DIY Transfer Images on Fabric: Personalize your T-shirts, Bags, Pillows, etc | Anna Rosa Moschouti | Skillshare

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DIY Transfer Images on Fabric: Personalize your T-shirts, Bags, Pillows, etc

teacher avatar Anna Rosa Moschouti, Jewelry designer DIY enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What will I need?


    • 3.

      Preparing the image


    • 4.

      Transfer the image


    • 5.

      Reveal your creation


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      Ta Da !


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About This Class

This 10 minute class will teach you, step by step, how to transfer images on fabric in an easy way. After completing it you will be able to transform any piece of fabric, from a simple T-shirt to a giant sheet -depending on the time you want to devote and your patience- and make it completely yours. 


When it comes to DIYing, I find that the funnest part is enjoying the process and not trying to be perfect. If you want something perfectly printed, probably you will need to pay some extra $$ and ask a professional printing store to do the job.

However, I believe that you will be amazed by what you can make and transform with this method. You'll be able to bring to life photos from your craziest adventures, decorate your couch with throw pillows with your favorite quote and so much more!


In case you are not sure of what to transfer - I got you covered there too! I totally realize that it is not for everyone to have a photo that truly means something to you on your pillow. Or you feel that you don't have that good photography skills to start with. 

I'll save you the trouble of searching for the perfect images online (we all know how time consuming that can be) and I'll give you few images and quotes I made for you, ready to be printed! 

So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's do this!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Rosa Moschouti

Jewelry designer DIY enthusiast


Hello, I'm Anna Rosa!

I'm an architect + jewelry designer based in Antwerp, Belgium.
Find more about my creative work as a designer here:


I also specialize in helping you develop a strong, consistent brand identity and build your business strategy with purpose.

You can find more about my coaching here:

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1. Introduction: transferring Jews. And more specifically I will. So you had to make they see okay spat with the same that you will be able to make whatever you want. But first didn't tell you a few things about me. I started dealing fighting for six years ago when I was still studying architecture back in Greece. My lawful crafting led to the lungs of my thirsty and wide love, which was called My Life Looks. After years of running biologic boats, I also long situated collection cold like looks as well, which quite complicated things when it comes to how my projects were called. So that made me actually really since my dear wife Long And now it's gold. Minimal crowds I really feel that have made objects have like a solo the Rome I feel that it's their imperfections at very thickness on. I really do Teoh enjoy this project. No. Try to be perfect. Tried to make I know the next steamer or something like that. It's about, you know, enjoying process and having so you have the next day. Thanks for joining me. And let's have fun. I see 2. What will I need?: Let's see what we'll actually use In order to make the transfer off course, we will meet the photo coffee of transfer. It has to be relieved on a laser printer, But don't worry. Most readers are laser cutters, probably the one that you have in your place or one. That briefing store. Your legal has easily weight, and I blow dryer Eric Caesar's one or two dresses. You can only use one if you want, but I want to be there in a smaller one for the details. The business fabric that you will use. I want to make a pillowcase. That's why I will also need a cutting board or harder surface in order to put it between the two fabrics off. The exercise off locates you only responds some, and the problem if we will use in order to transfer. I have both power test. You can easily find it if you are located room. I believe you can fight it also if you're in the US, however, during the U. S or Australia, it was really easy to find water cult, which is actually the same thing. And that's it. Let's go toe 3. Preparing the image: hello and welcome to our next step. A business that what we need to do is to actually gather around the image that we want to transfer. You have always there giving line that any image you want to transfer it will be transferred the opposite side. That means that when you see you will see mirror, actually. So, for example, if you want to transfer quote, what do you need to do is that you need to actually sleep, eat on, follow show, or ask your printing store to do it for you. If you don't have the software to do with and then screamed it out because you have to actually Louis a way down. So now I will use to leaves. I have got them right now like that. If you see I haven't got them perfectly. I have left some white spaces. If you have something even more details than that, I advise, you know, psychotic, very detailed, because it will actually give you a hard time when you want to transfer its on. And also keep in mind that if you have something very big deal like that, for example, you will definitely need a small brass for the details of the energies of the Another smart thing you can do is that you would actually transfer a whole photo, for example. It could be like a whole a four. It would be all photo, so you wouldn't need to got anything, and it would be less time to do it. And perhaps you were going to transfer like a FORTRAN it or like the photo from your vacation or something like that, and that's definitely an easier way to do that. You would skip that step totally, and it will be fine again. So, yeah, see you the next step. 4. Transfer the image: So in this step, what will need to do is that we will take action. If your face of fabric has two sides like mine, which is a big locates. Put your tax your face like a slapped import or whatever you have inside. Now what I want to do is that I want to actually my first leave here. In order to do that, I will need to pour some of my transfer in a small plastic cup. You don't need todo, so don't worry. Then it will take my smaller brush and I will actually brush transfer places in order to be neater cutting work where you need they need to be. What do you need to do now? After having ballooned everything and you see the back side of the favorite on the factory , you have to blow dry until the transfer is dry. After you blow dry it you need toe. So see you the next step 5. Reveal your creation: after happy actually belong. Dry it. And then it will look something like that. You will see the back side of the paper. Third picky view on the pillowcase. Now, you let it cool for a while, but that doesn't take a lot. And what do you do next? You Booth got aboard Side. Who now? We will use this phone on some more and starts crapping really gently. Three. So you will see that the paper layer is starting to go. You have to be very patient, but it's really warm. - Having done that, you have a creative, but it will look something like that. Now what do you need to do is that you need to blow dry again. 6. Ta Da !: