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DIY Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

teacher avatar Quenia Pierson

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. BBSupplies

    • 3. About The Ingredient

    • 4. Mixing The Dry Ingredient

    • 5. Mixing The Wet Ingredients

    • 6. Mixing the Wet and Dry Ingredients Together

    • 7. Forming the Bath Bomb Shape

    • 8. Releasing

    • 9. Cleaning the ridge

    • 10. Trying Out The Bath Bomb

    • 11. Heat Shrink

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About This Class


In this class, I'm going to show you how to make bath bombs. Making your own bath products allows you to control the ingredients you put on your skin. 

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Hello, I'm Queina. In today's world, a fast-paced lifestyle, a never-ending to-do list and a quick mind are all part of a standard day.Taking the time to nourish your body for health, your mind with positive thoughts and your heart with love is essential.

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1. Intro: Hey, this is Kenya from starts on the inside and today we're gonna show you how to make your own bath bombs. We're gonna cover how to mix the dry ingredients, the wet ingredients, how to shape them in traditional bath bomb molds and silicone moulds. And we'll even show you how to heat shrink thumb. He drinking them is going to prolong the life of your bath bombs by keeping it dry. 2. BBSupplies: Let's go ahead and talk about some of the ingredients that we're going to need. In order to make our bath bombs, you're going to need some corn starch. You'll need either witch hazel or water baking soda. You'll need some citric acid if you want them to be fizzy bath bombs and some Epsom salt. Optional ingredients are going to be essential oils, and that's what's going to send your bath bombs and powder or liquid food coloring. You do want to make sure that the coloring you use is a food grade coloring or also says that it's safe. Four bath products and soap or candle making. You'll need some mixed singles. You'll need enough for your wet ingredients and your dry ingredients. Some measuring cups, something to mix your mixture with. You can also use your hands. You'll need a spray bottle for the water or the witch hazel. Whichever you're using, the final thing you're going to need is something to mold your bath bombs into. Now this is a set of metal bath bombs. You can also purchase them made out of plastic. Come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can use plastic Easter eggs. You can use silicone moulds that are made for cupcakes, Candies and soaps, and you can also use just a regular muffin tin. The other thing you'll need is a dish towel or a handout to keep your hands dry while you're working with the dry ingredients. And while you're packing the bath bomb mixture into your molds. Once you've gathered up all of your ingredients, go ahead and go on to the next video. 3. About The Ingredient: in this video, we're gonna talk about the base ingredients for our bath bombs. The first ingredient I want to cover is baking soda. Now do suggest using pure baking soda. Any brand will work that you trust. Baking soda is for more than baking. It can be used as an exfoliant and antiseptic and antifungal, a skin softener, a cleanser and a deodorant. Baking soda could be added to natural bath products for additional natural healing properties and to improve the texture of those products. Next is citric acid. Citric acid is one of the more uncommon products that we're gonna use. It can be found in some baking sections but easily purchased online. The citric acid is a naturally occurring alkaline ING agent that is often used in food to preserve taste, color and texture. In health and beauty products, it takes on an entirely different role. Citric acid is a beneficial exfoliant agent that helps keep the pH levels of your skin balanced. Citric acid is often used in bath bombs because it's gonna create that fizzy, bubbling effect that we desire from these type of products. Next, this corn starch court starts just like baking soda is another kitchen staple they can take on a whole new life in our beauty products, the texture of scorn. Starch is smooth and slippery, which makes it perfect as a base for body powders or as an additive to things such as milk bouts and bath bombs. Starch is soothing to irritated skin, and it also has some anti fungal properties. This is our EPS insult. Epson Salts is magnesium sulfate. Ebsen Salt is a pure mineral compound that isn't a crystallized form. It's not the same as tap tablet, salt or sea salt. Ebsen salt is used primarily for health and beauty purposes, with one of its most well known uses being for soothing bounce, it relaxes sore and tired muscles. Ebsen salt is added to bath salts and body scrubs and helps to save the skin. Release stress from muscles and exfoliating sea salt is a coarse grained salt that has several useful properties for health and beauty products. Sea salt has a high mineral content, which helps to nourish the skin. It also works as a softener, and it's foliate agent and has some antibacterial properties. Think the last thing we're gonna talk about is your essential oils and your coloring for your coloring. I do suggest going with a food grade quality or one that says that it's made specifically for bath and beauty products. That's going to ensure that it's safe for your skin to absorb it. It's also going to prevent it from staining your bathtub or your skin. 4. Mixing The Dry Ingredient: in this video, we're gonna begin getting our dry ingredients mixed up. So unity, one cup of baking soda, 1/2 a cup of citric acid, 1/2 a cup of epsom salt. Or you can use dead sea salts or regular sea salt and 1/2 a cup of corn starch. I've got one cup of baking soda when you're working with citric acid is what we're gonna put in next. You want to make sure that everything that you're about to touch is dry. So you what? You're measuring spoon to be dry and your hands, we're gonna put in 1/2 a cup of citric acid, and this is optional. But this is what's going to give it that fizzy effect. Now we're gonna put in 1/2 a cup of Epsom salt and finally, 1/2 a cup of corn starch. Give this a mix. Use a spin or a whisk either one. I just want to make sure that it's well blended. Now I'm going to add some coloring. This is a powdered coloring that is made for soaps and bath products. Put a little bit in at a time. Okay, On the color does deepen once it gets wet. Once that's well blended. Go ahead and move on to the next video. Where will begin getting this mixture wet? You want to make sure that you put away all of your dry ingredients so that they don't get wet on accident, especially your citric acid. 5. Mixing The Wet Ingredients: in this video, we're gonna begin working with the wet ingredients. You're gonna need some water or witch hazel and any coloring or essential oils that you want to use. Now you can use either witch, hazel or water, but I have found that I get less of an issue as faras reaction starting too early. When I use Witch Hazel as opposed to water, I'm gonna go ahead and mix everything in my sport bottle. I'm gonna be making a large batch. So I have about 34 sub cup of which Hazel in here. Now, there is a detailed recipe in the downloadable section of this class. It is a pdf that you can print out and use as you're making it. So get my squirt bottle. I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna put in five drops of lemon grass oil and I'm gonna put in four drops of the spirit. How the spirit Mint lemongrass is a very freshness combination. Now, when I mixed my dry ingredients, that's where I'm gonna get the majority of my coloring list. But I'm gonna go ahead and these are gonna be Valentine's Day gifts, so we're gonna make this batch bread put in four drops, kind of give it a swirl, going to put the lid on, go ahead and weaken. Set this aside and then the next video, we'll start working with our dry ingredients. 6. Mixing the Wet and Dry Ingredients Together: Now that our dry ingredients are well mixed, it's time to go ahead and begin adding either the witch hazel for the water. Like I mentioned earlier, I like to have my wet ingredients in a spray bottle. If you don't have a spray bottle, all you're gonna do is in very small amounts. Uses a teaspoon or even 1/4 of a teaspoon measuring spoon and slowly added and mix it with your hands or a spoon the same way I'm going to do here. Must part by spring it a few times with the witch hazel mixture, and at this point I'm gonna move to mixing it with my hands. What we're watching for his sport to start clumping together. We want to work quickly, and we don't want to get it to wet. At this point, you can see that it just falls apart. You want to scrape the sides of the bowl, making sure you keep everything mixed. Still, not quite clumping yet, but it's getting there. You want to avoid getting it to what because that's gonna cause the reaction between the moisture and the citric acid to begin, and once that reaction starts, you'll lose a lot of the fizzing properties that you get when you drop the bomb into your bath water. So at this point it's clumping together and holding its four. We're ready to move on to placing it into the mold. We'll do that in the next video. 7. Forming the Bath Bomb Shape: in this video, we're gonna begin placing our mixture into the bath bombs. I'm going to begin by using my large metal bath bomb mold. What you do is you press it down into the mold. You want to compact it that way, you have a nice shape and go and grab the other half. You want it to be overflowing just slightly. Make sure it's packed in there. Really? Well, now we're gonna take the to house. We're gonna push him together, twist it back and forth. These do not walk into place, Mike away any excess. And then I like to place my bath bombs over in a container. We've got a dry towel in there. Go my next mole, do the same thing. We'll make sure that they're even all the way around and then place them over to rest. Go ahead, finish up with the metal bath bombs I have, and then I'll show you how to do it with silicone moulds. Now, this is a regular silicone mold. It's what you would use for ice cubes, cupcakes, Candies, whatever. You're just gonna take the mixture, press it down into the mold and pack it in there. Once you have all of your mixture into the molds, I like to go back and just packet, and you want to make sure it's really tight and there again to avoid any air bubbles. Making sure it's compressed really well is what's going to make your final bath bomb have a nice defined shape. This point. We're gonna leave everything to dry for at least 15 minutes, and I like to leave my silicone moulds to dry for about 25 to 30 minutes. Onesies have had time to set and dry a little bit. I'll show you how to unmold them. 8. Releasing: in this video, we're going to talk about how to release our bath bombs from the molds we're gonna begin by releasing him from the metal moulds. You do want to make sure that your hands are completely dry and it's gonna be the same for the plastic as the metal moulds like this. Usually you can just give it a little bit of a turn and it'll open up. And there's your bath bomb released. If you let him dry all the way, they do come out a lot easier. If you're having a hard time getting it out of the mole, you'll just lightly tap it with a spoon to both sides, and it'll come right out. I do find the longer I let them stay in the mold and dry, the easier it is to get them out. Next is the silicone mold of these air a little bit messy or to remove? So I have laid some paper down for my silicone ones. These thes hearts have dried in the silicon mold for about 24 hours. I like to just kind of pull on the mold a little bit, and if I can see it release away, then I know it's good to go ahead and flip it and remove. Um, I just very gently push in on the bath. You do wanna let your bath bombs that are in silicon molds dry longer or they will. They will be crumbling and not hold their shape. And there you have your silicone ones. You would just continue pushing them out until all of them were released from the mold. So once you have all of your bath bombs removed from the mold and you've made sure that they've dried for at least 24 hours there ready to be used in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to clean up your bath molds so that they don't have this ridge. 9. Cleaning the ridge: in this video, we're gonna talk about how to clean up our bath bombs for gift giving. Now, when you use a silicon mold that is just one sided, you don't have any type of ridge that's formed. Since there's not two pieces coming together for on these rounded ones, you do have this ridge. I usually just leave it, even if I'm giving it for a gift. But I know some people like to clean it up. You want to resist the urge to get this wet, to clean it up or to try to get rid of it while it's still damp. You wanna wait till it's dried at least 24 hours, Then you just take your hand and rub it. You work your way around the entire bath bomb until it's smooth the way you want it. A lot of the ones in the stores still have this ridge, so I usually leave it, since it's something that people are used to seeing. But if you don't like it, that's an easy way to get rid of it. The other option and she can take us food and scrape it again. You want to make sure that your bath bomb is completely dry before you try to clean it up. That's all there is to it. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how to shrink wrap your bath bombs. This allows your bath bomb toe last a little bit longer since it protects it from any type of moisture. 10. Trying Out The Bath Bomb: in this video, we're gonna take a look at how well our bath bombs work. So I have one of the heart shaped bath bombs that I made during the class base filled about halfway with some just plain tap water. Go ahead and drop it in like you would in the bath. What is going to do is just continue to fizz and slowly release. If you have any questions about making your bath bombs special to let me know and I'll be happy to help. 11. Heat Shrink: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to shrink. Wrap your bathrooms. You're going to need some heat, shrink plastic, a heat tool or heat gun in the bathroom that she want to heat shrinks. Got dropped my bath bomb into the heat. Shrink. Gonna hold it over. Take my heat gun and I'm gonna pass it over very quickly and move around the entire ball. I don't want to stay in one area too long because it can overheat the plastic and actually calls it to melt and form a whole instead of sealing it. Then you have any extra areas like this. You can go ahead and triple off island to trim it off afterwards like that instead of beforehand. That way, I'm sure that I have enough of the shrink wrap plastic to cover the entire ball. Once you have the entire thing, heat shrink, it's done, and you can place it into a drawstring bag. Or give it like this by going ahead and heat shrinking your bath bombs. Even if they're just for you, you're going to allow them toe last longer because it's going to block out any moisture from being absorbed into the bath bomb bath bombs that state totally dry are good for a year or more. Once moisture starts being absorbed by the bath bomb, however, it's going to deteriorate pretty quickly.