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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Setting up your piece


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      Square knots and spiral knots


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      Tying everything together


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About This Class

Come learn the basics of macrame and how to make beautiful macrame plant hangers! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Tiffany Egbert

Designer, Photographer and Artist


Hello there! My name is Tiffany Egbert and I am a Phoenix Based graphic designer, photographer and maker. I love designing infographics, shooting fashion and food photography, and any and all fiber arts. I started doing macrame this past year and completely fell in love finding it to be super therapeutic and a wonderful form of creativity that for a change did not involve using a computer or machine to create, just my hands! Since then I've also fallen in love with weaving and fabric dying. In my free time when I'm not making things I love doing yoga, vintage shopping, and fancy dinner parties. 

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1. Intro: My name is Tiffany experts and I am the owner of Desert Bloom. I make handmade Mac remain well when pieces and also do some chivalry. Fabrice, dying over the last year, I have fallen completely in love with these fiber arts and have found them to be a great way to relax, unplug, and just to be able to create something with my hands. Today, I'm gonna be teaching you how to make Makram Ayed planners. We'll be learning to different macro May knots which you can use on this project but also other projects and then how to put the point years together. These are just beautiful to add to your house stats, color and texture and life and there are a lot of fun to create. So I am really excited. You guys are here and I can't wait to get started. 2. Materials: All right. So before we get started organised, of course, need to gather a few things. The first thing you're gonna need is your rope. And I have 96 feet of cotton rope that I've cut into 6 16 inch pieces. This rope is 3/16 of an inch, which is pretty thick. You could definitely do rope that's thinner than this. Um, but that's what I had on hand. So that's what I'm gonna use. And then we have our little would bring. You could also use a metal ring, a brass ring, whatever you can find. This one is about three inches tall. Um and then I have three little copper co planes. Um, these are great with a thicker rope. There are about 1/2 an inch tall. I got them from Home Depot. And if you have been a rope, you could definitely use beads. But the's since they're so big, I like to use them for the thicker roof. Finally, we're gonna need a little s hook, which this is a fancy one from the container store. You could definitely find a simpler one from Home Depot, but yeah, these are all the materials will need to get started. And once you do that, we can move forward the project 3. Setting up your piece: All right. So now that you have gathered all of your materials, we can get started. I am set up with a garment rack, but literally, you could use Iraq in your closet. This project doesn't take a lot of space, so you could totally do either. It's up to you. Um, I have placed my little s took on to my rack, and then my little wouldn't loop on top of that. And then I'm gonna take my six pieces of rope and match up all the ends and then fold them in half, which I've done. Um, And then I'm gonna take the middle part where it's folded in half, and I'm gonna across it through this little loop. This is, um, couple larks head, not eso across it over and then pulled it down a little bit. I'm gonna take this grouping of ropes, just pull them through and then pull it. Tights, SecuritEs. And this is our basic set up for our peace 4. Square knots and spiral knots: All right, So now that we're all set up, I'm gonna show you how to make our first. Not this one is called a score nuts. Um, and it's used a lot in macro May. And basically, since you have, you have 12 ropes total here since you had six and you folded them in half. And we're gonna basically do all these knots in groups of four ropes. So we're gonna take our front for ropes right here and do our first. Not so basically, you're gonna take your left most rope. You're going across it over the two middle ropes, and they will take your right most rope across under that and pull it through Titan. You're gonna do the same thing, but on the other side. So we'll take our right most rope. Cross it over the two middle ropes and take your left. Most rope cross under and through and pull tight. And that is your complete Scrat. So I show you that not another time. I'm so again the left. Most rope cross over the right to middle ropes, right? Most rope crosses under and through. Then we'll do the opposite. Right? Most rope cross over those two middle ropes left most rope under and through, Pull it tight, and so we have to complete square nuts. And for this design, I'm going to be doing for complete square nuts. So I'll just do that same thing another couple of times. All right, so now I'm gonna show you how to do this by Roma, and this not is really cool and looks very seventies. It was super popular in the seventies, so you might recognize this look. So again, we're taking these same for ropes, and it's actually going to start the exact same way as the square knots. Um, you're gonna take your left most rope, cross it over the right to meddle ropes, take your right most rope and do under and through. And then instead of switching over to your right side, you're actually just going to your left side again. So over the two middle ropes, right rope under and through, and then we're gonna do this two more times, and then you're gonna start to see the rope. Turn of it. So left most rope over the to middle, right under and through, and then same thing again. So now you can kind of see it's starting to turn a little bit. So I'm actually gonna manually turn this myself and do another not right here. Right. So we've got a nice little spiral going for this particular design. I'm actually gonna do 15 of these knots. So do this exact same thing of five knots. Two more times. All right, so we've got our 15. Not sometimes I like to just count and make sure so you can kind of go one by one and just kind of like that. But, um, I'm pretty sure I got 15 there. So now we've got our nice little spiral column. I'm going to add my little couple pieces. So basically, you're gonna take the T ropes in the middle there and put your bead or your copper piece through those two ropes I'm gonna put away up. And then, um, to secure it in place, I'm going to do a couple of square knots, so it's over Those under that way. All right, So this group of four ropes is done for now. Um, and we're actually going Teoh do the exact same thing on the other side with the other eight ropes that two groups of four. So I am just going to flip it over and then kind of lineup my ropes and do the exact same design. And this is important. Just so everything lines up. So I'm going to start with my square, not same as the other side. Oops. I'm gonna do four way way are ready for our final group of nuts. So again, I'm gonna do exactly the same way as the other to start with my score nuts. 5. Tying everything together: All right, so we're almost finished with our piece. We just have to do a few more knots to kind of tie everything together. So these not They're going all the way down here. Which is why I am on my knees right now. So I'm gonna give us some space, maybe about six inches, and I'm gonna take the right to ropes from this group and the left. Two ropes from this group, and I'm gonna make to square knots right here. There's one square knot. Um, second square knot. All right. Okay, so then I'm gonna do the exact same thing with, um the other side's gonna flip it, and then So, yes, we have, um, these two ropes and these two ropes. I'm gonna match it up to the same level. I'm gonna do the exact same thing. So to square knots, Okay? And then our final two square knots are going to me with the remaining for ropes. Okay, so the last thing we need to do is just tie one big, not at the bottom. I'm just gonna kind of loop that I'm certain ropes are shorter now because we've made all these nuts so I just like to make sure that they're all in there. Good. Pull it really tight. All right, So the very last thing I'm gonna need to do is turn this a little bit and you could make depending on your space, and we're gonna hang it. You could keep it pretty long, but I'm gonna trim it right about there. And I also like to unravel the ends. Um, you'll notice some of them are actually already unraveled. I want to see a couple of those. And if you're using a rope, that's not three strand. Obviously, you don't need to do this. Um, and if you don't like the texture like this, you could totally just keep it as one rope. A swell, but I like doing like this has a little bit more texture. All right. I like Alice looks. So this is actually done. Um, and now I'm just gonna put my plan in there. So I have this little succulent guy. I'm just going to kind of open up thes things and said it in there. And this is our Makram a flanker. 6. Conclusion: all right. So hopefully you guys have completely germ Akram, a plant hanger, and have found a super cute little plant to put inside in an awesome spot in your house to hang it up in. I would totally love to see what you make. So feel free to take a picture and upload it to the Project gallery. And if you want to learn more about macro, may or more about me, feel free to check out my website. It's desert loom dot com, and I'm on instagram at at Desert Loom. I also have a few more sculpture classes you guys should check out. If you like this class, you'll probably like those as well. So thanks again and I can't wait to see what you guys create.