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DIY Healthy Homemade Chocolates Recipe

teacher avatar Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Trailer


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      The Basic Recipe


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      Make 'Em Fancier & Healthier


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      Project Time!


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About This Class

This class is a super simple 3 ingredient homemade chocolate you can whip up in a pinch anytime you have a craving for something sweet!

And bonus - you probably already have all you need in your kitchen right now! But you'll definitely be saving money from not running to the coffee shop or store, and saving calories from all those fancy mocha's or pints of ice cream too!

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashlee Geheb

Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives


I want to live in a world where entrepreneurship is simplified and possible for anyone! Because even if you love your job, a side hustle with extra income is just smart in this day and age!


That's why my classes are short, sweet and perfect for both full-time entrepreneurs and freelancers and side-hustlers too! 


I teach classes on Simplifying Entrepreneurship, creating an awesome Etsy Shop, Becoming a Virtual Assistant and more! 

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1. Class Trailer: Hi, guys. Welcome to the healthy homemade chocolate class on sculpture. I'm actually going to be teaching you a really quick, easy, simple recipe of how to make your own homemade chocolates with three ingredients or a little bit more if you want to get fancy and a little extra help. But there probably are doing readings you have in your kitchen right now. And I really discovered this recipe kind of accident a few years ago. And I was a really tired of running, given drive through or going any scream or something of a store. And a lot of those things were just so full of sugar and crap and menacing me feel hosts. And it was a lot. A lot of calories and sugar, wasn't that, And B. I was also tired of spending like, you know, 5 to $7 on a mocha or a little pint of ice cream somewhere when I just wanted a little sweet treat. So I stumbled upon this recipe and literally so simple, so great, so delicious and pretty helping to, and I'm gonna show you how to make it even healthier and further videos, so click in role so you can do in us on this super simple, awesome recipe. How to make me chocolates. It doesn't right bank nor hurt your. I hope you'll join us. 2. The Basic Recipe: Hi, guys. Welcome to the class. I'm so glad you decided to drink. So when I said this is supports beat. I'm not kidding. Like this is probably stuff you already have in your kitchen. And there's definitely not a lot of tools you need. I use some sort of mixing bowl something. I use this kind of my dream bull gets really poor, but you can use a coffee mug. I've made it in serial rules. A You also need, Yeah, something to mix it with a fork or risk all stuff we have on. If you like to measure and be really specific, measuring spoons are helpful. I don't like to bait do anything super complicated. So half the time I just eyeball this recipe, but it's really great. And I recommend there's different ways we can do this. I typically make my chocolates in this ice cube mold Trey with, like, these little silicone pop out pieces, it really helps because you're gonna put it in the freezer with the French. That'll work. But today, since I've already been experimenting of a ton recipes this week, um, we're gonna need a paper plate method which works just as well I have to do is put it in, leave it for 2030 minutes and then just kind of drawing on counter. Break it apart to pieces, and it becomes almost like if you like peanut brittle at Christmas time, it becomes similar to that. Look how big my make that. So that's all we need for Truls, seriously, something to mix it in with a mix it with and something to freeze it. And it could be with a couple where you could even use or Ziploc bag that will also work. So Step one is coconut oil, and this has to be on refined coconut oil. You'll see stuff like whole press or speller press stuff like that virgin organic coconut oil, whatever. But it cannot be. We find coconut oil is refined. Coconut oil has a different melting point. Different temperature, even a different taste and texture. And if you accidentally grab it, you'll be able to tell, most likely they're usually really honest on the bottle. What ISS and the refined stuff will literally kind of case like you're putting chocolate sauce on top of french fries. It just tastes like fried later, oil to me, so I do not recommend you grab that kind, and this is gonna rolls pretty cheap. It's your compartment and all every grocery store now, and it's really good for you, so we'll be using two tablespoons, roughly nine. It's solid. So if you're using your coconut oil and it's kind of warm in your kitchen, in your house typically melts over about 72 degrees. So if it's already melted, I might add a little bit more. There's that, and we also need honey were some sweetener. I mean, if you have a god, a regular sugar, something like that, that will work as well. Typically, use about a teaspoon, of course. Baking cocoa, cocoa powder, whatever you call it. We need that as well. So right now, the first step is putting in your coconut oil into your job. I'm gonna do that. Put it in like a wave for about 10 to 20 seconds. So that is nice and steerable or in the next. So join me. No. Okay, so two tablespoons roughly coconut oil are pretty melty from the away fresh, and then the other trick, especially if you're using honey in your recipe or Gabi or some kind of syrupy sweetener or Bernie Regular sugar. This applies as well. I've really found It's important to, um, add in your honey. You're sweetener after your coconut oil is already pretty melted on every warm and then put it in for another look 10 seconds or so. So you don't leave it too long because honey will kind of get a little over. But this way have our talk about her, of course. So our cocoa powder and typically the recipe I use when I just I just make small batches of conceding two different batches that my husband has already gotten into this morning. Two tablespoons of coconut oil, roughly two to table spans cocoa powder. But today I'm gonna add more stuff in the next video to show you how to make it healthier and a little bit fun. We're gonna go a little bit less, and if you're gonna add some stuff in, go with less at first, and then you can always add in more cocoa butter. And if you don't really like, which I love definitely up your sweetness to your cocoa powder. So maybe do a tablespoon and 1/2 cocoa butter to maybe a full teaspoon, full tablespoon of honey or whatever sweet a reason except and I'll see you in the next few video on waves. Thio added to this to make it even healthier and a little bit. 3. Make 'Em Fancier & Healthier: Okay, so we just did. The basic recipe on all they're really looking for is super simple. Easy, cheap chocolate recipe. Feel free. Teoh. Stay right there on Just go with that. But for some fun out on some other kind of offshoot recipes, that would be great. I've got a whole lot of my sleeve. So for my typical moral bashed, I mean really quickly. What I do is the basic recipe. Plus, typically, I have this organic Marco concentrate powder and I little Marco. I take it for some help. Reasons I'm not a professional here, so definitely go seek out a professional. Do your research. Fun Fact. A lot of local independent food co ops and health food stores have very experienced, knowledgeable help coaches or herbalists naturopaths in house so they can answer questions for you. Recommend doing that. Especially. You are on medication or have health problems. Double check. Don't mess of it. But I like to put just a small scoop. Have this little scoop right here. It's about an eighth of a teaspoon, and I got a little bit of Marco concentrate. It's really concentrated and that I do this because sometimes also put actual Gonda in there. Just a little trust me. I've experimented with adding more, and it's not always very good because it will change the taste considerably. But I love actually little bit of market because my favorite thing, my favorite waiting this chocolate is snacking on it. Drove a day. I'll just have this full and e two or three or all day whenever I come into my kitchen to make some iced coffee or tea or whatever while I'm working from home and it gives me a nice little, you know, sweet tree, just great. And give me a little boost of energy, which is awesome. Some other things that I tried recently I actually just tried the other day, making a batch of lemon extract chocolate, and I thought, Truthfully, Obie grows, but it's actually really good. Like Sorry recipe. There's all vanilla extract. There's lots of extracts. If you love Nutella could get a hazelnut extract. If you love like mounds, enjoy that kind of type of candy. Um, there's a lot of almond extracts, stuff like that that would be great. Or another thing I love to do is fine. Like a flavor infused honey or God, or some of those big coffee syrups that you could buy the store better flavor so you could sub your pea spoon or two teaspoons if you like milk chocolate of honey in with maybe lavender honey, it's something that I've been meaning to try. I'm even possibly a spicy honey might go a long way, kind of less spicy chocolate flavor. If you love caramel chocolates, Caramel officer would be fantastic. There's a lot of things you could try. There's also make extracts that mean except usually preachy but the sore. I think this whole bottle was about $2. It's two ounces, and they don't last a long time A little bit along as always, when you're adding things, taste as you go mind case phenomenal with about a teaspoon. And there's also flavored skis to I Love Me keep them on hand for coffee. But when I started experimenting with stevia in my chocolate, I waas blown away. It's really good, and another thing is you can get like vanilla beans and I have a huge ground vanilla beans , which is really good, and I added probably 16th of a teaspoon and just to give it more like rich fancy chocolate flavor. You know, the kind that you pay, like, $7 for a bar of chocolate at the, you know, fancy health food store. It gives it that flavor, which is really good. And I think in this batch, I'm also gonna Sprinkle a little bit of Chia seeds on top of some of them to give it a nice crunch. If you love nuts in your chocolate, Um, maybe he loved you. Tell a grab a little bit of hazelnuts at the store in the bulk section and work out your frustration, smashing them up and Sprinkle him in your chocolate. Great. Pretty much anything. Those experiment. Don't be afraid because it's hit you just ends up being really good. I love the lemon ones, and I thought, I hate it, but I've been eating it all day. The other really fun thing is, Do not put it in your plate or in your molds. Don't pour it there. If you love ice cream, take this love chocolate sauce. And for it, this is homemade banana ice cream. I made chocolate and ice cream. You can pour it on top of any ice cream, Any frozen yogurt you love and remember all the all the nineties kids can raise their hand on this. If you remember the magic sauce you put on top of your ice cream, this is the same thing. It's made out of coconut oil, which, as you can see, get solid when it's thunder 70 to 75 degrees. This will harden on top of your ice cream, and it makes a really fun popping. Another great fun. Adam Teoh. A bonus idea. So I hope you'll experiment with these and I'm going to put these in my molds. Put him in the fridge freezer for a little while. About 2030 minutes. Should do it and taste test. And then I'll be back for the next video to give you your project ideas. See you then. Bye. 4. Project Time!: he loves for your project. Pretty simple. I would love to see you post your experiments and go on. Explain to you licking the batter. I definitely do. I would love to see the different things have experimented with and I love read opposed a picture of some of the recipes You come up with things you've tried Whether you tried Chia seeds in them or different extracts or flavorings I would love to know what you tried Give me a little ingredient list and then post on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best chocolate ever had and one being epic fail Tell me how it waas I'm going Teoh post these recipes. So the recipe I just made was the marco chocolate I love. And it was very good party. Some of it. And this recipe waas extra herbs. I put in some holy basil extract and it waas you have to find out my project will read it. And these were the lemon extract one. So also be sharing. How about recipe went and I would just love Teoh. Have you keep updating it as you go? If you try the ice cream trick If you make this magic extreme sauce, send a picture, put it into your project and let me know how it waas. And I just love to hear from you in the projects and keep updating your awesome experiments with this chocolate recipe. I'll see you in the projects. And please. If you love this class, believe ever view, I would really appreciate it.