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Designing with Microsoft PowerPoint

teacher avatar Denise Trio, Founder / Designer / The Rose Creative

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Module 1 - Introduction

    • 2. Module 2 - What You Will Learn and Class Project

    • 3. Module 3 - Tour of PowerPoint

    • 4. Module 4 - Setting Up Your Image

    • 5. Module 5 - Where To Get Good Photos

    • 6. Module 6 - Editing Photos

    • 7. Module 7 - Adding Text

    • 8. Module 8 - Adding Lines and Shapes

    • 9. Module 9 - Project Demonstration

    • 10. Module 10 - Conclusion

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About This Class

You don't need the expensive software to design Instagram-worthy images. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint. It's not just for making slideshows with bad clipart and animations! In this class, you'll learn how to use PowerPoint to create well-designed slides using photos and texts. I'll teach you how to edit photos, compose your image, manipulate text and even add line elements. It would be good if you have a working knowledge of PowerPoint already.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Denise Trio

Founder / Designer / The Rose Creative


I'm a Jersey girl, transplanted to South Florida. I'm a project manager by trade, and a designer by hobby. I began scrapbooking as a teenager and fell in love with paper crafts, which has evolved into calligraphy, painting, digital design, and more. When I'm not wandering and dreaming through the aisles of a craft store, I'm at the beach, reading, playing music, or at the gym.

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1. Module 1 - Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my costs. My name is Denise Trio, and I'm going to be teaching you how to design using Microsoft Power Point. What about me? I am a designer I experimenter by inspiring calligrapher and I havent entrepreneur. I own a business that is run through etc. And my own side contacts called the Rose Creative. You can find me on Instagram at the Rose Creative Facebook at sea on my website through his creative dot com. You'll see there. There's a lot of invitations and name cards and paintings and calligraphy that I've done for family and friends has kind of turned into my side hustle. I mainly design using Microsoft Office products. Some people think that you need to have a really expensive software in order to create beautiful pieces or design well. But I'm going to show you a little bit today about how to design using something a simple list Power point PowerPoint We often know and use to make presentations and side decks. But I'm going to show you how to use it to actually creates a photo over laid, decides with text. So I'm excited that you're here with me on this journey, and I'm gonna be asking you to post some of your updates along the way. And I'd love you to go follow me on my social media and tag me so that I know that you're in my cost. And I love to share some of your own designs and artwork with my followers. So buckle up. Get your software ready, gets your computer all charged up, and we're gonna learn how to use a power point to design. 2. Module 2 - What You Will Learn and Class Project: So first we're gonna talk a little bit about what you will learn. This is all kind of stuff that I have learned just been playing around with Microsoft Office Products along the way. I also taught a course about designing well with Microsoft Word, and that might be a good idea to check that one out and take that cost first before you dive into this one, because I talk a little bit about some basic design principles that will help you in your composition and layout. Um, when you're doing your image for this course, this course that was specifically designed to help you learn how to design in Microsoft Power Point. These are some examples of what you can make in power point using a photo and text and graphic overlay effects. These kinds of photos are kind of cool to combine, and their share a bowl on Instagram. They can be used on websites. You could even format them and print them out as prince for your desk or or gift. There's lots of different options. The possibilities are endless. Just gonna show you how to use and play around with some of the tools to create some of the effects that we seeing these images before we get started. With the bulk of the course, it's important that you choose a quote. It shouldn't be too long to start with, just like the ones I've shown you. There may be a couple of words once you get really good at manipulating text and designing with a couple of words that you can add more words to the longer quote. Maybe it will be a Scripture verse or some lyrics to your favorite song. Start with something simple to begin. Then you can search for a background photo to use from online somewhere where you could even use a personal one. No, with that, let's get started. 3. Module 3 - Tour of PowerPoint: to start off. We're gonna take a little tour of Microsoft Power Point when you open a new presentation and powerful E. C. A screen that looks something like this. The very top is your menu bar. Then here you have your ribbon. You go over to this side air over here, you can. We've been closed the ribbon. I prefer to leave. Mine opens that I can see the different options that I have within each tab. So then, along here, you'll see all the different tabs. Themes, tables, charts, slurred part transitions, animations, slideshow, interview For the purposes of our class, we're going to be sticking mainly in this First have in the second time. A lot of these other tabs are more for the typical use of Power Point, which is slide decks and presentations, animated artwork, graphs, etcetera. We're going to kind of be hanging out here, So just take a little bit of familiarize yourself with some of the different options that are in these 1st 2 tabs. It's under the text. There's a couple of different options to add text box, and word are your header and footer slide number. Here's where you can quickly insert photo either from your browser record from a file or search in your clip art. Here's what the basic shapes can be inserted these airlines and connectors. You see. There's even more options. Rectangles, lots of different shapes. Heroes, equation charts, flow charts, stars and betters. Call outs. Infection buttons. Here's recon A media, which this includes, like little films, clips and audio. Or you can record out of audio right into here. We're probably using mainly these three not so much the media in our course. We'll also be using this arranged tool. Which figures helps us to figure out which of our object should be in the top, which should be in back. And, um, you can rotate in the line, using the best tool to then under the themes. This is where will puting access the page size rather quickly. All of the different themes. Any team modifications that you'd like to make colors lots of different options. Plants, your backgrounds, even the background can have additional options in here. Solid ingredient. Make sure a texture or pattern. We actually will be using that tool because I'm just gonna show you how to quickly copy and paste onto the background here of the editing. Your master, we won't worry about that for today, either. That's a little bit of a tour of Power Point. I'm also using version 14.1 on my back, so you might be a good idea to check what version of PowerPoint you're using so that you can see if these tools are unavailable. Perhaps it's because it's an older version. Or maybe you have a newer version and there's even more tools to use. I just want to encourage you guys to play around with all the different tools that are available to you, not to be afraid. 4. Module 4 - Setting Up Your Image: Now we're gonna talk about how to set up your image. If you go up to the themes tab, let's for a select our side slide size. Right now it's, I believe it's out standard for four by three ratio. The white screen will make it wider. Six by nine, And then there's a six by 10 widescreen that'll make it taller and wider. There's even an option where you can edit to whatever custom size you want. Or if you're making something like a certificate, you can use regular size letter paper, ledger paper, a three, a four, etcetera. I think we're going to stick with 16 by 10 and here it is an inches. You can also change orientation of your sides. So this is a portrait. This is landscape, and then with the slug orientation of your slides, I mean of your notes and handouts. We don't really need that, so we'll just keep it as it ISS in here. You'll see there's a bunch of different teams that are available. You click this hero, it will scroll through and show you all of the different options. There's a ton to choose from. Take some time to go through the themes that are already loaded into your into your software. If you click this drop down arrow, you can see them all that once. If there's one thing in here that you really like say you want something with a really big funt or you like Slough drop down or you like the angled You're welcome, Thio Thio Use it to play around. You can even use this one as a background. Or if you like this subtle background, it's up to you. I'm just gonna leave mine as white for now if there's some things that you like about it, but you want to change like the colors, we could click here and choose something that kind of goes with what? The image that you have in your mind to create. I really like thes colors I'm gonna go with. Then you can choose from a couple of different built in options for one choice. If you don't really know what don't you want to use like this upward or power point? Rather has a lot of difference built in pairings that look okay together, I would say, though, don't feel like you have to stick with them and feel free to play around with your own appearance. Then you can save your theme. We'll call it the one this play in the future. You can come back to it, really like your design and want to make more of it or an additional photo. 5. Module 5 - Where To Get Good Photos: Let's talk about where to get good photos. You do a simple Google search, your stock photos, a couple of the main ones that come up at the top of the search list or shutter stock, and I stock. Let's take a look at shutter stock first. You can see there are many, many royalty free images here, but you do have to pay for shutter. So let's go to hear search photos for desert. You can see there's almost one million different options. Her photos, illustration and vector art that my filter just has the photos of him. Lots and lots of different options for desert. There's all those 10,000 pages that have Justus many images of desert on them. Do you find one that you like? You can download it, but you do have to pay. Let's go back to I stock, which has a little bit less photos and images, then shutter stock. But I also think they might be a bit cheaper. You can see some of the images that pull up when you search in I stock here. You can see there's about half assed many photos, and again they sort by lowest price for best quality. I would look into the pricing options for both shutter stock and I stock before deciding on which one you want to invest in. However, my favorite website offline shudder. I mean, stock images is called Once wash. They're free. They're given by a really generous community of photographers. And it's true. There's actually not as many photos on here as on the other two websites. But I tend to like the composition a lot better. There better for design, and they're free with search for desert. You can see the different types of images that pull up her desert in unspool ash. I'm sure that you could find something. I'm actually going to use a quote that's related to the beach, so I'm gonna search for Beach. Couldn't like this image. What you find an image that you might you can click on it haven't hit download. It should download automatically. This little pop up box comes up and says how you can say thank you to the artist, the photographer Double album. To gain more exposure. I need a music to your Facebook account treat about it, but it's also not necessary. That's how you find good foetus using those three Bhutto sites 6. Module 6 - Editing Photos: Let's talk about how to edit your photos now that you're back into power Point goingto Finder and look for the image that you just downloaded. All you need to do to bring it into power point is click and drag. You can see the images a little bit smaller than the actual size of the slide, so I'm going to take the corner and hit the shift key. Then I can make it larger proportionately to exactly 10. Looks like it's still a little bit bigger on top. So if you select the photo just by clicking on it and see another top comes into the rib end called format picture. And there's a whole set of new options and editing tools that come with this new tab. Let's use this 1st 1 which is called Crop. If you click on it, you can see that there is these little black bars that come from the tops and the bottoms of the photograph. I'm going to remove a bit of this guy that I want to keep that cloud in, please. So move it from there, father. Then you'll see this kind of arrow come up with four arrows and I'm gonna sly that dio. You'll notice that that moves the image within the crop box that you created to accept the crop. Just hit the crop tool again. You'll notice here that the image is actually smaller, or so I'm going to click and drag to move it so that it fits nicely within the slide. Cook me again on the box. You'll see that there's a different bunch of different tools over here to adjust the photo in the corrections. You can sharpen or soften, so this kind of place with the pixel ization of it, you can increase the brightness. We're decrease the brightness, and you could also decrease the contrast or increase the contrast. So you'll see here the brightness is up 40 in the contrast is 40 whereas in this part they're both down by the by 40%. I think that I'm gonna light in it just a little bit, but keep the contrast the same. Then you can go in here to re color. Color saturation means you remove all of the color from the image show. It's black and white or gray scale, or you can make it really saturated so the college really pop. You can also add a color tone to your image, whether that is warm or cool, then you can recall her everything I put in grayscale sepia tomb washing it out, which means brightness gets really, really high, taking into blocking the way to 25% 50% or 75%. Then there's his color options here. If you remember in the beginning I chose that color set that was like beachy cool colors, thes air, all the colors that show up that you could use to overlay or modify the color of your motives. Or, if you don't like any of those, there's the option to go in and get pick another color set. Which card will be transparent and play around with some more? The picture color options that I'm gonna make the saturation up just a little bit. Removing the background, we'll analyze the photo, and if you just want to isolate a photo or an image of a foreground, it'll remove back home pixels so you can see in this image how it kind of removes the background there. I'm gonna leave it because I kind of worked the clouds and the sky to be in my picture, the crop tool we've already used. You could also use these tools, though crop to fill and cropped it fit. Or you could mask it to fit a certain shape. If you want something that fits into a circle or a diamond or heart, you can clear it with that. This law compressing a ploy was a good idea if you have a really high rose photo, which ally of the ones from shutter stock my stock in on slash R. So this kind of reduces the file size of a picture. But it also reduces the resolution, which will result in a picture that cannot be, um, increase in size too much about looking really pixelated. Now, if you've played all around with these images that you don't like anything that you've done , you could just hit Reset. It will remove all of the changes that you made to the picture in here. There's also additional styles that you can do to your picture. You can put it in an oval with a shadow. You can put it in with a block border. You can rotate it, you can skew it you can put a soft edge around it and again if you hit this button and it'll show you all the different options at once, depending on what you're going for, it's kind of want to acquire a with the picture styles. Then you can even play with the border. The weights arrangement thickness, and you could also do double lines or triple lines. They can be dashed or dotted. You can make it into a radiant, clear the colors of the greediest. By adding colors, you can see it changing behind. There, you can make a radio, which means it comes from the center and goes out to the side board upper left corner. You could make it just solid, and you could also play around the truth with transparency. Then there is also these effects that you can do that are similar to these pictures styles . You wanted to add a glow to be outside. If you wanted to add a reflection, you could see a town here. Beverly three D rotation. No, there's lots of different options. You can even add a shadow on the outer, the inner part or using perspective. You'll notice, too, that each one of these options was a way that you could click on options and further edit them to be exactly what you were. So learn. It means how sharp it is, the distances how being the shadow is again. The transparency is how much you can see it, what the size of it issue could choose your shadow color. You could choose angle of it, but all that comes up in this format picture box. I actually don't like any of editing that I did with this photo, So we're just gonna reset it back to the way that it waas. Once you've played around with your photos, make sure that you save them and upload them so that you could get some feedback. The way that you save your image is better to file. Save as pictures with quoted speech, Mitch and choose format JPEG. You don't tell you that each side of your presentation has been saved as a separate file. Were you selected? Then go in and find, not upload it to the class website the project and get some feedback from your classmates that also give some feedback 7. Module 7 - Adding Text: Now we're gonna work on adding text. You should have your image here, Edit it and form out of the way you want. Two attacks. We simply go to insert text box. You can make the size however big you want and automatically choose. Believe refund. I wouldn't use something different. Let's go have in your light. We'll make it bigger and I'll type my quote. You can see the plot. The text boxes a little bit bigger than what I needed to be, so I can be a little bit smaller, and I actually decide I want to make it bigger. It increases with the size of your sponsor. This you might have to expand it back so that it doesn't wrap around if you don't. What sure that I like that color someone selected all and choose one of my theme colors. Let's try this orange. No, it's kind of hard to read, so if you select your text box, you can see that there's another topic comes in purple called Format, and again, a whole new set of tools pops up with your tech spots. These tools here, oh, next of this dotted line are all about shapes, styles. So this is gonna edit the actual shape of your text box If I, uh, you know, select this one that's already pre chose it preloaded. They don't make a white background with border again. You can see there's lots of different options, and they're all based off of that color scheme that I chose from the beginning. If you don't like any of those, you can go into more options than keep Lane. Another way to choose different shapes styles is to go into this bill. You can choose to fill it with any color that you want actually going to do. No. So, yeah, I don't want a lot around either again, just like you could with the photo border. You can change it if it waits from thin to thick triple and double lines, dash lines, line effects and lots of different colors. Again, I don't think that I want a border. You can also change the effects by putting shadow the same effects that we saw with report with photo to reflection, glow bubble, three D rotation and you can increase or decrease the transparency. I'm gonna leave it as it ISS, then you can go in and actually changed. If you select, highlight your text the different styles for the text itself you can see again. Power Quit comes with a lot of different preloaded the effects. Let's see what happens if I choose this one. You can see the blue outline on the white Phil, and there's a shadow behind it. If you look around, you'll see the different ways that it's changed. You can also go in and manually do your own filled what I think Go back to the orange and I know I'm But you have to clear the word our first before you can change the pill in your own mind so you can see that orange with the white outline. I'm gonna get rid of the line. You can also go in it. Shadow perspective, Reflection That old rotation insurance for this one is different than what we've seen before. You can make the type fall of half where there's different more options to. It's very similar to what you see in the dark. Now I'm going to add a little shadow behind it, so that way we will be able to the text a little bit better. I'm also pleased to go back and increase the foot size its center. Have fun playing your different options. Your text. Another option two with the actual text box is this green button here that allows you to rotate so I could have like it that one falls the horizon line. But if you have something is on an angle, you can use this to kind of match that angle. So say to light it up to decrease the size. Yeah, using you could also use the up, down left right arrow keys to get a more precise movement. I didn't bring it back, Jason. Different activities or different options that you can do with her arts to spacing. So if you go into format well, it you have all of those tools that we looked at in the format tub. Somebody have a couple more because you can choose here if you want to use capital letters . All capital letters equalized Character height. Choosing a different thoughts of missiles underlines etcetera, plus using columns. Your paragraph rules, which is justification. Bullets and memory. When I want to show you, though icis character spaces, sometimes I like to do that's with Murray words. ISS expanded by a couple points, so you can see as I do this. It adds more space in between letters. Yeah, it could go by very precise. Does points. Let's leave at six point. If you hit this side, this side's where it hit the fault or option key. It will expand both ways. He has it. Once you put around with your text and they come up with something that you like the top of your image, do another save. You upload that to your project, make sure to get some feedback here to give some feedback you don't see, like cured a little bit. 8. Module 8 - Adding Lines and Shapes: next dash a at add shapes and lines. So say, I wanted to pad a straight line underneath my quote. You go up here to insert shape. There's a bunch of different options for different lines and connectors. What does click on this straight line for now, you can see that there's these guide boxes that come up these red squares that work the center of your image, and they will also mark the center of the sides of your tax locks. So if I want something to start here, I can use it as an approximate guide. Then you'll see I have, like, flexibility to trawl in any direction that I want, but that there's some guidelines that come up. So this is, um, different guidelines that help me. So this is the top of the box. This is the bottom of the box. This is the center of the box. This is the center. I just saw him up and down for the center of the photo. There's lots of different ways you can player. I'm going to hit the shift key, and that constrains into 45 degrees. So I'm gonna make a straight line and you can see there's my line and automatically is blue with a shadow. I keep it selected. I see that this format top shows up and you can see there's all of these shapes. Styles come up very similar to how we saw with the different styles for the text box. I'm not gonna go with any of those. You'll see that the field is blurred out because it's just a line. So there is no Phil, and I'm going to make it that same orange color as my quote, my test. Selecting it again. I'm gonna make sure that it's lined up right in the centre Comptel. But it is because of that shows up. I think it's a little too thick. So what I'm gonna do is go into awaits and decrease that size also gets a little too long, tryto period. You need to get more precise. You can use this bottom toe here too soon into your photo. Now let's check out how the range of use photo for these images and elements. It's who is this reorder tool? This image comes up, you can see the difference elements that you have been designed. So here's my straight line. Here's my text. Here's my photo. Here's the subtitle and here's the title image. So saying we wanted actually that's subtitled for all the juice. Click and drag it all the way to the first You can see I can click to that subtitle. We actually don't want that subtitle. We'll just go back to the rear age and put it all the way in the back. You can also delete it in the beginning, but if you don't, it's a good way to see all of your different layers at boats. Another cool tool lets in there ISS. If I select by using the shift, cool my line and my text box. I can group them together need if I select one or both of them and I can align them. So I aligned them to the left. You can see this line winds up, sees me with the edge of my my box here. If I want them Teoh, right, you can see that the line moves to the right side when you want to have it, a line right in center. These other line top middle bottom will adjust the vertical position. So if I align middle. The line goes right in between the text there so that there is a perfectly centered, perfectly aligned line and sentence. There is not too different other shapes you could add in here. I want you to player. This one is kind of fun because it adds the curve so that I click and drag and you can see that it starts bending. And this allows you to be kind of cool curves. Once I had the escape tool that it becomes its own shape that you lips that you can use that effects, too, just like any other object. You could also use this tool to free hand. Draw in. You can see it tries to exact curve that you made when it's a little bit sloppy. If you have amounts, that might be a good idea to use it with this so that it's a little bit more precise again . All of those editing tools are open for you to use when you create this image, shake player with outings in different shapes, rectangles, lines and collectors to your image. Once you're done, please save it uploaded to the project. Get some, be back in, give simply pack, and that just about wraps up all the different options for editing. Adding photos, manipulating photos, adding text shapes, images that you can do in palatable it you 100 experiment and take this little a glimpse of the power behind the software and turn it into something that you can use for all of your design needs. 9. Module 9 - Project Demonstration: Now, I'm just gonna quickly show you my process. Then when I'm done, say it as pictures. That's it. Do you have a slide? 10. Module 10 - Conclusion: well, that comes to the end of our course on how to design while using Microsoft Power Point. I hope that you guys have come away with some tips and tricks to design using what seems to be a simple software program that actually is really powerful. When you start typing in, I'm excited to see your finished product. Please remember to post it and the class assignment below and leave some comments for your fellow classmates. I would also love it if you share to your Social Media page and you follow me at the Rose Creative, and please use the hashtag hashtag t r c power point. That way I can give you some feedback. See the progress that you guys are making the beautiful designs that come out of this course and share a couple of your finished products with the rest of the instagram worlds for my followers. At least, I also hope that this is just beginning of your journey experimenting and designing with power point. And remember to go check out my other class and how to design with Microsoft Word. Thank you again so much. See you next time