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Crochet Rug Making: Beginner's Circle

teacher avatar Morgan Stone, Counselor & Emotional Wellbeing Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Gathering Your Materials


    • 3.

      Making Fabric Yarn


    • 4.

      Beginner Crochet Basics


    • 5.

      Time to Crochet Your Rug!


    • 6.

      Tips, Finishing, and Troubleshooting


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About This Class

I remember so clearly sitting on the floor of my living room with a mountainous pile of fabric from my mother's stash, a huge crochet hook from my aunt, and a six month pregnant belly, determined to make a rug for my daughter's nursery. The only problem was I had no idea how to even crochet. After countless trials and errors I did eventually teach myself and little did I know, that rug would change the course of my career. My crochet rugs have been published internationally and are the foundation of my business, King Soleil, now running 5 years strong! My rugs are in homes all over the world (6 continents!) from an apartment on Park Avenue, to an oceanside home in New Zealand.

I am now a mother of three, working from my home studio, still making rugs, and other handmade products, and couldn't be happier. I am thrilled to be given the chance to share the design that started it all; the circular crochet rug.

In this class you will learn how to make your own fabric-yarn using either new or upcycled fabric, some basic crochet techniques, how to make your rug by crocheting in the round, tips I have learned these past five years of rug making, and troubleshooting any obstacles you may encounter. My goal is to take you from being that earlier version of myself, awkwardly holding a large hook and staring wide-eyed at a mountain of fabric, completely overwhelmed, to a lean mean rug making machine.

Kick off your shoes, flex those biceps, and let's make some rugs!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Morgan Stone

Counselor & Emotional Wellbeing Coach


A bit about my background: I have a MA in applied psychology with a specialization in counseling and guidance from New York University, a BA in psychology from Tulane University, and I am certified as a school counselor where I also teach social-emotional learning. I am also a certified integrated trauma coach, which means I help people release stress and tension through somatic work, breathing practices, and mindfulness. 

Some of you may know me from a business I ran for eight years called King Soleil, where I leaned into my love of art and the maker world! I still am making art and teaching within that creative space but have since integrated my passion for mindfulness and wellness.             

Personally, I am a mo... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Morgan, and I am here to teach you how to make a cursory rug, and I'm super excited. The idea for a crow she rug came when I was very pregnant with my first child and she needed a rug for her nursery, and I had no budget to buy one, so I decided that I would make one. Now I tell my rugs in my online shop, King Soleil, and I write patterns for magazines and a book that was published last year. Now do you need to know how to Kirsch A. To make this rug? I learned how to crush a making a rug. We'll go over some basics. The chain stitch and single Cochet, which are the only things you need to know how to dio, and we'll take it step by step and round by round. And I promise, by the end of this you will have a supercool grocery crunk to make a rug. You will need fabric. A lot of that brick and scissors for a rotary and s. Croce, that's it. Krauchanka rug can seem like a daunting task, especially if you really haven't cruciate before. But because your yard is so thick and your hook is so big and you're only using one step the entire time, it works up super fast, and I promise it really is simple. 2. Gathering Your Materials: a lot of people ask me where I get on my fabric from. It can come either knew from a fabric store. Either online are brick and mortar or it's up cycled. So how much fabric do you really need to make a rug if you're looking at a three foot rub, which I think is a really great first starter project on a 44 to 45 inch bolts? Now we're talking about new fabric on a bold. You need about 14 yards. If you are feeling ambitious and you want to try a four foot rug using that same new fabric on a bolt of 44 to 45 inches, you need 25 yards. If you're using up cycle fabric like sheets, linens, curtains, table quads. There's no set guideline as to the yardage that you need, but I would start off with two king size sheets or the equivalent to make a decent size accent rug above two feet. The only tools you need our scissors, where you can use a rotary cutter and S Christian. That's it. 3. Making Fabric Yarn: you're going to learn how to turn fabric into fabric yarn, which looks sport negative when you're joining your fabric strips. After you have them cut or ripped, you can sew them together. But in this tutorial, we're just gonna tie them because it's quite difficult looking yards and yards and yards and yards of fabric yarn into your sewing room. 4. Beginner Crochet Basics: one of the main things I get asked is, Do I need to be able to crow Shea to make this rug in the video go over some cruciate? 36 you Onley stitches, you need to know are the chain stitch in the single Cochet, which will go over, but crushing knowledge is helpful, but it's not necessary. 5. Time to Crochet Your Rug!: Now it's time to make your rug. So grab your hook and your joy, Enormous Europol and let's get started. 6. Tips, Finishing, and Troubleshooting: Yeah, - yeah , you did it. You showed the beginning of a kosher rug. Now keep going round by round. Increasing those stitches, troubleshooting. If you have Dio if you have any questions or come across any problems, please email me. I love hearing from you, Morgan at kinsella dot com. Thank you.