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Draw a simple face and let it come alive with watercolor and gesso. A mixed media lesson.

teacher avatar Herma Starreveld, Artist, illustrator and teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. What do you need?

    • 3. Drawing faces, exercises

    • 4. Draw a face on watercolor paper.

    • 5. Apply gesso.

    • 6. Paint the face with watercolor.

    • 7. Extra inspiration: second face painted.

    • 8. Finishing the painting including collage.

    • 9. Bonus.

    • 10. Good bye!

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About This Class

Always wanted to draw a face and feeling insecure about it? I will show you how you can draw and paint a simple and interesting face. It is so much fun to make your own character!

You learn in this mixed media project how to draw a simple face and a hint of a body with a waterproof marker. I teach you how to use gesso for interesting structure. The fun part is to color the face with watercolor. I teach you how to make a skin color. How to use watercolor, which is easy and how you can use colors to give the face character.
And you finish the project by choosing a nice suitable shirt for yourself made character and by adding some features if you want.

Please join the fun!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Herma Starreveld

Artist, illustrator and teacher


I love drawing and painting with the joy and happiness of a child . No perfection, just enjoying shapes and colors and especially faces. I love faces! I love people and I love their stories. I devour biographies. I'm also a therapist and very interested in the lives of people. I love to use symbols in my work.

Here you can see some examples of my work:

I illustrated a book which is not published yet with 26 Haiku's.

And a book which is also not published yet about two wonderful lady's. You can see two illustrations from the book.








Studio Mastarre website




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1. Introduction.: Hello, I'm here. My I'm from Holland. Welcome to this class. I'm banker and illustrator and I love people and I love the stories, and I think that's why I love to draw in tow paint faces. I love to give to face something extra to let a few or think about the cynicism you learn how to draw and paint and interesting but simple face give you some exercises and I invite you to use of waterproof marker for the exercises. It helps to let go perfectionism. It can give you more confidence. Assignment for today is to draw and paint to face one face on watercolor paper. I really hope that you opposed to process and result off your face in the Projects gallery . I'm looking forward to see what you have made achieving the next video where I explained which indeed for this list 2. What do you need?: Hello. Welcome back. We'll explain what you need for this lesson. You need some cheap paper. This is sketchbook. You need a waterproof fine marker like this range you need. What kind of I use my own pellets with troops. But you can use all sorts of watercolor. You need water. It is a close. You need to brush. You need to brush. That's drowned with a small tip. This is a This is a six boat Will do. And you need watercolor paper. One sheet will do. What a technique. Gesso. Guess always primer for oil and acrylic paint before the goulash. You need Sprint, Faber. All sorts will do. You can buy some, but you can also use paper form a magazine or everything. What you have in the house you need to see, sir took cuts. You needs glue. Um, this is jail media months. I love that. But a glue stick will do too. And you also need some raising paper. Mache 3. Drawing faces, exercises: So now we are going to draw a face. A face as over four in the middle of the eyes in the middle, between the eyes and chin is the nose, and in middle there is the most here. Should have the same height as the eyes. A person has Nick. I'm a little bit off a body and of course you want hair. But we are not going for the perfect face. Although this isn't a perfect face, it'll we can experiment. The difference for face off sort of difference shapes off heads. You can have a long square resets, dry angle. You can put the eyes low in the nets. Are you can put him right. Are you completing high? There are all sorts of notice and eyes and mouth, but you can try No, just just a hint of a nose. The mouth you can give it to upper lip. No, really could make a very big mouth. Let's be a little bit open. You can make a very small mouse. You can make it a happy mouth, or you could make it a sand mouse. So your assignment is to draw at least 10 faces with difference shapes, different eyes, different noses. So you can experiments with that. You can discover what you like, what you dislike showing. 4. Draw a face on watercolor paper.: So now you're ready for the rial work. You needs your black marker and your watercolor paper. We're going to draw a face. Don't overthink it too much. Just draw. You start with the awful I like to draw the nose first. I don't know why, but it's a nice start. Point mouth. You can These are nice points to know where the mouth can come. I'm sorry. I don't know. Two birds, the mouth, the ice. It doesn't have to be perfect. The less perfects, the more interesting I give him face eyebrows. Black pupil. I hope that's tried work. So the same is needed. Nick, I don't like so be it in the middle. So I something I assures him something. Body emeritus. The face needs hair Well, huh? Don't think too much. I make a wild pony And now I think it's a girl with wild hair on one air. You can see here because there's no hair. I like to make a frame, but that is not necessary. Then there is your first face. You can draw whole different phase or show you that again 5. Apply gesso.: So we are ready to put some gesso on the hair. You need your growing the guest. So water. I have old brush. But you can also use your brush. I mentioned first time, but you, but you need to make it very good clean afterwards. So I like to use old brush. And then you used to get so like Baines. But you don't have to be need just put some places to get so and left some places. Uh oh. Over. So that will, given interesting effects afterwards, you can give it structure by, um, being messy. Some parts are sick, some parts are seen and some barred stir isn't get. So it'll I show you how you can give it structure an out away from this one? Well, I guess so. Give it, uh, bit more so into here. And then you can give it structure by using the brush. Or you can use your fingers. I like to be missing. He's also a little much Ustashe and a little beard. There you can give it structure by growing with the ends off your brush in the guest. So now I have to clean everything. See you in the next video. 6. Paint the face with watercolor.: Hello. I hope you are doing fine. If nuts please ask me what you need, because so is very dry now. And we're ready for the fun part toe that color total face. You needs your drawing of what? A corner water brush and cloth First to show you how you can make a skin color, I ads some yell. Ease your yellow color. It doesn't matter which one you A to take. Sorry and you use a lot of water. Doesn't have to be dry. You clean your brush. You take some yellow first. Sorry, orange or red you that it's to the you know it's a little bit too much corner. Thank you at more water. A little bit too treads. So I put some yellow to its. It's a little bit for it. You can use another yellow. This one, for example. Too much color. Lutece With a lot of water, you can EDS. I think it's makes it there. It's a matter. Skin color. It's more yellow. Make a dark skin color by round. I always start very lights, but you can build it up. It's more we're home. People have more black bluish color skin tone at some France tweets. It's an experiments what I am going for white face. So I start with having yellow to face. I like this color load of water, and I paint the whole face, the ear, the neck, the lips. But I don't pain the ice. So here it's easy. Just coeds I like to drove. It's a tip of my brush along the lines of the face, and when I do this, I turn drawing, so it's convenient for me. Lots of water. It's better to use less color, and then you can build it up so I color the islets because they are part off the skin. I'm doing it fast, but you can take your time. Look how you want to, uh, have darker or lighter places, but just first day here. So hi, paint everything. Here's a bit dark, and here it's also been dark. You can take the color away with your brush. It's a that's the yellow color. Now I'm going for, I think, a lot of water. You can always add more pains, no adding the color to the Bain's on the paper. I'd like to do it this way because it's more interesting. You can mix the colors on your palates. Then you have more. One color now draw are I had it far too much. There's color in my brush. Looks like sees word now, but we'll make it work. It's OK. You're still Loot it and spread it around. Two. Drawing lots of water again. Lots of water out. This is not convenience color. You can always dilute. I forgot the eyelids. You can always deluded pains. So now you see, it was more yellow. Here is more pink, but I like that it's life. You can wait till it's dry. But uh huh I like to go through. I'm a little bit impatience The face needs from shadows. You can use a dark color for the shadows. It doesn't matter which corner you choose. You can use blue. You can use brown green dark reds. So more color. It's for example. I tried it well. This one is a little bit better. I think you can also use different colors. It makes it more interesting. So I'm looking for Where is the shadow? The barges are, um, more far away are darker, and the Martians are more near a lighter, so the light parts other knows the foreheads, the chin I'm absorbed. Parts are under the gene, the air and around the eyes under the nose and the little bits under the mouth. So I try to give it some shadow around the eyes because paint unrest is still a little bit wet mix. I liked it around two heads on the sides and above. It's a little bit darker, too. No, I can fix that later. I show you, uh, under the nose lips. Oh, I give to live some color. It's a little would wits. It's going everywhere, but I like that. It's a little bit drier. No, uh, I use her hair dry and I'll show you how to fix this. I was too impatience. I'm made a wet brush. Clean, wet brush. Not that way. So I dip it on my close, and then I go over to Baynes to dilute it. You can see I hope you can see what happens. Um, when it's all deluded, you take your club, you take it away. That would spend I don't mind if it's nuts. Exactly. Uh, in between the lines. Okay. Well, it's a little bit reddish, uh, Retz the head. So I go in with, um, brown and show you how to make a shadow. You take your clean brush, take some what rough it is. It has to be damped it, but not swept. Then you takes him. Put some Baines on the tip of your brush. And when you do it like this, you see, there's a dark line and the colors are fading away. So that's the way you can at some shadow on the face. Maybe you have to exercise this before you do it on face. It's if you don't do it like you want. You can always used a water like I just explain and I took it away. Take it away. Okay, I at some brown shadow on the face on because this is a little bit difficult. I turn paper the years far away. So it's maybe there's dark rich right in the middle of the year. Okay, it's like CF half a beard. So under day, huh? I would like to make that part of the darker and around the eyes. Mental balance, feeling off the beer, the eyebrows. Maybe she has some more orange. They I Let's just like at some more color, because I think it's a little bit boring. Well, on give her some more orange lips. That's if you want You can juice, not a color. And if you don't like it, you can use your club. Take some gunner away. Chris. Er, didn't what's shed of on the neck if you don't like, um, this sure harsh nine. There you can. It was water tow soft in its I think the nose should be a bit darker here, maybe around her nose might be. Oh, if you're not happy, you you sure? Close toe took the pain away. This is most often times a bit darker. So on cheeriness lie just so I used some water and deluded pains Use my class Look at fitters No paint on its I make chins a little bit lighter. So knows could be some writer. Okay, well, maybe more color in face. I am going to use a little bit of green green around the ice for shadow. Oh, my nuts. Gin. Yeah, right. So now and then I look from a distance from my eyes. It's the balance. Your rights When you put some color here, it's important you put cynical or dare. If you use orange, you sit on order place. So you get the Bennetts writes. Okay, well, no end in green, I think. See Can use some green eyes. So I have to wait till this part is really dry. Because other day the colors are going in each other. I don't like Teoh the line here, so I make my brush clean a little bit wet, and I soft him. It's soft enough here, so colors are nice flowing in each other. You're so I didn't like Don't like this too. So what's brush and I self? Maybe so. Okay, well, this is drying. I am going to put more color on the lips because they're too pale now. I used to color a start with, so it comes to pick little bit more corner on the upper lower lip. It's mostly of its light are so I don't put too much color there. Okay, you can see or feel if it's dried area. Well, I'm not sure, but it's decent. See? So I used, uh, the hair dryer. The eyes are dry so I can put color. Indeed. I don't know what they call it. Years in touch. Iris colors can be very dark or very lights. I like to makes him a little light because it's like the light is shining in the eye. When there is too much pains that you see here, you can make your brush dry and then Victor things in your brush. So that's better. Okay, I like to face so far. So now I'm going toe work on the hair like, look at your face and you decide what color of hair that she needs. Um oh, I don't do that often, but I like her a blown tire, so I used to yellow very yellow. Come. I've been to first layer over there. Its black sea painted her own hair with the room apartments. Okay, Now we're heading. You love to the hair. It's a bit difficult to go to that, uh, the tips here. But you can also draw your paper each year. I'll make it yourself this easy as you can. It's a bit too yellow for me. Um, I mix it with some of this car more natural blondes. You don't have to wait till it's dry, But you can wait till it's dry. So it doesn't matter what recorder will always Um, yes, more natural. And I Now I like some ships in the hair. Uh, I can choose. That can be brown, lighter brown or reds. Go for the brown and Elijah around later. We are going to work on the hair, and it will change. So you, uh well, you it doesn't have to be perfect. Just and in color is okay, easy enough. That's okay for me. Now the hair has to dry, and I will use their drive. So I Lubick, the hair is dry. I used a lot of water, so I didn't have to patient and I took it the paint here away. So it is just, uh, lighter places, but it doesn't matter now. We're going to work on the guest. So in the hair. So it's easier to do it like this. I'm going to, uh, take some famed away and smear it in the guests also very guests. Always it becomes lighter. You need Teoh have toe my breast out. Um, I took the cloth and I made it a little bit wits, but this is too wet, so I have to drive the little bits. So it's dumb. Not yet. Maybe when you try, um, also your skin color, you can use its try to try. It has to be a little bit bench on your no water on your bates. So when you're closest them, you are going over the bangs on the guest. So use mirror, it's and then you see our guest. So is you can took some paint off. Wonder is too much paint on your clothes. You after taken you place, make it wets, dry it and then smear carefully over there I would have feigned and against. So now you see this chicken can't see the place where it's light and Mariah, you can see the little bits bits and so you are going to work on that hair. Now you can see what did get so duhs. Where to get so issue. Wipe off the pains of murders. No guest. So the paint color color's to pay. For now, I look at the face and I seem to it's not good at this moment. The hair is too light and it's here to dark, so I can choose to make the hair darker or to make this lighter. And I go for making this light or so I take my brush, make it, then you go over to color. It's better. But I think she needs a little shadow under the hair here. So that's why what I'm going to do on iftar, something rooms like here. You take your, uh, then brushing you paint over it and you're it's most everything. How you have to have clean brush that you can't almost fixed everything. 7. Extra inspiration: second face painted.: 8. Finishing the painting including collage. : It is so much fun to choose. And I assured for your character I wait for the feeling Yes, that is it. So I look at brings and face and well, I like this on the most. Now I'm going to make a sure at least you need your Drazen taker. Put it on the shirt. So now you have a pattern. I'd like to do it this way. But if you want to be more precise, you can do it like this. You have to mirror So I could two pieces because the first piece you can see when I got AIDS. But I like this one better than that one we work further with for gluing I used to jail medium months. I really love this group. It's bolt and you can can't see it when you're not very precise. I use my old brush and but you also can use a glue stick. The drugs also fairy the goods. You can put it on the big off the paper I used to make them. You are. He has a church. You can finish it with some little attachments which make it more interesting. I think he look likes a star with your hair. So I had some little stars and I like to color the stars. I didn't wait till the marker was dry. It's all right. Take my class If I start with one and I think they need a little search And I want shadow on the body I at just a little bit off the red because for the balance hair in the corner now should dime you guns. Look, if the growing needs a little more right at some reds toe ice, it's a bit in the middle of the mouth. Maybe a little more green in her eyes. Let's green after sure to come back. Okay. Do you think it's all right? You can sign your were put a date on its I love to put a twinkle in the eyes and I had to wait because it was too wet. I used this. You nibble sick? No whites ink pen. I loved this on and well, I think this lifts dozing. So you're painting is finished. If you want to protect them, you can use, um not for initial protecting spray. I like clear months. Foreign ish. You have to do it outside, of course. ID like to show you finished seconds drawing. I give him a striped shirt because I thought he looked a bit like Frenchmen. I'm not also Saudi. Look a bit like Isler. We go it awfully. Your flight Er and Fleer flight. Er sounds like a bird in Dutch, so I give a little birds on his show. Give him a little bird on his shoulder. 9. Bonus.: there is something extra. I forgot that because I think you draw a character and character needs a real name. And I think his name is Jean Go. And I'm not sure about her name. But the first thing I thought off us, Monique So she well, night money. Please give your character a name that makes them more alive. 10. Good bye!: Thank you so much for being in this class. I'm really looking forward to see your face. And please keep on drawing and painting and post them on the project gallery so that we can enjoy them all by