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Designing a series of movie posters in collage technique

teacher avatar Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko, graphic design and digital art

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Idea developing and sourcing Images


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      Selection and cutting


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      Applying bitmap


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      Creating poster 1


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      Creating poster 2


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About This Class

In this class we'd like to invite you to make a poster for your favorite movie. We will show you how to create a poster in collage technique or using swiss design grid system. 


— Adobe Photoshop
— Adobe illustrator

Meet Your Teacher

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Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko

graphic design and digital art


Sofia Apunnikova and Ksenia Necheporenko are part of the Komm international graphic designers collective with HQ in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Berlin, Germany. We focused on art direction, branding, print design, illustration and fashion. In our work we aim to expand graphic design standards and to blend different cultures. Check our latest works on Behance, Instagram and tumblr.

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our third class in this class. We would like to invite you to make a poster for your favorite movie. We will show you how to create a buster in collage technique or using Swiss design. Great System. You will learn how to use advanced tools for cutting images in Quetta shop. How to save your poster to Web and bring. Also, we will show you how to apply different effects in newest greater and for the ship to make your pasta looked catchy and more lively to make a perfect composition using type in the village and create a coach racing movie characters, relationships. 2. Idea developing and sourcing Images: for our poster we choose of whom by French director Jean Luc Godard, called masculine, feminine, masculine Feminine is a notable field within Goddard's 19 sixties period of filmmaking and is a considered by critics as a representative off sixties France and Paris. The film contains references to various pop culture icons and political figures around that time. Late Matif off the field is a relationship between a romantic young idealist and Bob star. We found some posters on Internet, which can be used as a reference toe over work. So let's go through some movie posters that will love for your inspiration. Again, this is an alternative version off The Godfather movie poster. It's nice example of how you can compose simple vector objects as frame with your cottage images. It's also nice representation of how you can use transparency. FX on your objects Lalande poster is a nice example of how we can style eyes using a color tint effect on the photo. It's an example of how over late ethic can work on your poster. We have two objects, one is colorful and another is a black and white, and they're connected together and look really stylish taxi driver poster. He would have two parts. Ah, human Seelert and the piece of a city connected together. Such composition is greatly representing the main part of the movie alternative poster for Hitchcock Cycle. It's a nice example off the construction of the image you can achieve really scary FX when you're raising some parts off the essential image. This one is an example of how you can connect Freehand lettering with your college bases. It's really cute. And if you know how to draw some free hand lettering, it can also use it in your projects for our class. This one is also about difference Faction. You can achieve really strong emotional effect using oldest simple college tricks, and this one is really minimalistic. But it's so impressive. Whiplash Boston It's a nice example of a super realistic college. Basically, the college technique allows you to mix all the objects together and to create a new world on your artwork and poster as well. And here it's also clearly representing the main idea of the movie, which is great, and this one is really dynamic. It's a just a nice source for your inspiration. It's ah, really impressive example of a composition, this one again really simple, who have a wrecked H, which is representing ah, landscape in the human Seelert on it. I hope that old, this posters Ah, was nice source off ideas. Now we're going to show you how to find a good quality images for your poster on flicker. It is important not to forget about copyrights. Let's check what copyrights all this images have. Let's pick up one image he receives some right, reserved and that it means you can't use these images for commercial purposes. Let's check and other image he received all rights reserved mark. Same situation. You can't use it for commercial purposes, but best advice for you by searching images on flicker is to find images with the public domain mark. Also, you have an option to use their screenshots directly from the movie. Don't forget to credit images you have used 3. Selection and cutting: so here have opened my screenshot that I want to cut out in for the shop. First, let me to crop it to get rid of black average around. Okay, press enter. That's fine. There. I need to double click on the layer to unlock it and to create a new one and place it before the essential one. You layer, I need to feel with some rightful color on such colorful background will be easier to raise any image because you will be more convenient for you to see any unwanted lumps and clean them so so afterwards, your picture will be erased perfectly, so let's select our essential layer and begin Ah for this, we will need to click on the razor to in the left menu and start to removing and wanted background around required object. If you press shift button on the K board and then click on their razor brush and then click again in some other place, straight line will appear. This trick is really helpful if you want to raise gamma fix shapes or parts of the closes or any other object was acute angles. Then using your mouth choreographic tablet, gently erase the object, using different sizes off the res brush and zooming your picture in and out like this. So I think that I'm done with cutting some finishing touches. Okay, then I need to click on the magic wand and by pressing shift, select empty areas on our picture and then create a new layer and ah, field is dashed counter with any color on the new layer that is important. Then you need to replace these cut outs in any different Photoshopped file and then delete all layers besides our required one and save it in PNG. Former Now I'm going to tell you how to use a pencil in further shop. It's a most advanced into a cured way to make a selection. Let's go to the layer panel and double click to unlock the layer. I hate P for Penn to assuming damage, and let's ah, let's click and drug an anchor point to follow the selection line and to gain that's click and drug, and we just continue to click and drug and carbines. It's also possible to tune anchor points afterwards to make the path more precise. - Here , make off lust and corporations and 22. Close our path by clicking on the first anchor point and close it without button. Now we see our selection is closed, we go to the bath menu. Here's our work, Beth, and let's click on the load path of the selection third button here. Now we see that our images selected, and now we want to cut it out from the background money to make a new layer. Create a new layer and we go to in the image and calm. Antiques is cutting out the image from the background. And let's based it to the new layer by clicking common fare. Now we'll see our image is cut out from the background. Okay, we're done. 4. Applying bitmap: to play 1/2 ton effect. We need to go to the image and then mode and click on the grayscale, then click on the merch and then discards. Then again, go to the mode and click on the bit map. Ah, he would have menu with different bit map. Affect settings. Have input 72 pixels for inch. And if you want to make the quality of the picture better, you need to increase output parameters for 300 pixels or more, and then you can select the method of bigmouth processing. Let's try health tone for the beginning, so press okay and he would have another specified half tone settings menu. He would have frequency and an drill settings, and we can choose a shape off particles in my practice the while You 24 frequency works better in most of the times, but you can play around with it until you will be satisfied with your image. Eso Let's see how our picture will Looks like. Okay, I think that it's fine and ah, then you need to go to the image mold and select grayscale and press okay and then creating you layer and move our cutouts from another documents to our essential file like this. So I will delete this layer and then I need to transform this by pressing shift A and ah common T and transform it like this. Then press enter when it will be fine and then go to a magic one two in left menu and again by pressing shift, select all the areas and then goto essential there and press common X so he would have our cut it and I will cut a picture with health on FX and money to save it in PNG in our folder . Okay, pinky, and then click rename it and then click safe. Besides, ah huffed on ethics in a big map processing, you can also try to apply some other ethics and let's experiment with them. Ah, for this again, go to moat. Big map press OK, and we have our menu and let's try another half tone. But this race Holt Okay, it will looks like this like an old sell it for the poster, and it also can be suitable for some projects. And some movies. Weiners, Let's try this one. Okay. Oh, particles! I know. Ah triangles and have such and interesting effects, we also can use it, and also we can use it like a texture on the background. Ah, if you apply this ethic to some obstruct image, you will have Ah, nice background for a pasta. And he would have this kind of a no noisy effect, which is also can be nice for background or for some details on your poster. Eso. Let's try another one. Ah, you have this stroke custom patterns and it's really interesting field to experiment. Have some basic patterns from the foot shop menu. Let's try at an old, for example, grayscale paper. Okay, we need to edit here. We have different patterns that we can apply on our screen shot or required image and press . OK, so then our image in the particles ah are becoming, Ah, these selected Parton. So let's try another one. So if you will do this again and again, you will find, ah, nice crazy variations of what you can do with the image. For example, this one, I think it looks really stylish. Ah, maybe I will use it for my future posters, but I don't think that it I need this now I think that health tone will be fine. Ah, but I will save it. Maybe I will use, like, a texture. Something I mean, a paean to four months again. Okay, let's fry another one. So basically, if you love this ethics Ah, you can experiment with it. We have, ah, around 12 packs off such positives that you can apply to your image and you can play with it. 5. Creating poster 1: Ah, here we have over a free poster and double reference. We found an Internet be. We need to place all our images we cut out, and let's go to the file menu and click place that select all our PNG files. And let's place them one by one inside the file. Okay, here they are. Just let's check if everything is OK. And let's try to create, like, similar greed as we have another reference Okay for these many to to select a rectangle tool from the menu. And let's draw a rectangle. Okay, let's let's make it black. It's not black enough. Let's check what's okay and choose black color. Let's just look the layer and create agreed on another layer for this we making you layer. That's so mean we choose Ah, line tool And let's draw good line. Okay, Done. And that we need to feel the stroke with color. Let's choose. Ah, I like this. Ice creams watches from this watch menu this pinky one, take this color. We need to increase a stroke. Wait. Okay. Maybe 78 I think nine is fine. Okay, let's stop with the nine sites. And here now we're ready to to copy this stroke holding shift. All entitled. Okay. Like this. That's a mean and see. Oh, it Pete's here. Well, great. But now we need this free section. Great. So for that, we select both lines, not the background on Lee Two lines and go to the object menu and choose, blend and blend options. Here we have a menu. You can choose the steps between the sections, which was the specific steps. And let's great ah, to because we have free section. So we need to lines between these two lines. The first lines be we draw. Okay, break okay. And again, we go to the object menu blend and click make fine. We see that we have free section verticals and of course, we need to draw in our sections, which are horizontal again. We so mean and choose. So I mean, the one choose the line to and again, we draw a horizontal line using the white arrow. And let's copy, too, to make two lines holding, shift and out, of course. And let's let's make the same think we made before I go to the object menu blend plant options and here we need to be more sections than to that it before, because you see their references more square and we have a Rick tango. So let's go to options, blend and make perfect. Our greed is ready and let's move to another stage. Okay, let's let's make a new layer and let's look a a great player. We don't need it anymore. Here we have our Condit car notes. Our main character, um, there already is to illustrate the relationship off the film characters. We have secondary characters, which are also very important in this movie. Okay, and let's try to to move them, to see how they work together. Let's choose one image. Oh, now we see he will left our characters images on the lower layer, but we need to select all them and bring them to the front by clicking the right button and selecting orange function. And let's make it be bigger. And we choose and novel character, the female character. And also it's change a bit size just play was with the size off the images. Okay, so now we need to to illustrate this relationship within them. Kind of like this, um, the's romantic image here. Let's put it into center. So now you're seeing a dynamic. But then these two characters, good and, um, let's try and never images secondary characters just play around. Okay, let's reflect this character on by clicking on the right transform and reflect 90 degrees. Okay, yeah, this is good. It's good. It's good. When the old characters are kind of equal by the size, it's better for our composition. I think I like this composition now that females are on the right side and males on the left side enter romantic scene between, Okay, and let's add some text to have a poster. We have movie title and director's name, and maybe we will at some taglines the main tag lines from the movie here. A tastes, which means Children off Karl Marx and Coca Cola. Okay, let's go to the text menu and create a textbooks. This is the one part off the title Masculine on. Let's find a phone we're gonna use for the situation. I found a phone called John Luke, which is the name off the Creator off this movie. That was funny. Let's change color toe white. I believe this. Ah, great system suits for any movie you want to make a poster for. It can make a great dramatization between film characters. Yeah, holding, uh, space. You can increase the distance between there. The letters. Yeah. Now we see that the distance between the letter of cesspit different on our reference. And let's it's just increase this distance. Let's try 200. Yeah, and using backspace, you can move your text back to the boxes and let's do the same with, um, a novel part off off the title, which is feminine. That's right, it feminine. And again, let's play with position. Okay, fine. Now we have our movie title here, and that's that, Um, a director, uh, name are, Let's again. Let's go to the text menu and right John Luke got better. And let's change the color toe white again. It's too big. So let's make it smaller. Using the character panel maybe 36 points, it's moving to the center. It's better here. Okay, what we do, we want to increase the this distance on because let's go to the character menu and change this distance to 420. Now it's aligned. Let's just add some tagline this tagline. Which I like most Children off Karl Marx and Coca Cola. That's right. It down on French. I think this is much better. But again, maybe we we're going to change this distance in this line. Yeah, something like these. And let's at maybe one more detail here. Um, it can be date off creation. Think 1966 a year. I think maybe this, um, paragraph should be centered. Yeah, it's much better. Okay, Now we have everything. The title, the director's name and the tech line. And now I think I'm satisfied with the result. This half tone effect looks a bit feisty here, but it ah will look perfect when you say, if your poster don't forget to save it. 6. Creating poster 2: before we move on to creating the posters, I'd like to tell you a bit about Swiss design and show examples work made in this style for your inspiration Term. Swiss design comes from the fifties off the 20th century. It is a design movement emerged from Switzerland and Germany. Historians also call it the international typographic style. It was popular in the fifties through the eighties. Style is based on a greet and helps designers to achieve the timeless perfection, off form and present information in a very clear manner. It actually rejects an individuality off a designer and turned him to a communication tool and embraces a scientific approach to design. So great use of San Serif type and simplicity off a content are three most important things on which squeezes and is actually based in addition to its philosophy. So let's look at some examples off posters which will made in this style eso well, I have created to a three size our Lord's for my future postures. Ah, the concept off them is to make one family and one Moscow in pasta and to connect them together somehow and here have all, ah, off my screen shirts and I need to choose Ah, two of them for my poster. And in this step, you just need to try to apply all of them on the artwork to choose the right mom. And I think that it's better for me to choose. The wand will be lady and another will be a gentleman from the movie also loved this one because it's really tender. Ah, but maybe they will use it later. Now I need to concentrate on relationships between two main characters. For this, I need to find better composition and to connect them together so their eyes are meeting. So that's kind of Ah, emotional connection between them and this. Great, Because when you're choosing ah, the right screen short for your poster, make sure that all the characters are look great together and a few examples Ah, off what? Ah, greet ease. I have ah already made sweets postures and I want to show you how greed is working on this poster. So I want to repeat the great He would have these four blocks, main blocks and the texts which is applying into this books. And this is basically how it works. Ah, the block off. The greed can be, Ah, any size and you say that you want and the greed can be not so strict. So I will make colorful backgrounds for my poster. The right one will be pink and the last one will be blue. One must cling in one feminine. Then, for the great I will need to create um unit which size will be similar to the size off the title of the movie. So here it is. It's ah rectangle, and I need to make it transparent and make a stroke. Then I need to carpet for this. You will need to press cult and then press common d to duplicate it in the similar make similar spaces between them. So I have ah, my three blocks and I have a space around them. It's a frame, and I need to make sure that I have similar space on the right side and on the left side. For this, I will draw another yellow rectangle and place it to the right side just to make sure that the space is similar. And then I will rotate it to make sure that on the top have also a similar space. Oops, it's not. So I need to move all my rectangles to the bottom. Maybe it's not the greatest way to do it, But I'm doing like this. Maybe more international. So here have my three rectangles. And what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna make agreed for this. I will. I will transform them like this. And then I will go to my rulers on the left and on the top and drug. Ah, some lines to make a great I will simply redraw, eat, but with the my guidelines. Okay, I think that I'm down with it now. I need to delete them and then it will go to our text. But the pasta in Swiss design still, you definitely will need to use a grotesque type. I have a few recommendations. What forms you can use? It can be a full tour. Oh, Helvetica. Okay, But in my situation, for my poster, I will use this food you formed. It's kind of a playful phoned. And for the title, I will use an accidental front name Is Jean Luc letters in this font actually eating a nice brakes which will perfectly suits toe agreed your text or any object can occupy one called him or two columns or three combs or whatever quantity of combs that you will have any agreed. So it's really easy to make different compositions using greed, and all this composition will look great. So before you will start to feeling agreed with all your objects, you can play Ah, with placing one object your first objects title, for example. It can rotate it, but I think that I want to make it mike my title like it was. And then I need to drug some more information to our poster by cast and the director's name , and again make sure that they feed to the grid and to drug this quotation from the movie. Okay, and then I need to drug a title. My title now transform to curves because when you transforming any text to the curves, you can edit it. But it's easier to transform it so it can feel great to the great. And now I want to copy my tics, and I want to make my second poster a reflection off the 1st 1 What? This I will need to copy old off my text to another poster and also, uh, fitted to the great. And then I want to align. The movie title was the quotation. So I think that I'm done with the composing my text elements. And now I can delete my great to look at the posters without it. I think that it looks minimalistic and that's actually what I want to achieve. Uh, when I was started, and now it's time to place our images on posters. 1st 1 will be our lady, and I want to show you how you can play you with overly effects in the illustrator. For this, you will need to open Transparency Window. And here you can try different overlaying effects like you have in the fourth shop. Overly multiply difference. Exclusion. Oh, this one is nice because it's creating a Sylhet. Okay, I think that I want to choose multiply. I want to select the title and the quotation and move it a little bit to the top of the postures. I think it will be better if under our images will have some space. And you will I need to ah, change. The place is the custom that doakes name. Okay, then we need to place our work even with the the main male character. And we need to apply similar effects. So this image Ah, multiply and place it on our poster. So now we have these two posters and characters are looking and at each other, and our text elements are reflecting each other. So I think that the concept is quite clear. It's about male and female relationships and relationships between fosters too. And now I want to show you how you can create different composition and different poster using the same great Ah, I have transformed my title. So now it occupies freak homes of the great And then I have placed all other information in the bottom of it. Okay, something like this. And in the bottom, I have placed the an image with two characters which you have chosen Ah, in the beginning, I think that it's fun. And now I want to show you how you can apply different effects. Okay, I think that I want to play with color and change in the color of the background. Be able to tell new book. Okay, lets try, and I will make my title White and all other text information. I will turned toe white too. Um, and then I need to apply a different overlaying ethic. Okay, You can play with it, but I think that how I love how it looks, but I want to try a different thing. I want to show you how you can apply a color tint to your photo. Mm. In for the shop. Okay, let's open our image in the photo shop and select adjustments and then radiant map. And he would have a great ian that we can change. Ah, to any color that you need. I want to find him nice pink color for Qala tint. I think that maybe this one Well, I can add a little bit of red and then click ok again and then save our image in the pain. Gee, and then imports it in the place off our old picture. Okay, um I think that that love it. And I love how it looks on the black background. 7. Saving : you have a report stir, and now we need to save it for weapon print. And let's start for saving for print. Let's go to the file menu and let's check also color moat smokers Good for print. Let's go to documents it up. Let's choose Blade Free millimeters is okay. Ah, he received. And to gain, we go to the file menu and save us Pdf format That's click safe. And here we choose high quality print. We don't need any compression. Here. Marks and bleeds. Let's click tree marks and use document bleed settings. Free millimeters safe. Pdf Now over. A poster is ready for print and let's ah, safe our poster for Web. First of all, we need to change color more to are to be, which is a standard color mode for Internet file menu and save for Web J pick, former or pain. Gee, if you want read, increase the size, make it bigger 1500 pixels and safe. Okay, there is also another option two Expert an image Don't forget to use hardboard and click expert are to be large file. Okay,