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Drawing like in the SIN CITY comic book

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to SIN CITY style


    • 2.

      How to draw a face


    • 3.

      Drawing a wolf


    • 4.

      Drawing a Sin City Pin Up


    • 5.

      Drawing a Sin City Pin Up, part 2


    • 6.

      Shiny effect


    • 7.

      A stormTrooper


    • 8.

      Drawing a building, part 1


    • 9.

      Drawing a building, part 2


    • 10.

      Cow Girl, part 2


    • 11.

      Cow Girl


    • 12.

      Final Chapter


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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn a drawing technique to draw like Sin City comic book.

This technique is using black & white tools. No matter if you draw with pencils or with a graphic tablet, these techniques could be used for both, once understood.

Learn right now how to draw very dark characters and environments like the ones of Sin City.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to SIN CITY style: welcome in this course about drain like Sin City style, this course is going to give you some tips to draw. Like Frank Miller. How front Miller is drying is ring with black and lights. I'm not teaching you exactly hydro, because honestly, I don't know this person, and I don't know all the techniques. He's using bets. I'm trying to teach you a technique that is using a computer software that will make the Sin City style. The software I'm using here is clips to do paint. But this technique works with any kind off dream software. You can even work with normal pain, paint on number, brush and natural stuff and paper and so on. In this example, we're going to change this picture this face into since this time you will see that all in this course we're going to see different type off examples different time off off a picture that we're going to change into Sin City style black and white. Stein, in this example, I'm going to play with the layers of this software. I create a new layer above the picture and I'm changing the name on taking some doing some medication. Name to make sure that I'm not losing myself into what unlikely I'm working on. And then we're going to create some willing to draw on this document, though the first point. It's too to see that there is a difference between the layer of the picture and the layer on which we're going to drop. So this layer is going to right now is to have too much capacity. So we decrease the capacity that will allow us to see the lines were into drugs. So you can see there difference between the the opacity from stands here on drying and I can't see the line. So this is the reason why I'm changing the opacity. You can do that with any kind of picture. And this is what is going to be very interesting because you can take any game feature a friend or someone you know, things, actor and again, a feature. And we're going to see how to change it into the sensitive type. In first place, I'm green to draw the main line of the other face on. I'm choosing a very broad on draft selection around the head. Then I fill it with black. Remember the Sin City sign is black and lights and ALS the drink playing with black and white. So we're going to feel background with total black, and then we can see already that wherever close to the sensitise time with the when we hide the teacher. And from there you can drove such detained so you can see that this such techniques is not very hard to understand that we have to to know from what point we're going to start, go back to my picture on Go back to my layer and layer and we're going to speak about the shadows to shadows of this picture will be very helpful to determine where to determine where. Where you going to put some black inch and zone. We're going to leave the space ntr white. So all the story here is about to know where you're going to have some white and where we're going to hide some back. So now I'm going in much more details by working on the hairs, and you can also play reason. Texture effect for the skin from the hairs for the cloth is for the I. What kind of effect you can create for the ice three and see that I'm playing with the shadows in the face and all the details of the face transform it. We're into very rough details on the sensitive Stein is not something very detail, but it's the detail I transform into the re roof black forms, and this is what we're trying to catch here. It's not easy to catch, but once you understand how it works, you can easily do it the same with other pictures. So now you can. My advice is to regularly hide the picture to know where you are at on the creation off your during, because if you, for instance, try to draw exactly how the picture his you can make the mystic to dio picture realistic drawing. This is not going to do. We try to do something that is coming books time, not a realistic style. So when you drove, we can see here I'm playing on the on the size of the brush. If you're using a Natural Inc. You can have probably more control on this because it depends if you have there. Been to work with graphic tablets. If you're a graphic tablets, you have to really control the site of your lines. For instance, you have different kind of lines, and you have to shoes properly. The brush. You can see that the first brush would be perfect, because if you use a brush that is too much original quote unquote, it's not going to make it to take a normal and something that is, like this not trained to play with too much effect. The sense Cities style is not using too much effect. The effects on Lee powerful effect Using this comic book is just power of the black and white and playing carefully with the black and white to create them. This effect we are looking for, so welcome on this course, and we're going to see different techniques and examples to show you how you can do it with the's techniques and this comic books. Time 2. How to draw a face: here is our first example. We're going back with this picture that we see in the introduction of this course, and now we're going to work on it, step by step, to create administration. So we're going to use the selection tool. We're going to use the black brush and some whites. The first step will be, as we have seen previously, for going to feel the background with black color. All right, No, I'm going to feel the rests on the teacher. Be sure that you are still working on do rights Layer. Don't draw directly on the picture of the ways will not be and dearest thing because you have to be in separately. Then you're going to work on the air's how were king on this on the shadows. We're going to draw like this drying in the first step all the details that seems to be relevant. You're not going to go too much into the details, but you have to do a kind of selection with your brush. You do the outline, the main outline of this main influence of these shadows. These shadows at the left of the face are very important because it's going to give you the face, the face details. You will see that zoom since it this time is not very accurate. It's on the face details and Clough is detained. It's really pretty in shadows and light, and this is the original team. This drinks. - Then once this is done, you can see that we have to have first of their view. And when we hide the picture, we can see sensitise die harboring here. We already have something very similar to what you can find the original coming. And from from here you can add some other details is you can see that's usually the characters are very, uh, death. I have guys so you can hide some on some days, like under the eyes are, but not too much, because once again, you have to leave a lot of flights, meaning a lot off wide color to create this comic book effect. Then I'm using the white white brush to had some DJs and choose. Some scares are on hairs. When you when you are done with the black end, you can take white in and add this kind of stuff. It's really creates the Sin City Stein. And finally, we can add some rain. The rain is full in on our hero are It's probably not a hero, because in a sense city there is no really heroes. There are people shooting other sin on the bad guys running after the others meds you can had. You can try to its to use some brushes. Don't use to much complex brushes. This should remains very rough, and you can see that I'm not using any kind of Grady ins on the colors on the black and white. It's black, white, and that's it. You don't use any questions, so I have. This first example is giving you, um, the first view off how you can create easily this kind off effect. We re size my working space, and it's going to be my first creation here. So a zoo you can take any kind of picture and do the same. Use it in the software like this and, ah, create a layer and start working on its create a black and white side and using a normal brushes, too, to create these black effect and white. If it's 3. Drawing a wolf: Let's do another example this time we're going to use the picture of an animal. We haven't wolf here. We're going to change this picture of wolf into a sense city. Coming books time We can see that we have the be true. That would change the capacity we create a new layer and we're going to start draining it. Good point of this picture is that we have white and black zones and it would be very helpful for us to create this time off since it. So I take my brush with pure white, pure black color, and I start to drop the black a rinse off already existing and showing in the picture the teacher. So don't be shy. Teoh feel incompletely These areas with black it doesn't matter if at first glance it since weird, you have to continue to draw because when your picture will be fully changed with this comic books time, it will be really the which wants to to create. Then I will draw more details in the eye. For instance, I'm going to zoom in on the eye and change something with the white color. I'm not very happy about the effect of this. I'd since not very natural. So once I'm done with the sure around the eye and that is working, worked with the back in, I can try to select the white color in at some additional lights are additional whites to make sure that we have something very more deep and no more interesting site of the of the world. Then, for the biggest part of the fear you can select, you can use the selection tool and draw something pretty rough. But that is still following the the way how the fear is positions and then you feeling and you can continue with another selection and use your keyboard shortcuts. Teoh to be more fester and fitting with Buckler again, - Then the world is almost done. But we have to create another effect to make sure that we have a difference between the white and black. So I'm going to work a kind off shadows around the body of the wolf, and you will see that I'm going to create something a bit original. But what I wanted to create is something that is ah, making the whites off the wolf very more prisons, and we can see that to have a kind of black background is permitting to have such wolf, the white of the wolf being very more on visible. So now I have done the more important part of the drain on finishing the last details, and especially the for with the white ink and doing some finalized finalisation with the such little things. All right now we are almost done, and I just have to answer the last ditch taste like if it was snowing, and then we are done with transforming the frustration off world this picture into administration. 4. Drawing a Sin City Pin Up: we cannot speak off since city readouts. Speaking of the drain beautiful gooders, this pinups are part of the story of density. And, of course, we have to dedicate one chapter the schools on during drain years we have here picture, and we're going to transform it into a Sin City comic book style. As usual, change the opacity of the picture and I create a nuclear. Then I'm going to use the brush to draw the first line of the Garrett and changing the capacity and the changing. Sorry, the opacity of the brush. I'm still using a full black and white density, and I'm going to start with the eyes of the character because we have. It's very it's very good to start with the eyes because it's in the middle of the of their hands and we always have to start by during the ed for any character, no matter Sin city style, all the kind of drink. It's very important to study the head because all the body is we depend old. That side of the body will depend on the side of the end and on the students nuts different . Now we're done with the face amusing section toe to select all the hairs is going to give something very, very dark, so we're going to change a few things. After that, you can see that the selection is not very accurate, so we have to. He raise and change some detail is a bit later, but now we have to to draw the main lines, and once designs done, you have to to do some corrections. Also, don't be shy to do some correction on your drain. You'll really have to be fuck using the quality of the of the eyes of the face expression. But sometimes it's It could be impressive. 22 draw only with black and white. We want to add some hatching off some gray values, so don't fall in this trap way are really trained to copy the style off since City and there is only black and rights and that sits, there is nothing. It's so now we're done with the face We can off course creates additional details to improve its quality, but we have to fuck use on the rest of the Billy. And like the other parts of this dream, we're going to, um, draw all the black zones from first place. - Then now we have hidden the picture. We have the very close to the final result because we have very strong black and whites picture, and you can now use a whites pen a white brush to increase all this little details and make some corrections. Use the black brush toe in the white glove, brushed, creates and to add some corrections. And when you're done with, this correction can make the teacher appearing again and working on the on the rest of the of the character that is missing. For instance, the brize was missing so rights, and you can also improve a little bit the size of the arms and form they are of the ours. You can, of course, personalize a little bit how character is and the shape of the carrot. Now you're are almost done with the creation of this character. We're going to play on the on the black part of the chair to make the right hand, and we can see that the right thing. Peppery. This is such effect that are very interesting to create with this sensitive style and by doing some other sizes like this with a picture, we're going to be more and more efficient and create in creating section black and white effects. So of course we can. We can always try to change things, but don't go into too much lines and hatching and stuff like that. Be very smooth and lights in ending such details. Then once you're done, you can. At some I'm adding some stuff behind. But of course, just for example, it's that very well done. But you can add some additional objects, but always my playing with the black and white. 5. Drawing a Sin City Pin Up, part 2: Here is a second example off how you can draw a woman into the Sin City style. This time we're going to use a very beautiful picture off a woman wearing to luggages. She has a kind off attitude that is very close to what you can find in the comic book, and this is why I have shouldn't this picture. So now, making just start with the first details of the face as you it would be very similar to the other. Readers were going to draw the main lines. And then we're going to feel some parts in black living some others in whites and then doing some corrections and having some very small whites nines. To creates this effect, - the shirt is going to be working on with only the the details of the club. You can see that I'm only working with the shadows, creating with the with the shirt and on Lee. The details are going to, um, to express the idea. That's syriza shirt. Teoh. Careful about how I'm drained every detail because I didn't we're going to have the shirt that without any useless D takes only the minimum off. Black color is used here to draw this these shirts. So we're here on Lee playing on the shadows of this club. So now you can see that by hiding the picture. We have an interesting effects. And this is exactly what we're looking for on Lee. You drying the shirt with the shadows. Then we continue with the arms and the rest of the body. The dress will be done exactly with the same technique. But this time I'm going a little bit faster just using the selection tool and during the rough selections like this and filling in with black. Now we are almost done with this character, and you're going to see that the with the picture, we have something very strong we have. We can leave the leg without any other details and just something very, very, very white. All the white color is enough here to make you understand. Their result harms the reserve address. There is luggage and there is two makes. You can see that we have. We can understand enough, and we don't have to add additional stuff here. So this example is very good in giving you some some tips on how to draw club this and to keep the attitude of the teacher the same. Then on your drive 6. Shiny effect: we're not going to speak about anything that is a shiny. You can see that we have bullets here. This is a very good example off the shiny fate we can try to drop with the sensitise time. This is very different than drawing a character because this is an object and the object as a very specified text. The techniques is almost the same exact accepted that we're going to to be really focused on the black part and play with this parts to create the Shang Effect. So you can see here we have the butts and in the first place we're going to draw this lines . And then we're going to draw insight with the different techniques with the brush and selection. Nice that we're almost done. We continue to draw these details. You can see that we're not going to draw every details the main once here and here. Always it's a selection. Then we can continue with this one, and now we can see that we have these shiny effect on the But it's if you want to add some reflecting on the table reflecting effect on table, for instance, you can just revert the picture Akopian pasts Orient it this and change the opacity and you have your reflecting If and of course, the racing use this parts. Okay, so it was just very short videos to see how we can create such a such a fate. And two applies since distant to something else than people. 7. A stormTrooper: Now let's see how we can use the since the style with stormtrooper. This towers don't. This example is very cool because we have the armor off the stormtrooper that isn't black and white. And this is perfect to create such time. So now we are going to decrease the city of the picture, creating new layer and Joe the lines of the carrot and again trying to play on the black and white to create this effect. - We're almost done with main lines of the the character. All right, this is them for his first step. If we hide the picture, we have this. This is very good. Now we can select it's outside of the character and can feel with, for instance, by car. Okay. And we have now to to feel the character with the details with the eyes and again and well went. We'll make the stump proper. Really, I can play with some effects on the background if it's not centrally. Very good. So I'm not doing it. But otherwise we can now work on every single evidence of the armor and during with the black, - don't forget to hide time to take the picture to see if the effect expected is really good. It's not bad. This is really what we want to create. So now we continue Teoh, select the black parts and fill them in with black ink. Okay, now we are almost done. So we continue to to draw the again and without spending too much time injuring the they're really parts off again. Just B. There's trait in drawings, visa elements and small details. One other thing to do something very details not all these details and other reports is a the's going look style. And then we can zoom out, hide the picture and see that we have our stump trooper Incense City graphics time. 8. Drawing a building, part 1: here is now another chapter about drawing in the sense city Rafic stuff. Now this example is really more complicated. While because this is buildings, we're going to see how we can still help from such picture that is very complex, with no buildings. There's and, um, many king of things and how we can simplify to create something rapidly, efficiently, and to have this sense city graphics. So as you're we start with picture, we decrease the opacity and create in your the first date is too drew the name lines off the picture, beginning to see where are these lines? And, ah, create black zooms for such elements like windows and on everything that is under do the shadow that's is composed off blank forms. I should do some stairs, some parts of the buildings. As you can see here, it could be very lonely toe work. Every detains that this is necessary if you want to create a street that is quite realistic even in black and white is is something very, very simple to do. You have to consider carefully what kind of area you want to paint in black and what area want to maintain in life. Then you can change the size of the windows. You can use, um, capi investicni, and then you can have some. You can hide some layers and hide the picture and see if the result is what you expect. If so, okay, you can continue. Otherwise you have to change. For instance, if you have window that is not seen with angle, you have to change it right now because otherwise it could create some future problem in the composition. If you're if you're a drink, - then you can see that the first wedding is almost completed. You don't have to draw every detained off the picture, but you can draw the main ones. Once this is done, you can had other buildings, and there's no characters. 9. Drawing a building, part 2: Here is the second part of this video that during buildings Now we're done with the first building. We can stop with the rest off course. We can be very simple. For instance, we can draw the roof here by using the selection tool and only fitting in with black color . Very simple. But now we have to draw the rest at the building. We by using similar simple techniques that I'm going to show you now, - Why didn't you see also how to be very fast and efficient in drawing in this style? For instance, here I have feel in the building with black and now I'm draining the tree with a full black . We're going to see how we are going to used White to take advantage of this off all this black. Because when zari is too much black here, it's not necessary. Good for the picture. But we're going to create the effect by using some very small white lines to completely stupid this illustration. But first, let's complete the drink of the tree. - You know, I'm feeling this section with that, and we're going to now use the technique off drink with white lines too. to draw the snow and a building. And this is the snow draw on the building that will create this effect off details of the building. - Here is the illustration. What it will Looks like you can see that the effect could be a powerful bay drink ladies, it really sure winter atmosphere and the character alone in the middle of the street could really create this kind off effect. So now you can continue to work with such technique for the rest of demonstration and add additional snow and details on the building. Here it is. We are almost done. Now with the registration, you can add some additional details, like the food steps and other things on the snow and on the buildings. So this example was very good in showing you how you can stop from very complex picture and used very simple techniques to create the sense city style. - Then you can add some snow and you can finish by drink the tree with the part of the tree that is not visible because as black as the building, so we can use the white to to draw the this part of the tree that was not visible because of the black 10. Cow Girl, part 2: and we are on the second part of this drying. Now we can see that we have two layers for the sketch and we create new one this time for the thinking. If you feel that you have enough details in the sketch, then stop this last step and I'm going to show you how to use the brushes of the software to the disaster. Now I'm down with the first lines around the hat I'm feeling in the hat with the color and I mean the color black color. And you can see that I am giving a kind of sticks to aspect of the hat by feeling Onley one part of the hat. I'm leaving some white part around the every parts. We can see that the hat is divided by in three parts and every part are supported by white area. Now what is relevant here, it's to see that I'm drawing, undoing and thinking from left to right and right, right to left and job and bottom. I'm not going to focus on Lee one part of the drain on trying to include old the drain in itself. I'm not focused on, For instance, the arm are the hairs. I try to work a little bit on every parts, one after the other. And when I have a doubt, that's what part. I'm not leaving. I'm not staying on this on jumping on another part that I'm sure I can ink easy. And then when it's done and go back on the previous parts, I try not to stay stuck on something that seems hard to to drop, and I progress step by step by drain thinking, hiding the sketch and zu means and outs. You can really progress step by step by having this attitude, And this is really what is is is required when you're working such a difficult character because you don't know sometimes if you have too much, the lines are not enough. Be very on the Be very, uh, be sure that you progress one part after the other. Now we are almost done with the character. But one thing that will be very important will be the background that's going to be black. So you have to keep some whites lines around the character and inside, too June to show details of the classes and the and different. For instance, here we have some details and now around the character you can had some wait Lane. So it is now The character is almost done and adding the last detains by using only the white and color on the back. And this creates a very strong effect We really have here since city character. 11. Cow Girl: I'm going now to draw a character. This is a woman come by. I think you start from the beginning, meaning that I'm doing the sketch of the character and draw until the end. I'm not going to base my drawing on the picture. So he had the first step. You can see that I'm going to start with the sketch from the sketching into ad old details that would make this drain being in the since this time in first base. I'm going to draw the sketch with blue ink to make sure that we have a difference between this drying and the other layer on going to add. That will be the inking. When we drove, we used to speaking back sketch parts and inking Park part, usually in a comic books, draw the cartoonist drawing the sketches. There is different person than the person doing the thinking, but this time I dream, too. And to do these two steps, if you have any difficulties to draw the anatomy, you can find some other courses I have created about on That's me. Now I'm done with the refs. Catch of the cowboy I'm going to I'm going to draw more detail sketch by using another blue . It will be more visible, creating another layer. And I'm doing and more precise sketch to make sure that when I will start the thinking part , I will not do mistakes. Then I'm almost done with this part of this catch, and I will try to bring some modifications and I will make sure the anatomy is good enough to to before I'm starting to think my character. If the thinking is done on the base on anatomy, that is not correctly done, then the final dream. We have some anatomy mystics and will not be correct. So be sure that's you finalized precisely your sketch before starting the last step of this joining wishes to thinking. 12. Final Chapter: and to finish this course and giving you last a final example of the creation from age be off a sensitive current. This time I will add just one color the dude cutter the rent. I'm leaving you with this character operation step by step. What they can do here is to give you advice that if you draw enough, such character have the abbots to draw with black and whites, and it's not easy to draw. But at one point, and after having drove enough character like this, you will find it's more easy to draw so south ways drawing with pictures, as we have seen in the first videos of this course. And then when you get some improvement in your drinks kill, try to draw like the from zero from a very rough sketch and adding details after details have a good luck in your creation. And I hope this course was very interesting for you and that you're a couple off tips that will make your drinks kill improving way, way, way, - way