Drawing the Half Figure Tutorial 4: The 3/4 Pose | Julia Hayes | Skillshare

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Drawing the Half Figure Tutorial 4: The 3/4 Pose

teacher avatar Julia Hayes, Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. S2T4.1 Introduction

    • 2. S2T4.2 Basic Structure

    • 3. S2T4.3 Garments and Wings

    • 4. S2T4.4 Face and Hair

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About This Class

In this class we will learn to draw the basic structure of the half-figure of an angel in the 3/4


pose. This course presupposes that you have completed the courses on drawing the face.

Meet Your Teacher

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Julia Hayes

Byzantine Iconography Tutorials


Hello, I'm Julia. I'm a South African born byzantine iconographer with 16 years experience. I live and studied iconography in Greece with teachers including master iconographer George Kordis. I have also studied Theology and done post-graduate studies in Liturgics at the University of Athens.

So what are these iconography tutorials about?

This is not a standard weekend iconography workshop where you simply learn to  trace an icon and "paint-by-numbers". It was never the tradition of the Church to make "photocopies" of old icons, but sadly this modern "tradition" is destroying the creative tradition of the Church. Every period of iconography from the Comnene to the Paleologian periods to the Cretan School has it's own style within the Byzantine system of painting ... See full profile

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1. S2T4.1 Introduction: in the series and doing figure in the previous tutorial. We started the heart figure in the full final poems and in this lesson will be looking at the 3/4 Pars way mentioned in a tutorial on during the place and 3/4 hours that this particular pose is primarily used in compositions to bring the persons in the composition. It's a communion with each other. A single figure on a panel icon with 1/2 awful is very seldom depicted in 3/4 parts. When they are, it is usually as a part of a larger composition of Penhall icons called bases, which means intercession and their place on either side of an icon of Christ showing that there interceding to him. That is what almost all of the panel icons of the saints in the 3/4 post on other third tacos, said John, the forerunner Holy Apostles and the archangels Michael Gabriel, as well as the profits. These panel icons are usually found on the status of the church, but they're also exercise concert painted on single panels. This part is also sometimes used in icons of saints depicted in deceiving to Christ, Black saying, saying up ST Petersburg crashes, depicted in the top corner of the eye but without any further ado, never skipped a drawing. 2. S2T4.2 Basic Structure: and this isn't gonna be going off Angel Michael. And, as always, excess line find top of the head, maybe even nothing Fine into three hits trying to make extra room in the bottom, trying not to make it shorter than three heads because it ends up squashing figure or Michael haven up too big for the body. We're gonna hesitated with angle. Find the middle point. I know it's starting at six. They for it, For the place. Yeah. Remember not say what if they got top of the head, doesn't come here, but on the axis just after the same thing. And put him roughly where? Come over here. Remember, the lives of the neck is a game from which gives us a shoulder. Now in the street cult figure the lead with the body without arms is a heads name in the full five. Figure was one in the hall fates, but we're looking and the figure from an angle This side is becoming out towards and this side is more so we're gonna add Okay. Hey, today, give us the width of the body That gives us roughly one and a carp aids just debates all come down here. Okay? We find the position of the body. Always a This on is roughly off the heads with And this one is hand, remember? Is I'm vulnerable. Hey, this hang just hidden behind the body without hand holding a stall So we're not gonna see on fully with hand Come around Yeah, yeah 3. S2T4.3 Garments and Wings: way break up lines. Does that help create a sense of movements? - Now that we know with the army on the X, I'm gonna have this line tells us. Keep everything. - No , it's been one with wings. Find that same fight using 4. S2T4.4 Face and Hair: around this as well. What? Wait for the full explanation facing people. - Because we're assuming that this is in the day. Says we're gonna have eyes looking to worlds Christ. Whereas if it's that we're not to the day since it could be looking towards you even now today we can. But it's always assume that it the figures looking away from the view in that part of composition and they're looking towards Christ or another person in position way have it depends of these lines here. How to Transbourse going kind of you. Thanks. The Boston will end IHS description abbreviation. And they were Arcangel Michael, 3/4 pose. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial till next way.