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Designing a Stepped Brochure with Adobe InDesign

teacher avatar Tonye Edet, Graphic designer & Creative Director

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Your Brochure

    • 3. Document Setup

    • 4. Formatting The Document - Part 1

    • 5. Formatting The Document - Part 2

    • 6. Formatting The Document - Part 3

    • 7. Finalising & Prepare for Production

    • 8. Bonus: Simple Flat Mockup

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About This Class

The class covers how to create a stepped brochure. A brochure with a narrow strip on every page with the information describing the content.

At the end of the class, students will create a similar brochure, where they will learn to use the InDesign page tool to create multi-size pages.

This class is geared towards beginner/intermediate users of Adobe InDesign.


I hope that you'll pick up ideas that you can apply or incorporate into your daily work.

I'm eager to see what you create.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tonye Edet

Graphic designer & Creative Director


Tonye is a Graphic designer, creative director and trainer from Nigeria. He has been designing Magazines, Books, Website, and Marketing materials for over 15 years.

He is a strong believer in continuous learning and has a high proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite as well as an active user of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Tonye uses his real-world experience in his trainings where he showcases the power of the Adobe Creative Suite to automate repetitive tasks, improve productivity and build unprecedented flexibility into the design process.

He is dedicated to empowering designers to understand and embrace concepts and features that will transform how they work and allow them to meet their deadlines whilst satisfying their creative passion.

You can fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Toya edits and welcome to designing it Stepped brochure with Adobe in design. In this class will be designing and stuff who show, which is also called a tap brooch. Stepped brushes are upgraded versions of standard brochures or booklets with a narrow street on every page with information describing the contents. The strips are visible along the edge of the booklets on a very handy as you don't need to list every page. All look out for the content speech to learn contents off the Brucia. I hope that as we progress, you pick up ideas that you can apply or incorporates into your daily work. Now, without much ado, let's get started. 2. Planning Your Brochure: When beginning any design, it is important to have a set off sketches, which you might have done upfront, because that helps you as you go along your design. It gives you points off reference or gives you a guide to create your designs. So up front planning, I would say it's very, very important because it helps you as you progress in whatever designed you have. I always encouraged that you have a rough sketch off what you want to create. You don't necessarily have to be on a test, but you have a basic understanding off just rough sketch in that will help you in a long way. Here have a layout plan, which have kind of an house tor improved from my sketch. This will serve as a guide for Brucia. We have babies. Will bizarre design off 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches? Dimensions? As we can see on screen, I've used color codes to differentiate the different page dimensions on our concern at this point is the page with because that's where we'll have our steps or a taps for Brucia. So we have with starting from 5.5 inches, you know for the cover on the front, cover through to eight inches for the back cover. Onda, As you can see, two, decides I have labeled the tabs from Top 12 Top five. That's will be what would differentiate the sections on the page parts, so feel free to download this. It is a part off what you can use us, your guide on by. I'll see you in the next video, where we'll be setting up the dimensions based on this plan. 3. Document Setup: all right in this video would be setting up our document dimensions, and our guides will go through the different sections setting up and preparing the document for our design. So first of all, we'll goto file new documents now in this new documents in their logbooks, there certain things that were going to change some, some other things are not so important to this particular design. So let's start. First of all, we'll make sure that I intent is set to print the documents presets. I have presents that I had a recreated because my daily walk I use different design dimension. So my default preset has been set to a two. But your own case may be different. Next, I choose the number of pages which we already know. That would be 16 pages because off up front planning next stop. We make sure that we check facing pages is very important because it will either design. So we'll see our spreads while we are designing. Next up, we're going to goto page size. The with on the height will make that 5.5 inches. Um, hi. It's 5.5. Our orientation will leave it at vertical number of columns will leave that we can set that up once we get into the document for imagines will set up the top. Imagine. Relive it. That 0.5 inches, the bottom margin would set that 2.56 But before we do that so that we don't have a uniform , imagine sets and will make sure that this chain is broken so that we can change the imagine sentence independently. So I make this the bottom 5.61 thing you need to note, we could have changed imagines while the document is open or when we started document. It's not compulsory that you do that here, but I'm just showing you that you could do that here. Now, in the in new of Russians off CS Adobe in design from CC. Actually, what I would be doing here would be seen my changes happening on screen. So we're not seeing that because I'm walking with Adobe CS six. All right, so for my inside imagines I'm going to have zero point 6 to 5. Also, my outside my general B 0.625 for my bleed. I'm going to make this 0.11 It's one that 0.1181 Once I type, it applies it to the top bottom inside and outside. But in this case, I don't need the bleed on the inside, because when's this brochure has been trained after production. It is just the top bottom on the outside are between the inside wound between. So I make sure that this chain is broken on. Guy, change the inside 20 Okay, this log will live it for now because it's not necessary in this design. So once we are okay with a document sentence set up in the dollar box, we click OK, and we have documents set up nicely as we would want it. Let me zoom out on you See that we have all our pages set up or 5.5. Let's go to the pages panel and we see that we have 16 pages in nine spreads. Okay, so the next thing will be going into is through, um, set up the master page. I just double click on the master page type here and zoom in. We would set up the the basic Imagine So what? I would want to do right now is to create new layers on God. Why do that? I go to my panel and I click on my layers, layers, layers panel. Andi, I click on this create new layer icon while holding no down my olt Andi, that brings up a dialog box. If I didn't create click hold on my ALTs key The Dialogues box one show. But in this case, once I hold it, it shows up. Why did I do that? Because I would want to name the layer. Want to call this say background? Okay then, uh, I hold my out again. I created New layer and I named this texts. Okay, then I double click this layer. We have this layer one just double click. It's on the name. It's pictures, pictures or art or whatever you want to name it. Now I want to rearrange the layers and move the pictures above the background. So, on the background who have anything that is the background colors, whatever. Then on this layer will have the pictures or illustrations, depending on what you want to use. Then, on this layer, we have the text. So next up, we're going to create my start page The master page items Let me close this panel Muster page items. I go to my text. I just want to have a page number. Ah, click here on a drag Onda right Click in that book Saand, create Go to inset special character Marcas current page number Let me form at this I select it. What? I want to be using a front Let me see Gotham narrow. I think that's okay for me on grouches Bold. And I want the font size to be 10. I just said that 12 Andi, I want to centralize the texts in this in the middle off the, um that's vertically Want to centralize its in the frame. So I click that icon centralizes it Onda I want this centralized control e to select the whole text and I click my center text. Then I just duplicated by Houdin that my old shift and control and I dragged to duplicate it for the other page so I can actually click both of them. Just move this down a bit. Okay? I think I'm satisfied with that. So we are done with the master page, at least for now on. Do you know that as to design things may change? Your needs may change so you could always adjust. You know, the master page as you go on. So I double click on my first speech. Andi, I see that I have a page number which I don't need. How do I get rid of that? I could Olds click or old contra control shift click to unlock the master page item on Deal it or I could just Alz and click this non master page once I do that. If this was locked, it disappears. All right, so next up, we're going to remember the guide we had using our guide. I have a printed out here. So what I'll do is that I will change the different pages too much up with the dimensions that I had. That's ah, from my 5.566 point five all the way through eight inches Dimension. Okay, so, first off from our plan, we see that the cover page, the 2nd 3rd and fourth pages at the same size, which is 5.5 inches. So our change begins from page five. So I go to my true spinal and click on the page two. Then I click on the Page five, which is the page I want to start with on notice something. When you look up here, you see Liquid page rule. Make sure that this is not set toe controlled by Master Page. It has to be set toe off because it was set so much stoppage once I tried to adjust any off this page is, it effects every other page in these documents because it has rooms that the master page controls what is happening with the page. True. All right, that being said, starting from Ph. Five Ph. Five, I have my dimension with, which is what we're most concerned with is six inches now. The full Impeach pitch six will be six inches. Also because it backs Page five Beach seven. That's 6.5 inches. Page eight also 6.5 inches because it back speech. Seven Page nine 17 Cheese beach 10 7 inches Page 11 7.5 inches Page. 12 7.5 inches puts in eight 14 eights. 15. It's and 16 eight inches. All right, so I zoom out on. We see that a document has been set up. We have the busy come set up for, um, topped panels or are steps to the right looking down, schooling down. We see that the pages have extensions. They're not all the same pages. So in our next video, we're going to set up bringing in our text, setting up the panels, You know, the colorant on all that and hope to see you in the next video. 4. Formatting The Document - Part 1: Alright, So I've gone ahead to become the colors I would like to use in this design. There are quite a number of resources that could be off aid to you. You could check out color that dot adobe dot com. You could check out all the resources like Carlos, that CEO andan above them. If you google them, you can find them on the resources on the page. You'll see some other links, will provide some links that you could check out on. See how you could come up with Carlos that are quite interesting. All right, that being said, I'm going to imports or place my texts. First of all I goto file go to place on. But this is the text that I have. Just click it on here. Andi, remember to make sure that you are on the text layer because that's where we want the text to recite on the text layer. So I zoom out, Let me put this off for the off the page. I take it now, just select the first spots, which is the main title, which will be on the cover. On the next will be the court Select that place it on page three. Then I moved the next one to page five. We will have the next take up. This space is in the okay, all right. It's based in there. Select based Now could make this faster by holding by clicking That's plus on holding down the shift on clicking this through Auto Floor. It's into all the pages, but if you notice what has happened, it floated into every single page, which is not what I want. I want to just flow on the right side of the page because that's where I wanted to be just beside the panel. So I owned on. Do That unlike Click Select Click. All right, so let me live that there for now. I just arranged this. Came happy with that. I put this okay, one of the thing I would like to do. I want all the page, the text frames to be the same size that's the same with. And that will be 4.75 inches or just copy of this. Get to the next speech. Make sure uncle to the left of this off the fring so that once it just it adjusts it from the right. So I select this paste, my 4.7. So that's 4.75 for the next 14.75 4.75 4.75 tastes, 4.75 Select based. All right, As we go on, we'll see how well I just everything and make everything look very nice and beautiful. All right, so the next thing I'm going to do, I'm going to clean up the text by place in my car. So in the text from control E, he select everything, all the text that I have. Flute. Then I go to my scripts panel. If you don't have your script Spinal Open, you could just go through a window. Utilities, scripts If you've never used the scripts one l you have to go through that process on the panel now opens Andi when it opens. This is how it's likely to look likely to look closed in this format, you may know, have users because I actually download at some scripts that I placed in here. So you go to application, you open, go to samples, you open the samples JavaScript and open. Then what? I want to use to clean the clean off the text. If you notice there some characters here, which is that there's a hard return which is not necessary, will control that's using space after so rest my control A to select all the text. Then I double click on find changed by lists also publicly conducted Gives me the yellow books I wanted to clean out this the whole selection Click OK and it removes all those unnecessary spaces that were left either by the type of store something. All right, so next up I'm going to still hold down control A to select the whole text. I want my body text to be Do be government on, um Regula font size. I want my phone size to be nine points by 11 points. Leading okay, not do some little for matins. I mean, use just one off this paragraphs selecting That's I go to this drop down fly outs. I don't want to leave. That chose to be on. I go to my justification. I changed the world space in the minimum. I wanted to be 70% desired is 80% maximum. Let's make it 90%. Let us pacing. I would like to have that minus five. My most five for desired on for maximum. Just leave it at 2% for the glitch. Scaling Make that 98% desire to live with that 100 for the maximum blitz. Scaling 101 Now you can choose. You can play around with this and see what you come up with. That basically, these most of the time I use this sentence when I'm walking the big Armando or any of the forms that has serif are all right. So once I'm satisfied with that, I click. OK, Andi, I go to the next step will be to creates my paragraph style so I don't have to select. Since I've done all my sentence, I just, uh, allow my Corso should be anywhere in the paragraph that I just formatted Go to my paragraph on die Click on new paragraph style the festival Let me deal. It's this because this came in with the documents file that I I imported, placed from Microsoft Word. So no progress. I want to preserve the formats and I just did so next up I go to the drop down new paragraph style and I give it a name. Let me give it a name. Body. All right, on. If we notice it picked up all the formatting we did nine points. 11 points. If we go to our justification and picked up the seven c 80 and all that so I'm satisfied with, I make sure that apply style to selection is checked. Click OK on. I would want the running if you see the running here. Has a column. I wanted to be different forms. I wanted to be paramount. No, no. Let's Let's try Gotham. The, um, extra narrow, X narrow Andi. That will be, um, boat. All right. Want some? Don't on such sightings that I go to my character style spinal and I click new character style on a Nimitz. Bold needing. I don't have to apply this because I'm going to apply this character style where the progress that we've created Elia so I click. OK, click anywhere in the paragraph. I go back to my paragraph style. I right click that it's, um, the paragraph style. Then I go down to, um, drug cops on nets. That style's new nest, that style board leading through one column. So that's what we want to use to style the paragraphs. Because once I have applied this nest that style anywhere, I click on a paragraph. Let me show you Once I click on this paragraph, yet it applies the character stuff nested in the paragraph style, so I think we are looking good. So next thing I'm going to do if you notice that we have the baseline grift baseline greet showing we do that by going to a window view grids and guides hide or shoe baseline greet. That's where we have it on the shot. Scottish Holt Control and, uh, single quotes mark. All right, let's set that, then one other thing we're going to do, we're going to create. We're going to set up the the baseline. Greet. So that's it. Much is Ah, um, that's elite leading off the texts, which is 11. So what I do I go to edit preferences on greets biz line. I set the colossal lights agree now. Musically, you could use any color, but I prefer light. Great because it's less intrusive on the page than starting at zero related to the top off . Imagine that we created increments every 11 points. When you are doing this for the first time, this may be set differently. Maybe 12 points or any other point, depending on what your default is. But things were walking with 11 points. Baseline greed. I use 11. Vetri showed I can live that at 75 documents greed, horizontal I can live all that cities reading back. We can't live that you can check on check. This may be useful in a different kind of design, but here doesn't really matter. So once I'm OK with that, I select any of the paragraphs and I click a line to be his language. And once that happens, if we notice on our progress styles, there is a plus sign we show it shows that I have made on reading some sections. I'm it so hard way apply that I just right Click on the paragraph style and click on Redefine Style and it applies it all through. So what next we're going to do? Miss Amounts will select the frame the text frame on Just increase the number off, um, columns to. So once I just click, this gives me two columns on I'm satisfied with that. So let me just select all the text for the first part on the click on body so it applies. That's the body correct paragraph style to the body off the editorial section. 5. Formatting The Document - Part 2: so we'll continue where we left off in the last video. So in this parts, we're just going to continue the formatting. I'll go to the next page on, uh, make this too. Columns next speech Two columns. Next beach. So columns next beach, two columns and so on and so forth. Now, toe, you know, kind of stop me from doing that manually for each page, because in a situation where have a very large document or documents hasn't a lot off pages . If I have to do that manually, that may take me quite some time. So whatever just is that most I have set my frame with and changed the number of columns that I want to have, what I would just do. I go to my object styles on, create a new object style. I could call it to columns, so not at shoot columns when I click. OK, so this has been applied. So let's let let's go back to their their pages and just remove the manual settings. Was the man of settings, Mrs Amounts. Okay, so starting from this last picture, just click applies my two columns from me three columns, so columns so columns so close on. If we see that has just saved us quite a lot off time. So next up, what we're going to do, we're going to create, uh, panels. So let me select the first panel. Will be editorial off, coated, Select and caught it. Andi, I just spaced out here on, um, let me just send it this, uh, backspace to delete that and I want to create the panel will be, um, 0.5 inches in with 0.5 inches points, five inches. All right, so all the different panels will have an increment off 0.5 to get to the last panel. I just pulled this down later while where? Finishing off with this design, where just We're going to extend the panels out into the bleed so that when it is streamed , wouldn't have any whites part showing up after production. Okay, so let me have my texts. Andi, I have editorial. Let me use the fronts. Gotham Black. Andi wants the phone size to be 16. All right? And I can flip tits. That's just place it on the site panel. I changed the color too. Sex color. Whites bring it forward. to arrange it. Bring the front. Okay, so I make this center selected texts on the line center just shifted off bits and they want the fest color of the panel to be. Let's make that read. Some of this back in will still come back to format this text and all the spots that are not fitting correctly. So next up, I'm just going to select the sex and the panel Copy, and I pissed on the next page. Okay? It's the next beach on the color ship This out. The color are used. Green shift is back in now. The next, uh, section will be legal Finance writes on permissions. So let me move this to the next beach. I don't need to cut out. I could have easily caught out the sections. Two separate pages, But in this case, I just want to leave it there. And I are inserts a peach brick. Let me such a break character. Um, Justin sets from Brick. Yeah, so that takes me. Takes it to the next friend. So before we go on, let me create the correct USAA paragraph style for the text that will be on the panel so I just select I could just allow my Corso to be anywhere in the frame. The night boots, a paragraph, styles creates new. I call it Parnell Fixed. Enter on that has bean applied. So what I do, I just go to the next copy my legal and finance to the side Select piece, backspace. Just that Play my final style. Now there's a post meeting the son of my right. So I just control. Here, click this. Plus signing on it removes the override. Okay, from Okay with that, select the panel on the back of the van. L text on the background pastes a copy of the market in publicity pasted in here. Make sure deal. It's this space. Backspace centralizes its So the next color will be my orange. Yeah. So I copy book putts, pastes. Let's see. So the next will be, um, DuPont's Let me get See? Where have my marketing? My number? Permissions. Okay, this is rights markets and on permissions have taken that out. All right, Zain set break character from brick. So let's get to this points parts and kinds and such a break character friend Brick To take that to the next speech. Look, Cuts. Okay, Right. I'm okay with this. Okay. Okay. I have my editorial has been four months ahead. I have my legal finance rights and permissions, so let this be formatted. Just selected. All I click on the body that is a plight come to the book signing, But that has been applied. But some kinds, buddy, they court OKs this portion. Select side panel on that pastes backspace parnell texts elects clear with my rights. She select my panel color. That's what be purple shift is back in now. Wouldn't have ni really necessarily need to ship this. What I would just do is that I hold on my control, click and click on its elects. Whatever is below the texts, Leah. All right, so next up, this is production. Went out to take out this portion of wants the texts. Two feet. So that's the last part. One before to be the lusts inserts brick character from break. Let me go on for much this, buddy. All right, so let's pick up this panel. Bring it down. That's copy pastes. All right, select by control clicking to select the color panel. That's my blue so that color would be that a panel name will be production on design. Select pastes control it to select my texts. Then I click on the panel texts. Just take out this spaces for months. This body, this has been formatted This husband for months said this happened for my head. So have the editorial, the legal finance, rights and permissions. We have marketing and publicity. We have parts on kinds of books. On we have the production on bond design. So the last portion will be this caught this house. I just select this and cut it outs. Control X delicious frame. You don't need it and paste What? I just caught out right here. This would be for the court. So the websites address copies and put it at the back off the brochure. Okay, so that concludes that the lane outs, these basic texts on all that in the next part, we're going to continue for Martine editing the layout on work on the cover and then add some pictures has we're going. So see you in the next video 6. Formatting The Document - Part 3: in this video. We're going to continue for Martin on Dwork on the cover in certain pictures and generally finish up our design. All right, so first up, I want to walk on the cover. Um, let me bring in the picture. I make sure I go to my last. Why now? Make sure that my picture Leah is selected. Go to file place, check out my images. That's what's on to use for the cover. And I make sure this bleeds out. Okay, Moved this texts so that doesn't impede Don't creates a color band across this area. Select that the different the image frame. Once I select the image for him or if I want to select the contents off the frame, which is the picture I over over the picture. Once I see this hand, I click on the content grammar On day I hold on my shift on my control to constrain, you know, the the size and just increased this bit shit this up, kid. I'm increase it a little bit. Okay? He's in my hierarchy. Ship this up, right? If I'm okay with that, I can let that be so This panel would like it to be a range, but just to add a little bit interest, I would like to create ingredients here. So what I'll do is that allow the friend I make sure the friends selected I go to this drop down new, greedy INTs when I click on the first. Great Aunt Haram, make sure this is set to switch since I have my color swatches already. Sex on. Like to pick the lighter, um, column when I click the rights ramp on a strict diet. DACA calo Andi. I could name it. Arrange ingredients. Okay. I could live it. Us. Um, linear. Okay. I'm okay with that. I go ahead if I'm not Okay. What I do is that I go to my panel here on Just switched the direction. All depends, So I could change the angle type in 19 and see what it gives me. Okay. I think I would like it to come from below. I'm okay with that. I go ahead. All right. So next I'll bring in the texts. I would like to format it. I would like to use a fund. Gotham, uh, ultra very, very big funds. So it fits it. Four 34. Just the leading another Check the hyphen. I don't want to hyphenate. All right, okay with that. Good change the text color to whites. Just a line that once I'm OK with that. Let me just a little bit ingredient because I wanted to be a little greed and should be a little darker. And let's see what zero looks like. Okay, I think I'm I think I'm happy with zero coming from Dr Lights. Okay, So as it is, I think I'm satisfied with the cover. Can still make some adjustments and then move this down. Food is down to reveal it's a bit off the picture. All right, so I'm satisfied with that. So next up, I moved to the next speech where I want to format the petition. All right, so I select control e. I still use my Gotham in this case, I would like to use, say, Gotham Book, make it 12 points, leading like it to be 14 points. I hold my shift under my heart with my dash select all and centralize and do some formatting here. I like this quote to be on top to be a little bit bigger I'll take out this quote. I just want to have a statistic. Quotes, All right, So I can reduce the interline spacing, hyphenates ones, hyphen the attribution. Electorate used the phone size. Then I pulled in the name his boat, then the words to inspire that we nine you like to use, um, extra light. It's like, OK, we could make this in all cops. Yes, it looks like, OK, I think that's that's nice, because, like, that's okay. So I increased the size of this initial codes just to give it a little bit more style. I make it ultra black. We have it 48. Or if that's too big, can reduce it to bits. And I select and I select also the line break mark. Want to reduce the speech in between the courts and the text? So what I do, I just select the first the first line of text. I just reduce the leading between the courts on that text. Andi, I think I'm okay. I can bring in the frame a little bit just to make it a little bit, so I'm smaller. Okay, so I press my double u my w heights. All the fring on all that's in there on the page press my w to go to preview mode and W brings it back to normal moves. So if I'm satisfied with that, just leave me that. That's I want to give this a color I could use. That's ingredients. I could reduce the things. Oh, Kate Income satisfied with that? So I could create the paragraph style for this Because if you remember at the back off the brush so I still have another quotes, I want to style into the same. If I didn't have more than one courts, I could have let that, but in this case, I have more than one could. So I would like to create its style so that everything is consistent. I don't have to recreate the style in every time I have that quote. So what I do? I go here, select the first the quotes, new paragraph style name. It puts Mark could leave applies select started selection checked. Go to my fessed up paragraph. My next part drafted texts. I don't have to select everything. I just place my Corso anywhere in the paragraph. New paragraph style I could call that puts body, then come here on. Um pull this attribution attribution! All right, So let me just arrange this just through make it look better. So have the Mac. I have the body and I have the attribution now for the attribution. What? What thing? What I think we're going to do is that we're going to apply. This has a character style. So that would want we want just just one click. I will apply the, um attribution style two weeks. So I go to character style, select this, go to a new character, call it a tree name. All right, Mochi with that. So I go back to my paragraph style in my attribution. I had it. Then I go to drop cops a nest that style new character style trip named through one. I inset that the dash. Okay, let me cancel up this first, let me just copy this character selected control. See, when I go back to my tradition at its drop character, drop cops. Unless that style new attributes name through one. It's a comma. Sorry we didn't get a copy. That so it it's a comma, and I'm okay with that. So Let's see that has been taken. Care off. I can remove the over. Right. Go back to correct attribution. Let's see. Okay, this is going to be Gotham Boots. Correct case. Make it all cups. Okay, so that settles that. So you can see that we don't have that plus sign, which is, as over at manual override. So this has been controlled by paragraphs that nested character start in the paragraph. Okay, so let's speed up. So I have that has been created that has been sorted out. So I go down to the last page before the back on Apply my styling. All right, so attribution no, sorry, not attribution First of all I need to and start to bring down this quote. Marx, click on the courts. Mark, click on the courts body. Nobody. Now, there's a problem, because I had made set insects. And so let me remove that. So this would just be the fest's for the first paragraph for the first line. Okay, So, Holtz control Yes, such attribution. Since there's no comma after the sea just kicks off the first part off the paragraph. So I am okay with that. So the next time we're going to add the background on the different pages. But before that, let's bring in the pictures that we have. So I go to file police. So for the first page will have a picture. I want to use this picture. Andi, remember, make sure that pictures lay. I selected on that click to apply that. All right, feats to frame. Get the next picture place. I just use the list. So I see I named the End Off the Pictures. Editorial. Make sure it starts from my bleed so that after production, when they trim is down, there won't be a whites. So place control de as shortcuts for place Lee Go all right, fire place. That's markets in publicity feats. Itsumo place that part's kinds on books. But what's feats next place? That's production on design feet. All right, so next up, what we're just going to do is just going to add backgrounds to the pages instead of just living it. Whites just had a very light backgrounds, so I'm going to select my friend, make sure my background lay I selected. Then I pressed my W to view in No, Mahmoud does Dr Frame over. That's and I picked. Come, I picked this orange. Make it 20. Make it 10 percent tints. So for the next page, I'm going to go back to my friend. Selects I'm going to use a sent off this red 5%. All right. Next speech. I just picked this up, So that's you don't have to look at the boring portion. Okay, so that's Ah, that's that for this video. In the next video, we're going to do the concluding parts. Where will tidy up on exports A pdf four production. 7. Finalising & Prepare for Production: OK, in this video, we're going to finalize our brochure and prepare for production. Alright. I noticed certain things festival the title, some common used terms in publishing. And just to make that correction in your daily walk, you come across things like this where maybe the war goes to the client and he makes some correction start shops. So that's expected. All right, so next stop. I'm going to make sure this is aligned from a double click this point. Andi, make sure this is a line to imagine online that from Okay. With that, I noticed one of the thing. I would want this to fitting perfectly at the bottom here. So what I would do I select this just to get the the ninth space in. That's when we could do with that. Or I could go to, um, the texts spacing on. Just reduce its just those I Just some little tricks you can use to fit in a copy or content in your documents. All rights income. Okay with that, let's see a drone truly documents. Okay, so my quotes select the courts, remember, Make sure this is aligned, So margin just click Vertical horizontal alignment. So that is aligned. The one more thing at the back inside, Back off the brew show. I want to add, um, that picture we had in the inside front cover just to finalize this portion. Okay. All right. Move this to the picture earlier. Make sure I fits this. I don't want to page number here. I don't want beach number here. Also, that's the last speech. So I go to my page panel double click this I Look, it's on hold. My control shifts on. Click on. Deletes that page number. Same thing for the back control shift. Click. So deal. It's all right. Let's go back to our front cover on to copy this panel. Copy. Take it to the back by now to the back of the age. Remember to make its the Bagram because it's the background. Make sure I stretch. It fits in the bleed. Que select this. Increase the font size. Make that maybe about 24. Let's see what that does for us. Okay, center. I'm okay with that. Once you use the font, Gotham got some. Yeah, reduce the front sight and it's obits line. It's okay. Let me see what whites will look like. Okay, I think that's okay. These affect 50 shows, some euro. It doesn't exist. Uh, all right. So, um, if I'm done with that, I want to add one more thing. This background. I want to step it up a little bit and make it eight points. I copied paste. It asked this background. Okay. One last thing before we exports, I noticed that the the page numbers are quite close to the edge or the trimmed edge. So I go back to my master page select by clicking the first shift click to select boots off them repressive. W to go to my know, Mahmoud, I just move this with my Iraqi hopper bits. So go back to my preview mode. I think that's you can better I go to my page. That's what convinced it's not looking too close to the bottom. So for the inside front cover, I also want to remove this page number. So control shift, click. So on lockets and hits. All right. One final thing. I'm going to do all the flaps, all the panels, the color panels. I want to extend them to meet the bleed to bleed out off the page, my hood and on my control. Click on. Move it out. I know nothing you could do for the panels could actually go to the master page on moving down. Sue the background. All depends on what you want to do. So let's do that. Move it to the background. All rights control. Click Most of the background stretch to deplete. Same for this by grounds by clicking. That's where I want to buy Branch. Okay, that's done. So what? While you're doing your projects, I want you to feeling this portion. Could just feeling with something could bring in a picture just to add something extra through your own design. For example, I could do this. I'm holding down my old control shifts to drag to duplicate so you could do something like this. You could do anything. I just want to see what you come up with. So once we are done on, we are satisfied. If you're working with a client on the client is satisfied and is approved. So the next thing we're going to do is that we're going to go through file package package , that Documenta package the images the funds and everything into a file because some Prince Burrows will need the native document native in design documents. So what I do is I go to, um, the package Dalla books, funds, show problems. No problem. Links show problems. It's giving me that, um, message that there's a problem because the image is an RGB, but for presses cm working. But that's not a problem, because when it gets to the press, they could convert it if they want to walk with that. So I cage, I can't disregard this, Andi. I creates my Ford out. Just look, it's where I would want to save it. Okay, so I'll speed through this our meets at the end off this. Okay, so steps Brucia in in design. All right, come on. All right. So I will name this stepped brew show. I could call it who deduction. So that's a full dining where everything we practiced. I make sure that copy France's checked copy links graphics is checked. Include phones and links from he didn unknown prints and documents. That's if if that's necessary, But the most important things that need to be checked this copy phones on copy linked graphics in the new of Russians Off off in design. If you used a funds from the cloud maybe a type kids fund, you will not be able to compete because their copyrights on them. So what you do is that you would either. When is exporting You exported, Andi, you inform the press when they open it, they will have to connects Onda signing to the honor accounts on downloaders. Fonts. All right, so I package that Andi it does its magic. Okay, this package in the documents. All right, Just wait for it. All right. So the next step will be to file to export it as pdf just to have a copy. Puts it in the same folder. Stepped brochure production. I can name the step put brochure production, save. Save it. US. Press quality. We bleed. Now. This sentence you will not have it. Or you may know have you because I really created presets for my own production Walk through. So what I would do is that you would have this press quality or the press you have may have its own document presents, which they might send to you. Eso press quality. I Goto Maxim bleeds. I use a click on use document bleed on sentence has used documented setting exports, and we just wait for it so we could see what's happening by going to Windows utilities background tasks so that we see the progress off I x porton. All right, so that's, um, just about that's 1% why this is happening. You could go on and do whatever else that you are. I wanted to do. All right, so what for it? It opens it up on there. We have Bruce show in all its glory. It's just, um okay, good to view so that we view it as a spread from a system to rest one display to page view . All right, so that's my design that we just created. All right, that was nice. So this brings us to the end off this course. I hope you learned something. Don't forget to do your own Russian and place it in the and the assignments and the projects, and I'll be looking forward to see what you create. Thank you for being a part of this course and hope so cut you next time 8. Bonus: Simple Flat Mockup: in this speed video. Just show you how to create a quick mock up for the desire we just created. Just as a way of showing either the client or opportunity your portfolio so people can see and have an idea of what the finished product will be. Enjoy? No.