, if something is warmth and amount of money, it cost that amount. Our house is worth a lot of money. Okay, guys, let's check vocabularies. Choose the right definition for the given words. For every word, I want you to choose. The right definition. Number one, achieve to think about something. To get something, to tell someone what to do, or to break into pieces. So what's the meaning? Gaba cheap here? That's b, to get something. Achieve means to get something. Number two, reflect, to tell someone what to do, to think about something, to damage something very badly, or to send back an image. Reflect which one is correct. The correct answer is D, to send back an image. Number three, opinion. What's the meaning of opinion? A thought, a plant, and animal, or a fight? Opinion means a Thoughts. Number four, already. Already means not made up before a certain time. More than is needed. Or very simple. What do you think already means before a certain time b. Now are five. Goal, goalie the thought about someone or something, a fight between groups of people. Something you'll work your work toward, or a small amount of something. Which one is correct? The correct answer is yes, something your work toward, that's your goal. 17. 16 Katy: One of my favorite stories is this story. It's about catty, a little nice girl. I first spent eight year old catchy on their rainy afternoon. I was a nurse at a hospital. They cleric that desk told me about Caddy. She was there because she felt a lot of pain that doctors located a problem at the base of her brain. I know is she was spatial even before she got better. I'll always remember Caddy as a hero. When I entered cadres wrong, she was not in her bed, she was in a chair next to Tommy. A little boy, though caddy didn't feel well. She was playing with Tommy and he's toys. It took a lot of efforts for her just to sit in the chair. But she played with Tommy because it made him happy cat, he was always smiling and never appear to be in pain. She refused to just lie in bed. One day, I found her painting a picture. Later. Later she gave it to one of the older patients. And other day she went outside to get flowers for another sick little girl. Kathy made everyone smile. The doctors, Harry to fix the problem in Katie's brain. The operation was successful. That doctors informed the hospital staff of the good news. Cat, he was fine. She soon fail to excellent. She got better and was able to leave the hospital a month later. I have a hat along carrier as a nurse. I have met many patients. However, I have never met another girl like caddy. Even after she got well, she's still came to the hospital. She played various games with a young patients. She read many books to the older patients. Cathy's kind heart helped her get better or so quickly. She's a hero to me and everyone else at the hospital. Units 16 worklist appear to PR is to seem she appeared to be sad. She was crying. Base the base is the bottom of something. The base of the table has three legs. Brain, the brain is the organ in your head that lets you think you must use your brain to solve the problem. Courier, a career is a job that you do for a large part of your life? He was in the hospitality business for most of his career. Cleric clerk is a type of worker. Clerks in a store help customers. The clerk added up her bill for the grocer reuse. Effort. Effort is hard work or an attempt to do something. He always puts a lot of efforts into his studies. Enter, enter a place, is to go into it. To gars greeted me as I entered the front door. Excellent. When something's excellent is very good. I got an excellent score on my school test. Hero. A hero. He's a brave person who does things to help others, to children than man in the blue and red costume was a real hero. Harry, to Harry's to do something quickly. I hurried home on my bike, inform to inform someone is to tell them about something. I called an informed her about my idea. Later. Later means after that present expected or unusual time. She missed the train, so she'll arrive a little later than expected. Leave to leave means to go away from someone or something. He packed his bag and was ready to leave for home. Locate to locate something is to find it. I could not locate my keys. And the house. Nurse, a nurse as a person who helps sick people in the hospital and narrows helps me get better. Operation. An operation is when a doctor replaces or a move something in the buddy. The operation on my arm was a success. Pain. Pain is a feeling that you have when you are hurt. He's had was full of pain. Refuse to review something is to say no to it. That dark refused to play with the cat. Though, though is used when the second idea makes the first seem surprising. Though he was over way. He liked to be active. Various if something is very as there are many types of it, she owned shoes are various tiles. Okay, guys, in this exercise, I want you to check your vocabularies. Check the one that suits that blank naturally. So wherever sentence there is a and B, you should tell me which sentence suits that blank. Naturally. Number one, when I went to the hospital, the nurse gave me medicine or all the doctors and nurses will leave. Which one is correct? The correct one aids? A. Yes. When I went to the hospital, the nurse gave me medicine. This is the correct sentence that suits. The other sentence. Number two, he arrived on time, but sorrow won't be here until much later or be leaves in the morning. The correct one is a, He arrived on time, but sorrow warned, be here until much later. Number three, I read alike that writer, heroes and effort of a story, or here wrote an excellent book. Which one do you think is correct and suits that blank? That's excellent book. Yes. I realize that THE writer he wrote an excellent book. Number four, after I dropped the book, can my fault, I was in pain or I harried home. Which one is correct? Actually, when it's run a book onto your photos, you actually heritage your vote. So I was in pain. Number five, he didn't want to go to the party. He appeared ready to go or he refused to get into the car because he didn't want to go to the party, we should say here, if you choose to go into the car. 18. 17 reward: This story is about a better reward. There is a thief and stealer. Here are actually the story is about a person who steals food from restaurants, I guess. Let's understand the words and the book capitalists we learned in this story. A better reward. Jenny delivered food for our restaurant. She read the newspaper and said, oh, there was a story about a thief. He stole food and no one had seen him. Even the police couldn't catch him. Jenny was a little scared. She worked close to that area. The newspaper included a message from the police. If anything strange occurs, call us. If you help us, casual tea for you will earn a reward. Jenny talked to Jim. He managed a restaurant. Do you know about the thief? Yes, he said. But he steals more than one person can eat. And why haven't the police stopped him yet? It's a mystery. If you see him contact the police, don't run after him. Jenny drove to a costumers house. She left her car and open that gate to the house. But then she heard a noise by her car. She yelled the thief. She wasn't scared. She wanted their award. She did the opposite Ofwat's. Jim told her to do, hey, she yelled, get back here. She said the food on the ground around to her car by the thief had already left to with their food. Jenny, follow the nose around the corner. She was amazed. She sighed dark and some puppies. They were eating her food. They looked thin and scared. The actual thieves fees, just a dog. She's feeding hair puppies. She said that's why she's steels so much food. Jenny felt bad. She tried to comfort to the dogs with another plate of food. Then she took them back to the store. Everyone there took at poppy home, genic Call the police. She told them there was no real thief. Jenny didn't do it to receive their report anymore. She said it was just a dog, but there is no charge for catching this thief. She said, my new dog, is that better reward? Unit 17, worklist. Actual, actual means that something is real or true. This is the actual sword that the king owned, not a fake one. Amaze domain someone or something is to surprise them very much. The news in the paper are amazed. Jack, charge, charges a price to pay for something. The charge for the shirts was $15. Comfort. To comfort someone means to make them feel better. I wanted to convert my friend after I heard the bad news. Contact to contact someone is to speak or write to them. Eye contact that Sue about my party. Customer. A customer is a person who buy something at a store. The customer put a few items in the bag. Deliver to deliver something is to take it from one place to another. The man delivered Chinese food to my house, earned to earn mains, to get money for the work you do. He earns his living as a chef in a great restaurant. Gate AND gate is a type of door. Gates are usually made of metal or wood. We want to put up a wooden gate around our house. Include to include something means to have it as part of a group? Does this meal include a soft drink? Manage to manage something means to control or be in charge of it? I had to manage the meeting myself. Mystery. Mystery is something that is difficult to understand or explain. The path from the map was a complete mystery to me. Occur to occur means to happen when d to the thunderstorm occur. Opposite. If a is the opposite of b, a is completely different from be, the opposite of black is white. Plate. A blade is if labs round thing that you put food on. I put my blade down so I could put some food on it. Receive, to receive something used to get it, I received a presence on my birthday. Reward. Reward is something given in exchange for good behavior or work. He was given a reward for his excellent performance. Set to set something is to put it somewhere. Please sit that dies down on the table. Steel. Steel is to take something that is not yours. The men tried to steal money from the bank. Thief. A thief is someone who quietly takes things that do not belong to them. A thief broke into our home and took my mother's jewelry. Okay, everybody now, let's check the vocabularies. You'll learn to choose the right word for the given definition. Let me see how many words you can remember. Number one, to take something that doesn't belong to you, steal, include a maze or plate. Which one is correct? The correct word is steel. Yes. Number two, to happen, man, age, set, deliver or occur. So to manage something, to steal, set, deliver care. Which one is correct to the correct one is d, occur means happen. Number Three, to make someone feel better. Reward, earned. Comfort are contract. Which one is correct? The correct one A's comfort. Comfort means to make someone feel better. Number four, to get receive gate charge or actual. Which one is correct? To get something means to receive something. And number five, a person who buy something, opposite mystery customer or thief, a person who buys something would call him or her customer? That's a correct answer. 19. 18 camp: This story is about the camp. The girl moved from her parents house to the cam, but at first she didn't like it. Let's understand it. The cam Stacy wanted to stay at a nice hotel for vacation, but her parents sent her to a terrible campaign, stood for breakfast. Stacy liked fresh juice and chocolate milk, but she got water and they come in the afternoon. She wanted to write poems, but she had to swim. The account was near an airport with loud planes. Spider web was hung over her bed to hair. The kids average behavior was very bad, nor girl match her personality. She hated it. One day, they had a class. Mental exercise sounded good to Stacey, but it was a course on water safety. They learned how to be saved passengers on a boat. Stacy didn't even plan to go on a boat. The next day they played a game. There were a red team and a blue team. Stacey was on a blue team. Each team had to try to remove the other team's flag from a poll. They also had to use the water guns. I'm not much of an athlete, she said, but she still had to play. Stacy took her water gone and looked for somewhere to hide. A boy sets day. See, you advance to the middle. I will go right. Those two will go left. Stacey, who still didn't want to play, she walked into the forest and saw a red team player coming, Stacy head behind a tree and then jumped out and shot the other player. This is VO1 Stacy thought, several minutes after advancing further, Stacy saw their red flag. A red team member was watching cooperate. She shot him with her water gun. Then she lowered the flag and ran back to her team. I got it. She felt the blue team won. Stacey was the hero for the rest of the week, Stacey had fun. She even made new friends. Unit 18, word list. Advance to advance is to go forward. He advanced up the ladder slowly. Athlete and athlete is a person who plays sports. Some athletes can play many sports very well. Average. If something is average, it is at a normal level. I'm not rich or poor. Average behavior. Your behavior is the way you act. Their behavior was good this semester. They didn't cause trouble. Behind, behind means to be at the back of something. The little girl was hiding behind a tree. Course. A course is a class in school. I took a P course in school this year. Lower to lower. Something is to make it go down. The chart shows how his production has lowered over this year. Match to match used to be the same or similar. The two shoes matched, they looked the same member. A member is a person who is part of a group. Julie is the newest member of our team. Mental. If something is mentally, it has to do with our mind. I made a mental picture up there, Rome. Passenger. The passenger is a person who rides in a car, train, or an airplane. Our passenger was dancing in the subway train. Personality. Your personality is what you are like and how you behave. John has a bad personality. Poem. A poem is a short kind of writing. William Shakespeare wrote many poems. Pole. A pole is a long thins Take made of wood or metal that supports things that flag was hanging from the flag pole. Remove to remove something is to take it away i or move the nail from the board. Safety safety means to be the condition of being safe and free from danger. For his own safety, he was placed in a car seat. Shoot tissue. These two fires, something like him bullet at someone or something. The hunter raid is gone to shoot at the target. Sound. To sound means to make a noise. The alarm clock sounded and walk us all up. Swim to swim is to move through water. I love to swim in the ocean. Web. A web is a homemade by a spider. Mom. Clean the spider web out of the garage. Oh, okay. I am back. Can now it's time to check the vocabularies we learned, right, a word that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. Let's start. Number one. I need to find the other stock. Sorry, the other sock. That is the same as this one. That is the same as this one. What is the worst form of that? Can you remember? Well, that's match. Match. The same as this one. Number two, please take away your feet from the table. Takeaway. So to take away something, we say remove, remove. Number three. This is a very normal morning. Nothing bad has happened. Something that is very normal. What's award for that? Something that is very normal. That's average average number for the bill rattled. So we changed classes. The bill or adult, so we can say the bill sound it. And number five, William wanted to go forward, but a wall stopped him to go forward. What's award for that? To go forward? That's advanced, Willy and wanted to advance, but, uh, walls topped him. 20. 19 friendship: This story is about a strong friendship to friends, to great friends that at first we're not very good friends. Let's understand this nice interesting story. A strong friendship. Tim was the strongest man in the town when he plays sports. He always won a performed and exercise in the public park. He did this to show everyone how strong he was. Most people liked him, but one man didn't. His name was Jack. Jack hated Tim. Jack was a movie critic and the smartest man in town. It could solve complex math problems, but no one cared. Jack wanted to be famous like Tim. One day there was an unusual event. A big storm came suddenly snow cover the town. No one could get out. They needed food. That people said, this is a task for a strong man. Tim was under pressure to save them, but Jack wanted to be the hero. So they both went. Tim said, You can't help because of your lack of strength. But Jack found some small passages under the snow. One of them will lead toward another town. That was that town had food because Dan was so big and strong, he almost couldn't fit inside. They walked until there was a block of ice in there way. Jack said, we can't get past it. But if you strike it, it might break. Tim knew that was prob probable. He broke it when there were more ice blocks, ten broke them that made him tire or take couldn't walk anymore. Jack said, Let's unite and support each other. I'll get the food alone. You arrest here. Jack came back with food. Tim couldn't remember which passage led home. He needed Jack to be he's guide. The man became friends by working together in town. People saw jack with the food and cheered. They call Jackie hero, but jag didn't care. He was thinking of something else. He said to ten, I thought I was smart, but I learned a new term today. Friendship. Units 19, worklist, block like is a solid piece of boots don't or eyes. Isiah block of ice on the fluor. Cheer to cheer is to give a loud shout of approval or encouragement. Crowd all cheered when the home team won. Complex. If something is complex, it has many small part. It is hard to understand. The jigsaw puzzle can be complex because it has so many pieces. Critic, critic is someone who give their opinions about movies, books, plays, the wine critics tasted the wine, so he could give his opinion. Event. An event is something that happens spatially, something important. Finishing high school wasn't a major event in his life. Exercise two exercises, two wrong place pores, or that you can be healthy. You should exercise everyday. Fit. If some think fits, it is small enough or the array size to go there. The colorful eggs fit into the bucks. Friendship. Friendship is the relationship between people who are friends. Mike Cullen, Liza, have a very strong friendship with each other. Guide. A guide is someone who shows you where to go. We follow the guide at the park. Lac. If there is a lack of something, there is not enough of it. He's only problem is a lack of money. Passage. A passage is a long area with walls that goes from one place to another. The long passage led us to the other side of the field. Perform, to perform is to do something in front of people who watch. He will perform as sung for the class. Pressure. Pressure is what you apply to make someone do something. They put pressure on him to change his mind. Probable. If something is probable, it is likely to happen. It is probable that you will get a good grade if you study for the test. Public, if something is public, it is meant for everyone to use. I went to the public park to play with my friends. Strike two, strike someone or something is to hit them. She's truck. The girl the other girl in the face. Support to support something is to like it and help it be successful. Everyone at work supported the new plan. Task. A task is work that someone has to do. Who has the task of building the brick wall? I love to swim in the ocean. Term, a term is it works for something. I often use the term loops when I make a mistake. Unite to unite these two, get together to do something. If we unite, we can finish our project faster. It's time to check your words and vocabularies. Let's see how many words you can understand are a member, right? A word that is similar in meaning to the underlying parts. Ready, let's start. Number one. The car will hit the wall if they don't slow down. What's the word for HIT? That is stock. Stock number two, the athletes that are wrong to stay healthy every morning around to stay healthy. What's the word for that? Exercise? Number three, I hope they will do in public, a funny play. Do in public that's perform. A number four, is there a way sorry, is there a way to get from one place to another in the city? So what is a way to get from one place to another one? What is the word for that passage? Number five, her effort to make someone do something made Brad change his mind. What is the effort to make someone do something? Kenya where remember, it's a very important words that's persuade. It's an effort to make somebody do something for you. 21. 20 pond : Joe's pond, a very nice story about cleaning the pond. The pond is dirty. Ok, there are many words in this story. Let's understand all of these words of this lesson. Let's start. Listen carefully. Joe's pond, Joe made the world a better place. He got the idea to do that at school. He watched the video. There was about a factory. This factory produce a lot of trash and put it in a river. That's rash and water where a bad mix. People polluted the area by the river and rank its water. This made them sick. Many of them needed medicine and made regular visits to doctors. But the videos wasn't all bad news. It showed ways to beat COP trash and why it's important to do this. It said people can make a difference to their environment. They video's important features. May Joe associate rash with hurting people? One day, Joe walked through the park, he recognized some of the problems from the video. One instance of these problems was the trash in the pond. It was full of plastic knobs. There was too much trash. Joe didn't want it to hurt anyone. He told his grandfather about the park. He's grandfather set. You know, it's a tradition in our family to help people. That's why we give food to poor people. Maybe you can help people by cleaning the park. Cleaning the park would involve hard work. Jo decided to organize a group to help him. He chose a wide area of the park. It had the most trash. He asked his family and his friends to come on Saturday. He gave everyone a sharp stick. They wonder why. He said You use this takes tip to pick up the trash. This makes it easier. They worked for six weeks. Different people helped each other each time. But Joe was always there. In that period of time, Jo saw a range of results. There was no trash in the water. People could swim in it. Joe knew that was a good sign. He was happy because he held his environment. Unit 20 worklist. Associate to associate means to connect something with that person or thing. Most people associate birthday parties with having fun. Environment. The environment is a place where people work or live. Keeping our environment clean is important to our health. Factory. The factory is a building where things are made, are put together. We have only one factory in our town. Feature. That feature is an important part of something. The cell phone has many features. Instance and extends is an example of something I have never experience. And he's tennis off hate. Have you involved to involve domains to be actively taking part in something. The whole family was involved in playing the game. Medicine. Medicine is something you take to feel better or treat an illness. The doctor gave me medicine for my cold. Mix, makes us different things put together. The grand mix we made in science class spilled onto the table. Organized organizers to plan or get ready for an event. Make a list to help you organize the thing you need. Period. That variant is an amount of time with something happens. In one period in Europe, there were many nights populate. If, if people PIPA led to an area, they live there, billions of people populate the earth, produce to produce something used to make or grow it. This tree produces apples every year. Arrange, arrange is a number or a set of similar things. I saw arrange of cars to choose from and recognize to recognize something is to know it because you have seen it before. I organize an old friend from many years ago. Regular. If something is irregular, it happens often and in equal amounts of time. Our regular launch time is around noon when their sign the sign is notice giving information directions, a warning, et cetera. The sign indicated that today would be a bad day. Tip. A tip is a pointed end of something that tip off phase Penn was very sharp. Tradition, tradition is something people have been doing for a lifetime. Marriage is a tradition all over the world. Trash dry, she's waste material or wanted or worthless things. Please take out that's rash. It smells bad. Wide. If something is wide, it is launched from site to site. The door was as wide as my arms. Let's take vocabularies. Choose the right word for the given definition. Number one, to remember someone or something. What is the word for that? To remember someone or something? Makes, arrange, populate, or recognize. Can you remember the correct word is recognize. D. Number two, this sharp and stick. Instance, regular tip or environment. This sharp and stick. What is the correct words? Yes. Daps, tip, see three large from side to side. Wide, period, produce or factory. What is the correct worked that correct word is wide. Number four, to be an important part of something sign medicine, involve or organize. What is it correct. Worked? Yes, that's involve. A number five is to make or create something. Feature produce associated Tantra edition on the correct word days. As we all know, it's produce to make or create something. 22. 21 Archie : Rg And he's done key. This story is about Archie and he's poor donkey. This story teaches you a very interesting listen. But don't forget to understand the underlined words into story. Let's start. Archie and his donkey. And old Archie needed some money. So he decided to sell. He's done key. So he and his son Tom went to town. It was situated many miles away. Soon they met a woman. Where are you going? She asked to town, said Archie, any smart person would arrive the donkey. She said, What are you implying? Archie asked, I'm very smart. Archie wanted to look smart. So he climbed onto the donkey, then they continued in the direction of the town. Further along the road, they met a farmer. Hellos at Archie, We want to sell this donkey. Do you want to buy it? I don't need a donkey, so the farmer, but if you want my advice, don't write it. The donkey needs to be in good physical condition. Good ideas that Archie, Tom and I, 12 to ride it. You are lighter. Neither you nor your son should write it. It looks very tired. Issued carry the donkey suggested the farmer. He writes, said are to come on. Tom will carried for the final few miles. The non-key was very heavy and they couldn't maintain a good speed. They didn't arrive until late in the evening. At last they walked into the town, but they're, they attract it the attention of some teenage boys. They laughed at Tom and Archie. They started to throw stone as them. The donkey reacted by kicking Tom and Archie dropped the donkey, it fell on the ground and then ran away. R2 lost his donkey. He went home with no money. What does this story teach us? We cannot please everyone in our society. Don't take everyone's advice, but set your own standards. Prove to everyone that you can make decisions by yourself. Otherwise, you may end up with nothing at all. Unit twentyone, word list. Advice. Advice has an opinion about what to do. I don't know how to study for my exams. Can you give me some advice? Along aligning means to move from one part of a road or a very et cetera, to another. Walk along this tunnel for ten minutes and you will see a door on the left. Attention, attention is the notice, thought or consideration of someone he's worked got the attention of two of his core occurs. Tried to track means to make a person or thing come closer or be interested. The magnet attracted the metal. Climb to climb means to use your hands and feet to go up on something. The girls climb to the top of the mountain. Drop to drop is to fall or allow something to fall as small amount of water dropped from the bottle. Final, if something is finally, it is the last part. In the final part of the film, the man and the woman got married. Further, further ease used to say something is from distance or time. The escalator is further along than I thought. Imply to imply something used to suggest it without saying it. The man implied that he wanted the job, but he didn't say no. Maintain to maintain means to make something stay the same. The balls maintained constant movement. Neither use neither to connect to negative statements. Neither the past on the left nor the pass on the right will lead US home. Otherwise, otherwise means different or in another way. It's good to stay active otherwise, you will gain weight. Physical. If something is physical, it is related to your body and not your mind. By King is good for your physical health. Proved to prove something is to show that it is true. My teacher approve the answer on the board. React to react is to act in a certain way because of something that happened. James a. Reacted badly on the news to the news. Ride to ride something is to travel on it. You can ride an animal, a bike, etcetera. I will ride a roller coaster for the first time today. Situated, if something is situated somewhere, it is in that place. The whiteboard is situated between the two men. Society, societies, people. The way that they live society expects people to be good and honest. Standards, standards what people consider normal are good. This older model, TVs below our store standards, suggests to suggest something means to give an idea or plan about it. He suggested that we go to see his bus. Hello, I'm back. Okay. Let's take the vocabularies, right. Award that is similar in meaning to the underlined parts. Tried to focus, try to remember the meaning of this word. Okay. Number one, how did Claire act when you told her about the party? Act, what's the word for that? That's react. Number two. And this group of people wearing hats is common. Group of people 0s, society, society. Number three, I invited Jane and Liaison to my house, but not to Jane or Liza could come. So not Jane or Ollie's could come. That says, what is that? Neither. A Number four, I've nearly finished the book on the last page. Last, What's award for that? Final number five, I can jump higher than you watch me. I will show you that I can do it to show somebody that you can do something. That's proof. You can prove that you can do something. 23. 22 the spider : The spider and the bird, the violence spider and the poor bird. The spider and the bird, this binder and the bird became friends and the story, a very nice story. Focus on the underlined wars that we learned in this lesson. Let's start. Listen carefully. This spider and the bird. There was once a very big spider. If a BAD got into his web, he would examine it. However, he didn't eat the bug right away. He asked the budget question first. It was always quiet. A difficult puzzle. If the bogs answer was wrong, he let it go. If not, he ate it. One day, a small bird on a journey flew into the spider's way up despite our couldn't imagine eating get bird, each was so big. But he's hunger was too great. He said to the bird, if you can't, give me a specific answer, I will eat you. That bird laughed. I could eat you. But the bird was actually skirt. She had used all her energy trying to get out of the web. And a spider's byte can be very effective in killing animals. Please don't eat me. Or said, I would rather make her deal with you. Okay, this byte are said, if your answer is right, I will let you go. If not, you must give me a gift. It must be something of great value. They merged set. You can pick anything you want to eat. I will find it for you. Despite or agreed. Where can you take a trip to the coast? The desert, the mountains. At the same time, the spider asked, the bird, asked, does this place have earthquakes? But this binder didn't say anything. I can see those places when I fly in this guy that arrived answer, falls said this spider. The answer is Hawaii. Now you must find some box for me. Spider reclined on the birds back, the flu and a box together. The toolkit tour of the forest. The bird took the spider home. From that day on. They were friends and they never tried to eat each other. Again. You know, 22 weren't list. Actually actually means in fact for really my, that looks a little mean, but actually he's a very kind byte, byte exact act of using your teeth to content to yearning to something that boy took a big bite out off he's hamburger. Coast. The ghost is a land by an ocean. I stayed on the southern coast of Australia. Deal. A deal is an agreement that you have with another person. I made a deal with another company to give us some money. Desert. The desert is an area of land without many plants or water. Not many plants grow in the desert. Earthquake and earthquake is a shaking movement of the ground. The building shook during the earthquake. Effective. If something is effective, it works well. Swimming is an effective way to stay healthy. Examined to examine something is to look at it carefully. The doctor examined my eyes today. Falls. If something is false, it is not correct. If you think the answer is false, press the red bottom. Gift. A gift is something you give someone. Dave received many gifts for Christmas. Hunger. Hunger is a feeling that you get when you need to eat. After playing all day along. E was filled with hunger. Imagine, to imagine something is to think of it in your mind, Sally imagined herself winning lots of money. Journey. A journey is a long trip. I went on a journey across the contrary with my parents. Puzzle. The puzzle is something that is hard to understand. The question was a puzzle to him. Quite quiet is used to say that something is complete, or very much. I think typing on a keyboard is quite easy. Rather, the other is used when you want to do one thing but not the other. I would rather have their red to one than the blue one. Specific. If something is specific, it is re-size or exact. Please choose a specific place on the map. Tour. A tour is a short trip into which you see many sites. I took a tour of Asia and Europe. Trip, trip is a journey to a certain place. Ken took a trip to the city ESRD Valley. If something has a value, it is worth a lot of money. Math, who found a treasure of very high value? Okay, guys, I want you to choose the right definition for the given words. So you can check your vocabularies year, and see how many words you carry. Member number one, gift, gift, somewhere you go, something you gave someone at a doctor or something you think about which one is correct? Like correct word is actually yes. Something you give, that's a gift. Number two, value worth the ocean information or not sure? Not through. What's a meaningful value that's worth. A number three, earthquake. To see many things, movement of the ground and need to eat or to work well. Kenny, remember he is the correct word is movement of the ground. Number for a quite to feel awake instead to look at or very much. Which one is correct? Perfect. That's D very much puzzle. Sand to be gone a long time, in fact, or a difficult question. And the correct word is, actually, it's a difficult question that's puzzle. 24. 23 party : There's interesting stories about the party. It's about a little boy who wants to have a birthday party. But there is a lot of snow. Misunderstand the new words and vocabularies. Listen carefully. The party, Cody's family moved to a new house. He's Dad got a new job as a professor. Could. He liked his new town, but he missed his grandparents for his birthday. Cody wanted to have a party. He's dad said, yes, we could even have a band played. On the day of the party, Cody walk-up and rush to get ready. He started to check his list of things to do. He was so excited, but then he noticed something terrible. There was snow on the ground and lots of it dat healed. How can the band play their instruments outside? That's it will move the stage inside. It barely fit within the garage because there were some boxes and garbage there. But when they finished, they got a call from the band. They didn't want to come in the snowstorm. That's it. Let's get some onto perform music, magic. But no one would come because of the snow. Finally, adapt said coded, there is too much snow, we need to cancel the party. Yes, sir. Cody said, Sadly, it's going to be a boring birthday. A predicted according wanted to share his birthday with someone. He wanted to be at his old home. He wanted to see his grand powers. But then something got his attention. He noticed a car in the driveway. He's grandparents owned a car like that. Cody was right. He's grandparents came for his birthday. Happy birthday, Cody. We are sorry, we are late, but there was so much snow. It's made us go off schedule. We tried to leave a message to you. He told them what happened. I'm salary sit Grandpa. I was sad. Cody said, but I'm not anymore. I am so happy to see you. Dad brought out Goethe's birthday treat. Each was his favorite type as Sunday with whipped cream on top. Then Cody told his grammar errors about the new town. Iit was his best birthday ever. Unit 23, wordless band van is a group of people who play music. My brother is in a rock band. Barely, rarely means by this smallest amount, almost not. I barely had enough money to pay for my boss tickets. Boring. If something is boring, it is not fun. I think they'd earn it is boring. Counsel to counsel means to decide that an event or a request will not happen. She can't sell to the rest of the hair plans because of the rain. Driveway driveways, a short private road that leads to a person's home. They're lying driveway led us to their new house. Garbage garbage is away. Smith Oreo like unwanted or spoiled food bundles, papers, sets, rot. The boy cleaned up that garbage around his house. Instrument. It's an instrument is something designed to do a certain task like music. My favorite musical instrument is that piano. List. A list is a record of information printed with an item on each line. My mom makes a list of groceries to buy. Magic. Magic is the power to do impossible things. The magician use magic to pull a rabbit out of hat. Message. A message is a setup words that you send to someone. I left a message for you in the envelope. Notice to notice something is to see it for the first time. Did you notice the BU ONE? Don't something means to have it. That thing belongs to you. My grandfather owns that house. Predict to predict something is to say that it will happen. She predicted that I would get married next year. Or professor. A puzzle is something that is hard to understand. My science professor and knows a lot about physics. Rush to, rushes to go somewhere or to do something very quickly. Nancy rush to finish her hallmark schedule. Schedule is a plan that tells you when to do something. What is your class schedule for today? Share to share something is to give some of it to another person. Jimmy shared his Apple with me. Stage, stages of place where actors or musicians acts or saying a large screen was on this stage. Storm, Storm is a very bad whether there is a lot of rain or snow. Did that storm wake you up last night? Within use within to say that something is inside something else within the box there was a pizza circle, two words that are related in each group. So in this exercise, it's a little different from other exercises. I want you to tell me to worst that are related in each group. Cancel c, notice or own. So which of these two words are related? Actually see and notice. Number to a band boring instrument or predict which ones are related to each other. Those two words are bound. And instrument. Number three, a magic rush, tour and a trip. Which of these two words are related? Those words are torr and trip. Number four bytes within hunger and share. The two words that are related are bide and Hunger. Number Five, schedule, message stage analyst. Which of these two words are related to words that are related are schedule and list. 25. 24 the world got light: How the world gup light, dN0, how the world got light. You will understand in this story, there are lots of great useful words underlying that we learned in the lesson. So try to understand them. Are you ready? Let's start. How the world got light. The president of dark land was a pig, a very bad pig. He was a pig of major importance. He was rage and he had a lot of strength. But he was made to all of the animals in the dark land. He kept all of the wars light in a bag. He preferred to keep the world cool and dark. He wanted to stop the progress of the city. The animals couldn't work in the dark. He didn't have any respect for them. Light is too good for them. He said, only eyes you'd have light, but the animals needed light, so they decided to hold a competition. They wanted to find the smartest animal in the dark land. That animal had to steal lights from the president. They advertise the competition everywhere. All of the animals came. The animals all showed off their skills. The audience watched and then voted for the animal with the most knowledge. The winner was a tall bird named raven. They assigned him the job of getting elides the next morning array even ate breakfast, and then left his home. How will I gain light from the President? Thought Raven, he needed to trick the President somehow. Then raven had an idea or even could make his bow sound like anything. Raven walked up to the president's door. He made to the sound of a crying baby. He cried very loudly. Soon the President opened the door. Be quiet. That presented, yelled. Right then the raven quickly made his move. He flew by the pig and found the soft bag. He took it outside. The Sun was inside the bag. At last they had lied all because of ravens smart thinking. Unit 24, wordless advertise. Advertise is to tell people about something on TV, radio, etc. They use it a rabbit to help them advertise their products. Assign to assign something to some monies to tell them to do it. I signed the worker an important task. Audience. An audience is a group of people who watched something together. There was a large audience at the game. Breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. I eat breakfast at eight o'clock every morning. Competition. Competition is a contest to see who is the best at something he want that arriving competition over the weekend. Cool. If the weather is cool, it is a little bit cold. The weather is cool in the fall. Gain if you gain something, you get more of it. I gained some weight over the summer. Importance. Importance means that quality or condition of being needed or valued. Vips are people of great importance. Knowledge. Knowledge is information that you have about something. And music teacher should have a good knowledge of music. Major. If something is major, it is big or important. I have a major problem. Might boss wants me to redo my project. Mean, mean describes someone who is unkind or cruel. Co-workers are very mean person. He gets angry very quickly. Prefer, if you prefer something you wanted more than something else. I prefer to take the path that will lead me to the bright future. President. A president is the leader of a country that Britain love our country, made unimportant, announce MEMS, progress, Brian, or is the act of getting closer to doing or finishing something. Our company made financial progress this year. Respect respect is a good opinion of someone because they are good. I have a great respect for fireman. Rich. If you are rich, you have a lot of money. He's rich. He can buy anything he wants. Skill, scale is the knowledge and ability that allows you to do something well. As snowboarder must have the right skills to do well. Somehow, somehow means in a way or by some means which it is not known, he somehow had to find a way to reach the life preserver. Strength, strength of the physical power that you have exercising will increase your risk rank then gave you more power. Vote, to vote these to officially choose between two or more things. I voted for Billy to be our class president. Choose the right definition for the given word. Number one, breakfasts, power, the first meal of the day, having a lot of money or the reason or something. Which one is correct? What's the meaning of breakfast? That's there actually be the first meal of the day. Number two, knowledge, something that you can do, a good feeling about someone to become better or what a person knows. Which one is correct. The correct one a is actually D. Knowledge is what a person knows. Number three, president, the leader of the country, a little bit cold to change other things or to tell people what to do. That leader is actually yes, they liter ease. The president is the leader. On the contrary. Number for gain, to get more, to tell about important, or to actually want more than something else. The correct one is to get more gain means to get more. And number five is audience, not heart. That first meal of the day, having a lot of money or a group of people watching something. Which one is correct? The correct one is, yes, a group of people watching something. We call them audience. 26. 25 the secrets : This is a QED cat and this story is about camps and cigarettes. You know, there are lots of secrets about cats. And we will understand one interesting secret about cats and this story, and that is to let the cat out the bag. Okay, let's understand the new words which are underlined. Cab and secrets. In English, there is a common EDM let the cat out of the bag. It means to tell a secret, but where did this EDM start? It came from a section of England long ago, people there went from town to town to sell things like vegetables, clothes, and pigs. They have strong beliefs about honesty. They didn't like lying. One day a man went to this section center to sell things. I have a baby pig for sale. It won't cost much. He said he held the animal a Bobby's head inside was different from honest people Style. He was a master of tricking people and lying. A woman named Beth scanned his Pig. He offered her the pig for one gold coin. That was a very small amount. Beth gave him the coin, it put it in his pocket. He walked ahead of bath to get the pig. It gave her a closed bag and said here 0 pig. He then left very quickly. Beth looked at the back surface, it was moving. She opened it to lead the pig out. A cat was inside. He tricked me. That isn't proper, she said later the man returned to trick more people. Beth saw him and the money, and the memory of the cat came back. She told her friends and they stopped him, but no one knew what to do next. Someone said we need to we need an independent and fair person to decide that. They went to the judge. Beth told him about the Kathie that bag that judge asked. Is there evidence? Can you demonstrate how he did it? Look in his bag? Said Beth, she opened it analytic cat out of the bag. They learned the main secret and he went to jail, dance, how the ADM led the caterpillar back came to me to tell a secret, you know, 25 word list. Above. If something is above it is at a higher level than something else, is great town to the sign that was above the crowd. Ahead. If something is ahead of something else, it is in front of it. The blue car drove on to ahead of us. Amount. And amount is how much there is of something. Can I use my car to pay for the entire amount? Belief. A belief is a strong feeling that something is correct or through a preacher or priest should have a strong belief in God. Center. The center of something is the middle of it. The center of the dart board is the most important part. Common if something is coming, it happens often or there is much of it. It is common for a snowfall in the winter. Cost to causes to require expenditure or payment. These designer shoes costs more than the regular ones. Demonstrate it. To demonstrate something is to show how it is done. She demonstrated hair plan to her coworkers. Different different describe someone or something that is not the same as others. Each of my sisters has a different hairstyle from one another. Evidence evidence is a fact or thing that you use to pro something. He used the pictures as evidence that UFOs are real. Honesty. Honesty means that the quality of being truthful or honest. Of course, Rome should be a place of honesty. Idiom and EDM is a phrase with meaning different from its wards. The ADM When Pigs Fly means that something will never happen. Independent. If something is a dependent, it is not controlled by something else. She chose to live an independent life in that country. Inside, inside means that the inner part, space or side of something, the inside of the box was empty. Master. A master is a person who is very good at something. My brother is a master off to cuando. Memory and memory is something you'll remember. The memory of my first time in the city will always be the best. Proper. If something is proper, it is right. It is not proper to throw your garbage on the road. Scan, to scan something is to look at it very carefully. Gmos can each person closely section. A section is a part of something larger. That green section of the graph is the most important apart surface. The surface of something is the top part of or outside of it. The surface of the Moon is very Raph. Okay, everybody's time to check vocabularies, choose the right definition for the given word. Number one section. Hire the top layer apart or to look at which one is the correct definition of section. That's C, apart. Number two, inside, in front. The inner parts. Proof or something very good at something. The correct word is yes, the inner part. Inside. Number three, proper strong feeling to trade to the same, correct. Or in the middle. Which one is the correct definition for a proper? That's correct. Something correct. Different, influenced, not the same to show how to do or a phrase with different meaning. So different means, yes, not the same. Number five, memory, a bag in close and normal thing. How much money or something you'll remember. Which one is correct. The correct definition is something you'll remember. That's a memory.