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Design Thinking Bootcamp. Develop your Idea.

teacher avatar Marcin Staśko, Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Proce

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Design Thinking Introduction.

    • 2. #Project# Prepare your idea.

    • 3. Persona creation.

    • 4. Empathy map.

    • 5. $Project# Empathize stage.

    • 6. (Re)Define The Problem.

    • 7. #Project# Define Stage.

    • 8. Brainstorming Setup

    • 9. StarBurst Procedure - Overview.

    • 10. Charette Procedure - Advanced brainstorming.

    • 11. SCAMPER - Advanced brainstorming.

    • 12. McDonalds – SCAMPER Case Study.

    • 13. 6hats - Brainstorming.

    • 14. Mind Maps - Make it Easy.

    • 15. End of Ideation stage - Ideas selection.

    • 16. #Project# Ideation Stage.

    • 17. Rapid prototyping.

    • 18. Design Space Exploration.

    • 19. Critical Function Prototype.

    • 20. Dark horse prototyping.

    • 21. Funky prototyping.

    • 22. Functional and X is finished prototyping.

    • 23. #Project# Prototyping.

    • 24. #Project# FinalStage.

    • 25. Final Word.

    • 26. #Bonus# Realtime board.

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About This Class


Problem-solving, their creative solving and then seamlessly using the results of this process - in short, you can define the essence of Design Thinking, a method developed by the owner of the company IDEO!

The goal is to get innovative solutions by using such methods to stimulate creativity. As a result, actions are translated into the business schema. Design thinking is based on project thinking, whose task is to provide creative solutions that are ready to be implemented.

One of the advantages of this training is the ability to use it from start-up to corporation. The universal method is to use it not only in designing new products but also in innovative solutions for a given situation.

Target Groups

  1. For business and education
  2. For project managers and their teams 
  3. For Coaches and peoples dreamed of their start-ups 
  4. For everyone who wants to create new products in extremally efficient way

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marcin Staśko

Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Proce


Biochemistry scientist, Chemical and Process Engineer

Research Experience: Karolinska Institutet, KFU Graz, Polish Academy of Sciences and more..

I am an open-minded, curious and eager person who is always ready to experience something new. I am more of an analytical person so I alway enjoy solving different types of problems.

Area of freelance work:
- Product development from formulation to manufacturing process,
- Process optimisation, plan of synthesis,
- Chemistry problem solver (biochemistry and cosmetic chemistry)
- Food safety expert (proven by certificate)
- Chemistry method design
- I have finished design thinking course (Luzerne Switzerland) I like creative work.

Science interests: nanocarriers, magnetic carriers, drugs delivery sy... See full profile

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1. Design Thinking Introduction.: thank you for your after dinners. I hope you were so interesting. Toes at your designing skills will be dramatically boost the other hood. It will have some fresh ideas how to extend the cars. Or maybe it's sopheak. Toby Did it discussed? Or it'll just let me, though. Let's start our Georgia a diplomatic. We should fake what is designed because we will talk about design thinking and the crucial world is designed. And what do you fake? What is hidden behind this word just become a bad and with the goal, next design is not a David because you cannot beat once and create a product. You have to work a little more. Design is also not about aesthetic, because if you have very beautiful product without a function, you don't hit the market. Design is not a product because if you create a function or product, it will be for ugly. No one will buy it if you create very nice looking and useful product and no one will use it, you also don't hit the market. We should ask what is designed desired, it said. Reiteration process. You have some steps on. After its step, you were gonna different for measured. And if you go through this process a developed but the iterations. You have high chairs to create good product. Let's start describing that graph irritable. The first stage off design fig process is to get, and then Patrick other static off the problem you are trying to solve. This involves castle tick experts to find out more about the area of concern through observing, engaging and advertising with people to understand the experience and motivations as well. US. Immersing yourself in the physical environment to have deeper personal agnostic off your issues involved. And, for example, I will show your simple case ends. Please try toe Solve which companies it. You probably know it. It can be understanding young people habits, what they are doing, what they like, what they don't like and next define. During the defiance stage, you put together the information, which you already created and gathered during the advertised stage. You will analyze your observations and synthesize them in order to define the core problems that you and your team have. It'll fight up to this point. You should seek to define the problem as a problem statement in the Cuban center mother What it can be in our case, for example, young people like controlling at music. They like to control every fair cat they like. Listen to music that can be simple. The physician After advertised Stage Id E eight. During the third stage off design thinking process, designers are ready to start generating ideas. You have grown to understand your users and their needs in the emphasize stage that you have analyzed and sit desires your observation in the find stash at the end up with the human centered problem. Statement. When you get all this information, you are able to start the bright star vehicle ideation process because you deal with the solution fighting for they did what it could be. Let's beg rather your controlled by user. It is impossible to cultural our radio by user who have so stay should with different music . Different use. Different style. Let's create sopheak, which be fully controlled by user. Next stage, it's a prototype stage. The design TIB will now produce a number off inexpensive skull down version off the product or specific features found with the product so they can investigate the problem solution generated in the previous stages. Prototypes. Baby Shark attested with the came itself, the other departments and also it's crucial to test your prototype with small group off people outside the design tib, because the best feedback is the feedback from your and client. And in our case, we can create prototype, including 50 songs had some use that information about this at the last stage. It's tastic. We have to test with our tip and next we have to show our product our prototype product toe the end user, for example. We can just make the user testing. And do you have idea which kind of product was generated using that stages? Let fig just one moment and I will show you and explain. I hope you probably know this company and probably you are using this product and this is Spotify. They started it that way. They create really interesting product. All told, that is impossible. Toe create so fig new in music field because we have a lot of music applications and they found dish. They found that young people like controlling that. They like to listen to music, just creating Sophie for day. If you create product for one specific group. Probably they could extend for our grubs, and right now it's really useful application and this company are no worldwide. Where is this ill thinking? If you have free groups, the business people, a technology, the business, it could viability the people involved desirability and the technologic involved disability and desired. Figure that innovation is over there because you have two bigs. All this free grabs when you have very interesting idea. A lot off people will like. But you don't have technology to develop this. It's impossible to create the product. And the other hand, if you have a lot of founds and technology is very advanced and you create very innovative product. But people don't feel it that you also will fail. We're designed, figured, starting. Just think one Barbot where we start design thinking process. Not if users not considering users not considering the clients, and also we don't considering the customers when we start designed figured we should start from people because when you understand people wear off a gig, you will be able to find the dish which you can implement. Your product, I will tell you so designed 50 key phrases to describe briefly. That's toe design. Thinking is user centered, and key to success is M 40. You have to understand your clients their feelings and how they share their feelings to the other. When you understand people's lives, you will be able to create very interesting product. Desire figure is helpful for complex product because this way off designing involved a lot off alterations. If your problem is relatively easy, you will invest too much time toe find the right solution in that guy's designed figure is not best just. And if you have complex, problem designed fake, it is really helpful. Decipher Gig is also step by step process with better reiterations the road to success. Don't follow a strike line general. If you create more iteration, you have higher childs to generate good results. And let's compare classical design. We have designed Think in classical design. We're looking for what is the right answer. It is I thinking, What is the right question? Classical desire we are deciding for. And this I think Inc we are deciding with classical designing, we more talk and it designed figured we more listen the talk in classical way, we have data and design thinking. We have stories, the classical design, we have events. It is. I think it could have experience the classical view. We have evolution off idea, design, thinking of revolution, off idea and what is really crucial in classical design with stuck Inside You working on Lou. If our team and design fig gig is got outside, we have to go and ask our potential clients for arrest balls. Let's be sure some design thinking examples the product, which are yours design thinking to create very innovative idea. Sometimes he felt, which you are not able to fight. So fig year to create, for example, the reverse doubt bottle. The catch up is an example off, not you told Liquid. In that case, if you have classical battle that you are almost out of the catch up, you'll have a lot of problems. Toe. Get rest off this catch up from this. But the heights involved this battle, which is upside down with bad broad, which is the distribute the small portion off catch up. You don't spoil the large about off catch up and you are able toe empty the bottle. It is a way the life stroke is extremely helpful. The region's off world, where the water presents are limited. There was created for that problem. Right now. This device helps a lot of people toe, get access to the fresh water, and also, and also people who are involved in extreme sports at survival can also use that product. And let's go next, what it could be. Do you have idea what it can be? We have a very interesting nice looking device, and you can see designer aesthetic stuff is actually implemented it. Without the use ability, this device will be useless. Let's think about what it can be. You can pass a video ads. Just figure one moment. Have you ever heard about the willow? Probably dog, because it's really fresh. Start up the Willow ISS wearable breast pump. It helps busy mothers to get the build for their child. They could wear it. They can just work. They don't have to spend time toe tagged the milk. They can just make it online. And they're just cultural. Bill got rig process and let's go next. What? It could be just figure Barbot. I hope you are using this right now about not that version. Yes, this was the first bows and bikers off in 1987. Invented had friendly mouse. As you can see, if you have that mouse, it will be hard to control your daily task. And they created the hard friendly mouse, which is ergonomic. And if it'd this mouse toe the human anatomy and what is interesting? For two years, they sold two million units. And as you can see, the design thinking is really powerful tool. If you use it correctly, it can generate Nabarro off interesting ideas. The end off each slide. I will put trivia with some interesting information just for your curiosity at, for example, that Titanic was the first shape Where s O. S signal were used? Thank you for watching and see with this lecture. 2. #Project# Prepare your idea.: welcome your first project lecture. I would like to convince you to develop or steps which will derail in the cars to develop. In your case, the first task is to prepare your idea what you should do. The first you have to fight a problem with you want to deal with the decks? You have to back first assumptions, for example, if you want to create it up if you want to develop some services. If you want to establish that the product, write it out. Your prayer will be verified. Eggs. You can use the paper computer. You can pied whatever he would. And if you are depressed, said your work on the for a boob. I've attached the league in the results of sexual, but this is only for you. If you want, you can share with us if dot you can keep your idea with you, but peace. Use all information, which you learned in that course to develop your task. After its section, I've prepared a small task. Exercise it. You will be able to test how you deal with it. Also, if you have no idea how to deal with so task, probably at the other users could help you. Another person from the scores, You could establish the contact. Maybe he or she could be your business partner. An idiot. Please try to develop your idea and use design thinking strategies. But this is not bad. The Tory task if you are, you can't do this. If not, just keep this lectures. There is your trivia. The first hour grog could only rig at 4 a.m. Thank you for attention at suit this lecture. 3. Persona creation.: hello. At this lecture, I would like to introduce the person that creation how to deal with this topic and how to use it in your daily basis. Well off the most important step in the infancy stage is personal creation. But the question is, who is persona? Persona is a composite sketch off a case segment off your outliers. You have to create at least three or four personals. But do that extended stabber too much? Do they try to create while 100 personals? Because if you have too much personals, it will that work. Try to create free 4% us and try to include all segments in your audience. This is a sample persona creation to plate. Please watch a bottles lecture about riel type Burke. This is well off their templates. What typical person A should have. We should include the name. Which customer segment he or she is. Who is he or she free reasons toe. Use your product free reserves to buy your product. Personal US eight. Arrest personality skills, drills and relation with technology beyond the basis you'll find that your specific business. But it's Pacific informations. Personal as can be different from business to business that entrusted to industry. For example, the Internet Coppola would require different Persada that, for example, medical supply company and the person The building process can be very different, and you should adjust this process to your business. You can extend this graph for hobbies. Riel quotes from the interview. Computer literacy where they get used, what type of blocks they read. What type off movies they like that, etcetera. And when you create your personal, you will be able tow. Advertise your out years. Very important. Faking the personal creation is giving a name to your persona. Lay can be whatever you choose. Make it Rio, because personal should feel like a real person. A persona should have enough psychological details. Toe allow you the convention step or the person of you, and see your products and services from her perspective. A persona confection almost like another person robe where you are baking a decision, for example. It is a job. He looks at what you are doing from his particle or at the very specific vantage part, and points out flowers and benefits for him. The next you should identify the per Solis role. What kind of job he or she has at where he's working. What kind of company the greatest resolves for coming up with jobs for your personal us is likely to because to work surveys what you are building a se ries. You could include a field for a job title Coppola size type of business. This information could fit into a single personal try to draw or fight photo to show your personal, make your personal alive and where we can fight the data to create your persona. If you have a website and you are saying services by Internet, just try and Google a politics go deeply into website analysis at such. What kind of language is your personal us using? Where do they live? What they are looking both. If you have blocked, check what kite off post they Rita boast after website advises, you will be able to fight a lot of data, which you could include into the personal creation process. You could also do some research with social media, your social media tree of fact potential customers asking a question. Erica problems off your product. You can use a Facebook twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera. You could create questions at us. We're survives to generate useful question you could use, for example, server brok. This up will help you to establish a good questions, and you can start your research. Creation of good Sarah is not that easy. You have to think about the question, that response, what you are looking for. The next you have to, said the Sarah Wise to your customers. You can also create the data in the breast or big process. Just be together with your coworkers and fig. What type of problems your potential person there should have. But always go outside and ask question to Ariel people. Because if you have idea which is really good and you share that idea to your friends, probably your vision will be limited. Ask a person who don't know about your idea, and they will give you interesting information about this. What our goals off personal creation. You have to fight what is important to the persona. What is a driving, the change? What is independent or speeding their deeds to change? How do they go about the change? Who do they have to sell? A change? What the value their visualized was they make a decision. As you see, you have a lot off to do in the step, but it's really crucial toe make it correctly because it will affect for your future work. There is your trivia. If you leave everything to the last B that it will only take a bit. Thank you for attention at Serie Decks lecture. 4. Empathy map.: Hello. At this lecture, I would like to show you how to create the impact, a map and how to answer all errors which are included in tow and Patty map Looks like this . You have your personals inside and around, though you have multiple sections fecal feel, see, say a dough. And here and also you have guide at paid. Let me introduce all this and let me introduce all the sexual briefly. The first fit could feel you should concern York person us feelings on thinkings. Ask the question What they think about during the day they are fixed, Rest or relax. They love their drop. Or maybe they hate their job. What counts for the customer? What are the costs? Americal Sayers? Or maybe who exactly is my target out is because if you create new product, you should answer all this question. When you finish this section, you should go next. Next is her, I think. What? You're person. Actually her What music today? Lisa, do what self talks goes through their heads or baby, what China does your customer use the most? Is your customer easily interested? Or maybe, is your customer more persuaded by co workers or maybe business rated people. When you finish this, you should go to the next section. The see your persona is highly visual. Or maybe your personalized looking for grand design or content, Or maybe your personals arm or in private environment. Or maybe what is your customer exposed to the daily basis? What does your customers environment looks like? Let's go next, say, and do what you're person that can say. Or maybe what your person that can do. What are they telling others? What what actions are they talking on the day to day basis? What does your customers say to others, or do they influence others with their actual? You have to think what your personal or personals want to say and what they are doing. And the the last two steps are really necessary. And this and Patty map the first Spain. You should think what frustrates them about the current situation. What are the moving from away? Or maybe what are your customer? PayPal's. If you think what pays your persona has, it will be better to understand they feeling you can think what thus he or she feared the last or maybe what's future fears? Could your customer have and the last sexual is again, you have to fig. Where would they like Toby? What are they moving toward? How did the customer update the success? What future success that's your customer have what long and short terms goes, Does your customer have, Or maybe just what's make your customer heh, pissed. And if you answer all these questions, you will be closer. Toe. Understand your personals when you create the personal at next, you create whole staff in and patty map. You have very nice describe your out years, and you can develop very interesting product. Or just find the knish toe gettinto with that product. Additionally, you can also make a service. Just go to the city and ask your potential target group and ask what they are looking for, how they feel, what they are listening, what they are hearing. Find the gate and pace, and after that you will create riel and successful model to develop future tasks. And there is your trivia Outside. The USA Island is the largest software producing country in the world. Thank you for attention and seaweed. Next lecture 5. $Project# Empathize stage.: Hello. Where could be the next project? Lectured. Now it's time to use the dollars, which you acquire from the empathize stage What you should do. Please use the tours from advertise Sexual to improve your ideas. Create your persona. You can pi toe drought. You could make file with Photoshopped, so photos create and Patty Mahfuz your persona. And if you want, it is not bad battery. Please share your work or the course for him. I've attached a league in tow. The project Sexually, you can look for another idea, said another. Graphs and place combat each other and let's create Sopheak Interesting. Together there is your trivia. Every human spent about half a tower as a single cell. Thank you for attention at Citi next lecture. 6. (Re)Define The Problem.: Hello. At this lecture, I will tell you about the next step designed figured procedure after the advertised stage. When you understand your future out years, now it's time to defied or red. If I the problem, you should careful fake at this step because it is well off the boats. Important faces off the design thinking process at the beginning. If you're already crystallized your idea, now you have to challenge it with new approaches. After effort, I stage you have more knowledge about the people problems at its sides. Probably you will be able to fight a dish, develop your product. Given one hour to save the world. I would spend 55 better. It's defining the problem and only five minutes fighting the solution. This quotation shows why this face is so important at this lecture. I would like to show you some examples how to deal with your idea and show some tips and tricks. How to improve your right off faking the first better is called 180 degrees. Who had trick? That usually helps you with your stack with a problem. It started on its head. If you want the with fight out what would make you lose if you are struggling Fighting khweis toe. Persuade your clients fight the way, how toe discourage them instead off persuade. And as you see all you did is to do reverse your answers. That shall be example. How to persuade your clients to buy our product. This has come with the question of how to use it. Met. We should ask how to discourage cleared to buy our product. If we think that way, we can fight possible problems. The next batter is called charge bettered. Each problem is a small place off greater problem. It is headway that you can explore a problem glittery, such as by plague, the world's or tragic assumptions. You can also explore it at different altitudes. If you feel you are overhaul with details, are looking at the problem toe narrowly. Look at it from a more general perspective in order to make your problem more general as question. What is the part off? What you said? Example off. What is the intention behind this? Another approach that helps a lot in getting a more general view off problem is replacing the words in the problem statement with hyper dims. Hyper names are words that have a broader meaning. Instead, off car, we can use vehicle that were also can help us to find possible problems and also confined possible solutions. This metal is really useful when your problem is really big. And if you have multiple issues and cases and really recommend to use this child better, the next method is called paraphrase method. Profess method helps re estate the problem, using different words without losing the original meeting. A paraphrase. It's an array statement off media cough attacks, using other words, whether the executive ask employers to Bryce star and ask them. Let's find the ways to increase your productivity or he got back will be blank cards or no interesting ideas. But, well, he rep paraphrase his request US ways to make their job easier. He could barely keep up with the about off suggestions work Carrie stroke, empathetic meeting and a such display a mirror role in how we see a problem. In example, the productive might seem like a sacrifice you are doing for the company while maker drop easier, maybe more like Sophie, you are doing from your own beneficial, but from which the company also have benefits. Idiot, The probably still the same, but the feelings and points of view associate it with each off them was different. And as you can see all the changing quad work still, you are looking for ways to increase the productivity. But if you ask about the productivity, no one will generate majestic ideas. But when you ask how you can make a job easier, the employer were fig. Oh, let's fight how I could make my drop easier. I will have the benefitted or SOCO party have a bad defeat. This generate another possible solution. In another point off view at the last presented method in this lecture is called Rhetoric. The Focus. You have to fight multiple perspectives before rushing to solve the problems. Always make sure you look it from a different perspective. Looking at it with different eyes is great. Way to have a stunt inside or do overlook directions. For example, if you have your business and you are trying to increase your sales, try to view this problem from another point of view. For example, how we can decrease expenses. You have to rewrite your problem. State bed Meditate eyes each time using quad or these different perspectives. Also image. I'd how people various role wood frame this problem. Try to fight differences and similarities with how the different roles could deal with your problem. And let's be show you an example It according to the say's it What ways Bite, I increase says, Let just rewrite it. In what ways? By a track assays In what ways? By my devil emphasize in what ways bite. I extend the size in what ways might had repeat assays In what ways by I keep the size and you have different phrases. Increase, attract, develop extent. Repeat all these the same. This world, they are not changing the beading off the centers. But you have different points of view and you kill fig for each step and each possible way . How toe Establish your goal. That s you see the fire big Already fighting the problem is a crucial poet toe developed design figure successfully. If you skip this step or just don't think about this, you can create nice prototype. You can develop better ideas, but if you don't see the core of the problem your future product baby useless there is your trivia sub. Well, Jackson was Purple Lights Harbor in Star Wars in order to accept based video role figure for attention at Serie that's lecture. 7. #Project# Define Stage.: Hello. Welcome to the next project lecture. After that effort, I stage it's time to go to the defined stage. What are your tasks? Please read If I your first statement that assumptions, try to use border 12 better, which I presented it. That's sexual. And if you want to show how you read if I did your problems step by step, please upload your idea. Toe the forum Sexual. The leak is provided that the resources sexually this lecture and show how you change it. Your idea. Show another approach and other parts of you. You can use 180 metres. You can use child better. You can use paraphrase better because the stress better. Let's try to do that at U S border the world method which I presented. But there is your trivia Peratis War Eric's because they believed it will improve their eight sides. Thank you for attention at Citi Next lecture 8. Brainstorming Setup: how at this lecture out like to each other, Some tips and tricks about the breast are being set up. How to make it correctly and make the very, very official Breistroff big process. The first you should fight a very comfortable place without any distractions and any staff which you can absorb your time. The next you should warm up or just introduced something like icebreaker. For example, develop Izzy and fantastic just about everything. You can play some logic games and solve it together and what is very necessary In that way , you should use your professional skills and simulation for easy task. Just think very, very riel way for a simple task and just warmer together. The next you can defy your problem. The problem you should, which is what is crucial in that step. You should defied the project problem. Clearly, you should set apply out and objectives and show all related materials, data and what is the most important fake in breast Arabic? No criticizes All ideas are acceptable. Don't judge dog evaluate ideas. Just write it down because sometimes the strangest idea and the most crazy, I think, can be really, really good when you implement it in specific way while more time dude out evaluate ideas just right now is the most necessary fink in the bright star Big Dog Judge The next you should give people or teams a plenty of time. For example, 20 minutes and you should set up the timing because if you give the time without the timing , attention will be decreasing by time. But if you choose okay, we have 20 minutes. Right now. It's that time we have timeto, for example, 12 o'clock. In that case, you will get you'll develop some pressure on creative process will be more efficient. What is also interesting cads Worf Toe level up. You can set up out your video recording off the bright star make, because sometimes some ideas can be skipped or just forgotten that guys, if you record all bright star being processors, it could be their out. Your video. It's up to you. You will have sure that all ideas will be secured and braced arm. You should start the brace, Tomic and and after long sessions, take plenty of breaks because if you try to brave Stormhold of the attention would be decreasing time by time and then the end, you will get really, really low quality off the brace storm. You will don't generate interesting ideas because people will be tired and you can repeat the whole process. You should defied clear definition and clean problem description to develop, to start the brace for a week. And here's your trivia. If you live a Congress stale off the ground, it cannot hope. And thank you for attention and see you in that lecture. 9. StarBurst Procedure - Overview.: Hello. At this lecture, I would like to introduce very interesting tool the brainstorming toe starburst procedure. What is it? How to use it and how to implement the stool in your case? What? Starburst Starburst tickets. A farm off bright storming that focuses on generation questions rather than answers. You will get a lot of interesting questions and you can use it next steps it's really necessary is really necessary tool because the beginning in every brainstorming you have problem What we should ask What type of question we should use on a starburst is a tool which you can just ah simplify that kind off thinking and how to use this. First you should try the star on DSA, right? The product idea can be whenever you want. Ah, new application, website service and what is necessary? The fast You should ask some questions. The first is what? What kind of models can we offer? There is possible toe make different different models, colors, applications, the trial version. If you create a nap, what we would name should we establish the names really necessary? Because if you have clever name, you can really feel the market. Who who will work on this project issued. Establish which person will be responsible for each stuff. Maybe John is good. Graphic designer Hey will make the old designer staff giannisis very nice. It's re nice programmer she would like to implement. Implement some application. Who will be met? The manufacturer. If you create some product, you have to find the manufacturer who will create it. And it would be cheaper or more expensive where, where we should target advertising, it's really necessary toe check. Which channel will be the best toe find advertisement if you If you create, for example, the scientific tour. I think there is. The Facebook will be not best idea to make the ads the rather rather than Facebook. You should use, for example, LinkedIn. Or if you create new trousers or new boats for teenagers, you should put it to the Facebook. It's really necessary to think about where our product will be. Start the multiple multiple packaging core may be the single how it will look when when should present our product. It's really crucial, Toe said. The perfect timing toe to start our production because when you show product for the audience too late they don't hit the market. And if you, if you shout producto late also will be some problems and it's really society to find perfect timing. Or maybe when Game X will be ready, because if you work in multiple teams, it will be really necessary. Toe set up The timing. Why? Why people should buy our product. What is the advantage? Our our product. If you create something, you just think like the customer, Why I should buy this product, why it's better for another one and why our computers do not try this already. Maybe there are some problems. We are uneconomical and implementation off the product will be an efficient You should think about this and how, how our product will help customers and how much it will cost. It's really, really necessary toe. Try to answer all the questions. You should establish your questions. It Z only framework. You can also don't want this thing. This graph in the next slide and feel free to ask me questions and thank you for listening and trivia. Your tree vice. Have you ever heard that Harrell phobia is the fare off fun 10. Charette Procedure - Advanced brainstorming.: hello. At this lecture, I would like to introduce the charity procedure. What is it? How its works and how to use it. In your case, the chart procedure is a form of Bryce terming, which is designed to help you keep the process on track and a chief a saxophone welcome. It can be used when you need to include a significant number of people in the brainstorming session. You have toe more than one problem and you want toe. Give everyone voice when session generate number, rose issues or stockholders. Classical Bryce Tomic might be inefficient. Ulis control and also productivity will be dramatically decreased in simple words. The carrot procedure is large group Bryce trimming management system, and right now I would introduce a charity procedure case framework, and you can see how it's works. At the beginning, you should agree on a set off issues that needed to be discussed. For example, we have five problems to solve and 25 people are have a label. You should divide your larger group into small groups because work in the smart group will be more official and Bryce storming will generate more ideas. If you have said deadline. Make sure the number of groups and it orations can be accommodated because when you have, for example, one hour on DSO you, if you have 10 task and you want to give 10 minutes per group, it is impossible to finish in the time. Also, you should think about the mix off people with the group because group with diverse mix off skills, background experience are generally more creative than those off similar skilled people and make sure the number of groups is equal or greater toe the number off issues to discuss. Each group should have daily old works. But because when you accommodate people in distraction free area that we work more creative and more official, each group should select the recorder. The recorder is a person who will get all information which are generated in that group and write it down, and they will be ableto show that idea in another and, well, every think it's ready. You should set up time around 10 15 minutes for discussion. This is really crucial toe manage. Overall, you should strike a balance between two short session because that session might not uncover enough. The Tales Dogger session because in that case, people might lose focus. And when the group's time is up, the recorder moves to the next group. For example, from the first grab recorder go to the second from the second to the third, and that the bright storming begins again, which each group now discussing a new idea, our issue. But the new group builds their ideas for the existing ideas from the previous group, and they generate new ideas and process is repeated when each group discuss all problems, and at the end you will get tones off solution after a few reiteration and in the filler group session allowed time to organize and draw together the ideas in tow. K ideas or teams in several groups have been working at the same time on the same issue. Probably you will get another ideas and another point off view for the same the same problem, and right now is the time for a final word. The charity procedure is efficient and effective process for Bryce drumming and capturing ideas when there are multiple issues and many people are involved, and this is the most necessary approach to use this process and when you are faced with a complex multi player decision. The Charite procedure is a great way toe Harless ideas and prioritize as foundation off while considered and widely accepted. Plus, there is your trivia. The 29th May is officially put a pillow on your fridge day. Thank you for watching and see you in next lecture. 11. SCAMPER - Advanced brainstorming.: hello. At this lecture, I would like to into the scamper method. It's a brace, starving framework, how to use it correctly and maybe how to use it in your purpose. And what this camper have you ever heard about this camper? Substitute Substitute comes up with another topic that is equivalent to the present topic. Combined, you can adds information to the original topic. Adopt or maybe adjust identifies ways to construct the topic in the more flexible and adjusted material modified creatively. Change the topic. Put their their uses, identify the problem, the possible scenarios and situations where the stop it can be used, eliminate, removes ideas or maybe elements from this topic that are not valuable in the last rearrange with Maybe reverse, you can evolve a new concept from the orgy that concept, and right now probably you are a little shocked are you don't know how to use it correctly , and I would like to introduce a case. Study it. I will use KitKat case study, and we can think how to make this scamper frame. McCrea. Let's start. This is a normal bar off God. Every probably everyone know distaste and how to use it in this complimented scamper. First substitute. What can you use? A substitute? What can be used instead off some material who are since that maybe what other ingredients are their approach. Other forces on their places, other power or their sounds? Whatever you think and pass that we are idea ends problem. And let's think about the kids. Get how you can substitute Sapphic in the kit kit. Let's think a few second you can POW's the video. Okay, you can change, for example, the talk instead. Off classical dark chocolate, you can use the white chocolate and there is a sample off subsidy. Next combined. What can you combine or bring together somehow? How about to blend on assortment on an assemble? Maybe combined units combined par purser's ideas appeals. Just think what you can combine and yeah, what you can combine the kids get. That's very powers the video for a moment. Okay, you can combine. For example, peanut butter toe the classic Kit Kat bar, and right now you have get cut with peanut butter. There is classical example of combining toe ideas. Okay, Next, adopt what you could adopt for to use a sir solution Maybe what else is like this? What I could copy? Or maybe what other idea does it suggest? What do you think? What you can adopt the kids got at Bank. One moment the powers, the video. You can adopt the kid Cup like this. You can create the kid cut ice cream and you see you adopt toe this idea and create very interesting her product. Okay, let's think about modify about the modification. Can you change the inter in somewhere? Maybe change. Meaning color motion. Sound smell from shape. You can magnify or Bill. If I magnify what you what can you add? Maybe more time. More material or Ben Efi? What can you remove? Smaller miniature lower charter lighter Omit split up. You can think about this and yes, in that guy's I will use, modify and magnify. Example. Let's think one moment how you can modify on and exactly magnify the Kit Kat. How's the video? That's OK. You can just make a Kit Kat. Marty put bar and the product exists. And this classical classical example off modify and exactly magnifying the idea. Okay, put their toe the other uses. How can you put toe the fink to the different or other uses. Maybe you can find new ways to use a zit. Or maybe you can think how to create another product with your idea and puts. What do you think about KitKat? Yeah, you can create the pen Drive the kid cats pen drive fan. It's, ah situation when you put something to the other. Uses. Eliminate maybe. Ah, which can you eliminate? Remove Sophie, Maybe eliminate waste is reduced. Time Reduce effort. Cut coast. Let's think how to make it in the Kit Kat way. They asked. All right to come. Make, for example, samples a small samples off the Kit Kat. You can distribute it around your clients and show. Oh, this is my This is my product. You have small sample. If you like it, you will buy more. It's a very nice explanation. Off eliminates. Rearrange what can be re acknowledged in some way, maybe other pattern of the lie out on their Sequels. Transpose change piece, chase schedule. Let's think how you could arrange something. Kale. Kid cut. Let's pause the video and fake one moment. You can make, for example, product like this. You can make a kid cut bites. You have small, very small bars. You can park it together, and so you have different product product you can sell. For example, that kid can't bite separately as the samples or make a bunch park for more people and kind of a party back. And thank you for attention. There is your trivia about us, our car because they grow towards the sun, thank you very much. And so see you in the next lecture. 12. McDonalds – SCAMPER Case Study.: Hello. At this lecture, you will have options to test your ideation skills. I've prepared exercise where you will try to use this camper skills to create your own. Bagged a lot if you are not family. Uh, with Magda doll when they do, you don't know any information about this company. Please click this. Please go to this website. I will provide this league in tow the resources sexual in the scores and pre spouse about. But don't worry, I've prepared easy examples toe show this camper procedure the first substitute. Have you any idea which substitute they can use in their company? Police press powers buttered and think about this. They create driver services instead off classical restaurants. And there was really a good idea and they hit the market with this. Let's go. Next combine. Do you have any idea what you can combine it? Bangle That company Let's fig At this press powers battled. They create happy bills with cooperation. With this day, probably everyone know the happy meals and there was really good idea to engage young outliers and create the future users. Okay, let's go. Next Adopt. Do you have idea what you can get up. Let's figured press powers battled. Please. The bag adults just don't is There are a lot of coffee lowers in their clients that they create back affair to fill this gap. Let's go next. The back defy what they could magnify. Let's feed Kurds, priests powers the battle. They've just doubled it. War market. They magnify their business and go or right t put today other uses. Do you have idea what you could put to the other uses? Please think about this. Had press powers battered, They've created the fast food chaired instead of classical restaurant. And those realize idea El Iba date. Do you have some ideas about this task, which you could eliminate? Let's think about this, said Priest Press Powers battled. They've just eliminate waiters. It ordered to pay at the counter what they should marriage. Let's think about this. Police press powers batter that fig. What bob it? They create the breakfast bell you because for people who don't like the classical video area, the boric, they create the breakfast video. Okay, let's think about another ideas. I will show you some pictures and try to this dig wish which scamper procedure is it OK? Do you have idea what it can be? How to use it in another way? The pre goes kobani create the chips in accordance dough that Why Ed? Let's fig What type off scamper procedure can be It is adapt because they adopt the similar shape to use in the trips. Okay, let's go Next. Probably you sold is that and let's fake which scamper method It can be all right. This is put to the other uses because that company created cleaning products and they just put to the other uses to create very creative campaign. Okay, let's go Next. This is a will ads You have idea how to use this Well that were various will was created in accordance to the check at what type off scamper procedure it could be. It's a dark and as you can see, this couple procedure could generate a lot off interesting ideas. You will be able tow make systematic bristol process because you have so Freydberg toe develop idea more strictly, there is your trivia shape dark and roster was the first passengers in a hot air balloon and thank you for what you see the next lecture 13. 6hats - Brainstorming.: Hello, Welcome. Next lecture about six heads. Bryce drew me. It's a very fast, fissured, creative work out. In that case, it will takes 25 minutes, and you were generated turtles off data and ideas and how it's work. The first step you should. So the breast of the problem it will take around three minutes are the warm up and problem description. At next, you should use hats combination that the first hat. It's a wake up white. It's about facts and information about the problem. What is the current information? The Red Hut. It's all about feelings toward the problem. You config. What type of free leagues are generated? How thus everyone feel about the current situation is your problem. It also should take around three bullets. The black cat. You should fig about all negative aspects off the problem. What type of issues do you have? Maybe think what type off problem you will hat way for in the future? The yellow hat. It's ah, opposite situation like in the brat black that you should think about the benefits, what kind of benefits you will generate, the positive effects you should think about. What are the positive aspect off the current situation. Or maybe problem agreed. Hat. You should think about that. Possible possible alternatives. What you should do instead off this you should Fink. What are new creative ideas? Maybe How to implement Sopheak you blue hat Uh, what is learned? You can just fig about all the steps and think how to make a new steps. And you can't just make alliteration on DSO just repeated this process and after that it should take around 25 upto half a lower. And after that you will generate a lot off Just data that you should fake ads. Just make a Reppert off this. It's really good idea to record whole this process is because and just forgot about something. And in that case, if you record all the breakthrough pink protest, you can just get all interesting ideas and safe time because you don't have toe right the RePets and there is your trivia King 108 slipped with a gigantic eggs beside him and thank you for attention Adds see you later 14. Mind Maps - Make it Easy.: hello. At this lecture, I would like to show you how to create a bid. Maps easy and efficiently. Have you ever heard about the made maps? What is it and how to use it? No, Maybe. Yes. Let's look, What does that make him up? Big map. It's a kind off a data management draft. You should put the keyword in the widow around, though you put all sub topics and sub sub topics. It's really interesting idea if you have a lot off data, which you can connect in multiple groups. In that way you can see the yellow branches different than red one, and all branches are visible. And when you look on the whole picture, you can see all connections and all information about the groups in one moment and how to create made map easy because you can make it by drawing on the paper. It's also possible, but if you are not drawer, you can use the software. I would like to show you the mid map toe. It's really easy way to create the very nice and efficient minimum, how to create mean up, official and effortless. For example, you can use a tool Mid nap toe. It's a free online, my map generator. It's very interesting and free software that you allow do create nice looking mean ups and how to use it on Start creating your own. You been up the first when you go to this website. I attached the league in my slides. You have to click, get, start or just go down and you have two options. The first you can sign in, tow this website and connect your back onto the Google drive or just create a new map without the registration and really use this way. And when you click there, you have the framework off. This made up and I would like to show you how to create the meet up and in the same time, I will describe the tools of label in this framework. The first you have to press special double quick to add it will create the midnight up, the science, been up science and we can just divide for multiple options. For example, chemistry, biology. Oh, physics and mathematics. Okay, we have the simple ah, men up for off course would extend it a little more. As you can see here you have the key. Word is the science and around. Now you have some notes, some subgroups, and you can easily just changed a places, for example, whatever you want or just change one physic there. Okay, Let's so just extend this made up a little. For example, chemistry will be divided toe or Johnny Chemistry, Johnny chemistry, quantum chemistry, biochemistry and physical chemistry. Okay, physics can divide for cost apology and optics Optics. Okay. Biology can divide to systematics and cell biology. Had mathematics gonna be divided, for example, geometry and, for example, probably territory. Okay. And as you can see, our made map is extended. We have more options over there at if you can see steel, we can choose the places off all sides at this application. Just generate nice looking car men up in our case. And let's go deeper, for example, Or Johnny chemistry can be divided for a noble for hydrocarbons. Oh, hydrocarbons. Physical chemistry can divide to electro chemistry. Chemistry. Quantum chemistry can be divided toe. Should he got equation and biochemistry? Bio catalysts. Okay. What sells for example? Systematics can be divided toe ideology. You probably don't know what is it is about fishing. I like, uh, about the fishes. I like fishing that I just put this ideology here. And let's fig just a little about this graft, for example. As you can see, biochemistry, bio catalysis are also connected with biology And how to create this, uh, correlation. We can just put, for example, biology here and use this Connect to another load. Just click over there and you can see if you crypto biology. And so the biochemistry the arrow is in that side. If you put the biochemistry toe, the biology, the arrow is over there, and you can just add multiple multiple situations and multiple options. And for example, uh oh, maybe it's not a good idea we could put over there. Uh, that's put some were kind mystery there. Okay, because we have to bind it. Oh, maybe like this. But we can just make this correlation, okay? And what's happened? If, for example, you see Oh, our chemistry's extending. And we should put another key words that will be a chemistry, not science. Let's just delight this line. If you click on this line, you can just change. For example, ticker or tener dashed and will You can add the label, for example. Go away. Should Okay. You see, there is a correlation but will delight this line because it will be easier. Toe showed. Next feature article, press. Oh, sorry. Controls here. Okay, that way. See, all biochemistry can be another topic that we can just remove this line and we have the chemistry over there. The physics, it will flied. We can put over there the for example, biology we can't put over there. And mathematics we can put over there talk, and we can just make so nice looking grafts. Okay, The next feature you can add, sir, some images over there. If you click there, you Colette majors, delights Some connections change the colores or the graphics. And what is interesting if you don't like this style because sometimes you see Oh, it's ah, not good for me. Here you have the option toe change. This tie, for example. This is the standard. Oh, this is the standard. The next you see. For example, here you have another option. It's quite see, Bill, our what is interesting? I like ivory like this. Uh, ever like this style you can make for example, some graphs, biology, the systematic graphs or just family trees is very interesting. If you can add, for example, while toe free, for example here. Four. Okay, yes, you can see you can add as many you want and what is different between this battles. Because here, when you when you press that Sibley gloat, you can just create another Sibley Esser in family. But if you create the chilled not for example, five, 67 you can just make multiple eyes. Of course, you can just extend this here. Okay, Changed the places. If I like the physical chemistry, I can also just drug. It's now, and I could create, you know, As you can see, it's very interesting and nice looking May lap. Also, you have optioned to publish safe this graph and use for your purposes. And there is your trivia Human beer control. Pierce, work all guerrillas and thank you for watching 15. End of Ideation stage - Ideas selection.: Hello. At this lecture, I would like to show how to select ideas generated from the previous session's. When you have a house of data, it will be difficult to distinguish which idea is good or not. And I would like to show simple methods and easy to develop to select best ideas. The first method is called posted. It posted method for all. Members are given a specific number of votes. For example, it could be free. We have five members and each off them will receive free votes. Labour are safe revolt member, be receive free votes address. Also receive free votes. Ideas that are generated in the ideation session are written down on individual posted and all member can vote by using stickers or marker to make, for example, the dots that Dixie or the Post it note corresponding to the ideas they like. And this process and lows every member tohave equals, Say it. Josie form the shortlisted ideas. The next method. It's called four categories. The four categories method involves dividing ideas. According today, Latiff Abstract er's ranging from the most rational to the long shot choice, and we have four categories. The rational, delightful darling a luxury and members can divide all ideas which are corresponding. Toe this group. For example. If we have idea which is really Russia now and easy to implement, we should put toe the rational group. But if you we have idea which is very interesting but not possible toe develop on the project time, we should put it to the long shot. This metal assures that the team covers all grounds from the most practical to the best innovative solutions. The next method is called Big Gambetta. This method is very similar toe therefore categories method because we have distinguished ideas between free groups. However, it this method contributors have to split ideas according to the variation of form factors . It's a physical, digital or experience for example, day potential applications in physical Prototype Digital prototype at experience prototype . All this ideas should be developed to one off this girl because some ideas will be epic ocean out toe physical prototype sob to the digital prototype and saw to experience prototype and there is your trivia. The Coca Cola would be great if the caloric wasn't added to it. Thank you for what Sheikh and Siri Dick lecture 16. #Project# Ideation Stage.: Hello. Welcome your next project lecture. When you defy the problem, now it's time to go to the next step The station. What are your tasks? Please try to use border toward tool which are presented at station section. Also, I really recommend it to watch the bodies Coltec, the collaboration White board the reality boards and try to use this tool to develop this task. This tool helps you to develop Nice looking graphs it. No time. If you won't show us your bite About six got star bus address off breast or be graphs. Maybe So what will help you? You can also help another person toe Approve his idea. Who knows? Maybe you will fight your business partner for future. Who? Those just Let's try. There is your trivia back. A heart has the world record for fitting 264 straws. It is about that Waas Thank you for attention and Siri decks. Lecture 17. Rapid prototyping.: Hello. At this lecture, I would like to show the idea off rapid prototyping why the stool is so a basic and persuade you to use it in your daily basis. At the beginning, you have to keep it by. That fellow is always adoption. You probably know that guy, it Greek mythology. Carlos was the sound off the bastard craft about the dealers. He was the creator off. Elaborate is that created for him? The wigs using the father of wax. After that, he wanted us. He could don't fly leader too low or too high. So the say dampness would not clock this week or the sun's heat belt down as you know it. Caress ignored his father instructions, and he fly close to self, and his weeks was melted down and he fell into the sea, where he drove another. Pictures shows multiple atoms to create our craft, but without the succes. For example, the top left. It's surgery Marty libraries and he create. Hiss played Alberta Stroh in 18 68. In 1959 the British industrious Henry Krever offers £50,000 to the first Purcell toe build human powered aircraft and Secretaria for the crabber poor petition Waas. Our craft had to take off other human power. Clear 10 foot harder and complete eight Suker's at this was around Quagmire Log. Also, Crabber would eventually afar formally for the first person to fly across the English Channel in a human power craft. The successful prototype, called the Gossamer Colder, was created by Dr Pau back Crazy Julia. He won't this prize in 90 77. His our craft also fly across the English Channel in 1979. And how could create the Texas full model? The problem? What he saw was building at our craft that could be rapidly in changes in the field. The plane had a Bhattarai desired that he could be modified very easily with limited tools in the field. If you build the capacity to learn, throw his failures directly into his design and why he want this challenge. Because his computers relied on what they already know about the aeronautics. They tried to perfect that knowledge in the isolation and sterility off the lab. She created the both flexible prototype and he want this challenge and why these people filed their desires, relied on what they already know about the flight just like this, people at this case is perfectly. Show that you have to dig into innovation, not only use your personal experience if you don't open yourself to gather new information feedback from outliers or experiments. US. Struggle as this gentlemen's struggle somewhere in aviation. His story. A small corporation, the gentle birds hold the left. They develop only one prototype they believe about their dollars about the aviation. When they prototype was unsuccessful. They just dropped this idea. They killed Fly. Dr. Powell MacCready Jr devolved. The rapid prototyping is came up. He can modify his prototype very fast, and his model was flexible to the changes. As you can see, a visual history shows which method off Fickett design is more useful. And right now I would like to show you some prototyping adults. It can be divided. Their two groups substantive manufacturing and additive manufactory. In the case off substrate is manufacturing. The final object is generated by rebel big portion off material source. In substantive manufacturing, the fragile object is generated by removing partials off material source in additive manufacturing. Final objective generating by adding portions off material form, the source and let's try to distinguish which kind of model factory will be in our case, CNC metal. The computer numerical control involves all metal, which are included. Program at sequiturs, given the machine to create final platter and what kind of prototyping it can be who help you in the guys. It is a substantive mother factory because you have the source off. Battery out the shit off steel, for example, and you create your prototype Katic specific shape. The next method is a Celeste selective Lasserre Citric. This method is a while off the free predictive pick that used the Lasser as a power source , toe sitter, powdered material, nylon or poorly. A bit the last. There is a big automatically. The poet in Spice defied it by Afridi Bottle Big Big the material together to create the solid structure. Let's speak which kind of model factory it can be. It is additive matter because you create your product. Give it new lawyer off the material. The same cases in three D printers. You also have the narrative method, and the next is a paperwork. It is very elastic of easy to implement method to create your prototype. You have toe only takes a piece of paper. You can just cut it to shape what you aren't folded. Make a lorry, gabby etcetera. Example off. Let's think about this. Which one? The substrate it by the factory because when you create your prototype, probably you have toe cut. So material developed the final product it the same way you can use the wood at the composite, but in the case of composites, you can either use substantive and additive. It depends what type off method do you use. There are also very exotic, prototyping free DBR predict is the process of creating cell potters in a confined space. Jozic three D printing to fix the material is lawless a bearing and is created from extra terror. Patrick's environment. The first patterns related to this technology was filled in the United States in 2000. Free and granted in 2006 the rapid prototyping can be used in a very specialised IQ environment, for example, in that case, the farmer can create the media tissues that test so drags with it. Let's big if you so final word. As you can see, the fast prototyping can be used everywhere from creating an apple device toe Help farmer Industri to generate price ful research mothers. The prototype IQ idea is not that young as you can suppose. Look time ago. People try to develop all idea, but where you establish design process step by step. Your Saxes chance with dramatically increase because previous people have suffocated by it and they create the bottle and they don't it evolved the prototype E idea. They just create with the bottle that they tried to test this bottle as better types as possible. But there was not the idea off rapid prototyping. The rapid prototyping is the world off. The most important step a design thinking because you will be able to show your idea to the others as we see feedback how to improv and boost your idea. And there is your trivia. In 2000 15 more people was killed from injuries caused by taking a selfie, Then a shark attacks. Thank you for watching and seaweed. Next lecture 18. Design Space Exploration.: hello. At this lecture, I would like to introduce a desire spice exploration after the Daschle face. Your tea will generate clarity off ideas right now is style to start creating your first prototypes. Jozic advantages off rapid prototyping desired space exploration is the first step off diverging face. You will have to develop research on topic related to filled off your idea. You could observe our interview people or users. The latter are arias and situation. The baby go off designs. Space exploration is toe. Identify the critical functions from the customer perspective. Decide Space exploration is a preliminary study to create the final prototype. As you can see, you have several steps designed. Space exploration, critical functional prototype, dark horse prototyping, funky prototype functional product. I've exist, finished prototype and final prototype and whole prototyping face can be divided. Their two arias, the divergent at Culver GIC. Each step will help you to generate interesting approach to your fighter prototype. You have to go through all this points. I will describe next lectures, each off the steps and what are made goals off that kind of prototyping. And after that, your fighter prototype will be really amazing. When we started developing a new prototype. We have large such space, and also there is no definition for optimal solution. There's no general definition, what is optimal. We don't know which way is optimal. We have to feel try to dick into this topic. The user. The fighter user could help us. We have to ask them interview what they want would remain needs. You have to listen your final users to start prototyping and how to illustrate a space of possible solution. We have designed space. You have to be an expert. Your designs spice area. If you are programmer, you have to acquire a knowledge in programming skills. If you are architect, you have to acquire knowledge and architects, studies and etcetera, and whether you are expert, your Desai space area and you create the successful team that will be big off people which are complementary to each other. You have to explore the whole innovation space and searched for possible solutions. Innovations and as you can see, the innovation space is really big area. You have multiple wise toe pick into this to distinguish that which way will be useful. You have to ask interview people they were told you all they needs all the worries or their ideas, but you have to go outside and ask them about their deeds. If we're creating something for people, it is impossible to create successful model. If you don't know anything about your out years instead of fading wild, optimal solution, you have to debtor by med alternative solutions, the characteristics there's no one answer. You have to dig and you such. Oh, we have that kind of problem in another kind of problem. But all this problems should generate separate solution. How to describe the process of creating a solution. The first you have toe in utilize the candidates that next generate new solution candidates , evaluate the candidates and update set off solutions the process from generate your solution after update set off solution Is that it? Narrative such process. There's not that Okay, we have the idea and go ahead After one attempt, we have finally look No, it is imperative. Such process advantage of repute prototype Big is okay. We have that kind of idea. We create the prototype, we go to the audience and they told us Oh, that factual is really interesting, But we don't like this or will off this, but after that you create you prototype, which involved all this fighting's etcetera, etcetera, and you have authority. Such process. It's so find their words. The design space exploration refers to systematic analysis and product on add wanted designed points. Base it on para bits off interest our evolution perfected fit into design space expression model. At the beginning, evolution had many options, and the first tool was selection. Natural selection helps to distinguish between best organised, and we can call that kind of her gheris prototypes. Best prototypes was mixed together in process of crossover, and their child's was created basically parents advantages or disadvantages. Now a day evolutionist theory Working. We have mechanism off mutation, which can randomize this process, and samples generate better privatize subtypes, not to devil. Best ideas. Try to be. Rodham has different cases, not close for a while. Possible solution. You have to fight as much as possible critical problems, and in the next lecture, I will tell you what you should do next. The ability to operate or the space of desire makes this model use for for Bella and generic tasks such as rapid prototyping civilization and system into gracious and you see desire Space is separately. Bhandari. Study. Develop your foot future prototype. Don't create your prototype when you don't fig what you want to produce as get people fight a dish. The brainstorming generate a lot of interesting ideas, and now you should deal with it. There is your trivia. The poker mold hit boldly and hitmen Chad are based off Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Thank you for attention and see you next lecture. 19. Critical Function Prototype.: Hello. Welcome. In this lecture about critical functional prototype, the figs learned in the design space exploration face should be now addressed by critical function prototypes for each critical functional, which are identified. But what exactly made critical and function lets me explain. Yes, you remember our graph right here we are there. This is the second step of diverging face the critical function prototype. It's after designs by exploration and before dark horse prototyping and the question waas. What is critical? Critical? There's something fundamental and necessary to Saks us surfing fundamental and necessary toe. This actors off the design. And also, if this couple that were to fail, another approach would be needed. The function days What the elevate pace or subsisted must do. You have to identify the factual and a para bits for the Saxes and all the fighter word. You have to to design, build, test and share a critical component, subsystem or functional. That makes a difference. They should be well or more prototype. For each critical function identified, you have to create an opportunity for improvement that could be a K on hearts produce pair . Phyllis. This conceptual prototype is not the product itself, but its point off possible way. You have to show possible ways possible functions which your final product should have. But you have to distinguish between final product. This is all the prototype. It can be ugly. You have to sell only the functionality. It's no matter how it looks like. The most important thing is to show the functionality in the fastest way as possible. Let me explain some case with fig. Get your condition is a good way off interacting with functions in car. But we don't know that the final user will find this intuitive or not intuitive and what we should do. We have two options to create the ready to sell product. The Complete Gastric Ulcers Crow system all just creates a prototype and what kind of prototype it should be. You think that gesture recognition is a good way off interacting with functions in the car , but you don't know if the final user will find this system intuitive or that will be not intuitive and therefore set up a gusher control simulator with one off your team. Members will be controlling this car functions while watching what the user is signaling best idea is toe. Develop a camera that the final user will don't know about this prototype, and they will don't know that it's a human operator in the system, and you have to run experiments to collect user reactions and inside. And, as you can see this easy way, very cheap. You don't You don't have to invest tons of money to to create ready to sell system. You have to only involve some team members and make some tricks, and you have and you have working prototype. There is your trivia. The Mel Blanc, the voice off bags Bunny was allergic to carrots. Thank you for attention and see you next lecture. 20. Dark horse prototyping.: Hello. Welcome. The next lecture about dark horse prototyping off this step, you have to challenge the assumptions that you already made during a critical function. Prototype at what is necessary. Try to fake out off the box and try to fight solution, which are I likely to it. Let's back to our graph right now. We are here after the critical factual prototype and before the funky prototype is divergent face. And the question is what? It's dark horse. Let me show you some example. I want to introduce a guy. He was drafted in 199 in six road off NFL Draft. He started his rookie NFL season as 1/4 Steiger and tiddly. They're told, Good high to see the field and good accuracy and touch. This is the guy. Dark Horse is a little Purcell or filled that emerges to provides, especially in competition offs. Absurd. If you see that kind of information, you see how it's a normal guy. No think Prum eyes that he could be nice, but let me show you. Tom Brady, Tom Bradley Acquire six Super Bowls with free Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. 10 Pro Bowls six. Super Bowls appearances. The guy who was drafted, It's six rounds. The team leader just told Oh, it can be nice. Little suppose that this guy can change the football. But you see it is Ariel dark horse. And that's Michelle, you exponential from a dictionary. The dark horse is a little known, unexpectedly successful central, someone who was previously unknown but suddenly emerges. Inter Providence. Someone who keeps their skills an idea secret and surprise orders by doing something unexpected, a person who is arise or competition through. No one expressed them toe. Will someone so fing unlikely to win? How to translate it in prototyping system? Just try to fight the most provocation and disruptive idea. Try to find the idea which is impossible to develop you feel. Oh, it's not good to go to this direction, but think about this. Just write a doubt. Take this part in my This is the dark horse prototyping fig about most outrageous idea. Why is good to use the Dockers? Because you can generate unthinkable great solutions. The whole power off the team's creativity can be released. Even if the dark horse prototype cannot be realized and build, it will have to generate a great final solution in their design challenge. If you will be able to complete around around 10% off requirements from the doctors, mother, probably you will create excellent product and the other examples. Please open this leg. So you'd hope I will. I will attach this leg toe resources, sexual off this lecture and you will be able to look how that horse prototype is working right now. And so final word doctors prototyping is extremely helpful. If you want to boost your idea, you can try toe allowed your creativeness and try to find the most crazy possibility will generate towels off a lot off ideas and points of view. There is your trivia. If Pinocchio says my nose will grow now, it would cause a paradox. You have the league toe this paradox. You could just go go this paradox Alright, so fake more. Thank you for attention and see you next lecture 21. Funky prototyping.: Hello. At this lecture, I would like to introduce a funky prototype. The funky prototype co buys the both successful L A bit off the prototype, which was generated before. Now you other start scope of the problem. You are on track with viable solution or approach. You have a workable plan to achieve your sectors. Visual is now clear. Well, we back to our road map Right now. We are here. This face is between diverge IQ and called allergic face after the dark horse prototyping. Now it's time to select ideas generated before and distinguish which one is worth to develop what you should do. In fact, a prototype step. You have to create a holistic concept or visual that acts as the poet off referees. For the final design, you have to break rules. Lows of facts create to provocation and persuade. Always build and share bordered, while prototype burgess batch ideas as possible. But the question is what base? Holiest of holies is the idea that sister at the properties should be Viv asshole dog, just a collection part. The system could be the physical, biological, chemical, social, ecological bed, dollar etcetera. Unless you see the fact, you prototype. It's a little world between the the fuck you prototype. It's a little bird between diverge IQ and call verging face. You have to sum up your ideas. Check with this WARF, which is possible to develop and try to create a holistic bottle track which factual is worth to develop. Which fracture is it possible to develop? Chaired the technique? Check for other ideas. You have to create a whole system that it could work myself. There is your trivia. In six hours, the world's deserts received more energy for the cell that Hubert consumed year. Thank you for attention at Citi next lecture. 22. Functional and X is finished prototyping.: Hello. Welcome in the next lecture about functional and exist finished prototype after the Dark Roast and Foulke prototype stage. Now it's time to sum up your ideas and the crystallize into a functional prototype when we back to our road map. Right now we are here functional prototype, and here h is finished prototype. Right now it's time to start the converging face. The functional prototype and eggs is finished. Prototype I hired Iterative process Functional prototype include two free, significant elements from funky prototypes and give a preview, or how the fighter prototype may look like this face marks the first converging my stone, where the design tea with defies the scope off what will be delivered at yet off the project. Functional prototypes creates a fierce field off the final prototype. The core ideas are summarized and present in an experience. Proof of concept. Prototype this prototype. How's the team to clarify major technical issues and encourage them to develop a special thing development problem off the final prototype. Right now, you have to create a functional prototype. Sum up all your ideas that you generate before try to use a chip method. You can use the paper free D printing good to so on. Leah FEATURES Don't PAY ATTENTION for visual design Functional prototypes should not looks like a super mothers. They only have to show a feature which can user test on the left, have a factual prototype and on the right to have the final prototype. And you see the difference creating the prototype, which will look like the product which show on the right, will cost us off. Molly. On the left, you have three D printing mothers, and you can show how the device is working. Why paper prototyping is useful when you are exciting and you have very innovative idea for a new device. You may be time to skip a paper design and just start a physical prototype creation. When you raise is this temptation, you will save your time and wasted effort in local on the time you invest in the paper. Design buys big dividends later and helps you avoid many common pitfalls. Paper design does not mean writing out your detailed design for your prototype on the piper with pen or pencil, but their design is a creating plan. Before doing some physical prototype, you can easily pour your ideas from head into the paper. Well, you are using paper prototype and it's off. It is not working. You can just destroy this prototype and put it to bed, and you only lose your time. But if you create something expensive, additionally loose a body that why is paper prototype is useful and the next question why the functional prototype are useful. You can look at the product operas. It will be extremely helpful in material selection process. You can validate the cat components when you don't have a factual prototype and you are setting this project with the manufacturer. For example, the changing the battery out will be more problematic. You can create very nice looking and cheap model show to into the out years. Make some tests and check your assumptions at the next step is exists finished. What does it be? The X is finished helps to distinguish your features, which are dad and which are the bar work. While you're factual, our prototype is finished. Now it's time to face with the final users. You have to develop a test, collect the feedback in order to identify and organize a technical issues When you identify all issues, try to develop new, functional, privatized and repeat sequence when you're eliminate most off issues. As you can see, this is high iterative process and where you put more afford in that step, you will get better results in the future. And now I would like to show you a common mistakes when you are prototyping. One of them is a first good idea mistake. Don't buy to your first idea. Try to be elastic. Often the teams are trying to save the time and moving into implementation. They very first providing idea upromise ing idea pushed all the way into a fully formed solution without other prototyping. Core validation may totaled tohave the couple off assumption rocks or, if you are not lucky, just fail or the startup. The result is a solution that doesn't work and lots of time energy will be wasted. The next common problem is when you are falling in love with your prototypes. This is when the creators off prototypes becomes overly invested in their creation. When they put too much time and effort, they just starting to lof a model. And they think this is a perfect device. You have to start with cheap and fast prototypes to check your ideas very fast and easy, not create supermodels. Just do it as cheap as possible and that fast as possible. Only that you have to create a prototype is to test and verify your idea. The next couple mistake is when you're prototyping without the purpose Russia Improvising a DEA. The solution is a bad idea, but creating prototypes without the poppers is also but prototypes exist for a result. Test advised the assumption. Test our ideas for solutions or explained how this device should look like If you're prototyping and you don't know why you have toe stop prototyping and back to the previous steps, for example, into the defy stage. The last couple of problem is what you are creating plenty off models, plenty of prototypes and you fail. You feeling this card and you pass your ideas. Try to reframe the idea deceptions I learned while you fail from now, each feller should be a lesson for you. Generate new ideas unless you see the factual out prototype and each is finished. Prototype is extremely time cosa big and sometimes painful steps. But if you'd successfully deal with this, you will be closer to your fighter prototype at filer product, there is your trivia. Small child could sweep to the ways off the blue whale. Thank you for attention at Syrian next lecture. 23. #Project# Prototyping.: Hello. Welcome in your next project. Lecture after they should face you have a lot of ideas What you should do next. If you created kidnap, try to build a prototype off the lab. If you create a device, please create the prototype of device. If you create a services, try to develop some skates or, if you develop sub services, try to use or actor skills develops of sit close or or just record a video to show how your services look like. If you would please show your prototypes at our for up your project. The protecting stage. The league will be provided. The Resources section There is your trivia. Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in the gas masks. Thank you for attention at Syrian next lecture. 24. #Project# FinalStage.: Hello and congratulations. There is a final stage of your project. You go through all the steps and years desire figure technique. Now you can show very exciting prototype. What are your task? After a testy Griff allowed ears, if you would please show the photo off your fighter prototype, you can add this project of the Kickstarter. It start, you face a business development. You can find your business partly. Maybe here. Maybe so, whereas you can sell your idea and start new project using your knowledge, it design thinking face. And please watch the last video off the fighter word. There is your trivia. It's no in Sahara Desert for Turkey bill, It's the eighties off. February 90 79 faking for attention and thank you for developing the course exercise section. 25. Final Word.: Hello. Welcome in our last lecture. Thank you for effort and tired to finish this course. I hope you learn interesting facts about design, thinking, procedure. If you have so questions, feel free to ask me that mention. What kind of topics do you had to explain, Bore one more time. Thank you for your big effort. I hope you will enjoy our time. And please give five stars for bay. It will extremely body very before future. There is our last trivia. The first distance Larry course was developed at 18. 40 by Izak Pittman. He started using a short heart T cheek using Great Britain pedal post. Thank you for attention and sue at future. 26. #Bonus# Realtime board.: when you go to the bay, page off the real time board application. If attached, you are allowed us to that side over so sexual discourse. The 1st 2 started using the application you have toe side up and create your ankle after I've actually created a lack of that was Skip that step. It was really easy. You could just connect your Facebook or Google tackled. Right now we are on the dashboard in the rial time born application. The first, which we have to develop, is creating new project. We have to pick over there. Let's set the date of design thinking course. If you already created board, you can add it by clicking good this battered or you could have you by birth. But I will created by a low Okay, our design thinking cars project is created, and right now we have to click create you, Bart and, for example, the first bar for his board. If you have border while Bebber, you cannot. If I doubt his thought, there is no what it says to use the store. What is powerful in this up you have you have plenty off templates from the Bible flow chart the diagram. Bright writing Rather were six week you cards framework to create your personal that and patty map a lot off staff, which can be used in your daily basis for research innovation toe the management. That's business strategy to get charge. See organization charts smart goals. A lot off deployed over there. But we will create sopheak from scratch. Continue without the tape light. There is our dashboard. The first board the day Abe. You can upload so photos you can add Sophie by multiple lies. For example, upload, upload value, oral tastes I from code. For example, The U two player webpage capture is really interesting to Let's try this. For example, Google. It takes time. What? Which options do we have? We can crop this because we don't like this here. We could just click the control adds, Use the scroll in the mouse. What else we could do by this feature? We can adds the fire, which are saved from our clouds From rob extension. We could add wire Fred's tables a charge. It's really useful. The ankle fighter. I will first show you the type of chart. For example, I would just pie chart. Maybe. Let's just they could be girl. And if you double click here, you have the options. For example, active users. Active user, not active user users at books in our Cai's, maybe 50 40. And unless you can see very dicey, easy created graft. If you want to connect this graph toe this picture, for example, from the side we have to create this blue battered it just scroll it down over there would have article options. We could just baker that kite off connection. Or maybe this kind of connection back. Let's use the normal version. You can just make it here. That's dashes the thickness. The arrow, for example. Which kind off arrow baby here, the coal or what is useful in the case? But you just jacket dropped this picture. The light is also changing. Okay, let's make like this. Look at that good at another example here and right now we have nice looking graph created in a few seconds. Another feature. It's really useful that I could find there. We want to add people that's added Here have toe white, One more bed. Okay, have people over there. Look at that like I like this. Okay, Sweat with mobile here. And as you can see, you can whenever you want. Let's play. That's a play battered. Another feature. We can It Sophie directly for Google, for example. Tests. Okay, select that. Ball, birds. EDS. Okay, baby. Let's make sub it. Let's clean it. Cultural. I delight another useful feature usedto wire frames. You can add, for example, the fold What? To three. Okay, baby. Oh, maybe just extended a little bar. Okay, that's that's a battles, but well, but to but free the user I called places. Place it here, CO p place it here and place it here. Maybe we cannot Sopheak bar, for example, the carousel. Oh, let's fit it just a little. Here, Elect change car, for example. For bread. Let's at so features to another stroke that here at the last feature maybe the check box over there If you want toe, create some connections. For example, if you creek his battle you're girl goto this patch If you if you take this occurred, you will go well here. Maybe we should go. We should change it. And as you Cassie, you can create easy functionality. It a couple of moments, and this is really powerful tour to show your ideas What's happened? If I would tow just change the position off our object. If I click this phone, change it. Oh, rest off My l A bads are here, That's what This you have to press shift. Click. Oh, the elements at here. You have option toe lock. If you love this stuff, you can't just buddy polite it away what you want. And as you can see, you have very interesting nice looking bottle. Okay, let's clean it a little. Oh, to delight this, we have to a lock. Try that with delight to show another feature. Let's add So stack loads. You could that, for example idea rather idea Ah idea to and etcetera. But if you have more ideas, you can add it like this. For example, love toe free 456 eight A quick dog Have multiple ideas places. Very nice looking table What you could do If age stick it out, you could just change the shape If you click there, you have multiple options contrite the shape you can accept text You could just at some you , Errol, change the color for example, double. Oh, this is really useful. You can let the tax, for example, tack world tag to and it's a trap. If you are braced or big, you could just use this. People were good at multiple about to show the idea and show the rest falls from the Algiers. Okay, we can also make some connections while is connected to free. It may be for is connected toe seven. That way, at the far is connected also to seven. But we can change this graph like this. The decks feature you can that so arrows. Maybe only the lied the iro or maybe that kind off the arrow. You can also change the color you could ride So, fig, as you can see, you can delight it. It also you can add some comrades. I like this idea. Oppose the co bad and we can't just measures sub wild Parchin. I like this idea. And as you can see, you can make a small charter discuss all idea a little more. You could change the color Copa leak had said directly to the check. It is really useful when you have a lot of comments and if you want to show to sub word Exactly this car bad you have to cope piteously could set it. Let's clear that a little. A very useful tool is afraid you could create the frame. If you want to create Sopheak, which is for the Web iPod, a droid tablet or maybe the size of paper you can use. This frame could just rotated. Track the call or you can add agreed. Add to have more options export, safer Step light or Brit What is also useful. You could just delay this phrase if I don't like this fried bacon just bled it. If you have more liars, it is really useful toe because you can just easily all that off this view. You can click a full screen over there, and if you have, if you have multiple. If you have multiple elements, you see the orientation off Arab bands and all connections could be visible over there. Maybe this I like this side. This, as you can see, you have all Allah bands showed here, you can fit it to your screen. The real time applications. Three. Useful. You could create powerful and very nice looking graphs, bottles that application a style. I hope this lecture will help you toe develop your daily basis. More official, Better looking. There is your trivia recycling. Equal glass jar saves enough energy to watch TV for three hours. Thank you for watching at Syria next lecture.