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Digital Art: Choosing Your Tablet

teacher avatar Braden L., Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Wacom Intuos

    • 3. Huion H610 Pro

    • 4. Huion GT-220

    • 5. Wacom Cintiq

    • 6. iPad Pro

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Have you ever been stuck deciding which tablet you would like to get for digital art? No problem then, because this course will teach/show you your best options.

Introducing, the first class on Skillshare about choosing an art tablet! The class will include the following:

  • What type of art each tablet is best for
  • Prices
  • Pros and cons of each tablet

The core of the class will be divided into two sections, with pen tablets (e.g. Intuos Art), and pen displays (e.g. Cintiq 13hd).

After watching the lessons in this course, you will know for sure what you'll get!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Braden L.



Hello, I am Braden. My main hobbies are drawing and writing, and I'm of course interested in sharing my skills on Skillshare. I am the teacher of multiple classes, with more to come soon.

I hope you guys find my courses helpful towards your life!

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to my course of digital art. Choosing your tablet. This is the introduction video, and my purpose of the class is very straightforward. It's to help you guys find the perfect tablet to create your digital art, and whether you choose a pin tablet or pin display, you'll be well on your way to create amazing art. And the two types of tablets will be discussed very soon. So the tablets covered in this course are only the best of the best since I want you guys to have the greatest options possible. So with pin tablets, I will be listing talking about the walk home into us and you yearn h 610 pro and with pin displays. I will be talking about the Walkom, sin teak, the iPad pro and the helium G T 220. So now, for the difference between the two on the left, that is a pin tablet and you can see you, plus you hook it up into your computer, and then you just drawn it, and then it shows up on your computer screen. But on the right, with the pin display, it shows up directly onto the tablet. Some of them listed are portable and the others aren't so. That's the difference between the two. Now let's get into talking about pin tablets. 2. Wacom Intuos: in this video, I will talk about the welcome into us with describing the tablet features a different types that tech specs the price, and we'll finish it off with some pros and cons. So with tablet features, it's pressure Sensitive has express keys, which are the four buttons on the left and right that allow you to add quick shortcuts that are very hopeful to get the job done. It has one chord, and it's battery free now. The welcome into us also comes with certain software based on based on which type you purchase. So it comes with four types into a straw comes with art. Rage into its art comes with coral painter essentials. Five into his photo comes with Coral Paint Shop Pro X eight, which is Windows only Coral after Shot Pro two and Mack Fun Creative Kit, which is Mac only now into his comment, comes with clips, studio paint, pro an animus, Studio de Boot 10. So each software on here comes Windows and Mac compatible, except the two listed on two of the three listed under Into US photo. So some tech specs I'm not gonna be too technical with them. I'll just provide some quick ones. It's compatible with Windows and Mac. It's multi touch. It's available in small and medium size is it has expressed keys, and it's pressure sensitive. And I just wanted to say this, but multi touch is where There you can use your hands on it. And if you do different gestures, there's different functions, such as rotating the canvas or zooming in or out on the canvas, which is very helpful as well. So the price for the small one is $100 for all four types. For medium, it's $200 for all four types. So let's finish it off with some pros and cons. Some pros are that it's pressure sensitive. It comes with many different types. There's different sizes, it's Windows and Mac compatible, and there are express keys, and some cons are that there's no eraser on the pin. And no, no extra nudes. Come with it now. You can buy extra Nibs from their store, but they're usually sold out so it doesn't work out well. However, one nib can last you a pretty long time because I have an into US art myself. The medium sized and I draw all the time and it has lasted four months so far. So now let's get into the Huey own pin tablet. 3. Huion H610 Pro: with the helium H 610 pro. We will talk about the same things as in the welcome into us. Listen, so some tablet features are that it has pressure Sensitivity has eight express keys. It comes with a pin stand with extra Nibs, and it comes with a rechargeable pin. However, no software comes with it now. If you look at the picture on the right, you can see the eight express keys along with the pin sitting in its holder. So some tech specs, or that it's 10 inches by 6.25 inches. Active area, which means the area where you can draw it has eight express keys. It has pressure, sensitivity and its Windows and Mac compatible, and the tablet comes in one size with the price of 76 99 which is not too bad for a digital art tablet. So now, for some pros and cons, some pros are that it has pressure sensitivity that it's cheap. It has a pin stand, there's extra nubes, and, of course, there's eight express keys, which is four more than the welcome into s tablet. Some cons are that there's no eraser on the pin and you have to charge the pin. There's no included software, and it only comes in one size. So when it comes to the verdict of whether you're gonna buy the welcome into us or the Huey own H 610 pro, what I would say is, if you have enough money to get the welcome into us, I recommend getting that just because it looks a little better, in my opinion, and it works great. However, if you are trying to save money and you wouldn't want to spend any extra money, you want to get the cheapest one you can. That's the best I would go for the helium. So now that we're done with the pin tablets, it's time to move on to pin displays. 4. Huion GT-220: with the pin displays, we will be covering the same general things as we did with the pin tablets. Now, before we get started, I want to mention that the pin displays are going to be much more expensive because they have more capabilities, such as your artwork actually appearing on the screen. So in this lesson, I will be shown you the huge own GT 2 20 So let's get started. So the tablet features are that the tablet is pressure sensitive. It's large, and it comes with a rechargeable pin with eight nips, and multiple cables are also included. Now some tech specs are that it's pressure sensitive, as we said before, and it's a 21.5 inch monitor, which is humongous so and it's compatible with Windows and Mac, and it's 1920 by 1080 pixels. Now, for the price, there is only one size for the G T to 20 model. However, they sell smaller pin displays. Also, the price for this tablet is 799 and the crazy part is that 799 is the same price of the welcome sent IK 13 HD and this tablet is around 10 inches bigger. So, yeah, you get your money is worse with this tablet. Some pros and cons are that there's a large screen now. I put that on the pro and con thing because some people would like a large screen. But it's also too big for some people, so they it fits on both. Now it's also cheap for its size. As I said before, there's pressure sensitivity. It comes with many Nibs, and it also comes with an adjustable stands. Now, some cons are no eraser on the pin. As I said for too big for some desks, I heard there's too many chords with this, and their power buttons aren't the bottom, which I heard that people would are having Teoh move their whole set up just to turn it on or off or whatever. So, yeah, now let's move on to the sin teak 13 HD 5. Wacom Cintiq: By far, the welcomes antiques are the most expensive tablets that will be discussed in this course now. One difference in this video with the others is that I will describe the different types of Syntetics. So for the tablet features, it comes with many different sizes and capabilities, and every model comes with a pro pin with 10 nubes and a case, and multiple cords come with each model as well. Now with different types, there's a 13 HD A 22 HD 27 HD and a Santic companion to with a 13.3 inch display. Now the inches the inch displays aren't shown for the other ones because the numbers before HD are the displays in inches. So the tech specs are that there are different screen sizes. There's pressure sensitivity, as there are was most Tabal etcetera on the best category. And there's touch and no touch models, as I said before, So the price you can see automatically they are very pricey, starting at $800 So 13 HD no touch $800. 13 HD touch $1000.22 HD no touch $1800. 22 HD touch $2000.27 HD No touch, $2300 then 27 HD Touch, $2800 And then the Sid Antique Companion two runs from $1300 to $3000 because it's basically a Windows computer tablet. So yes, it's not a monitor. You don't need to plug it into your computer, however, if you want it to be very good. It's pricey as so are the other things, because the 13 HD no touch is the same price as our Huey own GT 2 20 which is 10 inches higher and has touch so some pros and cons are that these tablets have a fantastic interface. They look really nice. There's pressure, sensitivity. They are very professional, and there's 10 extra names. However, the cons there aren't many, but the expensive one really makes it so. Not many people are able to get this. There are more. There are multiple cords, and there are spontaneous disconnect issues when you touch the tablets, sometimes with every tablet except D companion to So now it's time for our last video on pin displays. The iPad Pro 6. iPad Pro: the iPad Pro comes in two sizes, along with the ability to purchase an apple pencil. Now, some other features are that it has pressure sensitivity along with hand resistance when using the pencil. And this is a pretty cool thing, the ability to shade by tilting the pencil. So the different types of iPad pros are the 9.7 inch iPad pro in the 12.9 inch iPad, Peru. Some tech specs are that there's pressure, sensitivity. There's different sizes. It's compatible with the apple pencil, and it runs on Iowa's. Just like if you have an iPhone, it's the same operating system now. The price. The base prices for a 9.7 inch iPad pro, $698 with the Apple pencil but 5 99 without. But I don't really see the point of getting an iPad pro without the apple pencil, because it was they. The iPad Pro was basically made for art. Now, if you want to get more storage, of course it will cost more. But 32 gigabytes is a pretty good amount if you're just going to use it for art and watching TV or stuff like that now, with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, it's $898.7 99 without the pencil. Both are really good, except the 9.7 inch is more portable, so that's a really good option. Now some pros and cons air that it's portable. There's many features with the pencil. You can do more than art like play games, watch movies, and it's lightweight Now. Some cons are its price. It's a little pricey if you want a lot of storage and you have to purchase the apple pencil separately, which doesn't make much sense. And the accessories are pretty pricey, too, just for a silicone case and a smart cover that's over $100. And if you add a keyboard, that's another $150. So, yeah, the tablet itself isn't too bad, as the iPad Pro is a lot like the Senti companion, except for $1400 cheaper And yeah, so when it comes down to the verdict, there is many different decisions you can choose. This is a pretty hard decision now. If you want a device that can do more than just art and it has really good features and all that. I would go for the iPad Pro because it is great at what it can do. Its very good. However, if you want one that plugs into your computer and is solely for arts. The walk on models are really good. However, they're pricey. So if you're trying to save money, I go, I would go for the Huey own. And the huge own isn't bad. I mean, it's a really good tablet as well, and it's a lot cheaper. So, yeah, I would go for that unless you just really want that welcome tablet. 7. Final Thoughts: in this course you learned your best options for a pin tablet and a pin display. So hopefully by now you have a good idea of which tablet you would like to purchase, as the class project is for you to simply say which tablet you chose. So it's not too hard. Just yeah, just literally type in which one you chose. And I hope this class was helpful helpful for you. I hope it helped you better understand what each tablet is capable of.