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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Self Love


    • 2.

      Love yourself


    • 3.

      SelF LovE Project


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About This Class

Easy Yoga for Self Love is a 45 minute sequence of Yoga for Beginners, but all levels are welcome!

This practice it´s the progression of my two previous classes: Easy Yoga for a Radiant Day and Easy Yoga for a Strong Mind

In this class you will:

  • Explore the most basic standing postures in yoga and their names. 
  • Work deeper into twists and backbends.
  • Strengthen legs, abs and back muscles.
  • Work the flexibility of the upper back and the sternum, which is the Love Energetical Center, according to Hinduism.

By the end of this class you will feel:

  • Physically revitalized and clear minded.
  • Strong and positive towards yourself and your body.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarama Yoga

Yoga & Art Instructor.



Passionate about colors and sensations, Im a mixed media human project made of Yoga, Art and travels. 

I have 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, 8 years traveling America (non stop!) and my whole life as visual artist.  

Im constantly learning in the infinite sea of awareness, color and design, and teaching the most beauty things I know: Art and Yoga.

My mission is to make people feel alive.

If you would like LIVE online clases, reach me at IG as @art.love.yoga


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Level: All Levels

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1. Intro to Self Love: Hi, My name is Melissa. Welcome three Secure for self love. This is a 45 minute sequence for beginners and it is a progression off my took serious Cassis you can find here on schedule. In this class, we will perform the most common stamping basic poses. And where we learn the names of this positional sense sense it also we will work in the flexibility off the upper back and surname to open our hearts. According to some of these body parts are where the heart chakra is located. And here is where rest all expressions of love include himself in the class product blue inducing reading exercises These we lived you to have some sites that will make you love your body way more by deal of this'll, as you will feel revitalized, strong and more positive towards your own body when it starts 2. Love yourself: number. Start in front off the mat with a fit open. Other hip distance. He nail. Take your arms up, exhale and lower your arms. Email. Arms up a gam, excel and slowly lower your arms. Email. Arms up, Exhale and bend your body. Forward the nail forward, straight spine. Exhale hence to the floor and work back to plank pose. Place your knees and in steps on the floor. When the elbows and lower your chest to the floor. Email flow forward and up with your chest. Place your toes, bend your knees and straighter legs. Lifting your hips to them were facing the breathe deeply and filled your body fully. You know, look forward and excel. Look forward between your Ian's email forward straight spine. An Excel full for relax your neck. Email rolled your spine up, Arms up and excel hints down. He nail hints up. Excel full forward, then bone e mail. Spine straight. Exhale hints to the floor and work powers to plank pose miss and in steps on the floor. Bend the elbows and lower your Chesler floor. E mail flow forward and up with your chest. Goethe pose. Place your those and bend your knees straighter legs lifting your hips toe that were facing the Ben Journeys. Alternatively em. Feel the opposite leg straight both legs and walk forward between your ian's E mail. Look forward straight spine Excel Full forward E mail. Rolled your spine up, shoulders back in, arms up. Excel hands besides your ribs E mail. Hands up. Exhale. Bend your body forward E mail. Look forward straight spine. Exhale. Play Syrian Sunday month and walk or jump back toe Blink niece and in steps on the floor, bend the elbows and know your chest to the floor. Email flow forward and up with your chest kota pose. Place your toes, bend your knees and straight your legs. Lifting your IP stood our facing dog. Remember Ben Journeys. If you need it, do e mail. Look forward and walk or jump forward between your hands. He nail. Look forward straight Spine and excel. Four. Fold. He now rolled your spine up. Shoulders back, arms up and exhale. Release your arms. Email. Arms up, Exel straight spine full forward. Email. Four straight spine again and store floor left leg steps back. Left me to the floor, left hand, align with the right foot. Inhale, lift your right arm. The breathe. Open your chest. Excel him bound by Rainer side off the right foot keeps down, just up and forward. Look up, optionally lift your left me keeping your Belene left. Need to a floor working with the right foot e mail and handsome angina. Yasin A or Crescent War Excel hands the letter and pushed your body to the right. If the arm on the right leg press down income you're reading release. Place your hands on the map and work by words Toe plank, post knees and in steps on the floor. When the elbows and load your chest. LeFlore hearts pose. Flow your chest forward to code. Oppose. Place your toes, bend your knees and flow back with your ribs. Straighter legs lifting your hips to that were facing, though. Observe how it gets more comfortable each time he nail Look forward. Welker jumped for between your Ian's. He nail. Look forward straight spine, Excel, fold forward. Place your hands, ends the back with the right leg. Need to F nor write him a line with the left foot email and lift your left arm long spine. Open your chest. Look to your ailed excel. Low your him by the inner side off your left foot. Load your hips just up and heart forward Optionally live your back. Me strong legs, strong abs and soft breathe. Write me back to the floor. Walk in with your left foot. Email. Hands up. Grissom, Baleen Excel Hansel Getter in front, off your chest and Mr Body to the left right arm on the left leg and calm your breathing. Look down and release plays Syrians on them out and book by words The plank pose. Keep your hips straight knees and in steps on the floor. Bend the elbows in low your chest to heart. Suppose float your chest forward the core. Oppose. Place your those. Bend your knees and flow back Australia or less. Tow them or facing dog three deep breads. He now look forward than excel. Welker Gym for between jury hands. You he now look forward straight, spine and excel full, forward and down. Tennison. This post can be used as arrest pose or as an introspective bows, you know, rolled your spine up, shoulders back in, arms up. Exhale hands besides your heaps, you know, arms Excel. Bend your body forward E nail. Look forward Excel. Bend your knees and your hips. Email. Let your legs as they are and just lift the arms chair pose. Keep your Bellion excel four fold hands still there floor Step back with the left leg. You know, lift your arms toe press in tow. Excel hence to better and twist to the right left arm to the right leg. President, hands opening your chest and x selling. Release your arms hence to a floor. Spend your left leg and align the right heel with a left foot arch. Place your right forearm on the right leg and place your left heap back The lean now left arm goes up and forward parts back on asana Barseback on us in Now put your arms and shoulders level the warrior to oppose keeping the legs us. They are straight your right knee, making a triangle shape with your legs and place your right leg under machine or ankle if possible. If this is not comfortable to the neck, you can always look down. This is triangle pose or trick honest. When the right me place the hands on the map and spend the left foot and bring it up. Please your hands just below your shoulders. Keep straightness, if possible, bring for your left foot. Besides your right foot, Benn journeys such Scheffler and lift your arms without changing the position off the knees . Share IPOs. Exhale against to the floor. Dennison, step back with the right. Will it? He now lift your body and arms. The crescent moon Excel, Instigator Now who is still the left right arm on their left leg. Just your body. As much as you need, President Reince and open your chest and shoulders. Ex selling. Look down and release your arms hence to a floor X selling. Look down and release your arms and still a floor Now, Spain, your right leg in a lime. The left heel with the right foot arch. Place your left for arm on the left leg and push back. You're right, people. Keep your Bellion right arm up and forward toe. Partial Conason Now place your arms of shoulder level, the worrier to pose. Look above your left him straighter left knee making a triangle shape with your legs in place, Your left hand on your shin or ankle if post race up your right arm and look up. Remember to look down if your neck needs it. Triangle pose. Excel both hands to a floor. Spin the right foot when the left knee Place both hands on the month and bring the right foot forward and up. Welcome your hands just below your shoulders. And if the that when you're left me bring forward, you're right foot. Besides your left foot, Ben journeys touch the floor and lift your arms The share pose Excel arm slow and buck He now lift your arms Exhale arm slow in book E mail up the share pose and excel chest thighs You know one more up Excel blow down strata knees This time they the opposite elbow with your hands releasing all the weight off head, neck and spine. Really Syrians in a look forward itself Goto plank pose Mr Leflore Elbows went to heart Suppose now flow forward Toko, dispose and then flow back The other mu cash Reynosa in the left leg kicks back if you need it. Ben, You're right. Live now. Open your left hip. So your belly Barone and your left. Those points towards the left breathe and slowly bend your left knee, opening your heap even more. Be sure to level your body weight between two arms en el stretch back your left leg and exhale. Left leg walks half way forward and spin so they left. The right food turns to the left. Us well, so your tent. Those are pointing left in a lift. Your left arm now right arm and right leg are supporting the body weight. Keep your bellying look down, lowered your left arm. Walk back with the left leg and turned back your body toe plank pose niece and in steps on the floor. Then the elbows low your chest and the flow. Your chest for the horrible's excels just down. Place your those drive your heaps through your heels and flew back to child's pose. Three Reds, you know, lift your rips straight legs. Adamu Cash. Venison email. Right leg kicks back if you needed. Bend your left leg straight arms breath in the feelings off the back muscles. Turn up in your right peep so your belly bottom and your writers points towards the right and breathe slowly. Bring your ride me open your EAP even more and level your body weight between both arms he nails and straight back to your right leg. Excel right leg works halfway forward and spins to the right. They left foot there, so right as well. So your those are pointing right? You know, lift your right term, left arm and left leg are now supporting the body weight. Look up, but if you feel better, look forward. Explored your strength. Excel. Load your right arm. Walk back with your right leg and thigh or about your body toe plank. Pose niece and in steps on the floor. Bend the elbows, load your chest and flowed your chest. Excel chest down. Place your does flow back to child's pose. Variation. Those fingertips are now in the mud. Arms are a straight those in touch the mat. 53 brands Bring your finger tips besides ceremonies and get up. Place A in steps on the month niece as close to better us possible fingertips behind you. Pointing back. Arch your back shoulders back and open your heart. Come back to sender. Slowly place your hands forward, cross your legs behind and show off your hips back to sitting straight Legs. Souls together and open Uranus. Take your ankles. Inhale. Lengthen your spine. Open your chest. Excel. Drive your chest inwards. Change the chest E mail. Excel arch The chesting words three times more at your own pace, really slowly becoming aware off the relationship between breathing and movement. Slowly about the straight spine and work forward with your hands. Breathe in and, if comfortable, move along little by little as you're very close it. Remember, joga is a love roses between your body and your mind. So let your expectations aside and grow patients enjoy for the present moment. - Welcome back with your hands and get up slowly. Bring your knees to letter straight your legs them off yourself. A little forward feet about hip distance. Place your hands behind you, fingertips towards your hips. Inhale and lift your hips this level and really slowly move back your head. Opening your throat carefully look forward and larger hips back to the floor. Now place your fingers point into asides. It'll open your chest and lift your hips slowly. Drop back your head, open your throat, look forward and lower your hips back to floor. This last time, place your fingers pointing backwards in L and lift your hips and chest again softly opened your throat and be present in old your body sensations. Excel four and lower jury. Respect the floor. Turn your fingers for right leg straight up arms Besides your leg excel larger leg, you know, opened your throat and chest. Excel for head to your knees now left leg straight up, arms straight. Besides your leg and keep strong Excel, lower your leg email. Open your throat and chest. Excel for head to your knees. Place your finger tips besides your legs and raise both Alexe ankles and knees are left. Asan. Option straight your arms. Besides your legs, keep strong. Raise your arms. Keep everything together and slowly at cell and release down email. Open your throat and chest. Excel for him to your niece. Release your ups. Lex Gross Inhale Open your chest. Excel chesting words now at your own base. Email and exhale. You know, exhale. I just You're comfortable seating back straight. Inhale handsome. Exhale hands together in front off the chest. Inhale and open your left ERM by words. Reading a deep twist, Excel come back to center. Hence together in Anjali mood e mail opened Your right arm works. I feel that. Please excel. Hands together in front of your chest. Inhale open toe the left as much as you feel it nice and excel. Come back to center, you know, open to all right and exhale. Going to center e Nel and opened your left arm backwards. Place your right hand on your left knee to twist deeper and excel. Come back to center. Hands on your chest. Inhale open your right arm. Bywords. Place your left hand on your right knee deep twist breath deeper. Twist the pair. Excel and come back to center. Hands on your heart, please your feet on the floor. Take your knees and slowly lay down. Interlace your fingers upon the niece and rock your back, giving yourself a little moustache. Excel, Release the legs. Place your feet at hip distance and make your fingertips. Touch the heels. Press down with your arms and shoulders and inhaling. Lift your hips off the floor, excel in Place your hips back to a floor and rest of it and prepare yourself to the next rich post. Press down with your arms and shoulders and inhaling. Lift your rips off the floor this time, try to bend your elbows, pointing up with your fingers pressed on with your elbows toe. Lift your hips, sire, and excel slowly place your apes back to the floor and rest this last time prison with your elbows and shoulders. Lift your ribs and Lynn completely on your shoulders. Lift your arms and bring them back. Reach into the floor, keeping the heaps exactly where they are. Slowly take your arms up of them and lower your elbows down to the floor. Lower your hips completely. Rock your legs and relax your low back. Bring your knees to chest, hold them and rock side to side again. A low, the resting time. Come to your body and, more important to your mind, follow your breath. Relax your legs. Relax your arms, hands facing up. Look for the comfort off your head, neck back and the heaps. I feel everything melting on the ground. Lose your hair if needed. In shirt, Just relax. Eyes closed right slowly and feel Welcome into the rest. Bush Shabbas. Lose yourself in the present moment in the faint notes off music in your heart to read them - way , - way 3. SelF LovE Project: I focus this class himself lover because I think this crucial that we awake from the generalized idea that older body deserves love and value just by its appearance Our body, calluses, toe heel and become aware off experience off life. And that is its true. So they nerd Your product for this class is to identify your less love body parts and toe right Information's off love the words recognizing its importance in settled It's a furious . So using, they tell media are during your journal we are going toe right are enough study with everybody You send this for months. I love my that that Children like because I can that in the resources section of this class I will let you template that you can use if you want You can make your own. Or, as I say before you can use your journal. If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say they have a journal, you can check out my first yoga class here on skill share is your radio and one listing. Please don't forget to take a picture of your project and share it here way