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Decorative Styling with Papercutting Art

teacher avatar Tanya Cheri, art, design, illustration

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to Styling (for beginners)


    • 3.

      Your Project


    • 4.

      Tools and Materials


    • 5.

      Image Transfer


    • 6.

      The Process


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    • 8.

      Changing a Blade


    • 9.

      Textural effects


    • 10.

      Digitizing your papercut


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About This Class

If you have ever wanted to have a try at paper cutting, but something stopped you because it might seem intricate or difficult, give it a go then. You will be surprised to realize how much you enjoy it and how quickly you can master these basic skills.

The only thing you need for work is a piece of paper, a minimal tool set and, of course, inspiration.

Unleash your creativity in paper work. The achieved results will exceed all your expectations.

Let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Cheri

art, design, illustration


My name is Tania Cheri, I am an artist, illustrator and designer.

Looking for inspiration in everything that surrounds.

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1. Introduction: immersed herself in the incredible and fascinating world of paper Kati work before him to be using this technique is where the same poll and minimalistic but at the same time it has maximum expressiveness and bring the mentality. This technique provides such kind of opportunities and defects which coming to be achieved by any other equipment. Another, by painting nor trolling paper contain boots, is back in touch with the need to use our hands in a great way to avoid the usage off pixelated images. At this course, you will get acquainted with a different kind of techniques and Mount Hood's off artistic paper canteen with this tablets tab guidance. Following all these instructions, you would be able to create a wonderful graphic work postcards, illustrations down sills and even more unleash your creativity in paperwork they achieved. Results will exceed all expectations. Let's get started 2. Introduction to Styling (for beginners): at the very beginning, let's tell you about the idea of Starling. The first point is introduction off the concept of styling, basic principles of styling, styling methods. And now, if you were, it's about such kind of notion as styling just for your batter understanding. Well, styling is in art off simplification and transformation off real objects by the range of visual tools and techniques. This is one of the techniques visual organization, which helps to detect the distinctive features, soften objects and discard a Nasser details. In one ward. Styling is the process off artistic generalization and form simplification in the process of style. In the original shape off, this pacified subject passes through the serious off sequential changes. As a result, the initial shape loses volume, sometimes collar and obtains an expressive see leads, becoming an easily recognizable graphic image. Stylin means a decorative generalization and place an emphasis on the peculiarities of the object shape. With help off conventional techniques, you can't simplify or a complicate the form, play with collar and details, so the object as well as pay no attention volume. The Kiss Thailand principles are as follows transformation off a volume forum into flat Juan and simplification off the construction generalization off the shape by changing its contrary generalization off the shape in AIDS cultures and the lost principle is generalization and complication off the shape edition of extra details. Work can be organized according to the following scheme to identify the distinctive features of the shape texture. See that angles color palettes of the object pay attention to the plastic orientation of the objects and used the direction off development of the shape for a harmonious composition. Off the image. Pay attention to the nature of the seal it lines and baker of the defeated top checked, which can be straight smells Reznik, juice static or dynamic imaging. One called the specific pictures of the object you can exaggerated shape. Enhance the perception off the compositional plan. Brittany to maximal expressiveness by circular rising off around the top checked opal in the shape style and reflects the character off the depicted top checked makes a caricature off it. One. You're generalizing a shape. It's not always necessary to take away small details. They can add more decoration and expression to the sea. Lads stunning. Show us the path to decorative art, however, simply find the form doesn't mean impoverished. When we simplify, we does emphasize the expressive sides of the objects are mating insignificant details. Sometimes the detainment appears to be the most important territories Take off the subject . The purpose of creative styling in decorative art is the creation off a new artistic eh, Mitch. With such express signals and decoration, which is unachievable in the world's around for the objects Thailand stages, there are three of them. The first stage, a realistic picture which includes all the tales, riel, shape and texture, is drawing the 2nd 1 The realistic picture is transformed into a stylus swan. For this purpose, all minor details are removed from the image and only the parts that the necessary for is determination, but not for its description. I love to without changes and the final one. Certain recognizable parts are replaced by abstract ill amounts in order to create on really steak that is abstract image the deck or can be used instead last image to show its texture. Moreover, a common artistic principle is a transformation off. Rheal objects by using a variety of tools and artistic techniques, which is the basis off all kinds. And now, if it's off objects tiling frequently. This transformation is performed by changing and simplifying the shapes off real object enlargement or limitation off the distinctive details of the object. Maximizing or minimizing the number of details. Changing the initial collar of the objects. The aim off artistic transformation often object is to convert riel natural shapes in stylized abstract forms in Dude with high expressiveness and sensibility brightness, hands retention, which are unachievable in realistic colleges. 3. Your Project: Let's start creating Warrick. Any technique off paper? Kati. The working process come sees the four main stages Nazis schedules, making sketches, transferring on a piece of paper. For Contini, the prose is so worried Contin and the final stage gluing a work on a prepared to be crowned piece of paper. Make a digital version off your work if you want. Take anti story as the bases and start making is catches for your work and design. Make Ain't is better to start it first with a schematic distribution off the largest items on a piece of paper on feel this pace with smaller in amounts to have ice tab Onley van. Present detailed schematic patterns after you have thought out the plot and the design. If you work and have put it on the original piece of paper indicate with AK sign those parts which is going to be caught off. It will be more convenient to work. It will also include possible mistakes in the process of contini. If you work includes a lot of details, make sure that all of them have a connection with the other elements over the vaginal mark . It will help the content elements off your design not to be fallen out or to be fallen. Two faces 4. Tools and Materials: choose a mad off a suitable size for a content. Croesus Best alternative for the baking there's is a mad by a three papers size diminishing that is 18 by 12. Use a pounds feel patrol in your designs on the cotton pieces of paper. The most convenient way for content paper is work with a special knife. It can help to pfosten your work, and to make it much easier, just choose the knife off the appropriate size. With a disposable blades. Choose three different types of paper for your work. The first type. It's racing paper for transferring this catch when a piece of paper, the 2nd 1 piece of paper a fort continue work and finally, a piece of paper as a background. If you work, just choose a paper. The selection off the density of paper depends on the design task. For instance, if you do, you work in one layer. You should choose a heavier paper. It will the about solution of yours if you intend and multi layer to work or it complicated , symmetrical on. It's better to use in lighter paper. Try to use it paper off a different down city on to decide to yourself which one is much better. You will also need a Natalie ruler for cotton straight lines. It will help you to card beautiful, smooth lines which will simplify your work, take great extent. 5. Image Transfer: take a piece of paper? Yes. Catch and transfer the image on that piece of paper. Image can be transferred in several ways. Preens this catch printer Use tracing paper. Draw with a pound. Sil. Choose a convenient away off transferring this catch on the paper and then it can start Connie. 6. The Process : put a piece of paper for Kartini on the stand started Clotting in the center of design At first cutout. This pays on small pieces before you cut out the whole shape, cut out all the space that is needed to be eliminated from the design. Stabler's top. Keep the plate straight to the drone line. Don't press the till strongly. The harder you push on the knife, the more difficult it will be to change the cot in direction. If you find it hard to card to the curves, called them out as angles first and then come back and thrown off the angles during a cotton prose is scroll a piece of paper in the desired direction. It is always easier to pull the blade towards you. The effort should be strong in half for the blade to card the paper completely. In order not to be stock in this town's 7. Gluing: when all the details off you work a Contout, glue them on a piece of paper, which is going to be a background if you work. Mark some small adults of glue on the back part of it, controlling and gluey to the backgrounds and now more gets ready. 8. Changing a Blade: as sharply to Finn I've is a key to success in the counting process. Make sure that the blade of the knife is always sharp enough in case off necessity replaced the blade if it 9. Textural effects: you can use a variety of statuary facts in your work, which will give the form to work and to allude to make it more interesting. For instance, here is the following if act of great and halls with help of any sharp around object, said his need to needles, needles or any other suitable object for pricking the paper of the object. Put a piece of a folded fabrique or a foam 100. That's part of work, which is going to be craned with careful movements. Needle holes until you get a desired result. This in fact, is rather simple, but it gives the form and great expressiveness to work. You can also do some small car teens off around or sharp form on a given sir phase. When you turn your work on the altar face uplift in the corners of the continent. This mouth that also gives a very interest in volume. In fact, you work perhaps in the course. If you own experiments, you will manage to find your own unique way how to create volume Mataric texture. We should best to flog and a great inspiration 10. Digitizing your papercut: and at last the final point digitized to work and create an art. Cranes Hello everyone. We continue our course decorative styling with paper carding. Our technique in this last zone will make the factory ization off the ill amounts for a card in adult Bilis. Trader Victory ization will give you the opportunity to use the images for printing, designing, collar changing, stretching them to the wanted size for making the great amount of cards in case of necessity. Let's get started with factory ization. Can you work opened file in adult Pittis Trader, Open to file place and insert this count image into any document. Reduce the capacity to 50% great and you layer and start dealing the 18 year image using a pan to Okay, okay. - Choosing the right palate is essential. Stab that effects the mood and tone off your illustrations. You can soon compose object as you wish. Just the color, shape and composition according to your choice. Add texture and taxed if needed. Once you have decided on the collar and layout and you're confident that you don't want to add anything more, move or change anything in the composition markets rating. I'd like to thank everybody for listening to this cars. I hope the information I have shared with you will be useful in your future work. I wish you all inspiration and good luck.