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Editing for Instagram - Premiere Pro CC 2017

teacher avatar David Lee, Inspire Design Create

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction to Tutorial

    • 2. Two Most Important Things

    • 3. Short and Sweet

    • 4. Getting into Premiere

    • 5. Sequence Settings

    • 6. Cropped vs Full Frame

    • 7. Export Settings for BEST Quality

    • 8. The End

    • 9. Batman Begins Parody Full Frame

    • 10. Batman Begins Parody IG Version

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About This Class

How's it going friends! In this class/tutorial i'll be going over the TOP 2 things you need to know get started creating instagram videos within Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 but also the export settings to help maximize your 4K footage before Instagram compresses it. 

This is a very short tutorial but I know you'll walk away with the key elements to ensure your videos are cropped properly, what to know for editing and my exact export settings.


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David Lee

Inspire Design Create


Cinematographer and Online Content Creator sharing my knowledge and onset experiences to help you grow professionally.

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1. Introduction to Tutorial: Hey was going on friends. My name is David Lee and welcome to this video on how to create Instagram videos using Premiere Pro. Maybe sold the last video that I made the two trio Siris on creating instrument videos with Monaco Pro 10. Then hopefully we'll find this one even more entertaining and possibly even more educational. Premier offers everything you need from the get go to creator Instagram videos and is classically broken out and basically into five modules, and I'll make them as short as possible. And that way you can start making your instrument videos right now. 2. Two Most Important Things: the 1st 2 things to consider when you're making instrument videos is a number one. The frame size for Instagram is 10 80 by 10 80. So every shooting in 1920 by 10 80 on your camera, then you're such a go there is shooting in a four K. Know that your composition and you're framing has to be very specific to Instagram or if you know you'll be using your footage later down the road, then play around. Scaling Play Around was a little bit of the framing inside of Premiere Pro. The second tip is basically export settings, right? I've been playing your mountain with different export sightings based upon what other people have tried on their own. And based upon my experience, when I upload Instagram videos, they're basically shot on one of two cameras. My Sony 80 6500 or my Sony A seven mark to I should everything in four K unless it's slow motion. Given that I've seen different levels of quality when it comes to uploaded instrument videos, especially shooting in four K 3. Short and Sweet: the last module will be going over exports setting when it comes to using Premiere Pro and how to maintain the highest amount of quality for your footage based upon Sony cameras. But I think it will go across the board regards of a kind of four K camera you're using. If using 1920 by 10 80 then you'll have a little bit less headache to worry about. Because there's less information general that Premier house to work with an INSTAGRAM has to compress. Alright, that's enough rambling. Let's get to the video. 4. Getting into Premiere: well, welcome to the main bulk of video. This is going to be using again Premiere Pro Sisi 17 but the same can apply to CS fives. He has six. The main thing that you'll want to remember at all times when creating Instagram videos specifically is your resolution size. So you need to create a sequence that is 10 80 by 10 80. That's for your INSTAGRAM videos. If you want to Dublin to instagram stories, those need to be 1600 by 900. I'm going to keep this tutorial as short and sweet as possible. So less than seven minutes for the entire theme. The 1st 1 that we did it for a final cut pro 10. I went into composition and framing things like that. So to briefly added into this video, every shooting with a 10 UDP only camera or extra recorder ensured that your composition is spot on. The reason why is because you're going to be losing some detail if you have to scale in your image too much. If you're shooting on a four K camera or a corner, then you don't have to worry too much about anything, really. I think That's the beauty behind shooting in four K is it allows you to do some cool things in post production. I have a old project that I shot about a month ago. Sort of a parody thing with that man and Batmobile that a friend wanted me Teoh film for him. I'm going to be using that project for this tutorial because I did two things with the video. One was made a full scale image for Facebook and YouTube. And then I went ahead and created a instagram specific version of it. Premature seem it is. I didn't change anything minus one transition, but it scaled down for that 10 80 by 10 80 timeline. 5. Sequence Settings: Let's jump into it, All right, So as you guys conceive my screen right here, I pretty much have a 62nd clip right from zero all the way to 59 or 60 seconds. I go to my sequence settings. You'll see that under the frame size I have 10 80 by 10 80 time Cody. Things that die, you can leave whatever you need to, but this is really the main thing. He's going to make sure that your horizontal vertical or titanium by 10 81 toe one. That's pretty much what Instagram likes to do for everything. Other platform video and also photo related. Have I jumped into my full frame version. If I go to sequence settings again, does he now have 1920 by 10 80? The only difference, really is one. When you're re composing your shots, things will have to be blown up a little bit. But just take a look at the composition. So right now this is what you're seeing if you're on your ipad, your phone, and I sent it to the full version that I did for Facebook. And you, too. You can see that there's a lot more real estate. Give this a shot in four K, and it's on a 10 80 p timeline. So I just go back to the first part. You can see, like 1/4 of the car on a little bit of the background and the full region. You can see much more of the interior of the car and a little bit more of the background, but I purposely, you know, let's fire the whole thing so you can see much of it. But it's basically the one thing that I want to kind of drive home with you guys is when you're creating these videos, especially for only shooting and Taney P. Make sure that whatever is in your in your frame is truly in your frame. Otherwise, you're gonna have a bit of a hassle when it comes to re composing and reframe your shots in post production, as well as losing maybe a little bit of detail. If you're shooting with the internal Kodak 6. Cropped vs Full Frame: That's pretty much the gist of it. Really. What it comes down to is Taney by 10 80. So when people are watching your videos on Instagram, they want to see something somewhat pleasing as it's only a 62nd video. Hopefully, you can catch their attention for the full 60 seconds. So how do you maintain your quality when it comes to expert in your videos specifically with Instagram, it compresses it a lot. Now this is probably a little bit more anecdotal based appliance. My experience, as I upload to Instagram quite frequently weekly, 23 times a week, as long as. Well, as with instagram stories, I shoot majority 98% of everything on instagram in four K and through trial and error, and be back from other people that have been watching the videos as they progressed. The one thing that recently noticed is the quality has been a little bit higher, not like the content, but just well, hopefully the content, but them viewing it on their phones, they're saying, like like the quality is a lot better. It's less compressed. One thing that I did change is in the export settings, so it's over that right now 7. Export Settings for BEST Quality: Now when you're done with your instagram video, and if you want to see this video, I'll put a link on my YouTube channel so you can watch it again in 60 seconds. Just a fun little thing. But when you're ready to export your video, the settings that have worked for me so far I'm still playing around with them. But the ones that have really been more consistent for me is when you going to export hit command? M shipping up the media encoder. The one thing that you want to make sure, especially if you're shooting in four K is rendered, have maximum depth and always choose VR to pass and the target and maximum bit rate. I've been playing around with a lot of the ones that I work for me to maintain full, like fidelity with the footage is I set target bit rate T and I set maximum bit rate to 50 and I kind of got this from basically experience in trial and error with my YouTube channel . And so it's two things, one for Instagram, they say under they see on the website that there is no limit as far as the bit rate goes right So theoretically, you could be shooting like, you know, raw. You know, for all I know, my 440 making this for second or higher than that. And Instagram will say cool like we're gonna take it all. But obviously there is some sort of give and take there, As you know, you. Should you shoot something on like a red scarlet. It's not gonna look like a red scarlet on your on your iPhone with instagram. We YouTube sort of the summer things. Actually, the guidelines as far as what your recommended bit rate should be and my target bit rate should be so of 10 80 footage again going back to using Antonini timeline YouTube recommends toe have if you're shooting, like within 23 24 25 frames per second, I think the max is 30. They say to have a recommended bit rate of eight megabits per second. Now, when you're using the maximum bit rate with media encoder, what that is supposed to do is when there is part of any part of your frame of your entire footage that the I guess the software dictates it needs to be at a higher bit rate. That's where that maximum bit rate part comes in. When you're shooting for instagram and uploading for Instagram, you want to make sure that your four K footage or six K whatever using when Adobe needs to ensure that it needs to be four care. Six K that it had as much balance to go around, so I use eight as the target. But, Ray, just so everything is, you know, for a Tandy P timeline is sort of easier for the servers for interim servers to receive and then to ensure that I have the maximum quality for every part of the footage that I make sure that I have the maximum rates at 2 50 MBPs. A second tip is when you're uploading, teams are gonna make sure that you're on a life by connection, a strong WiFi connection. I have tested multiple times of uploading videos through my wireless service. We just t mobile and the college just comes out of crap like it looks like for a DP. Sometimes, you know, it's been more consistent when I use a WiFi network and a really strong modify Now work. I've tried sometimes at a local coffee shop that has mediocre WiFi. And it's a little better than using all my cell phone service, but not as good as like my home Internet connection. 8. The End: cool. Well, hope the hopes. You guys out. I know this wasn't really a a class from my beginning to end, as I didn't want to make it a class. I felt like this information is very, very widely available YouTube video everywhere else. But I wanted to give my take on it, and I think it's specifically it's really about the export settings, right? We all know kind of 10. Anyway, 10 80 doesn't matter what editing software using is all you really need to know, right? You only need to know anything else besides how to be a good filmmaker or good postproduction editor, right? Export settings with killer things because it sucks when you're creating this beautiful piece of work. It's a 62nd video and hopefully use. You have a lot of people that are watching in, but when it comes at all, you know, just muddy and you know that your fall, it's just how Instagram compresses the video. It's kind of sucks, and it's frustrating, you know. Just a recap. Use eight megabits per second for your target bit rate and then 50 megabits per second or the maximum for bbry to pass for your maximum bit rate. You were looking for more guys on my composition, framing in a very general sense. You can check out the first video that I made for Instagram video making on Final Cut Pro 10. If there's something specific to answer and making videos with Premiere Pro, please let me know only I could provide a video for people, and there is enough demand for it and especially creating instagram videos when you're creating, like transitions in Premiere pro or after effects. They don't always transition well into, like a 10 80 by 10 80 timeline. Things get kind of messed around with the framing, So you never interested in that. I have questions. Please let me know. I love to make a video for you guys. My name is David Lee, and I hope to see you guys in the next class. The next video 9. Batman Begins Parody Full Frame: - okay ? 10. Batman Begins Parody IG Version: - okay ?