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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Class

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Painting 1 Snowy Winter Night

    • 4. Painting 2 Monochrome Snow Landscape

    • 5. Painting 3 A Voilet Winter Day

    • 6. Thank you for Watching

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About This Class

Watercolour is one of the most unique mediums for creating art. It's unpredictability and unique characteristics makes it the dearest medium of most of the artists.

In this class we are going to learn some techniques in painting quick and easy landscapes. We will look into the techniques and paint 3 unique landscapes by the end of the class. 

Come join me to paint your own winter :) 

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

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1. Welcome to the Class: way. Hello, everyone. I'm back with a super exciting class on painting. So in this class will be doing three different paintings. Wait, I'll take you through all the materials we require. We'll also go through the techniques via we paint each of them. I have chosen three Vinto Lansky. You can be your favorite one from these are You can paint all of them way right from doing your pencils, Kage. Everything is explained. Step by step, which makes it perfect for beginners. As for these are the three paintings you do along with me each pending as about 20 to 30 minutes. By the end of the class, you all will be experts in painting winter landscapes. And these are pulling to go as a handmade holiday cup. So grab all the materials and join me to paint some holiday card for your dear ones. 2. Art Supplies: in decision. I'm going to talk about all the supplies really need in this class. Don't worry. If you don't have the exacting models that I'm using, you can use whatever you have, which is nearly similar. It is more important to have the materials right before you start with any watercolor project. The paper use for a particular is the most important at supply. According to me today, I'm using arches Rough paper, which is 100% cotton. 300 gs in on This is an artist great paper. If you don't have an artist, great particular people, it's absolutely OK. But make sure you're using a minimum off 1 £40 because that has the ability to hold multiple layers of water, which makes a huge difference in your world Fella project. Next, I'm gonna talk about the paint, so I am somebody who prefer mostly tube toward a color over what color pants. But then it's up to you. You can't even use your water cooler pants. I'll be using video shades from different brands. Now I'll be talking about all the shades and details will be moving on to the painting. I'll be using three brushes through this class awash pushed by Princeton Onda size number 12 and eight from Silver Blackwell. But brush. You would also need a mixing palette to mix all your colors. Any part of that, you have got the book way. You would also need to. Jars of water wants to get clean water on the brush, and the other one is to wash the paint off from your brush way. Aunt, I'll be using my white gosh to create the stars and the snow. So this one here is from royal talents. You can go with any of the white glass you have caught or even avoid to article level book . Last but not least, you will also need a pencil, um, asking T on Eraser and people total. Okay, so that's summarize all the material that will lead in this class. Grab all the materials and join me in my next video 3. Painting 1 Snowy Winter Night: Hello, everyone. So let's start with our first window landscape. I have nicely taped on my paper onto a base. The first step is to draw a cute little house. Oh, okay, So that's my house. I'm gonna use three shades to paint my sky. I have selected them all truly toe suppression. Blue couple, green and light green. I'm gonna swatch them for you. You could go with any of the shades who have doesn't necessarily need to be the same sheet . Some nothing if you have only to You could go back to our insert off the cabal green. You could replace that with two Kaizar, tell agree or anything that you have. I'm using my number 12 silver black. Well, the brush. So this will be the main brush I'll be using throughout this class on. I'll use a smaller one to add the DDS later. So what I have here s Prussian blue Now I'm going with Cabal Green on. After that, I'm going with light green. So all the shades here, um, using this from the brand center Lear again, the brand doesn't matter. Okay, so those are the colors which we're gonna use for sky We're gonna paint the sky using the wet on wet technique. So my first step is to get the paper. I'm gonna apply even goto water onto the people. A light coat would be enough. Don't apply too much of water. I'm starting with light green on, um, painting random streaks using my light cream. I started with the lighter value first, which is the light green in this case. Now I'm adding in Kabbalah green. You can see how the colors are blending as a background is wet. So this is the beauty of the bottom technique. I'm not trying to control the paint. Leave it free on let it blend by its own. Now I'm going with Prussian blue and adding the darko values. I'm making the area behind the roof little darker so that the snoble stand out. You can also leave a little off paper space in between. This way you don't need to apply any white to light tones on. Do you also get a different mix off human values for your sky? Now, with my plane brush? I'm just helping the close to plant a little. I don't have any being to my brush. I'm just helping those colors to blend a little, - um , adding in a little more light green and cobalt green because my background is still but I could add in as much as colors. I want Anatole Blunt much recently, so I'm making use of the time and adding a little more brighter values to it way back. All right, so that's my sky now onto the snow. Okay, let me tell you this. So the best way to create snow as to leave your paperwhite you could add some highlights to the people wife to enhance the snow, that the only thing you need to do to create that snowing effect to paint the rude, amusing intercooled you could go with any of the blue shade that you have called make it dark at the bottom on. When you go closer to the house, make it tryto next I'm gonna paint the door and into in yellow on and adding a little off looked the crowned aspirin to greet the effect of the light hitting the ground on. Once I applied the loop on blending it with water and taking to the lightest tune to finish the snow furthered ground. Um, applying some light washes off into go. I'm not going to fill the entire white piece way on changing my brush to a smaller size. So this is number eight from Civil Blackwell Brush. Now I'm gonna paint the little house and Mancina on when I go closer to the door on the winter. I'll Agnes loved four million because the yellow light is getting mixed with burn sina. So when you added one million next to the store on the window, it can give you that the wall is shining and the light, so I'm gonna create that effect. Paint the other side with a Doc Coburn Sina to get a darker color. You could either. Add being scree are a little off black to ban Xena. So that gives you a doctor Tune with that? The first layer off the house is done. Now, let's go ahead and add some details to it with the same dark Valentina. I'm gonna draw some lines at equal intervals. I want to that I'm gonna blend that onto though background now to one side of the door under going to I'm adding a tickle line to enhance thing now to the bottom After roof those edges, I'm adding darko values to create the shadows. Okay, so the next step is to act, um, buying treats. This one doesn't need to be well detailed as a snoble. Cover up all of them way. So I draw a line from top to bottom leaving the tip dinner. So that's my treat trying there I randomly drew the inclined lines. And along with that, I create tiny movements to the fresh to create the full each. Wait, don't get perfect. The snow will cover up all the imperfections and make it perfect Way amusing. Payne's gray here. If you don't have means great, you could go with black. Okay, let me quickly fill up this line with pine trees way , - way with the same pains. Agree? I'm adding a bit off Dhaka lines under the roof. If you have already got a negotiator, you could skip this way. Way. Now I'm gonna fix the snow on top of the roof. Ah, have some blue Which God mixed onto the white. So I'm fixing that. But White wash this man I'm using here as white clash by Ryan talents now onto the messy part. I'm using my light goulash to create the star and the snow If you don't have white Gosh, it's still okay to use your white water color. So get the consistency, right? It shouldn't be too watery. Make it let pick and then splatter Return to your background. So I'm taking the paint on one brush and with another pressure I'm gonna tap on to that two . Great. The snow and the stars together way, way, - way with the same brush I'm gonna put some dots on the pine trees to make them look like snow fund Way, Way My roof looks so flat I'm gonna make the edges look but irregular to create that snow Full Look, now it has a more natural look. It really looks like it's holding a lot off snow way. I just randomly cool and put some bigger stars with my brush I hadn't washed off the white wash from my brush I'm using the same wide to create the stars All right, well done. So that's ever post. Meaning you've been Dylan's keep. If you are good at lettering, you could add a nice cooled on. It's perfect to go as the holiday card way who be all enjoyed this one? We have more winter landscapes to do. Join me in my next video. 4. Painting 2 Monochrome Snow Landscape: Alright, so we finish painting our first. Now let's do a more legroom snow landscape. The first step is to draw a narrow Very well, so I just drove one here. In this painting, I'll be only using pains. Great, different tones of pains. Great and original white quash to make the snow. So that's all you need in this class. Now I'm gonna get my sky area. Andi, I'm taking a lighter tone off main screen. Andi, apply and even wash on when you come closer to the ground blended down with pure water Way . Now I'm meeting my re world in being to grasp it, you could again give light wash of pains grade to the entire river and then you come closer . When you come to the full ground, you can make it to the doctor. Now I'm adding in a move with white water color. Just a so come and fill it with white color. Now I'm taking those edges. Very good. See the shadow. Make those just but docker believe the other ones. Tacitus. Now you could see, um, choosing the ones where you can see the shadow on to blend into the background. We left more Darko values towards the end. You can use any of your because I spreads to wash the sky, and we were now I'm sure you have to drew some quick and easy birth trees. I'm using my silver black velvet fresh number eight to draw the trees. Draw the tree trunk. It could be a bit irregular shape. It doesn't need to be like straight now add in the branches just like this. You go with different thickness for the trunk and different thickness for the branches. That's totally up to you, the one on drawing here, as with the light of dawn off pains. Great. So that's the only thing you need to keep in mind. Draw the lighter ones in the background on when you come through. So to the foreground, go with the board ones. Now let's draw the trees on our main painting. As I mentioned earlier, the only been getting to keep in mind has still made the trees in the background like to down the one toe cramp. So this will create that depth and a funky effect. - I didn't ask many trees after born you getting the greed of Ben's forest are aspires for worst us I'm doing now. I'm not going with Duminy drifts you, uh, way. - So I have done adding the trees. Now I'm gonna add more jacko values to the river to create a death, add more Dakhil values at thes lines. These darker values will greet more depth and shadow to the river, and it will also enhance the snow on the ground. - Now I'm blending that Darko values with water. And then I go little Father, I'm using a little more lighter value of pain. Scree on adding those depth Playing with those darker and lighter values is world gives more to the painting along with adding news Darko values drawing some lines from top to bottom. So this indicate the shadow off the trees. Now I'm gonna add the shadows of the trees. So that's the only thing I'll be doing on the snow. Take a lighter tone off beans green and add in the shadows in an inclined line. Make sure you drew all of them in the same direction. So that's the shadows. I'm not so happy with the shape, but I have got here, so I'm gonna fix it a little bit. - I'll go one more round fixing all the edges. It's actually you could do this. Painting with any of the shed off your child doesn't necessarily need to be being screened . You could do what purple or blue or some sap green. Any color would go perfect with this monochrome landscape. Now let's add in some snow. That's only step remaining. I'm gonna split toe right gosh onto the background. It's the same technique which we used in the previous session. - Now I'm running my brush along the branches and putting some white dots on it to greed that affect off snow, holding onto the branches on That's it. The unturned. Whatever Mona Crumbs, New Landscape. I hope you all enjoyed painting this easy monochrome landscape. I have a bit more exciting. One set in the next video, and that one we're gonna use three shade instead of one. I'll see you the next we do 5. Painting 3 A Voilet Winter Day: - Okay , We are at the third painting in this one. We could have paint a calm and peace proving to announce key. I'll be using three shades for this painting. Boozer Violet could I could on trade and things great. So these are two main shades involved in speaking. Instruct. Payne's gray could go with black aspen on. If you don't have a rocket on dread, you could go with crimson way. I'm not applying water. I'm directly going with a lighter tone. Oh, Violet. And then with dread on again with a little violet. - Now I'm adding a little darker value. So while it on the top, So the white space left at the bottomless your snowfall ground. So when you come down with your sky and when you reach the border, most blended Deng with pure worker, my sky hasn't dried completely. Now I'm gonna go with the same violet on I'm adding in some wake ships off pine trees. So this has to be done before your background dries completely because you need to get that blurry effect. So these shapes what you're adding in, doesn't need to be detailed at all. You can go with very big shapes off pine trees. Now repeat the same words red and violet. All made them do drew red and a badge and won it in a batch. Just keep repeating them in alternate manner When you reach the left, Most drew very light toe pine trees and bend them to the background. Now wait for that to dry. Now I'm going with a brighter Welliton dread on drawing the spine trees again, so this can be a little more detailed and sharp. I showed how to do buying trees and my first painting. You could go back and check them if you haven't seen them yet. Randomly Coalwood Red and violet on fill in the line. - Make sure you don't draw your pine trees in the same kite. Draw the matter waiting hide because that gives at a natural look. Way back, I have almost done painting the pine trees. Stop drawing the pine trees at a three food on leave the other one food space as it is because we already have Godavari lighter pine trees, which looks like they are very far. So stopped a brighter ones at the threefold. Now we need to get a smoke planting cure. I'm using pure water on blending Waldo sheets to care there to the background way. Now add in a little off violet and dread to the ground. Just one or two wide washes are enough doing fill in the entire area. Now I'm going with another round of pine trees. Amusing paints. Great. If you don't help Payne's gray, you could go with black. Stop drawing these pine trees when you reach almost the middle. So be drew the light Opie trees through the entire line on be painted the brighter red violet 23 food. Now the black ones were drawing them only to the middle, so this will give a depth for your painting. I'm using little black with the brush size number eight year. You could go with any off the smallest I suppress you have because this one on the foreground needs to be letting detailed way. - So I have finished adding in all the pine trees, you could see how I stopped the black ones at the middle. You can really see the depth of the painting as we came from a lighter to darker value from left to right. Now I'm gonna draw offense using Baines Great itself on with the same brush. Make the 1st 1 but ticker on When you go far. Make them thinner and lighter now drew a cov lying connecting each of them. I'm going with three lines. - So next I'm drawing some grass here and there on with light. Don't off paint agree on adding in shadows. So whenever you add in shadows, make sure you always do them in the same direction. I'm adding in the shadows for the friends at school. - I'm adding in some flying boards. - I'm making the shadows, but more bright, too. So I'm going with one more round of pain screen and Adam the shadows. Oh, okay. With that, we have come to an end. We have finished our third winter landscape. 6. Thank you for Watching: so we made it to the end. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you all enjoyed meeting with me to share your class project on leave A review if you liked my class. So go ahead. Do your winter landscapes on turn it toe standing quality cards and send it to itty once. Thank you for watching and happy painting.