DIY Glam Fall/Autumn Chestnut & Acorn Candle | Kate Chystykova | Skillshare

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DIY Glam Fall/Autumn Chestnut & Acorn Candle

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies & Tools

    • 3. Decorating The Candle

    • 4. Final look

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About This Class

Love scented candles? And want something unique that nobody will have? 

What if we together make a personalised fall candle^_^

Decor pieces for this DIY / alternatives:

  • chestnuts
  • acorns
  • pine cones
  • branches
  • walnut
  • crystal chain
  • beads
  • crystals
  • faux berries
  • pearls
  • faux flowers

Just be creative. Use things that you may find at home (some lefovers, p.s. that's also a great opportunity to recycle it) and some pieces you can find in the park, forest, in nature.

As for me, I only spent about $1-2 to buy a candle. But you may also use some leftover candles to make a new one. Double boil and pour it in a jar/glass etc. 

Moreover, this is a great gift idea. Do you have a friend who adores candles? That can be a nice gift for his birthday or even Christmas Eve (just use some winter pieces, pine cones, wooden/metal snow flakes, white beads as snow etc).


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Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted


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1. Intro: So hello there. It's me. Kate and I prepared for you in your D A Y project, and it's like November the last months off fall. But I suppose it's not a problem. I decided to make this a really autumn candle quiz, this golden orange brown colors with some chestnuts. Ah, some branches and the ice packs up to the a little bit of this crystals to make it a little bit more gland. So if you want to know how to do this is a really easy dear, why keep on watching? 2. Supplies & Tools: for this day, while you will need just a simple to Coster, which I painted in this dark brown colored chalk. What it may be, you can use some texture. You can make your own picture. I did those things to those nail polishes and Sam painted in in brown is anyone who needs a cancel. You can make your own. I cheated a little bit and just ah, about this magnolia scented candle you can make your own with different other sense. Maybe, um, not sent. Or are the fall inspire it scented candle? It's kind of exists beach. Here you can make brown, gold, red, orange or that we want. You will need glue, some branches I prom painted to them in gold, and then they will need some a arms and just not. So you can also use some other full inspire. It's stuff which you can find the great think about is there why it is that you don't really need to spend lots of money because you confined branches like a Curren's just not just Wilkin in the park. It's super cheap. You can find an old 30 coaster and painted you confined. Also an old candle and the double boil it so it will be like in you want and you just need the simple of super blue, that's it. 3. Decorating The Candle: And the first thing we need. Teoh Actual glue. Our cancel to the foster. It will be our base. I'm gonna open my okay, That's and a sable scandal. It's really easy. So we just a simple glass. You can make a candle Assay said before ended in it too. Ah, glue it. I will choose. Was this scientists I like Was a structure Veta and I mean it. Lots of go actualizing, Cornelius. Almost error sin. So it will be a secure. You really need to make sure that it will not fall apart. So and I would prefer toe put something on top so it will be include really nicely and you just need to wear to it. So dries My bid will take home a few hours. Actually, I would prefer to wait so one day, so I will be sure that everything is right. So actually it waas most in one day. Teoh Arison, Dry it. I sees it. Oh, it's stand a little bit on the glass like it's dark brown burgundy car. And now we need Teoh the Great All this same. I'm gonna start with main. My are just not send a currents and branches, and then we can add additional decor. So, uh, let's start with beef trust, Miss, It's really easy sample. Actually, a cynical I will just spit jobs is you can make kind of like a sketch and see how it looks . Maybe just make something. I'm gonna break some off my branches s. Is there really, really long? Just the rings the way you like, and then glue it all to desert. In this step, you can also use hot glue. It will dry much faster then this simple super bloom and you can just simple it war. - Okay , so a small change, actually, I'm going on Maybe use my heart to grow, but I have dark stick It's black so it's kind of inconvenient, Bart, I still can use It s a piss as the chestnuts Oberon. So I suppose it will work, and we're gonna wait a little bit to get warm. Stop. So now we just need to decorate our stuff. Actually, Might Glue gun is ready for the work. So I'm gonna start a little bit. Um, I thought I would use just a regular glue, but then I just decided to use hot glue gun because it dries much quicker. Hopes Sampson goes wrong a little bit. I just Okay, okay. Okay. Just there was this. I suppose I didn't Mr too much sorry. Was that? Oh, my, um, just a big push. It's a really Unless Okay, in it, you know, and just syringe all your chairs, knots. A current is the way you Actually, I didn't half a bottom, which I like to do this stuff. I'm just flaring and it all around. And then we will see what I can add when they have some space. So it's better to work with this away from me. I'm a general just of this be the core. It's like main core part, like a grants and chestnuts. And I'm going to use maybe it some branches as well, But we will see. Okay. Snowden's it easier. Like it's not really convenient. Is that my glue stick? Iss black? Because I have gold branches and was a guardrail. Flipped the common a little bit. I suppose it would be nonsense visible, but we're gonna see. Okay, let's this way. I can also your some branches here. Just be creative. Do whatever you want going? Take Carver. It was this way. And then at some branches hopes some Cem No, Ever since. Great. Just a liar in was a false later than they bill at more, more involved. You can also use, like in all our fine corns. Rick, make your buying gold candle. Okay? I used too much service. Was it song? Um quiet. Nervous because my gula stick IHS smiled in so quick that I didn't know what it is. It okay, maybe this saying no, I'm also a little, but normals that might go is black, so I'm not really great. I'm also gonna uses just take part, like top part off a Qurans because it's fall apart. Why not to use it? It's separate the core piece. He's I'm going just a bit both here. Oh, it's a little bit hard to use. Just simple, hasn't it? Doesn't have, like, the bottom part just and to hear, So be careful. Was it so much? Vagrants may be here. Why not show your swan more part. So they're going. This isn't really super easy. Dear White. As I said in the war in the Bruce video, you just used nature created stuff. We're not music like set Also kind of the camp too. But it will stick, brother. You can also use your old candles and so room male schism and makes in your one a member. You will have all the stuff you need to disease for zero bucks. Because why not? It's a riel. The core police also like fallen smart when he went to the great, The room in like fall style the course. You know, we're waiting for some things given day for leaves, orange, red leaves and we don't We want to decorate our room as well. So we will have, like, this fall mood like this brave winter season. So on Why not to have a little bit farm And it can be a really great gift idea for candle hours. Course we're not. Why? Actually not to do it and want to do it was a gift of is your own hands. It has, like, your personal touch to it. And be careful with Google. This it's really hot. Don't burn yourself. What is it? And these little go like hair on that Great. We're almost unfinished. This hour means a core not so quick. Oh, I should have small chestnut that's supposed to look like here 4. Final look: and this is a Finnish looked ill. Said it like this crystal chain to add a little bit of Graham and it looks Britain eyes like. But make sure that you secure all the details really well because when a driver and noticed that some chestnuts, uh, fell and, uh, I needed to re glue it. So be sure to use her really strong glue and check it so and that's it. I really hope that you like this day. Why? And they will be pleased to see your projects. Thanks for watchin. See you later.