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Design A Rocket Logo! Practice Your Logo Design Skills

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Building The Main Shuttle

    • 3. Creating the Boosters

    • 4. Rocket Time!

    • 5. Creating A Window for Our Shuttle

    • 6. Using Flat Design To Create Shadows/Highlights

    • 7. Layout of The Logo and Seal/Circle Shape

    • 8. Using Type on Path Tool

    • 9. Adding Effects

    • 10. Adding Stars and a Background Effect

    • 11. Fine Tuning in Photoshop and adding Texture

    • 12. The Creative Space Agency - A Unique Skillshare Teacher Collaboration!

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About This Class


Do you want to learn how to create a logo that is out of this world?

In this class we will put together a logo in Adobe Illustrator that will help you practice and develop and fine tune your vector skills. We will practice using the shape builder tool to make complicated shapes very easy to create. We will use flat design and learn how to add dimension highlights to our logo with ease.

We will apply circular text to our logo using the type on path tool and learn how to develop the seal part of our design. Finally we will add some finishes touches to bring the logo together.

All of this in way under an hour, are you strapped in yet? Let's go!

Introducing the The Creative Space Agency


This class is one of four space-themed classes developed collaboratively by a group of Skillshare teachers who banded together to form The Creative Space Agency.

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Lindsay Marsh – Let’s Design a Rocket Logo 
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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12+ years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.


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1. Class Preview: do you want to learn how to create a logo that's out of this world in this class will put together a logo and adobe illustrator. They will help you practice and develop your vector skills. Way will practice using the shape builder tool to create complicated shapes very easily when we use flat design and learn how to add dimension and highlights to our logo. With ease, Way will apply circular text to our logo and learn how to develop the seal part of our design. Finally, we'll add finishing touches to bring the logo together and will do all of this in less than an hour. So strap in and let's go. 2. Building The Main Shuttle: welcome. Today, we're gonna design this logo right here and hopefully under an hour. Ah, we're gonna do something pretty close to it. So this is a great class to take. If you are really wanting to practice your logo design skills, your pin tool skills, we're gonna go over the shape builder tool as we put this together to make it a lot quicker and easier to develop. So let's go ahead, get started. I'm gonna slide this off to the side. And what I like to do is since we're doing a rocket and I just can't draw a rocket just off the top of my head, I like to get a little photo inspiration. So I found this on pixels. P e x e l s dot com is a website where you confront find free photography to use. I'm gonna use this as kind of a guide. I could go and trace a few of these rocket and shuttle elements, and then I'll be able to use the shape builder tool in the pen tool to kind of make it my own. So let's go ahead and get started. I have the pin tool and here's what I'm gonna do. I'm actually gonna draw half of this shape that I can copy and paste it and reflect it to create the whole shape. So I don't have to sit there and try to make sure all my curves on this side matches this side. We're gonna be able to duplicate it, so it will be a perfect match. Go ahead. Start somewhere here in the middle, I could probably even zoom in just a tiny bit. But the guy I might be able to handle it at this size. Let me zoom in. I can't hurt. We'll assume into 300%. That might help. Kind of what I'm drawing a little bit and show you guys more detail. Okay, so let's get then, tool. It's a little bit of a curve, so I'm just a few. If you're familiar with a tip pin tool already, then you'll know exactly what I'm doing. Just clicking. And then any time I want a curve, I click and hold the mouse. It's gonna continue. Doesn't have to be perfect because we're gonna end up customizing this rocket. Are the shuttle to make it our own? We don't want toe look exactly like NASA's space shuttle. We want to kind of create on Rocket. So I want to kind of make sure See this little pink line that's exactly on top of this gonna be aligned with the top anchor and the bottom anchor, and we want to make sure we have a straight line. So when we copy and duplicated, it matches perfectly this line going down the bottom so I can always just take my direct selection tool kind of move it to make sure I snap. There we go. And if you want to be able to kind of see these little pink lines, that kind of indicates when you're things air Center aligned goto view and go make sure smart guides are selected. That really helps you when you're doing this kind of fine tune stuff. So I don't really like this little curve, so I'm just gonna go back and adjust a little bit. There we go. So I think I'm ready to copy and paste from copying, pasting, and I got to go up to transform, and I am going to reflect it. So just do preview. If you don't know if you need to do horizontal or vertical, and that kind of helps you out. We're gonna go and match these two together. It's like that. I may need to go ahead and move my rocket photo out of the way so I could get a better. I want these to be seamless. I'm just gonna go ahead and take my pen tool kind of noodle around with it a little bit. There we go. When it joined the centre right there, so I didn't quite get my line perfectly vertical. That's okay, because we can noodle around, get it to be totally covered. You know, when you know you don't have any gaps. So let's go ahead and join this together with the pin tool are with the shape builder tool , which is right here, actually teaches shaped building class. If you wanna really master this tool, so the first thing going to do is select the two different elements. He's the left on the right side, and then I select my shape builder tool and notice how I have her over it. I'm gonna go ahead, click and hold down the mouse. I can go ahead select both release and boom. It just joined it into one night Specter shape. So we have our rocket or actually our shuttle already done, and we're gonna do our rockets next. 3. Creating the Boosters : Okay, so we're back. I'm gonna go ahead and take our shuttle, and I'm gonna go ahead and flip it to stroke just so I can kind of see what I have done already, and let me kind of make it a crazy bright green. So I kind of know where I've been and what has already been created. That is not a bright green. Let's make that that. Let's go ahead, Drag are shuttled back, kind of where the outline was. And let's go ahead and do these rockets and the Rocket Booster Redux the same principle, we're going to half of it and gonna be used flipping around, use the shape builder tool to build it so that we don't have to sit there and try to match it and hand trace the whole thing, which would be almost impossible to match both sides with accuracy. If we didn't do it, if we had to do it manually, it was good. And zoom back out on this one. I think the rockets are a little bit bigger. Yeah, they go all the way down here. They would go see that pink line. That means that's perfectly vertical. These to anchor points of the bottom and the top are aligned. It was good. Make that black. Let's make it bright green. So I kind of know, and I'm gonna go and send this backwards in the layering system here, and I'm gonna go ahead. Yeah, let's keep it that way. All right. Says go and do the same principle. We're gonna copy and paste looking good to transform. Reflect now we're going to go ahead and drag the South so I can cut a C. Make sure there's no gaps or anything between the two shape builder tool to select everything first. Then I go to the shape builder tool distraught over both. And there's our main rocket. Let's send this backwards in the layering system. I'm gonna go ahead and make no longer make that a stroke kind of start to see her little rocket come together. Let's do our rocket boosters. And this is where I'm gonna kind of deviate just a tiny bit. Ah, let's see. I might actually trace these by hand. He's do not seem super complicated, So I'm just gonna just hand Tracy's what's great about these, as I can just copy and paste and I have my other side. Since they're the same exact booster rocket, let's make that a different color. For now, it's not gonna be permanent, but just kind of helps us differentiate. This is kind of what we got going on right now. Let's make that black. And, um, next, we're gonna kind of, uh, finish out the bottom of the rest where we're gonna get a little more creative because this is all blocked. So we're just gonna use our imagination to kind of see what the bottom of this might look like. And the ones we have the rocket put together will be able to start doing our seal logo and finding the best placement for our rocket. 4. Rocket Time!: This is where we get to be a little creative with kind of finishing out this bottom half, since we have no clue what it really looks like. But I feel like there should be kind of like two Rockets coming out. I wouldn't have the Rocket kind of having some some engine smoke coming out of it. So let's go ahead and draw kind of to exhaust engine areas. And since there's two is gonna copy and paste it, women noodle around. I'm actually gonna zoom in a little bit here, hand a document too big here, couldn't zoom in and let's go ahead and noodle around with this. I'm just doing the direct selection tool. It's kind of making sure it's the right shape that I like. Copy and paste it ups. Go ahead and do the full selection. Direct looks to a copy and paste it, and there's our second rocket. Let's talk these inside a little bit. This could be the same color so it can experiment. I almost wonder. Let me see. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually selecting. I think I'm going to make this little bit rounded. There we go. I don't like it straight like that. It's a little separation between the two. So it's coming along. I want to add Let's see. Do I like it. So I like I need to add something to these rockets. I'm thinking I need to kind of add a similar kind of a place for all the exhaust to come out to do that. Exactly. I'm just gonna kind of send this to the back. There we go. Good to reflect it. This is just if I were to really be doing this logo and taking time, like probably do it a little more exact, but I want to be able to do this logo pretty quick and on the fly. Okay, So I feel like there needs to be some or separation of this rocket. So I'm gonna actually just move these over little breathing room. Never heard anybody. And I'm gonna select this element and selector Main rocket and I'm just center aligning them horizontally. Let me move this over a little bit. So there's the same space here, and it doesn't have to be exact and actually want to make these thicker. We go ahead and join these. Well, go ahead and keep it like this. Make him a little thicker. The more prominent with our logo if it's ever gonna be small when I really make sure these elements are visible from a distance so that means we're gonna over exaggerate everything just a little bit. Let's actually, uh, take this element, I might add, Do Schapelle Tool. Actually, what I might do selecting these two boosters, I'm bringing them to the front and I'm gonna is complete the shape. So it continues nicely on the same line and path. It's probably the proper way to do it. I'm just gonna draw another shape. Yeah, we'll just use the shaped a little tool to unite them more done. I love I wish I discovered the shape older tool earlier in my career. It would save me a ton of time. So I have both of these. I want to join these together. So I select in both. I want these two to join together, and they are. And since these are gonna be the same, it's copy and paste. Actually. Whoa! Before we do that, I don't like that too much. Let's bring this up here. Let's really make this how we like it. Okay, great. Now we can copy and paste. Bring that over here, and we're gonna select both and bring them to the back. So arrange. Send back. There's also keyboard shortcuts. You're a keyboard shortcut kind of person. Okay, so now it's time to do some windows, so we'll do that in the next lesson. 5. Creating A Window for Our Shuttle : So now that we have the basic shape developed for rocket logo um, at least the icon I want to do something a little different. A little custom. I want to add this really cool, futuristic window at the top of a rocket. Since this is not a NASA rocket, this is kind of our own rockets. I'm just gonna go ahead and I'm just dragging around my pin tool here until I find the exact center which is going to be right here. And I know this because of the the view and smart guides air on. It will not do that of smart guides or not checked, So it's always nice to have those on. Go ahead and click right here with my mouse, and I could do the same thing we've been doing to create kind of a perfect shape. You do the first half copy and paste. Oops, copy and paste, and it's going to flip that guy around and see how quick we're able to kind of put this stuff together. Shape Builder Tool joined the two boom just like that. I just created a perfect shapes and I would just have to figure out some other elements to it. Let's do a little bit of a reflection. So this is something that we can see, uh, trying to think next. Steps, maybe. And a little bit. It needs a little something, something kind of around the border. I'm just I'm just doing this by hand instead of doing the and Zach shape because it's a small element. There we go. Just did the pen tool. It's true, kind of a little bit of Ah and have a border for the window. I probably should have done it. It's act. I'm just trying to save a little time. They would go and I kind of want this to come to a little bit of a point, so I'm actually going to adjust that a little bit with the pin tool. Let's go ahead and assume in quite a bit and kind of find tune this little bit because these shapes aren't going well together. So let's go ahead, get a direct selection tool. I want to make this come to more of a point that this is where you can just kind of have fun and illustrated your great illustrator Great. I am not a naturally gifted illustrator. I could do basic shapes, and that did not come but used to be kind of a just a little bit. And you will spend a little time adjusting that, getting it perfect. And then we can move on to so shading where we could make it look like their shading. But yet keep the amount of shapes really simple. And of course, we'll do coloring and get this guy on a circular seal type logo. 6. Using Flat Design To Create Shadows/Highlights: So now we're gonna add a little bit of shading by using a flat design. So with flat design, you don't use a lot of different layers and shapes. You use as few shapes as possible to create the effect of three D or shadowing. So in this example, this looks like a three D rocket or shuttle, but it's only really just a lighter red in the darker red. But it gives that appearance of shadowing. So we're gonna do that same thing right now. We're just gonna take these elements and divide them in half. Ah, by using the shape builder tool, dragging him back over our main element and playing around with coloring. So let's go and start with her main rocket. I'm actually gonna go ahead and join this whole rocket together, at least this bottom part of the rocket. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy and Patterns could do this one at the time. We're gonna take a rectangle tool shaped tool and just go right down the middle. This right here. So you see, I see that pink line toward the bottom. That's how I know it's halfway and let me go ahead and do a stroke so I can kind of see what I'm doing with the shape older tool. Gonna select all of this grabber shape, older tool. And I'm actually gonna be able to hold down option notice. You see this minus sign of Mabel? Subtract objects now, so I'm gonna subtract. I could pick either half. I'll just do the left side. So good, it's Go ahead, subtract any element I don't need. And I am left over with this other half. That's great. If you could go ahead, drags element right on top. Go ahead and just bring it down in the layer system right there. Let's go ahead and find already picked out kind of this red for a rocket color. So I'm gonna make our main rocket red. And so the layer that we just dragged on top, that's gonna kind of be our accident Shadow layer. We'll also make that read. But I got a double click this watch and I got to go a little bit darker. Just a hair. You don't want to do it too much because you don't want too much contrast, cause then it starts to look fake. So That's probably enough right there. We're going to Same thing here was copy and paste. Take that shape, color tool. We're actually gonna shake Take that rectangle tool And I'm actually leaving a solid color So there's not a stroke that's getting in the way. Select all in our shape, older tool Hold down option. So I go into subtraction mood and I gotta subtract. I'm left with side Send that back in the layering system Go and make this rocket blue And I got to take this Half year ago there's the half We just created gonna make that same blue but make it just a hair darker They would go and kind of see it already starting to look much more three d We have one more element to do and I like how we're getting to practice this a lot. I like Dole. This is why I'm doing it that way. Instead of originally not joining them together, we could have just not done that. But I like this method because you get to practice and you have a full element underneath. If you decide that you don't want to do the shading, so this way gives you more options. So I'm gonna go ahead and select both of these. And I have this kind of radiant gold color you could do. Gray, if you don't want to have, um, any Grady, it's in your logo. And so how am I gonna create? Since it's not solid color, how am I gonna create this three d effect? What I'm gonna do is I have degrading going down from the top to the bottom, and I'm actually gonna reverse this. So for this right side, I'm going from the bottom to the top, and it kind of creates cool effect there. So I'm gonna race in that to the back. And actually, instead of doing this all over again, it's the same shape. So I'm just gonna copy and paste it hence in that to the back. And I think these air already grouped they're not group yet, So I'm just gonna group, um and I'll be able to align them. So I'm gonna select my left rocket. Right Rocket. I'm gonna go up to alignment, make sure they're nice and aligned. So there is that. We got one more element to do. Let's go ahead and copy and paste. Good. Good practice to a rectangle tool. Shape builder. Hold down. That got a hold down that option, Keating, Call out that subtraction instead of addition. Same thing with the window. I'm actually keep it gray, but make it a little bit darker, Grey on the right side, so that to the back. Perfect. I could even do this black as well. Oh, are actually already have these divided so as to make this side keeping with all this being slightly shade darker. Uh, keep going. So there we go. So I feel really happy with that. I want to make this a little bit lighter. There we go. I don't want that window to be to dark. Perfect. So I feel really good about this element of the logo. Now, we actually have to get the logo put together, and we're going to do that in the next A lesson 7. Layout of The Logo and Seal/Circle Shape: So let's go ahead and select our entire rocket were happy with this. This is probably not going to change outside of adding a little bit of text a ring and Photoshopped later. So let's go ahead and group this element together and make it a little bit smaller. So I'd like to make this kind of a seal logo and I kind of want to have it tilted. I know that in in advance. So let me go ahead. Just tilt that. Let's go ahead and draw our circles that will end up being our logo. So let's go ahead draw. I hold down shift with E circle tool and I'm able to make a perfect circle. We're gonna look at her little example here to kind of see what we're gonna be accomplishing. So we're gonna Right now, we're creating the basic circle, and we're gonna also create Thean inside circle as well. So this will be the inside circles. So let's go ahead and make this kind of a dark grey. I never like to use pure black. I just feel like kind of ah, really dark gray. This has a nicer kind of look to it you make the outside ring, you could actually do a pass and increase the weight if you just want to have an outside part where you put the lettering But I'm actually gonna make thes two solid circles So one's gonna be bigger than the other And let me send this to the back when we change the color to, like a really light gray And I want to do White I want to have some contrast, but not too much contrast. Great. So I had my inner circle and I have my outer circle. So this is gonna be the circle worthy Texas gonna be right now. This is not aligned all the way perfectly around. You could see this has more space than this side. So I'm gonna select both circles and I'm just gonna go down here to my alignment. I could do all center line, So that's a horizontal center line. That's a vertical line. Anything that aligns its center and then horizontal distribute center. And so now we have It's nice, these air nicely, perfectly center. Let's go pop this logo in here. Range that to the front. Great. Gotta love it when your mom s sister. See you if you're in the middle of recording. So gonna leave that in there? Because I think it's funny. Okay, so I wanna have a nice balance between the rocket logo and the seal part, so I'm just gonna go ahead and find that balance that's gonna determine what's gonna be left over for type. So I kind of want to do this first before I do type. I wanted to kind of pierce outside of the circle, so it's not all contained within the circle, because I think that's kind of boring. It's really nice when element kind of pops outside. So that's what we're gonna do. So let's go ahead and add our text were to do that in the next video. 8. Using Type on Path Tool: we'll have a little name that we're gonna put on our logo. Kind of short and sweet and already kind of played around with a font choice. I felt like having a nice, bold condensed thought was gonna work really well with this flat designed logo. I feel like a Sarah font would not really match. Well, so I spent some time messing around with font choices, and I feel like this is probably gonna work. Well, I'm probably gonna have to reduce spacing and the gaps between the letters, because I don't think I'm gonna be able to fit it all on here. So I'm gonna have the creative Space agency here. I would like to have maybe established or some kind of tag line that goes on the bottom. Right. So let me go ahead and get this in a circular form. We're gonna go ahead and copy and paste this this Ah, inside circle. We have since already a nice circle we have already made. Let's not reinvent the wheel, got a copy or text, and I'm gonna do the type on path tool. It's select anywhere, but I think I want my text to kind of start right about here. The paste, it and I pretty much knew I was could have to reduce the gap. Go ahead and make it zero. And then we can always expand the space a little bit later. It's good. Slide this over. So this type on path tool typed on this path, but it was that these this size of the inside circles. So you see how it hugs the inside circle? I wanted to kind of be in the middle, so I'm gonna go ahead and select this and make it a little larger. So there we go, and I want to make sure it fits nicely. You really have to eyeball this. You can't select all and do center align. It doesn't do it quite right, because you haven't outline the text yet. So you really decide ball this one and I actually can afford to add a tiny bit more spacey to this. If I reduce the fault size sometimes increasing the spacing and decreasing the font size, it looks a little cleaner that way. Doesn't look as clunky. So we want to make sure the space between this type on path and this inner circle is the same here than it is here. Menus are arrow tool on our keyboard to kind of noodle around with it, so that's great. Let me actually go ahead and make this a blue could play around with that later. I'm not sure if I like that blue, but we'll see. Probably even afford to add just a tiny bit more spacing. So let's add 100 100 for the tracking and let's actually spend this a little bit right there. So perfect. So I have this top section, and the next lesson we're gonna go ahead and do the bottom right. 9. Adding Effects: So this is what I want to do. If I just want to keep all of my text on the same circle and wrap it around, this is what happens. This is the challenge. So I'm gonna go ahead and type all the way down here. Ah, this is a test. Well, it's upside out. That doesn't look really good. We want to have it right side up. So here's the trick I've had I've done many seal logos for clients, and I've always had the text kind of come down like this, and they always say, Flip it around and I didn't quite know how to do that. So this is how you do that? The easiest ways. Go ahead and copy and paste what you already have. And this it's really finicky and really tricky. So we're gonna go to are we already have our direct selection tool. So you're gonna hover around. So you see an icon, missy. There it iss this little arrow left, right, left, right. We're gonna go ahead and click and move it. Problem. His work is really challenging their it iss some clicking and holding, and I'm actually gonna move it. It's not allowing me of trying to flip it so that it's on the inside instead of the outside , and it's not allowing me to flip it. So I would actually just move it over here and try again. This is where there it is. There's that icon. See the little arrow click and you want to kind of move your mouse toward the inside of the circle. There it is. See how finicky that is after 12 years of doing it? Ah, I could still have a hard time with it. So that's definitely did take some practice. But once you see that arrow icon, let's go ahead and grab. You take advantage of it. Okay, so that's gonna be, like established and 2000 18. And I'm just gonna spend my circle till I have some nice placement. Probably right about there, perhaps just eyeballing it. I might be able to change the font, make it skinnier, make it wider, have a lot more spacing here. I can make a rocket logo a little bit bigger. Since I know the placement of my text, I could turn it a little bit if you have it down here. Maybe even make it smaller. This is where we're really gonna have to use our designers. I figure out because we really don't need this space. So we can be a little bit more liberal with the placement and I want to have some stars and everything here. So I want to leave a little room for that so I can go down and look at my sample to kind of see what we did, what we did, what I did before, kind of see the right place, and I think we're pretty close. That's the thing I want to add right now is I want to add some smoke to our Rockets. We might even need to kind of push this up a little bit. Okay, so it's good And that smoke, since we have kind of her text a little bit, how we like it, least the basic part of it. I think I might wanna make that skinnier, and the spot does not have that option, so I'll play with around with that in a little bit. What's that? Some smoke coming out. It's at a little angled smoke coming out. Let's go ahead and make this keep it a weird color, so we can kind of see where we're at here. I'm just good. All usual. Send this backward in the layering system a little bit until there would go. Perfect. We're gonna add some smoke coming out of this side as well. Make that another colors and kind of see what we're doing. Science and that backwards. Perfect. And so we don't want anything outside the circle. We don't want the smoke because the smoke has nowhere to fade into. We don't have to do all that. We wanted to have a nice cut off right here where the circle is. So we're gonna use that shape Older tool is good and copy and paste this outside circle that we have gonna overlay it here. And I'm gonna take that shake and highlight all the elements I'm gonna be cutting. Take that shape, builder, tool. And I'm gonna take the subtraction, which for me is option and for you guys. I think it's all if its windows if you're on a window system and I'm just subtracting these elements and just like that in the good removed circles, boom already have a nice cut there. So that's a great trick. I wish I knew earlier in my career it was like that. We could make this dark gray, maybe make the center one white. How's that look, I don't like that too much. Let's do the opposite. Let's like this white and make the inside a little just subtly more gray. There we go. That's cool. I think I like that. You can play around with the coloring a little bit now that we're getting really close to being finished. So I'm gonna noodle around a little bit with the text here. I'm going to start doing some stars for our black background, and we're almost done. 10. Adding Stars and a Background Effect: So let's that some flourishes, Some details. What's that? Some stars to the background of this. So this is how we could do a little bit of stars. What's going to slide over here and do a circle shape? It's going to look a little skinny, oval. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna copy and paste it, and I'm gonna take transform, tool and rotate this guy a believable in 90 degrees. So that's going to give a nice horizontal cross here. It's like both is the elements them to do the horizontal all the way across horizontal horizontal that scores all boom. So now this is all nicely aligned. It's gonna group this and it could do stars anyway, want this is kind of like stars a little bit of a instead of a sharp kind of a nice, rounded edge. I'm actually to just hold down shift, make that a little bit smaller, and I'm just gonna angle this. I can actually slipping by 90 degrees. If I really want to be exact Ike and rotated by 45 degrees, actually, or you could just rotate it yourself manually. Do it. There's my little star. I'm just gonna kind of do the same thing horizontally align everything. Mm, horizontal. And I'm gonna eyeball it sometimes the computer doesn't do it exactly. OK, I'm gonna group this together to have my star. So I grew my element together can make it smaller, and I was gonna copy and paste. What I like to do is do, ah, variation of sizes and angles so I could actually do this one a little bit of an angle. But it may be a big one down here and then copy and paste, I'm gonna make a really small version as well. I don't want to do too many of these cause I think more detail is lost when the logo is small. So I'm not gonna do that many. I'm also gonna do some That's this. A simple circle just to add a little variety to buy stars once again, variety and sizes cool. Some of these may not show up. And a smaller version of the logos You got to be careful, this kid on my stars and now I want to do a little bit of a variation kind of movies around a little more randomly, they put some clothes together, some far apart. There we go. I might need a little more of these small stars. Almost make, like, a little constellation. There we go. And I could do some variation in color now, So I'm gonna randomly select a couple of these guys, and I'm gonna make them a little bit darker. Grey, they blend into the background a little more. I'm actually gonna take all of my colors, actually, and dull everything just a little bit. I don't want the stars to be the biggest thing you notice. So it's just kind of screening everything back. Let's make that darker. Here we go. Maybe this one could be a little darker. Perfect Hopes that music adjustable Drucker. There we go. So now we have our stars set. We could go ahead, mess around with that a little bit. It always zoom outs was going zoom out. See how it looks further out. Let's do 100%. I kind of see some other variations I was playing with. That's good. I think some of these smaller points will probably not be seen, so we may need to just go with the bigger stars. This really helps us help me. It helps me with placement. I can really kind of see it with a fresh pair of eyes. So I feel like there really needs to be kind of something that really holds this entire Lego together. I think it just needs a little outer band of gold to kind of tie in the school. But also to give a little more contrast between a white background and this gray circle. So let me zoom in a little bit and I'm gonna add just a really subtle It's copying, pacing this outside circle. I'm gonna go ahead, grab our gold element at an angle to it. I'm just gonna hold down shift, and they could just ever so slightly bigger. And go ahead, just put this in the back as our back layer. You can also do a stroke on this grey circle if you want, but I like this because it gives them more control over the elements. So I like that. That also gives you an ending to the smoke as well. Kind of really ties everything together. So I feel pretty happy with this. Let me kind of noodle around with some things I would love to add a little bit of texture. We're gonna do that in photo Shop is kind of finessing kind of thing, toe our logo. But I feel like this is all simple. Is all vector. It's all simple flat design. It could actually probably make this flat colors ingredient and that is ready to go, um, to be printed to be used digitally. It's is a very versatile logo because, um, there's not too many different elements going on, so it's easy to reproduce. So we're going one more final lesson. We're gonna finesse, put a little bit of texture on it, add some highlights and put it on a space background, and we will be done. 11. Fine Tuning in Photoshop and adding Texture: so if we were doing true flat design, I would change this to baby solid, maybe kind of a gold ish color, but a solid non grading color. And I would have true flat design, but I kind of want to add to some flourishes and some finishes to it and some texture photo shop. So really, we're done, and this is just kind of taking it to the next level visually. So if you want to do that, I'm gonna go ahead to actually add a little bit of shading and shadowing by adding a little bit of a Grady into this black space by adding a simple ingredient. So I'm just gonna add a grading and color actually opened up my swatches soup at my swatches. There it is. I got my swatches, My color Will you make the c m y que for a moment and let me bring in Grady and there's grain in right here. So I want to do a there. It is just your simple black to white radiant, and it's a radio. So when you go to Grady in, you'll see that's radio. So it's radiating out, and I'm just gonna get rid of this white and just have it go from a much darker grey to a medium grey. It's going make this black and back it off a little notch. Maybe 95. Let's make this a little bit darker to I just wanted to be a subtle shading. Doesn't have to be anything dramatic. Let's go back to black and then back it off. See that? Just add a little bit of dynamic shading there. We could actually play around with this a little bit, but taking the Grady int tool of messing around with where the highlight starts, that's like a little bit of a highlights. All you need just a little bit. Go ahead, Do you may be right there. Play around this little bit wider. Perfect. Bring it up just a tad So that kind of finished up My little bit of texture or my little bit of radiant and I'm just gonna correct. I've just pretty much groupings together. I already have this little space background. I found a proper little blogger right here, and I must get out a little bit of text Oring. So when you drag something from illustrator to photo shop it becomes a vector. Smart object. You're not really able to do a lot of editing that way, So I'm going to right click and I'm gonna rast arise the layer. And when I do this, it gives me the ability to kind of add do some photo shop effects to it. So this is not really for a final logo. This is just adding that little extra possess so he could showcase it. Well, I like to add a little texture, and instead of bringing in a texture over the layer or over the logo, I'm actually going to add noise. So go filter noise, add noise. This just adds just a subtle flare of texture. Let me see. Let me zoom. And that previews not really given me much. So there we go. So you notice if you do a lot it really there's you This is really a subtle effects. You have to do a very little amount to get the effective once and maybe right about perhaps 10% is probably good. That's perfect. And so now I'm gonna go ahead and take I'm double clicking this layer and at a nice, strong, deep, dark, dark drop shadow Play around with the lighting with lighting to come down this way. So let me do the angle here. Total distance. Perfect. And I can always draw line here. I'm just taking the polygon lasso tool. Kind of just take a line here. I'm just selecting this top half of the logo. I'm gonna take Dodge till I'm not sure if this is what I want to do. Let's just see what it looks like. Like shadows. Maybe not just to kind of highlight that a little bit, actually. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do highlights. You're a really high that high, like the stars a little bit. So it's like I'm really pop. Okay. And let's add, it's actually select the opposite. Let's select this bottom. Have right where that shadow or flat shadowing starts. I'm gonna get the there it is down here and grab the burn tool. Like it a little bit bigger. Really big groups. That might be too much. A little bit. Make that the shadows accentuated a little bit. So there we go. I feel like we're done. Um, going back, I'd probably accentuate these the smoke a little bit that's kind of blurring out. I can't really tell the difference of where that smoke is. I'm pretty happy with it. There's our little logo. I mean, it's been less than an hour, and we've been able to put this together, and this is kind of what our illustrator version looks like. This is the version. I originally intended it to look like this. The test version I came up with. So I think we got pretty close. Eso hopefully enjoyed this class. You got to practice your illustrator skills and maybe could get started designing your own rocket logo. 12. The Creative Space Agency - A Unique Skillshare Teacher Collaboration! : introducing the Creative Space Agency. We are a team of skill. Share teachers from around the world who wondered what we could do if we got together and collaborated on a set of classes that shared a common theme out of space became our theme of choice. And so the Creative Space Agency was born. Now launched an available on skill. Sheer feel free to check out all of the following classes. So what's actually covered in each of these classes and the class? Let's design a rocket logo. Lindsay shows us how to practice in. Develop our victor skills by putting a flat design logo together on Adobe Illustrator Using illustrators shape. Build a toll. You'll learn how to make complicated shapes with ease. You will also learn how to a dimension and highlights to your logo, as well as mastering circular ticks to create your own amazing rocket logo and Diana's painter child on the moon class. Using watercolor, Diana will show us how to draw and paint acute and simple card of a child sleeping on the moon. It's the perfect painting for a gift or to put in your child's room, and Jessica's loose and lively watercolor galaxy class. Jessica will show us a range of watercolor techniques such as lifting, keeping a whited and using contact paper masking all while painting beautiful watercolor Galaxies. And Chris is create a space themed illustration class. Chris will show us how to turn a created pancake surface into a three D moon, paint a nebula and stares and combine all of the's images into one stunning illustration at the Creative Space Agency. We have had a lot of fun putting our classes to give her, and I hope you enjoy watching all of them and learning an awesome range of new skills.