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Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins

teacher avatar Will Bartlett, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Cryptocurrency Investing - Find Undervalued Altcoins PROMO

    • 2. 01 Introduction

    • 3. 02 Getting Started Tracking Your Research

    • 4. 03 What Makes A Coin Undervalued

    • 5. 04 Do you believe in the cryptocurrency

    • 6. 05 Potential of Gains

    • 7. 06 Starting Your Cryptocurrency Research Part 1

    • 8. 07 Starting Your Cryptocurrency Research Part 2

    • 9. 08 Discovering Undervalued Cryptocurrencies

    • 10. 09 Researching Coin Websites

    • 11. 10 Buy The Rumor Sell The News

    • 12. 11 Cryptocurrency Announcements

    • 13. 12 Spotting Bad Investments

    • 14. 14 Investing To Win & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to our Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins class!

This an intermediate level class that will teach you how to find undervalued cryptocurrency altcoins. The instructor will walk you through the exact process he does every week to discover new coins that might provide gains in the future. There are a number of strategies, websites, and methods presented in this class that you can leverage when doing your own research.

This class is for someone who already owns cryptocurrency, or may have just finished one of my beginners classes on investing in cryptocurrency. It can take a very long time to research and analyze all of the information available, for the over 1500 cryptocurrencies. My goal is to save you time by sharing with you my methods and strategies so that you have a better understanding of what makes a coin valuable, how to figure out if it’s too late or worth it to invest in a coin, or if they might not be worth much in the future.

Investing in the bigger cryptocurrencies that have proven to stand the test of time works, but there's far more potential in undervalued coins. We’ll explore why that is so that you have a much better grasp of the entire cryptocurrency market and why it can be beneficial to invest in undervalued coins.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to research and find undervalued cryptocurrency altcoins
  • Strategies and methods that the instructor uses weekly to discover coins that have the potential to be a great investment
  • To utilize dozens of websites that can be used when researching undervalued cryptocurrencies
  • How to spot a potentially bad cryptocurrency altcoin

and more!

Your instructor for this course is Will Bartlett who is an Online Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Investor.

**This class will NOT teach you how to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency** Please view one of my other classes for that training.

**This cryptocurrency investing class provides information on how to buy, sell, trade and invest bitcoin and is not advice. Invest only what you're willing to lose just like any other investments!**

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Will Bartlett

Video Creator & Entrepreneur


Connect with me:

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About me:

I've been a professional Cinematographer & Editor for 10+ years and a Content Creator for 15. Over the years, I've worked with dozens of production companies and hundreds of clients from Canada and the United States. I run several media businesses including a Toronto based video production company, an online brand that's trained over 350,000 students, and a Filmmaking YouTube channel called Alli and Will.

Categories I specialize in: Video Production (Filming, Editing, Visual Effects), Entrepreneurship/Business, Investing, Marketing and Branding.

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1. Cryptocurrency Investing - Find Undervalued Altcoins PROMO: welcome to our Cryptocurrency course and how to find undervalued old coins. In this course, I'm gonna walk you through how I go about finding undervalued cryptocurrencies. There are a number of strategies, websites and ways. I Go boat research in Cryptocurrencies to potentially invested. My goal is to save you time by pointing in the right direction so that you're able to have a better understanding of what makes a corn valuable. How to figure out if it's too late to invest. So why not just continue investing in the bigger cryptocurrencies that have proven to stand the test of time? Well, it's about the potential of gains, and we'll explore this question in many more. So you have a much better grasp of the entire Cryptocurrency market and why can be very beneficial to search for undervalued coins. This course is for someone who already owns Cryptocurrency or may have just finished one of our beginners courses on investment Cryptocurrency. It can take a very long time to research and analyze all of the information available for the over 1500 cryptocurrencies and I CEOs. So learning quickly how to spot good investments and how to rule out bad investments is a beneficial skill to learn. This isn't a beginner's course, as we have two other Cryptocurrency for beginners courses, and this isn't an advanced course either, so we won't be diving into technical graph analysis or other training techniques. This is, however, an intermediate level course designed as a transition from our beginner's course. Thanks for checking this course out on how to find undervalued cryptocurrencies, and I hope to see you in there. 2. 01 Introduction: welcome to our Cryptocurrency course on how to find undervalued old coins. But there is an endless source of information available on the Internet, so I can't possibly have enough time to go through every single website and read every single article. There will be other strategies that work. There will be other people that have their own way of researching, and that's great. I even will go as far as saying. I hope the information presented in this course allows you to come up with your own style of researching by leveraging my methods. Also, when I pick any coins in this course, to look into that doesn't mean it is guaranteed to increase in value. And it doesn't mean that the coin will always be a good pick. Cryptocurrencies air Highly volatile, which makes them highly risky. It is up to you to decide if an investment is right for you and your money. The money I've invested into cryptocurrencies I've already considered it lost. I cannot stress this enough. Never invest more than you're willing to lose. With that in mind, learn the techniques and methods I teach behind identifying undervalued Cryptocurrencies instead of paying attention to anyone coin. I may pick throughout the course because things change over time, all right, to get started. I'd like you to create a Gmail account if you don't already have one so that we can work on a Google spreadsheet. Or if you have Microsoft Excel installed, that will work to in the next lesson. I'll walk you through how I track Cryptocurrencies. Let's get started with the course and thanks again for enrolling. 3. 02 Getting Started Tracking Your Research: Okay, let's get started. Right now. I have Gmail open. And as some of you may know, Google has many, many useful APS that come along with the free email account. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can create one. Or if you have Microsoft Excel installed, you can also use that. So we're gonna be using Google sheets. And to get into Google, she'd You'll need a Gmail account, so I'm logged in here. So if you navigate over to these dots here and then go to Google drive, your Google Drive folder will open up. Now you can see here what's stored locally or what's in the cloud in your drive. So by staying in here, you can simply right click and go to Google Sheets or Google Docks. Google slides. There's a few different options here, so for us we're gonna be using Google sheets, and this is pretty much identical to make herself to excel. So let's go ahead and click on Google Sheets. So now we have a brand new spreadsheet opened up, and the reason we're doing this is to start tracking the coins we do. Research on the idea is to add different coin names, some information, and then will quickly be able to evaluate at a further date. If that is the coin, we want to, you know, invest in and go from there. So let's go to the top here and give it a name. So this one will be called crypto currency undervalued coin tracking. You can name it, whatever you want. That'll work for us. You can see well, auto save. Okay, so at the top here, you can grab the columns and make a certain thing wider. And let's do that a few times. All right, You can set this up, however you'd like, but I would highly suggest having some way of tracking all your cryptocurrencies and all the research you do, because it makes it much easier to go back and see what you've been researching and compare each one. And after a few weeks of doing this, you'll have quite a bit of information here, and it just makes life a lot easier to keep things tracked again. You can change its title as you wish and what it says in each title. So that's totally up to you. I'll teach you exactly what I do. So in column one here, it typically taping the coin name. So coin name my column B is typically description. See will be the current market cap. You know, explain to you where to get that information that later on in the course next will be the price that is the current price of each coin. The next one is exchanges. That is the website where you can buy the coin after that weaken, do value score and the value scores something I've actually added a little more recently in the last few months, and it it seems to really help. So you have 10 coins and you're not really quite sure which one you want invest in. That's where the value score would come in because as we're going through them, if you really, really like the coin and you know the description of what it does that you really like the idea. It's got a super low market cap. But there's tons of potential or the exchanges that the coin managed to get on at such an early date. For whatever reason, if a certain coin really jumps out to you as being ah high potential coin, then give it a high value score here. So you can maybe say, you know, this one is a nine out of 10 and then you know, there's one that's pretty good, but it's not really high up there in your place. That could be, you know, five. And then let's say there's a few of them that you're not quite sure you want to invest in yet, but there is some potential. In that case, I'd leave like a one or two, and that tells me that you know, I can look back into it at a later date. But for now, these two are the ones that make the most sense to invest in. Okay, so it's bring this little closer so the numbers match a little closer to the title, and the description can probably be brought out. The name of the coin can probably brought back in the market. Cap can go a little lower. Same with Price, and maybe the exchanges can go up a bit. Now again, you can ADM. Or like the supply and what not? But for now, this is probably enough information for me to explain the point of this now to go a little further into why I have chosen certain titles here. I'm gonna pick current market cap is the 1st 1 will talk about. A lot of people don't really like the idea of picking a coin in deciding if it's good or not based in the market cap. And in my opinion, that makes sense, although I do value it a little bit. So the reason I've included it is I consider the current market cap as the popularity of the coin, because the more money that's invested in any Cryptocurrency that essentially means how popular it is compared to the other one. So Bitcoin has the largest market cap. That's because it is the most popular coin. And, you know, a coin that just came out the other day is going have a fairly small market cap. So the popularity of that is not going to be that high yet, so I think that's a good way to consider it. It allows you to quickly see how popular it is. And of course, if Bitcoin has a few 100 billion in the market cap, then chances are it's very popular, but there's not much room to grow. I mean, it might double or triple in the next year or so, But compared to a much smaller corn, with this much smaller market cap, you can identify very quickly which coin you want to keep your eye on. And to me, the price column isn't all that important, so we won't focus too much on that. That just gives you a quick glance of the price that could easily be the circulating supplier, the max supply of that coin. So when I'm doing my research, obviously the coin name is important because that allows me to find it quickly. If I choose to invest. The description isn't all that necessary, although it is very helpful, especially when you start adding a lot of coins here and their new coins. You're not really familiar with what the project is about or what the coin is supposed to do, giving it a brief description here of what it does. For example, is this cryptocurrencies this ah platform and so on. The exchanges call them is also important because let's say you here, after doing research a week later that there's some buzz around one of the coins that you picked Well, you want to get in and buy as soon as you can because you're hearing some buzz and you think this corn is gonna pump in the near future? It's gonna go up in price, so you want to try to leverage that opportunity. So having the exchanges listed here is very convenient. It allows you to see the name of the coin and where to get it. It's all just fill a cell with Bitcoin quickly to give an example of how to fill it out. And then we can remove it and then dive into the course and go from there. So let's go up here, double click, and we'll type in Bitcoin. And then we'll also add in brackets beside it. BTC, which is the ticker name that allows us to see the full name of the coin, plus the short form ticker name. Okay, The description is currency and also store of value. And you know, you could even go a little more in depth there and type in digital currency store value. Everyone knows what that is. Current market cap. Let's just say 250 billion. The price is around Let's say 12 k and up here is going to deal in USD. Most of the exchanges dealing USD so let's add that to the title. So that's 12 K USD. Then the exchanges. It's pretty much available on everyone. So we'll just type a few of the big ones such as finance dot com bit Rex Coin base Quadriga , c x, Bologna X, and that should be good for now. Now, To me, the value score of this wouldn't be very high, although there is a lot of talk of Bitcoin jumping up to 50 or 100 k or even mawr. To some people, this actually might be one of their undervalued coins that they're keeping an eye on Bitcoin's the biggest, so it might not make sense to listen here, but for my purposes, I'm looking for coins under about one billion market cap, maybe even less so the value score of this for me would be, you know, about a one. So that's the general idea of how to fill this out again. If you want to add other ones like the supply or maybe the actual website, where you can click it and go to the website directly from here, or the website or any other information that you want to add. That's totally fine. This is just how I tend to do it. And again, I would highly suggest tracking everything because professionals track all their trades, they do other research and write it all down. This is something that works. It allows you to reference the research that you've done in the past and quickly identify which coins have the most potential and which coins you may want invest in at any given time. 4. 03 What Makes A Coin Undervalued: All right, welcome back. In this lesson, we're gonna talk about what makes a coin undervalued. So now we're on coin market cap dot com. So what makes a coin undervalued? Well, there's a few things, but mainly Aucoin's value depends on perspective. It's possible that a coin could be considered under valued by one person and overvalued by another. This is exactly what happened with Tron during the January 2018 market selloff. No one really knows the future, but some people have different perspectives. So it's up to you to decide if a coin is undervalued or not. The more information you know, the better. Generally speaking, though, a coin is undervalued when it has a low market cap or when people haven't yet discovered the potential of a coin. So as we talked about in one of the last lessons, Bitcoin is the largest coined by market cap you can see appear. The total market cap of all Cryptocurrencies is currently 536 billion. Okay, so you can see here. Ethereum is about 100 billion. Bitcoin is around 1 85 and at the time of making this course, Ethereum is getting pretty close to Ah Bitcoin. It's now actually more than 50% the market cap of Bitcoin. And a lot of people are saying Ethereum is a really, really solid, long term hold even better than Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is really a currency, whereas there are other big projects that are being built off Ethereum. So there's a lot more of a use case with the theory. Um, currently, let's go back to the original question. What makes a coin undervalued coin could be undervalued for several reasons. One of them is the fact that maybe a few months back, the coin had a strong pump up where it increased in value by the time and then it sold off . And at that point, the hype was kind of gone, and then people started to move on to different coins, and it's now been several weeks. No one's really talking about the coin, but the numbers still kind of held out and didn't drop all that much. They just kind of corrected and the team is very good, you know, The website looks great and the project and I d itself of the coin has a really strong use case, so in that case that could be considered an undervalued coin. Another reason is maybe a coin isn't available in one of the big exchanges. So people tend to trust the big exchanges and not trust the smaller ones because of risks of getting hacked or scammed. So there could be a really great team in project. But the exchange that offers the coin for sale for people to buy it may not be all that popular, so that could be another way to distinguish if a coin is undervalued or not. Another reason you might come to the conclusion that a specific coin is undervalued is you may have just come back from a recent event or watched a live stream where one of the coins you've been keeping an eye on just really some new information that most of the public hasn't seen yet. So those air three reasons why there are others. But the general idea here is that you wanna have a first movers advantage, and that means if you're able to buy a coin before other people buy it or you're able to hear about a coin and get involved with it before the bulk of the industry, and this might mean that you bought in soon enough before the hype, and you can ride it all the way up and you'll make a fantastic return on investment. And, of course, the name of the game is buy low, sell high, so that's what we're trying to do here. 5. 04 Do you believe in the cryptocurrency: Okay. Welcome back In this lesson, I want to talk a bit about the importance of believing in the Cryptocurrency you're investing in. I cannot stress this enough. If you don't believe in a specific coin, chances are it's not a good investment for you. So my investing principles are I will not invest in a coin unless I've read everything I can about it. Within reason. Of course. And I must believe in the project. I must think the idea they're going for is good. I will not invest in any coins that are just hyped up. I believe in cryptocurrencies as a whole. And that's why I got involved. So my investing principles within Cryptocurrency is I need to believe in the coin. I will not invest in anything I don't believe in. So the idea must be realistic during the term I'm willing to invest in. I don't want to just throw money at anything. So always ask yourself this. Do you believe in the idea of the coin? Do you believe in the project? Is the idea realistic? During the term, you're willing to have your money invested? Is this an investment that you can express to friends and feel proud about talking about it . So those are a few questions that I would suggest considering to ah keep handy that you can always ask yourself, maybe memorize them or write them down because it is very, very important to understand what you're getting into and believe in the project. That being said, everyone is different, and I'm sure there are many people who have made a ton of money investing in random things , that they have no idea what what it's about, or even in projects and ideas that they didn't even like. So there's no foolproof answer here. Generally speaking, my principles are I only invest in a coin if I believe in it. 6. 05 Potential of Gains: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about the potential of gains and why it makes sense to invest in smaller market cap coins compared to holding some of the larger proven coins. So we'll use Bitcoin again. I explain this a little bit in one of the previous lessons, so we'll just break it down a little more. Bitcoin is a giant market cap for Bitcoin to double another $185 billion would need to be added to Bitcoin. 185 billion is a large percentage of what makes up the entire market cap of all cryptocurrencies, so that is a big move to do. If Bitcoin were to double, of course it's possible. And yes, it is realistic as Ah, the entire market cap continues to grow. Ethereum would need 100 billion in order for it to double. That's about 1/5 of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. So quite a bit, considering that when you're going to let save you all and we sort this to the very smallest and let's just go down here will ignore the ones under a 1,000,000 because those ones are extremely risky. But Let's just say Let's go with mint coins. So men Coin has only 27 million as its market cap. That is extremely small compared to Bitcoin. For this to double, it would only need another 27 million. There is so much room in this coin. If this went to 500 million, which is still crazy small compared to Bitcoin's market cap, your investment would increase about roughly 15 times or so. There is an incredible amount of potential just by the amount of money in it compared to the largest Cryptocurrency. Of course, you can say the same thing in, ah startup company compared to the largest company in the world, and that is literally the same thing. With a large company, you have more security. There's less risk. But for a coin like this, with such a small market cap, there is a lot higher risk involved. You know, the large cryptocurrencies have already proven themselves toe last. They can kind of withstand a beating in the sense of large sell offs, but some of these coins might go down more than 70 or 80% so let's go to the top here. Seven day trend you know, See, Look, some of these coins are up 80 90% and they're all very small market caps, so this is something you should definitely pay attention to. Small market cap coins can lose quite a lot of their market cap, which means your investment will go down by 50% and that could happen within an hour within 15 minutes. So that's why it's very important to invest in coins that you've done the research on and high risk, high reward, but it can also go the other way. 7. 06 Starting Your Cryptocurrency Research Part 1: All right, welcome back In this lesson, we're gonna talk about identifying potential undervalued coins, and we'll start here on coin market cap dot com. This is again your go to and any of the links that I talk about in this video course I will include as a downloadable pdf that you can, ah reference and click on them as you need. That will be included in the last lesson of the course. So, as I said, this is coin market cap dot com. This is kind of a go to website when researching invalidating potential coin picks. So to get started here once a week or so, I will go to corn market cap and go through volume 24 hours in the first top 100 coins and you'll see here that Bitcoin, of course, is number one has the largest market capsize and of course, the highest volume. Ethereum is second. Then we have tether, which is only 23rd and the market cap is far smaller. But a lot of people tend to use this every single day to go back and forth, and that's why it always will have a large volume when you go down here. These numbers represent the order of the Cryptocurrency in market capsizes we're talking about. So by looking at the volume, call them plus the number column. You can quickly find out which coins are trending in the last 24 hours or which coins have been popular. Which coins have been pumped. And this could give you a quick idea of coins that you might not be investing in but have recently had a lot of volume go through. Now again, this isn't foolproof. That could also mean it has a high volume because people are selling off a lot. So just keep that in mind by looking at the numbers on the left. Here, the coin that has the lowest number that's highest up in the list. We'll give you a good idea of how popular that coin is. So if we scroll down, let's look for something way out of place here. So 60 so syndicator this CND coin, you can see it here. That's the ticker name CND. This is 60 the top 60. The volume for this coin in the last 24 hours has been 325 million. Now that is a bit much for a coin it at 60 at this current time. So to me, this coin has been trending and as you can see on the graph here, it's at a really, really high point. So for me, this wouldn't be a coin I won't invest in. However, this is a coin that I may want to keep my eyes on in the future because it's still a top 60 coin. But people seem to like it For some reason. Syndicator is a pretty good project, but for our purposes will pretend we don't know it. So let's go with syndicator as our first pick syndicators, the name and the ticker of CND. Let's go over to our bread sheet. Core name will type in syndicator in brackets CND. That's the 1st 1 now the description. So to find the description out, we can open a new tab, and this will give us some more information like the circulating supply, total supply, etcetera. And if we click the website here, we can go to the syndicator dot com, a website. This is kind of the starting point. Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management, 52,000 plus decentralized financial analysts enhanced by artificial intelligence. So that's a cool idea. I'm interested in artificial intelligence, and I do think that it is part of the future, and I do think it will play a big part in the future. So just based on that alone, I do like the idea. And I'm gonna further explore this so we could watch the video. We could continue to read Mawr. So syndicator bought Syndicator Bought is a system that works with predictive analytics data and market indicators powered by hybrid intelligence to support traditional and crypto financial market analysis. So again, let's just say at this point I'm not too sure what this Cryptocurrency exactly does. But it seems to be some sort of bought and analyzing of data. Let's check out their partners technology partner with Microsoft Bizspark. We might want to look into that and verify it, but that seems to be very promising. So these ones I haven't really heard of, but Microsoft bizspark that, to me is a really, really good sign, all right, so, but for the purpose of the description will use something appear so. 52,000 decentralized financial analysts, enhanced by artificial intelligence. So, you know, that might even be something. We we just want a copy. So by having the coin name and description, this gives us a quick idea of what this coin is. Now we can close that. We'll go back to here. So the market capsizes. 450 million, so just under half a 1,000,000,000. So we'll type that in 450 mill. And if you want, you can actually select that and bring it to the right if you'd like it to be presented on the right side. So the current price is going for 31 cents and it's up about 10%. So right now it is 0.31 and then the next column, we have his exchanges. So to find out that will go back to corn market cap. We go into the page, reopened and then we'll click on markets. Markets down here will tell you where that Cryptocurrency can be traded for, so it's available in finance, which is currently, I believe, the largest Cryptocurrency trading platform that exists. It recently surpassed that rex and this is the one I primarily dio trading on theirs by Nance hit BTC and mercy talks that such a low volume that I wouldn't trust that I've heard some people using hip BTC so you can get some lower lower volume coins on hit BTC. I don't know how trustworthy it is. I do use it, but only for a couple of small coins. So finance and hit btc so over here with tape in finance dot com and hit BTC. Now, next we have the value score. Now, I would suggest not putting this in until you fully research the coin itself. That means going through the entire website, reading online and absolutely making up the decision that you know, this is a coin. You want a list here, but for the purposes of what we're doing will keep filling this out. So the value score assume you went through the website. We like the white paper. We like the project. The team is good there. Ah, road map is good. So assuming all that is great, we've decided to listed here The market cap is about half a 1,000,000,000 which is not crazy small, but it's also nowhere near any of the large ones. And it's on the biggest exchange currently, so that, to me, is a good coin to be in. I have no idea what the future has in store, but we'll leave it at that. So for me, the value score would be probably mid ranged. Let's say five. And I'm only saying five because I do remember that this was up about 10%. So maybe in a couple days I'll check to see if that has corrected. So when it does get corrected, the value score may go up to, you know, it's a six or seven. All right, so let's continue here. So, as I've said, the idea is to just write down the information you have, so you can always reference it. Okay, so next will go in. Open up, Google. There are many, many different ways you can do your research for me. I think coin market cap is a good start from there. I have ah, a few different Reddit forums bookmarked, and I suggest doing the same. So let's start with that. Let's just type in red it crypto currency and we'll see what comes up So right off the bat here you have some of the highest ranked one, which means those are the most popular. We have reddit dot com slash Cryptocurrency. We have reddit dot com slash crypto markets reddit dot com slash cryptocurrencies reddit dot com slash alta coin and then the other ones look like just some random pages. What we'll do is deal with just the top ones, so it's open up this one in a new link, this one in a new link, the cryptocurrencies and the altar coin one. So let's go to this one, and we'll just bookmark this page and will bookmark this into the bookmarks bar. And I believe organization is key. So what we'll do is we will rename this so we'll type R slash crypto currency so we can quickly know that it's a reddit forum and it's the Cryptocurrency age. We'll go to the next one same thing. Bookmark this page that one's already set up. So our crypto markets cryptocurrencies bookmark this page, our crypto currencies and this is the old coin one. So bookmark this page are old coins, and then we can quickly reference those at a later date. Now, another idea might be to create a folder such as Crypto currency. And then this way you could put all of those in it and then referenced very quickly from within there. Okay, so we can close the Google page for now. Let's go to a new page from scratch here. So let's go and open up our 1st 1 So old coins and I tend to like sorting by new, since we want to try to catch certain new releases and information as they come out. Okay, so what we're gonna do is just scam through this and you can spend as much time or as little time as you'd like. Instantly we see the privacy coin. Sumo coin down here, we have something about Dent. Coin. We have picks, so I haven't heard of medic coins. So that might be one that, you know, you can go in here and see what other people are thinking about, but you can only take each comment with ah, with a grain of salt because most of the time it's just people trolling or newbies that don't really know too much. That being said, the Reddit forums are still Ah, great way to discover new coins. And then you just do the research yourself, so medic coin is something we might want to look into. The idea here is we want to look for patterns, so if I hear medic in another post or in one of the other forums, then I will definitely look into it. But if I just hear it once, there's no real buzz for it. And you know at this point doesn't make sense. So photons on Ethereum and we'll go down a bit. All right, So this guy's talking about the INS ecosystem coin, and this is a grocery coin, as it says here, so they might be competing with Amazon. To me, that's a bit of a worry again. That's just based on this title. So if I hear a bit more about Ines ecosystem in the future, I will look into that and decide if it's something I'm interested in. And I'm just going down the list here, looking again for patterns. If another coin has been mentioned a few times, So V chain, that is what I'm currently investing in that has a lot of potential. But that coin has quite a big market cap compared to some of the smaller ones. I'm interested in. So we will ignore that for now. We should on the next page more talk about vb v chain again. That's a popular currents of people will be talking about that. Okay, so here's when someone talking about fun now, I also invent them. Investing currently in fund This is fun. Fair. It is an online gambling Cryptocurrency, and the gambling industry is a huge, huge industry. But it also faces tough regulation in certain countries like the United States. So I don't know what the future holds for he centralized gambling. But funfair seems to be one of the big picks for that. It is, ah, totally small market capsize currently, and that might be something that we'd be looking into again. If this is the first time you're hearing about it, this might be something that you just kind of past. But if you hear it again, definitely look into it. And that's kind of the idea. So it's continued here. Okay, so that one's done. Let's go to the next one and this process of just scanning the forums I do about once a week and then it'll give me ideas of new coins. People are talking about, so it's continue down here. We're also coin. This has been around for a little bit, and lots of people talk about that as well. So that might be a coin that you'd like to write down in your list in and investigate. But for me, I'm looking for ones that stand out to me that I haven't heard of just part of my weekly research. OK, so let's go to next page and again you consort by new. If you prefer that, let's keep going, Let's go down here. 8. 07 Starting Your Cryptocurrency Research Part 2: and let's keep going here. All right, Ray Blocks, Iota and the Undervalued by Paul. So by Paul has been around for quite a while. I believe Ray Blocks isn't really available on any of the big exchanges yet. I know it's coming to finance. Ah, shortly. Ayotte has been around for quite a bit, and that's a really great project. But again, they have a large market cap. So we're gonna ignore that. This person is saying Undervalue, bite ball. So this might be interesting. We can look into this, and I do believe that one's on a bit Rex. So if we go here and type in bite ball, we can see here that this is half of half a 1,000,000,000 market cap with the markets. And yet that's this one's on bit Rex case. Let's go to the page reopened, so I would read this and go through this scan through this quickly. I'm just basically looking for the word by ball so I can start reading. That section toe piqued my interest. You can also press if you're on a Mac command F and literally type in Beit Ball. It'll highlight all the spots and then you could scroll and see. So all right, so this last sentence the following weeks could be very interesting for bite ball. As investors who have profited from ray blocks will focus their attention on by Paul. I don't know how true that is, but this is something I will look more into. So if this person is right, then people will move stuff to bed by Paul. And that could be another great investment. So let's say pin by Paul as our second coin, as you can see here, G B. Why t e is the ticker name. Okay, now let's go do some more researching, So let's click on the website. Okay, so we would essentially read this and it it could be trusted to where exactly? As agreed upon is validated by multiple nodes. Okay, so you go through that and get a feel for what it does. Risk free. Conditional smart payments by ball allows you to do something that traditional currencies can't conditional payments hedge against negative events by insurance, from peers to get paid in case a negative event occurs and you could sell insurance for profit. So that's a cool idea. And you can make money by predicting future events. Also a cool idea. You can bet against other users on sports events, and this is also cool. There could be, ah, messaging app, and you can pay while chatting with a person directly within the messaging platform. That's not entirely new, but cool idea. So this has quite a bit of ideas behind this Cryptocurrency, and it seems to be some sort of similar thing to the iota tangle where all the users contribute and make it more secure. There's a bite ball wallet available on various platforms. Okay, so overall, we get an idea of kind of what this is, is the currency and has a whole bunch of other modern features. So we'll go here and type in currency with modern features. Pay in messages. All right, so we'll go back here. Market capsize is 14 77 mil, similar to syndicator, and the price is $740 per coin, which is very high compared to the majority of cryptocurrencies. And that's because the total supply is only one million, which is very small, compared Teoh Bitcoins 21 million, which is also considered relatively small because of the short supply and that there is a total supply and the fact that it still has quite a small market cap. It has some cool ideas that I actually kind of like. So the next thing we'll do is we'll go into their white paper. Basically, every Cryptocurrency that serious will have one. So let's go into the way paper here on this, open that into a new tab and you can see it's 49 pages. So if you went through this, this will give you the idea of what it's all about. Now, for the purposes of this course, I'm not really gonna go and read through this entire thing. But, as you can see here tells you the title and a decentralized system for storage and transfer value very similar to some of the other ones in terms of the idea of the coin. So if you went through and, you know, read all this, this will give you confidence or no confidence whether this coin is something that you think is valuable long term. All right, so it's just scroll down quickly. There's some references that's always good right off the bat. I don't really like that. There's no charts or colors in this. They haven't really spent much time making this look good and serious. Investors will spend time going through this, and it should be easier for them to understand what the coin is. And I don't think Bible has done a great job there. I'm not convinced completely yet. Of course, I haven't read through this. I'm not all that interested just yet, but we'll assume I went through this and really liked it. We can close that All four this Let's say we'll go back here. But the price here is 740 and the exchanges are, as we said, Bit Rex and update Crypt ox, Crypto Pia. I've heard of Utopia and of course, bit wreck. So we'll put those two now for the value score again. I haven't gone through the white paper, so I'm just gonna put a number based on assuming that it is a good project. And I do like the white paper. So that being said with the market cap size about the same as syndicator puts that in the same range. I do like the fact that has a really low supply which means the price is high. It doesn't really mean all that much, to be honest. But I just tend to like really low supply coins because with a limited supply, that's kind of how the world works with supply and demand. One million is very low is as a supply. I like that. It's on one of the big websites, like the features not crazy about the name, though G bite. Of course, they could rebrand in the future. But G bite or bite ball is not, in my opinion, all that good for marketing this one. I'm gonna leave it as, let's say, a six. Let's Ah, let's close by Paul and you get the idea here so we'll just go through the other ones quickly. We can go to Krypton markets next, sort by new, and we'll just go through this. So next we have someone talking about salt and this other I guess Coin called Beacon. I haven't heard of that one. Salt is good. It's a lending platform. I think that will be around, you know, people like lending and borrowing money. So I think that is ah, good coin so we can add that to the list. Okay. And then we'll go here. Type insult and get all the information. 528 million. The price is 7 43 and then the exchange will be, Ah, the big ones for sure. So you got finance bid, Rex? Yeah. So we'll put those two okay. And let's check out the website. So again, we know what this is. This is a ah, lending coin. All right, so we can beef that up a bit, lending coin backed by the Blockchain. And we could make a little note, such as? People like to be in debt and use borrowed money and assuming we went through this whole thing and like, we like the website, there's no spelling mistakes. Okay, so to me, this would be a larger use case in those, so I might put let's say seven for that. All right, let's continue. We'll go to the last one here and again. We'll just go through this. We're just looking for anything that kind of jumps out. Okay. All right. So it's happening. Vtc So if we go into the comments, this person hasn't really given any information, so I'm assuming he means that it started to correct based on the chart. But this is one day. So I mean, it's not really meaning too much, and the increase isn't all that much as well. So But if you want to go down, read, you know the comments about that stuff for other people's opinions. So for now, to me, that's a no go. Okay, so we'll just keep going. So assume a coin. That's the second time referred it in our very 1st 1 that we checked out. Someone mentioned Suma coin. So let's type that in sumo coin. And that is, we'll take a near sumo that's sumo and very, very small market cap. So this is more of the ones I'm interested in. So only 17 million, which is fantastic for, ah, getting in at a very early stage. The price is $6 and 26 cents, but I don't know what it is, so let's go to the website and find out what it is. So it seems to be a privacy coin. So digital cash for highly confidential transactions right off the bat. I think that does have some use cases, for example, sending large amounts of money via companies across the world. And then they have the way people here So we could go through the way paper and decide if we like it or not. They have a road map here with some notable events that are coming up. Yeah, so we could go through the white paper and then, ah, assuming we decide that's good. We'll add it here. So this is a privacy currency coin, and it's only available on utopian live coin. I don't know about live coin. As you can see, it's tiny Utopia is somewhat small, too. But, you know, this is a coin that you're really liking. It's got a really small market cap, tons of potential to grow. The max applies only 88 million. So in this case will put in crypto pia and for training purposes. This is actually really good coin Teoh putting the list here because this isn't one of the big exchanges, like finance and bit Rex. So for that case is gonna bring my value score a little lower. I think it has some use cases, but I'm not totally sold on it. It does have its use cases, but what I do like is that it has such a small market cap. So for me, I do like that. It's super low, has a lot of room to grow, but I don't like that. It's only in crypto Pia for me. Current market cap does out. Weigh this, though. For that reason, I will put this as an eight as something I'd like to invest in. 9. 08 Discovering Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Okay, welcome back to the next lesson. And will this continue with our research here? Next will go to a website called Steam it. This one is actually a decentralized social media platform. And based on how much people like a certain post, they can receive money. And a lot of people are making a really great living using steam it as a source of income. So if you go over here on the side, you'll see Ah, for example, Cryptocurrency. So this might be a good one to bookmark. So bookmark this page inside Cryptocurrency, and we're gonna type in steam it crypto currency. There's quite a few post that get put up every single day. And this could be another outlet for you to use when you're going through and doing some research. All right, so we have a coin here. P o b t. We could look into that one if we wanted Geo coin made. And you can see there's a whole bunch of other ones Gift toe. They also have other other ones here, like Blockchain and crypto. Sometimes they have, like, an altar call in one. They have a Bitcoin one. Okay, Another web site to bookmark is one called Cora. You've probably heard of this. So once you've created an account and you're signed in and you've entered in the interests you go up to edit, you can tape in crypto currency, and you can select that or let's say, alter coin and then you can have those and you can click on Cryptocurrencies and see all the post related to CRYPTOCURRENCIES. And by going through this, sometimes people will give very in depth answers to what they think is good picks. And this can get you going on a good start into finding undervalued coin. So this is another outlet that I use often, and I would definitely add this to your bookmarks and go from there and moving along. The next one is, of course, Twitter. So if you just search crypto currency, you'll get a whole bunch of news. I would suggest if you don't have a Twitter account, create one and follow all of these big ones. I Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency news Going Telegraph is good and then actually follow the coins themselves to from the developers. So, for example, let's go back and let's say we want to follow Ethereum or another corn we find. So we click on Ethereum and you can see here this is the actual ethereum Twitter account. So you could follow that, and then you'll get updates. Basically, any coin that is in your list here. I would look on Twitter and see if they have an account, and if they haven't accounted, validates that they're a little more professional and the project is a little more off the ground. Then some of the others and I would follow them. And you can even turn on text notifications to get a text whenever they announce something new on Twitter. Let's continue here. So the next website is, of course, YouTube. And here you just type in crypto currency and go through that or another good search on YouTube would be, ah, top five Alta coins and then go through the list here, and you can even filter and go to upload date, and that will give you the most recent update. And remember, the idea here is to find undervalued cryptocurrencies. Sorting by upload date is important because you'll find the most recent news that people talk about are the most recent pics that people are talking about and allow them to do the research for you. In some cases, these people are making videos because they've found something. They're sharing it with the world. This could be amazing. Way to find out about undervalued cryptocurrencies. So if you go down here, top five undervalued old coins under a dollar, so that could be a good one. They'll explain. You know, the top five picks they have, and then you could go to a different one. You know, watch 10 different videos. And if you find that there's a specific of the currency that is being mentioned in multiple videos sorted by the upload date, then that could be a really good indication of something you should look into more. So YouTube is pretty straightforward. I'm not gonna dive too much into that. But search for all coins and anything to do with cryptocurrencies start following some of the big accounts, and you can go from there. All right, next will be Facebook. The idea here is when your son in the Facebook you just type in crypto currency and then you'll get a whole bunch of different groups. Now the idea is to look for ones that have high member groups, those air going to be the good ones. So my suggestion would be to join about 10 or so and then start deleting the ones that aren't adding value. And instead of going through every single website, I will include a bunch of other links that you can use for your reference in the pdf in the last lesson. 10. 09 Researching Coin Websites: Okay, welcome to the next lesson. This will be diving deeper into the website and looking into the team in the Partnerships. So let's try to find another coin. Let's go to the next 100 and we'll sort by volume. And then we'll look for one closer to the 2/100 because now we're in the 100 to 200 range. So we have many shares here. Decent sized volume market cap. 81 million and it's down 15% announced. That would be a good time to buy. So let's go into this one. We'll put that down. Medi share's all right. The current prices. 16 cents market cap, 81 million and let's check out the website. All right, so now we're on the Medi Share's website and it says, the world's first mutual aid marketplace on Blockchain, so I'm not entirely sure what that means, but they do seem to have a decent, modern looking website. They have the white paper listed at the top, which I like. That's convenient. Let's see here use Blockchain technology to embed trust into transactions. It can dramatically improve efficiency and lower operational cost for insurers. Again, I'm not entirely sure what this Cryptocurrency does just yet, so it's scroll down. It shows where it's listed. I'm familiar with C X Many shares is an Ethereum based, decentralized, open source mutual aid marketplace. Anyone can join a mutual aid scheme through sending variable amount of MDs to a smart contract. Anyone can become a mutual aid insurer based on the smart contract templates. Bubba Blah So again, I'm not too sure what they do, so let's go down here. It looks like they're talking about some application scenarios. Abuse cases, mutual aid, contract for supercar owners. So I guess there's some sort of insurance decentralized insurance provider. Possibly. All right, scrolling down more. They have a video you can watch. I would highly suggest going through it and watching it paying attention to the production value. Did they spend money on hiring a team and making the video look good? Because marketing is very, very important in any startup. Cryptocurrencies are included. They need to have their marketing in place. So there their video work needs to be good as well. Okay, so I'm gonna go down now. They have the team here. Okay, so they have four team members. They have some consultants, so he's a co founder of bit shares. That's pretty big. And then you scroll down to their partners. So they have Info Corp and some others. You could click on them and go to them to see who they are. And as I mentioned, we go and click on their white paper. Okay, so this white paper is 43 pages long. And just to show you this one, let's say its growth through quickly. It looks like they do have some graphs, and they've spent some time trying to make it a little more easy to understand what they're talking about. And there's some use cases. They've put little symbols in the background, although it's not done the best. It looks like it was Ah, poor job, implementing that into it. Okay, but nonetheless, this is the white paper, you know, you'd spend time going through it, and let's say at this point, I'm not really into this. So for that being said, I'm gonna put in a to let's go to the markets somewhat big volume for the for the last 24 hours. So maybe this is big in another country so for me because it's not available on any of the other ones. That means I'm not really interested in the description of this is some sort of medical insurance coin built on Ethereum. And I could be way off right now with this since I didn't go through the white paper and I'm not too sure exactly on what they do just yet. You know, I spent only a minute going through it. You get the idea here. So for me, this is only a two. For various reasons, it's not available on many exchanges. They have a very small team and overall, not really impressed with the idea. But who knows? So I'll check back on that. I did write it down, but it's not on my top priority list right now. 11. 10 Buy The Rumor Sell The News: in this lesson. I want to talk about timing. In the Cryptocurrency markets, there is a strategy called Buy the Rumor. Sell the news, and this is essentially talking about when it's okay to buy and when you should consider selling and to break it down, it essentially means when you're hearing rumors about some sort of cryptocurrencies, um, some coin. A lot of people are talking about it. That might be a good time to buy in. But when everyone is talking about it and the price is already spite, all the big Facebook news groups like CNBC crypto is starting to talk about it. Then that's when you want to sell, because it's essentially most likely at an all time high. And it's only gonna correct from there. And you have already either invested and made money, and it's a good time to sell or it's too late. So in other words, if a coin you're considering started having some rumors about a new partnership or a release, for example, some upcoming event that normally is a good time to buy, especially when other people are talking about informs. But the price has in spite yet, and then you want to sell. If everybody's talking about it and you noticed the price is already way up 12. 11 Cryptocurrency Announcements: in this lesson, we're gonna quickly find out. How do you reveal announcements of Cryptocurrency? So let's scroll down. Look for W T. C. Which is Walton right here. So it's going to this. And on some of the cryptocurrencies, when you click on their pages, you'll see a section called Announcement. It'll bring up Bitcoin talk dot org's straight to the very long discussion about Walton. As you can see here, this gives a clear view of the road map and all the way up to June 2020 were still pretty early. It hasn't even had a 1,000,000,000 yet, and WDC, I believe, is gonna be a really, really good coin. Teoh. Invest in long term. So if you go to the last page with the most recent posts and I suggest if you're really strongly suggesting investing in a coin, check out some of the pages, go through, see what other people are saying and get a feel for what the community thinks of a certain coin. So again, the announcement is a really great place. Some of them, let's say, like, Oh, Misko, I believe, doesn't have the announcement. So if a certain Cryptocurrency does have the announcement, I would suggest clicking it and going and reading it as that could be another place for gathering information. 13. 12 Spotting Bad Investments: all right. In this section, we're gonna focus on bad coins, so coins you do not want to invest in We're gonna look for mistakes and point out possible reasons why it might not be a good thing to invest in a certain coin. So what we'll do is we'll view all and then we're going to sort by market cap size so that its source from the bottom these ones do not have a market cap yet. And that's because they've either just been added or, you know, they just came out of the I c o stage the initial coin offering stage. So that will be updated as time goes on. So these ones don't have a volume either or a circulating supply. So for me, I wouldn't really touch those. So let's continue scrolling down. So they're starting here so you can see the volume here. His $2 $3.7 dollars in a year, two years, five years. These ones might be the leaders, but right now, the volume size, the market capsize, it's just far too risky. These could be scams. You could lose all the money overnight. Although many people have made a lot of money by just throwing some money at some of the smaller ones and taking a big gamble. But that's not what I do. And I wouldn't recommend that to quickly point out these ones air typically ones you do not want to invest in the other type of Cryptocurrency investment that I would stay away from our sites that promise very high gains like lending platform websites. There was one called micro hash that was a Ponzi scheme and basically had investors investing it for a certain amount of time. And they closed the site and took all the money. And essentially, if it's too good to be true, it probably is something to keep in mind, though in Cryptocurrency, extremely high gains are somewhat normal, although not to consistently so. If there's a website you're on and they have a coin that you've been looking into and they offer a certain high percentage like five or 10% or even 1% a day, and they always guarantee it, I would stay away from that for me. I'm not going anywhere near that stuff because with my strategies and methods of discovering alter coins and just doing the research, checking out all the different websites Looking into the white paper's discovering the team and the road map. There are far better ways of making high returns. Let's talk about a few other ways, so screw up and we'll just click on voy a coin and you'll see they don't even have a website yet. They've been around listed since March 2015. It's gone all over the place. The market there are only available on this one website. There's not much of any social discussions going on. They do have a Twitter account. It looks like so to me, not having a circulating supply, No volume, no market cap, no website been around since 2015 only available on one website. This is just something that I'm going to stay away from. And maybe this proves to be a good coin, you know, two years from now. But for now, I'm not gonna touch that. Let's scroll down all the way. Let's keep going. Let's try Nova coin. Just picking something at random here. Okay, so they've been around since 2013. So quite a while, they have a circulating supply and market cap everything showing they got a website. They're available on several different websites, but not really any of the big ones. Let's check out their website. There's a thing called SSL certificate and that means a website has mawr security built into the website and some browsers will actually show it up here. But I will copy and paste it. Open up a new tab and type it in there and you can see that this says http and there's no s there when a website has s that means it is secured and they haven't SSL certificate active on their domain. And that is normally a very good sign. If they've gone the extra step and paid to have an SSL certificate on their website and you'll notice if you go to, you know, corn market cap, they have https. It's in green is showing up a secure. Whereas this one does not have anything up here is showing that it's secure. Let's go to o Misko and I'll show you the example This check out their website secure. Https, Let's go to the different one. Walton chain website also secure http s so that is also something to look out, for. There are other obvious ways to spot a bad investment such as the website isn't very good. It's not modern. It has spelling mistakes. They have enlisted a team. They're lacking a lot of information. There's no road map, there's no white paper. And for those reasons, you can make an educated guess that those types of investments are probably not something you want to be involved with. 14. 14 Investing To Win & Final Thoughts: Welcome to the last lesson. This one is investing to win. You're looking to make great returns. So in order for you to invest in come out on top, you need to remove all the emotions from your choices because this course is for picking smaller coins, and that means it will be more risky. So you need to do the research and be absolutely sure you like the idea that coin is going for in the entire project. As a whole, you have to like the development team. You have to go through the white paper and look for things that might be off like spelling mistakes or inconsistencies. Or if they seem to be purposely leaving out information, you have to consider everything and make a logical decision. This will increase your chances of being correct with picking a great, undervalued coin. I can't stress enough the idea of wanting to win and confusing that with becoming emotional and just throwing money at something because there's some hype around it, as you've probably realized by taking this course and going through it. There is no magic formula or some secret strategy or method in finding an undervalued coin it comes down to simply researching and spending time identifying various cryptocurrencies , just like any other investment. Do not become emotional because you will lose money in gambling. Let's say playing poker. When you become emotional, you start to become attached to the game, and that's when people start to lose a lot of money in poker. And this is the same the stock market. If somebody hears some hype about a coin, but they didn't look into it, it ends up failing. Three months later, they lose their money. Do not become emotional. You need to spend the time and look at things logically. Go through all the information you have access to, and this can, of course, become life changing. If you pick the right coin to invest in, nobody knows the future, so any guesses. A good guess. But you can increase your chances of being right by doing more research. And most people are lazy and won't spend time doing research. And therefore, if you do spend time doing research, you have a huge advantage. Most people will just go on one forum, read a post. Someone will recommend a coin and they'll just throw money at it or a new corn will be listed, and they'll just throw some money at it because it's a new coin listed. Maybe it'll go up. There's some hype around it. Who knows that is emotional. It's not logical, and that will more than likely end up in them losing some money again. I can't stress enough if you're investing to win, which, of course you are. You need to think things through. Do your research plan ahead, and then you will increase your chances of picking some good, undervalued coins. And as always with Cryptocurrency, you could lose all your money, so it's best to diversify. Don't throw all your money into one specific low market cap coin or one i CEO. This course provides information on how to discover coins that are undervalued based on what I know and what I do in my methods. You are responsible for your own money, and it's up to you to make the decisions on whether or not you should invest in a Cryptocurrency only invest when you can afford to lose, and I know I've said this before, but it's the truth. Do not put money into Cryptocurrency unless you're willing to lose it because it is, ah, high risk investment. And lastly, I am not a financial adviser or an accountant. What I've presented in this course is strictly what I use in what I do in my method and strategies for discovering undervalued coins. By no means is this something that is foolproof and will work every time. The point is to understand the strategies and methods and come up with your own strategies and methods. Thanks for enrolling. And thanks for taking this course and allowing me to share with you my views on how I discover undervalued coins. There is a question and answer section in the course, So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and I'd be happy to answer them. So take care and thanks again for enrolling.