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Drawing Floral 1 : Pen and Brush on Watercolor Background

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Introduce Myself


    • 3.

      Draw Flower 1


    • 4.

      Draw Flower 1 with Brush


    • 5.

      Draw Flower 2


    • 6.

      Draw Flower 3


    • 7.

      Draw Leaf


    • 8.

      Create Color Background


    • 9.

      Draw More Flower


    • 10.

      Draw Leaf on Background


    • 11.

      Result and Assignment


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About This Class

You say, you can not draw ? Don't believe it !

I will teach you step by step how to draw beautiful floral with only pen, brush and watercolor. It's so easy and when you are in the drawing moment, you will find it as a meditative moment. So, this class is good for your hand, improve your drawing skills but also good for your brain and mind too.

In this class, you will learn :

  1. How to draw 3 types of flower and leaf using pencil, pen and brush
  2. Make background with watercolor
  3. Combine the skills learned to create a master piece : beautiful floral drawing

I also attach here 4 drawing sheets to practice drawing flower and leaf by tracing it.

After this class, I guarantee 100% that you will directly take your paper and pen and draw ! And in 30 minutes after watching this class, imagine you draw floral like one of the sample below. 

Everybody can join this class ! It's very easy and fun.

I welcome any review, feedback and comment from all of you.

Please take a look at my website www.hannyhoney.com or follow my instagram @hanny.agustine

Happy drawing,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with www.digikidz.id in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise and only after developed my latest product www.artfactory.id for children in 2014, my childhood drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: uh there. 2. Introduce Myself: Hi, I'm Honey a Christine from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm illustrator, designer and founder Tickets start I d. That's my Children Credit Planning Center for about 15 years. For a long time I did my details in my centers computer about big electron ICS and also our I sell my art in society six dot com and also interested Call and business My stocking up I do love colors and flower Every day I promised to myself to draw at least one throwing one scats or one to dio So you may follow my stockroom at honey Got a crystal and also risk Come to my website had me, honey that call. 3. Draw Flower 1: So let's make a flower one. This is the flower that you have to make in this class. The dose that you need. This I guess me grump at zero by and then brass 08 on and make a nick pencil. You can use a different size and the most important thing is we needed thick and thin. The first flower we draw with pencil. You can see I make a little dots in the middle and then I make the first but belts off the flower and then 2nd 1 and four and then you take the manfully and then you make the little during the may know and then you made the poor spittle Follow your pencil. Sometimes I follow my friends 11. Sometimes I dance a little pit and was important. Thing is you have a guidance to draw with. Use a pen and then you take the laser and then you can erase a pencil. When you practice a lot, you don't need any bent. So any more than you can draw like me using the panto, Eric Me this practice more in war. Sometimes it looks school. Sometimes you didn't like it, but don't throw away all your papers, leather. On a week later or my letter, you will see that you experience the period off drawing. So you will appreciate yourself because you do a practice and more practice to make it but fix. And then I used me compounds hero 0.5 to make a thinner line. Look at my hands. I make a little waves for its line to make IDs You d people. So in this class we will practice our strict lines and little wave lines. This is what I call a little lines. You can continue with the second, Beto. You may go little with lines again, one by one. Then you will enjoy this moment. It's very medicine, D Betty, Good for your mind and your soul. It will make you very calm and very cool. Jayla. Trust me now, continue throwing the other better house using pencil another four Patels and then you can add some more between two petals until so many layers that you like. Usually I use only two layers or really years from the middle again. Continue using bad you draw your flowers and then after Phyllis, you can practice one more without pencil until you feel familiar with the form with the ships, and I think you will make a more beautiful flower, Then I will see in your project. Then, when you make this thin line, you will feel so different because your brain is active. But you focus still one thing, and it makes your mind and your brain so in meditative mode. After this, we will continue throwing flower number two. 4. Draw Flower 1 with Brush: Okay, We continue with pencil and breast. You will make up this kind of flower. You make a guidance with your pencil first and then take your make room for us and start with dots in the middle and then make the petals off the problem what they want by using breast, you can feel in your hands. Sometimes you need to live it up. But sometimes you have to put it down to make a wider lines. This practice and you can feel the difference by using this press and using pen. Just enjoy the moment. One by one you been Isett for several times in this class. I make the video fast forwards four or eight times so you can see I throw. It's like past. But actually, when I make this, I throw a slow s You You take the razor to delay pencil and after practice some more. You don't have any pencil. You just can draw it with press and Ben like meat. Here again, you make a little wave lines one by one. Sometimes I pull a sol. I listened to the music. When I make this line on, I think you can have a very beautiful moment. When you make a very meditative activity like this, don't be afraid. If you make any mystic, just continue with another lines. People were not see any mystic with this thin lines from all the bedclothes off your beautiful flowers. 5. Draw Flower 2: Okay, now we drop lower Number two, this is the flower is kind of like a rose. You take a pencil, you make three. Then tell a circle in the meadow and look at me. Yes, I make one and two and I connect the do with not there Pedals is a little rose and then I make again one dio and combine it again buying it again. Then you make the roads speaker and baker Just move your pencil to make a little weaves. Yes, And then we won t o You could like again? Yes. And then one and not there. And this is the prince again. That watch? Yes, though this one and you follow? Yeah, Thomas is still Carlos. So now it's time for Ben. And he was zero point it. I don't think one and then I don't know my Bensel guidance and make it fast forward three to you here But actually I throw a snow s you then take the razor us a pencil And then if you practice more and more you can tell a directly from your pen and got the new with your bed. Use a thin bent usually 0.5 Make a little lines like that. I am cross forward again. This video. But you can finish it one by one. And then you practice without pen so terribly with a pair like me. Combine mental number one and two and make a pretty and then you combine again. They knew of openness. I'm so you can do and much better than me. After this re practice to draw flowers number three and after mitral three flowers and live we can make our final project and only sell fun. 6. Draw Flower 3: Now we practice drawing robber number three. It's like a lot of flour. It's very interesting. We use a pencil first as a guidance. You make a dots in the meadow, and then you make four tells the little one. It's like a North Saul East and West, not action. You have four petals, and then between do you create another bit tells So you have the second mayor. Another four Patels humans have been you they'll three or four years it's up to you. Depends on the size of your paper. Sometimes you don't like you just erase it and talking. Enhance now with pens. You know 0.8. I make a line on my pencil guidance and then later on you Bill. Recently, Sometimes you may follow your pencil, but sometimes you can create another one a little bit different. It's okay, because the pencil actually is on the your guidance. That is, you're one. And then between do you start to create the your do. And if you see I have 123 layers on after a lot of practice, you can draw directly with your pen without any kinds anymore. Just make one every morning, like me Just todo every time you have. Then your hand will be familiar with this kind off throwing, and you will be the master. Uh mm. Here, I use a pen. 0.5 for the flower. Number three. You make a straight lines. Not little. We have spot straight line, Manny Street, one by one. Very thin and very close to its other. Is this another good moment, right, Huh? Yes. And then the rest the pencil with eraser. And after drawing dream flowers and one Lee, we will be ready to make a masterpiece. 7. Draw Leaf: Well, go on. No withdrawal leaves. We will make a live like this. Cars use the pencil to make a guideline. I mean, the first Lee, this is free. You can make any form off the live as you like as issue you some examples here. And then I make it in the meteo. I think there are You will make lives Rome right to left or with vertical or horizontal pushing him off your paper. And sometimes you need to make it at the top. Or about them off you are Rawlings. Then again now with pens going eight, you make a strict line for the lives one by one and you finished it. This is the difference between straight line and little webs. Line the 1st 1 I make us for flower. And when you make lives, you straight line the leader. Wives like this move a little bit off your fingers when you make it. And when you need to use a very straight line from get them to talk. Okay. Now, you already three flowers and lives. Now you are ready to make your project 8. Create Color Background: Okay, this is the best part. We play with colors to create background. Now what? You need this on the weather color palette and cross. I use being yellow oranges and grill any other you can do. Sprung like a while until we're all your favorite colors. I use medium size for us, but it depends on the size off your paper that you use. And then I create background for its robber here. Sometimes I make Cielo to appeal and then greed Oren's and now my yellow mixed with pains. It's OK because the border you makes the color never on with it dress. It looks so much better. And then for the live, you can add green long the ads off your paper, sometimes at the top, off the paper or at the bottom. When you use the green pain, you don't have to be in like a really live because what we need is only the background for live. So with a pen, and for us, it looks very different later on, after you finish the background with until it completely try and after is ready to pain. Then they make a wrong address, and now it's time for flower number one. Still remember then, when the new with lower number two you will be so happy. Listen to the music in just a moment because now you throw out the flora on a very beautiful colors. You will make your masterpiece. Now you use friend 0.5 and you make a little with lines on the floor. Number one more off your fingers and it appeared to create the waves. And this is the best part, I think, because it will take a longer time. But you will feel so call and you will stop peaceful on flower number two. Make a little line that's push your pen from the button up and in victory it like a sparkle . Lines do it one by one until fitness. 9. Draw More Flower: It is more fun now because we were at another flower. We use me, Gramp, in 0.8, Remember? Flower number three. Now we make it on yellow weather color. - And then after this all Now what do you make of the line? Spark a line when the lama number two. And don't forget for problem number three Straight line for it's better now. No slow, many injured and very, very close to its Mary . 10. Draw Leaf on Background: we almost Venice now drawing you use breast fan and you feel the green area No. One by one. It's really it's after you to feel in the green area and then continue with another one at the top off the paper until you've been isn't all green leaves. There is a difference between lover and ive for the inside lines. Usually I used zero point it pan for leaves and the thinner line for flowers. Make a straight lines for its live, so it will look thinker, and it will be nice if you already finished it all. 11. Result and Assignment: So this is a final result. An assignment for you. This is my masterpiece. My project becomes like this. You see press and thin lines together and it's ready to dare. This is make a different color on different paper. And after I drove, the result is like this and I tried also a bigger size paper. The final. But I saw this beautiful, isn't it? You may also make a black and white fashion. I drove with brass and you see, But I can Why? It's also beautiful. This is another samples and make it with great lad. Great Dockery colors and I used to think lines. And then inside I use Penn syrup when one for the very big fines and it becomes so beautiful like this just for an idea. After I try scan on, I'm moving to Patricia. Sometimes I prayed my drawing on fireplace and it becomes like this. Okay, this is your assignment. Throw one color for flora or throng one black and white floral and then share your throwing with people around the world in this class project. And thank you so much. If you can live review in this class here to your friends and family. Give me any common and beat back and tell me what other cost. You like me to taste you in skills here. Thank you. Bye.