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Easy journaling on the go

teacher avatar Lisa L, Potsiefighter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
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About This Class

In this class I am showing you my set-up for easy - and therapeutic - journaling on the go!

I am showing you what I use, how I store everything and I am showing you how I 'journal' in my Travelers Notebook as well!

I hope this class inspires you to just sit down and stick & plonk! Have fun!

xo Lisa

Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa L



Hi peeps, I'm Lisa from Potsiefighter. I am glad you joined me today! I am happy to share my scrappy and crafty path with you! Check out my social media for more detail and content!

xo Lisa

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1. Intro: if you're like me and you enjoy simple sticking and plunking beautiful die cuts and stickers and find it relaxing and therapeutic. And this is the cost for you in this class, I will show you my travelers, no books essential and my set up for journaling undergo. I hope you'll enjoy the costs. Have fun. 2. Lesson 1: Hello, everybody. Welcome, Desist Visa from party fighter. And in this video or in this class, I want to show you how I set up my travels notebook when I'm on the girl. So I'm going to show you what I years and why. And we're just going to show you a little bit what I use, So let's get started. 3. Lesson 2: So the first thing you obviously need to hum be travel a note booking. And so it's not a word, obviously. But you need at trouble of notebook. Now, I use this. Um, I actually had just finished, like, literally yesterday. I just finished money, and you can see how nice and chunky it is. So I actually have a few process videos over on my YouTube channel about, um, this notebook, and when I am really undergo, I just use the insert and not, uh, cover as well. So, um, I have a few different kind off, um, travel us notebooks. I have one like this where I'm just literally sticking in plunking and dueling and journaling. I'm There's no drum living this page because I usually don't show the journaling. Wait, I have one. Very good, actually. Show this one. I don't Yep. I have one somewhere. Why are journal a bit and they wake up. So this one, for example, is one where I drunk I journal lot, but I don't want to show that, um so I just use this is actually kind off. Use it up journal. I just use, um, like, die cuts and and I don't know, stuff that I would not use in my scrapbooking. And also scrap Booker and I also to Perchik life and are telling and stuff and I would not use. That's not me. I don't would not use that. But I love these things for my trouble is notebook and able to stamp in here. Um, that's one kind off travelers notebook that I use. And the other kind. He's, um I have This is a leather from one. And this one is a chick. Yeah, this'll one is a scrap bookie. One. I didn't come really far, so this is I have a different set up for this one. Um, but I don't take that with me. I only do this at home. Um, I'm often at the hospital, and I always take my travelers notebook with me. So this is a brand new one. This is the kind of weird one, but I don't mind. And that came in the blue one. But I don't mind, because I just sticking Plunk. I'm gonna do a process at the end or ah, in another section off this class so you can see what I actually mean. by sticking in plunking. So you need a Charles notebook. I also have distill pencil case. I love it because it's so small and this is all I take with me. So I have one glue roller or like tape. Brunner, I have small scissors. These are actually sewing scissors your super sharp. But I love them because to your shirt and, um thanks. This is I have some kind off black gel pin. This is a fine tip. Black job him. Do I have a script piece of paper. Somebody just take does just a sticker sheet, and then you just just so you see, this is a black jump in. Um, and I also have orders and mustache on there. That's obviously important. So with the Black Masters champion and this is just a black, like a normal pen that I have as well. And, um, acoustic. We're gonna like to love glue sticks in my travels notebook, because if there are, like tnc win, see parts. Um, I like to stick them down with that. That's all I have with me when I'm journaling on ago when I'm at home. Of course, I have stamps and stuff I don't take that with him because it would be too much, and then I have this as well. But put that aside, this is actually a pouch from a studio calico kit from a document that keep that. I love these pouches, and I just feel it up, so it's completely full. Um, so, yeah, there are different things in here. For example, there are some weird stickers I love. Um, having secret in here. Also thes kind of stickers. I have some leftover word stickers. He's also from Studio Calico. Dad, I don't use anywhere else or that I don't have any need for I have news, people. Clippings. Um, these are for travel kind of thing that I used from time to time. Um, I have justices like I don't even know what that is That came with a with an order or something. I don't know. Um, I always have. This is a very, very old um, what's that called? I don't know. The word dictionary, Mr. I'm from Austria. So that's That's whites. It's German. And I also have this bunch of stickers that I found that I want to use. That's another thing. And then I just put that back. So again, I just feel that up. I spent quite a few hours yesterday and today filling it up, so that's not usually that fool. But I killed a few, died cut papers, e have all kinds off die cuts that I would not use a my scrapbooking and perfectly so. I have flowers and I have, I don't know, burgers in milk bottle. And what the death say, Enjoy life. It's delicious. So huge variety off sizes and shapes and themes and whatever this literally is that this doesn't have any purpose. I just love to buy die cut papers, and I just punched him out. And I keep a few foreign, my project life, it scrapbooking and the other ones I use up here. Or if you have, If you're a scrap booker, for example, if you have kids subscriptions or if you buy kids, then there's always something that you wouldn't use in your scrapbooking, and I always put them in my little patching, and this is I wouldn't take that with me. I would take out quite a bit like I would take maybe this much. It depends if I'm untouchable for, like, three weeks. This wouldn't be enough, But I was just, like a flip flop. I don't know what I'm gonna do with that, but we'll see a little pick. So that's what, um, I am raising. And this is what my essentials are. So that was basically it. And yeah, I am going to do a process. Now, see, you can see what I'm talking about. 4. Lesson 3: so I actually sign it to leave those die cuts out. And that's cute. And see what I can do with these If there's something that I want to use No, that's just could that here? I don't know exactly what kind of insert that is again. That just came with my, um, with my cover, But I'm gonna use it, so definitely want to use that. I also used why should, for example, I have that that hooked here. That actually, it's usually on my try put. But I ant to remove it because of the camera. And, um, I think I'm gonna go with the pink one. Just stick it here so you can cover up. And, um, I'm not gonna journal. Stay, because I actually don't have anything to try. And I'm just gonna use these things. Still something in here, actually. An Should I use three. Cool stick. It doesn't work. There we go. For me, this is a really, um, unimportant part off my art or creative journey because I often do this at nights, and it relaxes me because I don't have to think about what I'm doing. I just can punk and stick and punk and sticking Plunk. So, um, also take that with me that I said, um, to the hospital and chronically sick. So I spent. I'm quite a fair few. Um, um, not months, but weeks a year in the hospital. So that's great for me. And also, take this toe work, actually, and this just doesn't have to have Ah, we don't think think I covered it up. So this is one way that I do a travel is no book. I also, as I mentioned, half a, um, scrapbooking travels notebook. But, um, I might if you're interested in that, let me know when that will show you that as well. I want to use some of these. The's stickers. Hell, is it's that it just drip that, but that's off. Hey, uh, see, what else is in here? And there's a little seashell. There it is. That's when I was looking for because we really want, um, here. I Sometimes I'm also take double sided tape with me, um, like, role of double sided tape, but it doesn't fit inside of my little pencil case, so I actually don't do that anymore. So, Steve, you shop. Let's see if put, um, some flowers here. I always actually out flying ago. I always messy outline my Hey, chief. Because I stick and punk so much, I often feel like everything is floating off the page and I don't want it to flow away to who to fly off the page. I wanted to be messy and artsy, but not by away. So I have put here and stuck in a unicorn. Can do you until I think so. Think I'm gonna put the all if oil here and it looks nice. I really think, um, the morally years you putting here for me, the better it looks. And I actually like the weirdness off these things. It just gives it more texture, not texture, but interest that so I know we're looking for a little milk bottle. Um, but I would, um, advice. You're not to put, um, dimensional things in here because it just gets too bulky. As you can see, this'll one is really, really thick in comparison to what it actually is. And there is not a single dimensional sticker in that one. There it is. Stick imparted over here. E think I used to see Schoen's This is also a great, um, way to use up your stash. I always when I got new die cuts or ah, kit for something. I always go through it. And if I see things that I know I'm not gonna years I always immediately immediately put those in here or often also, um, by like these things, those vintage things. I I don't use vintage things in my scribble things by my other craft, but I love them for my travels Notebooks. So I bought this, Was it? I could paper, pet. I love that. And I specifically fought that for my age. Rose notebook. So I see. Do we go? I think don't one more of those fresh and girls right here. And if it goes up to page, flip it over and remove it. Keep using those scissors. I'm sorry, pharmacies. I think I'm gonna put them up. Maybe in just him. And once we have all of the bigger chunkier I'm die cuts on there. It kind of gets hard because the small die cuts are all the way down on the bottom, off the pouch. So you have to do little fiddling around that's whatever that is. Cherry on top, that's stepped. What is that? I don't see. Put it here. Maybe on there we are some more of those stickers to add more dimension. And also don't use mixed media and destroy annals. Or no water colors, no at a no gelato Zorg Wash or whatever you're using, because this is strictly sticking and parking. I have a nocturnal I have multiple are channels. I have multiple Charles notebooks and I don't like to mix. The purpose is off them. You can off course do that. Obviously, that would totally be an option. But I personally for not to and because this is journaling on to go. I usually don't have my what a collison stuff with me when I am on the go. What's that? Let's go on an adventure. I am looking goingto. Angus, There we go. That's the winner. So, yeah, that's basically how I drink A long ago. I love to do this at work in other classes kicked out as well. I didn't Eustis much space because that would probably be a little suspicious, but I love to do this son ago. It's just so much fun and it really relaxes me. The fear about beer? No, that's That's a publicly since you stepped. I mean, I think I can call my page. Done. Okay, We We like it. Um, yeah. If you have any questions, please. Um, leave them down below and show me what you came up with. I would really love to see what you did. And I hope you like this. You can also check out my other social media such as YouTube, where it varies a lot off free Compton. I post there three times a week, plus the hall a week. So check out that. And yeah, thank you so much for taking this cross, and I hope to see you again. Bye.