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Easy Motion Graphics in After Effects: 4 Basic Projects To Get The Fundamentals

teacher avatar Nick Henry, Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Easy Motion Graphics - Intro


    • 2.

      Lesson 1 Appearing Text Effect


    • 3.

      Lesson 2 Dynamic Shape


    • 4.

      Lesson 3 Sliding Text


    • 5.

      Lesson 4 Revealing Text


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About This Class

Looking to learn motion graphics in After Effects?

This is a simple class to help get the basics and make some fun animations. You will learn how to animate text, create dynamic shapes, and other simple animations.

If you have existing knowledge in After Effects, great! Otherwise, it won't be too hard to follow along with no experience.

See you in the class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Henry

Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker


A Little About Me

My name's Nick and I'm just an average guy from Indiana trying to make a difference. I'm an entrepreneur that uses my family as fuel for creating media. Being creative helps me have less stress and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I'm passionate about filming video, using awesomeness like motion graphics, and using software to take ideas from my head into reality. It's one of coolest things to do -- especially when you love what you do.

Professional Experience (and education)
For some of my expertise, I'm simply self-taught, but I've learned the correct way to do things once I found out that DIY is not always the best so to speak.

I work with clients to help their business grow using my design skills and creative knowledge. This has bee... See full profile

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1. Easy Motion Graphics - Intro: Hey, guys, Welcome to this easy motion graphics basic tutorial class. I'm gonna be teaching you track mats, and we're also gonna be going over things like dynamic shapes that pop up. And we're also going to do things like motion text sliding in and also a text reveal. So if you're ready to jump in, let's get started. 2. Lesson 1 Appearing Text Effect: to the first lesson here in the easy motion graphics class. I'm going to show you how to do this appearing text effect, and these will be pretty quick. I hope to be able to show Show you guys great Ah, benefit and using these and just real quick ways to do these in after effects. So ah, before I go any further, do you want to assume that you have some general aftereffects knowledge? If you don't, I will take this from beginning standpoint. So whatever you learn, ah, you should be able to do with no experience in after effects. So let's go ahead and jump in to get started. What I want to do is go in, create when pause this. For now, Um, I'm going to create a new composition, and I'm going to make it 1920 by 10. 80 and we will just call this track matte. And I'm going to just keep all these by default background color. We do You want to change that to like something darker and we'll click. Okay, now that's gonna give us this black screen. So what I want to do and let me open up this key Castor, so you can see exactly what keys I'm pressing. When I go into here, I'm going to create a new text layer. Now, I could do either by clicking this or using control T as a short cut. I want to click, and I'm going to type out. Um, well, just use text and control enter to place that will drag it over. Um, now I want to change my font. Let's make it something very simple. We're just not Ariel. Ariel is very boring. So how about Calibri? All right, that's pretty. It's rounded. That's pretty good. That's going to make it pretty big. And you could make whatever color you like. I'm just gonna keep it white. And next thing we're gonna do is use a shape and we're gonna change the fill of that shape to something like a red. So it really stands out. We're gonna drag that over top of our text. Now, this is what's going to be called a track man. So if I go down here to my shape layer when hit inner, I want to rename that track matte. And that's just a little shortcut that you can use for, um after effects, you can notice it's here T arcade M A T, and we're gonna name it track. Right now. What I want to do is I want to hit t for my transparency. And I'm going to take this down to where I can see right over my text every old shift. You could move this in a kind of locks into place for moving it left and right. I just want to make sure that that fits over my text. So now if I come down here and click on my text layer, I can toggle switches and modes and go to Alfa Matt track Matte. Now, when I do that, what happens is this text is now on Lee Gun appear where that square is. So if I hit P or my position and sorry for my screen cast, it's not really wanna work with me, is it? Um, if I use my position here, I could move it down and out of the frame. I can also move it up a little bit if I wanted to um but for now, what I want to do is just use P for my position and then I set. We're gonna move it out of the way. Well, first we want to go track my opacity back all the way up. So there are text is clear and we're gonna take our position or why we're gonna drag it out . We're gonna set a key frame here. We're gonna move forward about one second, and we're gonna bring it back up and where it's visible. And then we could play this back and see that it appears so one thing we want to do is probably speed this up just a bit so we can zoom in here and play this back. She is still too slow. So let's move this down and let's do that. And then what I would do is take this and use F nine to do what's called Eazy e's. And it's just gonna make it look a lot cleaner pops right up in there, okay. And then something else we can even add more dynamic is go to our toggle switches and we're going to click this little square box, which is creates motion blur. And we're gonna click this up here to enable the motion blur for any layer that has it turned on its. Now, if I plays from the beginning, ups right up and we've got a motion blur. Nice, subtle effect to bring it up. Looks like it's just appearing right from the middle of the screen. So that's all for this one. We're going to start over into our into the next tutorial, which is basically going to show you how to do a beginning. Um, I'm sorry. We're gonna be going over. Let me take my pre comes here. We're gonna go over a dynamic shape. So sorry about that. I will see you the next one, and Ah, Until then, you guys take care. 3. Lesson 2 Dynamic Shape: Okay, So in this lesson of the class, I'm gonna show you how to create a dynamic shape like this circle that is popping up and coming into ah, coming up into the screen. So what I did, let's go and close. This is create a new composition in 10. 80. It's 1920 by 10. 80 and I called it dynamic shape and you'll get exist. All these files, of course, with the with this class and what we're gonna do here is going to create a new text layer, and we can use that we can use control T for that in order to be ableto bring that here up on the screen and not sideways. Let's come up to horizontal type. Click on here and we're just going to type in dynamic shape. And you don't even have put this title on if you don't want to, we'll put this into a white and we'll go to a line and center that up. All right. Now, what I want to do is come into my shaped tool here. I'm gonna click and hold to my lips, and I'm going to select a color now. We don't want a radio Grady int. We just want to click on this, Phil, and we're gonna do a solid color. I'm solid color click. OK? And we'll make this into a similar green. That was in the previous video. Yeah, let's make it a little bit better of a color. Let's do something like this. And then I'm gonna hold shift as I drag to make a perfect circle. So move this over and we can use our line to center it up. And then what I want to do is enter hit, enter on this and type circling. So I know that's the circle, and I'm going to drop this down and change this stroke to White. If it's not already, look okay. And then I'm gonna have this stroke with, um to about 10 and hit enter, and then I want to make this visible. So when I bring this on, it's gonna give me that stroke around the outside of the circle. All right. Good, good, good. All right, Now I'm gonna do is I'm going to move forward in time. Just a little bit. I want to click on my layer, And if you hit the u key. It will drop anything that you've changed as far as key frames go and we haven't changed anything. So let's go to our scale key frame by hitting s and we're gonna drop this all the way down to zero, and then we're going to add a key frame. We're gonna move forward just a little bit and what we're gonna do instead of taking this up to 100% as we're gonna drag this a little bit higher than 100% or you can type in, we're gonna go to about 1 10 and then I'm gonna use control or command depending off using Windows or Mac. And I'm gonna go over about two key frames and put this on 100 which is the original size. So now if I play this back and let me drop this downs, we only see this part. I play it back, you're gonna see that kind of pops into focus. If we did not have that 110 key frame on their if I just deleted that, it would look like it's just coming in and zooming in, so we want to keep that on there and then I want to highlight all of these and use F nine toe. Add some Eazy e's, which is gonna make it look even better. Makes it pop right in there. All right. And then if we wanted to, we could add motion blur, make it even more dynamic. And I'll click on here just to have it replay. Let's replay this. That pops right in. Now it looks like we could probably speed that up just a little bit. So let's I like these and bring him and and play back. So that looks like so that looks pretty good. Now, if you wanted to, you can actually reverse this to make it go out and buy doing the dishes. Control de or command de ah, Let's just rename this circle reversed hit, enter And then we're gonna right click, go to time and then time reverse layer And what we could do is bring this forward and that will allow us to bring it in and then have it likes Let me spread this out a little bit and then we can have it. Ah, come right back out Now since I've got this reversed are key frames were gonna be way down here. So we're gonna wanna bring this open, and we will use our you button to see where our key frames are. And if you notice their way, way along here, we bring this back way down here because we've reversed the layer. So let's go ahead and do that. Then we can pay in through here and see, See what's gonna happen. But what we need to do first is take these and switch him out. So I'm gonna move this forward until the animation is done. I'm gonna highlight this. Use all in my right bracket to cut that off, and then I'm going to use all and left bracket to bring this one, and so it should be a seamless transition, and then it will go out. Okay, so let's play this back so it comes in and it goes out, comes in and goes out. All right, so that's all for this tutorial. And in the next one, we're gonna be doing the sliding text effect. Um, and if you have any questions, just please let me know. I hope you guys are enjoying these and we'll get on with the next two 4. Lesson 3 Sliding Text: welcome back here to ah, the third video in this easy motion graphics class. And for this one, we're gonna be doing text with motion. So if we watch this animation, we see that the Texas sliding in and it's just on. Repeat, so it's going to the same thing over and over. So what we want to do is go ahead and create a new composition. I've done that here already. Can just click this button, go to 1920 by 10. 80 or 12 80 by 7 20 whichever one you'd like. I'm just gonna use 12. 80 by 7 20 on this one. Doesn't really matter. Let's go ahead and use control. T. We're going to put a text layer up here and we'll call it sliding text, and we will align that to the center of the screen. We're going to go back to our character panel and change the color. Let's use one of these ah fancy colors and will change this to a another font. Okay, so we've got this up and we want to create a new text layer and I'm going to call this Let's be creative and call it sliding to first. All right, case you did not understand that. How about will put sliding the first base? And then I'm gonna change this to Calibri. Pretty simple Funt and only get all caps. There we go. Now I'm last thing I want to do is change it to a white aunt. Okay? But we can also dio just so I can show you guys even more of things that you can do. We can go up here, right click on it, goto layer styles and drop shadow and just give it some dynamic. So make it pop off of the screen a little bit. You can drop this down, change the color, maybe to like, a darker gray. And then we could up the opacity a little bit and maybe see, bring it just off the words just a little bit and make it stand out. Okay, so we've got some more dynamics there, and now we'll go into animating. So what we want to do And I think we'll change the size of this we're gonna make about like this. What would you make this off of the screen? And they come onto the screen and wide Samore dynamics and adds a motion blur and stuff like that. So hippie to open up your position, key frames. And from here, we don't want to do anything we wanted Teoh be off of the screen to start, so we'll add a key frame here. Move forward about one second or so, and you could also zoom in to see even more of your second. So as it breaks down so we'll go about right here and we'll bring it onto the screen. Hold shift to keep it from moving up and down. And if we play this back, you see that just comes onto the screen. Let me open this. We'll go back down here so we can just see it replaying over and over this one spot. It's played back case it slides in, so we wanted faster than that. So let's even bring this down to about right here. All right, so it slides in and highlight thes F nine for Eazy E's playback. That looks pretty good. Now, if you notice it's kind of hard to read as it's coming in because you can actually see the text that's visible. So what we want to do here is I want to go to my graph editor. I'm gonna highlight these and pull these little handles over just a little bit. So it kind of comes in faster and makes it a little harder to read as it's coming in. But we need even more of a subtle effect. So let's go here and add some motion blur and turn it on. You could see that it's all announced when we play this back, you've got motion. So your eyes aren't trying to focus on the text. It only focuses as it gets in. So that's all really for this one? Um, you could do the same thing with this if you wanted to do a time reverse layer and make it go out. What you could also do is expand this a little bit to about 20 frames, and we could add another position key frame here and then moving forward just a little bit and then move it off of the screen. And so, as you play it back, it's gonna come on the screen and then go off of the screen. So pretty cool effect. This is one of my favorites. Just make sure that you add the motion blur and the Eazy e's. Otherwise it does not look as good. So ah, that's it for the for this one and the last one, we're gonna be going over the text reveal, and that one will be a little bit more in depth. But, um, not too much more than what we've already done, so I'll see you guys around the next one. 5. Lesson 4 Revealing Text: Okay, welcome back to the last video in this class, and this was gonna be for the revealing text. And so basically, we got this line. It's going over the text and showing that it's revealing itself. So that is a good way to, um, put whatever you want. Anything could be an image. Could be text, whatever you'd like in this case, it's text. And you also know what we've got. This blinking line. I want to show you how to do that effect as well. So it's going to close this. I've got a new composition with text review at the top, and what we need to do is add a couple of elements here. So let's go ahead and use control. T. We're gonna add a new text layer. And let's just call this, um, be a little bit different than what we did before. And we can just name it, um appear from how about we just use appear? Okay? Appear really this right here and then we're gonna take this. Um, we take this down a little bit, put in a little bit closer together, and I can change this to a bold if we wanted to do that. And for this back on zero with the bold. Okay, so it looks pretty good. Okay, I guess. Um, now we can add a line. But first, we need to add a rectangle to go over the text. And we need to actually, that created a mask on the later when you make sure players not selected and then draw our shape. So we're gonna create a track. My just like we did in the beginning. And for this it doesn't matter with the actual lining up of the bottom. We do want to take the transparency and drop it down just a little bit so we can make sure that the text is fit over top, um, of the shape or it fits right in the shape. All right, so we've got that there. Now, we need to create another rectangle on this one. We're gonna make white, and we're gonna draw all this about something like this, and I want to actually rename this line right click on it. We're gonna add a drop shadow just to give it a little bit more dynamic. Said those. Okay, All right, now we can move this line, and it looks pretty good. All right. So I'm gonna put this here, and what I want to do now is I'm going to take this track. Matte. First, I'm going to make sure that this appear text uses that track matte. So now if we take our track matte, we can put our a passive 200%. And when we move this track matte uspi for position, you can see that it's on the text is only gonna pier where the track might is. Well, I want to move this track matte over to the other side of this line, and I can use easy to zoom in and will with this position over here. And we can use our arrows to line it up. And I don't need to play that back. She's our arrows, Seve. Weekend line up right to the edge of that shape. All right, now, here comes the fun thing. We're going to take this thing. It's called a pick whip, and we're gonna pick with this to the line, which is this layer. Know what that's going to do is it means whatever we do with this line, the track my it's gonna follow. So if we change the position of the line, the track matte is gonna move with it. So let's see here of resume out of 200% we can move the line here, and as we move it, it's going to reveal the text. Really cool. All right, so now what we want to do is make sure as we move this all the way across, we don't have this cutting off. We just want to move it just far enough to where it comes into. Ah, be revealed. So what we'll do is we will add a position key frame a little bit forward here about two seconds and they will come back and maybe about right here, scroll back over to the beginning. And now if we play this back after I move this so weaken, don't repeat. Come on, you play it back and see that that looks like it's actually making the text appear pretty good. But there's some other things that we can do to make this even more dynamic. We can highlight this F nine for easy east make it look like it's kind of easing into the trains. Are easing into the reveal That looks pretty good. And then another thing that we can do is go to our graph editor and we could zoom in just a little bit just a little bit and move this over about like that, and that's gonna give it even more dynamic. Another thing that we can do is look off of this. We can go back to the beginning, and now we're going to animate this line. So when you go to this line, I'm gonna go to my opacity by using T. And I'm gonna use the old button and click on this stopwatch here. And this is where you can type what's called an expression. Now, don't get overwhelmed. We're just going to use an easy one. It's wiggle open parentheses, and we're gonna do Ah, 50 comma 50. So the the first number is how often that's gonna happen. By then, the second number is and how many units. So, for example, this could be like if you had five, it would be five times per second, and the 50 could be like it's gonna be varying between 0 to 150 different units. So if we play this back, we can see that it now looks like it's flickering. Really cool. So that's it for the ah, for the text reveal. You could always go that way and then either do your time, Reverse layer toe, have it go back and unrevealed. Um, or you could, you know, go over there. And then you could use something, like maybe a train. Transparency Option two. Change the opacity and take the text out afterwards. So I hope you guys enjoyed this class. This is gonna be it for this one. I will be having two more classes. One's gonna be an intermediate, and then a more advanced aftereffects motion graphics class. So hope to see you guys in those. And if you guys have any questions, please, please let me know. I lived in these tutorials and I'll be able to help you out and some way, shape or form. So you guys take care and have a great rest your day