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Draw Better: Basic Tips That Instantly Improve Your Artwork

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      divide into parts


    • 3.

      increase repetitiveness


    • 4.

      feel as if 3D


    • 5.

      different kinds of objects


    • 6.

      thinest line & smallest dot


    • 7.



    • 8.

      depth of field


    • 9.

      enlarge beautiful things


    • 10.

      use all of dot, line, and plane


    • 11.

      slight changes for the same object


    • 12.



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About This Class


This course is about to share 10 simple tips that can help your artwork improve instantly.

Whether you are a beginner or working on being professional, I am trying to cover all the useful tips that help.

Many example artworks are used to make these tips easy to understand and implement.

You can apply these tips to both hand drawings and computer graphics. So you can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.

It will be fun to explore these tips in your paintings or drawings.
Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. intro: I am. These courses about to share 10 simple tips that can help you are work, but you are picking working out. I'm trying to cover older, useful. Many gentle artworks are used to make me Keeps me to understand you can apply to both Enjoy computer graphics so you can our I believe, courses fighting tips to your work you can use. Least keep on your past hooks in you, or you can start a new idea. I encourage you to share. You are to work out. It will be found. His blow, these ideas, your tendons and joints. Let's get started. 2. divide into parts: dividing new parts. We can divide the thing into parts and the joy it in more details to improve our artwork. For example, if we want to draw birds, we can draw a simple one like a leftist one. And if we want to improve it, we can divide its wings in duty friend parts, just like the one in the middle. Now we have a bird to be small details. We can do it further and the results in the rightist birth, which has the most details. Let's see another example. In the beginning, we drew a bird like the left one. We can improve you to basically steep, and that makes you to be counter right one. It's wing is divided into many parts. In the lettuces are join in more details with flowers. Its tail is also 82 with some patterns, and we also add a person back. It's lakes are also divided into main importance in the field, out with different patterns, so region divider thing, do parents and drawing the important entails to improve our at work 3. increase repetitiveness: increase repetitive news. We can increase the repetitive news in our artwork to improve it. Just like these two birds, the winds are a little different. The writer one has more fingers repeated on its wind, so it looks more detailed. Let's look at another example. We utilized the power off repetitive nous. You know, these are to work. They are many repetitive lies to depict feeders, and the amount of wind meals is a lot. The peasant off planes are also repeated, and the little stars in the background is Mahaney. So it looks more beautiful because of a re pet itiveness about the question is, how many quantities you do. We use you? Yo, three means enough fine means many, and the above nine means a lot. It might be because we have five fingers, so we compare our fingers, toe other things and the decide whether they are a few or a lot. We can also use repetitive knees to improve an artwork by extending the pattern from the character to its surroundings. Let's look at leasing same home. In the beginning, we draw birds likely left one, and by using this message, we get artwork like the right one. The lettuce is under bird ice tended to a tree, and the patent on the wind is extended to trees to the dots on the tail are also applied to trees. In this way, we can make our artwork more styled and the in Pruitt. We can also use repetitive nous to emphasize sound, something that's located this example. The patents on the trees are more repetitive than the ones on the ground, so the beauty of the trees are more emphasized than the ground, and the weekend also enhance the emotion, often artwork by repetitive nous. Let's look at this example. Lee are mentally only two kinds of objects in the least. Artwork. One is in the dental I in seat. The other is in the flying part, the Tent Alliance Seed. We presented a meaning off hope until the flying bird represents the meaning off freedom. We'll repeat least two things in artwork and in this way the emotion of the desire off freedom in the enhanced. So by the BoE methods, we can improve our artwork by repetitive knees 4. feel as if 3D: feels ive three dimensional. Sometimes if our outward looks more three dimensional, it will be more attractive. We can make our artwork more three dimensional by always. These four ways are signees, surface curve objects with different directions and layering. We will talk about laying any more details. Their first on one used signees. When we added the thickness to an art project, it will looks more heavy, and they'd also will occupy the more space. These two effects makes our artwork more impact. Let's locate these example. We draw objects with thick knees to emphasize it. We drew, but with sickness. The teapot elite is also touring with thickness. We were. The thinking is to chair back to the table with signees, looks more heavy so it can support the objects on it. The 2nd 1 use surface crew. It repeats the ups and the downs on our servers, just like the account to allying a map or a relieve sculpture. Let's look it in this example. The pattern off planes are curves that depict the service on the birds. The lines off feeders are also curves that made these birds more three dimensional. Let's look and not very example, the path over the flame pers and contending line seeds are also curves. The letters can imagine the space of live picture. The 3rd 1 is objects with different direction. They occupy space, so we feel the whole picture more three dimensional. Let's look at this example. We are a lot of colorful smoke in this picture. They stretch you out off character two different directions. In these way, we feel the space more broad. We also feel these picture three dimensional in this week, the 4th 1 years mirroring they're ing also creates a three dimensional nose piece by aiding death. Let's look at this example. The Gracie's are leered. Still, we have We're back in the front of regulation, and the men's lake is in front of leopards. Spotty. The births win is also joining in more front layer than the bird's body. So Liz's picture roots more three dimensional. By these ways, from the above methods, we can improve our other work by eating the third dimension 5. different kinds of objects: different kinds of objects. Sometimes we can reach our at work by using different kinds of objects to depict the picture. It is because different kinds of objects coast different feelings. It's just like different musical instruments used to being one symphony play, play different roles and have arising to a beautiful melody. All the objects can be mainly divided into seven categories which are human animal plant building see very manmade object and the natural endowment. Let's look at this example. They are eight different kinds of objects in least ruling, which are men bird tree house, mechanic, clouds trained and the wind, the main force into the human category. Birds. I belong to the animal category. Trees are plans, the house is kind off building mechanical and the clouds are blown toe mercenary category. The trend is a men made object and in the wind is one kind of natural endowment. They come together to depict in the whole picture they invasion the content of this artwork so we can improve our artwork by using different kinds of objects 6. thinest line & smallest dot: seems too long and it's no used that the thing is to lie, and then this noise that we present to the finance off another world. So if we folk song leased to the design lame, properly we can improve are out of work. But lier are two men points the 1st 1 used the effect off double eyes will be better than single eyes. The 2nd 1 is net that's with specifically shape are more delicate early in round that's inlays. Example that's with star shape are more dedicate. Let's locate in this example. The double lines off feeders make lease at work more detailed. The ambarella window is also kind of Babylon and the improve the finance off these artwork . The buttons off the coast are small round stats, which also make these artwork more delegate. That's located another example. The flower patents are small dots with specific shape, and then they are double lines on the least flowers. We can use these methods to improve our attacked ER, designed to let's locate of easy example. In the beginning, we drew a bird like the Left one and the weekend eight flowers ship. That's to improve it. We can also a the tab allies to make it more delicate too. So by the BoE methods, we can improve our outworked by using small dots and the thing lines. 7. multi-level: multi label. We can draw losing objects with different labels to in reach our at work. They are three basic ways to Dooley's. The 1st 1 is the labor off large to small. Let's look at these example. The pattern of planes are different insights. The wind meals also have large and the small virgins and then the stars that in the background, the very in size. The second way is the label off back to front. That's a look at these examples. The crazies are littering together for near to far. The nearer ones are larger than the father ones. The 3rd 1 years the label off clear toe bake. Let's look at this example. The clash A Politics have different transparency's the color off the right one are more similar to the color off the background. So by the bone methods, we can improve our other work. 8. depth of field: step Sofield the depths of field off upward creator space and therefore you inside it. It makes you can feel more about this artwork, and that makes these artwork more attractive. They are many three ways to do these. The 1st 1 is object looks bigger when it is near and they eat. It looks, mother. When it is far, let's locate in this example the trees down these picture follow these rules the size of tree increases when it is approaching to you. The second way is ovulating off objects. Let's look at this example. There is one piece of cloud that is in front off that character in Leary's Another One, which is behind that character the 3rd 1 years contrast to the background. That's no Kate, this example. The color off. These buildings are very similar to the one off look background. So let's look father than the roses and the facts. Byler Bone methods. We can create theft off field off. One not work 9. enlarge beautiful things: in large, beautiful things. We can increase the size of beautiful objects in the composition, and it made our at work more attractive. Let's located south examples in this picture the size off the strawberries big. It is because strawberries attractive and beautiful, so it is enlarged to make these outward more attractive. In these artwork, the size of the same flower is increased. The proposing it takes in the composition is related. Lee large it is due to flowers are beautiful and they can decorate our picture. In this picture. The wings of the butterfly are beautiful, so it is drawn in large size. The cross section off apple is beautiful, so it is enlarged in this outer world to make the whole picture more attractive. From the above examples, we can understand how to apply the tip to our artwork and the improvement 10. use all of dot, line, and plane : use off that lie in the plane. If we can use all of these three elements in our other word, we can you reach the content in these tip Dr Means, some small object Lai Ming sung long object and the blaming sound medium or a big object. Next, look at this example. This mobile is a hot in these other work into the balloons allies the territory's airplane because it is a related lee. Bigger. Let's locate another example. Grace is that because it is related, Lee Small Lee are sewn lines here. The old is a plane due to its large size. That's a look at another example. The water drops our thoughts. The steams of roses are lines and the roses himself, our plane. From above examples, we can understand how to apply these tip to our at work. 11. slight changes for the same object: slide. The changes for the same object we can troll the same object to with slider changes to increase richness off our at work. That's also how the nature represents its beauty. They want to be to the sentries. In 14 East, slight changes can be in different ways, such as color, texture, shape. Is this a tra? Next? Look at this example. The grasses are Troy in different ways. They are plotted by different kinds of thoughts. They also joined with lines in different colors in the summer of letting our future out with different colors. Let's look at another example. The roses are appended with different shapes. The leaves are also painted with different shapes, and the posters. The weather drops our party in different sizes. This is located another exam home. These evals are joining different directions, and it leaves are also partied in different directions to there's locate the last thing simple. These apples are with the same shape but different colors, and the leaves are also partied in different colors, too. From above examples, we can understand how to apply slight changes to our ATAC 12. final: thank you for attending these classes. The project is using self these tips to your at work in this submitted you can also share your present on pages. Sargis Facebook pH. I will be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and the feel free to ask going in question. See you next time.