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Email Marketing Tactics to Win New Customers - Part 1

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How can you be more profitable?


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      1. Why You Need A Sales Funnel


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      2. Set-up Your Email Touchpoints


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      3. The Welcome Email Series


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      4. How To Make Your Subs. Hungry For More


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      5. Final Checklist


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About This Class

Do you struggle getting people to buy from you? Do your potential customers come on your website to never return or purchase from you? 

So what exactly can you do - to get more purchases & grow your business?

You guessed right - Email Marketing!

In this class series, you will learn:

- How to Grow Your Email List

- How to build a relationship with your subscribers

- How to convert your subscribers into loyal customers

and more... 

In this class, I will provide you specific steps needed to set-up a marketing campaign which will convert your subscribers into loyal customers. You will only need to set-up what I am teaching in this class once to start seeing sales coming in automatically. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hey, guys. So I have a few questions for you. Do you struggle getting people to buy from you? Does your potential customer come on your website to never return or purchase from you? Do you feel like you're spending countless hours marketing your business with very little results? So what exactly can you do to grow your business and get more purchases? Any ideas? Well, the first part is getting traffic to your website and getting people to discover your brand pretty obvious right was a crucial step, which is often neglected by most brands is email marketing. You must capture email addresses to build a relationship with your customer in order for them to purchase from you. Did you know that 95% of purchases happened via email? So how can you get all of this done and finally see the results you've been yearning for in this series? I will teach you how you can grow your email list, build a relationship with your subscribers and convert them into loyal customers of each class. We're gonna go through the step by steps needed to set up a seamless email marketing campaign, and the best part is All you have to do is set it up once in order to start seeing self coming in on autopilot. So register today if you want to stop leaking cells and exponentially wrote your business. But who am I exactly? Well, my name is Gena Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, coup, fonder of e commerce academy podcaster and shoot addict. I've been in the industry for about 10 plus years, and obviously things have evolved quite a bit. Marketing. Certain things are working better then they were five years ago, so I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and sharing some more advanced tactics. You can get the results you been yearning for really looking forward to seeing you guys inside. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys. Luna here and welcome to the first class. The purpose here is to provide you with all the foundations you need to first capture more email addresses. So we're going to talk about all the email touchpoints need to put in place in order to have more subscribers. So get people interested in subscribing to your newsletter. We also going to talk about the cells funnel you want to set in place in order to get people to start feeling comfortable purchasing from you. So how can you start converting them into loyal customers? So part of the challenge when you get people to subscribe to your newsletter is keeping their interests and getting them to open your newsletter. So we're going to talk about some tactics that you can use in order to make sure that they are still interested in your brand. And most importantly, they're getting a queen with you, so they feel more comfortable purchasing from you. So really, the purpose here is to lay all the foundation in place. So then we can go over some more advanced techniques to get people to purchase from you 3. Assignment: the assignment for this class is to go over all the places where you're currently asking people to provide you with your email addresses before you watch any of the chapters, along with what the current call to actions that you're using to get people to sign up for your newsletter. So I want to make sure that you press pause if you have to. But do the following before you watch any of the chapters. And then I'm going to ask you to revisit the following after you watch the entirety of the course and also provide us with your welcome email. Siri's so the type of email that you sent when you're welcoming your subscriber to your newsletter. I know it sounds like a lot, but if you want my feet back, make sure to upload the following this way, I'll be able to go through and give you some advice so looking for it to senior projects. And don't be shy by any means 4. How can you be more profitable?: So how can you make your business more profitable? We talked about it already, but essentially you need more traffic, right? It's one of the solution is toe have more traffic coming to your website, but the one misconception that a lot of brands make is that that's not necessarily the solution. It's also important to think about what you're going to do with your traffic, because if somebody comes to never come back to your website, it doesn't mean that they're not a potential customer. You need to build a relationship with someone. They might love what you currently have on your website, but they just need a little bit more time to warm up to the idea of buying from you getting to know your brand a little bit better. So building a relationship with your customer is equally important. So 95% of online consumers make purchases as a result of email marketing messages. So I email marketing is extremely important. You need to send messages that will build a relationship with your potential customer. You need to make sure that you also have emails that are engaging that people are willing to open, so we'll talk about all the following in this course, But first I want you to look at your current Google analytics. Look at the current traffic that you're getting looking at your bounce rate as well. Anything that is above 60% is rather high bounce rate, so it's important for you to start capturing email addresses in all the right places. But most importantly, what we're really gonna talk about in this class is how, first of all you can get people to subscribe. What type of offers, What works Better to get people to subscribe. We're also going to talk about how you can have people opening your emails, a types of subject. Klein's You should be, um, including within your emails in order to get were click throughs. And also, most importantly, how can we get people to purchase from you and become loyal customer as a result? So let's sick through all the different chapters, and if you guys have any questions, make sure toe at them in the common section 5. 1. Why You Need A Sales Funnel: so the first step you need to do when setting up your email marketing strategy is putting in place a cells funnel. So what is a cells funnel? Exactly? Well, it's the process that company stake to lead potential customers to purchase from them. There is this misconception that when individuals come on your website, they should purchase from you right away. Well, most of the time, it's not the case. You need to capture their interest, and you need to build a relationship with them in order for them to feel comfortable buying from you. So a cells funnel is divided into several steps. The first step is obviously the traffic. So you're getting traffic to your website through generating some form of interest. So they might have found you on instagram through one specific hashtag. They might have clicked on your profile and then clicked on your bio link in orderto learn more about your specific brand, and if you're lucky, they might have entered. Yeah, you're there email address, essentially so they might have subscribe to your newsletter. So I'll talk about what exactly you need to do in order to capture their interest. But you want them to subscribe to your email list. This way you have an opportunity to build a brought a bond with these customer through sending them several emails, little by little. And then at that point, they will buy from you because today's consumer is extremely skeptical, so it takes a little bit more time to muster up the courage to buy from. You feel comfortable like from you also getting to know your brand a little better. They might have liked what they have seen, which is what has brought them to your website. But you want to make sure that you remind them about your grand. And that's a step like I mentioned earlier, that a lot of fashion brands are a lot of brands out there forget. So they're getting a lot of traffic to their site or they're getting some form of traffic to their website. But then they never see this. These customers again will never return to your website because you've never Well, I mean, obviously they're gonna forget about you because there's plenty of other distractions on the Web, but you need toe. Find this opportunity for them to registered to your email address at your attorney's letter. Sorry. So how do you make people subscribe? How can you generate some form of interest for them to subscribe? So you might already have a pop up in place within your website. But very little folks right now, actually subscribing to a newsletter. Well, you have to put yourself in the shoe of your potential customer rate, Wasn't it for them? They don't actually want to receive mawr email addresses. They don't want to receive more spending messages. Their inbox is crowded as it is. So what is the formula to creating a great offer? Because essentially you need to have an offer that's gonna make them excited and willing to give you their email address. So subscribe to my amazing newsletter is not a great offer. I don't know what's amazing about your newsletter, right? If I as ah is an individual, come on. Your website and the pop up is subscribe to our amazing newsletter. I don't know what's amazing about it. You really need to dig about your value proposition. What makes you different than any other brands out there and include that messaging within your pop up? So here I'm gonna give you three specific example that worked well. The 1st 1 is having a free offer. This is what works best from my experience and is what's going to get you the most emails, especially if you're a brand just starting out. People love to get stuff for free. They're willing to give their email addresses to get something for free. Now either. Send that as a new brand. You have certain limitation, but look at what will in the gang did. This is a great example. Essentially, will in the getting is a knitting brand based out off by set of Paris, and they sell wool patterns, yarn needles and many more needing supplies. As you can see, they offer free patterns to their subscribers, which will obviously lead them to capturing more email addresses. But most importantly, this is going to enticed our audience to buy needing supplies from them in the future. So obviously you have the pattern. But next, what do you need? Well, the supplies to build your scarf or your hat or your sweater, etcetera. So how can you come up with a great offer? Think about why your customer might be interested in buying from you. Bring storm as to what is the psychological reason as to why your potential customer we want to purchase from you. These free offers, like I mentioned, get the highest conversion rate, and we'll get you the most email capture. So perhaps, let's bring storm quickly about different ideas you could potentially. If you're fashion brand, give them a free look book with ideas of different outfits that they could work for the fall or for the winter. Or you could give in. Um, you know, a free postcard. If you're an illustrator, try to come up with ideas that are not going to cost you a lot. Obviously sending something Elektronik Lee makes the most sense. You could send them an e book of giving them different tips. So perhaps, if you're a brand that is selling sports item, you could perhaps send them an E book us to a great workout routine that works for you, etcetera. I don't know. Just try to brainstorm as to how you can best capture their potential interest and the psychology of your consumer. Why are they interested in your brand? So the second option that you have is to provide a discount to your customers on their next purchase. So I suggest if you're a brand just starting out, you need to provide more than 20%. In this case, this is the pop up for Rebecca Minkoff. She's such a great she's just a big name. Obviously, that 15% is plenty for her brand. Again, I don't love this method for smaller brands because customers moved to get to know you first before you start providing them with discounts. But if the following has worked for you in the past, try to give more than 15% off and see how that works out for you. The next option is to muster up some sense of curiosity and sex appeal to wait. Blackmail clothing does in this specific pop up, so by encouraging users to sign up to their newsletter to get more shiny goodness into their mailbox. And I really love the objective that they're using. So I mean, essentially, you want to find a way to appeal to the interest of your audience. Dig back as to what makes your brand special from Oliver's from all the other brands out there. What is your value proposition. So in the case of blackmail clothing, not only do they have unique patterns, but really the the essence of their brand. And what makes them so successful is the fact that they top into the cosplay demographic. And the costly demographic is really involved with blackmail clothing. And essentially, they want to learn about different events, different contests and different promotions that blackmail clothing is having. So if you are a brand who does have really high engagement on social media, definitely want to test out this route. But if you're start just starting out again, my recommendation sick to the first offer, which is essentially giving a freebie, giving something that individuals will want to don't load. So now I know that these air, like three very distinct messages you'll wanted to test done in S and she what resonates best with your demographic based on us to wear your business currently is end. So if you're just starting out, obviously try something that will appeal more to demographic doesn't really know you yet, so like I mentioned, offer number one. If you've been around for 10 plus years and you already have an audience, that's more engaged doing a discount offer will work well or doing this third option where you're sort of peeking some interest, encouraging your community to sign up for your newsletter in order to get more involved, trial these different options and you test these different messages like a hawk. Look at how many emails you're getting on a daily basis. I mean, ideally, you want to get at the very least two emails per day. At the very least, try to aim for five and more. And if you're having days where you're not getting any emails, I mean again, this all depends on how much traffic you're getting to your website, but you need to at least get two emails a day. So if you're getting less into emails a day, you will want to rework on your messaging. So some of the tools you can use include Upton Monster and up Sumo. These tools work with WordPress. You might be using another CMS of content management system, so you might be using Shopify or magenta tobe Ecommerce, etcetera. There were plenty of other options out there. What you want to look for when you're looking for a pop up tool is something that already has templates in place, especially if you don't have a team who can design an HTML pop up for you. So have something that has a different form of templates in place. You can have beautiful images within your pop up. You can include the texts fairly easily and also enables you to use the A P I of your email subscribers. So I mean essentially our Mel platform. So, essentially, if you're using Mount Chimp, you should be able to include the A P I within the pop up pretty easily. And I personally like Upton Monster the best, because it's pretty easy to understand its ah, pretty easy to set up a swell ab. Sumer is also a great tool that a lot of different startups are using with their WordPress site. So I mean, think about what offers you want to be leveraging and testing out Visa next 30 days, write them down and let's go through the next chapter 6. 2. Set-up Your Email Touchpoints: We spoken about the importance of having a great offer in the first chapter to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. But next you need toe, have all the right email touchpoints in place and have plenty of opportunities for people to subscribe to your newsletter. So where should you include year email? Touchpoints. Well, the first place is social media. Instagram is a great place to include a link to a landing page. We're gonna have a call to action that encourages people to sign up to your newsletter. I chose here the example of Founder magazine because they do such an incredible job with their instagram marketing, and they have great offers where they get people to register and provide them their mill addresses. They provide plenty of free guides from how to grow your instagram following or books on how to have a more successful startups, etcetera. So what I recommend here is for you to include a link to a separate landing page so you can easily capture their email addresses. If you direct them to your website even though you might have a pop up within your website , chances are that they're not going to give you their email addresses right then and there. So I think step of driving them directly to landing page will help here a lead capture. You'll have more email justice as a result. So here's an example of a leading plage that you could potentially have. This specific example is for a brand who is just launching their essentially peaking the interest of their audience. This is an example you could use, for instance, but the leading page is a great tool to use when you're capturing email dresses from social media. When you're capturing e mails as well from specific ads, whether it's instagram ads or Facebook ads, you don't want to drive to your website. You want to drive to separate Lynn Page This way, you can actually test your messaging of well and see if people are bouncing off the landing page or there capped or that they're giving you their email address, etcetera. So don't drive to your website from Social Media Drive to learning Paige next. Obviously you want to have a pop up in place within your website. Now, don't go crazy with the pop ups on Lee. Show it once or twice to new Web visitors Wait on interval are about of about, like seven days or so before you showed a message again, because Ghoul is now penalising websites with obnoxious pop ups. And I know I think we all aware those websites where the pop up Justin seeks insists of coming back up. So if somebody decides to close the pop up, then make sure that within their session you don't show it again. Only show it wants and also weight about 10 seconds prior having the pop up show up. You also want tohave the option, or give the option to your potential customer to register to your email address in the food . Or so you want to include as well. Option for them to register Terry to your newsletter via the footer in case a customer wanted somewhere. Time to brush your website. They might have lending on your website. They've closed your pop up, and they might have brows a little longer as they wanted to get to know your brand a little better. Now that they have gone to know you, they are ready to give you their email address, so give them the option to do so in the footer the messaging on your foot or should be similar to the messaging in your pop up. So make sure to be consistent there because otherwise you might confuse your customer. Finally, you need to make sure that you're going to capture email addresses of your customer who are purchasing from you. This is an absolute must, and I wanted to include this as well, because there's a lot of brands out there. Don't have this option. Obviously, these individuals will have to go in a separate list because thes air individuals who already purchased from you so they have more chances of becoming a loyal customer. You'll want to add them in a different segment, and we'll talk about that a little later. So email providers, which can easily help you segment your audience, include Mel Chimp onto Port drip and Remark ity. I personally love entre ports and drip because they they take a little bit more time getting used to then Mel champ. But they really allow you to set up different cells, funnels in place and create the friend list based on the engagement of your subscriber. Also basis to where your subscribers air coming from. So if somebody is coming from, for instance, a landing page, you might want to send them a separate message. And somebody is who is coming directly from the pop up within your website. Definitely want to put in place that for messages based on the different touch points that people are coming from. So if somebody is coming from your website, whether it's a footer or if it stop hours the pop up, you can send them. A different Siris are a specific series of emails. Somebody's coming from a leading page. You might want to change that messaging accordingly. So in the next chapter, we're going to discuss the type of messaging you should be sending to your new email subscribers. Um, obviously, you're gonna sentiment welcome email that's a little bit more intricate than that. Um, we discussed overall like all of the steps needed for you to capture more email addresses. So essentially you need to make sure that you have a great offer in place. You need to pique the interest off your customer than next. You need to make sure that you have all the touch points in place opportunities where you can grab penal dresses so social media is one of them. Instagram is a great place for you to capture email addresses. You drive him to a lining page, we actually get the email address, or the second option is having people go to your website and they're coming to your website . Maybe because they found you through Pinterest or other social media or perhaps press in that option, you're gonna have a pop up, which will be your opportunity for you to get their email address. And they close the pop up, decide to continue browsing than you want to leave them, the option off being able to provide you there in all dressed truth footer. So, um, next is how to send messaging, which will convert these new subscribers in to potential customers. 7. 3. The Welcome Email Series: so converting you customers into rating fans can sometimes feel like an impossible balancing act because you need to while your customers you need. Teoh essentially sell in a way that is authentic without being to sell Z, so you need to be their friend. While not seeming to desperate, you have to be bold and confident. Brand with a soul. Many fashion retailers and many brands out there don't do anything once you get a new email address. So they get the new email subscribers and send them one email telling them welcome or whatnot. And then they send them emails once in a blue moon to inform them about new products that they have available. So these customers will never open or by because they feel zero connection with your Bren. And if anything, they feel annoy to be receiving these email messages, which often are pretty spammy as they feel like any. Essentially, they're being pushed to buy products, so essentially they're being pushed products on their throat, which they don't want. Think about all the effort it took you to acquiring this email address. You want to make sure that it doesn't go to waste. It's really important that you put together an email sequence in place. You need to set up a welcome email. Siri's So sending one welcome email is no longer enough. You need to have a solid email sequence because this is your opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. Never, ever, ever email your Seenu subscriber with your regular email offers right off the bats. This will only put them off. You must first build a report with them. So this is where the welcome email sequence comes in. You need to send a minimum of five email because essentially, this is your opportunity to activate your new email subscribers these days, most before overwhelmed. And they only read one in treating else. So you must be very strategic. You must really Wow, you're you subscribers from email number one. And most importantly, you must keep the communication going because, son, just one welcome email is useless. These days, you must slowly introduce you new subscribers to your brand by sending them a series of information. Ivo emails. I mean, I said it one welcome emails not enough. So you need to make sure that you're injecting within each of these email the emotional core off your brand. So when your new subscribers opens your emails, they should feel as if they're stepping into the universe of your brand. They need to be pulled into the story of your brand all while you providing them with the emotional pool that they're looking for. So OK, let's go through each of the emails you need to send these individuals. So first would be the welcome email so welcoming them to the family the second email you want to send would be the challenge. Email. The challenge. Email is where essentially you provide them with the specific problem that you're solving. Why are you in the market? What specific problem are you solving, then the third email is the mentoring. You know, this is where you reveal how your brand, how your business is, essentially filling the gap heart. Are you solving that specific problem? How are you going to guide them through the journey to help them with their specific problem? Email. Four is what I like to call the journey. You know, this is where you provide a key study. How was your brands able to help a specific individual and how did you change your lives? Now again, you'll my have to tweak the following email based on the nature of your business. But having key studies really helped because it helps forge trust house individuals feel more comfortable buying from you, then email number five is the fine what I call the final test email. This is where essentially you give them the final opportunity to purchase from you. This is where you could essentially include Ah promotion in here, and this is where you tell him. OK, well, joiner group be part of the movement and because you're new and we're excited to have you on board were going to give you X amount, a discount and the opportunity to buy from us. So here's the anatomy off the welcome Siri's. You need to make sure that include the name of your brand in the subject line, especially for the first email. The welcome email so high include the name of the person. So make sure that the in the within the subject climbed the name of the person appears and that it's personalized and then high. So and so high job from I don't know, the name of your brands. Um welcome, Joe, too. Name of your brand movement. Try different subject line, but the personalized of decline work best. You also need to make sure that your first welcome email arrives in the subscribers inbox within seconds of them signing up. I need to make sure that they get their first email pretty soon after they've given you their email address. Very important. You don't want to wait 24 hours, so make sure the following works well, when you're setting up your email sequences, you also need to make sure that your subject Linus fun. You need to personalize it. There's plenty of market research out there that shows that emails that include the name of the individual are of more chances of getting opened than e mails that sounds or email subject line that sounds more generic. You also need to make sure that all your emails have the same form of branding, so the branding is consistent from the copy tone to the images that you're using. Etcetera needs to be consistent throughout. And yeah, I mean the first. The first thing you want to do within your first welcome email is to essentially welcome them to your tribe. You need to make them like they're part of a family. Now they're part of a movement, and you also want to set expectation. What can they expect? Expect from you. So this is how often you'll want to send. You're e mails like your five email. Siri's the 1st 1 you'll want to send right away. So within seconds or within a couple minutes of them, providing you with their email address, this is your opportunity to introduce him to the tribe. You also might want to ask him to include your email within their address book. So your email doesn't get lost in the spam folder because this is something that's happening a lot now, especially if you're sending from providers like mulch in. So I encourage you to ask for subscribers toe, look for your email address and make sure that they're adding it within their address book . Email number two. You can wait 24 hours to send the second email were essentially you, um, talk a little bit more about the specific problems that you're addressing with your brown. You speak about the challenges that you're hoping to solve with your brands. And I mean, every brand is, um every brand has a voice, and every brand is me. Essentially, look at why you started and what you were trying to say with your business. So make sure that the following really resonates through these email communications. So you can get these individuals excited to have sign up tree newsletter and learning more about what you're doing. And then the rest of the emails you can wait 48 hours up to 72 hours. So essentially, the sequence would take you about a week or two to send to your new customers. Just to recap, you need to make sure that you include a fund subject line which includes, like, an emotional core. So, for example, uh, nasty girls, welcome email you're in. Hi, Luna. You're in. You also want to welcome your subscribers were so happy you found us. Could be something that you could include within your welcome. You know, you also want to set expectation, get ready for new stuff every week, sweepstakes and contest or latest look book, etcetera. And you also want to give them a welcome gift, perhaps like free shipping right, So all the following needs to be within your welcome. Email your first, you know, and then mixtures while that you encouraged them to odd your e mail to their address book so you can avoid spent filters. So make sure that you right all these different emails, right? The five emails that we went through make sure that you right, all these different emails by having them welcoming your new subscriber to the family, having the challenge email, having the mentor email, having the journey, email and having the final test email The final test email is Where you going to try to push them to purchase from you by giving them a special offer by giving them a reason to buy from you. Optimize your messaging, so review the engagement. When once you've set up this email sequence, give it 30 days Review How much engagement you're getting Review as well. The drop off rates are people on subscribing, trying to understand where in the within the email sequence there once describing is it because of the frequency? Do you have to send? Do you have to wait more time in between? For them to receive the emails 72 hours to 40 to 48 hours between each email usually works great. I don't recommend for you to send emails every 24 hours to overwhelming and then make sure that you're creating a bimonthly reports so you can optimize your messaging as needed. So once you reveal your engagement, and once you review the overall drop off rate of your email sequences, you can refine the messages and see what's working best. One email provider that does a great job at showing you drop off rate is drip. It's a very visual email management system, so you might want to test that out again. It really depends on your conference level. There's also it all depends on your comfort level. 8. 4. How To Make Your Subs. Hungry For More: So have you ever signed up to a newsletter super excited at first, only to be let down at the end? You might have felt like the brand speaking to you was either Bs and you or they were just being obnoxiously pushy, trying to sell to you too much. So you love for the specific brands might have turned sour and the following happens a lot , which is why it's important to have a solid welcome. Email Siri's and place on drily. Think through us to how you can make your messaging resonate as much as possible. You do want to sell a Deanna today, but you can do so in a pushy way. You really need to have your mission statement and your overall Bren value proposition really resonate within these e mails. So let's take a step back. We've discovered the techniques required to pull your customers, and but how can it be genuine? How can you make them hungry for more versus being repulsed by you all the answer is by generating trust. Trust development is an extremely important part of the customer activation and retention process. By generating trust, you'll be able to retain the attention of your customer, and this is what is extremely important for you to develop in your initial engagements with your customers, right? So he's welcome. Siri's. Your purpose with them is to generate trust. So like we discussed in the other chapter, you must feel like a mentor to your customer, someone they should follow. So how can you generate trust via you're welcome? Email. Siri sequence. Well, the first thing is by promising an amazing shopping experience. So you really need to nudge nervous proper prospects with reassuring Bren messages. You need them to make them. You need to make them feel comfortable here. The idea is toe isn't to sell, but it's to promise, Ah, great shopping experience, like telling them that you can return at any point. I mean, whatever feels right for your brand, obviously based on your specific budget, but you need to make them comfortable by promising that your shopping experience is the best out there. You also want to show them authority, so instead of showing them product offers, you can show them compete Ealing and relevant content that applies to your business. I mean, going back Teoh, making them understand the specific problem you want to tackle and how you are an authority in helping with that specific problem. So remember, I mean, you customers there aren't necessarily looking to be sold something. What they want from you is reaffirmation that you are an absolute fit for them as a brand. You also want to share social proof. So essentially you want to shut other. I was sure with them user generated content, any form of social proof because this will make them feel more comfortable and to see that other people have bought from you. So this goes back to the email where you're gonna essentially show them a key study how your product helped someone, and I mean again. I know that does. It might not feel like it apply specifically to your brand. The really digs. True as to what the overall mission statement of your brand is and how your brain is helping others. And even if you're an illustrator, like just by inspiring individuals, for instance, like you're helping a greater purpose, right? I'm sure your art or whatever it is that you're selling, are you trying to help a specific problem, so really dig through as toothy emotional reason. While you're doing the following like, What is your mission statement. And make sure that you're including this within these email sequences. When you're writing these messages, I mean feel free to show them, like product reviews or customer testimonials or major PR mentions, just to make them feel more comfortable. So, really, by generating trust, you will not only be the cool kid on the block, so by generating trust, you'll not only be the cool kid on the block, you'll really be a brand, which they can relate to. But they'll feel more comfortable being part of your tribe. Being part of your community. You are. Your customer will look up to you and feel comfortable being part of the family. So I mean, make sure that you Sprinkle end these ideas within your welcome. Email Siri's so you can have so your customers can have, ah, positive experience when they're opening these emails, and they feel excited to learn more about what you're working on so again, don't try to sell to them until email. Five. Make sure that you are generating trust, like through all these different eat welcome. These hearings that you're going to be sending them. So Sprinkle in all these different ingredients, and I can assure you that they will be looking forward to opening these emails as they will feel excited to be part of your tribe. 9. 5. Final Checklist: Let's review everything you learned. There's far and go through a checklist plus example of what you will need to set up to start capturing emails and welcoming your new subscribers. So in order to capture as many email addresses as possible, you must have an irresistible offer. You need tohave, an irresistible reward so you could have a promotional offers of providing new subscribers a discount on their next purchase. The problem of Dis approach, though, is that most retailers offered this already. And in order for you to stand out from your competition and also encourage more email captures, you will benefit the most from thinking of a freebie that you could potentially give away. So think of something that can be downloadable either a look book, a checklist, something that relates back to your brand, like the example that I shared earlier of will in the gang where they are giving away of free pattern booklet. So the next thing, once you figured out what this irresistible offer is for you, is to set up your email touchpoints and sure that you have links to a landing page on your social media and Facebook ad. Ideally, you want to tout your freebie in your instagram and all your advertising efforts finally and sure that you have a pop up included within your website and also include e mails email forms within your footer. So, most importantly, ensure you ask individuals buying from you and checking out to provide also their email addresses. So next come writing, you're welcome. Siri's sequence and I'm offering you guys. Ah, template example. If you go to the Ural listed below, which is a bit lee euro, and in it you'll have specific templates that you can use. But most retail brands out there send only one welcome email before the transition, their new visitors into their general mailing lists of sending their weekly communications . This is a big no, no, don't do this, especially if you're a new brand just starting out. You must send a series of five emails that will introduce your new subscribers to your brand like we reviewed in Chapter three. So now, as you set up your welcome email Siri's, you must ensure that you include your brand name in the subject client. You so you're fresh in the mind of your newly acquired subscribers. You also need to make sure that they know who the email is coming from and make the subject line welcoming. You need to have a super clickable subject. Klein. Don't be pushy and don't be sells E and sure, your first email is sent right away after someone subscribe to your email list and also show your customer support info in the footer of your email. You also need to make sure that your email is mobile friendly. Keep all your Brendan consistent. Include text images in the emails. Most email providers these days enable you to test your email prior sending it out. So make sure you do the following and resize your content to fit mobile. Remember that email readership bmo Mo is 60% on upwards. You need to make sure that your logo is small enough within the header and don't include images that are over 600 pixels wide. Finally, you need to make sure that your spend proof you right. So essentially that, um, you're gonna have to ask users because that's the most effective way to make sure that your spend proof you're gonna have to ask your user within the first email toe. Add your email to their address book because this is obviously going to increase your tents of people receiving your emails. So make sure you ask that of your newly acquired subscribers. All right, so I included some examples for you guys who can feel inspired. Um, but by no means copy what these brands are doing a zit doesn't. I mean, I don't actually agree with some of the specific examples, and also keep in mind that these are brands or more established on you are. It's important that you stick to the five email Siri's that we reviewed in Chapter three. Okay, So nasty gal. Of course I needed to include this example because they've done such a great job with acquiring such a fen base, and part of it is because they make their subscribers feel part of a family. So what I like about this email is that the subject line is fun. You're in. So you're part of a club. It makes subscriber, like I said, feel part of a family. They're part of the in crowd. It includes a simple welcome message with what's to expect in the next. In the next newsletter, and also highlighting benefits of becoming an insider. I also love that within the first email that include a short seven offices about the nasty gal story and the CEO Sophia Maruso, it's a great way to generate trust and make it inspirational. And by reading the short blurb subscribers my feel proud of supporting a brand that they can resonate with. Yeah, I mean, essentially, they feel the energy, the entrepreneurial spirit off, um, its founder. The thing is, this e mails not perfect first, what I don't like about it is that it's all images, and it doesn't really include a short blurb welcoming new subscribers. I mean, all it says is like Okay, welcome to a world were so happy to have you here And, you know, obviously gives some ideas of what to expect in the next emails, but it's it's, um, it doesn't have much more than that. And, ah, I think especially for your new brand, it's important to have a little bit more content, more rain content. It's really best overall to have a mixture of images and text, especially because most subscribers don't download images on their phone. So keep that in mind. I know that a lot of retailers are very image heavy, which obviously, when you're doing, we tell you do need to have images. But it's also important to have text included to keep in mind your subscribers that are obviously opening your emails predominantly via phone. The second example that I have is Rebecca Minkoff, the good of this email that encourages new subscriber to refer their friends to the newsletter by giving them and their friends additional $20 off. So that's something I think is really strategic. Know you're excited to have signed up to the newsletter. Why don't you tell your friends about it? But the emails a little bit too simple to my taste again, it feels a little bit cold. It lacks a little bit of personality besides getting my 50% off. Um, why am I excited to be part of Rebecca Minkoff newsletter? I mean, again, she can get away with it because she's a big name. People know about her, but if you're starting out, you want to make sure that your email feels a little bit more welcoming, so make sure that you add more personality and spice within your email. I also included essentially, like the second email that she sounds to have subscribers. You know where she isn't? She sends a more personalized message to her subscribers. I'm excited to get to know you. This is the story that we have, like, get to know where back a story. So this is a great example. You know, for your second email of part of the welcome Siri's where people get to know a little bit more about your brand and what you're doing. This is again really image heavy and super simple. Little too simplistic again to my taste. But I do like that. This is a little bit more personalized and feels a little warmer in the first email that we just reviewed. So now the last example is bonobo. So bonobos has a grade Great tagline. First day of the rest of your lifestyle. It really accomplishes a few things, like first, it makes you feel part of the family by welcoming me to bonobos. And second, it puts the idea in my mind that this is the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship. Um, this is the beginning of something special. So it's something that you definitely want to work with, playing with different headlines and seeing what works best. When you are putting together these welcoming messages, try to think a little bit outside the box. This is why I really like bonobos. Email. Obviously here they're touting their 20% off. As you see, there's a repeating pattern. Most of these brands are offering promotions to try to push the cells, which is why I encourage you to think differently, especially for smaller brand and first give something free and get people to know you before offering them a promotion. Finally, another example that I wanted to include is Ah, British brand called Boudin, and I really liked her. Welcome. Siri's. I really encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter. Just you can the get a sense. So the 1st 1 is really fun. I mean, as you see, this is a little get that they have where they welcome you to their world and essentially, you know, encourage you to I mean making you excited about finding out. But they're new arrivals and being part of a family getting styling tips as well, and, um, getting access to their lead legendary cells. So I mean, you know, it's whether what I like most about this welcome emails that it's not just about having access to products, but it's also about the information that you're going to get. So having styling tips is very important, like it's about everything that this brand can provide to you. And then the second email, which is great, because essentially, it's a good way to be able to give your subscribers ah, highlight of what your brain is all about by providing them a list. So five reasons toe fall for us one where British British spirit like rebellious second were stylish. Third were big on detail for service and five quality. This is a great way to break down every human they stand for gave their subscribers a better idea what their philosophies are and what to expect from them in the long run. So again, like these, are just some examples, so you can get some ideas as to what would work best for you. So overall, like these emails, my work for these larger brands because they already have a reputable name and people already know who they are and what to expect from them but you as a smaller brand and support that you put more effort in showing your brands personality. You must wow your customers with your email Siri's so make sure that you include a mixture of images plus text. Keep it short and fun and most importantly, don't try to sell anything in email. One. Make sure that your six is a template. God I share in D, Chapter three. Finally, once you have set up your welcome Siri's, you will need to continue optimizing your messages so you're Oppen. Rate is 20% or more. Ideally, your first email Open rates should be around 40% and more. If you're getting anything below, you're gonna have to rework on your subject line and personalize the subject line if need be. So, adding the name of the person that you're sending it to additionally review what your drop off rate is. Are people of subscribing not long after they've subscribed Purina list, so make sure that you try to keep those numbers under um, under 5%. Anything higher, you'll need to review a messaging sequence. Rework your copy and your story and look at what e mails are specifically causing people to drop off. And finally, you want to make sure that you enable Google analytics tracking so you can analyze your customers journey after the click on your email. So where they going on your website and what are their behaviors? So do a quick Google search for Google analytics segments. Eso The following can be used to isolate visitors coming from your email To understand their overall behaviors on your website, you'll need to set up your traffic sources and include your email provider so that can easily be done. Google Analytics Just do a quick search, um, on Google. So Google Analytics segments is what you want to look be looking for. And finally, your overall goal is to get as much engagement as possible from your subscribers. You want them to open your emails, you want them to click and go to your website and, most importantly, convert them into potential customer. But we will review exactly how you can do that in the next course. So how can you convert the subscribers into potential customers? And I mean, that's it for now, guys, a final reminder. If you'd like to download the welcome Siri's email template. Go to the bit Li Ling that I'm providing here. The template will include specific examples along with a guide which you can use to draft. You're welcome. Email Siri's so see you in the next class. And, ah, if you have any questions as always, you can reach me at info at luna vega dot net. Thank you, guys. Bye.