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Drawing in Procreate! Learning the Basics. Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Tips&Tricks for Beginners

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Interface (Procreate 4)


    • 3.

      Gestures (Procreate 4)


    • 4.

      Discovering brushes (Procreate 4)


    • 5.

      Class project (Procreate 4)


    • 6.

      Interface (Procreate 3)


    • 7.

      Gestures (Procreate 3)


    • 8.

      Discovering brushes (Procreate 3)


    • 9.

      Class project (Procreate 3)


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About This Class

This is the first of a ten-part series on Drawing in Procreate. This sesion focuses on the basics of Procreate: Brushes and the most useful Gestures.

In this class you will find a tutorial made in Procreate 4 (videos 2-5) and the same tutorial made in Procreate 3 (videos 6-9). Choose the version you have installed :)

We will begin by learning about the App interface, how to speed up your drawing process thanks to the gestures and discovering which brush or brushes suit you.


We will take a closer look at the way other illustrators use line to bring art to life. Then you will put that knowledge to work in the project section, where you will choose the brush or brushes and techniques to draw your calendar in your own unique style.

I will use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but it's ok if you use other IOS devices and your finger instead.

This class is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to draw in Procreate. No prior knowledge of drawing or Procreate skills are required! By the end, you will know the basics of Procreate, have a nice calendar page and the inspirational push to start developing your own drawing style.

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): THIS CLASS

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2): click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: Creating alligraphy brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5: Creating Stamps. Custom brushes 2/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 6: Creating Seamless Patterns. Custom brushes 3/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to drawing in procreate In these serious of classes, I'm going to teach you all you need to know about an amazing up coal procreate Using it, we will be able not only to create awesome drawings but also to retouch photos, create our own stumps potter and calligrapher brushes. And he made our joins on much more. In each class I will show you step by step, how everything is done. I will give you tips and tricks to get the most of it in the class projects we will put into practice everything we have learned throughout the class, creating very different ministrations. We will get in touch with the up the most relaxing way Googling. Then we will dive into colors and create a minimal illustration. After that, we will is permanent with a percent brushes and we will enjoy. I didn't texture to our our works. Once we have mastered the present brushes, we will dive into breast creation. We will learn how is is to create our own calligraphy Brush is so you no longer need to pay for them Our stamp brushes and also our own patent brushes. We will learn to retouch photos using blending modes. I'm much more so Grab your iPod open procreate unless get salad 2. Interface (Procreate 4): then we go. Let's open procreate. This is the gallery where all your arm work is going to be. If this is the first time you open the app, you will say this fork samples. Okay, here we have some buttons. Select import photo on a plus sign. Let's start with select. We can select one our work. Yes. Stopping on. Hold in the image on change its position or exported Just drawing it toe I clothes, for example. We will do it later. Does he let more than one? We will have to tap Select. Now we are in the selection mode here. We can also see. Let just one image topping over it. Andi selected or PSINet more than one in the selection mode. We have different options here. Stack share duplicate under elite. Let's start with Stuck. Stack is the same we knew as Group Inappropriate. Three on it works similar. Let's make a stock with these two pictures. We just have to select them on. Then tap stuck and it's done. We also can do it, selecting one or more images on dragging on dropping them onto another one. Here it is. We can also marriage two stacks. If we don't want this image in the stack, just stop on hope. Drag here, wait on release. Let's talk about import Now I will show you two different ways for the 1st 1 top import here. Different. 54 months can be exported or imported from appropriate. Let's import this being defined. For example, Here it is. Let's go back to the gallery on. I will show you. Now This second way, Swipe your finger up, then top hold and drugged the files. Aiken these way, and you will enter in a split view. Well, you have to do now. Easter drug, the files you want to import easy as pie. We can also import photo stopping here or doing the same. We just ate. But drug in the photos I can instead of the files one less dragon. Drop this bird to import it to export an image or a file. We just need to inverted process. So drag and drop. I'm here it is. Let's sport appropriate file now drag and drop. Choose the file and drag and drop again. I absolutely love this. We can also sport our works using the share button. Select them first and then top share. You can also duplicate or delete one or more fireworks at the same time. But we were talking about sharing so top share this time we can choose between all of this . What else? Mm. Let's create a new campus now. But first, less still. It this our works, we no longer need them. So delete. Let's accept their selection mode. Um, close this. Okay? How? We create a campus, a new campus, Easy tapping Here. You can choose between the present ones, like screen size, sleep or well, deception will appear on Lee when we have an image in our people on allow us to create a campus with it. Okay. Um square. Okay. A four on four by six. We can also create a custom one topping here We are going to create a new one just for you to see how it's done. For example 1920 by 10. 80 on they made HD. Don't. I'm here. It is our HD canvas. If we do up here, we'll come back to the gallery. Oh, If you just realize you need the cameras in portrait, you don't need to create it again. just rotated using two fingers here or over the campus. If you come asses already open, it's time we create a custom campus. It will be safe here, so I'm to the left to the lead it or edit. If we swipe to the left over and that work share, duplicate undulate buttons will appear as well, but it will only be available for one our work at a time. Okay to change the name often our just stop over it on right new one. Let's have a quick look at the interface. These are the paint. It's much un erase buttons. As you can see, all of them have the same set of brushes. Brushes are organized into themes. There are a lot. Take your time on drying them all. If you are not new to procreate, you will not. This serious and you set. There are some really nice brushes here, like monoline chalk and so on. In the fourth class off this serious, we will know how to create more calligraphy brushes. But let's start from the very beginning. How do we draw a line in procreate? Well, first thing we have to do institutes a brush Let's choose this kitchen set on the six. Weapons will brush. This is the line I get If I drove with my finger. Okay, I will draw on using my apple pencil. I am adding more pressure now on a little bit more on this is the line I get. If I drove with my pencil. If I tell my pencil on increased the pressure progressively, I will get this. This is awesome. I will no longer be able to tell the difference between digital on riel, pencil drawings or a lace. It's going to be hard, don't you think? The apple pencil includes pressure until sensors. That's why I decided to use it to draw instead off my fingers. I will use my finger, too, but mostly for justice. But that's for the next lesson. Let's continue with as much we can to city from brush or the same one. If we are drawing on, we want to smart or erase with the same brush. He's his way to do this. It's start up on hold is much bottle on. Once it turns blue, we will have a selected This is how it looks on. It will look different It was just a different brush. Okay, You raise button If we race with the same brush we are drawing. This is how it will look on if which is a different one. For example, in gin studio Ben, it will look like this. I just really draw us much. Only race using the same brush. But everything depends on what you're looking for. We will use the stool bar to modify the brush size and it's a pass ity. Here you can see how I am decreasing un increasing the brush size. It would change it while we're doing this is what happens. I'm the same with capacity bar here. Let's digress it a little bit apps a little bit more. Well, it seems I decrease it too much. This is the modify button on when we top it. This ring will appear. This is the eyedropper on. We will use it to pick a color from the campus. The color on the bottom is our current color On the other, the one we're picking. If we tap, I'm hope with one finger. We will active this to us. Well, nothing's These are damn. Do I'll redo buttons? I use justice to undo a Redoute. But just for you to know they're here too. You also can change the bar position. Drag it from here on. Now you can move it up and down. Okay? It's time to customize our up to our needs. So let's stop here at actions. Them breaths under on the right home interface. If you want to move the toolbar to the right side, I use it with my left home so I will turn it off. We can also give a new use to this bottom. So let's stop this time. At balance, Justice controls unchanged top From here to here. Now we wait up it a quick many wheel appear. I think it's more useful this way. Next thing we have to do if we are on Lee going to draw with our abo pencil is to go to advance justice controls again and select here Justice on Lee. Why? Because if we don't today's I will show you what will happen. This is a bit messy, so let's clear the layer first. Don't worry. We will talk about less in the next class. Okay. When we are drawing on, we touch the screen accidentally with a finger or our hand. These is what happens so activating justice on Lee, we will a boy this now our fingers no longer will draw any line. But they don't want be unemployed. We will use them for justice. We will talk about less and colors in the next class. But just to give you a taste of it, I will introduce them to you. Now we will always have at least one layer on a back only we can also add more layers. Stopping the plaice sign on deleted them swiping to the left on choosing delete. Here we have the saturation disk. The shows and color will appear here under previous one. Here on this is the hearing on the color palette. Let's go back to the actions baton that image. If you tap in certified, you can insert an image to your artwork. It will be inserted in a newly Okay. You can also insert an image from the photo sap or even take a photo un inserted in a newly as well cut copy. Copy. Chemise and paste are here, but we will mostly use justice to call these actions in Columbus. We will use perspective Guy in future, CASS is here. You will find flick canvas horizontally, vertically on the campus in for where you can check When the R word was created. I'm the last time we modify it. The V view sized our our work size. The maximum number off less that we can create in it. This will depend on the campus size. Okay. How big is going to be in case we print it? How many layers we've created already? It's dimension and big SOLs. Well, a lot of canvassing for even the time we have been drawing seven minutes so far Procreate allows us to share our our here a swell. You already know. You can share it in all these four months. Yeah. Tiff Wasson available. Inappropriate. Three. The new we just saw there was a video section in the canvas in from procreate will record all we have been drawing. It will increase the size of our image. So if you don't need it, you can turn it off here and then top Birch. This is for broadcasting on export time lapse p do alot of sas to share our drawing process Just choose where you want to save it. Price. Here you can choose between the light interface on the Darkwa. We already so how this works. So brush cursor. These will allows us to see the shape off our brush on if it's changing its size or position as we are using it. Some people find these annoying, but I think it's quite useful. So I usually draw with it on AARP Lake unless it's really useful if you are in a meeting or a conference and you want to share with another screen what you're doing in your campus. I didn't touch any off this sentence because the time I have to hold my fingers to undo or create a quick line are just fine. I don't like my interface out to hide Underpass ity off the part in appropriate creates to show us a selected area off the drawing. It's also fun for me, but feel free to modify them if there are not set okay for you. Okay, if you have a stylist that's not an apple pencil. You can connect it here on top over yours. Edit pressure curve. I didn't use this either. I modified it the first time I opened, procreate on, then decide it wants said perfect for me. But if you feel you have to add too much pressure when you're drawing with Europe Openssl to get the kind of strokes you are used to draw on paper, you should definitely modify the car until you feel comfortable with the pressure you're adding under strokes. You're getting okay. You already know advanced gestures controls Onda. Last button is the help button. No much do out here. Let's talk about the adjustment sentence capacity. This is one way to decrease a new increased our current leg capacity. I will show you shortcuts in the next classes to do this quickly. All of these are effects you can add to our currently. We will also use them in future classes. Here we can modify the huge saturation on brightness off our Currently, This is a really useful setting that present if you are not happy with the result on, we will talk about color, balance, curves and recover as we progress. After all, online and a circle display this too this election to we have some options here. Let's see how free hands works first free him allows us to select an area simply drawing it with your pencil or finger. I'm not lifting my pencil, but it's okay if you do, procreate will connect to the point where you raise your pencil with the one. You are continuing this election to close a selection area. Just stop over this little circle. A stripped butter is covering the UN selected area. We will only be able to draw inside this Nikki shape now, so let's do it. Once you're done, tap this election button. Let's talk about automatic Automatic will select an area for us. Sometimes is enough to top over the area. We want to be selected, but most of the time we will have to adjust the threshold. If you will like to select, the Linus will just raise your finger top over the line and adjust the threshold. If with up here, everything selected will be copy in a new way. Here it is. I will deactivate his land. Now you can see it better. Let's still it. This'll a, um activate this one. Okay, let's see. Legendary again. Mm. If we do up here, we will invert the selected area. Now everything in the cameras. But this area is selected. So if I paint or use a racer, the wrong area will not be affected. We can reload our last year's selection tapping on holding on the selection button. Okay, this is the transform button. Some options here as well. Preform preform allows us to transform our join freely these way or that way. Okay, Magnetic. This is quite useful because some blue lines will appear to guide us while we're moving our drawing. We also can change its size and rotate it. This is flip horizontally. Flip vertically, rotate, fade to the campus. Cancel all the modifications on do every day. 3. Gestures (Procreate 4): in this video, I will show you the most useful justice. It will be a guide for you to check whenever you need it. One finger. You already know how to pain with your finger or you're up a pencil. Just stop and drag to pain. It's much or erase. Hold your fingers still, in case you want a straight line tap. Transform. If you're not happy with the result, modifying the line on drug it anywhere you want that turns. Want to finish? If you tough transform again, Appropriate will not recognize the line, and it will select all the growing your fingers. If you touch the screen with the second finger where you're drawing a straight line, it will snap to 15 degrees increments so you can draw are perfectly vertical while horizontal line on a 45 degrees line beach. To screen this way to film in and come out quick page in wards to feed the cameras to scream. Reverse your quick change to return where you were before to rotate the campus. Simply rotate your fingers stepping with two fingers you on. Do an action. Hold your fingers on the cameras to constantly on do until your release. Three fingers top with three fingers to redo an action. Hold them to constantly reduce. Use three fingers in a back and forth motion to clear your layer. Cut copy and paste menu were appear. If you swipe three fingers, don't works full fingers. Top with four fingers to hide the two balls. Stop again to have them back. 4. Discovering brushes (Procreate 4): Let's throw our first picture. First of all, we need to find the brush or brush is we're comfortable with. Let's try them all. One way to do this is inserting an image off it Set off Russia's and drawing some lines and letters. Let's start with the technical pencil. Decrease on increased pressure when you are testing the brushes. Also modified field on observed. If it works different when we make a slow or fast stroke because many brushes are affected by these kind of things, then write something the breast name, for example. Now let's choose the HB pencil under the same dealed Stilton. More pressure drug fast. So add more pressure. Soft again on the last one off the set. Bonobo chalk. This is one of my favorites. Wonderful, Dexter. Less decrees its size a pressure draw softer some lines. Okay, I recommend you to do the same for the inking brushes. Think calligraphy wants on the rest of them. After trying them all, I drew some pictures with the brushes I like the most. I will show you I drew this cat with the flat brush place in the painting. Set this flower with the oil Ben Brust from the artistic set. This lady, using the way form brush on drawing thes boy was really fun. I used this depot, Bryce from the Incan set. You should definitely give this brush ago. Those are the classics now. I will show you some fancy ones, for example, that once you will find in the retro set has Group B. It's quite easy to draw our rose using it. Let's decrease its size a little bit now. It's better. I did this one using the rut brush so easy to let's see Chris's size on draw relief as well. For these, I chose this coop. If we had more pressure, we will get bigger circles on. When we draw lines with it, we can observe there are not aligned. Finally, I did this last flower. Using the light from brush pressure on these one not only affects the line with, it also affects the capacity, which gives it a cool look. I recommend you to write the brush name in your first door. We do remember which one you used. Unuseful wait to keep our favorite brushes together is to create a new set of brushes to the ways. We just need to swipe down over the state of brushes and up on the set. Now we have a new an empty set. Let's give it a name. My brushes on. Let's still it with our favorites. For example, HB pencil. Yes. Stop Hold and drug. Wait until the last sign appears on release. Now we have a copy off these brush in our new set, I will make a copy off the studio Ben Brush to and I like the water color as well. If you release it Just when the plus sign appears appropriate will make the copy but won't open the set. Here it is. I will add to my set this one as well. Just repeat the process. I'm here it is. The express is really useful. Let's use it. Do with it. Agreed in the campus. Where will use this? Great to help us with lettering on our drawings composition in the next classes off this Siri's Let's change the name off this layer top and select rename. Great. I'm creating a new layer tapping the plus sign. Choose the studio paintbrush on Let's practice. I'm going to write on a for example, the activated related to see how it looks without it topping here, let's make a four. Now, remember that if we wait until quick line great pops, we will draw a straight lines. Now the activate the great leg again. Okay, let's clear these lay on. Draw something more interesting. You can clear the layer using a jester, but also topping here on selecting clear. If you need to reference image, you can insert an image in your cameras or uses Plea Butte as you prefer. I will draw Cherry. There are some nice images here these way. You can have your reference images here and draw here. I want to use it this time, though, so let's close it. I will draw the first Jerry with the HB pencil brush. It takes a word to get used to it. Sometimes you will tell the pencil too much on. It will make a really thick line. When we deal the pencil, it gives us a nice pencil. Dexter, try increasing un, decreasing the brush size Onda Pass city as well, at more pressure used as much to too soft in the lines. Remember that if we eat up the whole we will get the same brush we were drawing with. We can decrease the opacity in case we don't want to lose all the texture we can use. A eraser ful highlights. I love texter drawings, so I will add more pain. Here we can create highlights using white as well. Now let's draw cherry with the studio pin. It will look like a really Inc throwing to feel the cherry just stop and drug from the color button. The chosen color. Unreal. Is it inside the cherry at highlights, changing the color to white? Now let's draw Jerry using the watercolor brush. - Let's at color in this case to start a colors for the shadows on lighter. For the highlights, you will get a more water look. If you use water, bleeds would sponge with glaze or wash. I will show you if we have too much pressure. This is what happens, so be careful. It looks pretty riel. You already know how do at a brush do your set of brushes, but how? With a little brush easy. So I'm to the left under sure duplicate undulating many will appear you can Onley, delete, duplicated or known preset brushes. Okay, if you no longer need your set off Russia's top twice on the rename under Elite menu will appear. You can only delete or change the name off the sets jobs created. If none of the present brushes suits you or you want to modify them, just swipe to the left on top. Duplicate, then stop again. The breath settings many will appear in procreate process consists off two images. One for the shape, another one for the grain. The shape will be the container for the grain under grain will roll inside of it. When you make a stroke like a ben roller, top these buttons to change this shape. Source. This is the library where you will find the images used by procreate percent brushes. We will talk deeply about all the broth settings on brush creation in the classes. 4 to 6 off these Siri's Let's just one of them. Now there's one. For example, we can retain the image. You send your fingers and select a different image for the great, too. Here you will see a preview, but let's make some lines to see better. How it looks. Let's increase its size a little bit. Um, let's draw a strange Suri with it. Okay? I will love to continue drawing Cherries with all the brushes, but it's time for the class project. 5. Class project (Procreate 4): Our first assignment will be to do, though, on create the first page off our calendar. It will be a line calendar, this time so straight on curved lines allowed. But accreditation in shade or hue are not OK. It's preferable to use a plain background, a monochromatic lines. But it's okay if you use lands off different colors to give you an inspirational push, I will show you. Some are works off one off my favorite illustrators. His name is Jonathan Colucci. I will not talk about him. I just want you to keep in mind these few things I've breeding here on these images. Now close your eyes. Think about something you like to draw. Reduce it to just a few lines. Whole death felt. Andrew. Let's create a new campus. I will just a screen size one. Use two fingers to irritated in case you need it. Next thing I have to do is to draw a great season. The great brush. I will decrease its capacity. Now it's benefit and I will create annually. Now go to calligraphy and choose the monoline brush on. Let's start doodily. I will write November 1st used to transform to to move it. UN. Increase its size, as I am doing now, retouched the lines if it's necessary with the razor to okay now, I will start drawing things. You don't know what to do, right? Don't panic. What do you see? What's on your desk? Do you have plans? Where did you go? Your laughs. Holy days. What did you have for breakfast? Or if you're not in the mood for doing things to lines dot shapes, everything is allowed. Just have some fun. - Our digital is done. Let's transform it in our November calendar, tapping the due to layer on select mask a mask. Claire will appear above our dude Ole. We're using a mask because we want to keep our doodles safe and sound, but we need some space to at the numbers and days, so we will use the mask to hide a piece of our joint tap. This election to Andhra Red Tunggal used agreed as a reference. Now we're going to fill the rectangle if we feel it in black. There, a tango will be opaque, so we are going to use a dark gray color because we don't want it's completely opaque. Keep in mind The light of the color, the less capacity will have our re tunggal painting wide to reveal any hidden area. Now create a new net on right a days in numbers once you're don't deactivate Agreed Lead unsure you are work well done. 6. Interface (Procreate 3): There we go. That's open. Procreate. This is the gallery where all your work is going to be. If this is the first time you opened the up, you will see it. This four samples. Okay, I just group them together. Let's click there. There are a few things you can do with your drones. Here. I will show you select. They select I do it again. Select Did select Select More than one the select. Just stopping anywhere. Okay, groups some drawings together. Connect tap and hold. Move here. Can I have the group? I can change the group. Name group. Uh, what grip one, for example. Return Having naming. Okay, If I don't want this image here, Select top. Um the Gone Here it is. I also can change the drawing name. Yes, Doug, return and change the position that well, I also can do still it an image duplicate and share public eight. Let me just delete Still it then unsure. Just choose to foment. Rotating the campus is possible without open. And it I do with the other hand. This way. What's days? Wait This may okay, but how? It creates a campus, A new canvas you see tapping Here you have a percent one screen size square. Okay. And so one. You can create a new chemist here on import Here we are going to create anyone diss for you to see. Okay. For example 1920 by it's an 80. Name it. H Thing done here is your new campus. If you thought Here you come back to the gallery. The Do you remember how which I need to say? Yeah, let's do it then stop new chemise return. And there it is. Let's dilated because we are going to use another campus this time. Two minutes did it. It will be safe here. In any case, you want to delete it, just delete it there. We're going to use the screen size this time that so let's have a quick look at them, too. Face, these are the pained as much. And he raised buttons. As you can see. All of them have the same brushes. Okay. Brushes are organized into themes, sketch scene in Kane painting and so on. There are a lot swipe to see them all. Let's choose one and draw a line. This is a lie I get If I drop with my finger. These are the lines I get if I draw with an apple pencil. Why is that? Because apple pencil includes pressure until senses. That's why I decided to use it instead of my fingers. I will use my fingers to, but mostly for justice. But that's foot earnestness. So next thing we have to do, in case you are going to drop with a stylus, is go to actions, perhaps at one justice, Control on top justice only if you don't do that. This is what happens when you want to draw something. You don't decide when to start, and that's the screen accidentally with your fingers. Always show you honest, raw this circle here. Now, maybe here are. Well, we're here. Uh, all of these. Okay, so let's do it. Actions. Cripps had been just a controls. Justice. Only now you can draw with your fingers. Okay, let's continue with this much. No, you see, on weaken dry with another pencil, maybe. Calibrate Ben, you can see this much is different. He didn't use a different brush and erase the same miss. Uh uh, This If you're painting with a specific brush and you want to smudge or erase with the same brush. Just tep and hold and you will have it. Okay, let's do it again. Imagine I waas erasing with oil Pastoral and I was drawing with HP. Sorry. Six b pencil. Let's do it again. What? Sorry, top and hold and you have it. Sometimes it's useful to use the same brush for painting. Um erasing I would show you. Imagine. I want to draw a full moon. And then I changed my mind. If I use the same pencil, Toby, race, tap and hold, I get this counter. And if I use all the for example, this one, for example, a county graphic. Ben, I will get this sharp edge Everything that bends. What? You're looking for more things. I've been using this to control the brush size. I show you on this change this thing. Okay, degrees and increasing the brush size you see? Okay. You also can change the a positive here was dropped capacity Drop a little bit more and I'm a little bit more in a little bit more. And that's it. This is the undue and redo button. And do read a button. This is the modify button by the form, it turns three. I drop on. You can see. Okay, that you can do this with your fingers too. Stop and hold Once elected color you want to pick? Okay, so let's give it a new use. Go to actions. Press at Manchester Controls on touch top for quick menu tat on touch as well. Okay, so now when we top it, we will have to a quick many. I think it's more useful this way. You can also change the bar position. Simply drug from here. Um, up or down if you want to move it to the right side. Top again in actions France. And now, right hen into face on the regis. Okay, I use it with my left hand. So it's perfect for me here. Let's continue. This is Les us. There are a lot of cool things we can do with less. We will talk about them in the future. But just for you to know this If you click here, do you get another layer? Another layer? As many as you want. Did this to tell it or duplicate. Okay. Mr Did with needs any off them now This is scholars. You can choose Call. Are you want here? Okay, it's got black again. Well, you already know the action. Batam do not a lot of scenes here. Okay? Which I will explain as we progress. This isn't a Desmond button. You can change capacity. Okay. Um I don't know passback tippler. I've effects and more abundance features here I draw a line in a circle to explain this to selection to it comes with some options. I was playing first pre hen. He would choose freehand We exactly draw and select the area we want to. This is useful to pained if I just want to paint these. I did This did select. How do you see how automatic works tapped? And Dr, this is how automatic works. You see? Let for example this Get up here. This election will copy in a new layer. You see this deal? It's a deal, layer come More things. Uh let's just freehand again. For example, this if I press here I invert this election now everything on the campus. But they said this area is selected so no, I I draw This is what happens. This is transform Sumption says. Well, 34 So you can transform his way or dad way. Okay. Magnetic. This is quite useful because when you want to transform it some lines he Pierre to guide you the same if he won't. Sorry, If you want to decrease or even rotate, you see it up. But but But this is sleep horizontally and flip vertically on rotate and fit to the campus and cancel selection and again and do and redo, and that's it. 7. Gestures (Procreate 3): in this video, I will show you the most useful justice. It will be a guy for you to check whenever you need it. One finger. You already know how to pain with your finger or you're up a pencil. Just stop and drag to pain. It's much or erase. Hold your fingers still, in case you want a straight line tap. Transform. If you're not happy with the result, modifying the line on drug it anywhere you want that trans want to finish. If you tough transform again, Appropriate will not recognize the line, and it will select all the growing your fingers. If you touch the screen with the second finger where you're drawing a straight line, it will snap to 15 degrees increments so you can draw are perfectly vertical line horizontal line on a 45 degrees line beach to screen this way to some in and come out quick page inwards to feed the cameras to scream. Reverse your quick change to return where you were before to rotate the campus. Simply rotate your fingers typing with two fingers. You on July in action, Hold your fingers on the campus to constantly on do until your release. Three fingers top with three fingers to redo an action. Hold them to constantly reduce. Use three fingers in a back and forth motion to clear your layer. Cut copy and paste menu were appear. If you swipe three fingers, don't words. Full fingers. Talk with four fingers to hide the two balls. Stop again to have them back. 8. Discovering brushes (Procreate 3): Let's draw our first picture. First of all, we need to find a brush or brush is we're comfortable with, so there is only one way to try them. I already did it. First thing I did was to draw some lines and lettering. As you can see here, I did the same for the inking brushes baleen on the rest of them. After that, I drew some pictures with the brushes I like the most. I want to show you. I use what flat brush this time steeple here oil paint in this case on way for here, I recommend you to write a broad's name in your first ruins to remember which one you use. Let's make some assembled go to brass library. I'm select a brush. Brushes are very well implemented, So if you are used to draw with HB pencil, here it is. That's so a flower, for example. Sometimes use this for sketch in Cools. Remember to try very in dispute until off your apple pencil, as many brushes that affect it. - You say racer for the highlights that you wanted. - If you're used to draw with, think you have ink in here, let's choose this one and draw another flower yesterday's to drop the color here. This is like a pain market. It's really easy to use this. Drag the color here. Did you do this? You see? On what? So this'll. It's quite fun. See? Oops, he's It's some. - This is like a tattoo. All I could. So this is this pen. Let's choose another one. Um, for example. Watercolor. Well, Mr Right, Another quick flower working . So that's it. Those are the classics. I'm going to show you now. Some fancy ones. I did this flower with group B. It's here in red room, right? Drew here. Ups here. Kruky. It's really funny to make it to this, You see? Really, Really e c. There's one with Rod who's bigger? Um, this win with retro disco, they won and then small Well, she's more. He hips have loved A's win. And the last one here lights been apps. Yeah, so to isn't it? And his full way to keep our favorite brushes together is to create a new set of brushes. Let's do it. New set. Naming my brushes return and dragged to the first line there. Okay, high, low fake. Six B pencil. It's been so let's find you. But I'm going to choose this one. Drug it there. I have a copy there. Every time you drag a brush on release on your new set, you will get a copy off it. More brushes are like calibrate graphic. Ben. The same on I, like this one is really, really useful. I will show you later. No, Um, I think so. My brushes. Okay, so I use this one that's a green. Yeah. I create another layer. Drop the passivity of this layer just topped with true fingers. You see, two fingers and you just load capacity. Okay, so now I can use it. Select the older layer and with my colleague graphic pen, I can True mirrors. So this brought us. Helps me when I draw numbers. Letters. Same for geometric shapes. Okay. Numbers is a strength five. That it's OK. I would drop before. I think this is better. Okay. You can also modify any brush topping twice. Okay. Four deleted, duplicated or sure, it has to placate this because we're going to play with it so top twice. I am not going to explain all these settings now. because it will be too much for this course. But there are some really interesting things I want you to know. Uh, here at source, it's pencil. Has the shape serves on a grain sores, you can rotate them. You can rotate this, but you will not see anything because it's a completely plane. But you can change the grain source here in pro library and irritated. Okay. And you can also can change the shape sores. So I primary and for example, this one they did as well. So here you can see how the changes affect to your brush, but sometimes easy, easy, destitute. True. Okay, or drew. It's like a snake or something. I see a snake here. That's the more changes. Um, I don't know what's happening. I do this, for example. Cool. Um, what happens if I do this and this? It's really cool. The same. Another snake lists. That's clean. All these mess. Now, let's change more things. Here it is done. A stop stroke. I love playing with these things. And they seen Well, cool. This is cheetah. Um, spacing. You just drop Jetta. You get this. But the most useful thing here is streamline. Okay, let's try to write an s with zero streamline. I mean the mess again. Okay. And now this straw A ness with 100 person streamline. This is really useful for drawing smooth lines on lettering. Now it's time for you to do your research. Find your brushes, brushes and get ready for the class project. 9. Class project (Procreate 3): our first assignment will be to draw a march Fallon. There it will be a line. Our calendar this time. So straight and cure lines are love, but gradations in shade or hue are not. It's preferable to use a plain background on monochromatic lines, but you can use lines of different colors if you want it to give you on inspirational push . I will show you one of my favorites. Leinart illustrators. His name is Jonathan Kabiligi. Keep in mind these view things I've written here and these air samples as well. Close your eyes and think about something you like Andre to use it to just a few lines. Now you're ready for the class project. Mine will be a leper. Come because it brings me back a lot of good memories from the time I was living in Ireland - to share your calendar. Just top actions. Sure, sure, I work. Choose a format, for example, is what and save image. You also can sport the video off your drawing sporting se VDO. That's it. So you in the next cars. Bye bye