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Draw a silly face and let it come alive!

teacher avatar Herma Starreveld, Artist, illustrator and teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      What do you need?


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      The background


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      Drawing and painting the face


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      The hair


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      Shirt and frame


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      Good bye!


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About This Class

Scared to draw a face? You will feel comfortable in this class because you don't have to draw a perfect face. We explore proportions of faces and we are going to play with them.

To make the face come alive we use several interesting mixed media techniques.

It is all about playing and having fun!

Join the fun!

You can visit also my first class: Draw a simple face en let it come alive.


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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm Hammer from Holland's I'm a patron illustrator and I love people and I love the stories . That's why I love to draw faces. If you're scared to draw face, this is your lesson. Because we're come to draw silly face. We are goingto play with proportions so you can't go wrong. Then you are going to draw face on old book baits on a particle of paper and we're going to use difference Mixed media techniques like clash, gesso, water cooler and stencils. In the next video, I show you what you need for this. Listen, come and join the fun. 2. What do you need?: Let's talk about what your needs in this lesson, I made you some templates for the exercises you need to black marker to draw on its for the exercises. You can use a small marker 0.1, but you can also used you. Nibble, which I always like, are we? When you don't want to use the template, you can draw on a sketchbook or from the background. You needs a watercolor paper. I like this favor. It's 250 grams of scream my meter. It's very tough. Your needs an old book. FH or When you don't have old book, you can use a magazine, but you can't use closely paper because the paint's doesn't stick on close. You need glue. I like gel medium not because it's very tough and you can You can't see it and you can paint over its and I like to use old credits cards to apply blue for the fish. You needs the paper. You need a marker to draw. You need to get so Kreimer prime to face. Before we can paint on its. You need to brush for the gesso. You need voter Connor pains. I'd buy it in tubes. And then I made my own ballots. You need a watercolor brush? Uh, this one is eight. It has to have a fine tip. And I like to use some jackal pencil or hostile Bensel, uh, for ending shadows for the hair. You needs acrylic paint. You can use common hair colors, but you can also go wild in for a silly face. You can juice for a silly health care corner. You need to brush. We need stems. He needs water. Proofs, Ink stem are in pits. You needs facing paper A c, sir. And you needs little pieces off goulash paper for their shirt. You needs a stencil again. Get so and again. The colts, his guard paint the brush and piece of operation favor again. A pencil and a sister for everything you do, you need water and a cloth will be handy. Or some paper class 3. Excercises: first, we're going to explore about kind of feel silly face. You like you can use thesis templates for warming up. You can find him in the class projects in a pdf. You only have to print them these air faces without of mouth without ice and without a nose , you can experiment with what kind of silly knows you like On the last shoot, you find, uh, face where you can try silly airs and silly neck A near you can combine what you like. Of course, you can make silly hair on all the faces and when you get stuck, you can use the Internet and Google for silly knows, drawing or silly eyes drawing to get inspired. I show you what I did. I use a black marker because you can't a raised its You can't get stuck in perfectionism. I drove fast because I don't want to over think what I'm doing. It looks more natural and more original when you drove draw in a flow. So now look at what you have made. Look at what kind of things you like. I like for instance, uh, this ice and I like this mouth and I like this mouse like a nose like this and are like face like this. No, I'm going to look how I can make this make a silly face with these features. But so I in my sketchbook, and now I'm free to draw the shape of her face. So I dry a long face. So I tried some different shapes with a long nose and small eyes, and I like this. So I'm going to draw a face something like this for the assignments. So your assignment is to make the exercises to warm up and to try different phases at least four in combination of what you like which big guys are big mile with or something like that. I'm looking forward to see what you made. So please boat it on the project calorie. So we can all see it's thank you and see you in the next video 4. The background : Let's get started, it's you needs a piece of critical a paper and book page glue, and there holds greatest guards. I don't think too much about how to place Page, but I like it straight. And with space around it's. But if you like it like this or like this will try it. Apply glue it back Ground of age. It doesn't matter. Uh, if dark IHS glue on the watercolor paper because you can't see it's when this dry. So I paged down folk story mascots. I have to include a what is going to page now. Let's have to dry completely before we go baiting and drawing on it. When you don't want to wait before it's dry, you can use an altar new, uh, hair dryer when it's completely right. It could be that it looked like this not fled as old. You can broken its I mostly do, but you can. Also. Iran. It's a favor between a clean and dry class. It's not. It's better to work on 5. Drawing and painting the face : growing to face. Well, this is the fun part. But it's also a little bit scary because now you can think you can do something wrong. Please put it. Besides, don't sing to march and take your references. The faces you draw before Look at what you want. I want a long, small face along small nose, little eyes of funny mouth and a long neck So I keep that in mind. Okay. Don't copy one off these. I made a new one, so I need a long neck. So you have to think about how to place the face. If you have a big heads, you have to think about it. Where do you put it? So I put phase here. I I don't think about the book page. It's just background. A long neck in a little shirt. Oh, well, it's big shirt, so I don't think I just do. When Then I surprised myself. I think this is it. I like to put a line on the paper. I don't know why, but I like this. I used to put the face somewhere in. So that's my face. So I think we need a air. So there is this, and now we're going to apply K. So it's a primer on the face because I don't want to see all the lettering through the face . So I take a brush and the guests so and I put a little layer all over to face, uh, also over the lines you mates. But you have to apply sin layers so you can see through the layer the lines you made. I've always very much pained and things on my fingers because I work a lot with my fingers , but you can use your class Ford. It's of course, so now you see that you paint us a lot of lines unit. It is not very smooth. So I take one finger and butter and I'm going to polish its with a little bit of water. And I just don't push to heart. Just, um, a little touch, and then you can smooth the surface. Most off the marks off the brush disappear. Now it's very wet, so you have to wait till it just dry. So now we're ready to paint the case. So is dry completely. It's not perfect, but I don't mind. You start with skin color on the face. I like yellow ochre or Naples yellow and, uh, Rhett mixing for the skin color. You can do that on a on a paper to try. It's I like, uh and then you can make the paint here, but I like to do it on the face, so I start with a little bit yellow. Let's of water. I paint a whole face now I at some reds. Let's stuff water. Bank reacts difference on paper than guests, So you at me, its needs to dry a little bit longer. So let this pry. I mix the paint on the face because I like on, uh, Ereck. Under colors on the face looks more natural, but if you don't want it, you can mix the color on your baby. You are on your ballots and it it's on the face pain just right, and I think it's not very. Look, I don't like the color. It's too much reading it, so I try to work with water over it, so maybe I can make it's a little bit smoother. Well, that's what gets so it's it's harder to work on, then bought a cooler. But as you see, you can make rights places. So maybe now knows I can make the notion more. Why? Because it's in front from the chin. It doesn't work very well. Okay, I let it dry again. Now I choosed color off the eyes. I always like green ice, So I tried. Now that I used green, I can use green as a shadow too. For instance, you're on a chain brown tunic. I'm sorry you missed the shadowing. So I show you a little bit out off the shadowing How I do it used to tip off my brush. And I like to go with a tip around on the ground along the lights and so right at the shit off, I edit shadow under the mouth on the nose around their heads next to nose under the eye brows and under the eyes. So maybe do you When I shadow, I, um, take away the skin pain. So it's a little hot spit. It's a silly face, so I don't mind. So now I'm going to giver read lips like red lips. You can see the lines under the gesso and under the skin toe on you can and I think she needs some color on her eyes and also used red for debt for the balance off the colors. I like a little red and shadows, so I at some reds here and reds with green makes brown. It's under shit us. I'm becoming a little bit brown. No, you look at the face and look, Everything all right? Well, you're, uh, changing strange things going on, but I like it because it's a strange off a silly face. So I keep it like that Paint is too dry again. You know, the paint is dry when you don't see any glossy things on the paint and you can drive with your hands and it's old, warm and not cold anymore. And you don't have prints off the paint on your end. So now we are going at details stood face. I like to use brown, but still Bensel. But you can also use a charcoal pissed bus pencil or you can use on a marker again. Well, I used the marker anyway because I want to sleepless in the eyes and I like them to people . And I also like the Dr in the Mouth black. Now at some shadows and details With Bensel, you can see I made, um, point of the pencil more sharp so I can make thin lines. I look where there were once two puts Put some more detail I wanted here by the ear. I want some more shadow and that here who knows under the eyes. Okay, I see the eyes need to be whites, so I I didn't mention this one. It's a you nibble signal rite's ink man, when I use it for the eyes, the whites in itself When you edit the bust open so you can smear it with your finger to make more shadow, no more deaths. If you don't want to use your finger and your fingers a little big for the eyes. You can use this. I really don't know the name. It's made from paper, and it's very nice to us much a pencil. I use it for under the eyes. Keep it marked decks. And I think the nose needs some shed up to are always little d days that you want toe make better, like a little bit more color on the lips. So I, uh, use, um, yellow again let it dry. That's better. And I like a little bit more darker under. Hi. So I tried the black marker, and now I can add some twinkling in your eyes, which the white marker so well, I think to phase is done for now. 6. The hair : So now we're ready to pain to hair. I choose for a silly color on a normal color. I always with my burst first, and I start with the silly color. I just bates everything between the lines off the hair. For small parts, I use a smaller brush. No, I It's highlights with the lighter color. So day blue paint is still wet so I can mix a little bit on that. And when you like what you see, you let it dry on. The paint is dry. It's time for coal ash. I have a little books where I keep my script paper goulash for corn ice. So I'm looking for matching colors when you have some papers where you can choose from its time. So look what you lie so you can play with them. Purpose is to relies on paper on the hair. So I look for which corner which Petron I like. I decided I wanted to use this three, but I don't like the shape off it, so I'm and going to cut a shape which are probably like more again. I don't think too much about it. Just maker natural shape. I like this. So I'm going to clue the paper on there for that. I used that jail medium nuts. Can I used to brush? Because it's a small paper. Okay, so when accidents can be a happy accidents, the clue history dry for the next step, you need registration papers big enough to Crawford. A whole face, Uh, especially the hair. But you need some space around it, too, because she want to protect in the face and, uh, backgrounds. When we are going to stem you trace the hair on the tracing paper, you know, goods out. I placed the cuts out tracing paper over the face, and I fixed it with something on the background. I fixed the vertical a paper and a tracing paper, and I fixed this piece with something heavy. So no, I take my stem. I really like this stand because I can look through it so I can see what I do. I put ink understand, and my tracing paper is not too big, so I I have to watch out it. I stay with in the tracing paper when I stamp, so no, I'm going to stand over there tracing paper and over so only the hair is covered with stems . When I, uh, take away to tracing paper, All right, that's ink. Every time I stand, you have to push heart. It's not good enough here, so I do it again. Can you look if you are happy with resells? I like toe at some more here. When you're happy, you can take away from there. She's so now you can at some shadows if you want to. The hair at the same way with the face like it's a little bit more darker here. I'm happy. 7. Shirt and frame : Hi. I hope you have fun. I have If you have questions, please ask me what assured we need again place in paper. And we traced the shirt. It's important that you have enough room because this the protection when we are going to apply I guess so. Now I fixates papers together something. It's a Gmail stencil and I'm looking for right veteran, I like it this way. So now I fix a to stencil. So we need to get so in the brush and I apply. You have tohave credits cards. I glider So on the bittern you're need to use a lot of gesso Now I go over it with the credits cards and no, I'd say Waiter, stencil! Do you have to be careful and then you let it dry the case so need to be dry completely. It takes some time. I always clean my stencil with water after I use states and now we can take tracing paper. I like to shoot it right, but I want to give it for coloring the shirt. I use a water cooler when you use the same color that you the same color that you used in the face. You can make more balance and make the picture easy for the eyes. So I give her a red shirt. Take my water cooler, take my water cooler. A wet brush, water and red Spain's punt. The paint's not too much dilute, so okay. And I faint over toe. Okay. So you can see what happens. I also see that I don't like red. It's to Rhett. So I add some green to its probably will become a little brownies with Okay, lets see I started it the contours because there is shadow. So it's much better now. And when I edit the green Baines I IVs Ueda pains over there. Get so that this high I don't know to where it's sortie. So you got can see the gesso better now. And the paint is going to the lower places. I let it dry. Let's see how it try. I like it. Wait is so now I like to add some shadow. I got it on the face and on the hair, so I started here around the body. I use my finger for smearing. I think the frame needs some color and I want to color it'd watercolor in green. You have to look. What does does your painting Meat? I liked cream makers. Green is everywhere in insured in there. Face in there. So I you screen I, uh Let's my brush. And then the tip I put in a pained I faint along the line. So where the Linus there is, it's the darkest place you like to give them pain. Some structure, Glicken use souls. I didn't mention it before, but that's because I just got the I d. So take some soul. You put the little bits on the Reds. What color? It's much. I find it difficult. Thunder Bay ain't already drives. It doesn't have effect this place. You can see the effect of short what I show you oneness, right, Dr. So we'll have to wait till everything is dry. When the paint is dry, you can and take away and then look at your face. What does it needs? I think the blue is only in there, so that's not very balanced. And I like to put some blue somewhere else. I not sure where that's I think it has to be down and, uh, on the low side of the painting. So maybe I put some blue here. Guests take your trying to look if there's something you like to make better and where you think it's OK, well, I think it is always the most. Some parts off everything. It is ready, but you can make it more attractive. Which red cheeks? I put some being bestowal of my finger and I give her some cheeks. Well, I think that's the finishing touch. Now she's really ready. Sign your growing Enjoy it. And please post its on a project gallery because I really want to see it. Thank you so much for following this lesson. Bye bye. Do you? 8. Good bye!: Thank you for being here. If you are interested, you can check out my other class, draw simple face and let it come alive. I'm really looking forward to you. See your work. So please post it on the project. Calvary. Thank you. On by.