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Digital Art Masterclass: Turn your Procreate Art into a NFT

teacher avatar T. Fajardo Oliveira, Engineer and Professor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Non-Fungible Token ?

    • 3. Creating your Wallet

    • 4. How to Mint your NFT ?

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About This Class

Turn your art into a Non-Fungible Token, learning the fundamentals about NFT's and the technology involved, learning step-by-step how to create and sell your own NFT's, on practice.

The objective of this course is that you understand what is a Non-Fungible Token and how does it work, on practice, so that you can turn your own digital art, made in Procreate, or in any other software of your preference, into a NFT, selling it on the internet. You are going to learn all the steps you need to do, platforms and websites you need to use in order to mint your own NFT's.

After finishing this class, you are going to be able to create a NFT from a digital file, being able to sell your digital art on the internet.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

T. Fajardo Oliveira

Engineer and Professor


Hi, My name is Thiago Oliveira, and I'm an Engineer, Content Creator and Professor.

I love to work daily with new technologies and I also love teaching everything I learn during my experience. I develop my courses so that my students can, not just repeat the process I'm teaching, but also apply all this knowledge on their reals projects.

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1. Introduction : It is amazing that the NFT phenomenon allowed artists from all over the world to be able to work from home, selling their art through internet. This is a real revolution that allowed artists to make their own schedule and routine according to their interests. And finally, live from art. And then you can ask me, okay, But what is N of t? How do I turn my art into an NFC? That's what you are going to learn in this course. My name is geography. I'm an NFT investor, intrapreneur and massive fan of art. And welcome to my course. Digital art is a real trend and one of the most used the software to make it nowadays is Procreate. So one not turning your art made in Procreate or in other software of your preference into an NFT. It isn't easy and fast process that you can do in minutes. You are going to learn the whole process from scratch step-by-step in an easy and fast way. In order to make it even easier. Let me tell you how this class is divided. In the first part of the course, you're going to learn the fundamentals about what is NFT. How does it work so that you can have a basic but solid knowledge about NFT. Then you're going to the practical part through the steps you need to do and the platforms we need to use in order to turn your art into an NFT. And finally, the last part, you are going to learn how to sell the NFT you created online. Making the first tap into leaving from your own art. So what are we waiting for? Let's go. 2. What is a Non-Fungible Token ?: First, let's understand what is e and f t and how does it work before starting turn in your art into an NFT and selling it online. So NFT means non-fungible tokens. A token would be something that carry unique characteristics and that is collectable, will have several examples of that in our world, like collectibles, sports cards, famous trading card games, or even carves. And what about this non fungible thing? When we are saying that something is fungible, it's like a $20 bill. If I have a $20 bill and I give it to you, you can give me back again at $20 bill. And it doesn't matter if it's the exactly same piece of paper that I give to you. Since it is a $20 bill, it is still $20. They have the same value. It doesn't matter if it's the exactly bill that I gave to you. That's something fungible. But when we say that something is non-fungible, That's right, the opposite. We are saying that something is unique, that has unique characteristics, unique value, and not be exchanged it by an exactly other items. It is unique. Like the NFT. For example, we'll have some famous paintings like Mona Lisa, which was painted in forensic by Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1500 or staring I, painted by Vanguard in 1889. We also have paintings, Salvatore Monday, which it was also painted by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500, and which was by the way, auctions in 2017 for 450 million dollars. These pieces of art, they are unique. They are rare items that were not made in a large scale. They were made in a time that will never come back by artists that doesn't exist anymore. In all these aspects. Cultural, historical, and even physical, like the oil which was used and the wood or even the technique of these artists, all these aspects, all these details, they make, each one of these pieces of art rare, desired, and consequently, they're worth a lot of money. They are unique. They are non fungible. And when we are saying that something is not fungible, it doesn't mean that we are just focusing on art who have, for example, sports items like the uniform used by pellet, the final of the word curve. We also have items with high historic value, like the book codecs slices through, which has a lot of texts and drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci around the year of 1500, which was bought by Bill Gates by the amount of $31 million in 1994. All these items related or not to art, but with this uniqueness and high historic value, they are non fungible. And as they are non-fungible, they become special. They are rare. So their market value is affected. Raising their value, which is also affected by other aspects, like the demand of the public, cultural and historic value, that perceived value among collectors or society. In general, these items are special scars, unique, they are non fungible. And in the case of the NFT, these items are mainly what we're going to call the digital assets. Because until now I just presented to you items from the physical world, paintings, sports items. But the NFT allowed the expansion of this market to the digital world. So people in artists in general can make their unique art pieces and turn them into an NFT, selling it online as a digital asset. Unique digital piece of art, non-fungible. And that's what raise its value because they are unique. And you can ask me, okay, But why would someone buy an NFT if the person, you can just download a similar image, can you use it? Well, the answer of this question is the same for the physical and the digital items. Everyone can download an image of a famous painting and you can buy a printed image, the copy of the same painting, but you just going to have the copy. You don't own the original item, the unique item, the one that has the high market value that carries with it, the historic characteristics that made it an extremely unique. That's why the printed version of saltwater moody can be blocked by $50. The original one was bought by $450 million. And that's why you can even download the NFT every day. It's the first five thousand days which was made by the artist people. You can download it for free and use it, print it, you can make anything with it. But the original one was sold by $69 million in 2021. And then you can ask me, okay. But how do we know who owns the original NFC on Internet since the files are all digital? This is an awesome question and the answer is simple. Nft, using the technology of blockchain, validates the ownership of these assets. These digital files not only validates the ownership, but also carries with it all the information through time. So it is way more efficient and easy to check. If an NFT is the original one, then if someone wants to assure that our real painting is the original one, but don't worry about this blockchain thing in a very condensed way of explaining it. It is just the name of the technology that guarantees the safety of these transactions through internet. And know that we already know what our NFT and how do they work? Let's go to the practical part of the course. Let's turn your art into an NFT. Any art you have done with Procreate or even with other software that you prefer. Let's turn it into an NFT and learn how to sell it all night. 3. Creating your Wallet : Okay, so the first thing we need to do is to create a wallet. And a wallet is an extension that we are going to learn how to install it in your browser. Don't worry about that. You are going to learn how to install it step-by-step. So there are several wallets that you can use, but the most used one is called MetaMask. There are other ones like math wallet, Alpha wallet, trust wallet, but we are going to work with the Matter mask. It is extremely reliable, stable, and acceptable across most used platforms. And a lot of people use it and it is totally free to use. So let's start the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome. Let's search in Google for nano mask. And you can click on And here we are. At the homepage of the MetaMask. You can directly download for Google Chrome over here or click here on the top. And you have three options to style it on Google, Chrome, on iOS or Android. Let's select Chrome, install MetaMask for Chrome. One-click. And let's add to Chrome and add extension. Let's wait a little bit. It is stalling. K. Okay, welcome to MetaMask. So get started. If you already have a wallet, you can click here on the left to import your wallet. But as we are creating from scratch new one, Let's click here on Create a wallet. Agree? And in this screen, you need to create your password. So create a password with eight characters back here and create this screen. You have a short video that you can watch, which is going to talk about the security of your wallet. Because in the next screen, you can see a twelv word sequence that you need to save. Let's click Next. In this screen, we have secret recovery phrase. So when you click here, don't share these words, this secret words with anyone. If I can give an advice, Don't save it in any digital device or even in your computer. I think the best way to save it is for you to write in a piece of paper and keep it safe, in a safe place in your house. The sequence of the words here is very important. And you're going to need to use it in the right sequence. In the next screen. You can click in your screen. I'm going to click on my screen here and hide it from you so that we can continue. So just click here, write down the words in the correct order. Okay, so I'm going to click here. Okay, Now, let's click Next and confirm your secret recovery phrase in the screen, you are going to click on these words following, following the right sequence that you saw in the last screen. Now you can click on Confirm, and that's it. Your wallet is created. You can click here in all done. 4. How to Mint your NFT ?: Hi. So now that we already have our wallet, I'm going to show you two websites that you can use in order to sell or even by LFTs. So the first one is called variable. And when we enter the, we have here on the top the connect wallet. But the first thing we have to do is to add the extension of the wallet should be used by our browser. So let's come here on the top in extension, one click, and let's pin the Matter mask, okay, just that. Then we can just connect wallet. We're going to select MetaMask. And wait a little bit, you are signing in, sign. And that's it. Now, our wallet is linked to this website. When we click here on Matter mask. Just to remember, these is the amount of ether that you have. The ether is the cryptocurrency that you're going to use to make these transactions and the correspondence of it in dollars. So when someone buy your NFT is you're going to receive first moment in ether and then can sell this cryptocurrency $4. And if you want to buy another NFT, you can buy here. So you can send to anyone, we can swap. So here you have the information about your wallet. Okay? Here at variable, this is a marketplace that you can find in FTEs of other people. So for example, top collections, you have several n of t is over here. You can see the devalued the price of this N of t. And if it is raising its value or going down, you can see the top collections of one day past seven days or 30 days. You have several collections over here. Okay? When, when we are creating an NFT, you need to have your digital file, the art you created, saved in your computer. So for example, I'm going to use this art here that I developed. It is a 3D model that I designed of our country house over here. And I have it on my computer saved. So need to have it on your computer. And we'll have two ways of creating an NFT. You can pay when you are creating it. Because when we are creating an NFT, ED is a transaction that we are doing in the online system, in the blockchain. In this transaction, you have to pay for it. Or you can select an option that the first buyer of urine, if T, he's going to pay for this, the creation of your NFT for the painting process. When we are creating an NFT, we call it myInt. We are maintaining an NFT. Let's click here and create and select a theorem. And you can select single if you want to make just one image, just one image into an NFT, or if we want to make it like in multiple. Let's click here. And it is connected here. You can choose the file you want to use. I'm going to use this one. You can select a fixed price for your NFT or you can open it forbids or make an auction with selected time if you want. I recommend you using figured fixed price. And let here on the marketplace, let it checked because it is going to allow other people to find you enter the price for this one piece. You have several cryptocurrencies over here. We're going to put here 0 dot one ether. And this is how much you're going to receive for it if you sell it. The amount of ether and amount of dollars, one hundred and forty nine dollars for this. You can go here to the The bottom of the page, you can create a new collection or you can use this collection of variable. And here it is the option that I told you that the buyer will pay gas fees for mine tin for creating your NFT. You can let it here selected or unselected. You're going to have to pay for this. You're going to pay for this mine team process. So I'm going to check here. So the first buyer will pay this gas F0. Here. You can put the name of your NFT, like I'm going to type country NFT. The description. You can country house. You can type whatever you want. The royalties, royalties here, you have the suggested varieties and the maximum is 50 per cent. The royalties, it means that the first time you sell your NFT, you're going to receive the whole mount. And after the first transaction, all the transactions that your n of t Keep being sold, you're going to receive a variety for that transaction. So here you can select the amount that there you want to set for these royalty hearing Show Advanced Settings. You can add more properties or alternative texts. And that's it. You can click here and create item loading. Just wait a little bit. So it's uploading your media. You can also send MP3 and songs you you have done, have made okay. Mind send transactions to create an NFT sign, prove. But on sale. K signature requests sign. And that's it. You're countering of t, which is the name that I choose for mine, is successfully created. It will be mounted in blockchain, why purchasing or transferring. So you already have it. You can share it with anyone. You can copies and through email can create another one. You can view your NFT. We need to wait a little bit. Okay, and here it is. This is my f t that I created. Now I want to show you how you can do this process out. So with mine table, there are several websites that you can monitor NFT and put it on sale. Here. The variable and multiple are two of the most famous ones. And here you need to create an account. So then you can login. I'm going to log in with my account now. Now I'm in my account here. And this works as a marketplace, also like So you have the top collections of other people over here. The newest, some newest NFT is the price of this NFT, the top sellers. Alright? So let's come here on the top in mind, that's where you're going to create a range of T and U have the same option. You can use the gas law, no transactions needed because the first buyer will pay this gas fee. Or you can choose for pain yourself this first transaction. So let's choose grasslands and proceed to mind. Let's call them connect a wallet. Use our Wallet next. Okay. We are creating the NFT. It, it's the same process. You can upload, okay? They eat and description. You can type country and f t, the listing in detail. This is my example of my NFT subtitle, my country house, NFT category collectibles subcategory. I'm going to choose here other, the buy now price. So K, K in dollars, I'm going to type here. That's good. So let's list the item and proceed. Sign. And let's view then if T, We already have our NFT created. Now you're all set. You're ready to create your own NFT. Thank you for doing this course, and I wish you a great week.