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Drawing Shiny and Colorful HAIR in Colored Pencils

teacher avatar Gad Ounelfe, Portait Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Class Introduction !

    • 2. Materials needed for the Class

    • 3. Back to the Basics : Color gradients

    • 4. Draw STRAIGHT hair

    • 5. Color STRAIGHT hair

    • 6. Draw CURLY hair

    • 7. My secret sauce : Color CURLY hair !

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

By the end of this class, you are going to be able to draw shiny and colorful hair like you never had before.

This class will cover the basics of doing color gradients, moving toward more advanced skills like drawing hair and coloring it in a new creative way.

You will even create your own strands of hair in your favourite color as the class project !

This class is for all artists that want to take their characters’ hair to the next level ! You will need some basic drawing experience, a set of colored pencils, a piece of paper and that’s it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gad Ounelfe

Portait Artist


Hello guys and welcome to my teacher page!

I am Gad and I like drawing, doing yoga and drinking coffee. I am teaching my students to create their own characters and draw them realistically.

Fora daily dose of inspiration & art, join the tribe on Instagram!


For more video, you can also join me on YouTube : 

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1. Class Introduction !: Hello, guys. And welcome to this class where I am going to teach you how to draw gorgeous, shiny, colorful hair for your characters. I am God. I didn't promise am a friend, Dizzy artist and I have been designing my own characters since I was 12 and today I am going to teach you all I learned for the years. First of all, I am going to show you what material will be needed for this class and spoiler alert. You don't need to break the bank. We are going to get back to basics and learn how to do beautiful colored radiance, which are debase for creating shiny hair. Then there will be two main topics. One more will be learning how to draw in color, straight hair in one for curly hair, say with her Thursday, Do let's get started 2. Materials needed for the Class: First of all, let's start with some basics to begin with. I am going to show you what I used to make my drawings and what will be needed to drew amazing hair for your characters. Colored pencils colored pencils are more favorite medium When it comes to art, it's affordable and easy to carry on. The brand I use is favorite castle, but you can have the same results. Were basic color pencils as long as you followed the method. So I encourage you to grab some core pencil right now and to have them ahead as you watch, discuss paper when it comes to paper, you can really take whatever you want. I use kimpson. When I created my technique to join hair a couple of years ago, I was using regular printing paper and it was absolutely OK. Today, with first trials, you can even grab a piece of job paper. I am sure you have some in your house, a pencil chapter when it's come to pencil chapter. I am quite old school. I have a metal simple one that I use over a glass container from your razor. It would pencil. I used HB pencil which seem to be, well, a reasonable don't you in the paper and cool to draw with. So that's it for the matter room needed. As you can see, you probably already have everything at home in the next video. We're going to jump right into it and start to will work with gold radiance. 3. Back to the Basics : Color gradients: in this class, I'm going to show you how to create color Grady ins. This is the first part of your projects, so make sure you have your much aerial on hand so you can follow three. First, you are going to choose three colored pencil. Replace color, but in different shades. For example, if you want to create blue hair, she was alive, blew a jog flute and the block cooler radiance are the basics. The following minutes will be the most important of the course. You are going to learn the very basic of my technique for through hair, the broth. This the kid is to imagine a three zone square like you can see on the screen right now and work in this at the beginning, I encourage you to draw the square on your paper. The basic is to use what I call pressure shading. You are going to work at the left side of during one, giving a lot of pressure on your color pencil. To obtain a solid color, you need to have the same color on your paper than on the color pencil itself. Sing guns. You are goingto author. The pressure on the pencil becoming lighter and lighter till you get no pressure at all. Once you will work toward is getting to the very like pressure nearly white at the middle. Off them, too, now comes different. Part three color are going to be blended together to create this night color. Grady. It's take your middle tone and start the same pressure shaving process again. Start in the middle of the 11 were high pressured to obtain a solid color and alter pressure until you get to the middle off some three. Finally add. Your lightest scholar starts with hard pressure in the middle of the NCI and work towards in three. We've lighter and lighter pressure. You're don. Now is the time to work on the first part of your project. Pick your favorite colors and experiment. The only limit is your imagination. Finally posted. Picture off their piece of art in the project. See you in the next video 4. Draw STRAIGHT hair: No, that you know how to make colorful radiance. I am going to teach you how to use this knowledge to create wonderful, gorgeous, shiny straight hair. Straight hair drawing is quite simple when you break it down into simple steps. First of all, the drawer line of Big Previ. Two great movement into hair quoting from the bottom. Good report treating the same pattern. Get further and further from the first line as you repeat the same process for how many strands of hair you want. Very calm as a straight behind for a fuller look and you're done. Please take Tom's story is printed. Had that you happy with so that you can start coloring it in the next video. That's second part of your project. 5. Color STRAIGHT hair: No that you know how to draw a straight hair pattern. Let's color. It's again. It's all about cool or radiance. Started your doctor scholar at the top off the first Friends creates your regions as you learned in the third video, then create a color raging bend in the other order. Start with the lightest color working toward the darkest mind to allege a wide gap between two Tigre Indians. It's the key to create shiny hair. You shoot. Return to a solid taint of your darkest color to transform this color grading too shiny hair. Your last step is to our lines with your darkest color. Marta gain to keep some roid appearing as it is a key to create the shine. Now it's time to work on the whole. Repeated those steps on the remaining place you have on the hair strains cool or D? All those friends finish by the strength behind that you will color in your darker shade, his will and hands the shining. And finally, at some single hair trends underside or, more realistically, no place to invite a piece of paper you walked on in Lesson four enquiries with your favorite color radiance. When you're done, you can take a picture and post it into Project Gallery 6. Draw CURLY hair : Now it's finally time for joining Amazing curly hair, you say the technique I used. It's super simple Before learning how to cologne. Curly hair. Let's learn my simple technique to draw it. Start by drawing a very simple waving time followed the same partner into great curly strand of hair. Now you're going to create another string of hair which will wrap around the 1st 1 Start by the top of the hair drew a line that ghost into the opposite directions from the first train. Continue as if you trained was behind the 1st 1 You true? Then pass a strain on the top of the other with your razor. Take the lines from the first trends you drew in between the place. Worried to process the single strand, you should now have some being close to this. Repeat the same steps until you get to the bottom off their hair. Strange 7. My secret sauce : Color CURLY hair !: Now here comes the relief, in part, an amazing part of the course. I have developed this technique myself, and I am sure it will get your project drawings to the next level. As always, it's a Marcia off Corel or radiates. Start by doing you your color. Radiant at the top of the second strands you tree the doctors. Color should always be used to when the hair strength goes under the other trends, our endures the shades to the color you choose. Don't forget to add line for a more realistic effect. Now on to the same on the other strand of hair the UAE shines should be approximately on the top off where the other strains of the hair comes behind. For a maximum volume effect, - repeat the same step till you have colored whole hair. - Time for final touches. Color the in between space of your lives. Your doctor scholar. You can also have a tiny colored radiance in the middle if you want. Repeat on the other holes. Finally, add some lines on the ages of your hen. Harris Trend for a more realistic look made them follow to pattern off the main strength you can now finalize your project, finish a curly hair strand in the color of your choice and posted a new project in the project calorie. 8. Final Thoughts: final thoughts. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, shapes, length styles. Your possibilities are M. It's remember, that's really when it comes to work on your paper and doing your own stop letting go of reference it and courses that you will get your own style and what the progress we're really happens. Good luck now, A Baxter, the pier on your day Stop to ask you feel like these courts or not, So feel free to give your opinion my cars. If you want to have more tutorials like this one, you can also full of my profile to be notified whenever I replaced new courses to help you improve your drinking game. And finally, if you sit inspiration can during our community and kids never for a daily dose of inspiration those thank you for watching and see you next one