Decoupage your world! Applied decoupage for artisans and everyone else! ') | Tam Greenity | Skillshare

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Decoupage your world! Applied decoupage for artisans and everyone else! ')

teacher avatar Tam Greenity, Freelance Designer, Creator and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction - Let's get started! ')

    • 2. 2 Here's what we need ')

    • 3. 3 Get ready to decoupage! ')

    • 4. 4 Take your first decoupage steps! ')

    • 5. 5 Decoupage your first piece of furniture! ')

    • 6. 6 Create your own decoupage jewelry! ') - First technique

    • 7. 7 Create your own decoupage jewelry! ') - Second technique

    • 8. 8 Time to start your own decoupage venture! ')

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About This Class

 My class is all about easy, stress-free and fun mastering of elementary decoupage skills, by the means of watching, step-by-step learning and practically using applied decoupage techniques. ')

Throughout this class, students will get familiarized and comfortable with basics of decoupage, which will allow them to practically create new or decorate existing diverse pieces through the art of decoupage. Students will be able to apply learned techniques with ease and about endless freedom, since decoupage skills are applicable in many different fields of arts, cratfs and creation in general.

With acquired knowledge on decoupage techniques, students will be equipped to create their own decorative, unique and personalized pieces, using their own two hands while at the same time widening their creativity. ‘)  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tam Greenity

Freelance Designer, Creator and Teacher


Hi lovely eveyone, ')

I'm Tam and I'm hopelessly in love with design, creation and life! ')
As a kindergarten teacher by vocation, experienced and passionate English teacher in kindergarten and universal translator, for the past five years I've been slightly pulled away from my strongest passion- creation & design... Even so, I have always found the way to make enough room for them in my life, while doing something I also enjoy- working with kids and helping them learn a languge that I truly love... however this is something which on its own just isn't enough for me to achieve professional bliss...and I need that bliss, I need it desperately. ')
I live for creation, which can come in many forms.. Design, photography, music, writing, drawing, singing, decorating, baking..... See full profile

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1. 1 Introduction - Let's get started! '): Hi, Love the everyone. I'm Cometa and this is my very first skill share class. So I'm over the moon, excited to be here and shares and skills with you. I really hope that this class will justify your expectations. This class will be dedicated to the wonderful art form of the posh hands to getting you familiar and comfortable with Kabbaj technique and many different ways to apply it. What I want to show you throughout this class is that everyone But I mean everyone can master this skill and have enormous amounts of fun and enjoyment while doing it. I might go for this class is Teoh allow you to master the art form of the composite with ease and to create your own unique and hand created pieces with a professional looking finished. And trust me the idea of this class, you will be able to do it. Creative possibilities with compassion are practically endless because the mostly depend on how free you are. Teoh. Elect your imagination around wild or our class project. Within this class, you will create two different pieces off your own art by practicing two different Decca podge techniques. Did I will show you I will allow you, Teoh act with confidence and incredible versatility in your future. The posh practicing. We could look at some more applied to capaz examples and I'll see you in a first lesson. 2. 2 Here's what we need '): welcome to our first lesson. This lesson will be dedicated to our materials and tools necessary for the posh practicing . First things First, we're going to need article posh gloom and make sure you get a high quality composite blue for your posh practicing. Since the quality of the glue directly determines the quality and finished, look off the piece itself. Eso be prepared to invest just a tad more if necessary and get a good one. And I don't think that you will have any troubles finding decoupage glue in any graph supply store didn't want Teoh our next necessity and that is our flat paint brush. We have three different brushes here, different sizes in wits. And, uh, this largest widest one is the present we won't need immediately for our first decade posh practicing thistles. Just example of a brush that we use when we need Teoh. Cover a bigger surface area. We simply have a larger the composite vacation itself, so brush on this size will get you there much faster. However, for our physical posh practicing on especially for your class project, you will do within this class you need, I suggest to flat paint brushes in sizes similar to these ones because this a large one is actually the one you used for applying your bloom onto a surface and on your application on this smaller on narrow one is used for more detailed work when you need to apply glue with great attention on brush in this size is perfect for getting rid of unwanted bubbles, which we will get to a bit later in our next videos. Then, of course, as already mentioned before, we need our little clock. What is only necessary for wiping off the excess off the composite blue from our brushes because if we don't clean them, then our brushes will be unusable. They'll be ready for trash since the glue hardens in time and when it dries off. So we need to clean them with water. We also need I have my water in this spray bottle so I can easily just spray water onto my brushes and then wipe away decoupage glue still left on the brushes with this clock. We also need a quote to clean the access of the glue while we're still working on are the posh piece, so clock is really necessary and then we finally come to the star of the show on. That is, of course article posh application as an example for our compassion napkin applications. I will show you some compassion napkins. Here is this one for example, this one. Then we also have a type of a napkin. As you can see, it is very usual to find our capaz napkins with floral motifs. To be all floral Aziz, you can see we have a little birth here. We also have a little nest here way. Also have napkins such as this one with musical notes on it so you can use this type of a napkin. Application to cover a larger surface is also you will find a lot of these coupons napkins with Metallica motifs on them so you can use each and every part off Matif you choose to here. I have already prepared a de composite vacation from this napkin and I will just run you through it at this application that I made is much thinner and translucent is you can see it is because I only used the top layer of a napkin. Some of these composite napkins have that three layers. All of them have to. However, you only need to use the top one and dispose of the other ones, and we can also use for our applications are drawings before we can use printed artwork, illustrations, graphics, anything we like on, uh, printed out on dinner paper than regular A Z Well, Aziz dried and pressed flowers. I have already done that in the past, and it's a wonderful, wonderful resource for your deposit locations. So you only need to dry impress your flowers, which is what I did with this one here, which is, by the way, a flower from my own are cute and now it is pretty much ready to be used as a composite application. Also, we can use applications from newspapers. We can cut out everything we find interesting and beautiful, and with this, we hear covered all our necessities for the kibosh practicing. So I'll see you in our next video 3. 3 Get ready to decoupage! '): Okay, now that we've covered all the materials and tools necessary for the compassion, we should talk a bit about preparation for the posh practicing. And it exists off choosing our surface that we wish to decorate and choosing. Of course, article, posit, location. So for this little demonstration, I have chosen as my surface that I wish to decorate this notebook it has That's really firm and hard covers which I can easily decorate through the posh on. It is very important that you choose a surface which is either flat. It has enough flat space for your application to be applied to, or it is vote hard and flat, such as this case and these covers, as you can see there, really that thick and hard. So they're my perfect base for added composite location and my specification. I have chosen this Brent ID s of artwork because off the colors and shades of blue that it has on it, which I feel it will go perfectly with my notebook covers here and after we prepare our surface and our application. It's about positioning our application and then we're ready to start with the composite What preparation off our surface that we wish to decorate means is actually Teoh. Get our surface clean and ready for application to be applied on it. So if you're using a similar surface, you can use any type of clot to just simply wipe off this surface. If there any actual markings or stains, you can use also a bit moist cloth. Then I will demonstrate right now. So you just with a little water on it, and then you go over your desired surface and completely dries off After this wiping in his prepared to serve us as a base for optical posh. So this is how the barrier surface. Every service needs to be clean and dirt or grease free before we start with the Bosch. And as far as our preparation on deposit application goes face when you're using paper applications, you are supposed to use scissors as your tool to obtain a perfect application. Because once your application is on your desired peace, there is no going back, so your application should be in a perfect state before you're ready to apply. So I'm using the scissors these very hard indeed. But use any scissors that air suited for non fabric materials. While you're preparing your deposit vacation by cutting it, you should always use this technique to achieve best possible results should twist and turn your application so you get the closest cut to the original print, because that way it will seem best, and it will be seamless when you put it on your desired peace. Our next and final step in preparation for the posh is to position our application in the desire it spot on our chosen based on get the most perfect and results we can. So in this case, I have chosen two. Position my application right here because you can see that this cover has some sort of a logo on it, and I wish to cover it with my application. You can go as creative and his crazy as you like when you're choosing the exact place for your application, and also when you're cutting your application on customizing it, you should feel completely free. Teoh. Alter it in any way if you wish to do so, because it is all about your vision 4. 4 Take your first decoupage steps! '): Now that our preparation is finally done, we're ready to start applying our composite vacation onto our desired surface. First, all I like to prepare my service to our service to apply our first layer off. The compassion blew onto. We take our bleu, then on with our clocked prepared and waiting. We think our this is middle brush on the larger do that I showed you before and we dip it into our blue. We take all the excess off a flat brush by the pulling yet over the edge of our blue bottle . And then we apply the glue our desired surface here. So make on assessment where your application will go, and then start putting your glue first. You our best to use these vertical emotions. No, that's just blue. Then check if you covered all the area needed for your application. No, I need to go further up here so my application can depressed onto a blue surface. So the amount of glue that you need is actually quite a small amount. You really need to use the bare minimum for your base layer off blue here. You know, I think we're good. I think we should covered the surface that will be needed. Fire application. Yes, we have. And now that we have prepared the surface where it's time to apply are glued to the application. We're again getting rid of all the excess glue because our application will go face side up . We're not putting glue here. We're putting it on the back here, so I'm going to start doing it. And please make sure that you're not putting your application on to our flat surface while we're doing this. So it's best if you keep it in your can. Keep it on your fingers such as this, and then applied glued to it again. I suggest you use a vertical bar strokes, so just make sure that you have covered entire back off your application so that every part of the paper in this case is covered with glue because you want to stick perfectly to the surface once you applied, and now we are ready to finally position it and apply it to our covers. You need to do this carefully because once you get your application onto your surface, it is done, So first place it gently and then when you decide that you're good to go, that it is a good position and you have all your edges where you want them. Then you press gently with your fingers, making sure the surface of your application is completely flat and bubble free. At this stage, it may happen that some bill bubble bubbles form underneath your application. In that case, just go with your finger over the application again, and you will get rid of them. And if you don't get rid of them now, you will definitely get through to them afterwards when we apply our final layer of glue on top off our application. So now our application is on the surface where we want it. We can go to the next phase, which is putting the group on top of our application again. We are getting rid of all the extra blue, so I know starting to apply again vertical brush strokes, and you're noticing that I'm adding a few layers of the glue. So each time you feel like you need more blue, go ahead and add some more to your brush because it is very important that you get an equally spread a layer off glued on top of your application. So did each and every little part of it is equally emerged with the surface. Here we have our final decorated piece that you should always leave your finished decorating piece to completely dry before you start to do anything else to it on. Also, you should know that you're always completely free to add any other radical positive locations on top of this one around it. But you could also paint over it, or maybe a fly also through the bars, dried flowers or whatever you think of. So your options are limitless, and this is how it looks like now. 5. 5 Decoupage your first piece of furniture! '): welcome to our next lesson dedicated to decorating furniture through article posh. So I have already chosen my piece of furniture that I want to decorate with my dick apology application. And it is this chest here. I call it my treasure test. I will no use my application on it. Is this application on decorate Miss Side of my chest? I have loved Karen l High. In order for you to see the way that I'm going. Teoh, apply my pontification onto this piece. We have talked about position in our piece. That is a very important thing because once we decide where to put our application and once we apply it there, it is done. I think that that I want to do it here. You can see that her head is tilted this way and his head is tilted that way. So they're going towards each other on and you can see that I have kept this white bit that behind my plans here. And that's because I wanted to achieve a contrast between my application and my background here. That is the important thing to have in mind. So if you have a doctor piece of furniture and discounts is a darker piece. It is. It's dark, teal. You should always choose applications there more light in their color schemes. So in this case, I'm keeping all the lightest bits in order to have this details visible. So now that I have choose in my desired position, I will to apply my deposit will, of course. And I'm taking my larger brush first. So I'm putting the small amount of my onto my brush getting rid of the excess boots. So you know, I'm starting to apply it, and you can see that the large brush comes in handy when a bit bigger surfaces are. Question. I think I should covered my design of surface. Yes, it will fit perfectly, and now we move on to a blind blew onto our application here. Of course, we're again putting glue on the back of our application here because our application is going to go face side up again and make sure that you have covered every little bit off your application. And now that we have prepared our application, it is time for us to position it for the final time. Now that I have positioned it Okay, a little adjustments here, you know that It was finally there, and I'm happy with a position. I'm gonna lightly press it with my fingers. So now your application is built position and applied, and open it to do is now seal it with another finish. Layers off our kebabs blue, which will act like lacquer or varnish and diskettes. So now, for a final touch, we need to take another batch off glue and then just seal our application. And we do that by applying vertical brush strokes is my favorite way of doing it. Especially if your application has a vertical direction. And it's rather portrait than Levinsky position. Make sure you just go firm enough with your brush in order to rid of any bubbles. I have done my upward motions. I do some of my down your emotions as well. Wait, are finished. So, no, our application is a blight and seal. Now we get Teoh cleaning our excess blue from the surface surrounding our application. First of all, as you can see, I'm cleaning off my brush for cleaning your surface. You should use a moist clock, so not dripping wet but moist. What So just give it a few sprays and just go very carefully. Of course, around your application. Taking any excess food, your finger reach. We don't causing any damage to your application. Of course, we're doing this now because afterwards, when you blew over our replication sets, so will the glue around it. So it would be much more difficult for you to take that blew away this way. Getting very sane. I'm here it iss take another look at finished results. 6. 6 Create your own decoupage jewelry! ') - First technique: this lesson and our next lesson are going to be dedicated. Teoh Applying the posh technique when we're creating jewelry, they're two different techniques that I want to show you what it comes to apply the posh jeweler making and the first technique is very similar to techniques that we used for decorating furniture. In this case, I have chosen to show you how Teoh Decca posh on leather This is a piece off genuine fine leather. I want Teoh recycle and up cycle, and I want to use it to create cuff bracelet on. It will look something like this when it's finished. I human so chosen my application to decorate this piece of leather with and my application of choice is this napkin application when you're using your deck a posh napkins, and it is best to actually care off that the application itself, the matif you want, and if you do that with your fingers and out through the scissors, you will get a finder edges that will blend seamlessly with the surface. However, in this case I have used scissors, and I did this because they wanted to achieve these sharp edges. And when I put my application. It looks very sharp and very clear, which is something that I wanted to achieve in this particular case. And also you can see my application is very, very fine. It is on Lee the top surface layer off a napkin. Now we're ready to start applying our deposit application onto our piece off leather here. When you're using the napkin application, you are not putting the composite glue onto this application itself because it is very fine and deli. That's right. We're putting our blue onto our surface directly, and I'm going to start to apply my glue onto desired spot. I decided that I wanted to put my application somewhere in the middle. Don't be afraid to work with leather. This is exactly why I chose this particular example, because leather is a wonderful base for your capaz applications. Sometimes you will find that when working with leather, you will need to use a bit more off the posh blue because some types of letter will absorb some of the gloom. As you can see, no, started using my smallest flat brush. No, my surfaces prepared, as you can see, and it is ready for me to put my application on, since we're not putting our glue onto our application, were simply positioning where we want it, and then we're pressing it. I'm going to start doing this careful way because this is very Ken application, and plus it's on. You will not be able to change its position. And now I'm pretty satisfied with the position of my napkin application here. I'm going to start pressing gently with my fingers after our application is, it's in desired position. We can start applying the composite over our application at this first layer with great care, because this is delicate application and you don't want to tear it. So just follow all the little lines of your application and make sure that every little piece of it is covered in glue. Now I'm a flying second later, in this case can also serve as our finish later. No, I am satisfied with how this application is applied on the surface. No, it's just a matter of flooding dry, so our applications has dried enough for me to show you how it looks right now. I hope your soul, as you can tell colors off my original application and now, after I have applied it on my surface, are different since composite blue alters your colors a little bit. It makes the doctor, and that is something that you always need. Teoh keep in mind, especially when you're using a bar napkin applications, since they're almost transparent and your surface color will also influence how you're finished, Dick Apology application will look like after this dries completely, I will be able to add anything I want to this bracelet to be. When it's on hand, it's going toe look something like this. And here is the finished look. See you in the next lesson. 7. 7 Create your own decoupage jewelry! ') - Second technique: this video is dedicated to our second the composite technique, and we used this technique. When we want Teoh apply our composite fication Teoh a glass piece. First of all, I have chosen this piece of glass which is actually a find. I found it on the street and I have also chosen my application. I have already prepared it. As you can see, it's in exact shape as my piece of glass over here. But this type of a piece of glass is perfect for your jewelry making, since it gives you this lovely surface to showcase your application of choice. Since I have already chosen my be since I am prepared to start reading, however, I want to make sure that my glasses perfectly clean once more. I have already clearly before, but when you're working with less, it's really important to make sure it's perfectly degrees because the state of the blast before you start applying your application is a state that it will remain in. So no, my glass is completely clean. I'm satisfied and you should always choose, of course, which is your front side and your back side of the West, and our application goes on the back this time. So before what we used to do is this. We put our application on top. We were working with glass. We're not doing that are Glass serves as a protective layer for our application, and we're applying our application on the back of the glass so it's visible from the front . In this case, For the first time, we're applying the composite loop on our face side, off the application and on the backside off our glass here. I would like to start by preparing minus surface, so I will add the compassion do. And again I'm using now my smallest on finest flat brush, and you apply this the posh blew onto your glass surface. The composite Lula's you have already noticed so far probably is wide ish color when your first apply it, and then as it dries, it starts to lose its color and become clear. I have, as you can see, applied my blue here and very commotions. I find it these work best especially for working on glass, because then our strokes will be visible after you have finished. Now I have prepared my surface. I'm going to put my glass down for a second in order to apply. The composite blew onto my application as well. So here's that our first we're applying the glue onto the face side of our application. I'm gonna try and do it in a way So it's visible to you. Also try using very commotions so you're brushstrokes soon as seamless as possible. And this way they will be practically invisible. Know that you have finished doing that. You ready? Dio put it to your glass. Now this is the trickiest part off our venture here by position in your glass in the right way, you start adding your application again. It's first all about positioning and I think I can run it in a pretty perfect weight. Yes, and of course, afterwards you press with your fingers. Yes, it is on and it is in the right position. Your lovely application, No showcased and protected forever with this glass peas after we have oppressed are the composite application from the back like this with our fingers in order to get rid of any bubbles. Now we're ready to apply our final and protective layer off the compassion. When I'm creating my jewelry pieces that I like to color this back off. My dependent because, as you can see, it is simply ah, white surface That's not too attractive. And for your finished jewelry, look, you will need to get it covered. I like to do that with my acrylic colors, but you can use anything you like. You can paint something on it or you can simply color the entire surface and make sure you go over the edge is also that is very important thing to Dio and a very helpful tip Back off the application and the piece itself is now also finished. We now just need to leave our dependent to be too dry, and this is how it turned out in the end. 8. 8 Time to start your own decoupage venture! '): No, he reached the end of this class on. And this is a perfect moment for a quick review off what we have learned during this class s so I can show you two different. The composite techniques in the first look we have learned is something that I have demonstrated on three different pieces. First on our journal by using our printed artwork on dinner paper. Then I have also demonstrated distinct to you by the decorating my treasury chest also with applications printed on thin paper on and on. The third example off this first IQ book waas this piece that I just read it, which is this napkin application on a leather Think that this gives you a fair idea how versatile this first look for the composite really is on. They really hoping to get inspired and create many of your pieces and different in Syria Creative pieces through this technique and the second technique that we have also learned during this class is our final technique that I have showed you through creating this starter piece of jewelry. This will be a pendant soon enough and this is a different thing because here we need to apply our composite location directly to the glass. So before we came on, Lee put our applications on our surface. In this case, we're putting it to the glass, and it's the first time that we have put our compassion blue on the face side off our application that this other technique is a bit more difficult. But I really don't think that you have any troubles getting really great at this technique as well. It's all about practicing for your first pieces. You give yourself a chance and trust me after you have done it a few times, you will be great at it and I really hope to see your results. So the end of our class is also perfect. Time to talk about our class project. Well, it's in fact, your class project. You are going to create two separate pieces for a class project within this class. Your first piece that you will create Hopi Apiece, produced using the first Decca positive book that we have learned in this class. So this isn't the example off this first technique again, this is a technique where you apply your application directly onto your desired surface on and you have complete freedom in choosing the surface that you wish to decorate the piece you wish to decorate. Of course. A swell as complete freedom when it comes to your papa supplication. So you can choose any type of application we have talked about so far and applied to your chosen peace. I can't wait to see your results, really. And the second piece you will create will be a piece where you will have to use our second capacity, which is just a tad more tricky. But it's really something that anyone can master. You just need to be patient and practice, and you will be perfect. Trust me. For your second piece, you need to choose specific piece of glass that you wish to decorate on. It can be something like this few dependent that I can show you. However, it can be also maybe a glass for some frame that could be hung up on the wall. So whatever you decide to do is really up to you. And I'm really looking forward to seeing how creative you're gonna get about this task. Also, the posh application is something that you have a complete freedom in choosing. So it's simply important that you use a glass piece to decorate. And the application you decorated with is something that is your choice completely. No, I really excited and I can hardly wait. Really? To see your wonderful class project and Teoh meet you that way. So see you soon. I really also hope that will be able to meet in my second class as well, which is coming soon. Thank you so much.