Cute Embroidery Cacti. Hand Embroidery 101 | Cristina A. | Skillshare

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Cute Embroidery Cacti. Hand Embroidery 101

teacher avatar Cristina A., Embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Transfer guide

    • 4. How to embroider

    • 5. Running Stitch

    • 6. Back Stitch

    • 7. Satin Stitch

    • 8. French Knot

    • 9. Project

    • 10. Finish the back of your hoop

    • 11. Thank you!

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About This Class

In this Skillshare class you’ll learn how to embroider! Your project will be a cute embroidery cacti.


My personal definition of contemporary hand embroidery is: “an amazing way of expressing your creativity by hand sewing awesome designs into fabric or other materials.”

Forget about what your grandma used to make. Embroidery can be something modern and really cool.



This hand embroidery 101 class is perfect for stitchers of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert embroiderer, hours of fun are guaranteed. Learn everything you need to know to create your own hand embroidery cacti.


With this class you'll learn:

-All about must have  embroidery materials and supplies

-How to transfer your designs onto fabric

-How to create 4 different stitches

-How to finish the back of your hoop

 I can't wait to show you how easy and fun embroidery can be. I can "stitch" you how to do it, your imagination is the limit :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cristina A.

Embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations


Hello I'm Cristina! I'm the embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations, a geek and chic Star Wars fan addicted to pistachio ice cream and crazy about embroidery.


I was born and raised in Barcelona, a city that I love, but to which I said goodbye some years ago when I decided to live abroad and look for new experiences.
I've lived in a variety of countries such as Norway, Chile, India or the United States, where I came for love, but that's another story ;)


Embroidery has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I am self-taught, I learned when I was nine years old and since then, I never stopped.

To bring embroidery to people, I decided to create DIY embroidery kits. I make embroidery workshops too and now I can also share ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Cristina, and I'm the brother behind Coulson expectations in this class. I'll show you how fun, easy and creative brother it can be. Mercury is my passion, and a couple of years ago I decided to make it my way of living. I run on. It's a shop where I said, My dear, when rather we keep on some other products, like finish hoops or custom embroidery backpacks. I've also participated in a Varity project, and I'm in consent, collaboration with brands and lean on companies. I love teaching. I have four chops once a month where you get all the basics off from Rotary and ensure some of my tricks. So now I decided to join sculpture and share all those tricks with you, too. You learn everything you need to know about embroidery, what are the must have materials and different techniques off France were in your designs into fabric. I will also show you how to create four different seaters on how to finish the back of your hope. So for your knowledge, your experiences with vice so this glass is perfect for beginner. After completing this class, you'll be able to use your new skills to create your own hand brother Khaki. Thank you for joining. Let's do it 2. Materials : there are five must have materials that you need to start murdering. There is a wide variety of from other threats. The most common on the one that will use for our project is the 6th 1 also known as well, innit. It's made of six trends that you can survive for me teller, allowing you to adjust the thickness of your stitching by combining the for a number of strengths. I always got the threat of the length off my edible. I think it's the perfect size. This narrative threat has a single strand on his twist. We can use it to add ball into our brotherly or some text to this one. Here is a metallic threat, and it's very beautiful. But if you're a beginner, I recommend, you know, to use it because it can be a little bit tricky and its angles very dizzy. There's nothing really special about Caesar's, just that they should be small gun shop. You want to insurance that you can get a clean cut. Murdering needles have a bigger eyes so you can use a different number of strong's, and they also have a sharp pain to trust us. A fabric there are different sizes, and the bigger the number, the smaller the needle. I recommend you to use a number between 5 to 7. I always use 100% corn. Become a salad or print for our Bridget. I would recommend to use a light or a white one. The umbrella recoup is that round piece of wood, plastic or metal used to keep your fabric and screw the hoop until buried both parts. Then place the fabric between them like a sandwich and make sure it's Walter. When you start a new project, you might start stitching on the far right away. Or, most probably, you'll need to draw your own design. For that. You can use that have been it is known permanent on the ink is removable by using just a few drops off cold water. What do you want him. Rather, if you are in that good at throwing or your designs of it complicated, then you can use a butter. Learn how to transfer your design and so far, Rick in the next video, listen 3. Transfer guide: there are different ways of transferring your designs into fabric. In this video, I'll show you my three favorite techniques, but in our material, Speedy, I told you about the butter. We tous your design start by premium the butter. It is already adjusted to feed a six inch hope. So you don't have to worry about size in it. Now imagine that you made another cacti resign and you want to use it for your project. Let me show you how I enters the size of the design toe feed in a six inch hope. Start by opening a new document. Then insert the circle and make sure it is six page white on hype. Then consider your image. In this case is your new cacti design. Place it in front of the decks, and this will allow you to move it around. Make it transparent so you can see the circle and then justice size until it fits. That's it. Now you're ready to use it. Okay, so now that we have our patterns ready, let's preferred the fabric place the murderer who opens up off it, and then cattle separate the robbery, keeping just one part on blazing over the bottom. You can use the murderer who has a guy to put the fabric on the right place. Using a fabric pen, start tracing. In this case, the public is steaming off to see the butter. Give your fabric is thicker. Then you can use a light books or even a window. I use this technique when the design is simple. For more detailed patterns, I always used our next method. This devil later is aware so local paper. This technique is great for thick fabric. It's like clothes or when the design has a lot of details. I use this segments from other my girl will shirt. It is very easy to use just putting your design terribly on it. Feel of the release paper and stick it to the fabric. Once you finish your embroidery, wash it and it will vanish with water contact. It's magic. Now let me tell you about supreme fabric. This fabric has already a permanent prion potter, so you don't have to transfer your design. I buy my own design fabric on my favorite designs that come. You can use their own line creator to create your own seamless potter set a pattern to nine inch. This will allow you to have no father to fit your design into a six inch and brother. I hope then a jury much size. It imposes your new father. You can choose. What kind of fabric do you want on the amount? This technique is grateful when you need a large volume of the same parents. Father, The minimum you can get is a flat quarter, which would be 12 pieces. One yard will give you 24. Now that you know how to transfer your design, it's time to embroider. 4. How to embroider: Here comes the fun part. It's time to more either pic of your favorite color and cut it. Take two strengths and thread your needle. Let a few inches hand loose and remember to not the other end starting from behind off the Hope introduced the needle in your fabric. Benita will appear in the front side sake it and pull it until the threat is out. Reinsert the needle in the fabric and bullet. Right? Congratulations. You have created your first teach. 5. Running Stitch: this. It is great for specific designs and to finish the back off a hope take up having been on drew a straight line. Create a single state like the one we just learned. Then leave a space and come up with your needles. Create another single state and repeat china with younger stitches. You can also practice combining shirt and long speeches to ginger threat or when you run out off it, turn your hope and within Italy for the status creating on up. Now take for Stranz on thread the needle. Not this. Have using force. Trans stitchers are now speaker. In the next video, I'll show you how to make backstage. 6. Back Stitch : this state is great for straight and curved lines in our project will use it to outline the butter. First, create a single stage, leave a space and come out with your NATO. But this time you're gonna go down in the same place off your first speech, every state school backwards. That's why we call it backs it. Repeat this person's with long stitchers or combining shirt and long. Also, try different number of strength. Now take your fabric, pen, Andhra heart or any other faith. Fact is the backseat with this shape curbs, I recommend you to make small speeches. In the next video. We'll show you how to make the Saudi in speech. 7. Satin Stitch : Thisted is perfect for feeling. Shapes in our project will use it to fill the cacti inputs. Draw a small heart or any other shape. Make short straight teaches side by side one next to the other. Your needle goes up on down right next to the previous teach practice this state with different number of strengths. In this case, I'm using the whole six trends. Another way to cut the threat. When you run out off it, it's by splitting the strength on health and then make a Not in the next video. I'll show you how to make French nuts. 8. French Knot: This is great for specific designs. Like small flowers in our budget will use it as that's for one Off the cacti pots you six friends on trade your native Bring the needle app on with your other hand. Wrapped the threat three times, huh? Randi in off the needle while holding the threat taught, Insert a needle close where you came up. Pull the threat to run to the backside until a knot is formed. Practices state with different number of strength on different number of rats around the needle. Now we're ready to start our protect. 9. Project: Now that you know all the basics of from reverie, it's time to create. Our final project lets him Roy their acute Hannah brother cacti. These are the colors that I recommend for these design. You have a color chart with all the call of reference in your class material. However, I wanted to be creative. You can, to some other colors are applied them. Leave early, pick up one off the green colors. You set instead with two strengths and feel the first cactus. Follow the lines of the butter and the worry of your stitches are in perfect. We will Outlander design with black threats that will cover it. All those little mistakes Take the next screen and feel the following Cocteau's Use sudden seats with two strengths and make the opponents do the same for the third cactus. Now feel the butts with light pink again. You said instead, with two strengths for that, use friends nuts. Take force trends, unwrapped the threat around the needle four times. - Now use back street with electorate and to strength for the outline of the butter. Make several rows of back states to make the outline thicker. Finally, make sure to straight stitches for the tactic prequels used for strength and combined this and yellow colors. Your hope is almost ready. In the next video, I'll show you how to finish the back of your hope. 10. Finish the back of your hoop: Once you finish your hoop, trim around excess of fabric. Living at least one inch ST ero off large run instead. Arrival. Success of fabric Make sure that you live a long tail at the beginning. Once it states the full circle, take the threat ends and pull them together together. The fabric, not the threat. If you have a glue gun, you can also stick the fabric. Very lean to the hope your hope is ready and Julia. 11. Thank you!: Hey, thank you so much for watching and for joining me in this cast. I hope you like it. You want to see your projects so please share them in the projects. Calorie! I would love to publish more classes so peaceful me on If you would like to see more of my works you can also follow me on Instagram. I'll see you soon. Thank you so much.