DIY | Clay Sculpting : Create Your Own Mini Sandwich ( Easy! ) | Mabel Low | Skillshare

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DIY | Clay Sculpting : Create Your Own Mini Sandwich ( Easy! )

teacher avatar Mabel Low, Crafter & Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials & Tools, Designing & Pre-Sculpt Preparation


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      Glaze & Accessorize


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      Project Inspiration & Thoughts


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About This Class

Learn how you can create your own (non-edible) fun-sized mini food with clay, using tools easily found around your house. This project is fun for young kids and therapeutic for those of us young at heart. But be careful, this can be addictive! You'll realize how simple it is to create your own food figurine that you will be left wanting to make more! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Mabel Low

Crafter & Designer


Hi! I enjoy making things and the medium that I work most with is clay. It started out as a hobby but now it generates a little bit of income, that how I got to learn how to start my own business. There is so much more for me to learn and I'm excited for my journey up ahead!

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1. Introduction : Hello. I am Mabel, and I will be teaching you how to make a mean a tress and rich out of palma click, which you can turn into an accessory like a key chain or necklace. And I think this would be a really cute handmade gift, a swell. By the end of the class, you should be able to make any kind of mean each of food out of play. But as a start, I'm going to make a sandwich for this class, assure you how easy the process is. And don't worry about not having all the tools at hand because I'm going to show you the tools you can easily find at home as well. 2. Materials & Tools, Designing & Pre-Sculpt Preparation: Yeah, the materials that we will be needing for our project. You need some polymer clay. Any brand will do. You can get them from your local craft store. Or you can even try such ing online like eBay and Ali Express. Next, we will be needing some chalk pastels, and these are the colors toe I'll be using. If you do not have these, you can use makeup powders. And, of course, we'll meet some tools to apply these powders onto your plate. Thes optional. You can use a hit pin and I pin or even a paper clip to turn our sandwich into a charm. Plays in your sandwiches, also optional. But if you do trust it plays it. You can choose whether to have a glossy finish or a matte finish moving into the tools that we will need. Not everyone will have all these tools. That's why they sent out some alternatives. For example, if you do not have the needle tool, you can use it to think if you don't have a paintbrush using unused to fresh, and I'm sure everyone can find a sandpaper around the house. Next, you need a clean knife or If not, the pain I've will do. And you will be needing these a lot in our project, which is the rolling pin. Or, if you do not have one, you can use a pence. If you do not have any cyclical met or a glass tell, you can easily make your own working stuff. It's just by taping clear tape onto paper. Lastly, you need a conviction. Oven. You do not have one. You can use it. Toast Alban to fake your clay. Now that we have everything we need, we can start with designing process. I would recommend going onto Google majors and just typed in sandwiches to get some inspiration. Once you found your reference picture, sketch out your design. Give it some color and you will be a good reference If you could list out all the layers in your sandwich. You do not want dust to be sticking onto your clay, so it's very important to clean your workspace as well as your hands before you start work . Once your hands are clean, you can start preparing your clay colors according to your design, and once you're done, we can start sculpting 3. Sculpt: that starts sculpting the breakfast. That's not your play with your rolling pin and cut out the shape of your toast. You're happy with how your Brit looks like you can take a shop tool to next year. You can also use a brush as a text during tool. However, have you noticed it gives a very soft impression on the surface off the clay, so I would recommend using a needle to dragging it along with her face in a circular motion . And just use the brush for sites off the bridge. Make two of these and once you're done, can start coloring the crust with chopped pest tells. Remember, if you do not have trump, pastels can always use makeup powders in the same color. And if you do not have a brush, you can always use a cotton, but wear your so the colors get onto the places where you do not want them to be, because you can always get them off, even needle toe Here. As you can see, I find that my crust is a little bit too thick, so I'm using my needle to push out some of the colors just so that the white area looks a little bit bigger, and I'm finishing off by dusting on through the surf Ace. We've some 10 color just so that it looks a little bit more toasty. Once you're happy with probably a break, slices look like can put them aside. Remember to clean your area before we move on to make flatten it out, and then you can cut it according to size. Here, I'm using a bridge flies and a guide Theo Repeat for the. Instead of making one big slice, I decided to cut it diagonally into four pieces. Next, mixed with tomatoes. Lessen your risk, clay. And here I'm using my tools clip to play over so that it wouldn't stick onto met. And then here I'm using a straw existential to cut out all the little circular shapes. Lastly, we'll move on to the letters part, just letting it out and put it aside 4. Assemble: we have all our ingredients ready now. All we have to do is to assemble them, take one of your toe slices and put the text written part onto the sandpaper. This will ensure that all your textures will be maintained and will not be flattened, and you can now begin to build your sandwich here. As you can see, I'm starting bottom up. I've sliced this lettuce into two parts so that I have enough top land. I'm putting all my ingredients to its sights off the sandwich, and then I will be filling up the middle part with script. Clear. If you want to turn your sandwich with charm, this is the part where you have to put your eye pain or your hip in. Or if you do not have any of those, you can use a paper clip. Once you put it in place, you want to secure it with some scrap clean. The sandwich is not ready to be big 5. Bake: for the baking details. We should follow the packaging on your clay. Different brands will have different baking instructions, so if you're mixing two or more brands together, we should follow one with the lowest temperature. 6. Glaze & Accessorize : Once your charm is fully big, you want to inspect it to see if there's any dust or spots that you want to remove. You can easily remove them by scraping onto the face with a shop tool or a pen knife thing . Now this part is optional. If you want to pay in your charm, I would recommend using acrylic paints because they last longer use pains to do minor touch ups. For example, like what I'm doing here. I want my crust look a little bit darker. That's why on I wanted to give my greens a little bit more of a docker shade so that you will look more realistic. Glazing is also optional, but I would highly recommend it because the final coat really helps to protect your place. Here. I'm using a matt varnish. I'm just applying it with a brush dry, completely turn your child into a useful accessory. For example, we can turn it into a key chain or even dependent on the necklace hypo chasing materials from your local cross star. Or you can even use some of your old accessories, and this could be made into a really cute as well 7. Project Inspiration & Thoughts: Now it is your turn to have some fun. You can eat up, recreate this sandwich with extra layers or just one layer. Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try making something different, like a bunny shaped sandwich with faces on it. Or you can try making something simpler like this. Kawai son in sight Post You can use what you blood to make any kinds of food like pancakes , burgers, sushi and so on. Bill, Frito, Ask me any questions that you might have before you start your project. And I hope you enjoy these class. I'm looking forward to see what you guys can come up with.