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Design With Blend Tool in Illustrator

teacher avatar Marcos Silva, Designer & Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Design With Blend Tool in Illustrator - Intro


    • 2.

      L01 - Colour Smooth Blend in Blend Tool


    • 3.

      L02 - Specified Steps in Blend Tool


    • 4.

      L03 - Specified Distance in Blend Tool


    • 5.

      L04 - Class Project & Final Exercise


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About This Class


Hi and Welcome to Design With Blend Tool in Illustrator!

This Class is about Blend Tool in Illustrator and how to use it to improve your Design Workflow and help to achieve interesting visual using this very simple but powerful tool.

On this Class, I will explain each individual Blend options,

  • Specified Distance
  • Smooth Color
  • Specified Steps

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marcos Silva

Designer & Animator


Hi! I'm Marcos, and I'm a Designer / Animator based in London, UK. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Design With Blend Tool in Illustrator - Intro: hi and welcome to design with plain toe Any illustrator. My name is Marco Silva on a monarch director and motion designer based on real work experience with clients like Volkswagen, Denver Will, Mr Ford University. This class is focused on it'll strike plane toe. Now you can master it so you can hand it to your I will teach you all the different types off lens inside illustrator, and you can use them to design timeframes or afraid or motion graphics class project will be creating a beautiful south frame using this technique and ready for about four. See you in chess. 2. L01 - Colour Smooth Blend in Blend Tool: Hi and welcome to the first lass on color. Smooth blend. So first let's set up a little straighter. Document Click new Name it. I will name mine Skill share Juicier one resolution for this example Press. OK, so here we are inside. Illustrator. So what? This color smooth blend does It creates a greedy int in between two shapes. So if you have like agreeing circle on a yellow circle and you use this planned, they will create a gradient between those two colors. Let me show it to you. That's suffered circles. A yellow circle, another circle. Let's make it purple. Okay, so you have these two shapes What this plan will do It creates another color grading mean between them. To use this plan, you goto objects, blend and make See, This is what I'm talking about. He creates this beautiful gradient between these two shapes. This for me is very powerful, as is very added will all the time. So imagine if you are trying to just find some cool visual with cool colors for your project and you just get edit. Describing is very easily and also you can duplicate inside on. You can have more circles into it and spirit more interesting radiance like this one. And Curtis very interesting forms using caller. This two for me is very powerful. I use it every day in my daily work. For everything you can't even imagine for this example is just tests, um, weird shapes and see what we cannot. We can't came. Okay, let's just try all the color and see what we can get, and you can move it and scale it as you wish. You can create very interesting visuals using coal ingredients with this tool. It also works not only with shapes but also it strokes. Imagine you have the stroke. Let's give it some points, and then we duplicate this on. We had other color to his other stroke, maybe orange. That points something, selecting both, and then we go toe object, blend and make. He creates this interesting, radiant already, and the best thing is you can move it and see and create your own shapes. You can also keep adding more and more lines and try to come out with the different visual for your design. That's the beauty is you always can change. So you see, it's very easy. And you can really came with very interesting visuals for your designs. My next lesson. I will show you some examples that I made in work using this technique. Is it easier to meet you? Explain how you can use this, But I think now you already can see the power off this tool. That's it for the first lesson. 3. L02 - Specified Steps in Blend Tool: hi and welcome to the second last one. Specified steps blend. So what this went does as it named size. You can specify how many blamed steps you want inside off your blend, so let's start with the line. So imagine we have this black line on we great another one, and we set them both. We go to the same man. You object, blend and make. The first thing it makes is a color smooth planned. Then you need to go there and select blend options. Here on this menu, you can select what kind of plan do you want? So for this example, we are using specified steps, so right now it is using 149 steps. That's why it's creating this black solid color. If you press preview, you can see life update off off your steps. See, we are moving and, like 10 steps, and now you can see inside them both 10 lines. So it's really powerful this tool, because you can create very specific number off shapes or forms you really want, and it also works with color. Imagine if, like if you change this black wine to yellow, it will create a greedy int from black to yellow inside those steps as well. Let's try Jing's two Purple and see what happens. This is really dressing. Let's just get this example on a corner. It gets very interesting when you start to use more organic strokes. Like if you was something more lose like this when you select a long run. Maybe not. So okay, I knew its head of their color to this one. Maybe orange. Okay. No, it is the same team blend make. You already creates a very interesting smooth color blend with this organic shapes, but we want to use the specified steps, so let the options specified steps. I would like 12 and see how it works. Maybe eight. Always press preview so you can have a life update, and then you can move it your strokes and try to get the best off. Your shapes can also always edit your first strokes so you can play more with your plan. I will show you some examples when I use form for work. This tool the first example is this one where you have made for stone for university. This was a layout designed for emotion is on project. I use the blend steps toe to create its radiance in the strokes. You can see another example here. Everything is made by blind steps. See, if I change this, it will change as well. Like here again years. England steps. So it's always creditable. If the director on flight, that's the design, I can always go back and just change, and it will change significantly, very easily. Season off their example. I use it like display in steps to create this wave forms for the cell phone radiation and for the lights. Another one is this one. I use a blend steps to create different patterns in between. These design you can see is very busy, but it was really fast mated designed this as it's always using Bento almost 75% off. This layout is made by Wen's See everything is changeable all the time. Just apply to call her and the updates already the design Look, These strokes is a good example. If I change us no color, it always will change ingredient. So you know you can see I really use specified steps in my work all the time. He creates very interesting forums. Very complex patterns. Very easily. Thank you for watching this lesson. In the next lesson, I will show you the last blamed tool, and then we're gonna start our layout. 4. L03 - Specified Distance in Blend Tool: hi and welcome to last number trade. So on this lesson, well, we'll explain the last planned specified DCIS. So as his name say's, it's specified the DCIS between two shapes or strokes. Mention like we have the stroke. Let's make it brown duplicated. I make another one purple that's making dressing. So again, goto object blend. Make the first thing happens. It's like the normal kind of color. Smooth, specified steps blend, but that's not the ones who were on two years now. So we go back, select the planes, blend planned options, and here we select specified steps. Sorry, it specified distance. We preview it, and now you can see that this is between each step. It's for pixels, but we can raise this and see live. How many d since we went between our steps. Imagine, like 40 pixels is enough for what you need so differently to specified steps that we specified. Distance lets you to define the DCIS between each step. In this case, 40 pixels is really poor for one to create guides or greets for your design. Like if we're to great, agreed, like this. Duplicated, selecting, move, object blend, make bland adoption specified distance. So I need a grade for my design. 60 pixels, Maybe a little bit more. Okay. Seems all right on. No, you know, is 310 pixels each step. So your greed is very precise And you can also expand your brain going toe object expand. Press. OK, then you can go toe feel guides on make guides from your glands. Now you have your blamed specified steps to form into guides. So let's see it for a specified d. Since on the next lesson, I will show to you how I used is in my designs. So I will create entirely out from scratch using this technique. I see you in the next lesson. 5. L04 - Class Project & Final Exercise: hi and welcome to lesson number. Far on this lesson, I will design an entire layout using these three blends so you can see how you can use this as well. On your work that's start first. I always name my my layers so I don't get lost in my process. So this one will be my background layer. As thesis blends are really great to create, Graydon, I really will basis design on mostly ingredients. That's make it. No, no stroke. So what I'm gonna do now is creating a background for my design. Just a line diesel bottom. Okay, if I press old and drag the shape, it will duplicate it. Let's make this other border maybe orange and C. We can change it later. If you don't like this, set them both object blend, make, but kind of like this result. So see, already get your back great in background. And if you, for some reason they want to change it, just go here changed until you find some color you like. I think I will stick to this orange one. So this is will be kind of abstract layout right now, as we don't have like a creative brief from the client or anything else. But you can be creative and use something you really want. It's just, in example of how you can use this. So maybe we'll create like herds. Let's see. So I would to get my layout. Then I started miss Around which shapes and strokes like this much complicated Change this throw color again something okay again. So if you press come on I'll to be it creates automatically the blend for you and then you just can go toe object blend and changeable adoptions. I really want specified steps for this one. Let's go down. Don't you look it? Okay. Do you see school? Yeah. Bay changes course for something more darker to mature. A brighter yes, brighter is better. And maybe I will put some words on the middle. So I made I need to cruelties. Okay, so this is the first. It is the beginning. So I always try to create elements in different layers. So I don't have trouble later. That's great. Again. Give it right cooler as well. Come on there. Yes. Select him again. Split them both. How common be already creates a blend also on the toolbar. There is a new tool blend toe here. You can use it as well if you want or press two times above it. A new You open the blind options menu specified steps. Prevue. It's only to see what I'm doing. Okay, Scalea telling a bit down. Okay, it's all right. I will duplicate is transform. Reflect vertically and I will drag this to the other. Well, science. Great but skill. Sure, Maybe try to find it. I'm better friends. It was new is a very, very powerful point. It's played callers on these two. Yeah, I don't working. Yes, we brighter. Yes, I like it. That's continue. Now let's play with shapes. Maybe something more solid now. Starting bold common ought to be aligned him and see soon school like this. Let's get help off rulers. I normally make my layouts like initial sketch. I don't use much rulers as I'm just looking for the mood. In the end, I always best a role, so the proportions and D since get fix it. Okay, that's hard. Their wills. There's another saw it. Let's use now specified steps. We cubes make a cello common off day go to the tube are quick to I Two times on the brain to specified steps. Drill. Great. Oh, no. We created this step. Ingredient it Wasa can replace the spine off the blends. You can do this. First you create a new spine to Yale's drug. Then if left your blend explain you goto object blend you make replace plane, See what he does It replaced the spine by they want you selected before? No. I feel this coops are very big. Maybe transform Scaled him. Uniformed toe off size. Yes. I like it better. No. Great. Select here. I live close to here. Yes. Interesting. That's great. More detail. We had some different colors on this. What happens if we use green? Don't work. Really. I think about my work. I test colors the entire project because sometimes it's not just doesn't feel right. And I need to test it. Test it until I feel happy with the call I chose. It's making a circle. No, it's a nice collar. Stroke another circle down here. So this is just an example. So you can design something cool with just tool. I really want to see what you guys can design with it too. Okay, Cool. See, sometimes you're just lucky. Really? I didn't expect this to be nice as it is right now. Maybe I need to balance this. Come here. Also, you can make just literally tales by hand. So not everything needs to be made by plan. Some visual noise just had more detail to our design breast shift. So he straight the line. Change the core of this? Yes, I like it. I like to keep balance, but not in every way. I think sometimes it's cool if you change colors. Do you like it was nothing. Just get stuck more interesting. Let's just look for other phones. Oh, I live in cause like this. It's had more details. Complicate this again. Selecting boom. Let us make the bland press twice here. Specified steps. We're less than that press. OK, like this connector or some sorts. Let's get more details up here. The trick is always try to keep balance in your designs. You probably already know that. Okay, talks is orange. I really call it that Contracts Contrasts Very orange. Maybe dark blue. We were queries if you let me. So that's ok. Yeah, Pretty high contrast What change it to specified stamps. No specified distance. I want 20 pixels between those steps. Maybe later, with more. Okay, maybe returned to you. Maybe if we had some strokes on these trips, let more detail. No, we don't. Surks. Maybe smaller. It's cool. 50 soon, the right Now let's make a little bit more detail. And I think we are done. The most important thing is is you get the idea off the perp off the stool and use it more times on your projects to make your life easier. Really? I really can't expect to see what you guys design with this. I will do another replace line here. Select and move Daniel Stroke Object blend O J Blend. Replace plane. We probably need more. You what? You can always change it and add more steps off course. Preview it immaculate. This I just feels like they are pretty big and taking all the intention from everything else. So they need just to be like a light detail that's clearly down. 30% scale, 30%. Okay. Feels right to me now. Me darker. Let's cookie. Something to connect as well as this is like a process, er or some new technology. Do you think that's it for this tutorial? I really want to see what you guys came up with. This too. I really can't wait to see your class project. Thank you so much for taking this class.