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Draw With Me: Agapanthus (Learn to Draw a Stunning Watercolor Floral in No Time)

teacher avatar Isa Down, Illustrator, Writer, Nature Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Step 1: Pencil Sketching


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      Step 2: Adding Ink


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      Step 3: Shading with Ink


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      Step 4: Adding Modern Watercolor


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      Wrap Up/Conclusion


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About This Class

Welcome! I am Isa Down, and I am the artist and creative designer behind Poppy and Gray Co. In this 25-minute class, you will learn the step-by-step process for creating a bright, eye-catching, agapanthus flower using ink and watercolor.  Together we'll be creating a fun, bright, splashy masterpiece.  This class is meant for anyone, whether you're just starting out, or have drawn hundreds of flowers before. 

This is the second video in my DRAW WITH ME series. Designed to be easily accessible, this 25-minute class can be taken during your lunch break, while your kid takes a nap, or at the end of the day when you need to unwind. I can't wait to see you in class! 


- paper (I'm using bristol paper)

- pencil

- eraser

- ink pen (I'm using 2 different fine liner pens with archival ink)

- paintbrushes (optional; detail brush and larger round brush)

- watercolor paints (optional)

Meet Your Teacher

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Isa Down

Illustrator, Writer, Nature Lover




Hey you! I am an artist and writer living at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  Author of ‘Inking Florals: Learn to Create Modern Dynamic Florals in Ink and Watercolor’ (Walter Foster, 2020), I am a self-taught artist with a passion for watercolor, ink, and anything found in nature.  I have taught thousands of students, both online and in-person, and am wildly passionate about empowering others. I am excited to continue inspiring and encouraging others to find their inner creatives.

Thanks for stopping by my Skillshare page.  I’d love to see you in class!

Make sure to follow me to stay up to date with all my future classes.

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1. Intro/Trailer: E Everybody, This is Lisa, and I'm an artist, creative designer and creativity coach with me company Poppy and Graco. And this class is the next installment in my draw with me, Siri's where I take you through, drawing a single flower in a very accessible time period so that you can do it on your lunch break. Or just that the end of the day when you're wanting to unwind a little bit. And in this course I will be teaching you how to draw the ACA pamphlets flour. It's so delicate and beautiful, and I'm really excited to bring this to you, and I will be taking you step by step through the entire process for drawing this agape panthers flower from the pencil sketch through the ink drawing and shading and finally adding some water color. Splash at the end per bit of, ah, modern watercolor flair to it at the end, and you will end up with a beautiful print or gift for someone that you love. So let's just go ahead and get started with the class, and I am really excited to see the oh 2. Step 1: Pencil Sketching: So let's go ahead and drop the ACA Panthers flower and starting with her pencil sketch knowing that I'm going to just be doing one solo flower. I'm just gonna go ahead and give myself a reference outline where want the flower and the stock to be so that I don't offset it on the page and then starting in the centre, as I always do, I will be doing a few open flowers in the middle, just a show them in the open bloom. But they will be doing a lot of them still closed as we go more outward, so agape. Memphis has six petals to it, almost like a six pointed star. And I see you need to be able to fit all of the pedals in there. So this is a really great one to do with pencil. First, I find, um, has more of ah rounded shape to it as well. So if you find that your pedals aren't quite space appropriately, now is the time to tweak them before we come in with ink. Watercolor, the all the little flowers seem to come off of this one little center spots you. That's so you can even put a little mark on your page where you want that center spot to be . And from here, all of your flowers and stems will come right off there. And it's typically, you know, in the bottom quarter of the circle that you gave yourself for the flower they have thes curving middle stems that come out with these little buds on them that overlap, go all different directions. You want to make sure that as you're drying it, you got some of them coming towards you like this one. Um, just to give it that three dimensional look to it. Now we come out to this side, we're gonna dio slightly different variations. Still, of course, keeping that six pedals. But the 1st 1 is gonna be shaped a little bit differently, as you can see, because here is where the central er center statements are going to be. So from here we will be able to add the other pedals knowing that some of them are going to be folded just based on the angle that we're coming at it from. So these ones on the side and closest to the center are a little bit shorter, followed by these three, which are longer and look more like our one that was just head on open one coming out this direction. So when im drying this flower, I tend to try to do, you know, 2 to 4 fully open leaves. So when im drying his flower tend to do 2 to 4 fully open flowers and a few that are still starting to blossom, I'm starting to open, so they're a little bit longer. You know, they've opened more than the buds, but we just want to make sure we got some variety in here. The flowers as they start to open, just find that it catches the eye more. If you have a good variety of the types of, um, flowers and petals that you have coming off of the center stock, you'll find also that some of these are much longer than others. The buds vary in size as well, and they just go all different directions, overlapping each other. The general idea of it being a circle when I enjoy most about this lower, I think, is that once you get the general idea of what the flowers look like, you could just create any variation of it so easily. It's not as difficult as with pne or other flowers like that. Um, you know, you still can get this complex, beautiful flower that looks chaotic and organized at the same time, just after only a few minutes of taking a look at the flower and how it's structured. It doesn't take much brainpower or practice necessarily to really get that beautiful look of the ACA Panthers slower. So keep in mind as you're drawing the different flowers stemming off of the main spot, the base here, that you're getting some good variety in length and indirection that the flowers are going , you don't want them all going in one direction. You do once an overlap, and you don't want them all to be the same length. If you look at the flower person, you know, it is really, like, almost like a globe, um, very spidery globe. So you kind of want it. You want to get that impression by doing the overlapping end, the different lengths of flowers coming off of this main point. All right, so let's go ahead and stick with this. I see one more here two months, all right? And from here are stomach comes again just after that main point there. So we already have one line of it from where we gave a rough estimate. And the same is just a very smooth mine. Um, pedals are typically lower down on the flower, so we are now going to go ahead and move on to our pencil or adding, are linked to it. And then after that, we'll be able to do some shading and dinner splashing water killer. 3. Step 2: Adding Ink: All right. So for this next section, with think, I'm going to be starting with my 01 sized fine liner pen. And this is the larger size of the pens that I have for this trying because I'm doing the outline and I want the outline to stick out a little bit more than the finer details that I'll be adding on the inside. Darrell one is still a really small size some of you may know or may discover. So if you were still wanting it to be thicker than that, then I recommend you just pick whichever size pen you're wanting to use, Um, and then just pick a slightly smaller size for the details. When you get to the inside way, have the outline of our psychopath is drawing, and I'm going to just make sure that I think is completely dry and when it is all erased my pencil guidelines so that I have really Clearfield for coming back and adding my more detailed shading with my smaller finally 4. Step 3: Shading with Ink: but I have erased my pencil guidelines and my INC has drawn. I will come in with my smaller pen. This one is a size 005 and we're just going to be shading very lightly because I'm going to be adding some water color at the end of this. So I know that I want to shade pretty lately. If you are coming in and you are only wanting to dio a pen drawing and you know that you just want it to be ink, then you may be doing a much denser shading that I'm going to be doing at this point. So just keep that in mind as you're shaving. Your Flower, aka Panthers, has the sort of darker line that comes down the middle of the pedals of the each little flower that's open. I'm gonna come in and add a little bit of the incline in the middle of here beach pedal, and while I'll be coming over this with my watercolor as well, I just really want to make sure that I'm getting that dynamic. Otherwise, I'm really just shading where I think there might be more shadow so that I could get that effect with the pen and not so much with the watercolor that I'll be adding in. It gives me a little bit more freedom as I decide what kind of watercolor shaving I want to do. If I'm doing more of my modern watercolor splash than, um, I will want to add more shading with the ink. Since the splash is not as specific. If I'm wanting to dio more, uh, realistic look to this flower, then I may not do any shading or just keep it very minimal on be able to come in with the watercolors to get that shaded look near the centre. Especially weather is going to be a lot of shadow. And if you're wanting to do a lot more shading and you're not quite sure what to dio, Um, since I'm not going over that as specifically for this class, I would recommend that you take a look at my shading. Wanna one class which goes over in much more detail, how to shade using You're finally in her pen. - All right, so as you can see, I've kept my shading on this Japan this'll are very minimal because I will be coming in with my watercolor in the next video. If you were only wanting to draw as far as the ink flower, then you are done and you don't need to continue. But if you're curious to see how to add some modern watercolor slash to this agape antis, then go ahead and watch the final bonus video. 5. Step 4: Adding Modern Watercolor: e. So I have two different sizes of paintbrushes here. I have a size 12 and a size one more detailed Russian than a bigger brush. I am going to be doing my water. Modern watercolor. Um, slash with this. And, um so I want to make sure I have that larger brush the size 12 brush so that I can get that really dark so that I can really work on that watercolor splash. Look, I'm going to start with a slightly later blue for the agape inthe us, and then I'm going to come out of it, um, a little bit more with a darker blue. They're just some parts of it that I'm really wanting to make sure I'm shine out. So I'm going to make sure that I get, um, slightly later blew that. I'm doing others. So I'm using my size one round detail brush. Come in. I got too much pigment on my paintbrush the first time. So I'm just revisiting that first flower to pick up some more pigment as I go along. I realize that may seem a bit, um, silly or redundant to be coming in with a detail brush when I'm going to be doing a really splashy modern feel to it. Um, but the thing is that I want to make sure that some of these flowers in particular, are fully felt in with the blue that I want for them. And if I only come in with the modern watercolor, I may not necessarily get them the color that I want on. Even if the splashes of going over it, I at least know that this these one, they're gonna have a very specific color to them. All right, so using my larger brush, I have loaded it with some water and a bit of water color onto it. And it will certainly pick up some of the blue from the flower that I just painted just because they're still wet. And, um, I'm perfectly fine with that. That was my intention to be ableto have that bleed out a little bit, but still have them stand out from the rest of the flowers a little. And I'm really just adding dips of water at this point and pulling the ink that is already on there out so that I could get more uniform slash um, in the background. And then I will come in with my paintbrush loaded with the watercolor color that I'm using , and I'll just sort of dabble it into the water that is still fresh on the page. - And if you find you want to change the shape of anything, just come in with water on her paint brush and just pull that paint with you as you apply it. I have decided to come back in and add some of the initial blue color to these other buds in here. A swell just to help everything in the centre pop a little bit more while still giving it. That modern book with the water color splash in the background just helps give it a little bit of definition, which some flowers may need a little bit more than others. If it's a flower that has lots of big pedals on it, it may not need as much some of definition that you may just be able to do the moderns flash in the background, mostly gonna command with dark um green and just add a little bit of color to the stones. You don't need much because you already shaded the main quite a bit, which is to give it a little bit of depth and dimension. I'm just adding a little bit of green, which, when it bleeds with the rest of the colors, will look really beautiful while still giving that illusion that there he's a green stuff there and some of them are able to bleed a little bit more. Just depends on how much water is left in each section. So I'm actually gonna come back in with some water, just toe help it bleedin blend in a little bit. I'm adding some of the darker blue to the center to mix with that green and to give it that depth in the middle. Um, and you're still able to get a good idea of the shape of the flower. Okay, Hillary, unless that not least, I'm just gonna do some splotches by loading my large paint brush with ink or with watercolor pigment and just splattering it onto the page that may come through. In the end, it's to get rid of any little bits of hate that left watches on top of my slash or on my flowers themselves. All right, There you go. No, go ahead and let that dry. And you have your modern watercolor drawing 6. Wrap Up/Conclusion: Now you have a beautiful like a panthers flower print with you. And I am so excited to see everything that you all create from this class. Please feel free to upload your class projects into our class project section here on skill share. And if you share them on instagram, please tag me at Poppy and great goes that I can be sure to see them and I often share. Um what, you tag me in on instagram from my classes to showcase your beautiful art. So definitely be sure that you're tagging me. All right. I look forward to seeing you in the next installment of a drop.